Thursday, August 1, 2013

Deputy Sean Power - Unrest over the Referendum - What a complete load of Rubbish



Will he be organising a protest march through St Helier? There is talk of unrest, but where is the evidence?  The feudal elite are slowly realising that father time is catching up on the sleeping hamlet of jersey. Is there panic setting in before the 2014 election? More on this later.

There has been unrest in Jersey over the past 5 years. People have stepped forward and taken to the streets. They have done this in small numbers but one cannot discount their bravery in doing so.

Here is a little reminder of some of the marches and shows of unrest that has happened in Jersey over the past 5 years. 

1. This video is of a protest march on Saturday the 4th of July 2009. The protest was against the States of Jersey (our government) our entire legal and judicial system and Attorney General who had just announced two, "alleged" child abusers were not going to face justice, on his say so.

Over here in little old Jersey, the Attorney General has the last say. Meaning the "alleged" victims of these "alleged" abusers can not take a Civil case against them. Indeed our Attorney General has just decided not to prosecute another ELEVEN cases of "alleged" child abuse "allegedly" committed by people who were employed by OUR GOVERNMENT.

2. Protest march in support of victims of abuse 

3. History in the making. A protest at the swearing in of the new Bailiff, Sir Michael Birt & Deputy Bailiff William Bailhache 

Im taking a bit of a rest over the coming 6 weeks. Time to recharge the batteries. I will have one thing and one thing only on my mind "The Committee of Enquiry" 

Rico Sorda

Part Time Investigative Journalist 


Ian Evans said...

Ill health, Cancer, and the f***ing lies of Government & Big Pharma!!!

Can you cure yourself of every ailment?


Introducing the "Suppa Duppa" machine, "Hemp oil", and a healthy "Gerson" diet....

Anonymous said...

Referendums, for some, are a much more engaged form of democracy, giving ‘the people’ a chance, between elections, to have their say on important matters that are likely to affect their lives. One might even suggest that previous governments would have fared better if certain contentious issues had been put to the public vote, particularly the wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, or perhaps even the pace and depth of current and future cuts in our public services.

However, the current referendum might not be as democratic as it first appears. The reason for this is because there is no minimum threshold for the referendum to be approved. Take for example, the Scottish referendum on devolution, held in 1979. In this particular case, the referendum had a minimum threshold of 40 per cent (known in technical jargon, as the ‘Cunningham amendment’). This meant that even if the majority of Scottish people voted ‘yes’ for devolution, this vote would only be accepted if a minimum of 40 per cent of the total electorate actually voted in the first place. Some have argued that this was deemed necessary, as otherwise there was a genuine fear that the referendum could be passed without real popular support.

Anonymous said...

Shows how much rubbish Sean Power is speaking after watching those videos. Where are the placards or demonstrations against the brave 28 who listened to the public? Complete and utter rubbish supported by a corrupt media.

voiceforchildren said...


Strangely enough I don't remember the State Media reporting "public outrage" or "public unrest" concerning the demonstrations featured in the videos on this Blog Posting. On the contrary I recall them playing down the demonstrations.

There is NO EVIDENCE of ANY public unrest/public outcry/outrage to back up Sean Power's and the State Media's propaganda but it is being spouted as fact.

But when there is (as evidenced in these videos) public outrage/unrest Sean Power is nowhere to be seen and the State Media play it down.

It will be interesting to see if Power supplies ANY evidence of his massive support or if the media will even question that it exists. Bearing in mind the "vast majority" of Island voters (74%) didn't vote for any option, let alone the feudalistic, Bailhache influenced, option B.

Anonymous said...

Mr Power, you are two faced. I met you a while back and you were scathing of Sir Philip Bailhache and his bully tactics, your words! two faced.

Ian Evans said...

Hi Rico,

You say...."Meaning the "alleged" victims of these "alleged" abusers can not take a Civil case against them."

They can take out a civil case against any abuser, but what they are forbidden to do is take out a "Private Criminal Prosecution" without the Attorney General's express permission.


emailed Deputy Power the other day to say that what he is saying is all wrong and that he is only going along with bailhache to stay with the power people. Deputy Power I hope never gets into the states again.The island has to keep the Senators so that the Chief Minister is vote on an Island wide vote. Only people who stand for Senator should have the right to stand for CM. Senators should been elected 1 month after the Deputies and you cannot stand for Senator if you have stood for Deputy and failed. Also 1 extra year term for Senators.

voiceforchildren said...


The Artist Taxi Driver speaking to Frankie Boyle about Rupert Murdoch and BBC News' agenda being reported as public outcry etc. when there is no such thing. HERE

Ian Evans said...

Max Igan, his finest....SPEECH