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This is the first of a number of postings where I will be looking at the serious issues facing Jersey. 

First we must look at the Jersey Evening Post (JEP). This paper has been at the heart of "Island Strife" for a very long time.  Jersey has only one newspaper.  It has unashamedly been the establishment mouth piece for a very long time. In 2008 it came to the rescue of the establishment when it ridiculed the lead investigator DCO Lenny Harper and his teams investigation into decades long child abuse in the Jersey Care System "Operation Rectangle".  The Jersey Evening Post simply trashed the child abuse investigation. This paper has played a huge part in denigrating any politician who dares speaks out or goes against the establishment view. 

The actions of the JEP and its shocking level of reporting are too vast to name. One of the biggest crimes that can be levelled at it - next to trashing a child abuse investigation - is its abandonment of the people of Jersey. The JEP, along with all of Jersey's "Main Stream Media" outlets, have let the people of Jersey down.  Where are the JEP's investigative journalists? Why haven't they broken any big stories that have held our government to account over all these years? They have simply failed.  Jersey has been led down the garden path by a small majority of the ruling elite. The JEP could have exposed and nailed the idiots that have done this. 

I don't blame the JEP hacks for this. They deliver what their editors ask for.  Why write a piece and submit it if you are only going to be told to rewrite it?  

The departure of Chris Bright and Rob Shipley is a huge moment in the history of the Jersey Evening Post. One goes this October the other in April 2014. It is a pivotal moment. The paper, like Jersey, has reached its crossroads. The influence of these two editors can't be underestimated. They have been at the JEP since the 70's.  The paper is a laughing stock. It doesn't have to be.  

Father Time is catching up with the Jersey old guard. Slowly but surely they are moving on. Are these two editors worried about the up coming Committee of Enquiry into child abuse? 

Do not forget how the JEP has played a huge role in Jersey's elections. It shows no shame in backing their chancer.  In 2011 they went flat out in promoting former Bailiff, Sir Philip Bailhache. 

This is my first look at 2014 and beyond. I shared a very informative chat with a Deputy today. His political views are different to mine but yet we shared the same concerns about Jersey's future. I hope to be developing some of the issues we spoke about in later postings. Things must change. The JEP has its chance. I hope that someone from outside of Jersey is given the job. I hope they will come with integrity and ambition. A simple ambition of taking the JEP out of the mire it's been swimming in since 1890? Can this be achieved when it depends on advertising and the States of Jersey for survival? only time will tell. 

The Frank Walker and Jon Averty influence has been immense on this so called 'NEWS' paper. Have they been pulling the strings of Shipley and Bright all this time?

Jersey has one newspaper. It has a duty to the people of Jersey.  Being the only newspaper on the Island of Jersey must come with responsibility. I have heard that the Guernsey Post is not afraid of breaking the hard story. 

Jersey 2014 and beyond

We must be open and honest. This is not about being Left - Right or somewhere in the middle. This is about three things coming together. 

This is about the Moral, Social and Financial future of Jersey.

These three things must move forward hand in hand

I believe we are on a precipice. We can be blinkered if we like. The Jersey Media must step up like they have never done so before. 

The Retirement of Bright and Shipley is the start.

Rico Sorda 

Part Time Investigative Journalist


Anonymous said...

The most surprising fact for me, is not that the Guernsey Press and Jersey Evening Press are both owned by the same company, but that report after report and opinion after opinion in the GP they challenge the Guernsey States for the benefit of public interest, it is a complete contrast with the JEP, who not only misreport, but I have found they, rarely challenge the power base (I should say never, but I've not read every JEP), they target individuals, they get facts wrong, they do not appear to ask any challenging questions but go overboard on reporting tany negatives on non establishment figures.

The difference is massive! Jersey needs Guernsey's Richard Digard as their chief editor, wow that would surely rock the boat!!

Anonymous said...

That would be welcome but I have been told that the JEP could close in 2-3 years if circulation doesn't improve.

Anonymous said...

The Guernsey Press is a friend of the abuse victims where the Jersey evening post is a friend of the pedophiles.

Anonymous said...

I suspect the JEP may be needing new backers in the near future.Claverley, (who are the owners of the Guiton group) made a 12.5 million pound LOSS last year.
A statement in the directors’ report said: “In the Channel Islands the newspapers publishing companies faced harsh trading conditions resulting in customers cutting their advertising spend.
It continues: “With the economic outlook for the year remaining flat at best with little indication of any sustained economic recovery in the short-term, the trading conditions remain challenging.”
Anybody want to buy a paper?

Anonymous said...

You always demonstrate real talent for connecting your topics to the critical underlying issues. Outsiders might not otherwise think the departure of Bright and Shipley means much. By calling this Jersey's "precipice" you help readers tie this media change to the other simultaneous challenges facing the old feudal oligarchy.

The entire Jersey media situation, particularly with the local BBC franchise, have appeared untenable to outsiders for years now. Who would want to be at that media helm when the Pravda-style propaganda machine is finally shredded?

For all their fantastic unethical efforts to avoid full transparency, the unholy alliance of the Jersey MSM, Data Protection, Crown Appointees, Judiciary, The States, Social Services, and too often the Police, have set Jersey up for an even greater fall. The rest of us can await the inevitable outside exposure of their naked complicity in corrupting the principles of democracy and social justice, thanks to you courageous justice seekers from inside the Island.

History is always being written.


Anonymous said...

The JEP has been an enemy of the Jersey people under the management of Shipley and Bright as it would be if their positions are filled by anybody locally. The Guiton group will have to appoint people from outside of Jersey to replace them or it will just be the same old and the paper will remain in as much contempt as it is now. If the Guiton group want to improve sales they will have to appoint journalists who are ready to challenge the status quo and be a voice for the people and not the government who Shipley and Bright have been serving since they have been there to the detriment of abuse victims and those who support them.

rico sorda said...

Hi Elle,

Thank you for your comment.

The future of Jersey is something I'm constantly thinking about. When I'm out and about I try and speak to people from all walks of life. I can feel something is coming down the tracks and it could be an economic crash. The executive have been running wild in Jersey these past decades. The Media went along with them because they were in the pocket. We have had Senator Bailhache dropping grenades ever since he got elected. He knows that his days of influence are drawing to an end.

They are all going - slowly but surely.

Senator Ozouf has been going bonkers because a member of the Jersey parliament spoke to a french journalist. That worries me. Is it really that bad?


Ex-Senator Stuart Syvret said...

It's too late for the Guiton Group.

Just as it's too late for the Jersey Financial Services Commission.

Jersey - the decadence is simply staggering.

Like something from ancient Rome.

People will - soon - be able to read about the true toxic nature of events in Jersey these recent years.

Things so toxic - it is not now avoidable, that Crown authority answers for them. In London.

No matter who gets retired in Jersey.

Sometimes even the strongest oligarchies overreach themselves.

There are a lot of people in Jersey - and London - who should be thinking about how they're going to turn "Queen's Evidence".


Anonymous said...


Where are the JEP's investigative journalists?

It's a fair question, but it's one that many other organisations are having to face as well.

Newspapers have a huge problem: it's called the Internet, and the biggest problem is that a lot of it is free. Employing staff to do decent investigative journalism costs a fairly serious amount of money - and with most newspapers losing money, it's treated as an unaffordable luxury.

Newspapers are not alone in this: the BBC fares no better. Ryan Morrison rather gave the game away about working conditions at Parade Road in a blog a while ago; most of what is done is, of necessity, little more than rehashing other people's PR. The fact that a number of newsroom staff aren't fulltime journalists but are moonlighting from PR jobs does not help.

The Bishop of Bradford had some very interesting reflections on this not long ago: you might want to take a read here. Don't let the mitre get in the way: he's a sharp cookie.

Anonymous said...

The Guiton group will have to appoint people from outside of Jersey to replace them or it will just be the same old and the paper will remain in as much contempt as it is now.

It very much depends who the Guiton Group now is.

If Claverley Media took the whole operation over - you have a chance. But if they merely own Guiton Group and left the existing board to run matters locally - not a hope. After all, the last board listing I saw had Frank Walker and three of his cousins.

Anonymous said...

Not sure how current the link is.
Guiton group directors.

Click on individuals to see if non exec director etc.

Daniel said...

Is there any mileage in sending this blog, with selected comments in this thread, or maybe all of threm, to Claverly, and saying "please help us!!"

Anonymous said...

Why do you bother reading it?

rico sorda said...

Hi Daniel,

Nothing ventured nothing gained.

Anonymous, why do I read it? Well, first up I never buy it. The reason I look at it's contents is simply to keep up with what the enemy is doing. Just because I believe it to be utter garbage it doesn't mean one should not know what it is doing.


Anonymous said...

The partiality of the JEP at elections was amply demonstrated in 2011.

They could not mention Advocate Rose Colley, former LibDem councillor without the appelation and reference to former political experience.

At the same time they seemed unable to recognise the qualification or experience of another candidate also a former LibDem councillor, and a PhD.

I note one was rather more establishment friendly. Enough said?

Anonymous said...

If you see the JEP as an enemy then you must be fighting a war that nobody else is aware of?

Anonymous said...

If you choose not to buy the publication in question, then you are simply choosing to become offended on behalf of others who do. You are dictating to others how they should think and react to something.

The JEP is a commercial publication, and because of this, it doesn't owe a duty to anybody apart from its shareholders. It has to comply with legislation in doing so, but ultimately it's there to make money, not serve a social purpose, and is therefore able to have whatever prejudices it chooses. I don't like the bias of the Daily Mail, or the Sun, so I choose not to buy them, but I don't tell others they shouldn't because that is their free choice.

Anonymous said...

I agree, who cares who is the editor of this paper today or in ten years time? I think whenever you do posts like this you are just showing that the JEP has more control over your feelings than any of your readers who I imagine do not read it or just the online version in 30 seconds. Simply do not buy it, then you don't have to comment about it and then its forgotten. Simples.

Anonymous said...

Re: Commenter at 9:53 AM

The newspaper tells lies. It doesn't simply spin, it lies. It knowingly ruins reputations based on falsehoods. Other newspapers in other places may do wrong things but the JEP is in a class by itself for not attempting to offer honest journalism for the pubic good. Their failure to live up to their own stated purpose and charter and adhere to basic Western journalistic ethics should not be something you casually dismiss as a simply acceptable part of conducting business.

Anonymous said...

I have not seen Rico do anything but express his opinions, I have never read him telling people what they should think nor tell readers to not buy the JEP.

I appreciate the blogs and evidence they produce to back up those opinions.

Anonymous said...

The Guernsey Press editor is also to retire soon and will be succeeded by an existing member of his team.
Whether editors can really be recruited from within these Islands is difficult to determine. Training up Chief Police officers in Jersey from within the force has always proved a problem and it now seems the task is not even attempted.
Too much familiarity with the locals and local peculiarities might well cloud the judgment of many in senior positions - but our Judges ( such as Bailiffs) must breathe different air to the rest of us - but how to get rid of a rotten or incompetent one?
Nobody asks such questions about the editors of information outlets or the process by which they automatically become "accredited media" people.

Why a disc jockey should be considered qualified as a "journalist" is a mystery to me but perhps an exam will be introduced before Chris Bright's seat is filled again?
Mike Dun writes

Anonymous said...

Some posters on this thread have not read my post!

Guernsey Press is owned by the same group (same directors), but its editor is not in the pocket of the "establishment", that's it simple.

Get Richard Digard to become chief editor of both (save money), as the States has done by allowing Emma Martins to oversee both Guernsey & Jersey Data Protection Law.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous at 10:46

Rico said in the main posting that he doesn't buy the JEP. Simples.

Anonymous said...

The Jep is a commercial publication that has a big say in the political landscape of Jersey. The people of Jersey have no other option open to them. How many papers are there in the UK? The JEP has been seen as a joke for a very long time now. I can tell you that all is not well up at the HQ.

rico sorda said...

Hi All,

I don't buy the JEP but I do read it like I said in the main posting. I must keep up with the peddled propaganda.

The JEP is far more than a commercial publication. It is and always has been the establishment mouthpiece. It is firmly in the feudal camp of Senator Lord Bilhace.

The JEP's role in the Jersey Child Abuse Cover-Up is simply staggering beyond belief. Never bothered questioning why innocent children could be abused over decades it was more interested in how much Lenny Harper spent on a chicken madras. The JEP played it's role like it has always played it's role.

It now has the chance to sort it's self out. I agree with Anon about an outside person being brought in.

Jersey and her economy is heading towards the rocks. Take a good look around you and ask yourself if you really think everything is ok.


Anonymous said...

The commenter who states that the JEP is just a commercial business and owes a duty to nobody other than its shareholders is quite absurdly ignorant of the concept of the “Fourth Estate”, and it’s vital importance in functioning democracies.

In larger nations with a diverse press, it doesn’t matter that individual newspapers have specific political allegiances, since they collectively hold power to account. In crude terms, in the UK the Daily Mirror and Guardian will always be critical of a Conservative government; the Sun and Daily Mirror will always be critical of a Labour government – the point being that there will always be a number of mass-circulation papers looking to challenge the administration, and expose the behaviour of public figures.

In Jersey, we have a de facto monopoly, and this puts a moral obligation on the paper to hold power to account without fear or favour. This has nothing to do with operating a commercial enterprise: I suspect most people who buy the JEP do so as much for official notices and “what’s on” sections as anything connected with politics. Does anybody think the circulation would fall if they did a Saturday interview with left-leaning politicians, and didn’t treat every States press release as fact?

The previous commenter who described the JEP as the enemy of the people of Jersey is absolutely right. The paper has systematically failed to report uncomfortable truths the authorities would rather bury; rubbish anybody seen as a threat to the establishment; failed abysmally to challenge the administration; and published the most nauseating puff-pieces about the editor’s political chums.
Jersey has been run as something akin to the Truman Show: a population blithely unaware of serious criminality and mismanagement with the belief that if it wasn’t in the JEP, it couldn’t have happened.

It’s well known that regional newspapers are in dire economic straits. It would be very revealing to know how much money the JEP receives annually from the States, in total. What do we, as taxpayers, spend on the gazette and other official notices, or all those pointless half-page States job adverts? Is this hidden subsidy what actually keeps the JEP going? I hope one of our politicians might ask for these figures – and at the same time ask why it is needed at all in the days of the internet.

Anonymous said...

The damage Bright and Shipley have done to our Island of Jersey is totally unacceptable.

There is plenty of blatant evidence of these two showing no morals or having no conscience.

Let us hope that their retirement takes them to court.

Ian Evans said...

Our one chance to get off our knees is finally upon us....Let us take it PROUD PEOPLE OF GREAT BRITAIN

Anonymous said...

"Journalism is printing what someone else does not want printed. Everything else is public relations." - George Orwell

Anonymous said...

"Jersey 2014 and beyond

We must be open and honest. This is not about being Left - Right or somewhere in the middle. This is about three things coming together.

This is about the Moral, Social and Financial future of Jersey."

100% RIGHT.

Anonymous said...

In the France 24 report on the child abuse scandal, Lenny Harper praises the worldwide media attention for the strength it has given to victims to come out and speak about their ordeals and name their abusers. Isn't this really an indictment of the JEP - the sole newspaper in Jersey which has always refused to dig into any dirt unless instructed to. Over the last 40 years I cannot remember it offering one bit of true investigative journalism, and yet it has the cheek to stand on the pulpit and preach to its readers in its editorials.

Then again, they write great stuff about real front page events like Bank Holiday Racing cancellations.

Anonymous said...

Rico, I have been looking for the posting you did on the JEP calling D/Supt Mick Gradwell a whistleblower. This Policeman would now be arrested in the UK for divulging information. A high ranking cop destroying an investigation into child abuse. An investigation he was in charge of... A Whistleblower lol

Anonymous said...

'Ignorance of the fourth estate', that's an interesting allegation from somebody who ultimately wishes to silence, or dictate editorial policy to, the islands one successful newspaper.

RICO, if you find it mecessary to resort to accusations of 'keeping up with peddled propaganda' and references to 'lord bilhace', you are cheapening your argument.grow up.

To everyone who criticises the JEP as being reliant upon States spending with the publication, well of course it is. Do you believe that this is a startling revelation ? And if you want to stay in business, you don't antagonise your biggest spenders. Would it make you happier if it was called The Jersey States News ?

The best solution to all of our criticisms is for you to get together and launch your own rival publication which can tell your version of 'the truth'. I'm sure that if things are as you portray them, you willl enjoy a sufficiently large readership quickly enough that advertising revenue will pour in, even when the target of your ire is our own customers.

What could be stopping you I wonder ? Lack of confidence ? Lack of belief ? Lack of courage in your convictions ? Or is it simpler to criticise others than to create something yourselves ?

Anonymous said...

"The actions of the JEP and its shocking level of reporting are too vast to name. One of the biggest crimes that can be levelled at it - next to trashing a child abuse investigation - is its abandonment of the people of Jersey. The JEP, along with all of Jersey's "Main Stream Media" outlets, have let the people of Jersey down"

Rico Sorda 9th May 2013

Anonymous said...

Anonymous at 9:11

Why can't jersey have a paper that does a decent job? Do we all become politicians because we criticise the government? Do we all become police officers because we criticise the police? Are we not allowed to demand better? Why would rico need to start a paper? Is it simpley because the one we have is rubbish? Why can't the one we have just be good, fair and a little honest.

Anonymous said...

Someone suggests Rico sets up a paper to rival the JEP. Come on - nobody in their right mind would do that in the age of the internet and why should he! I get the feeling this person has an agenda with his /her comments. I really hope the JEP will die off with its silver readership. It's a paper that would sit comfortably in the era of the functional fifties, when people conformed and minorties were treated appaulingly. It doesn't sit well with generationXers because it doesn't do truthfullness and it panders to elites.

Anonymous said...

Anon @9:11
I’m sure there would be someone willing to start up a local newspaper if they were guaranteed the same state subsidy as the JEP gets.


Anonymous said...

Why does everyone who disagrees with the received wisdom of this blog have to have some sort of agenda ?

I'm pointing out weaknesses in your argument. A sensible approach would be to review your standpoint and adjust your argument accordingly, but no, as with anyone who doesn't toe the party lie, I mst have some deep ulterior motive. It's like trying to discuss something with children.

if you're convinced the JEP is going to die off, what are you worried about ?

The bottom line appears to be that the people running and contributing to the various blogs calling for a change in the JEP's stance realise that they are in a small minority, and really have no power to change anything, so they have to resort to name calling, conspiracy theories and emotive nonsense.

Whilst in the meantime, tens of thousand other islanders continue to buy the JEP every day because they like and trust it, States dominated, right leaning and as popular as you are so upset that it is.

The more you moan, insult, cajole, conspire and fail to control the idiocy, the more your despised 'establishment' just laugh in your face and dismiss you as the lunatic fringe.

Anonymous said...

Anon @9:11
I’m sure there would be someone willing to start up a local newspaper if they were guaranteed the same state subsidy as the JEP gets.


.....and if there were any newsagents who would be willing to sell it! Guess who controls all newspaper distribution here?

Anonymous said...

Would it not be cheaper for the States of Jersey to distribute paper copies to the diminishing list of computer illiterates? Every one else can read it online. No need for JEP.

Anonymous said...

The problem with setting up a rival newspaper to the JEP is that they would resort to the same underhand tactics used in the past to close down rivals - threaten advertisers who care to advertise in the rival with a ban on future advertising in their own publication


Sam Mézec said...


As well as the departure of Chris Bright hopefully being a positive thing for Jersey, there is also another news editor whose departure would be good for Jersey and that is the BBC's Jon Gripton.

A few months ago Gripton endorsed a Twitter account set up by a renown troll to bully Shona Pitman. There was nothing funny about the account, it was not satirical, it wasn't a parody, it was just to insult her and others in pretty vacuous and idiotic terms.

A few of us complained directly to him and very quickly his Twitter account disappeared. It reappeared recently only to have pre-emptively blocked those of us he knows are prone to complaining if we see something wrong.

So I complained directly to the national BBC who have today responded by saying that Gripton strongly denies ever having endorsed a bully. You know as well as I do that he is lying.

Lying to cover his back, as well as refusing to block trolls on the BBC Facebook page.

This in contrast to every other BBC journalist I've dealt with who has always been very helpful and responsive when I've had issues before.

The sooner he is gone, the better.

Sam Mézec said...

On the point about a rival newspaper, it's been something I've been thinking about.

Maybe it would be better if it were purely online, not printed. A bit like the Huffington Post which does a really good job and doesn't print. Just make the money from advertising.

It would be pretty easy to get a better website design than ThisIsJersey, and would have the advantages of being able to post comprehensive articles online (not just the summaries that the JEP posts) and it could post them at any time of day not needing to worry about fewer people buying the printed paper if the articles are online straight away.

It could be relatively simple to create something that became the "go to" website for people sat behind computers at work and have a 5 minute break and want to quickly check the news.

Just a case of having enough people with the initiative and time to be able to get it off the ground.

rico sorda said...

I for one hope the doesn't die off. It just needs to change. I'm seeing a slight shift in their reporting. This might have to do with their hacks being given a free reign to express what,s really going on in jersey. Senator Bailhache is the feudal lord of jersey.he is a one man wrecking ball and the sooner he is gone the better. Hacks are at the Mersey of their editors. The JEP has a huge influence in jersey. It still sells enough copies and the old guard believe it. I'm looking at the future of jersey as we reach our crossroads. I'm in the process of working on a future media project. Can't say more than that for the moment but it will be a lot bigger than what we are doing at the moment.

rico sorda said...

Sorry for typos as I'm on the iPad and it sucks.

Anonymous said...

A paper would be a complete waste of time, I mean who would buy or read it?

Anonymous said...

It will be nice to see Bright and Shipley go.

Then Gripton soon after....

A new beginning?!

Anonymous said...

Sam, Jon Gripton denied Roger Bara ever made an announcement about a new series called 'The Truth of the Matter,' but he did (20.2.12 @7.27a.m.) and shortly after, Bara retired with stress. Lots of people heard it. It was due to be a PR exercise to brain wash the public in relation to the Power affedavit but it got shelved, minutes before it was due to go out. OK, there was a feeble, quick-fix explaination eventually provided to suggest otherwise - but it was only after Gripton had first denied the broadcast and attempted to stonewall me and later wished to 'draw a line under it' - but I didn't. And even though a BBC investigation found I was correct and Gripton was wrong- (I have that in writing) -do you think I ever received an appology from Jon? No of course not. And a few months later Jon wrote to me at my house when he should never have had my details- and what a telling letter it was too Jon!
Overall, correspondence took almost one year, initally with the Complaints Dept. and then through various layers of the BBC Trust, before and during the Savile exposure. Considering my key complaint to the BBC was in relation to child abuse, well, no suprise it was eventually parked by the BBC. I have that in writing too. And the truth of the matter is that BBC Jersey and the BBC have, and continue, behaved really really really badly by systematically letting down the victims and the license payers. Jon Gripton suits the BBC mission perfectly. A rough, rude, non-local who fends off what is good, and absorbs and breeds everything that stinks in Jersey. And after what he has written and done to me- I can safely say I loathe him as much as my abusive, violent, self centred ex-partner.

Anonymous said...

A new beginning- sounds nice - but do you really want these people just slipping off into the sunset? I want them exposed for lying, deciept and anything else we can get them for. Perhaps they will then start singing? If they just slip off happily ever after, then it just means some other rubbish bribed-people take up from where they have left.

Anonymous said...

Deliberate? JEP were told Deputy Trevor Pitman referred to 'a complaint against the chief of police and asked the minister if he was aware of an external report compiled by an outside police force about that complaint.

Endorsed by a letter to JEP from Mike Bowron the Chief of Police.

From a paper some trust. How many times can they get stories wrong fake letters with fake address's

Póló said...


Can you publish the address of the Twitter account. I'd love to check it out. And if he keeps blocking people he may well end up with the distinction of having blocked more than he has followers.


Anonymous said...

I think we can now see from the comments that it is not only ignorance of the truth that causes some to defend the JEP but rather an embrace of the mentality that the JEP SHOULD be the propaganda tool of the state - that any other view is naive. Haven't seen that view in print very many times, since it would normally drive away open journalistic association.


Anonymous said...


The Gripton tweet can be read here.

Sam Mézec said...

Anonymous at May 11, 2013 at 9:26 PM -

Thanks for that link, I was worried the Tweet was permanently lost.

Have complained again and am interested to see their response. Will get round to doing some sort of blog about it all.

Anonymous said...

"Whilst in the meantime, tens of thousand other islanders continue to buy the JEP every day because they like and trust it, States dominated, right leaning and as popular as you are so upset that it is."

Err, not quite. The latest average JEP paid-for circulation figure is around 17,200. So not 'tens of thousands'. Furthermore, the circulation is falling at around 5%per annum - while the island population is growing - which is simply unsustainable.

Jimmy Savile was liked and trusted, because most people didn't know the truth. Just like the JEP.

Anonymous said...

The person with a twitter account mocking a States member tweeted 'Not another fu*kin states meeting next week. f*ck will have to think up another funeral'' This at a time Shona was dealing with a family bereavement. A screen capture was saved from the account. Cruel tweet with the intention to hurt. I have no idea why any States members or media would follow such an account

Anonymous said...

Because they are in the public eye?
Double standards here again concerning I have seen many parody accounts of people worldwide.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure people like and trust the JEP nearly as much as they did Jimmy Savile, which is saying something.

rico sorda said...

Jersey is coming to an end of a cycle. You can feel it. This is what I will be looking at in my next posting. Where are we heading? Who are the ones that have led us to this point. Agriculture, Tourism and Finance but what comes next in keeping us accustomed to the quality of life we have come to take for granted?

The Media in Jersey have a huge role to play. They need to up their game. All of them. They need to start looking at and asking questions of our political representatives. These politicians pass legislation in the states without having a clue about what it means. Tough questions need to be asked.

CTV did well to let Ozouf and Tadier go at it for 15 minutes. Senator Ozouf did more damage to himself during those 15 minutes. We will also be taking a look at this.

Jersey is arriving at its crossroads.


rico sorda said...

This is a classic Jersey Editorial from the JEP. This highlights the utter junk and propaganda pushed by the Editors in question.

Abuses of office and democracy
Thursday 15th July 2010, 3:00PM BST.

YESTERDAY’S revelations concerning the lack of supervision in the Haut de la Garenne abuse inquiry which emerged with the publication of the Wiltshire Constabulary reports on the handling of the case were both shocking and astonishing.

However, related documents which have also been made public tell additional stories of profligacy and then of disturbing misconduct in an area unrelated to Haut de la Garenne which simply beggar belief.
It is now apparent that as well as hopelessly botching the largest police inquiry that this Island has ever seen, the former deputy chief of the States force, Lenny Harper, had a taste for the high life which cost taxpayers inordinately large amounts of money. It seems that Mr Harper thought that entertaining himself and others lavishly at some of London’s best restaurants was in some mysterious way an integral part of the investigation.

This largesse was in itself highly questionable, but as independent consultants BDO Alto have reported, it was further tainted by dubious practices. The consultants say that efforts were made to ‘disguise the total quantum of individual meal costs’. They also point out that, in contravention of force rules, no record was kept of who actually attended what were ostensibly business dinners.

No one has been accused of fraud, but BDO Alto do not mince their words in saying that these practices were entirely unacceptable. In addition, what happened troubled some of the officers present to such an extent that they were later at pains to express their own concern that bills were split to camouflage exactly what had been spent and about the limited amount of business conducted at the dinners.

rico sorda said...

Complete garbage. I dismantled the BDO Report. I simply took it to the cleaners because I started asking questions. As soon as the powers that be heard I was onto it they tried to ridicule me. It led me to David Rose and Mick Gradwell. Along with the JEP the cover-up was in full swing.

BDO Jersey hated the fact that I had busted them.

The old guard pulling in favours.

Child Abuse was not good for Jersey's image. Not a good image for a Finance Centre.

Ridicule the lead investigator and suspend the Chief

Nothing to see - Nothing happened

We stood up

Stand up and be counted. Speak your mind. Jersey needs the brave.

Anonymous said...

Rico @9:51

"Child Abuse was not good for Jersey's image. Not a good image for a Finance Centre."

"Child Abuse was not good for Jersey's image." ...... TRUE (so let's stamp it out not try to hide it where it festers and spreads)
"Not a good image for a Finance Centre." ....... IRRELEVANT ; big money is amoral. It just wants to stay safe (& hidden?), it does not care what else an administration gets up to.

Don't consolidate the administration's propaganda. Covering up the abuse is all to do with political control and protecting individuals, NOT our industries.

"Not a good image for a Finance Centre" is a smoke screen to co-opt the gullible and morally weak majority amongst our population.

Don' swallow it ! - SPIT IT OUT
(or I'll wash your mouth out with soap [& worse!])


Anonymous said...


Where dirty money talks and irredeemable fools still listen

To the dirt that will never launder clean

They share their sin with those so willingly taken in

Which both their reprieved children and their god will judge cruelly

Anonymous said...

So many bitter posts on here which are sounding more like the Syvret blog every day.
Why not have a walk around the bunkers in memory of your dad again today?

Anonymous said...

Delightful R.A.T. @ 4:42 ; Surely you mean
"... in memory of your PROUD dad .... "

I have something for you

Watch this space .......

rico sorda said...

The comment at 4:42 is what spurs me on. I had commented on Facebook about Liberation Day a day remembered in Jersey when the German occupying forces finally surrendered. I commented how my late father showed me around the Jersey fortifications as a child and on our war walks in Itlay as he lived not far from Monte Casino. Anonymous must have read the comment.

No stopping me. I can assure you.


Anonymous said...

bitter and twisted May 12, 2013 at 4:42 PM "more like the Syvret blog every day"

Now there is flattery !!!!!!!!

Ex-Jersey Health Minister's previous Blog of the Year winner, pushing 863000 hits on an island of 100k

Go Rico Go !

And so much better than the chain of sad abusive child abuse denier blogs ..... Ha Ha

Life seems so much better after the 5th Stella

But thanks for promoting

I believe he is to have a new posting within the next 24 hours or so

Will your kiddy-fiddler friends dare lock him up this time ?

I predict "major acts of public art" if they do.

Here is what JEP readers say about him:

Anonymous said...

Why is it journalists never put their names to articles.

Minister cleared when he was never charged?

Anonymous said...

No stopping you from what?
We have a multi million pound child abuse inquiry and if there is no scandal found at the end of it, will you and others apologise because some of the claims on here would be classed as libellous?

rico sorda said...

No stopping you from what?
We have a multi million pound child abuse inquiry and if there is no scandal found at the end of it, will you and others apologise because some of the claims on here would be classed as libellous?

May 12, 2013 at 8:06 PM

The above comment must have come from someone who lives in a cave with broadband and no brain.

Decades of abuse allowed to unchecked 100 plus victims being compensated for said abuse and you believe there was no scandal. The COI must find out how this was allowed to happen when abuse was reported to the authorities of the time. Apologise for what? You have had your say. Now leave silly comments elsewhere please as they are discourteous to every abuse victim.


Ian Evans said...

Syvret takes us BACK TO THE FUTURE

voiceforchildren said...


Business as usual..........THE JERSEY WAY.

Anonymous said...

More to come on the JEP's effective collusion with the R.A.T. of Nazi persuasions
- but in the meantime here is a comment that I submitted to the crumbling "truth wall" of the JEP website

This comment failed to register twice. Probably this is just another software glitch on their website and this particular comment will be published. We only publish it here in case this is the start of a new JEP lock-out policy in preparation for the revaluations apparently imminent on the Ex-Health Minister's website.

A lock-out would provide timely opportunities for hammering a few more nails into the coffin of the sick beast, and hasten it's demise :-)

The Dean/Churchwarden attempted cover up might just be a side story to Ex-Health Minister's forthcoming revaluations.

did not register (twice) May 13, 2013 at 09:50
TITLE: Yeah but No but ..... Ladies (& Gentlemen) that Lunch

[Kristina] Moore also called on Social Security Minister Francis Le Gresley, who proposed the law, which covers only racial discrimination, to introduce measures to prevent discrimination on the basis of sex, age and disability

OK that's fine as far as it goes ....... but what about Jersey's most prevalent discrimination problem:

Whether you are "in" or "out" of the club(s)

I would suggest that our esteemed Dean is "in"

And the young lady involved is in so many ways "out"
...... in addition to being disabled.

These things are notoriously difficult to police, but why waste time and money on another tribunal-quango which can which can only ever be a 'fig leaf' organisation as we all know it will be populated with rather well reimbursed people who are ....... and wish to remain ....... "in".

Smacks of Shentonite popularism by the media savvy ........ we all know which way you vote darling.
Any chance of a change there?

You still on for Saturday ?

Anonymous said...

"revaluations" @10:36
oops, that was meant to be

Just goes to show that the Establishment even has the power to compromise your speelchecker !!! ;-)

Serendipitous in a way as it is a part of the Island's long road to "revaluation" and "re-evaluation"

Anonymous said...

Have just read a tweet from Trevor Pitman about a letter once again in the Jersey Evening Post re M Tadier the address does not exist.

If Trevor is correct then the JEP are showing a concerted campaign against non establishment States members in the States funded newspaper.

Anonymous said...

Trivia from the Troll-Zoo #1

Yes the concerted campaign against more liberal States Members is in full swing at the JEP''s thisistrollzoo website.

The address given for the letter in the JEP, 17B Marrett Court, apparently does not exist and the thread is being heavily trolled, possibly even by the fake letter writer himself.

The JEP has effectively put itself in COLLUSION with the trolls and astroturfers by CENSORING any direct comment on their activity.

CENSORED: May 15, 2013 at 12:33 pm Viva Option Goebbels
Jimmy 2013-05-15 9:53 says:
"The address and writer is irrelevant and you are using it as a minor side track to get away from the debate ...."

The address is a FACT ...
so FACTS are irrelevant ?

Can I use the FACT that you can't remember your own name "as a minor side track" to put the "debate" in perspective ?
errrrrr.... "Jason" the TWOB

TWOB: A Total Waste of Bandwidth
amongst other things.

Anonymous said...

Trivia from the Troll-Zoo #2

The JEP has puts itself in COLLUSION with the trolls and astroturfers by CENSORING anyone directly identifying their activity.

In reply to *Jason* #8 [highlighting the use of this avatar for a multitude of names]

CENSORED May 15, 2013 at 9:06 am Sound advice genuinely given ?

At last someone talking sense.

Everybody listen to *Jason*.

NO ! ... Everybody listen to
"Good, at last. Now perhaps the Pitmans can get on with more worthwhile things, like running the Island maybe?"

NO ! ... Everybody listen to
"JP this abuse happened over 20 years ago. How can any current states member or serving police officer be held accountable? I don’t blame the States refusing to take the blame, I mean, why should they?"

- No "Sara" not all of it happened over 20 years ago - but why should ANYONE be held to account or 'learn lessons' ?
Didn't Le Gresley recently quote liberally from that very same Christmas Speech you so feared repeating.

NO ! ... Everybody listen to


Funny how the same assortment of critters (some with the same, & some with randomised avatars) come out whenever there is a liberal politician needing to be criticised or a child abuse investigation needing undermining.

Welcome to an inverted world of information and morals where everything on our beautiful island is ... A-OK !!!

Ask no questions and you will not have to deal with any lies.
Your trust must be unconditional and everything will be fine. You just need to spend your entire life "moving on" and not "wasting time" .......

Anonymous said...

Dear Rico,

It is interesting that you and many of your followers have failed to understand what it is that the local media are for. Our media report on what has happened based on evidence that is provided to them at the time. If the evidence is not provided surely it is a failing of the system and their practices that are guilty and not the media. It is irresponsible of you to suggest that they are party to a cover up. They simply cannot report information to be true if it is not backed up. This is what is technically known as slander. These people who have reported abuse have been failed by our whole community for not noticing and not acting at the time. It is easy to blame the media, harder to blame our culture and the people we know who did nothing. What island politics needs is people who have passion and care about island issues. You all sound like you do. Don't shoot the messenger, in the form of the media, instead get involved on a practical level. Rather than hiding behind anonymous quotes share your own ideas otherwise you are all guilty of just moaning and doing nowt. Be change maker.

Anna Shipley

Not so....

Anonymous said...


Rico, do you vet everything to make sure it fits your narrative? That is fair and excellent journalism.