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On the 11th October 2013 Matthew Price interviewed Bruce Willing on his breakfast show concerning the issues surrounding the alleged Abuse Victim HG - the various reports - the forthcoming reports  and  the Dean of Jersey. This all relates to the previous suspension of the Dean of Jersey, the Very Reverend Bob Key, and the Korris report. 

The issues surrounding this whole affair have become vast when really it should only be about the alleged victim and safeguarding within  the Church of England. 

This brings me to the Bruce Willing interview conducted by Matthew Price on the 11th October. Now, Bruce Willing is certainly entitled to his opinion, and he  gave it, but the interview concerned me for a number of reasons. I was alarmed at how Bruce Willing was banding around Mental Health issues just to strengthen his argument. I noticed that he stated that he is a former church warden, just like the alleged abuser, so he might not be coming from a neutral position. He alleges that the Dean was hung out to dry without good reason - but if one looks at the Korris report there would seem to be ample reason for the suspension (a neutral act) and let us not forget that the Dean himself refused to take part in the Korris Report.  

Alleged victim "H.G."

Bob Key "R.K."

Page 9.

5 days later R.K responded from his dean of jersey work email account saying, “I have not been able to access my email for a few days so have only just found this”.This seems disingenuous as H.G. had not sent her email to that address. It implies that Dean R.K. had just discovered its contents whereas it is highly likely that he had already discussed it with other recipients, not least with Vicar

Page 17.

On the subject of requesting a church warden to relinquish his duties Dean R.K. expressed concern about how the people on Jersey would react. Later R.K. reported, “In Jersey there is a real feeling that suspending someone reverses the burden of proof in the public mind. Instead of our much cherished ‘innocent until proven guilty’, the suspended person becomes thought of (no matter what those in authority may say), as ‘Guilty until exonerated’

Page 23.

H.G. felt disbelieved and publicly humiliated. In reaction to her sense of getting no adequate response to any of the issues she raised she appealed to the higher authority of the Bishop, to Lambeth Palace, and to the media in the form of BBC Jersey, all to no effect. Following this she went on a much publicised offensive against any number of people connected to the Church.

Page 25.

Following this H.G. was arrested for breaking a harassment order, brought before the magistrate and as she had no money, was at that time of no fixed abode and appeared mentally distressed, she was remanded in custody.

Safeguarding Advisor J.F. records her concern at these extreme measures and worked at setting up care for her with the prison chaplain. She is shocked when on 11th October H.G. was bound over and summarily deported from the Island for three years and put on a plane with no-one to meet her, no planned accommodation and no money. J.F. wrote to Bishop Michael, “Whilst I don’t think this is our responsibility in that the court decision and action was not of our making, I do feel we have a basic responsibility, as we would have for anyone, to do all we can to ensure her wellbeing

Page 33.

There seems to be no spirit of willingness or inquiry in this matter. I found that some of the Island clergy had been actively discouraged by the Dean of Jersey from fully engaging with me and therefore complying with the Bishop’s request.

Page 37

However, as a result of the absence, or withholding, of records on Jersey and Dean R.K.’s resistance to co-operate with my requests, against the expressed desire of his Bishop, I have had to look more deeply into the possible reasons for this and comment upon whether there are disciplinary matters involved.

Page 37

The Church let H.G. down. Despite the difficulties of her background and disablement, and struggle with some everyday practicalities, H.G. was none-the-less in employment, pursuing hobbies, socializing and wanting to be accepted in the church community. Over the next three years H.G.’s life changed from having no history of being in trouble with the law, to having a police record and being a displaced person, homeless on the streets of the mainland.
Page 38.

Dean R.K. has not refuted H.G.’s description of their meeting. The only witness was Dean R.K.’s personal assistant who is his wife and she has refused to be interviewed for this Review.

Page 40.

Safeguarding Advisor J.F. described the annual training sessions on Safeguarding she had offered on Jersey over the past seven or eight years. She was not aware that the Dean of Jersey had attended at any time.

This is what Bruce Willing is failing to acknowledge. This where Matthew Price should have been stepping in and challenging Mr Willing. He states that the Korris Report is biased, unfair and in some cases completely wrong. He sounds amazed that the Report was completed without the cooperation of the alleged victim HG. That didn't stop BDO Alto releasing their  report on the Financial Management of Operation Rectangle without interviewing the main person DCI Lenny Harper. I wonder what Mr Willing made of that? This was published by the Jersey State Media and  run as Gospel - complete with Ministerial support one should add. 

The way Mr Willing dismisses HG from 4 minutes onwards is staggering. He makes it quite clear that this is not about the alleged victim. Then he starts on about her Mental Health issues. The 'VOICE' of the victim has again been smothered. 

I believe that everyone who appears on the Matthew Price breakfast show should be properly challenged. That goes for everyone. If I was to again appear on the Matthew Price show I would expect to be challenged on what I was saying. The Breakfast Show is  BBC Jersey's flag ship show. They must up their game. It is the only show I listen to on BBCJ. There are so many issues now facing Jersey that it is time for some tough talking.  Anyone who sits in front of Matthew Price must realise that they are not been given a platform without challenge. The Matthew Price interview  conducted with former Deputy Bob Hill which features on the VFC blog was very good. This was helped by the intelligence of the person being interviewed. Jersey needs the BBCJ to up their game.

I have emailed Matthew Price and BBCJ and let them know my feelings and if they would like to reply to my concerns. This is about the greater good of Jersey. The Breakfast Show is important. I have offered them a chance to reply to my comments so I can consider publishing them on my blog. I want to engage so we can move forward and make it better and more challenging for everyone.

Here is the email I sent:

From: rico sorda [
Sent: 12 October 2013 09:35
To: Matthew Price - Jersey
Subject: New Blog Posting

Hi Matthew,

I will be doing a posting on the interview you conducted with Bruce Willing this Friday morning. I'm not going to be holding back on this idiot. There are two points that I will be looking at and they are.

!. Who exactly is Bruce Willing ("BW")

2. The quality of the interview

I believe if someone like BW is going to be allowed to spurt his opinion without challenge by an opposing view at the same time then it is down to the interviewer to maintain some balance. The man was using Mental Health issues to further his argument without having any concern to the issues of Mental Health, and secondly, the day after Mental Health day. He was very misleading on the bounding over of HG.

Here is where I bring you in Matthew. I thought you let him have a platform to spout his nonsense without challenge. You could have, and should have, pulled him up. I believe you are researched enough on these issues to have done so. This is where the creditability of BBC Jersey can be improved amongst the public. If you had seriously challenged him Matthew, and you should have, we would be speaking positively right now. My posting wont be a BBC /Matthew Price bashing piece as that is not where I want to go but everybody needs to up their game. Don't let people use the breakfast show to spout nonsense. Let everybody know that if they come on the Matthew Price show in the morning that the Bullsh*t gets left at the door. That means everybody. Even if I was to appear on the breakfast show I want to be challenged. The Bruce Willing piece should be the end of giving people a platform without challenge. I know Bob Hill was on later but the damage had been done. The issues of Mental Health are very close to my heat and it sickened me the way that idiot was using it to further his argument.

If there is anything you would like to say on my posting then I will make sure it is added. Even if it's just a quote.

You might not agree with what I say but I believe all feedback is positive.

This email will feature on my posting any reply will be treated with discretion

Kind Regards

Rico Sorda

I did let my feelings get the better of me by calling Mr Willing an idiot but the way he was using Mental Health issues with no concern to HG was appalling and still makes my blood boil.

I will keep readers informed of any developments. Like I have said in the email I'm not posting to bash the BBC I simply want them to up their game. The future of Jersey demands it. 

Rico Sorda

Part Time Investigative Journalist


voiceforchildren said...


Who is supporting deported ABUSE VICTIM?

Ian Evans said...

Bruce (not so) Willing is a disgrace to humanity. What alternative was given to H.G when confronted with having to leave the island, more prison time?

"let's put this very unfortunate woman to one side" LOL, you've already done that!

The Church, as always, are dealing with a crisis of their own making, just look back through history!!!

Jacques said...

I hope that this lady is receiving the help and support that she needs. The church of england have not been very charitable.

Anonymous said...

Bruce Willing sees the dean as the victim! This is a sick joke right?

Anonymous said...

I agree with you about BW but wish you hadn't called him an idiot - perhaps that undermined your argument calling him an idiot. Both he and PB are bringing the Church into disrepute, in my opinion.

Anonymous said...

Bruce Willing, ex forces, all round busy-body and snob, the kind of suck up t****r the Bailhache's love.

rico sorda said...

Like I said in my main posting I did let my emotions get the better for me.

"I did let my feelings get the better of me by calling Mr Willing an idiot but the way he was using Mental Health issues with no concern to HG was appalling and still makes my blood boil."

His interview, and his arrogance towards the plight of HG was off the scale. He is the embodiment of the Culture we have been and continue to fight.


Anonymous said...

Bruce Willing, a former church warden at Grouville Church. They hunt in packs. Are we witnessing the last hooray from the jersey old guard....

Anonymous said...

Re Rico at 9.11 pm - I agree. Those who speak of mental health issues with no knowledge do a lot of damage.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes it's just hard to see lessons ever being learnt. Any church, institution or government operating out of the same old abuse denial playbook is taking a big risk in the internet age.

The Roman Catholic Church did not fall into disrepute because a number of priests turned out to be paedophiles. Catholicism is continuing to destroy itself in the eyes of the world because of the near constant revelations (almost everywhere, now) of Church abuse enabling, complicity and cover-up, ESPECIALLY the threats and mistreatment of sexual abuse victims. who complained.

Church of England, Church of Jersey, governments and Care institutions everywhere should take note. Just how is that coverup working out for the Vatican these days?


Anonymous said...

There are all too many churchgoers and officials who are so removed from the meaning of Christ's words, they would arrogantly expect a returned Christ to join them for luxurious private luncheons in private clubs instead of His washing the feet of the faithful or showing comfort and unconditional support to the vulnerable Christians like HG. What shame they should feel. What shame.

Zoompad said...

Staffordshire have refused to make the Pindown Report available to the victims of Pindown child abuse, they are even being told by anonymous advisors that it isn't in the best interests of victims of Pindown to have this report and other Pindown reports publicly available, and they are also pretending they don't even have a copy of the report any more!

I managed to get a copy of it second hand, and one of the first things I noticed in it was that Dr Ludwig Lowenstein (one of the people who was attacking me on Mothers For Justice) was involved in it, as a witness. Now I am wondering who the anonymous person is that is telling lies by saying that it isn't in the best interests of people like me to have it available!

Zoompad said...

I've also been attacked on Aangirfans blog. He/she was letting me get bullied 2 days ago on that blog and denied me the chance to defend myself against the attacks.

The next day, a blog post all about me was posted on Aangirfan. Its been taken down now (but I managed to copy it first!)

Its reminding me of the old Farce Blog days, the nasty attacks.

Zoompad said...

"I hope that this lady is receiving the help and support that she needs. The church of england have not been very charitable."

Help and support, are you joking? The Church of England has done nothing but cover up Pindown child abuse.

I'm a Pindown child abuse survivor and a Christian believer and the C of E has treated me like dog poo. All they want to do is cover it all up. I even had one C of E vicar (Michael Hayes from St Marys C of E church in Market Drayton) trying to stop me praying every week (silently, not ranting or anything, just faithful silent praying) for myself and other victims and whistleblowers of Pindown abuse to Jesus Christ! He actually tried to get me to stop pestering Jesus about it.

Anonymous said...

Thank Rico, for those of you who don't know, I am not even mentally ill, I am autistic, diagnozed as suffering severe post-traumatic stress disorder, and repeatedly assessed as free from mental illness. The stress of what I suffered in Jersey caused dangerous levels of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and sent me out of control as the church destroyed and excluded me for being an abuse victim who spoke up. HG

Zoompad said...

Oh, I forgot to mention, Michael Hayes was actually a Jesuit, educated at Maynooth, but put in charge of a C of E church in Market Drayton - and there was a Catholic church a few yards down the road from St Marys, so basically that meant Market Drayton had in effect 2 catholic churches and no C of E church!

Anonymous said...

All Bloggers, I would like to send you an 'open letter in response to people like Bruce Willings and Senator Bailhache, who appear to continue to make my 'metal health' into an excuse to dismiss me, despite quite apparently having no understanding of mental health and no knowledge of my diagnosis, they are showing themselves up as both being unchristian and being in the dark ages.

Zoompad said...

"Thank Rico, for those of you who don't know, I am not even mentally ill, I am autistic, diagnozed as suffering severe post-traumatic stress disorder, and repeatedly assessed as free from mental illness. The stress of what I suffered in Jersey caused dangerous levels of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and sent me out of control as the church destroyed and excluded me for being an abuse victim who spoke up. HG "

HG, thats the same as me almost, I also have Asperger Syndrome, and PTSD (because of the horrible bullying I've had to endure over the Pindown and Secret Family Courts abuses and cover ups) but in my case I have been blocked from investigations and Stafford Police have labelled me as a "MENTALLY ILL ATTENTION SEEKER" (PC Scott told me that I was that to my face)

Anonymous said...

zoompad, I am sorry to hear of your suffering and just how unenlightened the authorities are to suffering and psychological damage and the autistic spectrum, thank you for sharing that.
Somewhere, somehow the cycle of abuse and the damage resulting from abuse being used against the abusers has got to stop. HG

Anonymous said...

Rico, I meant to say Thank you at the beginning of the post earlier, sorry it just reads 'Thank'.
Thank you for what you have said and done here, I truly appreciate the support. HG

Anonymous said...

Comment 14 October 2013 09:02 from
"Bob, I would like to send you and other bloggers a letter regarding the continued use of the Jersey church of my supposed 'mental illness' to invalidate me. Such behaviour by them is as far from Christianity as it is possible to get and shows up that the church is not about Jesus, and it shows that they are in the dark ages and discriminate and patronize. Also that other islanders with 'metal health issues' will be treated the same if they are abused. As you know, at our meeting with John Gladwin, Christine Daley said I was not mentally ill, and my psychological reports both in La Moye and the recent report, show that I am not mentally ill, it is an exuse by the church and that is all."


So it appears that HG has several expert reports assessing that she is NOT mentally ill.

So is Bruce Willing broadcast suggesting that she is mentally ill .......
libel -on the grounds that it is untrue ?
a breach of HG's right to data protection -on the grounds that it is damaging and upsetting?

Thanks to Bailhache's data protection breach HG's real name is known by a good number of people and the broadcast was no doubt digitally processed.

Is taxpayers money and 'Jersey justice' only available to the establishment's favoured and to it's blackshirts ?

Anonymous said...

Legal abuse syndrome: PTSD

Ian Evans said...

Jersey Police & Jersey Police Complaints Authority now covering up complaints that were NEVER EVEN MADE

Anonymous said...

Just to say, my 'real name' is known by no-one as far as I know, because in order to escape continued interference in my life by the Diocese and further criminal convictions by the Diocese when I objected to their further interventions, I legally changed my name quite some time ago. HG

Anonymous said...

Anon 2.30pm, maybe we should have a secret trial against Senator Bailhache and his friends under the data protection act?

Zoompad said...

I just listened to some of that video clip of the radio broadcast and I recognised Bruce Willings voice, I have heard that voice before, but never heard the name Bruce Willing before this.

Who is he? Is there a photo or better still, some video of him talking anywhere?

Anonymous said...

Bruce Willing is part of Grouville church, one of the wealthy and status brigade who usually hold positions in church to boost their egos and look good, and they tend to forget the whole point of church while they are at it. Which he is certainly proving in his high-profile involvement in this matter.

Anonymous said...

@Zoompad 10:26
Bruce Willing smiling out of the pages of the Jersey Evening Pravda

Other stuff that google throws up:

Bruce Willing CBE. Independent Management Consulting Professional

ex Brigadier at British Army, Coy Comd at 1 R Hamps; Education: Victoria College, Jersey

Zoompad said...

There's loads of willing people in all sorts of top jobs, how interesting, I never heard this surname before,,d.d2k

they all seem to have done very well for themselves, family wise

rico sorda said...

Hi HG,

Thank you for the comments. I can only apologise for the way certain people who inhabit our beautiful island have treated you. The Bruce Willing audio is essential listening for anyone who wants to get a grip of a certain culture we face in this Island. This man unfortunately is not alone in how he thinks. All we can do is fight against it and expose it.

Take good care of yourself.

We will not give up in fighting the against these toxic people.


Anonymous said...

zoompad, it's because they are willing that they do well. lol

Anonymous said...

"We will not give up in fighting the against these toxic people.


So you are referring to the Dean and his Church as toxic are you?

voiceforchildren said...


Former Health Minister Stuart Syvret demands "LAWFUL COURT"

Zoompad said...

My Twitter account has been taken over by someone.

Its saying I am already logged in when I'm not.

My Google account keeps being logged out by someone as well.

Zoompad said...

I am going to keep offline for a few days, I have had to spend all day trying to get my social networking back off the evil creatures who have hacked me.

I am absolutly worn out with all this.

Steve Messham has also been targetted, he's said so on Twitter he has had nasty messeges sent to him. I am worried that my account might have been used to do it, he hasn't said who the people who sent him bad messages are, I wished he would.

I am absolutly worn out with all this, and can well understand why people are driven to suicide by cyberbullying, it is a horrible horrible crime.

I'll give the internet a break for a few days to recover my strength. At least I've posted all the Pindown report now, please please please will people read it and download it, thanks.

Ian Evans said...

Syvret, Kangaroo Courts, Data Protection, Jersey Corruption, and the FILTHY FOUR

Ian Evans said...

Bailhache, the Church, and H.G.

Zoompad said...

HG, keep strong and know you're not alone, there's a lot of us they have done this sort of thing to, always keep hope in your heart, don't let anyone take that away xx

Anonymous said...

Bruce willing and his sick ilk are no more christian in their way of life than Jimmy Saville..hypocrites without integrity hateful and contemptouous

voiceforchildren said...


Chairperson for Child Abuse Committee of Inquiry NOMINATED

Anonymous said...

Posted on Bob Hills blog.

Dear Bob,
Perhaps before Bruce Willing climbs any higher onto his little pedestal he should look at the antics of his brother Martin over many past years, kettle, pot ,black springs to mind. When will these 'little' men with absolutely zero moral compass stop behaving like 'the second coming' and face their own skeletons in the cupboard, oh and by the way ex. army titles do NOT get carried forward into civilian life.