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"APRIL 30TH 2013"




The Dean of Jersey, The Rev Bob Key, returned to his unelected position in the States of Jersey today.    

At  9.40am the Dean read the prayer in the States of Jersey and  his incredible journey was complete. A day when  the majority of States members completely lost the plot and gave him a very lengthy foot stamping welcome.  The Bailiff, Michael Birt, was welcoming the Dean back to his rightfully held unelected post when the States members went foot-stamping crazy. The Bailiff then had to jump back in. He explained that his glowing tribute was not yet done and hoped that these imbeciles would let him finish it.  

You would have thought our Dean  was Terry Waite returning from Beirut. You would have been mistaken into believing that he had been kidnapped by 13 Illuminati who had held him in some dark place in St Ouen under constant threat of having to marry his own cousin. Or, that he had  been locked away in Gorey Castle by some crazy zealots? You simply could not make up what was coming out of the States Chamber today. I was expecting the lights to go down, curtain to be pulled back and 'The Dean' to come out  bobbing and weaving like bloody Rocky Bilbao screaming "BAILHACHE - WE DID IT"

What were the imbeciles that govern us on? Are they so brain dead that they didn't even know that the Dean of Jersey had failed an alleged victim of abuse. That he has admitted failing a victim of alleged abuse.  He has not personally apologised to said alleged victim of abuse and yet the imbecile clowns that govern us applauded this. Yes, they thought this was great. "OUR DEAN IS BACK AMONGST HIS FLOCK"

The Majority of the Idiots that govern us Applauded it. 

We have learnt not a jolt over these past 4 years. 

What is it? Groupthink? - A Cultural Problem? - Just plain thick? It can't be. We have one or two intelligent people in the states. Where does the lobotomy happen? In the tea-room? 

Im being very serious here. It must be a worry when people who are elected to represent you don't know right from wrong. The Dean should have returned today with zero fanfare. There is a lady homeless and penniless. There is a lady that got booted of the Island of jersey. 

When Deputy T Pitman stood up and spoke of the alleged victim it was met with silence




Rico Sorda 

Part Time Investigative Journalist


Sam Mézec said...


You said that Deputy Pitman was met with silence. This is not strictly true. Constable Juliette Galichan did rise shortly after to clarify that when Deputy Pitman apologised to HG on behalf of the States, he was not speaking for her.

Imagine that, actually taking the time to stand up and disassociate yourself from an apology to an abuse victim. Only in Jersey.

Anonymous said...

What about bailhache and the data protection issue on the plane, is that to be brushed under the carpet as well? has anyone got the guts to pursue the matter?

Rob Kent said...

Almost related, I am currently working on a project for a UK government department and I had to do their data protection training. Basically, printing documents is pretty much frowned on unless you have a really good reason not to use the encrypted digital version. If you do print them, you are never to read them in a public place where others might see them, and the examples they gave were trains and planes.

You would have thought that Senator Bailhache would have received equivalent training and be subject to the same rules and procedures, yet he read highly sensitive and personal documents on a plane and their content was overseen by at least one of his fellow passengers.

During the training I received, they said that if we breached security like that, we would be the subject of a disciplinary inquiry. Maybe the Senator is not subject to the Data Protection act?

Anonymous said...

After P Bailhache's Option B going through so bizarrely, and after P Bailache's bizarre, "Deans reinstatement before Jerseys Liberation Day".

Not even the 12 Constables becoming Ministers and P Bailhache becoming Chief Minister, next year is not surprising anymore.

GeeGee said...

Morally bankrupt indeed Rico. Appalling behaviour by the FSL's welcoming back a man who has had to back down, admit that his behaviour was lacking, and probably grudgingly make an apology (not in person) to HG, the victim in all this.

As for Constable Gallichan, well, I would not expect anything less. A sycophant 'par excellence'.

Rob K - good to have you back making your usual intelligent comments. Bailhache conveniently 'malade' and Gorst evading the question and answer in an uncomfortable way. What a joke! If the paperwork in the public domain only gives initials for the victim and the abuser, how the hell did an ordinary member of the public manage to get the names in full?

Only in Jersey.

Anonymous said...

We were saying last year Give him, (Bailhache) enough rope and he will hang himself. Well lets just say that he has been given enough rope, he has jumped but has safely landed....

Because now the rope is too long!?

voiceforchildren said...


What was clearly demonstrated in the States today is that nothing has been learnt in spite of the Haut de la Garenne cover up.

The Dean has admitted to his failures concerning a vulnerable alleged Abuse Victim, as you have said, is now penniless and homeless, after being dragged through Jersey's kangaroo courts as the bl--dy perpetrator!

The Bailiff never even acknowledged the harm done to HG and the Dean gets a mammoth foot-stamping.

The culture that enabled Haut de la Garenne, and other State run institutions, to be a paedophiles playground for decades showed its ugly head again today in the States.

Nothing has changed in the psyche of the Jersey government and all those who stamped their feet for the Dean and did not even acknowledge HG should be hanging their heads in shame. They are a real danger to vulnerable people/children on this island.

Anonymous said...

Liberation Day when did that happen I'm still working on it! As I have said for along time the Nazis didn't loose the war only the Germans. Fasist assets are at the wheel the evidence is everywhere.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully the Jersey Way site recorded Senator Gorst's answer re the airplane incident. The gist is: Gorst has spoken to PB (who was absent today). Gorst claims that PB was only reading the report that is in the public domain, with names anonymised. I imagine others might disagree.

Looks like a "put up or shut up" challenge to me. Will the other passenger take it further, or settle for the Jersey way?

Ian Evans said...

Jersey hit by AGENDA 21

rico sorda said...

I really can't stress enough the problems facing the good people of Jersey due to the complete incompetence that represents us in the states of Jersey. Call them Constables, Deputies or even Senators it makes no difference. It's not the title that's the glaring problem. We have lobotomised imbeciles representing us. Not all, but a vast majority. How do you think so much crazy stuff gets passed in the States? This is how we ended up with a pigs ear of a referendum. They all slagged it off then passed as fit for the public. The Green Street police station - exactly the same. There is a majority in the chamber that you never here - the silent assassins -they do nothing but support the establishment.

The foot-stamping vote of support for the Dean was the classic example of brain dead thinking of follow the crowd. How can this be in the 21st century?

We need new blood in 2014. Forward thinking people who are morally and socially connected. We need it desperately. The Island must rid itself of these out of touch dinosaurs. Do the people we need exist? I really hope so.


Rob Kent said...

@GeeGee Thanks, although it's hard to keep reading these blogs and see that the same fools are running the island with their reactionary and repressive mindsets.

With regards to online privacy:


Rob Kent said...

Yay! The very first web page is back online, without which none of this would have been possible:


Anonymous said...

'In God we rust!'.

Ex-Senator Stuart Syvret said...

Sam says:

"You said that Deputy Pitman was met with silence. This is not strictly true. Constable Juliette Galichan did rise shortly after to clarify that when Deputy Pitman apologised to HG on behalf of the States, he was not speaking for her.

"Imagine that, actually taking the time to stand up and disassociate yourself from an apology to an abuse victim. Only in Jersey."

Sam, I was going to say, "you couldn't make it up" - but such expressions just don't suffice in Jersey.

It could, actually, have been worse.

Trevor Pitman could have been shouted-down with tirades of abuses - and have his microphone cut - as happened to me - when I tried to speak of the victims.

If there were such a thing as Hell - and it was possible for entire polities to be dammed there - the polity of Jersey would be on a one-way ticket to the smoking, burning eternity.


voiceforchildren said...


Dodgy link, please replace with THIS ONE.

Anonymous said...

The JEP is up to an assortment of it's old tricks again.

I took the time to respond to the comment reproduced below.
My response (to follow) WAS published, but then REMOVED several days later

"Sanity"s comment:
April 29, 2013 at 12:53 pm
Saddened Parishioner – or as said on the radio this morning an instant where many people had done everything in their power to help.

As this case has again highlighted there are far too many people on this Island who are prepared to take advantage of the vulnerable for political gain or to it simply as a weapon of spite towards others. Not every complaint is genuine and it is hard enough for the genuine complainant to come forward as it is without the certain knowledge that Blogland will be jumping in glee and joy. Also such actions simply lump the genuine in with the discredited so how do you think that makes the person feel?

Maybe if the “saddened”, “concerned” and the rest of the “pretend” activists were as quick to help, find out the facts or simply to listen to a real victim they would quickly come to realise that they are the primary obstacle, not the “Oligarchy”, “Establishment”, “Corrupt Jurate” and the rest of the nonsense offered by those adding to and compounding the abusing of the vulnerable for their own personal, selfish gain.


"Sanity" seems to be a regular Neo-Con on the JEP Troll Zoo website. He qualifies as a Troll because here he is undermining the recent referendum here:

and at comments # 6, 8, 9, 16, & 17 all apparently pretending to be a rather manic and inarticulate “Option A” supporter in what appears to be a determined attempt to misrepresent and discredit option A.
"Sanity" AKA “Option A” is joined by the one man plague of RATs (Random Avatar Trolls), calling itself "Emma" on this occasion

As if the referendum was not already deeply enough flawed.

Anonymous said...

Re. "The JEP is up to an assortment of it's old tricks again"
My response to "Sanity" (above) WAS published, but then REMOVED by the JEP censors

SUBMITTED April 30, 2013 at 3:59 pm
TITLE: Manic Streetpreacher

"I [too] am glad that the Dean has made a full apology". Shame he couldn't have made it two months ago; perhaps his "vanity and pride" stood in the way of his 'care for the vulnerable' ?

I an also glad the the Dean is going to "co-operate fully with an investigation" ........ THIS TIME

I too heard the sycophantic drivel on the radio, and in the context of "warmth, love and care" a phrase that was used was "loved like a daughter" ............ which really does not sit easily with the issue being about sexual misconduct.

The Jersey church representative seemed not to mention a few details. My understanding of the overview is that after being "loved" by Jersey's combined church and legal system, the young disabled woman was effectively deported to the UK, with a criminal record, no money and no provision for her immediate care.

Dumped on the street.

Feel the love.

Does the troublesome blogger you mention happen to have been awarded a 'British Empire Medal' ?


I noticed that some other comments critical of our "esteemed" Dean have been removed.
This JEP thread has been "clensed"
History has been re-written.

Anonymous said...

I too had a comment 'ethically cleansed', on that posting.
I had drawn the connection between due process and the teachers issue at 'a faith school', I did not mention Beaulieu Convent but ,as no opportunity to comment on this increasingly significant issue was given I thought I'd jump in anyway.
I now understand that the Trustees/Governors/Directors (they have been imaginative here to hide the financial truths), are aware that due process has not been followed and the CEO admitted to parents that there was an 'economic' angle to this, such as offering the near identical post as a part-time job days before the sacking.
So the parallels with Dean are there in some respects but probably this 'commercial religious establishment v a teacher' has a very long way to run.

Finding Me;mo

Ian Evans said...

"ANONYMOUS" visits The Capital Of Evil

voiceforchildren said...


Chief Officer Mike Bowron, the JEP and FACTS.

Anonymous said...

Hi Rico,

Although this is not the right thread for this but perhaps you would put one up?


Are they insane? Just because youth groups might use the empty church during the week, does not mean that "Islands' church attendance's rise" WTF!!! And based on: "All the statistics were based on observations over a four-week period in October, 2011."

Wow, these guys could teach the SoJ a thing or two in spin!