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2 "An internal disciplinary procedure was then followed in respect of the teacher. This involved an investigation by officers from the Education, Sport and Culture Department and a disciplinary panel hearing chaired by the Director of Education. The Department can confirm appropriate action has been taken. "

One of the main major concerns coming out of ''Operation Rectangle" the decades long child abuse in state run care homes in jersey is the culture of concealment. Everything is secret. No one has a right to know anything. Look at the written answers below and just marvel at the in house secrecy concerning a starting pistol being discharged in a school gym and a child ending up in accident and emergency after THE CHILD  REPORTED IT TO HIS MOTHER ON RETURNING HOME.

A disciplinary panel  chaired by the Director of Education, Mario Lundy. I mean really - are we being serious here. 

What really concerns me is the lack of questioning by the vast majority of states members and there amazing inability to show any concern that  Education Sport and Culture are investigating themselves with all matters  remaining secret. How can that be good for anybody? Simply ridiculous. The teacher was fined £1,000 in the Magistrate Court and has now returned to work. 

Let us just recap on what is remaining secret here. I mean, was there a serious breakdown in policy and procedures? How does anybody know that they have been put right if no one is allowed to see the reports. We are talking about children. Yes, children or don't we give a damn about their safety?

Nothing has been learnt. Absolutely nothing.  We have a Committee of Enquiry into child abuse about to start and yet we are shrouded in secrecy.  

 Read the answers below and ask yourself this: Has anything really changed!!!

I again post the words of the child's mother again:

Incident at school on Monday 13th May 2013

"I came home from work on what I thought was a normal day until my son came in from school after catching the bus home and said to me "You will never guess what happened to me at school today" I looked at him and saw that he had a bloodshot eye and black specks all over his face.

I asked him what had happened and he said "(teacher’s name) shot me in the face with a starter pistol" I could not believe my ears! I thought when you sent your child to school they were in a safe place!! I then went on to ask him numerous questions including why had I not been contacted by the school, what time did it happen, did he not get to medical and A&E? Once it had all registered I asked him how exactly it happened and did anyone else see what happened and when it happened?

My son then went on to tell me it was during his 2nd lesson of the day, he was playing 5 aside football in the sports hall, (why would a teacher be in possession of a starter pistol at an indoor 5 a side football match?) was talking to his mate and something made him turn around and as he did he was temporarily blinded by what hit him in the eye. He told me that The teacher quickly took him into the toilets to go and wash his eye and face and then when they came back into the hall (teacher’s name) told the class that none of them were to repeat what had just happened to anyone or he would get the sack.

My Son then went to medical to seek advice about his eye and saw the head of P.E. at the same time and told him what had just happened. After this he took him back to class where, my son told me, 5 of his classmates told him that (teacher’s name) had said just before he pulled the trigger "watch this I'm going to shoot "pupil x"

As soon as I heard the full story I was straight on the phone to the school to speak to the head teacher, when I asked him why I had not been contacted, the moment this had happened (the second class of the day) he told me he knew nothing about the incident and would have to go off and speak to his staff and come back to me, which he did within minutes.

I then took my son to A&E to get his eye checked which clearly should have been done via school that morning but WAS NOT.

I then took it upon myself the following morning to get in contact with the Education Department to report it and I also reported it to the police. 
I still need a lot of questions answered, which include: -

Why did a teacher have access to a gun?

Why did he have it in an enclosed environment during a 5 aside football lesson?

Why was I not contacted for such a major incident in a school?

Why was the headmaster not informed?

My son and my family feel let down by the school and the Education Department; when answering questions in the States from Deputy Trevor Pitman, the Education Minister had said that I had been kept informed of the case throughout. This is not how I see it because you can imagine my horror when I discovered the teacher had been allocated a class to teach this term (school roster sent to parents). This is after he had been found guilty in the magistrate’s court of discharging a firearm and still subject to an internal investigation. It was only as a result of Deputy Pitman’s question I discovered the rosters were printed some four months earlier.

I would have hoped the Education Department would have warned me about (teacher’s name) appearing on the roster, if the Department were keeping me informed as Deputy Ryan said it was.

Deputy Ryan also said, in the states, that my son had made a full recovery. If he was talking in the physical sense he could be right but this episode has had a lasting damaging emotional effect on our whole family who has lost confidence in the school and the department and I no longer feel my children are safe at school.

I have also discovered, partly due to Deputy Pitman’s questions, that the teacher, or the terrifying incident, is subject of an internal enquiry. I have not been told what the Terms of reference are for this enquiry, is it a disciplinary enquiry, a procedural enquiry, what is it if I am being kept informed I should have been told this."(END)

Will the Minister advise –
  1. (i)  how many investigations have taken place in relation to the starting pistol incident at Le Rocquier school;
  2. (ii)  what these were;
  3. (iii)  who conducted them;
  4. (iv)  how many have been concluded and how many are ongoing;
  5. (v)  what the conclusions were?
Will the Minister be publishing these reports, and if not, why not?


There are five investigations into the incident as follows:
  1. An investigation was carried out by States of Jersey Police immediately after the incident. The outcome of that is a matter of public record.

  2. An internal disciplinary procedure was then followed in respect of the teacher. This involved an investigation by officers from the Education, Sport and Culture Department and a disciplinary panel hearing chaired by the Director of Education. The Department can confirm appropriate action has been taken.
    All matters relating to internal disciplinary proceedings for States of Jersey staff are treated as confidential.
    Information was provided to the disciplinary panel on the basis of confidentiality and is therefore exempt under Article 3.2 (b) of the Code of Practice on Public Access to Official Information. In addition, publication is exempt under Article 3a (xiii) of the Code on the grounds that that it would prejudice employer/employee relationships or the effective conduct of personnel management.
    The documents produced for the disciplinary hearing refer directly to the employee so the Data Protection (Jersey) Law 2005 also applies. There is a presumption against disclosure of sensitive personal information.

  3. A separate investigation was carried out into health and safety issues and accident reporting processes relating to this incident. This was conducted by an officer from the ESC Department. It was concluded that school sports activities could continue without starting
pistols and the firearms were removed from all States schools as a result. Other actions resulting from this review have not yet been concluded.
This is an internal report that contains confidential information relating to a number of individuals and there are no plans for publication.

  1. To assist the governing body of the school the ESC Director has commissioned a health and safety review of the school by independent external advisers. This will provide the school with an assessment of specific issues that might need to be addressed in terms of day-to-day policy and practice. There are no plans to publish this review as public disclosure was not part of the remit when it was commissioned.

  2. The Health and Safety Inspectorate were informed by the Law Officers of the incident and are reviewing the case with respect to the legal requirements under the Health and Safety at Work (Jersey) Law 1989. Disclosure of information is restricted under this law. A copy of their report will be forwarded to the Attorney General. 


Anonymous said...

Lundy is retiring soon, just before the committee of historic child abuse gets started
(Band on the run)
Will they be speaking on Skype to him , he's going on the run to Florida

Anonymous said...

why all the secrecy? is a starting pistol not a firearm

Anonymous said...

Maybe he is taking a tip from Mr Warcup, you know the one about refusing to speak to any investigating committee.
Of course Mr Warcup did not have the full protection like full tax payer funded legal representation.

Maybe moving to Florida he just hopes to plead the fifth amendment.

voiceforchildren said...


Further proof that our children are no safer now than they were pre-HDLG. The exact same culture of secrecy that allowed abuse/paedophilia to thrive for decades is displayed in the written "answers" from the Education Minister.

Furthermore the vast majority of States Members don't have a single question to ask concerning this continued in-house secrecy concerning a child protection issue.

The HDLG atrocities could happen all over again and if people think "lessons have been learnt" or things are different now then they are deluding themselves.

Anonymous said...

I thought the question and answer session yesterday was pretty clear. This is just another issue of which you seem to not understand the meaning of confidentiality.

Zoompad said...

In Jersey, Child Protection is just one big massive fail, and if you care too much (like Syvret did) they'll bang you up in jail.

Zoompad said...

"The HDLG atrocities could happen all over again"

Do you actually think the atrocities have stopped? Because I don't.

Sorry to sound like a broken record, but my personal experience of the Secret Family Courts, the things I personally witnessed - the bantering and light hearted joviality of the legal parasites who were persecuting the living daylights out of me over a 7 year period in itself is enough to convince me that they think themselves as untouchables, people who can do whatever they damned well want to, with zero consequences.

The Secret Family Courts are forcably adopting children, and I personally know of good mothers who have lost their children for reasons that you would not dream anyone would want to put a child in Social Services care for, such as trying to protect them from a father that they thought was abusing the children, or not keeping their house clean enough.

Colin Tucker, ex Director of Childrens Services in Birmingham (Birmingham City Council are refusing to say why he was suddenly suspended but he was involved in a scandal in Ethiopia concerning boys being sexually abused by Charity care workers from the UK) is in charge of an Adoption agency in the Midlands.

You need to look at the fostering and adoption agencies to check how safe cared for children really are, because there are some well dodgy characters running some of them, and they're very lucrative. ACORN Fostering in Staffordshire was offering £520 per week per child. That is a lot of money!

Anonymous said...

Rico you do cover a lot of stories in which you know you not be privy to get any further information on so where do you expect this one to go?

Judge Made Law in Jersey #FreeSyvretNow said...

Anonymous @ 8:27 AM

"confidentiality" is an interesting concept. It has different meanings in different places.

Let's start a study of what "confidentiality" means in Jersey :

- Non investigation of child abuse

- Trying to avoid a Committee of Inquiry into decades of appalling child abuse

- Delaying said CoI as long as possible, particularly enabling key witnesses to make good their getaway (see comment #1)
People the police described as "Priority Suspects"

- Using considerable resources to undermine, bully and scare off victims / other witnesses. Denying that the abuse took place or even that the victim was at HDLG

- fobbing vulnerable and possibly desperate victims off with derisory compensation packages valuing their damaged or ruined lives at form a few thousand pounds up to the maximum of a mid range motor-car for the very worst cases
NB what about confidentiality clauses and implications for the CoI ????

- Spending well well over 10 times the total of the compensation packages on : lawyers to avoid blame or compensation, denying abuse, PR consultants, undermining abuse enquiries, lying about facts and evidence, loosing evidence and attacking all advocates for abuse survivors, right up to the then Chief of Police.

- .............
- .............
- .............

- Oh, and the £300,000+ (+ £2m?) super-injunction to prevent public interest disclosure concerning liars/concealers, internet victim bullies and "priority suspects" etc.

Do you genuinely not see that there is a problem with Jersey's "Culture of errrr...... Confidentiality"
Or is it A-Okay for history to repeat itself ........ as it surely will ?

Click on my name to sample the St.Ouen Broadcasting Co. and test your blindness to obvious truths.

#FreeSyvretNow on Twitter

Anonymous said...

Who is the confidentiality agreement between who are the parties? Who is seeking protection with the confidentiality agreement?

This has to be a public interest story. To slap a confidentiality.

The meaning of confidentiality is understood the reason it is being used is not.

Anonymous said...



Thankfully some people who were not privy to information and not happy to accept the spin fed via the media or government officials have slowly managed to get to the truth they knew existed.

Anonymous said...

"An internal disciplinary procedure was then followed in respect of the teacher. This involved an investigation by officers from the Education, Sport and Culture Department and a disciplinary panel hearing chaired by the Director of Education. The Department can confirm appropriate action has been taken."

What is appropiate action? Cleaning the toilets for a week? Doing the tuck shop for a month? Running around the playing field in the rain? Pistol shooting training? Seriously, what is appropriate action?

Anonymous said...

"A separate investigation was carried out into health and safety issues and accident reporting processes relating to this incident. This was conducted by an officer from the ESC Department. It was concluded that school sports activities could continue without starting
pistols and the firearms were removed from all States schools as a result"

Why are starting pistols removed and not the teacher who pulled the trigger? How carzy is that?

Whistle-blower 999 said...

"pistols and the firearms were removed from all States schools as a result"

Perhaps this statement requires a bit of further investigation by Jersey's Journalists (the voluntary sector ones obviously)

I read somewhere that Victoria College has a quite a significant arsenal of weapons, including some quite quite heavy ones. Real kill-you-dead firearms not imitation ones.
Is this still the case or have they too been removed ?

Are they still there but under the charge of people who periodically wear CCF hats ? -conveniently putting these weapons on site, but outside "the safety net" ?

Also, like the other fee paying schools Victoria College is States funded but is it classed as amongst "all States schools" in the above statement?
This may be a moot point (Senator Sir Philip Bailhache----------A Man of Influence---Part 1.) etc :

Victoria College obviously had it's years of sexual predation and the non-reporting and cover-up thereof. But this brings up another concern regarding Jersey schools culture of concealment.

I do not think it inappropriate to tell you any of the following: A couple of years ago a Victoria College boy suffered a serious and life-changing head injury. During a school CCF session he fell approximately 30 feet onto tarmac/concrete where he lay semi conscious (other boys got photos on their phones!) The teacher's reaction was (understandably???) panic struck rather than immaculately professional but the boy was got to hospital fairly quickly.

The parents were obviously devastated by the state this accident left their son in and were then further devastated by the school's reaction which was basically "sorry but your son is responsible for his own safety and this is nothing to do with Victoria College". They seemed quite prepared to let middle earning parents struggling to pay school fees to also have to absorb the potential long term financial cost of this accident as well as the life-changing injury.

The previously comfortably middle class parents were totally at a loss what to do but ironically this is an episode in which Chief Inspector Minty can be cast as one of the good guys and their dire situation was saved in a case of who you know not what you know. A few well placed words and both social security and the school's insurers were involved.

We do not have an update on the extent of the child's recovery but we wish him and his parents well.

This near tragedy does bring home just how quickly anyone's life can change and how important it is that those in charge of the island's children genuinely start putting their welfare first rather than trying to cover up and avoid responsibility.

Clearly a long way to go yet.

Anonymous said...

I know the boy and he's doing great now, no thanks to the Education Department. There are several teachers that are being badly bullied by Head teachers in Jersey. Many are on Anti-depressants just to cope. The HR and others at the Education Department know who these Heads are but do nothing about it. When this blows it will blow. Another Saville case in that they have no Duty of Care to their staff, and know all about it.

Anonymous said...

It's difficult to maintain an entire system based on the politics of fear. There will always be that risk of good people of conscience emerging. Fear works both sides of this equation. The good may fear retaliation for telling the truth, but at least they have nothing to hide. Which side trembles in fear now?

Anonymous said...

Sorry to change the subject but just bumped into this.

Minister Ian Le Marquand in his a hearing with Graham Power and his representative [Dr Timothy Brain ] said he was a corporate sole and could not go against an earlier corporate decision to suspend Graham Power.

Although the quote below is from the employment board law, it must also capture ministers as they are also corporate soles.

Therefore, if I am reading this correctly, he could have acted as a natural person and reinstated the retired police chief and was not bound as he stated. Why did Ian Le Marquand not revisit the decision, and why did he say he could not, when surrounded by states employed lawyers ?

(b) so far is as possible for a body corporate, exercise the rights, powers and privileges and incur the liabilities and obligations of a natural person of full age and capacity.


Corrupted sole...YOU ARE GOING DOWN MY CHILD said...

Good find @8:37
"(b) so far is as possible for a body corporate, exercise the rights, powers and privileges and incur the liabilities and obligations of a natural person of full age and capacity."

Rico was very persistent but I think they refused to give him any info on "corporate sole"

If (b) applies then the get out might be that ILM as "corporate sole" did not have the obligations etc of a natural person of full capacity ....

....... because "capacity" was impaired due to his MORAL DEFICIT

Clearly codswallop that you can't change a decision.

Anonymous said...

Mario Lundy investigating child abuse - like Hitler investigating genocide

Anonymous said...

Did you see the launch of the "Life is precious" campaign (cutting can be seen here) recently? The JEP, the Walkers, various other establishment types desperate to seem caring......

What a pity "Life is precious" didn't apply to abuse victims! What a bunch of sickening hypocrites!

Anonymous said...

These parodies writing themselves are becoming extreme. This is all going to make some kind of stranger than fiction movie. Jersey should prepare. Too may twists and turns feature the same corrupt players and theres no room to hide now.

Anonymous said...

"Mario Lundy investigating child abuse - like Hitler investigating genocide"

Please explain?

Anonymous said...

"In Jersey, Child Protection is just one big massive fail, and if you care too much (like Syvret did) they'll bang you up in jail."

Contempt of Court was the charge I believe.

Póló said...

Anonymous @ 9:11

Follow the big picture.

Zoompad said...

"Mario Lundy investigating child abuse - like Hitler investigating genocide"

Please explain?

What's to explain? I think most people will understand the metaphor very easily.

The Monty Python team are getting back together. What a pity it will be, and what a waste of good satarical materiel if they don't do a sketch about the current goings on in Jersey! Can't someone contact John Cleese, he'd have even less work to do than when he did Basil Fawlty, all the matierial is already there written for him already! John Cleese does obnoxious pompous corrupt characters so well, surely he'd jump at the chance of portaying Phil Bailhache!

If we can't stop the corruption at least let us all have a laugh at it, we Brits have always sustained ourselves with satire, even during both World Wars.

Whistle-blower 999 said...

Re "Mario Lundy investigating child abuse - like Hitler investigating genocide" "Please explain?"

The metaphor should be clear to the aspergic in all of us.

The poster may have been asking for details rather than explanation as such.

It is not appropriate to give details at this stage.

Mario Lundy's illustrious career has taken him through HDLG and other abuse-linked establishments, unbelievably to the dizzy heights of Head of Education. (where he remains to this day)

I believe he was mentioned on a number of occasions in court “the most violent and cruel of them all” and the judge had to interrupt on the grounds that Mr. Lundy was NOT on trial.

Bill (handshake) Ogley put up an heroically robust defence of Mr. Lundy.
"you will have to go through me first" I think was the phrase.

What makes Mr. Lundy so charmed and untouchable, one can only wonder.

On receipt of police files, Jersey's Attorney General declined to prosecute 11 suspects relating to HDLG etc. Some of whom have remained in the employment of the States and with access to the vulnerable or children.

"Only in Jersey", I would like to say. Sadly not.......

Anonymous said...

Zoompad he has never been charged with anything and thats that.

voiceforchildren said...


"The most violent and cruel of ALL OF THEM"

Zoompad said...

"Zoompad he has never been charged with anything and thats that."

Matthew 23 v 23

Anonymous said...

Mario Lundy is to child protection what Hitler was to racial integration. IMHO - still too obscure???

Judge Made Law in Jersey #FreeSyvretNow said...


Partial transcript of the outside court TV news report in the case against the Jordans (convicted) ......."many others"...... "including Jersey now Director of Education Mario Lundy who he described as the most violent and cruel of all of them"

so you see how worrying it is that he has never been charged with anything

and more worrying still that he was appointed to and is still in such a high position and presiding over children's education

@4:14pm Far more than 11 cases were dropped. The 11 referred to were just the last phase of the sell out and betrayal.


"The Ulsterman who heads Jersey’s education system has faced a call for his suspension while a major police investigation into widespread abuse in children’s homes on the island continues......

Mr Lundy is one of a string of leading figures in Jersey to have links with the so-called ‘House of Horrors’, Haut de la Garenne, having worked there for a period before it closed. He strenuously denies any suggestion of wrongdoing.

The former teacher also worked at its successor, Les Chenes, where further allegations of physical abuse against staff members are being examined by the probe.

Police continue to investigate claims by more than 160 former residents of Jersey’s children’s homes about decades of abuse — both physical and sexual — stretching from the 1960s until Haut de la Garenne was closed in 1986, at its successor Les Chenes and a number of other children’s facilities.........

Sunday Life last week contacted Mr Lundy’s office for comment on the call for his suspension, but a spokeswoman for the island’s Department of Education, Sport and Culture said: “I am afraid we cannot speak on individual cases and Mario is not giving interviews himself." "

Anonymous said...

Stuart Syvret should have had Magistrate Peter Harris for his data breaking case,Page 6 ep tonight banker that broke data law 3 times given ABSOLUTE DISCHARGE!!!