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The reason I'm asking this question is a simple one. 

Has Mario Lundy ever confirmed, publicly, that he was in charge at Haut De la Garenne between 1985 and 1986.

There have been numerous allegation about Mario Lundy. In court he was accused as being the "Most violent and cruel of them all" This can be viewed below. Mario Lundy was mentioned on numerous occasions during the trial of the Jordans. The Judge had to remind the everyone that Mr Lundy wasn't on trial and to refrain from using his name.

Is  "CEO" Lundy one of the protected ones? Could it be that his case was one of those "Not in the public Interest" cases. There is evidence to show that this might just be the case. Remember the Sworn Affidavit of Graham Power. In section 19 of said Affidavit it states:

19. The third example I have chosen relates to a Strategic Planning Workshop held at the St Pauls Centre on Friday 24th October 2008. The Workshop was attended by a number of senior public servants including myself and the Chief Executive. At the commencement of the workshop the Chief Executive asked for silence and said that he had an announcement to make. He named a senior civil servant who was present. The person named is a suspect in the abuse investigation but has not been suspended. The Chief Executive said that the suspect had his total support and that “if anyone wants to get…….(the suspect)…….they would have to get me first”. This announcement was applauded by some but not all of the persons present. I took it as a further indication of the “in crowd” closing ranks against the “threat” of the abuse enquiry. The Chief Executive later played a significant role in my suspension.End

Mario Lundy had  his office on the first floor of HdelaG which was Aviemore. His office was the first door on the left as you walked in the main entrance. His weight room was the first door on the right. The weight room turned up with Lundy. Why he needed a weight room god only knows.He operated a token system at HdelaG. The kids got privileges with these tokens . It was his way of control.

Mario Lundy has been named before. There was a piece in the Belfast Telegrath with can be read here:

I believe it is important that history is properly recorded. When he announced he was leaving in July 2014 CTV produced this timeline below:

Jersey’s Director of Education, Sport and Culture, Mario Lundy will retire next year.

Mr Lundy, 61, will withdraw from his position in summer 2014.

The Education director says he has told of his retirement so early because he wants to give the minister the right amount of time to find his successor. 

Mr Lundy said: “It’s been a privilege to work in such a variety of roles in education. I am proud of Jersey’s education system and what it has achieved for the Island’s young people.”

ESC Minister Deputy Patrick Ryan is grateful for his long notice period. He says, “I would like to thank Mario for his 34 years of dedicated service.”

Mario Lundy’s background: 

*He came to Jersey in 1979 to work at Les Chenes School.

*He later became head teacher there.

*He was also head teacher of Grainville Secondary School for eight years from 1997.

*He worked at ESC as Assistant Director for Schools and Colleges for four years. 

*He became Director of Education in January 2008.End

You will notice that there is no mention of Haut De LA Garenne. WHY?

Mario Lundy was also named in the Sunday Express. This can be read here: 

Let us record the real history of Mario Lundy

Rico Sorda 

Part Time Investigative Journalist


Jane said...

Hi Rico, I believe it was 84/85 that ML was at HdlG.
I never knew of a weight room???
I do know that when he first met us staff at the home he thought it funny to pass the comment that the only voilence he would tolerate was bouncing the children off his office walls. I have to point out that we never saw this happen ML was always on his own with the child concerned.
The state the children left that office in was heartbreaking.
The children's spirits were systematically broken, they were too frightened to talk about what happened to them in the office saying that it would only make matters worse.

Jane said...

ML was in charge of Les Chenes. Les Chenes was only a successor to HdlG as in it was designated a remand home. Up until Les Chenes was built HdlG was designated a remand home and it was for that reason that the infamous 'cells' were used, supposed to be used solely to hold an adolescent prior to their juvenile court hearing. Unfortunately, as everyone now knows, that is not the only reason the cells were used.
ML ran Les Chenes and temporarily ran HdlG at the same time while we were waiting for someone to be appointed for the position.
So is it because ML was never actually appointed as superintendant of HdlG that it doesn't appear on records? I'm not making excuses, just asking.

GeeGee said...

Another excellent and relevant posting Rico.

Jane - hopefully you will be giving your evidence to the COI, as it will be vital in building up a picture of all those who should have been prosecuted and were not, and in a forum where the Jersey Way will count for nothing in terms of the truth, the whole truth and nothing but.........

As for ML taking early retirement for the reasons he gave - yea right!!! We ain't all stupid like Deputy Ryan appears to be. Just all tooooooooo convenient (like a certain Police Officer).

Anonymous said...

Mario Lundy and Tom Mckeon made a career out of brutalising children in Jersey according to this http://stuartsyvret.blogspot.com/2008/10/tom-mckeon-and-mario-lundy.html

Anonymous said...

Two friends of mine used to work at Les Chenes in the time of Lundy and have said they allegedly witnessed his bad ways, and had stories to tell, they also said that an inquiry had taken place at Les Chenes and they had not even been asked to give a statement, when they offered to give statements, they were told they were too late the inquiry was finished. Some inquiry.

Anonymous said...

“The state the children left that office in was heartbreaking.
The children's spirits were systematically broken, they were too frightened to talk about what happened to them in the office saying that it would only make matters worse.”

Jane, it would appear from what you are saying that you worked at HDLG and was aware of or suspected that violent abuse was taking place to innocent, venerable children. Tell me Jane, what did you do to stop this happening or did you bury your head in the sand like so many others for fear of losing your job! How many of these children are now dead, either by suicide, drug and alcohol misuse or simply gave up because they could no longer live with their pain and memories.

The likes of ML, DW and TMcK to mention but a few must be brought to account; they must not be allowed to get away with their horrendous crimes against children.

Jane said...

" Jane, it would appear from what you are saying that you worked at HDLG and was aware of or suspected that violent abuse was taking place to innocent, venerable children. Tell me Jane, what did you do to stop this happening or did you bury your head in the sand like so many others for fear of losing your job! "

Yes I worked at HdlG. I knew someone would accuse me of not doing anything. Believe me when I tell you I fought for 'my children' for 7 years. That's why they got rid of me in the end, under threat that if I didn't resign 'they' would make sure I never worked with children in the Island again.
Do I ever feel guilty? Yes of course I do, I feel guilty for ending up giving in to the threat from Mr. Strettle because my worry was that with me gone there would be nobody to fight for the children's rights.
So thanks for that whoever you are. Ask any of the children I looked after about me, they'll tell you! Leaving that job (which wasn't a job to me) destroyed me.
I was the only member of staff to go to the Royal Court and speak up for 'my children'. Where were the rest of the staff, that's what I want to know!
And yes I did report abuse. Nothing was done.
p.s. I don't hide behind 'anonymous' either. States members know who I am. I'm still fighting and going nowhere!

Anonymous said...

Jane, thank you for coming on rico's blog and sharing. Lets hope all the children come forward and relate their experiences to the coi. Did you report the abuse to the jersey police or to the education depatment. Never heard of Strettle before.

Anonymous said...

I find this really sad. It makes me angry. We have Mario Lundy named in court we have Mario Lundy on here saying "I do know that when he first met us staff at the home he thought it funny to pass the comment that the only voilence he would tolerate was bouncing the children off his office walls. I have to point out that we never saw this happen ML was always on his own with the child concerned.
The state the children left that office in was heartbreaking.
The children's spirits were systematically broken, they were too frightened to talk about what happened to them in the office saying that it would only make matters worse." And are we saying there wasn't enough evidence to bring him to court when the Jordans were marched in...

Zoompad said...

Jane, please carry on fighting the good fight, and please don't mind when hurt people make hurtful comments, please don't let it put you off at all.

I know from my own horrible experience in the Secret Family Courts there were good people who really wanted to help me but, like you said, anyone helping the chosen victim is singled out for malicious persecution themselves. People did stick their necks out and help me all the same though, if they hadn't I am quite sure my little family would have been smashed up.

You reporting the abuse and going to the Royal Court proves that you weren't burying your head in the sand at all, please don't mind too much about the comment above, people are just hurting so much, and please carry on fighting for your children

voiceforchildren said...


Mario Lundy was not only named in the Royal Court as an alleged abuser but he has also been named in the island's parliament.

After umpteen ignored e-mails I was forced to doorstep Mr. Lundy back in 2009 in order to attempt to get some kind of confirmation/denial of the allegations that had been levelled against him.

He still ignored me (a very concerned parent) but Tom Gruchy managed to get a few words with Deputy Roy Le Herissier, (on camera) who was then on Education Scrutiny Panel and is now Deputy Minister at Education.


Jane said...

Thanks Zoompad, unfortunately it's malicious comments like that which I am sure have contributed to the fact that people haven't come forward.
Mr Strettle was, in his time, head of the children's services. I came up against him, Charlie Smith and Mr Rodhouse in my time.
Have already explained what I was told by the deputy bailiff regarding the prosecution of certain people. The powers that be may well have evidence against ML but they also have a pile of 'evidence' in support of him too, some of it coming from children who had been in his care. Whether they were from children's homes or from Grainville I don't know.
I do know that one of 'my children' was screaming abuse all over FB about ML, understandably so but I then found out that he had refused to give the police a statement. So what do you expect the police to do if people won't come forward?
I reported the abuse within the children's services.
Please note that there were also a lot of good people who worked with the children and actually cared about them.

J.D.A said...

Anonymous, I don't know who u r, as u obviously don't have the guts to use your real name. I was a kid at HDLG and have to say the only staff member who tried to protect us & gave evidence for us in Royal Court, was a lady called Jane. So don't ever say things like you have said without getting your facts right first. And I will tell you first hand, when Jane did try protecting us, believe me, when she was off duty they made our lives even worse then they were. That is why they got rid of her from the home & that broke her, as that is all she ever wanted to do was look after & protect children, but she was a threat & they had to get rid of her. Where were all the other staff standing up for us, OH I KNOW THEY WORK FOR THE STATES.

Anonymous said...

Mario Lundy will swan off in the sunset with his gold-plated pension along with Tom McKeon, Mike Pollard, Bill Ogley, and others of that ilk while the abuse victims are expected to rebuild their shattered lives and accept a pittance (if they're lucky) of a pay-out from the redress scheme. Ogley got £500,000 for his contribution during the child abuse scandal. Kind of puts it all into perspective doesn't it? The maximum pay-out in the redress scheme is £60,000

rico sorda said...

Hi Jane,

I wind it staggering that the Deputy Bailiff, who is non other than William Bailhache, who was the Attorney General back in 2008, said this to you:

" Have already explained what I was told by the deputy bailiff regarding the prosecution of certain people. The powers that be may well have evidence against ML but they also have a pile of 'evidence' in support of him too, some of it coming from children who had been in his care. Whether they were from children's homes or from Grainville I don't know."

This is why we have trials and juries. Of course there are people who will come out in support of both sides. It is for a non biased court of law to decide who is telling the truth. Just staggering if that is what he told you - and I have no reason to doubt you.

I believe 20 people could have given statements against Lundy and it wouldn't have made a difference. The implications of Lundy being in court and found guilty would be a major headache for the powers that be. How could they explain how this man was allowed to reach the top in Education when all this was going on etc. "Not in the public Interest" is what William Bailhache should have told you.

I thank you for your contributions Jane as they are most helpful.

Jane said...

J and I have the minutes from the meeting with the deputy Bailiff. It was explained to us that bottom line is that you need to be pretty sure that you're going to obtain a conviction, as it was the written statements in support of ML far outweighed the allegations made against him.
All the evidence went first to a lawyer over here and then to a QC in south of England, it was independantly reviewed and the conclusions from the differeent lawyers were the same, not enough evidence to prosecute.

rico sorda said...

Thanks Jane,

There were no independent Lawyers. I just don't understand this thing about having more support. Maybe there is someone with legal knowledge out there who can help us out here. I thought you counted on support once you are charged and facing trial. The defence call their witnesses and the prosecution call theirs.

All very interesting. People came forward and gave statements against Mario Lundy alleging physical abuse yet the fact that more people gave him character references out weighed it. Staggering. I there any precedent for this? Can someone help me out here.


Jane said...

The deputy Bailiff gave me a copy of the documents given to Centeniers which explains what you need before you can bring a prosecution. I've got them here somewhere, I'm sure I wouldn't be breaking any law if I passed them on to you.?

rico sorda said...

Thanks Jane,

Still find it incredible. It would be good to see their guidance.

As with the Bonners - the evidence was present - but the AG,William Bailhache, along with his not so independent lawyer Simon Thomas let them walk.

Is it only in Jersey that if you have more friends than the other side it goes in your favour?

voiceforchildren said...


All this begs the question; Why has Mario Lundy NEVER faced an internal disciplinary enquiry? Why was he never suspended, as a neutral act, like Graham Power was?

Jane said...

I'll hunt them down for you Rico.
Please don't think for one moment here that I'm standing up for ML because I'm not but we have to bear in mind, surely, that the law (as inept as it can be) is also there to protect us all. I do know of a couple of absolutely outrageous allegations that were made against certain people. If it wasn't for our laws and procedures these good people could have ended up in court. Remember that even if found innocent you know what Jersey's like, mud sticks, there's no smoke without fire etc. etc.
Unfortunately while sometimes the bad people get away with their crimes many innocent people are also protected by our laws.
Just saying.

Anonymous said...

Good character references only only as good as the person providing them!

If you have a group of people abusing children and they all give each other a good character reference, how could anyone get charged, it's ridiculous.

I think that type of evidence should be treated with suspicion these days, knowing that Jimmy Saville could have probably got a good character reference from hundreds of people in the upper food chain, yet!!

If an abused person accuses someone of abuse and then another and another, at all different times, and each were totally alone with the abuser, what relevance does a good character reference have in such cases, surely zilch.

All such cases need to be reviewed.

Anonymous said...

Makes you wonder what kind of hold ML had/has on the powers that be?

He obviously has more on them, than they have on him?!

Anonymous said...


Do you remember the name of the QC in the South of England? If so, would you mind saying what it was?

Anonymous said...

so some children are interviewed and give good references on ML,and yet some staff who have things to say regarding his bad behaviour are ignored, strange to interview children! who interviewed them and were their parents there?

Jane said...

As far as I remember I don't recall being told the name of the QC, merely that the evidence was sent to one in the South of England. I will try to find the minutes from the meeting and if the name is mentioned I will let you know.

Anonymous said...

I should also like to add further comments:
Jane was the best member of staff there ! Always watched my back and did her best to thwart the oppressive regime. (remember giving me tokens on the sly Jane so that I didn't have to go to bed straight after tea?)

Also, I reckon the reason Mario Lundy is retiring is because hes got so much heat, its been agreed it would be better if he retires early and protects his pension. If for whatever reason he was sacked, his pension would be under threat.

And the establishment want to keep him onside because they would have some explaining to do, to justify allowing a serial child abuser to become the head of the children's department

(isn't it rather telling that Im still adding comments anonymously ? Such is the very real belief from me there are sinister forces at work here!?!?

Zoompad said...

I'm wondering if some of the people that you have been told refused to make a police statement really did refuse.

I'm saying that, because I have been consistantly complaining for 40 years about the "care" I recieved as a child at Chadswell Assessment Centre Pindown home near Uttoxeter Staffordshire. It too was a remand home, and had at least one cell - it may have had more, but as I spent most of my time there banged up in the cell (for trying to escape) I didn't really have chance to do much exploring!

The way I have been treated since by Stafford Police is appalling. I wanted very much to give evidence, but wasn't called to do so. I did make a 3 hour video statement at Blythe Bridge Police Station about 10 years ago but a Senior Police Officer who I have never been told the name of overruled my evidence. This is why I nagged Teresa Cooper, because she knows who that Senior Police Officer was, and she has been told by a media company not to tell me, she told me that herself, she told me she has a letter from him about it, telling her that the abuse at Kendal House was different from at Haut de la Garenne and Staffordshire and she was told not to associate with other people from other Pindown homes, and that the Haut de la Garenne and Staffordshire abuse claims had been discredited.

So the odds are stacked against the child abuse victims, the cover up runs so deep, they are even getting other victims of child abuse to help with the cover up, making sure that they remain isolated little incidents, then they can just pick them off individually, its so cruel what they have done and are still doing.

Jane said...

Thank you so much anon for remembering me, I have been really touched that so many of you remember me so fondly. I shall never forget any of you. You were my family.
Hahaha as regards the tokens I got into plenty trouble for giving them out by the score, accused of making a mockery of the token system. Well, it didn't last long so it worked! xxx

Zoompad said...

A thought has just struck me. The MET have admitted that the secret police stole the identites of dead children to spy on people.

Who were those dead children? Could any of them have been care home children who died in care?

I think we have a right to this information, of who those children they stole the identity of were. After all, they cant use the excuse of child protection to conceal their identities if they are already dead can they?

Anonymous said...

If my memories serve me right Mr Lundy used to play in a band and was very lively at parties
And I don't mean his guitar sounds lol!
Lots off parties in Jersey with lots off connections ie S--t on people, that's why he is so protected.

Ian Evans said...

Yet even more Jersey Police....CORRUPTION

Anonymous said...

Readers might be interested in page 46 of Chris Swinson's March 2011 review of the States' Management of Remuneration for Senior Posts.


As at 31 Dec 2010 there were some very chunky pension pots knocking about, all financed by the taxpayer. £1,178,000 for example. Nice work if you can get it.

The trouble with working for the States is that the taxpayer has a right to know this stuff. Thanks very much, Mr Swinson. You are much missed by the way.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to be off thread and pension geeky for a minute, but I should add what note 14 says, for clarity:

"14 The Cash Equivalent transfer Value (CETV) represents the value of rights accrued in the scheme, and is calculated on the basis of a transfer to a private pension scheme."

Nobody retires and trousers over a million. Sure, they take a part of it as lump sum and get a generous annual income from the remainder.

What this does how is the staggeringly large pensions of long serving States employees. The UK has a lifetime maximum that you can build up (£1.5m now, £1.25m from 2014) that even captains of industry are not allowed to exceed!

Meanwhile, other pensioners pay GST on food...

Ian Evans said...

Distinguishing between immigration and....CONTROL

Anonymous said...


What is this strange Netgear sign that has appeared on your site ?

Is this freedom of expression being censored.

Anonymous said...

Jersey will feature in the Sunday Express newspaper tomorrow. Be sure to buy a copy.

Anonymous said...

On institutionalised corruption; can someone do a 'link' for this please :


"AS another storm swirled around Scotland Yard last week, sucking in officers over alleged secret smear operations against Stephen Lawrence’s family, three MPs boarded a plane for the Channel Island haven of Jersey."

Continues into a good article but is quite short and limited and does not even mention the constructive dismissal of the corruption and child abuse fighting Police Chief Graham Power and his replacement with another plastic pet-copper on a leash.
"Sniff here, No- don't dig there, Wee here, GOOD BOY! have a biscuit."

There is a comments section for the Sunday Express story if people wish to register on the site. It might be worth submitting links to some of the good blog postings from the past that will fill in some of the blanks that the article did not have time for.

Anonymous said...

All teachers know that ML is corrupt and so is the system. Everything is hidden from Ministers. Our education system is failing young people spectacularly. Hey Ho, soon ML will be gone and people will find the mess he's left behind. Whistleblowers have been sidelined and got rid of.

Anonymous said...

At least 10 teachers have 'left' the education service since Christmas 2013. Some of these very brave people have fought against the systematic bullying going on in our schools against them. They have sought to bring out into the open disgraceful practices by the Education Department (Mario Lundy). Reports to HR of bullying, suicidal teachers etc are ignored. Those who seek to 'whistleblow' are removed, broken and their health in tatters. Mario Lundy seems untouchable - why? Sadly I have to post as Anonymous as I fear retribution.

Anonymous said...

I feel sorry for the new Chief Officer of Education. Reports say he is a good man, however what sort of department will he be left after Mario Lundy goes?

steve goodchild said...

this guy will never get called to justice. He successfully hookwinked the entire island and has got away scott free. Im happy to go on record and state he was a thug and a brute.

Id love to see him try and sue me for libel. Then I would have him in court in a flash

Anonymous said...

Hey Mr "You'll call me Sir" Lundy.. Remember me? I'll never forget you Sir.! H.D.L.G 1986.