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Setting the record straight…
GST – in 2008 during my election campaign, I said, and I quote “I will robustly oppose any attempt to increase GST above 3%”.  I meant it.  I wrote it down in my manifesto. I assured colleagues and friends, and I partly campaigned on that basis.  Then the global credit crisis hit harder than any of could have imagined, and 3 years on from that statement, we were forced to consider how to increase revenue for Jersey.   I knew it could potentially cost me my political career to bring forward the proposal for the increase, and people who voted for me may not understand. But after all the research, advice, number crunching and assessments had been done, I was called to make the decision to propose a 2% increase, and the Council of Ministers and States Members agreed, voting in favour of the proposal. It was still the hardest moment of my political career, and a decision that I wish I had not had to make. It is some consolation to know that around the globe other less fortunate Treasury Ministers were faced with much tougher challenges, and that overall Jersey is in a good position.  To imagine we would have been entirely untouched by the global crisis though is unrealistic.
0/10 – When 0/10 was first introduced, the UK, who represents us in Europe, assured us it was compliant with the EU Code of Conduct.  We then introduced a personal tax provision for local residents called “Deemed Distribution”, and were assured that there were no foreseeable issues with it.  Then, again, the credit crisis hit and the political landscape throughout Europe and the UK changed dramatically.  Jersey went through endless amounts of scrutiny, always with a clean bill of health, and continued to meet the highest international standards.  Then in January 2011, the interaction of “Deemed Distribution” with 0/10, was found by the EU to give rise to harmful effects.  We looked at it, considered the options extensively, and decided that we could probably live with out the Deemed Distribution, even though really, we didn’t fee the EU should be dictating on matters of personal tax.
Some have questioned why 0/10 had to be introduced in the first place, given it would a deficit, but put quite simply, we were faced with the decision between long-term stability and competitiveness over short-term, resolvable financial pressure.  The misreporting, misleading statements issued by others, and commentary which overall has been confusing, and contributed to uncertainty in a time when we should have been focused on opportunity and recovery.
0/10 was, and still is, a very complicated issue, hard to explain and grasp.  The upshot of this whole process has been doubt over whether the Council of Ministers were telling the truth (we were), fodder for Jersey’s critics (which they use against us), and also people believing we had contradicted ourselves, (which we hadn’t). The whole situation has really brought home the need to communicate more, and better, something I am now striving to do.




"As we head into the election of 2014"


The Senator has been a states member for 13 years - he has risen through the ranks to become the Minister for Treasury and Resources - a position he has held  since 2008.  Has the Senator run his course? Where does he go next? If he was to get re-elected, and that is a big if, will he attempt a third term as treasury minister? Is it not time for new blood at the top of the ministerial tree? These are questions that must be looked at. I don't believe it's possible for Senator Ozouf to become Chief Minister. Yes, the States of Jersey can produce the ridiculous on numerous occasions, but Chief Minister? That would be a step into total Narnia. 

It would be unfair to say that Senator Ozouf has cocked everything up in Jersey or to lay the blame for everything at his door however one can be rest assured that he is not far away from every big decision that has affected the populace of Jersey. His popularity was strong when he first ran for election in 1999. Being the son of a former Constable of St Saviour he had a good knowledge of the election process. This proved so when he topped the poll in 1999 with 1,618 votes. In 2002 Deputy Ozouf became a Senator, topping the poll with 14,442 votes. The slide started when he went for re-election in 2008 when he came in 5th with 8,712 votes.

Here lies the problem for Senator Ozouf. Can he get re-elected as a Senator? The Finance Industry must be worried. The referendum, plus all the problems that came with it, has been rejected by the States of Jersey.  28 brave politicians.  Even the ones who have been flat-lining for a couple of years finally woke up and scuppered the master plan.  Who can be the next Treasury Minister? Who will be as big a cheerleader for the finance industry as Senator Ozouf.

 I could see Philip as a Foreign Affairs Minister. He is young, articulate, speaks fluent French - German and Bullsh*t.  All the attributes that one requires for the job. Father Time is on his stallion. He is racing towards the sleepy hamlet of Jersey. And what of Senator Ozouf's number two? Senator Alan Maclean? These two have been joined at the hip. Maclean has been at Economic Development since 2008. I don't believe that Alan Maclean will run for the states in 2014. I personally think that he has had enough.  Times are changing.  The old guard are moving on or simply dying off. That is father time. It can't be stopped. Everyone has a shelf life. Has the boy Ozouf reached his.

On a personal level I like talking to Philip Ozouf when the chance arises. Although we are miles apart in our beliefs I have always found him willing to engage and prove that he is right.  Senator Ozouf has done some very good things for Jersey and some not very good things - that is the minefield of politics. I believe that his conservative beliefs and the conservative nature of Jersey is going to be the death of this Island  unless some genuine consensus can be achieved. I'm not sure that this can be achieved with the current ministers. The referendum showed up their real agenda.

Senator Ozouf has voted many times and on many different issues during his political career in the States of Jersey but the ones that disgust me most are the ones concerning the CHILD ABUSE INVESTIGATION AND THE COMMITTEE OF ENQUIRY INTO DECADES LONG ABUSE IN THE JERSEY CARE SYSTEM. 

We he had the chance to stand up and be counted he went missing -  then he really did go missing as will be explained now.

When  the Committee of Enquiry proposition was debated in the States of Jersey on the 1st and 2nd of March 2011 Senator Ozouf voted against all  amendments and the main proposition. No matter what excuse he might have for doing this in my eyes there  is no excuse. For me it's like the ones who had a chance to do something when the abuse was happening and did nothing. Life gives you chance to do something right you must do accept this when the chance arrises. 

 Senator Ozouf was given a chance to redeem his previous decisions concerning the Committee of Enquiry. On the 6th March 2013 the Committee of Enquiry came back to the States of Jersey. This was for the new states members to rubber stamp it and give it the green light. This can be read here:

 What I find quite remarkable was that Senator Ozouf nor Senator Bailhace were present for the vote. They were in the States Chamber all morning as the new Police Station debate was taking place. A proposition about Child Abuse and they were absent.  Were they toasting the new Police Station Champagne? 

History has recorded the ones who have voted with a moral and social conscience  - there is no escaping that fact. 

What next for both Senator Maclean and Ozouf?

Is this double act coming to an end?

Senator Maclean looks fed up with toeing a party line that is simply not sustainable - even with the Jersey Media doing it's best to keep the public totally dumb. 

Father Time is on his stallion and heading our way.

Rico Sorda

Part Time Investigative Journalist


Anonymous said...


Glad you posted PO's explanation about why he u-turned on GST. I always wondered but now I understand and can see that he did the right thing. Thanks.

Freddy said...

Ozouf knows, and his PR people know, that he has no chance of getting re-elected as a States Senator come the next election.

Clearly his political cock-up's haven't helped but what's been most damaging is that really isn't a person on Jersey who doesn't know quite how treacherous, devious and manipulative a person he is. He has a deeply flawed character. That is what makes him un-electable on a Island wide mandate.

However he has either been led to believe by his advisors, or is still self confident enough to be of the opinion that it is possible for him to get back into the States via a Parish Deputies seat in the family heartland of St. Saviour's where his father was once Constable.

That is why he has been pushing for Option B and still is intent on abolishing the Senators through his recent proposition.

Philip Ozouf doesn't care about democracy or fairness. He cares only about himself.

Anonymous said...

"Then the global credit crisis hit harder than any of could have imagined, and 3 years on from that statement, we were forced to consider how to increase revenue for Jersey"

Twaddle. At least 3 people on the Senatorial hustings in 2008 pointed out repeatedly that we were heading for double dip recession rather worse than 'we are well placed to ride out the recession' Ozouf imagined.

Anonymous said...

The 2% rise in GST is absolute nonsense. It was a 66% rise.

Anonymous said...

0/10 was the worse thing to happen to our island.Its the whole reason gst was bought in on almost everything and despite pretending to find a way to tax companies it has never happened and I doubt if it is even seriously being looked out.This is why I believe we have uncontrolled immigration because the tax burden has firmly been put on the individual whether paying ITIS or GST,the more people here the bigger the tax take,that is until it all goes wrong and there are more unemployed claiming benefits.Ozouf's policies have completely destroyed this island in favour of big business.To say there is no alternative to 0/10 and GST is utter crap.

Anonymous said...

text you're link from

A little reminder.

''I would like to think the power of my unofficial title has been as a Senator who'd never forgotten St. Helier''

What about the equality for the voters of St. Helier?

Anonymous said...

Love the YouTube video above (link entitled "text you're link from"). For those who don't click on any old link, it's Philip Ozouf being laughed out of town at the 2008 St Helier senatorials. He came 5th out of the available 6 seats in the election.

Also worthy of note: Trevor Pitman and Nick Le Cornu's withering contempt of Ozouf. A joy to behold!

voiceforchildren said...


Exclusive interview with former Health Minister, Stuart Syvret, on political/judicial corruption and much MUCH MORE.

Anonymous said...

From Tony's Musings, a reminder of how Ozouf voted:-

That is no doubt why Senator Ozouf is trying to overturn the proposition which was originally brought by Deputy John Le Fondre. I made the following two predictions back in July 2009, when John Le Fondre originally proposed a one day "general election", and which, incidentally, Senator Ozouf supported.

Anonymous said...

"I could see Philip as a Foreign Affairs Minister. He is young, articulate, speaks fluent French - German and Bullsh*t. "


rico sorda said...

I wonder what Senator Gorst is planning regards his political future? What does he do next?

He has been Chief Minister, If he stands again and gets elected, do we think he could possibly get a second term as Chief? He could go for Treasury, but even that could look like a backward step. Will he become a backbencher? or is his time in Jersey Politics done?

There are some big changes coming. There is panic. They didn't get what they wanted with a reduced house of 42 members and a closed shop.

Where does Chief Minister Gorst go from here?

Anonymous said...

Gorst is politically finished thanks to Philip Bailhache showing he has no spine and doing all Bailhache's dirty work for him. Gorst will have nowhere left to go at the next election.

Anonymous said...

Those who attack the introduction of 0/10 never come up with an alternative. The fact is if we hadn't created 0/10 we would have still had to raise more tax to fill the void created in the finance industry by relocation of corporate business to other jurisdictions.

Anonymous said...

The other day I was talking to some people who attended a function where allegedly pip ozouf said words to the effect that he would dearly like to take over the position of health minister from deputy Pryke, but believed he would never get the chance as there was no one capable of taking over his position as treasury minister. BIG HEAD

Anonymous said...

Senators Ozouf, Le Marquand are not seeking re-election next year

Anonymous said...

Not seeking re-election, however Cohen and other many politicians have said the same thing, and then realised they will lose all their power, and free parking and jollies.

Then comes the well trodden and worn out excuse trotted out , " because of the number of people that have asked me to stand. I feel I have to put my name forward "

So transparent.

Anonymous said...

Realistically though, people like Cohen, Du Faye, Perchard, Shenton, and a few others, who have had short political power, and have not left a good impression....

Will they be applying again and asking/saying?: "because of the number of people that have asked me to stand I feel I have to put my name forward"?!

Anonymous said...

You must be living on another Island called Jersey. Philip Ozouf is respected a lot more than you seem to think and he cares a lot more about this Island than some of the people you rub shoulders with.

Anonymous said...

Originally Posted by thentherewere4
Yes. This network of clubs lodges associations and colleges allowed Savile to serve Philip and others on behalf of Mountbatten. Charles knows all about what happened because he's also in the same club.

"Interestingly HRH ER11 does not appear at these functions." - 'Course not.
Interestingly HRH ER11 does not appear at these functions." - 'Course not. Not to be taken as a royalist statement

It was in reference to the PATHE Newsreels and how it was usually LOUIS and PHILIP.

Butlins in with the big boys appears to have been LOUIS and or ANTHONY EDEN. You seem to be the man on Heath is there any link between, MOUNTBATTEN and HEATH in relation to Jersey?

TERRY DEVINE( proven associate of Savile) or TERENCE FREDERICK DEVINE is under the radar considering he was like glue to BUTLIN until his death and it looks like he still lives there. I think he is into yachting/ powerboats but can`t find out any info or photos?

Terry Devine Water Rat etc has he moved into Jersey High Society?

Devine is still alive and kicking in St Aubins, they own the hair salon called Matisse , Saville was there best man at his wedding (mrs Jean Devive) is the sister of Sheila Butlin, wife of the late Billy B

They have pictures all over their home of the beast, even after the exposure

Sorry this is a bit off topic but I think it's a very important piece to the puzzle