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"APRIL 28TH 2013"




 Having listened to the Reverend Bob Key on the radio today you could be forgiven in to believing that he was the actual victim in all this. The Bishop of Winchester, the right reverend Tim Dakin, has in my opinion succumbed to the pressure applied by the Jersey Elite led by Senator, Bailhache.

What message does this send out to victims of abuse. Again we can see how the investigation into decades long child abuse in the Jersey care system "Operation Rectangle" was closed down. Jersey, and it's ruling elite, are  simply devoid of any social and moral standing.  How is Bob Key re-instated before the visitation is even complete? 

Remember, former Chief of Police, Graham Power QPM was suspended from November 12th 2008 until May 2010 without any due process  being followed. His force under the leadership of Lenny Harper was exposing the toxic underbelly of Jersey and it's decades of child abuse. But where was the concern for Mr Power and his family during this traumatic time? Where was the ruling elite fighting his corner? they were simply nowhere to be seen.  

The Dean of Jersey is one of their own. How dare the Church of England and the Diocese of Winchester suspend one of their own. He will now receive the foot stamping seal of approval when he returns to the States. How many times are we to hear " We have learned from our mistakes and must move forward" We have learnt nothing. The Dean, in his statement, has basically said he made all the mistakes that he was suspended for yet back he comes as the victim.

Let this be a lesson to everyone that nothing has changed in Jersey

The Culture of Concealment is still very much in place.

The Dean said: “I regret mistakes that I made in the safeguarding processes and I understand that, upon reflection, it would have been more helpful if I had co-operated more fully with the Korris Review. I now add my own apology to that of the Bishop of Winchester and Archbishop of Canterbury to the vulnerable person at the heart of this matter. I will be cooperating with the Visitation and Investigation announced by the Bishop on 26 March. Together, the Bishop and I are committed to the importance of safeguarding children and vulnerable adults in Jersey and to working to ensure the safeguarding procedures of the Diocese achieve this as part of the whole Church’s mission.”


So what is he and the Church going to do as way of redress to the alleged victim in all this? She is now living on the streets homeless,penniless and in need of help. Will the Dean and the church give her some form of financial help and stability. If this happens the apology will be complete. Anything less will just be hollow words.

Another sad event in Jersey's History lets hope they now make good their apology and make sure HG is cared for.

Rico Sorda

Part Time Investigative Journalist


Anonymous said...

Not more storifying.
The Dean is a good man but why don't you try attending one of his surmons if you are without sin?

rico sorda said...

Im more interested about the welfare of the victim than attending a surmon.


Zoompad said...

I hope Jesus comes back soon, because I'm sick and tired of the blinking blasted institution that has the bate faced cheek to call itself the Bride of Christ.

Those horrible men that run it don't even believe in the risen Lord Jesus, they just pretend they do so they can grab power and authority that they have no rights to.

Zoompad said...

"The Dean is a good man "

A good man would never let a victim of child abuse to be treated like he's done.

Anonymous said...

Matthew 6:14 -
'For if you forgive others their trespasses, your heavenly Father will also forgive you.'

It is not too late for you to ask for forgiveness.

Zoompad said...

Matthew 23 v 33

"Ye serpents, ye generation of vipers, how can ye escape the damnation of hell?"

Anonymous said...

John 1:9

'If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness.'

You should remove these hateful posts against our Dean to avoid the wrath of the Lord.

rico sorda said...

This is a comment that Bob Hill left on his blog. I find this incredible. They didn't even inform the alleged victim that the Dean was being reinstated or that he had issued an apology.

"Well done to Voice for Children on publishing the press release so speedily.

The Church authorities have had months if not years to get its act together but its handling of the suspension/Commission withdrawal leaves a lot to be desired.

Normally suspensions are imposed to allow for the Investigation into the complaint to be undertaken during the suspension period. As it is clear that the Investigation/ Visitation have not been completed one must ask why was the Commission withdrawn in the first place.

I have been in contact with HG, she was not aware of the reinstatement nor has she received the Dean’s apology."

rico sorda said...

The Dean Bob Key speaks to CTV

How about asking him what redress the Church is going to give the alleged victim or is this all about the Dean?


Ex-Senator Stuart Syvret said...

A reader says:

"You should remove these hateful posts against our Dean to avoid the wrath of the Lord."

Is that Lord McNally?

I'm quaking in my boots.


Anonymous said...

I am reminded of the Holland affair and the benefit of doubt used in that case. Lets hope history does not repeat itself as hindsight can no longer be accepted.

Anonymous said...

AGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, the front of Bob Key is sickening!!! on Channel tv he says and i quote" this island people have the most wonderul resilience and they have shared a bit of that with me.

You what you what! you tried to bury a complaint and got caught!

and to the messenger at the top of these comments, how the hell can you say he is a good man, look at what he has aknowledged you ignorant Bob Key praising freak!

Tom Gruchy said...

"The Jersey Way" is the theme of this week's CHOW (Church House on Wednesday)discussion and it is open to the public.
Timed at 1pm to 2pm with soup and fruit for £5 for those that want it - this is a good chance to raise issues at the very heart of the Church system. The Dean won't be there but other Christians besides non-Christians will so it is up to you....

Anonymous said...

Perhaps a protest is in order, cram the church when he next attends, when he starts speaking everybody walks out, make sure CTV are there to video it!

Anonymous said...

Did you hear Matthew Price bashing the bishop on the radio this morning? Gave him a really hard time (excuse the puns) in a Paxman-like way which really shows his personal prejudices (shame he never gets so persistent with those of the Establishment who really do need such treatment).

When it's on Listen Again eventually, have a listen around 8.10am or so, I think it was. Quite eye-popping how he handled the interview!

GeeGee said...

Judging by the CTV footage of the church yesterday, the Dean did not exactly have a full house.

Take away the Bailiff, the Lieutenant Governer, Ian Gorst and various wives, it seems many 'Christians' did not wish to partake in a false show of support for the man.

Indeed, this begs the question, do these three Establishment members usually attend the Town Church on Sunday? The LG's parish church is surely St.Saviour, Mr Gorst is an adherent of The Freedom Church, and whilst not knowing where Bailiff Birt lives, I am sure it will not be St Helier.

This whole debacle is more than enough for any doubting Christians to cast aside from the Church for ever.

Shocking (i.e. The Jersey Way).

James said...


I read this very differently from you, and I regard the result largely as a good thing. You need to reproduce the rest of the statement, because some of the meat of it isn't what Bob Key said.

The Diocese of Winchester managed in six weeks to:
- have the Dean's commission suspended
- extract an apology from him
- extract a commitment to cooperate with the Commission from him
- drop in a requirement that they will be looking over Jersey Canon Law and ensuring it meets their requirements (almost certainly to prevent the Dean from using the Ecclesiastical Court as an excuse for non-cooperation should a similar situation occur in future)
- renew the commission.

The Diocese have set the agenda: the Jersey Establishment have huffed and puffed, but it has not made one iota of difference to the result.

The Diocese have also drawn the potential sting that Tony the Prof came up with: - namely, that suspension has been used as a form of constructive dismissal because after a year or more of enforced idleness people get fed up and walk away. That the Diocese have achieved a quick result and Jersey can't (see Power, Day, Huchet etc) indicates exactly how broken Jersey's machinery of government is - Privy Council, please take note.

But I do agree that the apparent failure to communicate the result to HG first is a significant blemish on an otherwise decent result.

And as for MP bashing the bishop on the radio - isn't there a law against that? :-)

rico sorda said...

Hi James,

First they wanted the Dean re-instated immediately. This has now been achieved. They are not interested in what follows. I bet, in a year from now, we will say, what ever happened to that review about the role of the Dean in Jersey and that good old canon law.

They hadn't even informed the alleged victim of the apology. Nothing learned. This was about getting the Dean back and nothing else.

What redress has been offered to HG?

I really hope you are right James but I very much doubt it. It's just not the Jersey Way.

Cat said...

Apart from the disgusting fact the the Dean has been reinstated. Yes the Dean should be penalised for his total lack of regard for HG and handling of the situation. What I don't see or hear anything about is what's happening to the Warden that was the abuser? Why isn't this being looked into? How can the Church allow him to carry on even if he is chaperoned. The chaperoning in itself is an admission of his guilt.
A lame apology and then life as usual. A total disgrace.

Anonymous said...

Rico, although the Dean has at last admitted he was wrong and made mistakes in how he dealt with the complaint (thereby Bailhache was wrong), he has yet to answer the following taken from Bob Hill's blog:-

In relation to the Visitation it should be recalled that in the Korris Report/Review the following potentially very serious matters came to light relating to the Dean which must be investigated as soon as possible these include;

1) Allowing a church warden to operate in contravention of the Safeguarding procedures and the training he had undertaken.

2) Failure to notify the Safeguarding Advisor on receipt of the complaint.

3) Failure to implement and act in accordance with Diocesan Safeguarding Procedure in the handling of the initial complaint interview.

4) Failure to record and make all documentation available for a review of a Safeguarding matter as required by the Safeguarding procedures.

5) Despite the request of the Bishop of Winchester, unwillingness to permit review of safeguarding practice and also discouraging others from participating.

The Report also stated that there will also be a need for an investigation into the deportation of H.G. on 11th October 2010 and why there is a complete lack of recording of this matter by Dean from the date of her arrest. (I will return to this matter later.)

rico sorda said...

JEP -Editorial

A better prepared Church
Monday 29th April 2013, 4:18PM BST.

COMMENTS made by the Dean of Jersey, the Very Rev Bob Key, indicate just how profoundly pleased and relieved he is to have been reinstated after two months of suspension in the wake of mistakes that he accepts were made in the handling of a complaint about sexual misconduct by a churchwarden.

A great many Islanders will share his feelings – not least because they will be aware just how unpleasant and personally damaging his period of suspension will have been. As he has made clear, his inability to fulfil his duties as a preacher and a celebrant weighed heavily on him.

But important as the human dimension of this case undoubtedly is, its impact on the Dean – and, indeed, on the aggrieved person who was initially at the heart of the controversy – is not the only issue. A matter of welfare and safeguarding soon expanded into the ecclesiastical and even political spheres.

It is unlikely that anyone concerned ever lost sight of the fact that human beings were at the centre of the controversy, but it rapidly became apparent that it also prompted serious questions about the relationship between the Church of England in Jersey and the UK diocese, Winchester, to which it is linked. These questions – of a very arcane nature, as far as most Islanders are concerned – were soon centre-stage.

Moreover, although these were church matters, they resonated politically and constitutionally. And this was the central issue: did the church hierarchy in the UK have the right to suspend a Jersey Dean, whose position was defined by relationships rooted in the Island’s past and its separate identity?

However, major issue or not from the point of view of canon law, it must tend towards insignificance compared with yesterday’s developments and the action that will now be taken.

Although the presence of so many dignitaries at the Town Church as Mr Key resumed his duties at Holy Communion is indicative of the seriousness with which the suspension is viewed, it is now essential to look to the future. Lessons have been learned, apologies have been offered, a report will be compiled, and, crucially, the Church of England in the Island will be better prepared and better able to protect its vulnerable members.

Anonymous said...

Not published on the Channel TV blog:

"And what pray tell is going to happen to the victim of the abuse that the Church has let down?
And what pray tell is going to happen here as way of accountability by the Church aka the Dean?
And what pray tell is the Dean going to do in way of not telling the full truth to the Korris enquiry into this?"

Well, there's a surprise ...

rico sorda said...

It really is a Farce. The Dean apologised for all the mistakes he was accused of. No one apologised to the alleged victim. This is looking like a face saving effort. How do we get the Dean back? Just get him to issue a blanket apology without directly apologising to the person concerned. Back he comes to a round of foot stamping in the States today.

Jersey 2013 and still we haven't learnt a single thing.


Zoompad said...

"Perhaps a protest is in order, cram the church when he next attends, when he starts speaking everybody walks out, make sure CTV are there to video it!"

This isn't a bad idea, because something has to be done.

Anonymous said...

Its not surprising that the JEP did not lead with the far more important question:-

Why did the Dean allow a church warden to operate in contravention of the Safeguarding procedures and the training the Dean had undertaken?

Anonymous said...

I was brought up in a very religious environment and had to attend a private school run by the nuns (I no longer go to church). To this day, I cannot respect a person of the cloth who indulge in luxury and a life of plenty when they should be very humble and help the poor and the person in need. I know it may sound stupid and ignorant of me but when I see a fat men of the cloth parading in all his robes I cannot respect him. My grand- uncle, who was a priest, during the world war two risked his live saving Jewish children by hiding them in the school he was running and spent his live helping the poor and underprivileged and gave away what little he had. I respect a man like this regardless of my religious beliefs.

Anonymous said...

I just re-read (third in command) Bailhache's personal letter to the Archbishop, in particular this line "The withdrawal of the Bishop's Commission seems disproportionate to any alleged failings of the Dean. Such alleged failings relate to procedural omissions and not to misconduct."

Which part of the findings of the so called incomplete interim report on Graham Power were considered to be issues on misconduct, none! Where was Bailhache then????

Zoompad said...

"My grand- uncle, who was a priest, during the world war two risked his live saving Jewish children by hiding them in the school he was running and spent his live helping the poor and underprivileged and gave away what little he had."

Your Grand-uncle was obviously a true follower of the Lord Jesus Christ, as kindness, bravery, self sacrifice and other virtues are the marks of a true believer of Jesus.

The monkeys running the "church" at present, where are these virtues? I don't see them, all I see is a bunch of hypocritical cowardly effeminate selfish swine parading in finery and living off the fat of the land!