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We at Team Voice have become aware of a document describing a serious and possible illegal misuse of personal data.  This data breach looks to have been committed by former Bailiff and now Senator, Sir Philip Bailhache.  Senator Bailhache, it would appear, is in possession of very sensitive data concerning the alleged abuse victim HG and churchwarden EY. 

This document lays out an incident that occurred on a plane journey between London and Jersey. Members of the public had a clear view of the sensitive data being read by Senator, Sir Philip Bailhace. In amongst these sensitive documents, viewed by members of the public, were alleged Police Statements, text messages, letters to the Bishop and letters from the churchwarden EY.  These were in such clear view that members of the public were able to read the names of the alleged abuser and we are are told also of the name of the alleged victim. 


Have you noticed how in period dramas such as “Downton Abbey” the upper crust openly discuss their private business in the presence of servants and still assume that what they have said will remain confidential?   Others have remarked on this and offered the theory that old aristocratic types do not regard the lower orders as “people” in the full meaning of the term, and certainly do not think that the plebs are able to fully understand what they might hear or for that matter what they might read.   They are wrong of course as has been demonstrated by many an indiscretion finding its way into the public domain.   So, you might ask, what has this to do with our esteemed unofficial “leader” Senator Sir Philip Bailhache?   Well if you are one of the Jersey travelling public you might know the answer to this question already.

In these times of dire financial restraint the good Sir Philip, our self appointed defender of Jersey rights, has been forced to suffer the indignity of travelling economy class among the plebs.   A bit tricky sometimes when you have confidential papers in your possession relating to the matter of the Dean of Jersey, and his suspension by the Bishop of Winchester for his alleged mishandling of abuse allegations relating to a Church Warden and a vulnerable member of the congregation.   Followers of this sage will be aware that this issue has aroused the close interest of Senator Bailhache.   Not of course on account of any matters relating to the welfare of the alleged victim.   That would not be the “Jersey Way.”   Rather, the good Sir Philip has been deeply engrossed in attacking what he sees as the external interference in the affairs of Jersey by an upstart Bishop and a Church of England both of whom simply fail to understand the special and untouchable nature of Jersey’s legal and constitutional position, especially when it relates to the Islands unchallengeable constitutional right for important people to abuse the vulnerable and get away with it, because that is the “Jersey Way.”    Nevertheless, the tribulations of economy class travel appear to pose no anxieties on that front for Sir Philip.   After all, economy class is populated by plebs who surely cannot read or comprehend the sort of documents entrusted to the good Senator.   Or can they?

Well, if reports reaching this blog are reliable, and they appear to be, then whether the travelling public are plebs or otherwise they appear to be well capable of taking in the contents of “confidential” paperwork which Bailhache chooses to leave open in public view.   The same ability to read and comprehend what is on open display also appears to be shared by the mere “servants” who work on aircraft and other means of public transport.

It is by this means that we have learned a number of new and interesting facts about the case in question.   For example, a member of the Jersey travelling public has provided us with the name of the Churchwarden in the case and also the name of the alleged victim.   All of this information was obtained from “confidential” paperwork openly displayed by Bailhache.   By similar means we have learned that when communicating with the alleged victim the Churchwarden concerned signed off his messages with the phrase.”I will always Love you like a daughter love xxxx”   We also know that Sir Philip appears to be in possession of police statements relating to the case along with copies of relevant text messages all of which appear to be highly confidential.   What we do not know is just on what legal basis the Senator is in possession of any of this information or whether his possession amounts to a breach of the data protection laws.   At the very least, his open and indiscreet display of this information to the travelling public is breach of trust if not the law.   But we doubt if the good Senator has any worries on these issues.   He is a member of the Jersey elite and is therefore untouchable.   His business is none of ours.   We can only twist our caps and show due respect to our betters.   That is our lot in life.   Or that is what they think.   Perchance they have some surprises coming their way.   Watch this space.

There are many serious issues that are raised concerning the above incident not least the identification of the two people involved.

But we must not overlook the fact that Senator, Sir Philip Bailhache, has in his possession, some very personal and highly sensitive data. The question that must be asked is on what authority or who's' authority has he been able to obtain this highly sensitive -personal data un-redeacted? 

 There are now very serious questions to be answered concerning Data Protection. Will Emma Martins be conducting an investigation? Questions will be asked.

We will keep you posted.

Rico Sorda 

Part Time Investigative Journalist


Anonymous said...

Yeah, Emma will say "no worries Phill me old china, pop round to me office and anything else ya need, 'apply to oblige" and Phil will say "oh Emma Da'ling, you are awful but I do like you, I'm oaf to the jungle to hunt and kill real people at my leisure........HAHAHAHA!"..........or something like that!

Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work. You are gaining a great amount of respect from us plebs.
Without all of the bloggers it would be nearly impossible for this kind of information to be put out there.
Keep rattling those cages all of you, as it looks like it's definitely getting to them and they are starting to make some very silly mistakes.
The more time they have to spend trying to cover things up the more obvious it gets.


voiceforchildren said...


Two words BOB QUICK

Anonymous said...

I'm sure Emma can always call upon her father for some more advice on what to do ...

The Beano is not the Rag

Anonymous said...

Will this data breach have Emma Martins sending out a dozen cops to trash PB's gaff and put him through the legal system (a la Syvret) or will she see it as a "regularity" offence and do nothing (a la Sean Power)?

Ian Evans said...

The incompetence and idiocy of these clowns is quite remarkable....Who gave Emperor Bailhache the goods? Or were the goods just simply handed over unquestioned by the lower ranking public servants?

rico sorda said...

Hi Ian,

I can tell that what has happened is totally genuine. More than one person saw the name of the victim and alleged perpetrator.

The burning question, as quite rightly pointed out, is who gave Bailhache all the documentation?


Ian Evans said...


I think that if a simple States member can have unfettered access to such information, then 'ALL' States members are entitled to such information, are they not?

Anonymous said...

Genuine question>

Is it not possible the Rector himself, handed P B his emails?

As a politician could P B be entitled to see police files?

Ex-Senator Stuart Syvret said...

Emma Martins will do exactly what she has always done.

That being - exactly what she is told to do by people like the Bailhache Brothers, Mick Birt and Tim le Cocq.


Anonymous said...

You publish,

We also know that Sir Philip appears to be in possession of police statements relating to the case along with copies of relevant text messages all of which appear to be highly confidential.

Fair comment, the Dean could have in theory supplied a folder. It is also important for Senator Bailhache to clash with the church that he must have some correct information.

The problem being that VFC as a trusted internet blog gets sent sensitive info. no doubt, the Senator could also argue that as King sorry assistant chief minister he also gets information passed to him.

Did he approach people ( police statements ) in order to get confidential info.? or did the people who had copies indeed furnish him. Difficult to prove but of course PChief Bowron could go looking and search for the information trail but is unlikely to bother.

The truth is there are 22 ministers and he is only an assistant. They need to get control of this ego merchant because his actions reflect badly on them.

The CM Gorst has communicated on behalf of Jersey with the Anglican Church of England offering support for their enquiry.

Bailhache has every right to his opinion but not in the name of the island and its people.

GeeGee said...

Quite frankly I am sickened by this whole saga and the fact tha Bailhache is being allowed free rein to do exactly what others would not be able to get away with.

The very fact that BBC are giving him air time tomorrow on a subject that is in the Inquiry stage and also should not be 'one-sided' gives further rise for concern. This should just not be permitted to happen.

PB certainly does not like the 'Jersey Way' cage rattled does he?

Wonder why.

Anonymous said...

Stuart is surely right, as are the other comments concerning Emma Martins. Is there a human being on this planet who would think Martins actions are NOT wholly politicized?

VFC points out a breach of high level State Security by Bob Quick. Interesting. I have just been following the Ian Puddick story and the extremely disturbing role of City of London police, and have wondered if they wouldn't be happy to do favours for Bailhache, even before updated blog topic was posted. It was my guess that City of London police would be willing to do to the victim whatever necessary to discredit her further. I worry about her.

I worry even more for the bloggers, the abuse survivors and their supporters in Jersey. Rico is now at greater risk of a "raid" and trumped up Data Protection charges. I would not be surprised if Jersey police planted crime evidence on him, as during Bowrons' days in London, the police did to Ian Puddick. See Ian Evan's blog coverage and links on that.

After all, look what they have so ridiculously invested to prosecute even Stuart's ridiculously minor lapse for updating his drivers license! Not to mention the misuse of Data Protection law to criminally prevent Public Interest Disclosures.

Rico, please be absolutely sure you have no overdue library books.

Anonymous said...

Here is an interesting question to consider: if a person in unlawful possession of documents containing personal data flew from Jersey to London, would this put that person within the jurisdiction of the UK data protection commissioner? Would that constitute an illegal transfer of data to the UK?

Anonymous said...

Revealing blog Rico,

To clear up one small point the Cannons proposition was not lodged by the Dean.

11. Canons of the Church of England in Jersey (P.179/2010)

The Deputy Bailiff:

Very well. We now come to P.179 lodged by the Chief Minister. I ask the Greffier to read the proposition.

Anonymous said...

Obviously the indiscretion of Senator Bailhache ripples out beyond those who were on the flight. Those who were sighted of this information have imparted that information to others who in turn talk to yet more people. There is an interesting co-incidence with inappropriate behaviour and a surname beginning with "A" - not the same forename however as he of the Filthy Rag. Any connection?

In a small island with a lot of local people travelling to and from it I am astounded that Philip Bailhache should openly read such sensitive information. I think this reflects badly on him as both a former lawyer and politician. I am glad I am not one of his former clients, nor the victim or the perpetrator for that matter. He has do layer a cavalier approach to victim annominity. Also how does he have access to Police Reports. Usually even the Home Affairs Minister does not have such access to those reports-only in exceptional circumstances and on a confidential basis.

Anonymous said...

can someone enlighten me what did thick phill do which enabled people to see these names?

Anonymous said...

$65,000 question

Now you know the name of this Church Warden - just how 'well connected' is he?

If he his well connected this would explain a lot.

Is he still in situ - chaperoned of course!

Anonymous said...

The report by BBC Jersey, with Phillip Bailhache as guest.

1hr.05min.30sec into the show.

Ian Evans said...

New World Order....Banking on the "BAIL-IN"

Anonymous said...

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Ian Evans said...


Deputy Montfort Tadier said...

Does Senator Bailhache suffer from Cognitive Dissonance. And if so, should we be worried?