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"People are doing all sorts of weird things and lying"

Who could he be referring to?

I have come into possession of over 2 hours of secret recordings. These were made between November 2008 and November 2009. For legal reasons I'm only publishing the first 6 minutes of Mick Gradwell. The rest has gone off Island for safe keeping. They will appear at the forthcoming Committee of Enquiry as long as the terms of reference are fit for purpose. I will not mention or hint at what is contained in these recordings. They cover a number of different issues regarding Operation Rectangle.They were taken covertly. They were taken as Insurance against future lies

 Mick Gradwell was the Senior Investigating Officer of Operation Rectangle (Jersey Child Abuse Investigation) between September 2008 and September 2009 having taken over from Lenny Harper who left at the end of July 2008.  On the 12th November 2008 the Jersey Authorities suspended the Chief of Police Graham Power. This coincided with a press conference held on the same day by Deputy Chief Officer David Warcup and Mick Gradwell. 

 Between the 12th November and 15th November 2008 Mick Gradwell started up a working relationship with the one journalist who was hell bent on trashing the Jersey Investigation.  That Journalist was none other than David Rose of the Daily Mail. It is well documented on my previous postings how Mick Gradwell was caught leaking selective information to David Rose. The essential reading on this can be found here:

On the 15th November 2008 David Rose wrote this article in the Mail on Sunday:

Then, on the 18th November 2008,  Abuse Survivors were asked to attend the States Of Jersey Police Station meeting at 2pm on the former Summerland site. Dept/Supt Mick Gradwell wanted to explain to the survivors why they had called the press conference on the 12th November 2008.  The meeting lasted for about 30 minutes. They were shown evidence and asked to comment on it.  The ones I have spoken to have all said how crazy they found the situation. 

The Audio you can hear below is from that meeting. It starts off a little noisy. I would suggest best listened to with headphones if you find it hard to hear.

Recorded on the 18th - November - 2008 

6 days after the illegal suspension of Police Chief Graham Power.

I have also asked Lenny Harper for his reply on this audio. I produce his response below.

I have been asked by Rico Sorda to comment on the recording of Mick Gradwell talking to Abuse survivors in Jersey in 2008.  I have to confess that I have found this a fairly difficult thing to do.  The recording reveals bizarre and scarcely credulous behaviour from someone who rated himself very highly as a detective and who of course was championed by the journalist David Rose who spends a great deal of his time rubbishing and smearing victims of child abuse.

I do not think I have ever heard anything like this from a senior investigating officer ever before.  Why he felt the need to plead, rather pathetically, that he “is not bent” I cannot imagine.  It is almost as if he realised that the misinformation and untruths which he spouted at that Press Conference in November 2008 in relation to the cellars and more, had been well and truly nailed and that he had to try and somehow deflect the criticism from himself.  He couldn’t very well come out and say that he had been directed to say what he had said by senior figures in the Jersey establishment, but most certainly he and David Warcup had a very different relationship with William Bailache and senior politicians from those that Graham Power and I had.  Indeed, David Warcup spent several hours more with the AG in deep discussion than he spent with me before I left, and it was me he was taking over from.

Not much of what he says in response to those at the meeting makes sense or indeed rings true.  Let me comment on just a few of those things he said.
He states that “evidence Lenny Harper gathered indicates no murders.”  In this he is telling the truth.  The only thing is that I had been saying that for some months before him.  He and Mr Warcup told the public and media that I had been saying the opposite.  This is despite the vast amount of open source media evidence that proves otherwise.

He makes a comment about Jersey “not paying his wages.”  I am not sure about this. He was interviewed for the job from a shortlist of six.  You may recall that he was the only one of the six who could not be bothered to speak to me before the process was completed.  Coincidence?  Or did he know something we didn’t?  He says his salary and other aspects had nothing to do with Jersey.  Was he not interviewed by them and are we expected to believe that he was cost neutral to the island?

He also made the comment that “People in court are being linked to things that did not happen.”  This was a rather sad and lame attempt to justify the press conference during which he spread the misinformation about the cellars, bones, shackles, teeth, and my claims to the media.  The truth is that NONE of those in court were being linked in any way to the finds at HDLG.  Scan the evidence as long as you wish.  You will find no such link.  Gradwell must have known this.  His comment that this was the only reason the press conference was held is garbage.
He also utters the untruth that no human bones were found.  Here he conveniently ignores the evidence of Professor Chamberlain, whose statement incidentally, seemed to vanish in the world according to Gradwell.  Similarly the evidence about the teeth from, I think, Mr Lidwell.

Gradwell also claims that “Lenny Harper’s own scientist” also now believed there was no human bone.  This is a total fabrication as a quick perusal of the Anthropologists’ worksheet will show.  This document incidentally has been published on Rico’s blog.

I also take exception to his claim that some people had come forward who “had never been to HDLG in their lives.”  We certainly had some people claiming abuse at HDLG who were not shown on any official records and who had been labelled as liars by some corrupt senior police officers in the past.  However, we knew that the records at HDLG were incomplete, indeed worthless, and we had proved the activities of those police officers in trying to destroy evidence and obstruct a proper investigation.  Gradwell must have been aware of this. To attempt to portray the investigation as having a large number of false allegations stinks of the smear attempts made by David Rose and other so called journalists in recent weeks.

This recording gives a real insight into the mind and the capability of the so called (self labelled) top detective.  It is a pity he has not been so quick to come forward and explain himself to the Scrutiny Panel as he was to try and smear the investigation and those victims of the Jersey care system that the enquiry was trying to obtain some small measure of justice for.

Lenny Harper

This is Dept/Supt Mick Gradwell showing the BBC the evidence on the 12th November 2008. This upset many victims. What exactly did Dept/supt Gradwell do during his year secondment?  Remember, when I went to the Home Affairs Sub Panel with my evidence the only person who refused to take part was Mick Gradwell. The man who would not stop in trashing Lenny Harper had the perfect opportunity under  cross examination to explain his actions. He refused to take part. Yup, really had the Abuse Survivors close to his heart.

Rico Sorda

Part Time Investigative Journalist 

Tomorrow at 7.30pm the BBC should have a programme going out about the Jersey Child Abuse Investigation. 


Anonymous said...

I note that he failed to tell anyone present that he would be secretly working in partnership with a journalist (David Rose) to rubbish the enquiry and that he would be leaking information to further that end. Strange omission from someone who is allegedly attempting to be open and transparent. Maybe he told the survivors present in the room after the recording stopped?

Anonymous said...

What a strange piece of recording. On first listen I would say too much detail being discussed with potential witnesses. Too much focus on rubbishing his predecessor Lenny Harper rather than moving the enquiry forward.Certainly no indication that he has any plan or intention to pro-actively encourage new victims and witnesses to come forward. As we have seen with the Savile allegations not everyone came forward. It can only be right to assume that not all the victims that would have fallen under Operation Rectangle would have come forward. I can't make sense of what this police officer is doing.

voiceforchildren said...


Yet another world exclusive leaked to a Jersey Blogger and not the discredited and disgraced State Media. Question is will the State Media report this latest revelation?

One of the most sickening things that Mick Gradwell did/said at this meeting was to play the victim. He told the Victims/Survivors that he knows how they feel (or words to that affect) when they weren't believed about the abuse they suffered because he was being called bent/corrupt and nobody believed him.

Guess what Mick? more and more people are now believing the Abuse Survivors while less and less people believe you.

No doubt the rest of the 2 hour recording you have been leaked will make its way to the internet in time. Another question is will the State Media ask you for a copy of it?

In one sentence Gradwell said there were no human bones and then went on to describe some of the "human bones" that were found just bl--dy priceless and for the benefit of Mr. Gradwell here's a few MORE

He also strangely mentioned the "cellars" but he has also said they don't EXIST

The Abuse Survivors can hold their heads high as they have shown resilience dignity and courage beyond comprehension.

What can be said for Gradwell?

Anonymous said...

Gradwell is a disgrace to his uniform and an enemy of the truth.

Ian Evans said...

Another Common Purpose spook trying to convince the abused that next to nothing happen up at HDLG!

Anonymous said...

Mick Gradwell must be counting the days where he will finally face justice - it's only a matter of time - the clock is ticking Mr. Gradwell.

Anonymous said...

Can you give a clue as to what is on the 2 hour recording or if you will at some stage be publishing it?

rico sorda said...

Sorry, I can't give you any clues about the other recordings. I really hope that the Committee of Enquiry can do the job as that is where I will be taking my evidence.


Anonymous said...


You say, 7-30 tonight a programme about child abuse inquiry.

BBC tv or radio?

rico sorda said...

On BBC 1

Its the inside out programme.

I has been postponed for about a month now but have been informed that it will air tomorrow.


rico sorda said...

Just off topic.

I hear that Compulsory Purchase is causing the normally conservative right some problems.

We shall see.


Ex-Senator Stuart Syvret said...

Another excellent piece of work, Rico - and another stark indictment of Jersey's mainstream media.

Anyone reading this from outside Jersey - especially real journalists - who feel their profession is unfairly maligned because of cases such as the Jersey corruption, need only look at this kind of example of savagely damning public-interest journalism being done by web-based independents, while the island's trad hacks actually support the corruption through silence and propaganda.

And let there be no mistake as to the gravity of the Jersey saga - and evidence such as this:

The conduct of people like David Warcup and Mick Gradwell has no precedent - anywhere - in all of modern British policing.

Sadly, I'm still not aware there is any UK journalist who yet recognises just what "The Story" is here.

The Story - is the unlawful failure of the Crown, the Privy Council and the Justice Secratary.

It is the unlawful shielding, protection and support those public authorities have given - and continue to give - to what is plainly an entrenched feudal mafia in Jersey - a criminal enterprise that has captured and bent the name and authority of the Crown to its own corrupt purposes.

As far as the putative BBC Inside Out documentary tomorrow - if it actually appears on this occasion - I'll wager now - that still the BBC will fail; - fail to address the plain issues that stand like an elephant in the room.

The BBC will never just ask the damn questions.

Like - "why has the BBC refused to report on former Police chief Graham Power's interim statement to Wiltshire?"

So may questions - so few real journalists.


Anonymous said...

It will be interesting to see what Mick Gradwell will have to say at the committee of inquiry and will it leave you lot with egg on your face?

rico sorda said...

From: Stuart Syvret
Sent: 13 November 2008 16:17
To: Warcup, David; Michael Gradwell
Importance: High

Mr. Warcup & Mr. Gradwell

Notwithstanding repeated efforts by me to gain answers to some key questions over a period of some weeks, you have both steadfastly refused to respond to me - even with so much as an e-mail of acknowledgment.

However - given that you both willingly became public components of a political spin-campaign, which was mounted yesterday by yourselves and Jersey establishment politicians - you must both, surely, now recognise that it is no longer credible for you to refuse to answer the questions I ask on behalf of my constituents?

To persist in refusing to communicate with me would now constitute an even bigger example of politicised and biased behaviour than that which you displayed yesterday.

You will - no doubt - have read my blog postings on these issues, so some of the questions I have raised there I will be putting directly to you in this e-mail. But I will begin with some additional questions.


rico sorda said...

1: You chose to issue a 5 page press-statement - one couldn’t credibly describe it as a 'report' - which consists largely of unevidenced assertions, a number of lacunae, a great deal of overtly political spin, some clearly misleading errors, some issues which are rapidly and glibly skated over, misrepresentations of what has actually been said in the past, and a number of diversionary and irrelevant issues.

A number of journalists have agreed with me that the approach you have both displayed in issuing such a blend of politically motivated spin, misleading assertions, and wilful and deliberate misrepresentations of previous comments - is - as a matter of obvious fact - far worse than the very supposed errors in approach and methodology you criticise Mr. Harper for.

In fact - far worse - because your comments have been plainly politicised and co-ordinated with the establishment politicians in the desperate political attempts to divert attention away from the report of the Howard League for Penal Reform - which, I'm given to understand - concludes that the so-called "Grand Prix" regime of punitive and coercive solitary confinement - which could see children being kept in solitary confinement for weeks and months at a stretch - was unambiguously abusive and illegal. Contrary to all Jersey oligarchy assertions.

Please explain why you engaged in such a politically motivated attack upon the previous investigation, why you did so on the basis of empty assertions - and no published evidence - and why there are so many obvious flaws in your 5 page document?

2: You and your political allies, in a carefully co-coordinated PR stunt, have now shown to the world that you are not "non-political police officers" - focused only on the investigation - but are, instead, highly politically partisan.

rico sorda said...

For example - no matter that the approach adopted by Mr. Harper has been condemned by yourselves and your political allies - he kept press-conferences and public pronouncements entirely within the bounds of policing - and did not engage in the partisan, political alignment with senior political figures - of the kind you both displayed yesterday.

Given that you have - effectively - destroyed your credibility by displaying such overt politicisation - could you explain how you imagine survivors, whistle-blowers and real journalists can now regard you both as anything other than political components of the Jersey oligarchy apparatus?

3: Who actually authored the 5 page press-release which was issued by you both?

4: Why does it contain so many brazen misrepresentations of what was actually said by Mr. Harper - as opposed to what may have been said by some parts of the media?

5: Why does it repeat certain statements made by Mr. Harper - as though they were your own - and thus imply that what Mr. Harper had said was somehow completely different?

6: Given that much of the overt criticism of his approach made by you both - and your political allies - alleges that Mr. Harper was "premature" in his various announcements - that some of the evidence was not yet firmed-up - how can you consider it even faintly credible for you to have been briefing against Mr Harper for weeks - and making your public pronouncements yesterday - when neither of you - or your review team from the Met - have carried out even an initial interview with Mr. Harper? Not one?

rico sorda said...

That you now have - in peer-reviewable form - a definitive set of scientific documents which completely discount the possibility of any unexplained child deaths - and any attempt to dispose of human remains?

8: Is it not the case that if the answer to the last paragraph of question 7 is, 'no' - you have committed a grossly premature blunder - far worse than any Mr. Harper is alleged to have made?

Indeed, far, far worse - in that your premature and half-cocked media stunt was engaged in, in an entirely politically partisan manner?

9: Are you really quite certain that the items referred to as shackles were not, in fact, ever used for such purposes?

After all - iron implements which may have been used as improvised shackles would, indeed, be "rusty lumps of metal" - after laying in the ground for 30 years.

What of the bed-spring which has plainly been straightened - and had the two end-loops adapted in such a manner as they could have been used to restrain human wrists or ankles?

10: Are you really quite certain that there is "no witness evidence or intelligence" which describes these items as possible shackles? Because that is not my understanding of what the police have been told in certain statements.

11: Again - your press-statement strives to give the impression that the bath under the floor voids was never used in any offence or offences against children - but the wording you choose is very careful and equivocal when you say "there is nothing suspicious about the bath".

rico sorda said...

Of themselves - baths are not customarily suspicion-raising items.

But are you confidently able to state that the bath was not used in any offences against children - and that you have "no indication" that it was used in any offences? If so, is this not somewhat surprising when you have witness testimony which accurately described the bath in the voids and the uses to which it was put?

12: Your references to the space beneath the floor being voids - and as being of insufficient height to enable an adult to stand up in - is one of the examples of irrelevant, diversionary and misleading twaddle in your press statement. No one - to the best of my knowledge - has ever claimed these spaces were high.

So why put this irrelevant and diversionary assertion in your press statement?

Are you seriously attempting to suggest that because an adult in these voids would have to bend down a little - that fact renders the abuse of children in these spaces somehow impossible?

That it is only physically possible for an adult to abuse a child when the adult is stood in a fully upright position?

13: The most serious, evidential material which emerges from the search are the 65 teeth. Yet you skate around this is in 5-and-bit brief lines of text.

Are you seriously suggesting that finding such a concentration of human teeth in one location - a quite mystifying find - can be brushed aside in one, brief paragraph?

But even what is said in your paragraph could hardly be described as a confident dismissal of the possibility of foul play being behind this discovery.

The teeth come from children - possibly a large number of children - who's age-range may have been between 6 to 12 years. "There is 'wear' on 'some' of the teeth"; is this fact not a matter of concern? If signs of wear exist on 'some' of the teeth - but not on others - does that not suggest a most curious set of circumstances - which would lead to a significant number of human teeth being discovered - with no appreciable signs of wear?

rico sorda said...

14: Have all of the bone fragments been subjected to multi-laboratory, independent testing, when attempting to determine whether they're human or animal? If not - why not?

What methodology was used in assessing the age-range you quote for the bone fragments?

15: Have all the bone-fragments been subjected to radionuclide dating - which would demonstrate whether the remains come from animals or people who were living before - or after - the dawning of the nuclear weapons age?

16: Do you really expect to be taken seriously when you duck around the issue of the two mystifying pits - in one-and-a-half lines of text in your press release?

Why would the institution commission a man with a digger to come and excavate two holes in the grounds - with the instruction to come back the next day and fill them back in again - once a layer of lime had been placed in the bottom?

Even though these pits - in your own words - "are unexplained" - you still feel sufficiently confident to deliver a political press conference dismissing their relevance - even though this problematic and deeply mysterious feature remains totally unexplained?

You assert "nothing suspicious was found in them" - but surely the greatest "suspicion" that arises from these two pits is the actual fact of their bizarre construction and existence?

17: In your summary, you list 5 bullet points in which you seek to dismiss and discredit the notion that any murders may have taken place. The five bullet-points in your press release are:

• No people are reported missing

• There are no allegations of murder.

• There are no suspects for murder.

• There is no specific time period for murder.

• We are satisfied that there is no indication or evidence that there have been murders at HDLG.

Do you not accept that the first 4 of these bullet points are simply statements of the obvious - and could apply to a 1000 examples of potential crimes, such as murder, which are initially not evidenced - nor even apparent - but are subsequently shown to have occurred?

In respect of the 5th bullet point, do you not accept that absence of evidence - is not evidence of absence? And do you not accept that notwithstanding your assertion - there remain a number of deeply mystifying and concerning issues in respect of HDLG? For example - the 65 human teeth, the unexplained pits excavated in the grounds one day - then filled-in the next?

rico sorda said...

Could you explain to me how the claims made in those five bullet points contradict what was said by Mr. Harper? Because, going from memory, I do not recollect him ever making statements which contradict the views expressed in the bullet points?

On the contrary - my recollection is that Mr. Harper was always careful to draw a distinction between saying what possibly may have occurred - those possibilities being the point of the investigation - and statements which categorically said "we have murders"?

18: Remaining with the subject of your bullet-point summary - you state "no people are reported missing". As police officers, you cannot claim ignorance of the interpretation that people will place on this statement - which will be that - 'oh, that's OK then - because if no one is missing - there can have been no murders.'

I know this - so I'm quite certain you both must know it as well - it is entirely feasible for children to have disappeared - for there have even been no official record of their existence. Do you accept that that is so?

Do you agree that vulnerable children - especially orphans - who may have been moved around the country in, say the 1950's, 1960's and even 1970's - could very easily have vanished off the radar-screen - especially given how poor to non-existent record keeping was then?

19: Why do you make the particular assertions concerning Jersey's Crown Officers - when it is a matter of documented, public record, that the Attorney General, William Bailhache, did obstruct the charging of certain individuals - just as he has failed to extradite certain suspects?

20: Do you not consider you own credibility to be at risk - well, what little of it remains - in being quite so friendly with an Attorney General who is hopelessly conflicted in these matters - because he was the senior partner in the law firm which, in 1998, was - supposedly - representing the interest of the victims of the abusers who he will not now extradite - at the time of the second (judicial) cover-up of that case?

Do you not consider that this monstrous and brazen conflict of interests should have made him withdraw from any involvement in these cases?

21: Given the unevidenced assertions you both have made in yesterday's politically motivated stunt - combined with the glib, brief assertion made in your press release that "There will, however, not be the number of court cases or prosecutions which were originally reported" - do you fail to see just how catastrophically you have damaged the trust of survivors and whistle blowers in the investigations?

Perhaps that was, precisely, your intention?

rico sorda said...

The above was taken from this posting.

An excellent posting written not long after the illegal suspension of Graham Power QPM


Anonymous said...

Gradwell and Warcup's silence since they left Jersey has been deafening which is a surprise in the case of Gradwell who couldn't be shut up on the local complicit media trashing the original investigation or investigators. These two will one day face a court of their peers and have to answer all the questions including those put to them by Stuart Syvret.

Anonymous said...

re. Lenny Harpers comment 'I also take exception to his claim that some people had come forward who “had never been to HDLG in their lives.” We certainly had some people claiming abuse at HDLG who were not shown on any official records and who had been labelled as liars by some corrupt senior police officers in the past.'
This is a matter that is bothering me,and its interesting to read a policemans comment on this. I recall one individual claiming quite publically,that he had been abused all his life at HdlG. Oddly I dont recall coming across him while i lived there,which is odd as we are a similar age. Also the individual who was responsible for looking after our age group has no recollection of him. A mystery unexplained and to which i would like an explanation,but may well never get. ex JHB

Zoompad said...

I contacted Jersey Police when the Haut de la Garenne abuse came out into the media, and there was a helpline to ring.

I did it because I have been let down by Stafford Police, and the man I spoke to was very kind and tried to kickstart Stafford Poloice into doing their job, but he wasn't able to get them to, by that time the wreckers had already done a hatchet job on Staffordshire Pindown.

Now we know that the same wreckers were going round wrecking other institutional child abuse investigations, including Haut de la Garenne. Step forward David Rose and friends.

Unknown said...

Hi Rico (and the Jersey bloggers utd)

Well done, well done indeed.

Your link is up in lights at:

I hope it helps you get more coverage (I am only running at 2,000 viewers a month but I suppose every little bit helps).

Best wishes,

Carol A. Valentine

Anonymous said...

Anonymous at 8.19pm. If you are telling the truth, who was this person? Or is this just another pathetic attempt to cast doubt on the survivors' evidence.

Anonymous said...

The BBC Inside Out programme being shown tonight about the Jersey child abuse cover up. Do you know if Gradwell has been tracked down and taken part in the programme?

Anonymous said...

'Anonymous at 8.19pm. If you are telling the truth, who was this person? Or is this just another pathetic attempt to cast doubt on the survivors' evidence.'
Hell no.I want to see justice done.Dont be surprised that one person may have made a false claim. In the early days of the investigation,I met up with a man who had been involved in a major abuse investigation in Ireland.This matter was raised, and he told us that one individual claiming abuse backed down when this gentleman showed him evidence that proved that his claim was invented.One person making a false claim really should not detract from all those genuine claims. exJHB

Anonymous said...

Quote from Mr Harper:

"He makes a comment about Jersey “not paying his wages.” I am not sure about this. He was interviewed for the job from a shortlist of six. You may recall that he was the only one of the six who could not be bothered to speak to me before the process was completed. Coincidence?"

Who did pay Mr Gradwell's wage when seconded to Jersey. Who had oversight of Mr Gradwell in Jersey? He could have done what he wanted in Jersey seeing as it was his last year in the force.


Anonymous said...

The BBC Inside Out programme being shown tonight about the Jersey child abuse cover up. Do you know if Gradwell has been tracked down and taken part in the programme?

They had more chance of finding Tinkerbell and asking her why she was slipping childrens teeth through the floor boards at Garenne than tracking down GRADWELL on David Roses YACHT if you ask me.

Anonymous said...

'Anonymous at 8.19pm. If you are telling the truth, who was this person? Or is this just another pathetic attempt to cast doubt on the survivors' evidence.'
Hell no.I want to see justice done.Dont be surprised that one person may have made a false claim. In the early days of the investigation,I met up with a man who had been involved in a major abuse investigation in Ireland.This matter was raised, and he told us that one individual claiming abuse backed down when this gentleman showed him evidence that proved that his claim was invented.One person making a false claim really should not detract from all those genuine claims. exJHB

rico sorda said...

I will be shocked if Gradwell appears on this programme seeing as he has done a Lord Lucan.

Anonymous said...

Ian le Marquand did a very good impression of a rabbit caught in the glare of a car's headlights.

The Beano is not the Rag

Ian Evans said...

Looks like there is a blanket ban on prosecuting any BENT COPS

Póló said...

Listened to Le Marquand here (in 1 hour 5 mins 30 secs).

Priceless. Should be put out over the PA in an endless loop.

thejerseyway said...

Hi Rico.

Just put up the Audio from this morning of the Insideout Journalist nailing our Home Affairs Minister.

You & your readers can Listen HERE


thejerseyway said...

Hi Rico.

Just put up the Audio from this morning of the Insideout Journalist nailing our Home Affairs Minister.

This one should work.

You & your readers can Listen HERE


rico sorda said...

I thought the BBC Inside out program was really good. The Abuse Victims have had a small part of their story told. As for the Home Affairs Minister and his 40seconds should we be surprised that it was really uncomfortable. See how simple it is when an actual journalist asks these people questions. If we had this over here it would help a great deal.

There is one huge story waiting for the Media to expose in Jersey. The bloggers have already done it so very little research is required - just a huge pair of nads and an editor who is prepared and ready.

The bravery of the survivors to speak out was the best par.

We don't stop. We keep going.

Well done to all that took part.


Anonymous said...

The iPlayer link for Inside Out South West is here:

At the time of writing this comment, the episode is not yet available but will be shortly.

voiceforchildren said...


Former SIO Lenny Harper On INSIDE OUT

Ian Evans said...

A little something that blows Jersey Corruption wide open again!

thejerseyway said...

Hi Rico.

Just put up the Audio from today's Questions without Answers If you & your readers can be Bovered they are HERE


Anonymous said...

Rico it would good if you could put up the Mike Kellet quote from the BDO Alto review in which he states that he knew Gradwell was deliberately trying to trash the investigation by providing cobbled together reports that had no evidence base to support his lies to the Daily Mail.

This was the first time that we actually had our suspicions confirmed by a senior police officer not on the original investigation.

Anonymous said...

Out by 10 Rico.

But who could have predicted this result....

Ozouf, Bailhache, and Gorst (in that order) are the biggest losers/clowns!?

rico sorda said...

I had been informed by some members who had been following my predictions that Compulsory purchase was a step to far.

I loved the speech from Senator Ozouf delivers by assistant Eddie Noel.

That was the speech that PO should have given. Economic Development was well on board. There was and is a lot to be read into this debate.


Anonymous said...

One establishment supporter told me that it was PBs speech that let them down & he should resign!!
What a Christmas present that would be,but his ego would not allow that to happen.

Ian Evans said...

Terry Le Main goes all "COWARDLY"

Ian Evans said...

Jersey Justice, a LAWYERS TALE.

rico sorda said...

Hi Anon,

Thanks for your very interesting comment. I will look into it.


Ian Evans said...

Time....and child rape, is catching up WITH SOME OF US

Anonymous said...

Obama said,
"Can we say that we're truly doing enough to give all the children of this country the chance to live out their lives in happiness and with purpose?" Mr Obama admonished the country for failing at what he called its "first task" of caring for its children, saying: "It's our first job. If we don't get that right, we don't get anything right". It seems a joke over here.

thejerseyway said...

Hi Rico.

Put up some Audio of Senator Bailhache attacking who ever doesn't agree with himself, the Jersey People need to wake up & see this man for what he is. A Bully & a Spoiled One at that.

You & your readers can Listen HERE


rico sorda said...

Hi Rico and friends,

You may be interested in reading the following in order to be encouraged in your good efforts:

It shows the power of what can be achieved.

Keep up all the great work.

Carol x

voiceforchildren said...


The Nick Pollard Report into the discredited and disgraced BBC with a little FOOD FOR THOUGHT