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People say you shouldn't feed the troll. I absolutely agree with this. So, what I do over the course of a year is gather his vile bile comments and put them in storage. Then, when I feel that the need arises I publish them in a blog posting so people cane see how twisted this certain individual really is. The Jersey Troll and I have history.  You will notice that I don't name him on this posting. This Troll has a Guardian Angel. Not just any Guardian Angel. His Guardian Angel is the Guardian of Data.  One must be careful in these dark days.

But as we well know the Troll leaves more than just vile bile comments. He leaves a footprint. With every  comment he writes on my blog and the Internet over time you begin to see a writing pattern emerge. Even from comments. You begin to notice the pattern  The obvious ones being:

 Syvret , Pitmans , the use of the word "Dickhead"  "Fuck"   "we are talking about you all over Facebook"  we are watching you and so on.

I believe there are times when you must face up to the one who believes he has no face. He has had some wonderful names over the years. James Le Gallais , Julie Hanning, Sue Young,Gary Cabot and many more.  He doesn't realise that Jersey is so very small and the people who hate the Pitmans, Syvret plus my good self with such vile bile is very very small. In fact I  can only think of one person who fits that criteria. You see, people can disagree with the likes of the Deputies Pitmans and so on but only one does it with so much venom. That is the give away. 

When I first started blogging back in April 2010 I started receiving the comments from the troll but under the name of Gazza.    Gazza ran a very vile blog. He even had politicians posting on it  and to cut a very long story short it even cost Deputy Sean Power his job as Housing Minister.  The Blog postings can be read here.

Let us now look at the work of the Jersey Troll. In May 2010 we had these comments. Pay close attention to the writing styles. 

Gazza has left a new comment on your post "Hansard 1": 

"Thats a load of crap, I started the Blog after exchanging e-mails with Tony Gallichon, well arguing to be exact, Planet Jersey just so happened to like it and the Blog has had over 1,000 hits in 4 days. The Blog is there to expose the lies you and your cohorts have been chucking down everybodies necks so far about Graham Power being innocent when he isn't. Lenny Harper was a rogue who abused Jersey Tax Payers money and is a proven lier. The Blog exposes that conclusively and all that read it agree. It has nothing to do with safe guarding child abusers its there to expose rogue coppers and a criminal Senator. Why you protect these people fuck knows."

Gazza :-x      12/4/2010

Gazza has left a new comment on your post "Hansard 2": 




Gazza has left a new comment on your post "Hansard 2": 

"Where is this deniers Blog? Sounds cool to me after getting the feedback on the Syvret scum which linger around him. Fucking hell thinking of taking some comments to the police. You can post on my Blog under anon. All comments are welcome. This is dynamite, even got support from other Senators now who are fucking loving it!" 

Paul Letherbarrow has left a new comment on your post "BLANCHE PIERRE": 

"What a load of shite. Who cares if these cases were dropped? They were only scumbags trying to get compensation for trivial punishments like being flicked with a towel. Fuck em I reckon." 

(I must point out that in the above comment the Troll is using the name of Paul Letherbarrow.  I know Paul  who is a decent man as does the Troll. This Troll is sick. RS)

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Hansard 2": 

"So you are shoulder to shoulder with a child rapist now at a nominations for senator. You sick fuck. I bet you are a fiddler yourself." 

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Hansard 2": 

"You lot are a right bunch of gormless fuckers. Did you and LEONARD MILES VANDENBORN exchange child porn? You go on about justice all the time but you are a pedo yourself. CID should look into you pedo scum." 

There you get to see the unique style of the Troll. A style that has been perfected since early 2008 on a site called PlanetJersey. He even had that site surrounded.  Then he started using the name Gary Cabo. This Gary Cabo started messaging me on Facebook. I mean, who would seriously go to all this trouble? That is why it can only be one twisted person who has nothing else. 

  • Conversation started January 29, 2011

  • 1/29, 12:13am

    pervo wanker
  • Who owns Jersey Telecom?

  • January 29, 2011

  • 1/29, 10:47am

    Rico Sorda

  • Are you calling me a "pervo wanker"

  • 1/29, 11:12am


  • Your whole actvity on the Internet is now monitored.  Including your porno activity. Dickhead.

  • 1/29, 11:16am

    Rico Sorda

  • And what porno activity would that be then?

  • 1/29, 11:21am

    You can't see it can you.
    Who owns JT and monitors everything you do now?
    Tell you what.
    Your post on the Farce blog has just been made invisible.
    We will give you a break.

  • 1/29, 11:26am

    Rico Sorda

    What he hell are you on about? who are you? what's the we bit? are you a gang?
    And what the hell have JT and porn got to do with me? are you threatening me

  • 1/29, 11:30am

    Your post has just been made invisible on the farce blog.
    Threatening? Go to the Police.
    You use a Jersey Telecom network and the States of Jersey owns the Network.  We know your activities.
    Bye bye.

  • 1/29, 11:40am

    Rico Sorda

    Do you think you are protected

  • 1/29, 11:42am

    Well your not thats for sure.

    I am now out with my in-laws for lunch.
    Nice talking.

  • 1/29, 11:45am

    Rico Sorda

    What the Farce blog did to Deputy Labey was outrageous. Who ever leaked that email and passed it on to the Faece Blog needs  to be charged.  I have never heard of you Gary Cabo and the fact that you have taken time out to threaten me with your gibberish leaves me a little puzzled.

  • 1/29, 11:47am

    You insulted a member of my family.
    You are not a target but you will make yourself one if you do not refrain from cyber insult.
    Have to go.
    Enjoy your day.

There you get to see the pattern. And now let us look at the recent comments that I have been receiving. It will not take a genius to work out that it is the same person. Who is capable of spewing so much toxic venom? The writing suggests one person. Lets look what has turned up this year.

Well done for changing your profile picture on Facebook to something that fits your whole presence on the Net. See you have some dog with you as well, ooopps, sorry is that your wife! Fucking hell ******* must be impressed with you. on LE ROCQUIER SCHOOL - CULTURE OF CONCEALMENT -SCRUTINY -3

You will notice that I have blocked out my wife's place of work from the above comment. The toxic troll wanted to make sure that I realised he knows everything.

Rico you are just a laughing stock and I thought you were married? Looks like your wife is looking for a bigger prick already:-  RICO SORDA - CITIZEN JOURNALIST- BLOCKED ON THE GOV.JE - WAS IT FEAR?

Quote Rico Sorda
"I believe it is a case of funding. Different approaches for different people. Medication or no medication. Every sufferer is different. No two people with the same mental illness are the same. You have two look beyond the illness and find the person. This is one aspect I have found to be lacking. All doctors and so on who work in MH need to also work very closely with the family. But is the funding and the will there for a MH service to be proud of and fit for the 21st Century. We can talk about all the therapies in the world but do we have the funding. Will the white paper consultation every come to fruition?"


You really are fucked up in thinking you are some kind of super journalist who can find answers to this when its nothing to do with you. Its just like your stupid facebook thread on suicide, you must know more fucked up people in Jersey than the rest of us thats for sure. All menatally retarded. on LE ROCQUIER SCHOOL - CULTURE OF CONCEALMENT -SCRUTINY -3

I like Sean Power, he fucked up Syvret's relationship with Labey for good by showing the world he threatens women and made even bigger fools out of the Thickmans at Planning. Deputy Power is a Legend. on LE ROCQUIER SCHOOL - CULTURE OF CONCEALMENT - SCRUTINY -1

Glad to see your mate banged up again. I guess its time to fuck up the lives of the rest of you fuckers. on LE ROCQUIER SCHOOL - CULTURE OF CONCEALMENT -SCRUTINY -3
Publish | Delete | Spam

Shouldn't you be raising money for the Pitmans instead, after all they are the ones rumoured to be fucked by debt in the not too distant future ha ha ha? on I THEN RANG THE DOORBELL - A SIMPLE POST FROM THE HEART

No update on this Leah McGrath Goodman? Oh no she is fucked, forgot! on THE JERSEY JUDICIAL SYSTEM - THE BAILHACHE BROTHERS - THE REAL POWER IN TOWN - SUPER INJUNCTIONN - 3

RS I have to hand it to you. You are by far a bigger dickhead than what a St Helier Deputy told me. "Call the UN" what a prick. ha ha ha. on STUART SYVRET - A RECORDED MESSAGE INCASE OF IMPRISONMENT

"it simply makes me even more determined." You are by far one of the biggest arseholes on the Internet at the moment. People tell you that you will not get anywhere with this because this teacher's business is none of yours, period. What the fuck is bullying about that? you write so many stupid posts that get nowhere we've lost count and Ian Le Marquand has said himself you write nothing but crap. on LE ROCQUIER SCHOOL - CULTURE OF CONCEALMENT -SCRUTINY -3

There you go. Just a little snapshot of the same individual  But let us save the best till last.  You see, you don't have to take my word for it being the same individual. You can simply take the said  individuals word for it. Everything he say's in the audio clip below points to the above. You don't need to be Colombo - Starsky & Hutch - Cagney & Lacey etc  to work it out. A Troll who's only existence seems to be to spout vile toxic venom. A troll who got caught on Audio due to some very quick thinking.   A troll that was only going to get a Parish Hall enquiry on said audio. 

Stuart Syvret told Judge Pitchers  that he couldn't work on his case because of a disturbing telephone call. Judge Pitchers received the transcript of the call. Advocate Baker  told Judge Pitchers that it was being dealt with at Parish Hall level. Judge Pitchers was a little shocked at this reply and mentioned to Baker that Parish Hall was for trivial matters and that this was far from trivial. He called a halt to proceedings. What happened next was pure Jersey. Baker must have phoned the Police straight away because at 3pm that very day the Troll was hauled back down the station and charged. That is the Jersey Way. I was in court.

I have comments I simply can't publish concerning friends of mine. They are vile. 

Having read the toxic comments above now listen to the clip. 

Not rocket science is it. The troll was fined £400 in the Magistrate Court for the phone call and when in the dock blamed it all on Stuart Syvret.

Remember the Guardian Angel of Data? Well, she is some Guardian. She managed to get the troll and Nurse M on the same Data Protection racket against Stuart Syvret. 

The troll said  "The Nurse M, This guy's going to kill your family" 

Just think about what he said and what he was involved with concerning Emma Martins and The Data Protection Law.

And just incase you still can't decide this got sent to me. The Deputies Pitman have said that they don't mind me publishing it.

Jersey Troll. stay away from me and my family.

Rico Sorda

Part Time Investigative Journalist


rico sorda said...

Can I just inform anybody leaving me a comment that I refuse to go down the same root as the troll. If anybody has something to say then please make it constructive and minus insults. Thank you

Anonymous said...

Jon S Haworth

Rico you either remove this highly offensive and untrue post down about me which contains a stolen tape recording or I will start proceedings. I am serious because I am not being blamed for your arguments with people.

rico sorda said...

I am sick and tired of you. Sick to my back teeth. You crossed the line with me and like a good bully can't take it.

Run along to your Guardian Angel I don't care. You have simply pushed me to far.

Nothing has been stolen. I can 100% assure you.


Anonymous said...

The Jersey oligarchy appears to be supporting the compulsions of this (person) to confront evidenced reporting from bloggers. It is those within their circles who have created an idelible online link between themselves and this troll in the minds of thousands upon thousands of people.

With their banana republic style punishment of Stuart Syvret for allegations that Jersey protected criminals from being charged, Jersey's power brokers themselves will be permanently associated throughout the English diaspora with convicted violent criminals, child abuse allegations, and ongoing legal threats on behalf of dangerous men.

Mr Syvret is wise in his warning others not to underestimate the stupidity of this oligarchy. Jersey taxpayers should demand their money back from all those expensive consultants and PR firms, if they've let this troll become the public face of establishment opinions.

Whatever were Phil and Emma thinking?

Anonymous said...


Remember the Guardian Angel of Data? Well, she is some Guardian. She managed to get the troll and Nurse M on the same Data Protection racket against Stuart Syvret.

The troll said "The Nurse M, This guy's going to kill your family"


Anonymous said...

You are half as sick and tired as me of this nonsense .
I have told you to remove this stupid post which includes my harassment over a spent court case and I have a police officer I have to liaise with for this kind of thing and I will be doing so.
By the way calling Emma Martins childish names like a Guardian Angel is not journalism Rico, it's stupid talk.

rico sorda said...

Jon, you should have left me alone. You just keep at it don't you. Like a drug it becomes addictive. Ever since the PJ days. Listen JH. We all leave a calling card online. I kept saving yours. Never publishing them just saving them. I then heard the audio and it was the eureka moment. There was my man. Go to the Bailiff - go to anyone - moved onto my wife and that got my attention.

You can dish it but you can't take it.


Anonymous said...

I think this is just someone desperately trying to inspire fear in you rico. I wouldn't be worried about these threats. Someone who has to go online anonymously and use fake names to make threats would clearly never actually do anything about it because their intention is clearly just to smear your blog. There is nothing constructive about their attacks it's just irrational nonsense.

Anonymous said...

If this JH guy doesn't like it why does he keep looking at your blog? Rico has a right to put whatever he wants on his blog and it's clearly true, why would he make it up!!?? You are infact the immature one, you are practically threatening to 'tell on' rico, isn't that quite childish? He is the one being harrassed here!!

Anonymous said...

Rico I am not interested in your wife or your life.
In fact whoever did that recent YouTube video needs to get a life.
But you are handling a stolen tape recording which even the recipient wants taken offline so the Police need to know about it.

Anonymous said...

Jon, why should Rico remove this blog when you are already all over the internet for what you have done? If you type 'jon s haworth jersey' into google images it comes up with everything you have done! And your the one being harrassed? Have you contacted these other websites to take their evidence of your behaviour off? You have been in the JEP for it so why can't it be seen online? Someone of us jersey folks missed that print in the JEP, glad i got a second chance to see it online because it's our right to know who you are, just like it's our right to know who other criminals are also

Anonymous said...

Who is the recipient and why do they want it taken down? How is it stolen? Who stole it?

rico sorda said...

Hi Jersey Way

Thank you for your kind words and support. I really appreciate it. Im holding some comments back at the moment.


rico sorda said...

Hi Jersey Way

Thank you for your kind words and support. I really appreciate it. Im holding some comments back at the moment.


rico sorda said...

"Who is the recipient and why do they want it taken down? How is it stolen? Who stole it?"

I got this recording from the internet. I just downloaded a copy simple as that. It has been on the Ian Evans site for over a year.


Anonymous said...


One feels that you have more 'silent' support than you may realise.
Keep the faith.

The Beano is not the Rag

Anonymous said...

I'm struggling to understand how any of this back and forth name calling is achieving anything ?

Why is there such a fascination with trolling ? It's so irrelevant, and all parties simply come out of it looking like squabbling teenagers.

Get a grip and stop wasting time !

voiceforchildren said...


I make no comment/judgement as to who is the author of the comments you, I or any other Blogger (Jersey's only independent media) receive. But this does need highlighting because it is cyber-bullying at its worst.

As you know I have received comments threatening to slash my face, slash my throat, put a bullet through my head, punch me in the face and such like. This is the hidden side of Blogging in Jersey when you are questioning the establishment.

We also know that it would be a waste of time trying to get the perpetrator(s) prosecuted because we have (IMO) a corrupt, and politicised judicial system and a very "establishment friendly" Police Force since the illegal suspension of Graham Power QPM and retirement of Lenny Harper.

You, in this posting, have highlighted just some of the personal abuse suffered by those of us who question the party line and now risk being dragged through a secret tax payer funded, abuse of the Data Protection Law, court case and being super-injuncted or imprisoned.

This Island has really gone to the dogs while the UK "Justice" Minister continues to neglect his duty to ensure good governance and the rule of law.

Anonymous said...

" If you type 'jon s haworth jersey' into google images it comes up with everything you have done! And your the one being harrassed?"

Yeah all mainly from the same 3 people. Ian Evans alone has done around 15 posts about me and we presented over 180 pages of his abuse to the Police only recently. If people think I am not a victim of cyber abuse and stalking then they are living in cloud cuckoo land. Rico I have submitted a complaint about your behaviour to the Police this morning. Like I said, I am not responisble for the abuse against you and because of that I know you have zero proof of it and that makes you a liar. JH

rico sorda said...

Do you think it is just a coincidence that the audio is remarkably similar to the comments I have now published? What are the odds in little Jersey or anywhere else?

Do what you got to do.


Anonymous said...

"Do what you got to do.


I am doing so Rico and I have already won a land mark case against one of you for this kind of online abuse. At least I have never set up a blog and taken myself down to your levels. JH

rico sorda said...

Least I haven't had a couple of pints decided to pick up the phone and abuse the other person down the line for the only crime of offering Stuart Syvret some shelter. You just cannot and will not accept what you do is extremely harmful.

You are always the victim.


Anonymous said...

You were in court and witnessed me apology to the victim and if they were so upset why did they release the recording onto the Net straight afterwards? Even the police were surprised at that. As far as I am concerned that case is dead and buried and besides I suffered 2 years of online abuse before making that drunken phone call and that was acknowledge by the Magistrate. But also, what business is it of yours, you are not a party, family member, victim are you? I think my phone call is nothing compared to some of the past criminal records of other bloggers I've seen online which I am told by another person you keep on winding up will be the subject of more future blogs. Like I said Rico, you are accusing me of ample things here which are untrue so either accept it or not. But I cannot dwell on any of this as I have better things to do with my time. JH

Anonymous said...

The person on the audio of the first video you posted, Is he one of the four that received tax payers money in getting data protection case against Mr Syvret?

Ian Evans said...

I don't think for a minute that that is the troll responding Rico, he wouldn't use terms like "land mark case" and certainly cannot string a sentence together without at least ten spelling mistakes...."Iym Seriosle"

Anonymous said...

The way the police and Emma Martins keep ignoring complaints from people about JH remind me of the way William Bailhache ignores complaints against one of the other infamous four given hundreds of thousaands of pounds of our tax to abuse the Data Protection law instead of starting a defamation case.

Anonymous said...

If the jersey evening post are allowed to put their papers online, then why are people not allowed to copy it and put it on their blogs and discuss it. Unfortunately JH, you committed a crime and you live in jersey, so people are going to talk about you and discuss it just like people in jersey do about other criminals in the JEP. Why do you keep looking at these blogs if you are so offended by what is people's opinions. It's not abuse unless someone is literally phoning/emailing and verbally abusing you. Your actually going out of your way to look at these blogs and read it. If someone says something about you you dont like, dont look at it! So simple really. The police must be overwhelmed as now it seems we can go running to them if someone says something bad about us online.

Anonymous said...

Just out of interest if i share that phone call clip on my facebook does that mean JH will call the police on me too?

rico sorda said...

I have a load of comments that I wont be publishing because they are derogatory to the individual in question. That is not what this posting is about. The audio is there as a benchmark so you have here the same rhetoric as the comments. Are there two people on the island or elsewhere that would use the same language? This is what i'm pointing out. This is only a small community. We all talk and write in a certain way. That is what i'm pointing out. I will not have my wife being attacked simple as that.


Anonymous said...

Well done Rico.

The Number 1 Jersey Troll, was not expecting this!

Out of the 25 comments 5 have been from N1JT.

He says in one of his comments that he has been already been convicted of the shocking death threat video.

But you have done well to put this up with all the other evidence....

Because they all blend together so well!?

rico sorda said...

"Just out of interest if i share that phone call clip on my facebook does that mean JH will call the police on me too?"

Maybe Jon can let us know. I downloaded a copy off Ian Evans blog. It has been on there for over a year so I just copied it.


Anonymous said...

Respect to you Rico for keeping this on the wider issue of cyber bullying and not allowing derogatory comments to be published about JH as this would make you a hypocrite and no better than his phone call.

Anonymous said...

An interesting blog entry which has got me to thinking the possibility of the phone caller and the abusive comments coming from two different people and what odds would be given? FWIW I believe the odds would be in the multi millions-1. From my view point it is the same person.

Anonymous said...

In order to try and contain blogs that offer factual information about the Child abuse scandal, Judiciary, States overspends and incompetence " it is rumoured that Jon Howarth " AKA a dozens of male and female cyber names, receives a degree of protection from certain quarters.

Why did Emma Martins who obviously knew his history of threatening behaviour ( which resulted in a criminal record ) still take Syvret to court using his witness statement, stating that Syvret had been nasty to him.

Justice may be blind but so is Emma Martins [ and her handlers ] because this dreadful person has been contaminating the local based blogs from Jersey for years with his obsessive rubbish, none of which is fact based or evidenced, just plain nasty and malicious.

By the way received the message below, and having no natural nasty enemies I know of, only one person who could have sent it, not forgetting the fake submission to the electoral commission or the words on face book or twitter using my awkward name. I have no time or interest in and have never subscribed to either of them.

How sad, shallow and disturbed a man must be to write under some one else’s real name, then writes offensive rubbish. I doubt that I am only one.

Well done Rico, for telling the no holds barred truth.

The Jersey mental health help system, has been accused recently of not being adequate. I am afraid this to be the case, otherwise why would Jon Howarth not be sectioned ? That is unless he is proving some small worth to Phillip Ozouf who he calls a friend and calls in to have tea with ? or to the Jersey leadership who hope his rantings will confuse the intelligent and researched information coming from local blogs.

“Ah” maybe it is that the political heavyweights who wrote on his hate blog, thinking they were being clever, and he has shrewdly kept the evidence of their emails in case the police or the men in white coats come to take him away.


Best Regards Rico

keep up the good work.

Paul Letherbarrow

rico sorda said...

Hi Paul, you more than anyone will know what I'm dealing with here. There comes a time when you have to say enough is enough. Thanks for the comment.


rico sorda said...

I must inform readers and this might just be pure coincidence but this is the first posting I have done in a very long time and not received one abuse comment. How nice. I hope this continues.


Anonymous said...

Paul you literally have to run down the king street naked before anyone would actually section you! It's a sad fact in jersey that you have to really hurt yourself or someone else before mental health act on it, or cause a public display of inappropriateness

rico sorda said...

And as if by magic I get my first abusive comment attacking my wife. Unbelievable. None all day till I mention it.


Anonymous said...

Well done Rico for standing up to this bully. I hope someone has been copying that FB group as it would appear that a couple of recent controversial postings together with some very nasty comments have disappeared since you posted this!

Anonymous said...

I must say the person who you are focusing your attention on, and the person who uses the the initial JH on various postings and states "I am doing so Rico and I have already won a land mark case", I assume, is one and the same, if so, I am hard pressed to understand how he can claim to have won a case, whereas the objective has not only not been
achieved but the situation made far worse by the additional publicity, the words cut, nose, spite and face come to mind. As I see it, a senseless attempt by a person stupid enough to to think that Stuart Syvret would ever remove such articles.

Hijacked Law in Jersey said...

Hi Rico and readers,

1 OF 2

Sorry that you and your family have come under even more intense attack and unpleasantness from this lout.

Everyone with any interest in Jersey should listen to your first video/audio just so they fully understand the sort of person that Jersey's government, leading politicians and DPC Emma Martins are happy to "jump into bed with".

As you know, this is part of a bigger picture to try to silence bloggers and stop the truth getting out about their complicity in 6 decades of bestial child abuse and cover up.

Click on my name to see the recent PV-TV report which was broadcast globally on the net. VFC slightly glitchy recording of it was well over 2000 views when I last looked and will be going viral

Even though the interviewer was slightly over the top imo, the programme was excellent in style and content.
This has got to be a real game changer!

The local barons have shown that they will ride out any storm and lie through gritted teeth.

They are without shame or conscience so unfortunately this has to be dealt with through the UK.
UK residents can be asked to write or email the video and links to their MP and demand that the UK Justice Ministry fulfils its legal obligation to ensure good governance in Jersey rather than pulling that old "can't interfere" claptrap. By definition RESPONSIBLE means they CAN interfere.
Beat they do it now, not after they have been Paedo-Shamed into it.

Concerned overseas viewers could perhaps their representatives and the British Embassy.

Is there another Early Day Motion coming up ???

The UK does not want to shut Jersey down.
Our finance industry does NOT rely on child abuse or it's cover up.

The cover up is to protect individuals and cowards who wrap themselves in the Jersey flag and hide behind peoples misplaced patriotism.

Click on "Hijacked Law in Jersey" at the top to play the PV-TV report:

Anonymous said...

Well said, by Hijacked Law in Jersey. Time to get this out on the webz to show exactly how and why this form of corrupt pseudo-legal censorship creeps up in pretend democracies with little warning. If Emma Martins and her pet troll want to make it illegal to publish evidence of his threats in Jersey, why limit publishing access to Jersey? We won't!

voiceforchildren said...


Contrary to the English Language/Dictionary ITV/CTV and Senator Philip Bailhache think the Jersey Dean has been EXONERATED.

Anonymous said...

Not very encouraging, his boast about the police f

Gazza has left a new comment on your post

"Hansard 2":
thinking of taking some comments to the police

1/29, 11:30am

Go to the Police.

In the video again he says

“ Go to the police, go to anyone “

He certainly got the help of Emma Martins being one of the four proxies, it may that he is protected, but surely not by the police, but the police are part of the Jersey judiciary are they not ?

The Evening Post says only 50% of the public have confidence in the judiciary. Is this protectionism and lack of prosecution partly the reason ?

The States police have just employed a new internet computer specialist. If they arrest and charge this disgusting internet abuser, that would settle if he is protected or no.

Ugh, It's Him! said...

Tony's latest musing is an interesting piece on the legalities of mentioning spent convictions. The gist is that if the case made the news at the time, it can be considered permanently in the public domain. Which calls someone's bluff.

Anonymous said...

Rico, so sorry to read about the abuse of yourself and your wife. I find this abhorrent and is the work of an extremely malevolent and twisted mind. I am a Jersey born person, but I have no idea what this troll looks like. Where can I find a picture of him, have any of the bloggers posted one ? I wish you peace for the future.

Anonymous said...

Have you forwarded these comments to the police? Some of them surely amount to offences under the Crime (Disorderly Conduct and Harassment) (Jersey) Law 2008.

Dannie said...

Paul Letherbarrow has left a new comment on your post "BLANCHE PIERRE":

"What a load of shite. Who cares if these cases were dropped? They were only scumbags trying to get compensation for trivial punishments like being flicked with a towel. Fuck em I reckon."

Scumbags trying to get compensation... You cheeky c**t, have the balls to say it to my face
It had nothing to do with the money,

Who the hell do you think you are?

What we went through was hell, and NO child should ever have go through what we did. People like you make me sick.

Rico,Neil,Stuart (& many more) can't thank you enough for keeping the truth out there, my strength comes from all you guys,

Anonymous said...

Why is this person so disturbed by the posting of the covers up and corruptions exposed by yourself and others? That person must be very afraid of something to get to the length of threatening you and others. keep up your good work.

Anonymous said...

Emma Martins and her bosses thought the they had a trained but vicious monkey, one they could take out of his cage and walk around on a leash when they needed him to do some dirty work they wouldn't touch. Don't they realise their responsibility for the damage he causes when he gets off his leash?

Like the shop sign says, "You break it, you own it" so another own goal for the Jersey oligarchy, who use proxies of this calibre and maintain delusions they are protecting Jersey's image!

rico sorda said...

Hi Dannie,

As I explained about the Paul Letherbarrow comment it's not from the real Paul but someone using his name. I will explain all soon.

Thank you for the comment. Our strength come from the victims of all abuse. Stay strong. And thanks again.


Anonymous said...

Stuart Syvret is half way through his so called sentence today.
Depending on good behaviour he will be back on track in another four weeks

Hijacked Law in Jersey said...

8:19pm "Stuart Syvret is half way through his so called sentence today......"

If I recall, last time they increased Stuart's sentence,
by another 50% I think

I wonder if they will pull the same stunt again.

Time to up the ante?

Send that PV-TV recording to all UK friends and MP's ?

Click on my name for:

And a selection of concise links.
But which ones ?

& that Early day motion?

Anonymous said...

Stuart may be halfway through his so called sentence but he is better known in the world because of it. Stuart will return to thousands of new first time readers, despite the dormancy of his updates.

During one evening as I looked through some of his older blog postings, I noticed about 230 additional blog views between 3 and 5am Jersey Time, so not likely to be from your side of the Atlantic.


Anonymous said...

Stuart will be out 30th December.

rico sorda said...

I wold like to thank Mr Haworth for coming forward with some information concerning my wife. He has informed me, through a third party, the persons name who gave him information about my wife.

I thank him for this. I have now contacted the this person and await some answers.

Thank You JH


click HERE for pv-TV report on HDLG said...

Hi Rico & Readers,
A little off subject but I just put this on Big Ian's Blog and I just wanted to share it.


There is nothing more worthwhile, more necessary or more cathartic than giving Jersey's corrupt authorities a well deserved kicking, whether this be online or in the real world.

I looked at:

it is mostly BRILLIANT imo

Within what is achievable it is concise, accurate, accessible, persuasive and complete in most respects

Most rapists aren't bastard monsters. They are just men. Be it drunk, randy, manipulative, misguided, lonely or some combination thereof. Just men.

As far as I saw (may have missed it) the site FAILS to cover age of consent, mental disability and balance of power issues.

Perhaps these could be added?
still 9/10 imo

The initiative looks a good one.
What a nice change!

So sad that the law is applied "as they see fit" on a club-member/power basis/

"The Banned"

Anonymous said...

Ex Health Minister Syvret's politicised imprisonments will be a "mandela" that he can always wear with pride on behalf of islanders who believe in truth and justice.

Truth and Reconciliation are still fought with every twist and turn.

voiceforchildren said...


BBC Radio Jersey Charity Auction MISSING A LOT

constables out said...

No comments allowed online jep re the "dodgy" alleged constable & they wonder why we don't buy the paper!!