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"The Culture of Concealment"

The Jersey Child Abuse Cover-up

An interview with Journalist Leah McGrath Goodman

Leah McGrath Goodman:  "It is my stance that just like genocide,  child abuse is one of the most appalling crimes known to humanity."

Below you can Listen to an interview given by Leah McGrath Goodman to British radio personality Pippa Jones on iTalk FM's magazine program. Pippa is a champion for children's rights and the rights of abuse survivors. A link to her blog can be found at iTalk's web site here: 

 This interview went out on the evening of the  21st of February 2013 during  their political show. 

Leah covers many issues, including "Operation Recatangle" the Jersey Child Abuse Investigation. 

Like I pointed out in my previous posting one must never forget the actual victims of abuse or the trauma that they carry through their lives.  They have waited a very long time for a Committee of Enquiry to be brought to fruition. Why is this? 

When I asked Leah for a statement as to how she would be approaching her investigation into Jersey she pointed me to this piece that appeared in Vanity Fair this august. I think it is self explanatory:

When CNN’s chief international correspondent, Christiane Amanpour, reported from Bosnia early in her career, she was accused of bias when she passionately claimed that there was clear evidence of genocide. “If I had been reporting World War II, would I have had to say in the name of objectivity, ‘Poor Mr. Hitler, he has a point'? No, you don’t play footsie with the most appalling crimes known to humanity. I realized in Bosnia that, even if it means you’re going to be accused of not being fair, you have to tell the truth.”
[Interviewer]: “Your truth—or someone else’s?”
[Amanpour]: “You give all sides a fair hearing, and you also make it absolutely clear what the facts are and what the truth is. We’re having this debate at CNN now about this whole question of balance and neutrality. At least for me, journalism isn’t about ‘on the one hand ... on the other.’ In the end, it’s about accountability — holding power accountable.”

Leah stated ref the Amanpour quotes, "it is my stance that just like genocide, child abuse is one of the most appalling crimes known to humanity." 

I will let you listen to the interview. 

Rico Sorda

Part time Investigative Journalist


Anonymous said...

Thaks for the link. It was a useful interview. I have also discovered her blog as well.

She is spot on with the comments about Pravda.


EXEMPLARY WORK, Leah. SO needed for this despicable case, and for a seeming EPIDEMIC of similar cases now gradually coming to light.

Anonymous said...

I'm curious to see what outsiders will think of the hatred of LMG, expressed by those who are unfamiliar with the evidence. The vitriolic anti-Leah brigade provide insight into how easily many people are misled by the local media and how firmly the authorities and media keep them in check by playing to their patriotic pride. I am always amazed when people confuse pride of place with their pride in their willful ignorance of reality.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for that link. I think we have a duty to drum up even more support for Leah Goodman now that she has had permission to live on the island and continue to carry out her investigations. I like so many signed the petition to allow her to get her visa back. Any advice on the way we should go about this would be most gratefully received. She is a very brave lady. Thank you Leah Goodman


Anonymous said...

Thank the lord there is a journalist prepared to investigate and speak out against the child abuse in Jersey as the local media only seem interested in covering it up.

Anonymous said...

Jersey and the victims of child abuse need a journalist with the courage to tell the truth and not keep it covered up like the local lot. Leah McGrath Goodman is that journalist.

Anonymous said...

Any Minister sitting around a table with Gorst and Bailhache should insist on the hardest of terms of reference.

The child abuse story with Jersey at the very centre, is wide spread across the world, thanks to the internet and Rico, VFC and other bloggers. Are the CoM so bloody blind that they cannot see what this is doing to the reputation of the island and a lot worse to the reputation of it's businesses and majority of good people that live here.

If they do not give up this insane battle to stop the truth coming out, it will be assumed they are trying to shield their friends in high places putting them above the majority of good Jersey people who should vote accordingly at the up and coming election.

Anonymous said...

Oh my God we can not trust the Police,politician's or priest's who the hell can we turn too.

Daniel said...

I think you will find that the COM has had to respond to the inescapable logic of what would happen to Jersey's reputation if the Committee of Inquiry does NOT go ahead, and if it has inadequate "cover-up" Terms of Reference.

The COM have put forward TOR which now are 95% OK.

That is if they actually lodge the latest amendment which they told us they would do.

IF it goes to the States with this last amendment in, then Montfort will only have to bring ONE further amendment which they refused to accept.

rico sorda said...

Im just reproducing a comment from Daniel that was posted on my previous blog.

" Daniel said...

Rico writes: "We need a flourishing Finance Centre that comes with people who have a social and moral conscience. Finance is the only game in town. It must be supported - everything else must not be neglected. This is where its going wrong. The real decision makers are morally bankrupt. We need a new generation of forward thinkers to take us forward."

Some reading this may be laughing to themselves - "Finance", "moral", and "ethical" in the same sentence. But it IS possible.

Take a look at "Plan B" - an ethical and sustainable way forward for the island's Finance Industry, far away from providing services for the Brazilian mayors and Jimmy Carrs of this world - which is utterly UNsustainable.

I will dig out the reference now, gottit:

I fully believe the above can happen and thanks for the link Daniel. I'm not in the camp of the hard nose Finance protectors who only care about wealth at any cost. It can and must work on a more ethical level. I blame our leaders who are devoid of a social and moral compass. We need new blood. People with moral intelligence. People who can see how the world is shaping and Jersey's place in it. We must all co-exist on this Island but even this is looking to much to ask for.


rico sorda said...


voiceforchildren said...


UK asked to step in and restore the RULE OF LAW

Zoompad said...

This story disturbs me so much I have blogged it. The Daily Mail are fond of using anonymous reporters for stories like this, and I wonder why?

The reporting style makes me think of David Rose. Not saying it is him, but the style of the piece just reminds me of him.

rico sorda said...

Hi Anon,

It looks like some of the comments have been removed from that site. It just goes to show how crazy some people are.


Ian Evans said...

THE RATS are leaving the sinking ship that is HMS Jersey!

Ian Evans said...