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It has come to light over the past week that the Jersey Care Home - Haut DeLa Garenne (HdelaG) - was still housing vulnerable children whilst the BBC were filming Bergerac. Team Voice, amongst others, were always under the impression that the filming of the Bergerac series only commenced once the care home had closed in 1986. 

15 vulnerable children were housed next door in the wing named Aviemore. 

The Bergerac series in question was series 4. HdelaG was featured in episode 1. This series was aired in 1985 and can be viewed below.

 If you go to 19 minutes you can view it for yourself. 

I find it incredible that this was allowed to happen. We are talking about 1984/85 depending on when it was actually filmed. Has this ever happened before? There have always been the allegations of people, other than staff, coming and going at the care home over the decades but filming Bergerac with vulnerable children present is beyond belief. Did the BBC have location safe guards in place back then? The States of Jersey Police were well aware of the allegations of abuse taking place at the home having been told on numerous occasions.

 This really was an open care home.

Rico Sorda

Part time Investigative Journalist

BBC's Bergerac filmed at notorious Jersey home where abused children suffered

ABUSED CHILDREN were still living at Jersey’s most notorious care home when the BBC began filming its Bergerac detective series there in the Eighties, the Sunday Express has established.

Ted Jeory reports. 

By: Ted Jeory

The Haut de la Garenne complex, the scene of horrific physical and sexual abuse, was used by the BBC in the popular television drama to depict the Bureau des Etrangers, a fictional department of the Jersey police.

It had previously been thought the BBC filmed there only after the home closed in 1986, but victims and production figures have told the Sunday Express that crew and cast, including star John Nettles who played

Detective Sergeant Jim Bergerac, were there at least a year earlier.

The BBC said that despite “extensive searches” of its records, it was unable to confirm the finding.

However, footage on YouTube from the fourth series of Bergerac, which aired in 1985, shows the detective driving into the grounds of the home, then walking through the main door.

About a dozen of the home’s most vulnerable children were still at the site in the more remote east of the island.

Sources on the island said the BBC, whose show ran for a decade from 1981, had demanded to use the home because production bosses had become increasingly frustrated at distractions and logistical problems at their previous urban location.

By 1985, the children had been moved into the Aviemore wing, a smaller annexe to the main home.

A production source said an interconnecting corridor was locked during the regular two-week filming jobs, but star-struck young teenagers were free to mingle with the cast in the grounds and at catering trailers.

There is no suggestion of any wrongdoing by any of the BBC crew and cast while at Haut de la Garenne, and allegations of rapes and beatings there only surfaced much later.

However, the irony of the BBC filming a detective series at a home where so many complaints of abuse had been ignored by police—some allegations even concerned ex-officers—has not been lost on the former residents.

And that the States of Jersey government cashed in on the tourism generated from Bergerac while failing in a duty of care to the children makes the decision doubly wrong in the eyes of victims.

One man who was at Haut de la Garenne at the time wept as he told the Sunday Express last week how he begged the police in the Eighties to investigate the home’s staff.

“They didn’t want to know,” he said. “No one listened to us.”

He added: “We all loved it when Bergerac was there. I even met John Nettles, but looking back it was completely inappropriate of the BBC to be there.

“It shows the complete lack of responsibility that the States of Jersey had for us kids in their care.

“They were quite happy to take money probably from the BBC and they were quite happy I’m sure to pimp some of us out like prostitutes, but when it came to our care, they didn’t give a toss.”

Bergerac’s legacy on the island remains strong.

John Nettles made Jersey his home, and although he no longer lives there, his daughter, Emma Martins, is the island’s data protection commissioner and responsible for ensuring laws protecting the privacy of individuals and offshore businesses are upheld.

The BBC is currently considering a remake of the Bergerac series, which would be a welcome boon to an island whose reputation since the original show has taken a battering amid accusations of abuse and a culture of secrecy that extends from offshore tax laws to criminal cover-ups.

The latest revelations about Haut de la Garenne, which was the centre of major police inquiry that led to a handful of convictions in 2008, came during an investigation by the Sunday Express on the island last week

We also found that:
* Jimmy Savile, parked his caravan in the grounds of Haut de la Garenne while visiting his mother on the island in the late Sixties and Seventies.

* current Jersey Education director Mario Lundy, who has just announced he is to retire early, was accused in court three years ago of being “violent and cruel” during his tenure as boss of Haut de la Garenne in the Eighties (he vigorously denies the allegations, which were not related to sexual abuse which were investigated without charge by the police)

These issues and allegations will be considered by UK barrister and high court judge Sally Bradley QC, who was appointed last Wednesday to chair Jersey’s new Committee of Inquiry into Historical Abuse.

She is expected to take up her new role in September and she will have the power to call witnesses.

It is possible that further criminal proceedings might flow from some of the evidence presented to her.

Regarded by peers as one of Britain’s best cross-examiners in family law cases, her job will be to sift through hundreds of witness statements – some seen by the Sunday Express - which allege abuse and cover up by high ranking Jersey officials and police.

Some politicians hope her work, which is due to start in the autumn, will be a watershed for the island, which has a reputation for doing things the “Jersey Way” – a description that many take to mean cover-ups and brushing difficult news under the carpet.

The States of Jersey government has consistently denied all allegations of cover-up and it has established a compensation scheme for abuse victims, which pays out about £20,000 for rape victims.

The BBC said in relation to the Bergerac findings: “When filming any BBC programme, duty of care to the public and production team is absolutely paramount”.

However, when asked whether it would base a film crew at a children’s home complex now, it declined to answer.

And Jimmy Savile was there too

NOT A single suspect or alleged accomplice in relation to Jimmy Savile’s predatory activities in Jersey has been interviewed or arrested by the island’s police force.

The States of Jersey police said it is co-operating with Operation Yewtree, the sexual abuse investigation launched by Scotland Yard last October, and that it has interviewed nine potential victims in that time.

However, it added: “No potential suspects have been interviewed as they are either deceased or unidentifiable, or could be eliminated from enquiries.”

The force also confirmed that no officers from the Metropolitan Police have visited Jersey as part of Operation Yewtree.

The confirmation came as one former victim at the Haut de la Garenne children’s home said Savile used to keep his infamous caravan parked in the grounds of the complex during his visits to his mother who lived nearby on the island in the Sixties and the Seventies.

Lenny Harper, a retired former deputy chief of police in Jersey who led the investigation into abuse allegations at Haut de la Garenne in 2008, said he had no doubt Savile committed crimes on the island –and that he was helped by others.

He said: “"Even if all the allegations from victims since the Savile revelations were only about Savile, the police should have identified suspects who facilitated his access to children.

“Given what we now know, it is inconceivable that there was no one running these homes allowing him to come into contact with children.

“This attitude is typical of Jersey's attitude toward abuse victims.

“They can't be bothered and couldn't really care."


Anonymous said...


I'm gobsmacked. This is incredible news.


thejerseyway said...

Hi Rico.

Yes this is shocking. We've always been led to believe that it was closed down as a Home before they started filming there. Shocking but the story ever since it started back in 2008 has always been one shock after the other. What on earth is going to come out next I wonder?


Zoompad said...

What an absolute disgrace. The victims of the abuse have not been allowed to have their voices heard at all, if they had this would all have come to light before now.
Why on earth did John Nettles and his daughter not say something about this?

voiceforchildren said...


One of those horrible outside journalists come to our island and uncover yet more revelations concerning the Haut de la Garenne cover up.

From the Express piece, and confirmation on the video on this posting.

"It had previously been thought the BBC filmed there only after the home closed in 1986, but victims and production figures have told the Sunday Express that crew and cast, including star John Nettles who played Detective Sergeant Jim Bergerac, were there at least a year earlier.

The BBC said that despite “extensive searches” of its records, it was unable to confirm the finding.

However, footage on YouTube from the fourth series of Bergerac, which aired in 1985, shows the detective driving into the grounds of the home, then walking through the main door."

So the "extensive searches" of the BBC didn't stretch to Youtube?

More revelations uncovered by the horrible outside journalist.

"NOT A single suspect or alleged accomplice in relation to Jimmy Savile’s predatory activities in Jersey has been interviewed or arrested by the island’s police force."


"The force also confirmed that no officers from the Metropolitan Police have visited Jersey as part of Operation Yewtree."

Savile would have had many contacts over here due to his regular visits yet not one of them have been interviewed by the cops?

Credit to the Sunday Express for doing the work our local State Media should have done/be doing.

As you are aware I have exclusively interviewed Leah McGrath Goodman (which I shall be publishing shortly) where even more revelations have come to light.

GeeGee said...

The infamous 'care' of the States of Jersey rears its head yet again.

Lenny is so right - they don't, and never have cared.

GeeGee said...

......also begs the question - did the BBC actually ASK John Nettles?

Maybe someone would like to get confirmation from him.

Anonymous said...

Shocking if this is true. Yes it' fits institution what we know of HDLG but I wouldn't believe the Sunday Eress if they said it was Sunday, sadly. However, I agree that the authorities don' t really care.

Anonymous said...

What was Emma Martins saying about taking advice from her father in dealing with child abuse whistleblower Stuart Syvret?

rico sorda said...

Yes, it is true anonymous. Series 4 aired in 1985 and HdelaG closed in 1986. You can also check the scheduling on the Internet Movie Data Base (IMDB).

Deputy Kevin Lewis was the Jersey location manager for Bergerac. He can confirm the story is accurate.

Anonymous said...

When Savile died on 29 October 2011, the JEP in the following days and weeks contained interviews and pictures with his Jersey resident friends, some of whom he used to stay or socialise with (even in recent years) when he visited the island. They were effusive in their praise and adoration for him, saying what a lovely fun guy he was. This is before we learnt that he was Britain's biggest paedophile.

If I recall correctly, there was a picture and interview with a group of 2 or 3 women that he was close to.

How come a journalist hasn't asked any of these people for a follow up comment?

Rico lad, I think you are due another trip to the library. Late October, early November 2011. Check the page numbers on the microfilm carefully, make sure none are missing... ;-)

Anonymous said...

and how many of those who worked at HDLG are still working at social services or recently retired?

Anonymous said...

Mario Lundy is mentioned in the Sunday Express print edition but it isn't on here. Why not?

rico sorda said...

The online version is always slightly different. Can you tell me what it say's? Mario Lundy has been protected by the Jersey Authorities. The Chief Executive of Education could not end up in court could you just imagine that.. Oh, the embarrassment to the Island.

Anonymous said...

You should check the facts, but as always on this site, never let the truth get in the way of sensationalism! The main building was empty, there was no access between Aviemore and the main building. It is akin to saying the BBC should not film anything if there is a primary school nearby, total sensasionalist nonsense. The building was also utilised to house visiting military personnel, was that wrong too? Perhaps you could put your conspiracy spin on that also. Why is this shocking: " BBC rents empty section of former childrens home for filming", hardly earth shattering is it!! I challenge you to post this on your blog Mr Sorda!!

Anonymous said...

From the print edition of the Sunday Express.

“We found that Jersey Education director Mario Lundy, who says he is retiring early, was accused in court three years ago of being “violent and cruel” when he was boss of Haute de la Garenne in the Eighties. He denies the allegations.

Anonymous said...

Some more on Mario Lundy

rico sorda said...

Anon at 10:53

You should try reading the posting. The vulnerable kids were moved into Aviemore for the filming of Bergerac. Aviemore wasn't half a mile down the road it was at HdelaG.

This was a care home for children. Vulnerable Children. Children who had been abused and their filming Bergerac there. Yes, there was access between Aviemore and the main building but the door was locked. But hey, what is 30 step out of one door and into another.

A primary school full of vulnerable kids????


Anonymous said...

Your comments in response to my post obviously follow the philosophy that most of the population are predatory paedophiles and any establishment housing young children should have prison like security for protection. To correct your innaccuracies, children were not moved to accomodate filming, that section of the building was CLOSED, you obviously have difficulty with the truth when it does not fit your agenda & FYI I was at the home in 79 so know what I'm talking about, were you?

Anonymous said...

Video not showing can you link to you tube video please

rico sorda said...

Anon, were you at the home in 85? Lets get some dialogue going.

What inaccuracies are you referring to?

They should not have been filming there full stop.

No, I wasn't at the home. But spent a little time playing football up there in the early 80's. I guess that's where my interest started 4 years ago.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the sentiment of some posters and fail to see what the story is here?
Can you expand on what you see as so suspicious about the filming?

rico sorda said...

I find it strange that the BBC wouldn't admit to Ted Jeory that they had filmed at HdlaG while it still housed vulnerable children.

"The BBC said that despite “extensive searches” of its records, it was unable to confirm the finding."

Why didn't they just check youtube?

Filming a series at a home that contained vulnerable children is hard to understand. I find it incredible that people think that this is ok. It wasn't a summer school or youth club.

"One man who was at Haut de la Garenne at the time wept as he told the Sunday Express last week how he begged the police in the Eighties to investigate the home’s staff.

“They didn’t want to know,” he said. “No one listened to us.”

The children were asking for help. They were asking the States of Jersey Police for help against the abuse they were suffering instead they got Sergeant Jim Bergerac. Maybe they should have asked him for help.


rico sorda said...

Youtube link to Bergerac episode


rico sorda said...

This is from the above link regarding Mario Lundy the Chief Executive Officer of Education. You will notice that there is no mention of Haut DeLa Garenne.

Jersey’s Director of Education, Sport and Culture, Mario Lundy will retire next year.

Mr Lundy, 61, will withdraw from his position in summer 2014.

The Education director says he has told of his retirement so early because he wants to give the minister the right amount of time to find his successor.

Mr Lundy said: “It’s been a privilege to work in such a variety of roles in education. I am proud of Jersey’s education system and what it has achieved for the Island’s young people.”

ESC Minister Deputy Patrick Ryan is grateful for his long notice period. He says, “I would like to thank Mario for his 34 years of dedicated service.”

Mario Lundy’s background:

*He came to Jersey in 1979 to work at Les Chenes School.

*He later became head teacher there.

*He was also head teacher of Grainville Secondary School for eight years from 1997.

*He worked at ESC as Assistant Director for Schools and Colleges for four years.

*He became Director of Education in January 2008.

Ex-Senator Stuart Syvret said...

This issue is extraordinarily serious.

And Rico, I wouldn't bother engaging with the trolling / PR / astroturfing that seeks to down-play this, and depict it as a minor matter.

One simply does not permit an institutional campus - containing many vulnerable, damaged & easily impressionable & star-struck children - to become a kind of commercial industrial complex for activities teaming with strange people coming and going. Only a troll could "fail" to see that.

The Aviemore part of the HdlG complex is immediately adjacent to the old building.

I also know for fact - because victims explained this to me - that actual sexual abuses - including child-rape - occurred in Aviemore. I point that out to address the really very obvious point that evil acts against children don't miraculously stop, away from one particular building. When you're dealing with vulnerable children - and child-abusers - and a system that permits sustained and appalling child-abuse for decades, the danger to vulnerable children reached everywhere in the Jersey system.

A woman who was abused in Aviemore when 13 years old, recounted to me how she was stripped, save for a small t-shirt, and locked into one of the punishment rooms at Aviemore. Her attacker - a man still employed in a senior post in Jersey's civil service today.

The victim recounted to me how the attacker had come and leered at her through a narrow slotted window through which the room could be viewed and said, "shall I do you now, or later? Nah, I'll do you later."

Most people are not child-abusers. But when we're considering the BBC / show-biz / DJs / actors etc - it is now a known fact that a minority of the individuals to be found in such environments are predatory paedophiles. Savile, obviously - but I've lost count now of the others accused / convicted; Stuart Hall, for example.

If anyone doubts how many sex-obsessed, hedonistic, decadent, predatory, characters - male and female - are to be found in the world of media & showbiz - just check-out the various interviews with former child actor Ben Fellows to be found on YouTube. When he was a child-actor moving in such circles; men, and women, repeatedly attempted to take sexual advantage of him.

How much did the BBC pay to use HdlG?

And who - exactly - received those payments?

But there is another serious point - one which is going to have legal consequences - in this story.

And that is, every single involvement - of any kind - that the Data Protection Commissioner, Emma Martins - daughter of Bergerac actor John Nettles - has had in seeking to suppress information about the Jersey child-abuse scandals, and related issues - and to oppress those of us seeking to expose the truth - are now ultra vires and null.

A "public authority" cannot be conflicted when exercising its statutory functions and powers. An obvious way in which conflicts arise - is if individual employees or office-holders in the relevant public authority have personal conflicts of interest.

There are obviously several very uncomfortable factors involved for an actor, in being associated with having known Savile - and, as we now know - actually working on a campus in which child-abuse had taken place - and which still housed some children. Not only do those factors involving John Nettles render his daughter, Emma Martins wholly conflicted in all these matters - but - worse - she has actually admitted in a media interview having taken Nettles' advice and guidance in her ultra vires campaign of oppression against me.

The conflicted abuse of Jersey's data protection function, so as to suppress the exposure of public-interest disclosures that may have embarrassing consequences for family members - is a breakdown in good, safe governance.

And as we all know - when it comes to Jersey's corrupted polity - the buck stops in London.


Paul Rees said...

Posted requesting comment from the BBC here...

Anonymous said...

The children went to the police about abuse at hdelag and yet they did nothing... In 1985 they film bergerac at the home and the police provided the vehicles for the filming. This is out of control. You then have people commenting on here asking what the problem is. Jesus wept.

rico sorda said...

Where did Mario Lundy work before coming to Jersey?

* current Jersey Education director Mario Lundy, who has just announced he is to retire early, was accused in court three years ago of being “violent and cruel” during his tenure as boss of Haut de la Garenne in the Eighties (he vigorously denies the allegations, which were not related to sexual abuse which were investigated without charge by the police)

Anonymous said...

I can't remember where I read it but do recall reading Mario Lundy and Tom McKeon worked together at an approved school in England before they came to Jersey.

rico sorda said...


In a recent post I ran a Readers’ Quiz in which the question was ‘guess the identity of “The Pinball Wizard”?’

Sure enough – readers rapidly came up with the goods and correctly identified “The Pinball Wizard” as being recently retired Chief Executive officer of Jersey’s Education department – Tom McKeon.

So why did McKeon earn this nickname amongst a very substantial cohort of people who were in child custody during the 1980’s?

Well – in the early 1980’s McKeon was the Head of the then child secure unit, known as Les Chennes; this place having gradually taken over child imprisonment responsibilities from the infamous Haute de la Garenne, which closed in 1986.

While McKeon was the Head of the “school” – as it was euphemistically known – his Deputy Head was Mario Lundy.

McKeon, miraculously, worked his way up the Education hierarchy to become its Chief Officer – a position from which he retired only last Christmas. And – wouldn’t you know it – his side-kick, Lundy, followed the same career arc – and replaced McKeon as the Chief Officer of Education at the beginning of this year.

Anonymous said...

The States of Jersey Police and the MET police haven't interviewed any suspects or potential suspects in Jersey as part of Operation Yewtree?

Anonymous said...

The post at 12.01 "I agree with the sentiment of some posters and fail to see what the story is here?"

You and some other posters appear to be asking the messenger, although you found the title of significant interest to not only read the article, but use up your time posting and no doubt coming back frequently to read more! Surely your own actions give you the answer to your question. If there was no interest we would nod heard from you :-).

If you still want your question answered I suggest you ask the Sunday Express to explain it to you in simple words so y o u U N D E R S T A N D.

Anonymous said...

It makes you wonder why HDLG is being buttered up, at present, to looking like a respectable youth/out of bounds/ adventure centre....

Two questions.
Why is it important to make it look as though it is occupied and busy?

Who is funding this cover up?

Anonymous said...

Jane said...

Absolutely correct, Bergerac was most definately filmed at HdlG when the children were still there. I was still working there at the time, and I hate to tell you but I most definately do not remember any sections of the building being locked off!! In fact BBC crew often entered the building through Aviemore. I used to be furious because we had to switch off the swimming pool pumps when BBC was filmimg, which meant the pool wasn't being filterd and the children weren't allowed in the pool during these times. One of the few activities on site that the children loved! Bloody disgusting!! And as for our Mr Nettles, I only ever saw him ignore the children even when they called out to him, so rude! Probably just as well in hindsight!

Jane said...

Hi Rico, I seem to have problems leaving comments on blogs. Don't know if you received my last one about me working at HdlG while Bergerac was being filmed there. Locked doors? My arse!!!

rico sorda said...

Hi Jane,

Can you remember when the filming took place?

What was the reaction of the staff when the BBC turned up for filming? Had you been consulted on this?

Jane said...

Consulted Rico? you're having a laugh. We were TOLD. Some of the staff were quite excited about prospect, some of us were dismayed that the children's HOME was going to be used in such a way. Timescales I'm pretty hopeless on but this went on during summer months, hence me being so mad about the pool pump, and definately well before the children were moved to Le Pref and HdlG closed down.

Jane said...

Felicity Kendall was in an episode and she was at HdlG. If you can trace that episode it would give you a timescale.

Jane said...

Bergerac's 'office' was filmed in Dunluce.

rico sorda said...

I know the series was aired in 1985. Im guessing it could have been filmed in the summer of 84. I still can't believe it was so open.

Jane said...

Where did the locked doors info come from?
The cladding on the front entrance of HdlG was done by the BBC. It's still on there now.
We weren't allowed to use the front entrance but the building certainly wasn't closed off, well, not to my knowledge. Camera crew used to come through Aviemore often and talk to the staff.
I'm pretty sure it was summer of 84 but wouldn't swear to it.

Jane said...

Rico, HdlG closed in '85 not '86. I have just checked my references to make sure and they are dated July 1985, that was when I was forced to resign just before the children moved to La Pref.

Anonymous said...

In their astounding arrogance, all who colluded against protection of vulnerable Jersey children failed to imagine the impact the internet has on ease of stringing together compelling evidence.

They got rid of the never-conflicted, morally uncompromised police chief who was onto the truth, "lost" the enormous bloodstained concrete bathtub and the previously concealed burned (when fresh and fleshed) bones and teeth of children, jailed, threatened or obtained bizarre censorship orders against whistleblowers, hired spin-artists to lie for money about child abuse, rape and torture in the complicit media and they banned a successful Western journalist simply for planning to write about the real evidence.

It is not possible now for the coverup to succeed. Everything they coverup or lie about makes them look guiltier. Yet, still they brazenly try.

That goes for Nettles and his daughter, the smiling czar of self-serving feudalistic censorship. That includes the BBC, which enabled the worst paedophile in UK history to prey on the vulnerable, then went on to ignore evidence, especially connected to their abuse and cover-up complicit BBC Jersey branch. The evidence is also clear against the bent cops brought in to "undo" the evidence discovered in the original investigation. The culpable witnesses who were too apathetic to care, the politicians and civil servants who consistently placed selfish motives above the primary obligation of decent child safety, the clergy without compassion and the abusers themselves will all be exposed, still living or not.

Examples of coverups and collusion will continue to leak out, just like today's example of the early Bergerac filming. It will never go away. It will remain a constant drip,drip, a dripping river of truth which no rug can hide.


Anonymous said...

@Jane, Here is what purports to to be the full listing of Bergerac episodes but does not mention Felicity Kendall.
Perhaps you may recognise the other cast members?

The Beano is not the Rag

Anonymous said...

The wikipedia page history for the Bergerac TV show is interesting.

On 28 May 2008 (at the height of the HDLG scandal) somebody changed the Bergerac wikipedia page from:

"ceased being a children's home in 1986"


"ceased being a children's home in 1983"

Why did they do that? Why did they not leave a comment, as is customary on wikipedia page edits?

The user had IP address on that date and the page revision history can clearly be seen here:

(Note: you can look up the revision hstory on any wikipedia page. See 'View History' tab)

So, why did someone go in and just change the date of filming at HDLG and nothing else? That's a very targeted, focused edit of the page, isn't it?

If I were a consipracy theorist... :-)

Anonymous said...

"In their astounding arrogance..."

What a brilliant post by Elle above. Sounds like that could make a brilliant foreword to Leah McGrath Goodman's forthcoming book. You totally nail the situation.

voiceforchildren said...


Exclusive interview wit LEAH MCGRATH GOODMAN

Anonymous said...

The Wikipedia cover-up edit address is currently (and probably was at the time) a Cable and Wireless IP address.

Póló said...

@Anonymous @7.42

Elle is dead solid.

Global Citizen said...

Speaking of Bergerac, let's not forget those lime pits at HDLG.

The ones which it was claimed were dug to serve as fake graves in an episode of the show.

Now, which episode was that....?

Jane said...

I'm sorry anon, have checked your link and I was wrong, it was Liza Goddard not Felicity Kendall. I'm not very good on actor's and actress' names. Definately got it right this time, looked up her photo on net. 100% certain Liza Goddard. Apparently she appeared as guest in a couple of series so probably doesn't help on timeline.

Anonymous said...

One hypothesis for the lime pits is that they were used to quietly dispose of the carcasses of dead Jersey cows on non-agricultural land (the grounds of a school) following an outbreak of BSE that the authorities wanted 'burying' at the height of Jersey's tourism boom. You saw what the UK BSE outbreak did to its farming and tourism industry.

It would certainly explain why a prominent St Martin dairy farmer went way beyond the call of duty to rubbish the HDLG investigation.

Disposal couldn't take place on agricultural land and would have been done on the quiet, to avoid the prying eyes of the UK's agricultural regulators at the time.

Ian Evans said...

I can feel it coming in the air tonight....OH LORD!!!

rico sorda said...

So, no mention today in the Jersey media that the Chief Executive of Education, Mario Lundy was mentioned in the Sunday Express.

* current Jersey Education director Mario Lundy, who has just announced he is to retire early, was accused in court three years ago of being “violent and cruel” during his tenure as boss of Haut de la Garenne in the Eighties (he vigorously denies the allegations, which were not related to sexual abuse which were investigated without charge by the police)'

During the case of HdelaG house parents the Jordans the victims kept mentioning the name Mario Lundy. This has come from multiple victims but I goes he is not in the "Public Interest"


Anonymous said...

Dave Wheelan owner of St Brelades Bay Hotel and chairman of Wiggan football club , gave Stuart Hall a good character reference
There's that Jersey connection yet again

Anonymous said...

If Mario Lundy vigorously denies the allegations then that is that Rico.

rico sorda said...

Stuart Hall also vigorously denied the allegations..


voiceforchildren said...


Re; "If Mario Lundy vigorously denies the allegations then that is that Rico."

As you rightly say, Stuart Hall, and a Whole host of others "vigorously deny" allegations. But interestingly Mario Lundy hasn't attempted to sue Stuart Syvret, The Belfast Telegraph, or even Channel Television. Indeed he hasn't attempted to sue those who also named him in court.

The fact that your commenter suggests that because Mr. Lundy denies the allegations that is and end to it is just priceless......And very wrong!

Anonymous said...

Hi RIico,

I just wanted to say that I agree with your comments about participating in the COI that you made on SS's blog. Yes ,I'm sure that certain facts will not be allowed to emerge but I still believe that there is a point in giving evidence (I hope you will contribute) and I do not believe that every single cop/barrister/politician in corrupt. Evill flourishes when good people do nothing.

Anonymous said...

I think Stuart Syvret's point is that he is legally incapable of giving the evidence he wants to give.

He would be in breach of a court order if he did so.

That's what he says.

It's chilling if true.

rico sorda said...

As far as I known and only stuart can answer this 100% there is nothing stopping him from giving evidence at a Committee of Enquiry.


Anonymous said...

In reference to the lime pits, any number of theories could be floated or promoted by well paid confusion and disinformation spinners, but taking into account that the larger bones of children were not found where the smaller, "fleshed and fresh when burnt" juvenile bones were concealed, makes it likely something like lime pits would have been utilized to destroy that more substantial evidence, in my opinion.


Anonymous said...

"As far as I known and only stuart can answer this 100% there is nothing stopping him from giving evidence at a Committee of Enquiry."

As I understand it, Stuart believes that an existing Court Order/Injunction, would be used as a reason to prevent him giving evidence.

I can find no legal support for this view.

As a legally constituted CoI, with powers to call witnesses and hear evidence under oath, if it was felt that his evidence was relevant - which it most certainly is - the Committee could and would hear him, citing both their Terms of Reference and Jersey Law.

The States of Jersey (Powers, Privileges and Immunities)
(Committees of Inquiry) (Jersey) Regulations 2007 (Regulation 8) state:

"(1) A person asked or required to give evidence or produce documents before a committee of inquiry shall be entitled, in respect of such evidence and documents, to legal professional privilege and privilege against self-incrimination.

(2) An answer given by a person to a question put to that person, or an oral or written statement made by that person, or a document produced by a person in the course of his or her appearance before a committee of inquiry shall not, except in the case of proceedings for the offence of perjury or for an offence under these Regulations, be admissible in
evidence against that person in
any civil or criminal proceedings."

So it seems that there is no legal impediment to Stuart giving evidence to the CoI.

Anonymous said...

Elle, re lime pits. My theory re Jersey cows/BSE is definitely not meant to confuse/spin. Far from it. I believe that whatever their purpose, someone was up to no good. You might be right, so might I. Definitely deserved investigating at the time, and now.

Anonymous said...

@Anon @1:15 AM
Thanks for reply and explanation. I can see your point.

I am so certain there will be a continued professional effort to discredit evidence that I tend to be too quick with my judgement at times. You could be right about the reason for digging the pits, and since lime destroys evidence we probably won't ever know, unless someone with guilty knowledge comes forward.

Anonymous said...

Stuart Syvret will give evidence if he feels like it. The Mario Lundy bit is very interesting. Are you saying that his time at hdelag is not listed and if this is the case how very strange.

Anonymous said...

"Stuart Syvret will give evidence if he feels like it."

Let's not forget that the COI will have done background research. The COI Terms of Reference include:

3. Examine the political oversight of children’s homes and fostering services by the various Education Committees between 1960 and 1995, by the various Health and Social Services Committees between 1996
and 2005, and by ministerial government from 2006 to the current day.

7. Identify how and by what means concerns about abuse were raised and how, and to whom, they were reported. Establish whether
systems existed to allow children and others to raise concerns and safeguard their wellbeing.

8. Consider how the Education and Health and Social Services Departments dealt with concerns about alleged abuse, what actio
n they took, and whether these actions were in line with the policies and procedures of the day.

9. Establish whether, where abuse was suspected, it was reported to the appropriate bodies including the States of Jersey Police; and what action was taken by persons or entities including the police,
and whether this was in line
with policies and procedures of the day.

They cannot fully and properly address any of the above without direct reference to Stuart, who was a central figure for much of the time-frame. So, in all likelihood the COI will, initially, invite him to give evidence.

If he refuses, given his central role in it all, there's every chance that they will summon him.

Failure to obey such a summons would leave him facing a 2-year prison sentence and a fine of up to £5,000.

He could, of course, challenge such a summons on the grounds that:

"the prejudice to the person that would ensue from appearing
before the committee of inquiry and giving the evidence and,
where required, producing a document so far outweighs the
usefulness of the evidence or document to the committee of inquiry that it would be unreasonable to require the person to appear or produce the document;"

But, as is well-known, Stuart's mass of evidence is crucial and he has already spent so long facing such prejudice that its continuation / renewal would become a moot point.

GeeGee said...

Rico - I can only but endorse your sentiments in hoping that Stuart will have a change of heart and give evidence to the COI.

I also hope that his negativity has not rubbed off on those survivors who could give crucial information to the Committee. Whilst we are aware that there are those who will be only too eager to appear, we must not forget that there will also be very nervous and damaged survivors who will need encouragement and compassion shown to them to live their ordeals once again. Negative vibes will not help.

You were once their rock Stuart. Let us hope you can be so once again. Your evidence could be vital.

Anonymous said...

No disrespect for the victims in this case, but some papers and stories seem to be putting more emphasis on the fact that Jimmy S parked his caravan at HDLG or that the TV crews were there, forgetting that the bones of children were found there. More than anything I want to see that side resolved and people charged.