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 The ones below all voted against the purchase of Plemont. I now predict they will change their minds seeing as it is really Senator  Bailhache is bringing this proposition.

Senator Paul Francis Routier M.B.E.
 Senator Philip Francis Cyril Ozouf S
  Senator Alan John Henry Maclean 
 Senator Bryan Ian Le Marquand
Connétable Daniel Joseph Murphy 
 Connétable Leonard Norman
Connétable John Martin Refault 
 Connétable Philip John Rondel
Deputy Judith Ann Martin
Deputy John Alexander Nicholas Le Fondré
 Deputy Anne Enid Pryke
Deputy Kevin Charles Lewis 
 Deputy Edward James Noel 

Let us see during the Debate and Vote how many of the above change the way they voted in the 2010 proposition brought by the St Ouen Constable Ken Vibert.  The above supported the Treasury Ministers view that we were not in the best financial position back then.  We can safely say that the climate hasn't changed in 2012  - some would also say that we are in a far worse financial position. 

For the record I believe Deputy Judy Martin will vote the same way as will the Connetable of St John 

But what of the others?

We know that Deputy Noel follows the Treasury Minister like a little lost puppy but will the others find an excuse to back the Bailhache purchase. 

These are the ones I predict will vote for the purchase of Plemont.

Lets see how well I do when the proposition is debated next week in the States.


Senator Paul Francis Routier M.B.E - p.routier@gov.je 
Senator Philip Francis Cyril Ozouf - p.ozouf@gov.je
Senator Alan John Henry Maclean - a.maclean@gov.je 
Senator Bryan Ian Le Marquand - i.lemarquand@gov.je 
Senator Francis du Heaume Le Gresley, M.B.E. - f.legresley@gov.je 
Senator Ian Joseph Gorst - i.gorst@gov.je 
Senator Lyndon John Farnham - l.farnham@gov.je 
Senator Sir Philip Martin Bailhache - p.bailhache@gov.je 


Connétable Daniel Joseph Murphy - d.murphy@gov.je 
Deputy Carolyn Fiona Labey - c.labey@gov.je 

St. Brelade 

Connétable Stephen William Pallett - s.pallett@gov.je 
Deputy Sean Power - sp.power@gov.je 
Deputy Montfort Tadier - m.tadier@gov.je 
Deputy John Hilary Young - j.young@gov.je 

St. Clement 

Deputy Gerard Clifford Lemmens Baudains - g.baudains@gov.je 
Deputy Susan Jane Pinel - s.pinel@gov.je 

Connétable Alan Simon Crowcroft - s.crowcroft@gov.je 
Deputy Jacqueline Ann Hilton - j.hilton@gov.je 
Deputy Michael Roderick Higgins - mr.higgins@gov.je 
Deputy Andrew Kenneth Francis Green M.B.E. - a.green@gov.je 
Deputy James Patrick Gorton Baker - j.baker@gov.je 
Deputy Roderick Gordon Bryans - r.bryans@gov.je 
Deputy Richard John Rondel - richard.rondel@gov.je 

St. John 

Deputy Patrick John Dennis Ryan - p.ryan@gov.je 

St. Lawrence 

Connétable Deidre Wendy Mezbourian - d.mezbourian@gov.je 
Deputy Edward James Noel - e.noel@gov.je 

St. Martin 

Connétable Michel Philip Sydney Le Troquer - m.letroquer@gov.je 
Deputy Stephen George Luce - s.luce@gov.je 

St. Mary 

Connétable Juliette Gallichan - jg.gallichan@gov.je 
Deputy John Michael Le Bailly - j.lebailly@gov.je 

St. Ouen 

Connétable Michael John Paddock - m.paddock@gov.je 
Deputy James Gordon Reed - j.reed@gov.je 

St. Peter 

Connétable John Martin Refault - j.refault@gov.je 
Deputy Kristina Louise Moore - k.moore2@gov.je 

St. Saviour 

Connétable Sadie Anthea Rennard - s.rennard@gov.je 
Deputy Robert Charles Duhamel - r.duhamel@gov.je 
Deputy Roy George Le Hérissier - r.leherissier@gov.je 
Deputy Kevin Charles Lewis - k.lewis@gov.je 
Deputy Jeremy Martin Maçon - j.macon@gov.je 


Connétable John Le Sueur Gallichan - j.lesueurgallichan@gov.je 
Deputy Anne Enid Pryke - a.pryke@gov.je

Now, depending on who is present for the Vote, I belive it will be between 35 & 41 in favour of the Purchase.

Im telling you this before the debate even takes place.

When you add in the new Establishment button pushers I just can't see the Vote being lost.  How much this will cost the taxpayer is anyones guess. 

Lets see how I  do. Feel free to add your own list if you so wish.

Rico Sorda

Part Time Investigative Journalist 

Here are my previous posting on the subject


Anonymous said...

Your forecast reminds me of Dynamo the TV magician who predicts results in advance of them happening.
Voters against this MUST get to Town Hall tonight to register to the media how strong their opposition to this is.

Anonymous said...

I want the states to purchase the land but I also want to hear the reasons every member has for changing their mind if an when they do.

I want to hear them try and justify their turnabout without stating that the real reason is the power behind it and that had it been a person that didnt respect (sorry, i mean fear) they would not be changing their vote. You see I dont think this Plemont issue has as much to do with money as it does with politics.

I think we can afford it, I think it is nonsense being peddled about how the money should be put towards the hospital or the nurses pay etc because the money can, and will in the case of the hospital be found. I basically agreee whole-heartedly with Bob Hills comments on his own blog on this matter.

Once the land is bought, there will be some reporting in the JEP about how we can afford to pay this money one way or the other and how it wont impact our coffers much over the long term. That should help supplicate the people who are going on about how we cant afford it in these times of hardship so Philip doesn't lose those votes come the next elections.

Incidentally, if he does lose this plemont vote however unlikely, I wonder if he will take a step back and let Gorst take all the flack. Or should I say let the JEP make Gorst take all the flack!

Anonymous said...

Ian Gorst is holding a public meeting tonight at the town hall to try and convince the electorate it is a good idea to waste millions of taxpayers pounds on this site. The developers should go down there to translate all the spin Gorst will be spilling on behalf of Philip Bailhache.

Anonymous said...

You've got the voting pattern pretty much bang on although Le Gresley might still have a fraction of a social conscience left about him from his CAB days - do the right thing - and vote against this colossal waste of Taxpayers money.

voiceforchildren said...


I'm sure you would agree, whether you support the acquisition of Plemont, or not. One thing became very clear tonight, at the public hearing, and that is that Robert Mugabe is alive and well in the form of Chief Minister Bailhache. What's more frightening than that? The fact that he was telling the crowd how easy it now is to snatch your property/land from you and the crowd were applauding it!

Frightening.......Very, very frightening.

rico sorda said...

the meeting last night. I thought it was simply horrific. They are hell bent on Compulsory Purchase.

. Legal fees according to lord PB will be £200,000 lol who is he kidding. Gorst wake up now the . Many things have saddened me about the goings on in Jersey but hearing a room full of people clapping for compulsory purchase made me think of Robert Mugabe. The man owns his land, he has planning permission for his land and yet we can steal his land. This is taxpayers money. No opposing view on the platform. Reminded me a little of 30s Germany minus the brown shirts all one sided with the plants in the audience. One valued it at 4 million another at 7.5 million the other was secret - legal fees placed at £200,000. Bailhache is off his rocker. I would be right in saying he is bonkers. Gorst looked really sad up their. A man who had promise but now looks like he has been lobotomised. I love the headland but not at any cost. Something just isn't quite right with all this Plemont stuff.

I loved how Bailhache said the law had been changed to make Compulsory Purchase easier - thats a classic


Sam Mézec said...

Rico, another side to the same coin as this, how about placing some bets on whether Deputy Southern's amendment (which is entirely sensible and would be popular with the public) will be lost, simply because it's Deputy Southern bringing it forward, not Senator Bailhache?

rico sorda said...

Just to let my readers know that on Sunday I will be posting again on the Culture of Concealment.

Mick Gradwell and David Rose will be the topic.

I will also be publishing part of a secret recording of Mick Gradwell taken just days after the suspension of Graham Power..

Rico Sorda investigates

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to your next blog posting very much. If what you say is true, and that secret recordings of Gradwell exist, the question must be asked - how many of these recordings are there, who was recording them and what do they reveal about the dark heart of Jersey's political aparatus.

Anonymous said...

Rico, without wanting to make any sort of mockery of a very serious issue, I have done some maths.......
It would appear that the Plemont site is around 24 vergees; this would give each of our 100,000 residents ownership of 4.5 square feet of that site. Can I rock up & pitch a tent on my patch? Or maybe grow some veg?

Good luck to you, please keep up the sterling work.

Anonymous said...

Before tonight's CTV coverage, I told my wife If it was my land and I had just obtained building permission, then the value of the land can be calculated by the estimated selling price of the new homes less cost of removing the existing 'rubble' and cost of building.

Surely it cannot be that a compulsory purchase can be activated in a subjective manner to disallow someone who legally has the right to make a roughly estimated profit from being out of pocket.

It just stinks and could happen to anyone!!

I see Gorst is now being named as the head of this whereas most people know its Phil Bailhache, Has Bailhache got some personal issues with the owner? I ask because it seems perverse that he would not want to ensure that it was a win/win situation, the best deal is where the owner gets what he wants and the public get the land back.

thejerseyway said...

Hi Rico.

Just put up Questions without Answers from Tuesday you & your readers can Listen HERE


Ian Evans said...

How the people are denied a fair trial in Jersey....The legacy of LIARS, LAWYERS, AND JU-RATS!!!