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I would like to congratulate everybody on the campaign team of option A. You have done a first class job. I personally don't believe you could have done anymore. It has been refreshing to see the group being spearheaded by a young man called Sam Mézec. I don't know if this was intentional or not but it has worked. Yes, some of the old names have been there, but it has been Sam that has got the  message across in a very articulate way. Holding his own with some seasoned campaigners is a credit to himself and what he believes in. That is Jersey's real future. The new generation. 

To be honest there are points on option A I'm not happy with but I'm willing to give my support to the option A campaign.

I thank you all for your work over this past month. Option A wins the debate but can it win the vote?

Democracy must be the only winner.

This just about sums up option B

Rico Sorda 

Part Time Investigative Journalist


Anonymous said...

Well done Sam Mezec. :)

Anonymous said...

It certainly has been bloody desperate campaign by this A Team but B or C will win the day.

Anonymous said...

So far I have asked 47 people and they have all say A1-C2

Russell Labey said...

Sam has been awesome and it has been a total privilege sharing a platform with him (and a beer). Good luck team 'A'

Sam Mézec said...

Thanks so much Rico, really appreciate this!

Jacques said...

Well done Sam and the A team.

voiceforchildren said...


I wasn't going to legitimise this hijacked debacle, and like yourself, still have huge reservations and in particular with the number 42.

However, I have been converted, to a certain degree, and will now be voting option A.

Sam and the rest of the A team have worked tirelessly on a shoestring budget and are up against opponents with deep pockets and an entire State Media.

Although the State Media has air-brushed P15/2011 out of history let us not forget the "DEMOCRACY TERRORISTS"

Anonymous said...

So glad you voted for Option A Rico. It may not be perfect, but it's tons better than the rest. In recent weeks you've mentioned alot of truths about the shoddy flawed referendum preocess and (hidden) agenda.
Having been with the A Team from the start, and Reform Jersey before that, I can assure you that many members of the team agree with so much of what you've been saying.
However, we've had to put all that on hold. There just hasn't been the time to moan so we've all just gone for the postive stuff and tried our best. In all the meetings, there's never been a cross word spoken.

The A Team is a growing bunch of ordinary people from all sorts of backgrounds and experiences yet we're all united in the desire for a better, fairer Jersey for all. If we can gain a level playing field (only Option A does this), it hopefully means the start of reviewing and improving other structural flaws too (eg Jersey's Justice system). I am sure many in the A team think the same as me on that.
Finally, Sam is a real asset to the A Team and I totally agree with you. He's a polite, dynamic and articulate young person and he's a pleasure to know him. There are many other assets in the A Team too and Christine Vibert should equally be commended for her continued and high class team work. She's so vibrant, positive and energetic.
Hopefully Sam, Christine and many others will be rejoicing this time tomorrow.

Nick Le Cornu said...

Well done to everyone in the A-Team. A collective effort is a winning formula.

Anonymous said...

A young genuine guy trying to achieve a fair for all democracy for Jersey.

He is not elected, working for his beliefs without any payment.

Had Sam Mezec been chairman of the Electoral Commission, he would have acted with mature honesty, integrity and with a profound interest doing in the right thing and then in the other corner we have.


Happy to travel the world not paying a penny.


Anonymous said...


I just put this on


JEP has recently CENSORED #3.

Not for the first time The JEP has censored comments highlighting the blatant Trolling and Astroturfing on their website

It seems that the majority of the "Astro-Trolling" is down to one individual. Are we allowed to speculate if it might be the individual responsible for the death threats to the landlord and family of Jersey's former Health Minister as mentioned in "JEP CENSORED #1" above @ 3:29 pm ?

Here is JEP CENSORED 3 :


April 23, 2013 at 5:21 pm
TITLE: Yeah but no but ....... did you smell the RAT ?

The media spin and edit in or edit out the storyline to their commercial or perceived advantage.
If they are a business ....... that is business so it is essential to sift information from a diversity of sources including independent ones.

Commenters come here to hear views, to have their say and to persuade others. That's fine and most of us do it reasonably honestly and without excessive changes of identity.

Analysis of web information and posting patterns on this site indicate that some individuals or groups are rather less than honest and this infestation is particularly bad on "sensitive" and on pre-election/vote threads.

I have referred to this as the "R.A.T" infestation, with RAT being Random Avatar Troll (or is that R. Astroturf Troll) as the main offender generally posts under a new avatar on each post, even when [ab]using same name

The threads are logged and overall this "RAT" infestation" is beyond reasonable doubt.

This thread on it's own it is not conclusive proof but you will get the picture form a snapshot of recent posts on this thread :

Sally 2013-04-23 13:47

Bob 2013-04-23 13:38

James 2013-04-23 13:36

James April 23, 2013 at 13:34 [Well done BTW for remembering which avatar you post under on this 1 occasion]

All 2 to 10 minutes apart -possibly different individuals but statistically very very unlikely

Some of the support for the Constables is not "Grass Roots" it is "Astroturf"

Does the JEP mind their forum being used as Jersey's premiere Astroturfing site ?
Are RATs a protected species on this site ?

Time will tell

I shall vote A and C

"B" careful who you listen to !

"B" even more careful what you vote for -You may have to live with it a long time, especially if it is a regressive option.

So "Are RATs a protected species on this [JEP] site ?" ..... Well it would seem so.

The JEP know about this infestation and it's unpleasantness, and they must like it because they exclude the RAT controllers and we are not permitted to detail the issue. The Jep have improved significantly over the last 12 months but they are still a poisonous infestation.

The JEP saddled us with Bailhache, what will they saddle us with next ?

They can afford to be more honest and fair on the referendum because ALL the hijacked options suit the establishment !

I shall vote A #1 & C#2 and expect the Constables to block "A" if it wins ...... It's democracy Jim, but not as we know it.

Anonymous said...

All I see on here is positive and love of Jersey

What I see on the CTV news tonight is a concerted effort by interviewing several members of the public saying they will not vote, then a Guernsey ex Chief Minister saying he had no power because of the amendments watering down the proposal.

So under his new order, no amendments, no questions or debate from those trouble some deputies. He is right of course in that democracy is a slow road.

The alternative, ask the Germans or North Korea people who would probably cry if you asked their opinion, or run thinking you were the secret police.

No checks and balances are / were installed in both of these countries. Have we learnt nothing.

CTV were disgusting in their well written propaganda, how low can you sink ITV ?6935


Ex-Senator Stuart Syvret said...

Like Rico & VFC - my fundamental position is that, such has been the manipulated & spun nature of the whole exercise - and so absent has been the real analysis and understanding of the true nature of power, as exercised in Jersey - that we've been railroaded into imperfect options - and an equally imperfect process.

But that said - full acknowledgement to those who have worked hard - with imperfect materials.

I'm pleased to see the mutual recognition & respect between the Options A and C Teams - Sam and Russell are good people, genuinely motivated.

For what it's worth - I shall be voting A - and C as a reserve.

Frankly - and when did I ever let such considerations as 'diplomacy' prevent me from saying what I believed to be true - you'd have to be some kind of gerrymandering red-neck to ever think - for one instant - option B represents any kind stable, communal future for this community.

I suspect B will not win.

But if it does - I suggest not despairing - and instead, these enthusiastic democrats from the A & C campaigns, pooling their resources, I finally dragging our polity into the modern, civilised age.

Good luck, to the good sides.


GeeGee said...

What is there to add Rico but hear, hear! The A Team have done a fantastic job, and how refreshing to see new young blood speaking a lot of sense and fact.

A breath of fresh air.

Let's hope that in a few hours the result proves to be a vote for common sense.

Well done all!

Anonymous said...

Get the young ones out,have my 25 year old getting pals out for A&C like myself.
Elderly relations not bothering at all as sick of it all so the silver vote could diminish.

Anonymous said...

Come on option A. Jersey needs you.

rico sorda said...

"frankly - and when did I ever let such considerations as 'diplomacy' prevent me from saying what I believed to be true - you'd have to be some kind of gerrymandering red-neck to ever think - for one instant - option B represents any kind stable, communal future for this community"

The politicians who backed option B need their heads testing and removed from office. Simply no excuse for supporting option B.

crapaudmatic said...

My take on things - it's just silliness - if I'm allowed my point of view :)


Anonymous said...

Re. April 23, 2013 at 10:53 PM

RATs learn quick - but not quick enough

The R.A.T has read the blogs and adapted it's behaviour ... but it is still using multiple names (suddenly remembering which gr-avatar it uses for the fake name LOL)
It has evolved from Random Avatar Troll ........ Regressive Astroturf Troll)

More sightings at the thisisjersey "Troll Zoo"
Sample from "campaigners-spell-out-the-reform-choices" thread

Gary 2013-04-24 16:03
No, I am not prepared to explain what the word means. You are the commentator who has sought to misuse the word "feudalism". It follows that the ta...

Gary 2013-04-24 16:01
I agree with your sentiment that Option A is not about people. What matters is ordinary community parish representation, which is why the constables s...

Sensible 2013-04-24 15:58
If democracy is about equal representation then it should be clear that Option C is the sensible choice. Option A certainly falls short of any form of...

Sensible 2013-04-24 15:57
What a peculiar comment. My constable represents me and has done so on occasions. I wonder if you actually have any knowledge of Jersey politics when ...

Sensible 2013-04-24 15:54
"Gras roots democracy is something which lives in the heart of the community. The constables provide this. Option A will destroy grass roots democracy and replace it with faceless politics."

"grass roots democracy" LOL ....... Waist high ASTROTURF fertilised with RAT manure

I imagine that the JEP will continue to provide the ideal environment for the RAT.

The RAT is now claiming to be an "Option C" supporter (lucky Option C) while still attacking "Option A".
This may be true or it may be trying to dissociate it's activities from "Option B" and dump the damage on "C"

Delightful !

Ian Evans said...

Just a quicky....

Anyone who voted at all, for any option, has given their consent to the corrupt overlords to be governed by said shysters. You have all agreed expressly that (because of the hijacking of the commission) you accept a criminal government to 'ACT' on behalf of your 'PERSON'.

You deserve what you get, and it will be more of the same!

Anonymous said...

Referendum results

St Mary results in yet option B appears twice on the link above.

rico sorda said...

Looks like everyone stayed at home. What a shambles. Disconnect is the winner

rico sorda said...

Senator Bailhache lives in a world of his own.

rico sorda said...

Lets discuss this. Can the States really pass Option B? Surely when it goes before the Privy Council there are going to be problems. Will the Island look plain stupid for putting this forward. Remember, it was a hijacked independent commission and voter inequality is off the scale. Put all the emotive issues to one side and think about it. 26% was woeful. There was about 1% between Option A and B after the first round. And 5% after the second. The States had better think very long and hard about how they push their buttons on this.

The States of Jersey really have to take the blame yet again. They endorsed this referendum. Only 15 of them saw sense and new it couldn't be given to the public because it was seriously flawed. Many more woke up after the event. They have one more chance of redemption. The simply cannot vote B through. Voter inequality is pivotal in this. We, as an Island, will be backing voter inequality. How will this look?

Anonymous said...

Less than half of the voters who went to the polls voted for option B. Do the maths.

Anonymous said...

Strange that anyone with a brain thinks this is victory. The whole process is simply a charade. A deeply conservative and self-interested commission deciding the parameters of what is acceptable to them? A non-binding referendum?

Where was Option D - a chamber comprised entirely of members elected on an island-wide mandate? Perhaps the most obvious option of all - and completely missing from the ballot paper. Why?

And for all those who voted: watchya gonna do if the establishment party decides that the non-binding referedum is exactly that - non binding - and ignores it?

And you are happy with this? You think you've achieved something? Boy, your expectations are low.

Ian Evans said...


Yes, lets!

1. The commission was hijacked, yet you all accepted it, that is consent.

2. There will be no problem when it goes before the Privy Council because the people accepted it as hijacked, that is consent.

3. The Island will not look plain stupid, the people will, they consented to this nonsense knowing it was hijacked.

4. 26% of people had their say and the rest couldn't be bothered, that is democratic because it was done with the peoples consent.

5. The States of Jersey do not have to take the blame again, you people voted them in to represent you in the house, they did what you asked with your consent.

6. "Many more woke up after the event."
Therein lies the problem, the only ones not waking up are the people. You know we have a house full (for the most part) of idiots, incompetents and utter shysters, yet you partake in their nonsense. The very act of taking part is "CONSENT" and you obliged them by contracting with them when you "REGISTERED" to vote, now everyone is bleating like sheep!

Almost all of the control they have over you, is a result of your actions, not theirs.

I know people are well unhappy this morning, and I'm not trying to aggravate that, I'm simply telling you how you screwed it up yourselves. They set out a stall loaded with corruption and inequality, put it to you, and you "CONSENTED" to it, they have done nothing wrong....Any trainee lawyer will tell you that!!!

Anonymous said...

Ian surely the ones who did not vote did not consent Perhaps those that didn't have wised up

Anonymous said...

Bizarre result.
B wins … but MORE THAN HALF of the 26% of eligible voters who actually bothered to go to the polls DID NOT VOTE for option B

Ian Evans said...

If you have registered you have consented, whether you vote or not. If you are not registered, you must still rebut any assumption that you wish their rules to apply to you, as silence (in legal land) is deemed by them to mean acquiescence to their rules.

voiceforchildren said...


I caught a glimpse of the disgraced House Journal, the Jersey Evening Post, where its headline reads that the verdict of the referendum is that "The Constables Should Remain" (or words to that effect.)

Any REAL "News"paper, after such a p1ss poor turn out would be running with the headline "None of The Above." But then again, that's talking about a real newspaper!

Ian Evans said...

A couple of comments up I said...."Almost all of the control they have over you, is a result of your actions, not theirs."

Person's are "LEGAL FICTIONS" they don't exist in the real world, so, what I meant by the above is....

Because they are addressing a legal fiction, (doesn't exist) in law, they can only make you an offer!

An offer for you to accept, which you all did! You all "REGISTERED" to vote, whereby you all accepted their offer to your legal fiction....e.g The MR or MRS, MISS, MS, SIR, ESQUIRE, DOCTOR, SIR, DAME....These are titles, legal fiction titles....They are not real, they have to be bestowed on you....

Where any of you Christened MR or MRS???

You are men and women who have been unwittingly conditioned to believe that you are the MR and MRS title that has enslaved you all your lives.

Below is a link to explain this, I am not putting THIS LINK up again, learn now, or stop your God damned bleating sheeple.

Kindest regards to the potential shepherds among you :)