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Leah Mcgrath Goodman


Follows Success of Online Petition and Motion from Member of Parliament

NEW YORK, Jan. 24, 2013/PRNewswire/ – In the wake of the child-abuse scandal surrounding BBC presenter Jimmy Savile, the United Kingdom lifted its 500-day travel ban on American journalist Leah McGrath Goodman and restored her visa this past week, allowing her to complete an investigation into allegations of systemic child abuse in the UK and its territories.

As reported by The Guardian and the BBC, Goodman was banned after being detained and questioned by UK authorities in September 2011 about her research into allegations of horrific crimes against children at the orphanage Haut de la Garenne on the island of Jersey, a leading offshore tax shelter controlled by the British Crown. 

Amid fresh allegations about Savile’s predatory activities on the island of Jersey, Member of Parliament for Birmingham Yardley John Hemming filed a parliamentary motion in September 2012 protesting Goodman’s ban. “I am pleased that Leah now has her visa,” says Hemming. “They should not have banned her in the first place. She wished to investigate the story relating to Jimmy Savile and Haut de la Garenne before it became public. Clearly, her ban was part of the cover-up which should be investigated itself.” 

Trevor Pitman, a member of Jersey’s Parliament, initiated a petition in defense of Goodman in September on, signed by thousands. 

“I'm pleased our campaign has been successful,” says Pitman. “Leah's ban was politically motivated and symptomatic of a justice system that has been hijacked.”

Haut de la Garenne made international headlines in 2008, when Jersey police launched an investigation into nearly 200 complaints of alleged abuse, torture and murder at the children’s home. The investigation was abruptly halted in 2009 after the island’s Health Minister and Chief of Police were removed from their jobs under pressure to end the probe. 

Leah McGrath Goodman, a member of The London Speaker Bureau and contributor to Fortune plans to write a book on her findings. Her first book, “The Asylum: Inside the Rise and Ruin of the Global Oil Market,” will be released in paperback by HarperCollins this spring.

SOURCES: John Hemming, Trevor Pitman, Leah McGrath Goodman

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Ian Evans said...

hahaha....Kick Ass!!! :)

Joana Morais said...

Well done guys!

Zoompad said...

I will never trust anyone who is a member of MI5 no matter how many things he seems to be doing that are good, and no matter if I appear to be totally out on a limb, even if everyone else in the whole world apart from me did, and I was totally out on a limb. They say elephants never forget, well, the PTSD comfort eating (legacy of the Pindown child abuse and systematic cover up abuse I suffered) has made me feel like a big fat elephant, size 20 and 5 stone overweight, so I look and feel like an elephant, and I will never forget not ever ever ever those years of abuse on the MFJ forum, two years it went on for, until I found out who Nigel Oldfield is. Not one single word has John Hemming MP ever said about that, he's just tried to sweep it all under the carpet.

Sorry, because I am glad Leah McGrath has had her ban lifted, but I would love to see the names of all the people who were involved in treating her as if she were a criminal in the first place, I would also like to see a list of every single person who is a member of the Military secret services, because I know that the names of the people on list number 1 would also be on list number 2, and I know that some peoples jaws would drop in astonishment. It was me who found out about Eagle Associates bringing that horrible pervert Richard Gardner to the UK and sernding him all over everywhere, and that the chairman of Eagle Associates (part of Lockheed Martin) was DAVID ABRAHAMS, and the backhanders. People should not be so quick to forget stuff.

voiceforchildren said...


Some positive news for a change, although until Ms Goodman arrives in Jersey we should not get the party hats out.

Experience has shown us that the Law Offices (the real power in Jersey) can, and do, change the goal-posts as they see fit.

In spite of a State Controlled MSM Citizen's Media can, for the time being, claim a small victory in having Ms Goodman's visa restored.

Credit must go to local politician, Deputy Trevor Pitman, for launching the online petition which has received more than 3,500 signatures HERE

Ms Goodman has also published her own Blog on the latest events HERE

Anonymous said...

This is very good and welcoming news. Throughout this whole sorry ordeal Leah has been treated appallingly and I take my hat off to her for her courage and determination for continuing in her quest to expose the truth. Like VFC has said, this is not over yet and that New Year bottle of Champagne will remain in my fridge until the day comes when Leah if finally back in Jersey to continue with her work and the TOR are fully robust and fit for purpose. Then and only then will I deserve the right to have a hangover the next day! Well done to all involved. Carrie

Leah McGrath Goodman said...

Thanks to all for the support and well wishes. There will be some prep work, but I do intend to use the visa soon, just to make sure it "works." (I am kidding, kind of.) Please keep in touch and keep on reading and sharing what you find -- even the most random information can lead to substantial findings. For those of you on the island who know people who saw something or heard something, I am particularly interested in talking to you. You can get in touch confidentially anytime through my blog at

Anonymous said...

I read with disgust the treatment of Leah McGrath Goodman" I think through Joana Morais Blog a year or two ago. It is too tempting to think that an almighty flood will scour away those seeking to conceal the horrors of HdG and Savile's work there and elsewhere.
I wish Leah... more power to your pen. And little by little we may get somewhere.