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My sources tell me that the Constable is being lined up as the must have YES man for  the role of Planning Minister if Deputy Duhamel is successfully removed.







The knives have been out for the Planning and Environment Minister, Rob Duhamel, ever since Senator Bailhache failed in his attempted  land grab at Plémont.  But is this the real story? Why are a certain clique in the Council of Ministers so desperate to get this man out of office so close to an election?

 The first thing that springs to mind is that the Minister must have done something right. 

The Council of Ministers is led by Senator, Philip Bailhache and Senator Ozouf. My sources have told me that these two Senators are putting pressure on Chief Minister Gorst to remove Deputy Duhamel.  For some reason they want Constable Refault  of St Peter to be the next Planning Minister. Could this be the Jersey "YES MAN" syndrome striking again? Let us look at how Senators Ozouf and Bailhache have gone about trying to remove Deputy Duhamel from office with the use of polltical lackies and a sock puppet Chief Minister. 

On Saturday, 26th January 2013 Former Deputy T Pitman of the States of Jersey wrote the following on his excellent blog

Saturday, 26 January 2013

Having refused to bend the knee to the ego of 'the Man who would be King' over Plemont the word is Jersey's Planning & Environment Minister is now being lined up for a Night of the Long Knives, Jersey style...

If ever you wanted further proof that 'investigative' journalism is all but dead within our MSM (Main Stream Media) the story I outline below surely provides it. Readers/viewers of the Bald Truth blog and BTR videos will no doubt remember I made reference to a new story being leaked to me by my Ministerial Mole over a week ago. Having had no time to publish this myself due to the sad events culminating in this past Thursday's funeral for Shona's step-sister I really did half think (naive fool that I am) that one of our media outlets would have picked up on it by now.

After all, with the exception of the local Pravda whose main role established over generations seems to be to spread as many vicious lies about Progressive politicians as possible; 'breaking important stories' surely is the MSM's core business? Isn't it? So why then you have to ask haven't they picked up on this one - its a beauty and goes right to the very heart of what is wrong with 'Chief Minister' Gorst's excuse for an Executive.

What's it all about? Well, to cut to the chase the real Chief Minister, Senator Philip Bailhache is still fuming and sulking over his defeat in attempting to commit a blank cheque of your taxpayers' money to forcing through the purchase of Plemont via Compulsory Purchase. The consequence?

Instead of taking this wholly democratic defeat on the chin with the same backbone  we Progressives have to do so regularly, the Senator and his trusty side-kick, pretend 'Chief Minister Gorst are, according to my Ministerial Mole lining up Planning & Environment Minister Rob Duhamel for a choice where whichever option he plumbs for he is likely to be well and truly politically stuffed.

Unless that is, enough States Members are willing to stand up and say that whatever one thinks of the Deputy's politics etc in this situation they really have to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with him. Otherwise we may as well just sign things over to the Polit Bureau now without any further pretence.

You see regardless of the fact that Deputy Duhamel acted entirely within the law and, indeed, within his mandate in taking and announcing the decision to grant the planning application on Plemont, Bailhache and Gorst, the Mole informs me, just won't accept this. Just like Gollum with the One Ring they have to have their 'precious' no matter what.

Thus the word is that they are now working overtime to try and fly the story that in not publishing the report on the application prior to the decision this in some way negates the whole validity of the Minister's decision. In fact the Mole tells me that the bottom line of all this is that they are attempting to force the Minister to retract/rescind  his decision or face the consequences!

Of course even should Deputy Duhamel feel he must bow to this bullying he will know full well that in doing so his Ministerial career would still almost certainly be over. For he would almost certainly then face a vote of no confidence from some who would use such a decision to oust him as having failed and supplant him with one of the Establishment Party favoured head-nodders.

Yet on the other hand if the Deputy rightfully stands his ground and sticks to his guns he then knows he faces being frozen out of the Executive 'picture' even further than he and a number of others are now. Ultimately being forced out of his job simply for doing it to the best of his ability. With political friends like this, as the Mole says, who needs enemies?

And to think Gorst even has the effrontery to claim he promotes 'consensus' government!

For it is hugely important to remember here that emotive as the Plemont issue is this latest development and quite appalling display of petulant, elitist, far-right politics at its worst has nothing to do with the actual Plemont issue or conservation whatsoever. This is about colossal political egos.

This is about individuals who pontificate via the local Pravda about politicians needing to 'respect' each other; and about not 'wasting time and taxpayers' money by re-debating decisions already democratically taken'. But who are actually so puffed up on arrogance they can't even see the wood for the trees (no Green pun intended, honest!) No. Whatever you think of the Planning & Environment Minister's politics generally on this one you just have to give him your full support.  

Because without it - trust me - he is the aforesaid political Dead Man Walking. And whatever your take on Plemont or right, left, centre or Green politics that just isn't right. He has done nothing wrong apart from ruffle a few large egos. It is democracy at stake here once again, plain and simple. To my colleagues I say: please don't fail it again.

Keep the Faith - The darkest hour always comes before dawn...

After FormerDeputy Pitman had broke the story in January 2013 the cat had been well and truly  let out of the bag. What do the ministerial clique do now? They simply wait - and for the first time ever - come up with a plan B. 

"ASBESTOS"  Yes we shall use "ASBESTOS"  "LET'S NAIL DUHAMEL ON ASBESTOS"  Handshakes all round, slaps on backs, laughing at Senator Bailhache's jokes and then off to the Grand Hotel Champagne Bar for drinks. Later that day, after a glass or two, someone asks Senator Bailhache a simple question: "Who is going to bring the Vote of No Confidence against Rob Duhamel?"  There is utter silence. The music stops. Like an Old Skool Western Saloon Bar when the Sheriff walks in, there is silence. Silence. Complete and utter silence. Everyone stares a Bailhache. They look for a sign, something, anything.  What can he do?  What can he say? Then, just as the dark clouds gather on what was a joyous occasion, he whispers something that is just about audible.  Senator Ozouf turns to Constable Refault and shrugs his shoulders - Gorst looks at Senator Routier and can only think of the fab 4 back in the Hamburg glory days  Deputy Pryke is waiting for a statement from her Civil Servants so she can get the drinks in. Then, Senator Bailhache says it again. Only this time the whole room can here it.   


This man goes by the name of Deputy Luce - and like any good Deputy - he has rounded up a political posse. It then fell to the good Deputy of St Martin to do the Bailhache/Ozouf dirty work. The Deputy of St Martin would lodge his vote of no confidence backed by his posse and they are:

THE STATES are asked to decide whether they are of opinion
that they have no confidence in the Minister for Planning and Environment.
Note: As required by Standing Order 22(a) this proposition has been signed by the following additional members –
Deputy James Patrick Gorton Baker of St. Helier The Connétable of St. Brelade (Steve Pallett) The Connétable of St. Peter (John Refault)
The reasons for bringing this proposition are set out in the report.
< A HREF="">

This proposition wasn't debated as the Chief Minister asked the Deputy of St Martin to pull it as described in the States of Jersey as mentioned below:

3.7 Deputy G.C.L. Baudains of St. Clement of the Chief Minister regarding the Chief Minister’s support for all Ministers:
Given that the Council of Ministers gave its unequivocal support for the Minister for Transport and Technical Services in its recent comments on P.129/2013, that is a vote of censure, would the Chief Minister advise whether such support applies to all his Ministers and if not, which ones does he not support?
Senator I.J. Gorst (The Chief Minister):
I asked the Deputy of St. Martin to withdraw his vote of no confidence in the Minister for Planning and Environment.  I did that because of the information that has come to light that Ministers need to appropriately consider.  It is therefore not appropriate for me to discuss these matters publicly at this time.
3.7.1 Deputy G.C.L. Baudains:
It would seem to me that judging from the rather extraordinary wording of the email that we received last night that the no confidence proposition is being controlled or even instigated by the Council of Ministers.  Would the Chief Minister confirm this because there does seem to be some curious business going on here?
Senator I.J. Gorst:
The no confidence vote, which has been withdrawn, is quite clear.  It emanates from the individual that lodged it and the 3 of us which signed it.  What I am trying to do, and I hope that Members recognise it, is to endeavour to make a system which is not fit for purpose work.
3.7.2 The Connétable of St. Helier:
Given that the vote of censure referred to by the questioner received no seconder and was a waste of States time to say nothing of officer time and any impact on the Member concerned, would the Minister consider asking the Privileges and Procedures Committee to change the bar for the votes of censure propositions so that they have to have the same number of signatories as a vote of no confidence?
Senator I.J. Gorst:
There are lots of changes that need to be made and that is one that sounds perfectly reasonable but perhaps in the interests of the points that the Connétable made in his opening of that question, I would be quite happy to sit down and move to the next question.
The Bailiff:
Well, I do not think you will be able to quite yet.  [Laughter]

3.7.3 Deputy R.G. Le Hérissier:
Would the Chief Minister not concede that the persons who brought forward the vote brought it forward on a certain set of evidence and does it not seem strange that we should not be discussing it on the evidence they brought forward?  Surely it is up to the Chief Minister or the Council to put their evidence in the pot so that we can then judge it in the whole?
Senator I.J. Gorst:
If the Deputy has read his email or listened to my opening answer, I think he will find that is exactly what I am doing.
3.7.4 Deputy J.M. Maçon of St. Saviour:
The Chief Minister’s response and email have been fairly vague.  Can he tell us what information has come to light or, if not, the nature of that information?
Senator I.J. Gorst:
No, I cannot.  It would not be right until I have met with the Minister concerned and other Ministers as well.
3.7.5 Deputy T.M. Pitman:
Will the Chief Minister clarify that the real reason behind the letter that has been going round that he could not get enough signatures and this aborted vote of no confidence all arises from the Minister’s refusal to bend the knee over Plémont?
Senator I.J. Gorst:
I was not one of the signatories to the letter so I cannot say whether that influenced their decision, but it was not included as far as I can recall in the rationale included in the main body of the letter itself.
3.7.6 Deputy M. Tadier:
Would the Chief Minister acknowledge that the Minister is not the one that he was landed with but the one that was nominated by the Chief Minister for the position as Minister for Planning and Environment and given that he issued comments in advance in support of his Minister for Transport and Technical Services when he was facing a vote of censure, now we had a much more serious vote of no confidence and the Chief Minister did not even lodge any comments.  Will he explain why that is the case, given that he could not possibly have known that the individual bringing the vote of no confidence would withdraw it?
Senator I.J. Gorst:
In answer to the first part of the question, yes, I did and this Assembly approved the appointment of the current Minister and Ministers serve with the confidence of this Assembly so one could argue that the question itself is slightly superfluous.  It does not matter whether Ministers have my confidence as such because it is this Assembly that appoints them.  That is the problem with the current system which needs to be changed.  The vote of no confidence has been withdrawn.  There seems little value in lodging comments on a proposition which is now withdrawn.
3.7.7 Deputy G.C.L. Baudains:
The report accompanying my censure motion of the Minister for Transport and Technical Services contained several examples of technical failure but the report accompanying the no confidence motion against the Minister for Planning and Environment is critical of the Minister for Transport and Technical Services, not the Minister for Planning and Environment.  Therefore it deals solely with the asbestos issue and we know that the asbestos issue is not the fault of the Minister for Planning and Environment.  Therefore could the Chief Minister explain why he gave his unconditional support for the Minister for Transport and Technical Services but appears unable to do so for his Minister for Planning and Environment?
Senator I.J. Gorst:
I do not agree with the Deputy’s reading of the report of the Deputy of St. Martin and that the signatories to that report raised many issues.  Nor do I agree that the Minister for Transport and Technical Services or his department is at fault with regard to the asbestos issue.  Yesterday afternoon, I had the great pleasure of visiting 2 bits of T.T.S. industrial infrastructure.  I was very impressed with those pieces of unseen infrastructure that work for the benefit of this Island week in and week out and I was very impressed with those employees that I met and their commitment to delivering those services for Jersey.  Perhaps it is time that some Members of this Assembly, rather than criticising our staff, got out, spoke to them, saw the good work that they were doing and gave them their support [Approbation] because those staff that I saw yesterday, it is a privilege for me to be able to stand up here this morning and support them.
Deputy M. Tadier:
Does the Chief Minister also support the Environment staff and will he be taking any visits to the Environment Department?
The Bailiff:
Deputy I had not allowed you to ask yet another question.  I had called on Deputy Baudains as to the final question. END

As you can see this has turned into a real farce. How must the Planning and Environment Minister feel? He has been asked twice by the Chief Minister to resign and refused. The ball is now in the court of the Chief Minister to bring a vote of no confidence. What if he doesn't get it passed? Where will this leave the Chief? In my opinion the Chief Minister is being used as a pawn by the real movers. For whatever reason the real power of Senator Ozouf and Bailhache.

On January 4th I sent the Below email to Chief Minister Gorst and Deputy Duhamel


Jan 4 at 8:40 AM

Dear Chief Minister,

I have been investigating the current attempted removal of the Planning Minister, Rob Duhamel. Has the Minister in question been offered the same support as you offered the Treasury Minister over his lime grove fiasco? In the States of Jersey you told members that you would be holding regular meetings with Ministers to check their workload and stress. How must the P&E Minister be feeling having spent the Christmas period with a possible removal of office hanging over his head.

Chief Minister, you backed the Treasury Minister over his shambolic handling of Lime Grove yet you have asked the Planning Minister twice for his resignation. My sources are telling me that this resignation is in fact being led by Senators Ozouf & Bailhache so that they can try and get  Consatble Refault passed in the house as the new  Planning Minister.

We are so close to an election. Some would say that the whole 'COM' needs removing. My feeling on this is that it stinks.

Remember, Senator Ozouf explained that he never had training as a Minister. Is the same going to offered to Deputy Duhamel Chief Minister?

Not everyone in Jersey is sleepwalking Chief Minister. I should have a blog posting up very soon about the treatment of the P&E Minister.

Kind Regards

Rico Sorda

Today, January 8th 2014, the Chief Minister lodged his Proposition to remove the Planning Minister. 

There are some very serious issues that need  investigating  concerning this attempted political assassination.

We will be looking at them.

This is about gaining full  power and having a "YES" man in Planning

Rico Sorda

Part Time Investigative Journalist


Anonymous said...

Home Affairs

And they go for Deputy Duhamel.

Great Posting

rico sorda said...

They are trying to centralise the power. An election is just around the corner and they bring a vote of no confidence now. People really need to wake up to what a powerful few are trying to do.


Anonymous said...

There should be a vote of no confidence against Bailhache and Ozouf for getting Gorst to do their dirty work and a vote of no confidence against Gorst for doing it.

rico sorda said...


THE STATES are asked to decide whether they are of opinion −
in accordance with Article 21(4) of the States of Jersey Law 2005, to dismiss Deputy Robert Charles Duhamel of St. Saviour as Minister for Planning and Environment.


Note: In accordance with the requirements of Article 21(6) and (7) of the States of Jersey Law 2005 –

(a) the Minister for Planning and Environment was given the opportunity to be heard by the other Ministers;

(b) a majority of Ministers gave their agreement, on 6th January 2014, to the lodging of this proposition;

(c) the reasons for dismissal are set out in the accompanying report.
Page - 2

P .2/2014
1. Introduction

I bring this proposition to ask the Assembly to dismiss the Minister for Planning and Environment. I do this with the support of the majority of the members of the Council of Ministers, excluding the Minister himself.

The Council have lost trust and confidence in Deputy Duhamel. We can no longer work with a Minister who has failed to be honest, straightforward and open with fellow Ministers or with this Assembly.

In 2011, I proposed the Deputy as Minister for Planning and Environment despite knowing that a Vote of No Confidence1 forced him to step down as President of the Chairman’s Committee in 2007 for failing to work effectively. I did so because I believed that he would overcome this and work co-operatively and collectively with fellow Ministers in order to ensure our Island benefited from strong environmental advocacy.
He has not done so.

Instead he has failed to provide Ministers, fellow States Members and Officers with straight answers to straight questions. He has dissembled, chosen not to disclose critical pieces of information and hidden behind omissions and silence. Neither the Council, nor this Assembly nor his Department can function fully and effectively in those circumstances.

rico sorda said...

States Members and Council Ministers legitimately and rightly hold a diverse range of views. That diversity, and the tensions it can generate, help ensure good governance, but only if we have trust and faith in each other. Where the working relationship has irreparably broken down because we no longer believe each other, then we cannot do the best for our Island.

I do not bring this Proposition lightly. To call for the dismissal of a Minster is a serious matter, but I do so because it is the right course of action.
The following report sets out examples of the ways in which the Deputy has failed to discharge his Ministerial duties and obligations. I have explored these issues in depth and have ensured that the Minister has been provided with opportunities to be heard and to respond. I am not satisfied with his account however, and neither I nor my fellow Ministers believe he should continue to hold office.
I therefore bring forward this proposition to dismiss the Minister in accordance with the States of Jersey Law 2005.

1 P.40/2007
P .2/2014
Page - 3

2. Background to proposition
On 13th November 2013, the Council considered proposition P.148/2013 “Minister for Planning and Environment: Vote of No Confidence” and concluded that concerns relating to the Minister needed further consideration.

On 20th November 2013, I met with the Minister and on the following day I wrote to him setting out my concerns about his conduct as Minister. The letter2 focused on 4 examples –

• two planning applications where the Minister failed to act with the level of transparency and openness required of a Minister:
- the Channel Islands Co-operative Society Charing Cross planning application (section 2.1);
- Jersey Electricity Company St. Helier western sub-station application (section 2.2);

• two matters of critical importance with which he failed to deal in an efficient and appropriate manner, thus displaying a lack of judgement as a Minister:
- Transport and Technical Services Department’s application for the disposal of asbestos (section 2.3);

- review of the Island Plan (section 2.4).
This letter was not the first occasion on which I had expressed concerns to the Minister about his conduct and performance; there had been ongoing exchanges between myself, other Ministers and himself about such issues. The letter marks, however, the point at which it was irrefutably clear that action was required, not in relation to each individual issue, but in relation to the failure of the Deputy to uphold the role of Minister as a whole.
On 27th November 2013, the Minister attended a Council of Ministers’ meeting, where my letter was discussed and he was provided an opportunity to respond to the concerns raised. Having heard the Minister’s response, all members of the Council – excluding the Minister himself – concluded that he should resign. Accordingly, I met with him on 28th November and asked for his resignation. The Minister refused.

I wrote again on 29th November 20133 and asked that he reconsider his refusal. I explained that if he did not resign, I would lodge a Report and Proposition requesting his dismissal – having first provided him an opportunity both to review that draft Report and Proposition and to attend a Council of Ministers’ meeting to respond to that draft Report and Proposition.

This process of outlining concerns, and providing the Minister with an opportunity to respond at each stage, was the proper course of action both in terms of my legal obligations under the States of Jersey Law 2005 and my natural desire to treat the Deputy openly and fairly.

Jill Gracia said...

Ref. comment no.1 - not forgetting TTS either!

This really stinks.

Anonymous said...

Amazing Ozouf and Bailhache have got even less backbone than Gorst.

rico sorda said...

Having read the full proposition from the chief Minister the first glaring question any media should be asking him is simple. What about Lime Grove?

voiceforchildren said...


Ian Gorst; " We can no longer work with a Minister who has failed to be honest, straightforward and open with fellow Ministers or with this Assembly."

How can this be taken seriously while Ian Le Marquand is still hanging about? The Minister who doesn't know what an audit trail is?

"Deputy Daniel Wimberley: (d) provide a full and proper audit trail of the emails concerning the finds JAR/6 and SLJ/1?

Senator Ian Le Marquand: (d) I do not understand what is meant by "audit trails of e-mails".


Anonymous said...

What makes you so sure Refault is lined up for the job?

rico sorda said...


It's like going to the circus. Once you have seen the clowns perform once you have seen it a hundred times. We are governed by a ruling elite that are simply out of tune with present day life in Jersey. this is ridiculous on so many levels and does the Chief Minister no favours.


rico sorda said...

My sources have told me that the Constable of St Peter is the safe pair of hands that they need.


Anonymous said...

Rob Duhamel has got a long term view in protecting the environment for future generations whereas the two Philips and their puppet Gorst have got a short term view of profit.

Anonymous said...

You have called it right Rico. My support is with Duhammel on this.

Anonymous said...

If Rob Du hamel survives this (I hope he does) then Gorst will have no other option than to offer his resignation.

Anonymous said...

The RAGS front page on Duhammel reads 'Dishonest' Minister. All one can say is that this Minister simply upset the apple cart and as such he had to go. So as we all well know what of the other 'Dishonest' Ministers? Bailhache? well the list is really quite endless but letters on the plane sum it up nicely, then we have Maclean this minister must by all accounts spend (waste0 taxpayers money at what can only be described as 'lightspeed', low value appeal, always bound to fail but never mind the lawyers did O.K (hows that film coming along Alan?) Senator Ozouf? again the list is endless (another Minister hell bent on wasting taxpayers money) eel, splippery, slimy words spring to mind. Of all the Ministers only one can be said to be honest in their dealings with the public and that is Senator Francis Le Gresley, what you see is what you get. As a resident of St Peter I did not and would not vote for John Refault, he without a shadow of a doubt is the most invisible Constable this parish has ever had. His desire to have some statue placed in our village is typical of his fawning to the 'elite' but I and many other St Peter residents noted that J.R made no mention just who was to pay for his little whim? not the rate payers I hope John, you are not short of a bob or two so if you want it you pay for it!. Yes I believe Rico is right regarding the next Planning Minister and it shows exactly why Clothier was right, the Constables should not be in the States by defacto and certainly not as a Minister, their role is their Parish, full stop. What a sad state of affairs this wonderful Island is in that so many States members and residents cannot see where all this is heading.

click HERE for pv-TV report on Jersey Child Abuse government cover up said...

Please can someone scan and post the JEP article oline for prosperity.

It looks like a typical JEP hatchet job at their masters' bidding

What is noteworthy on this occasion is that the JEP's online version of he story is literally two short sentences and does not include their front page word "Dishonest"

This sanitised online version makes us suspect that the JEP is trying to minimise the digital trail of their collaboration.

They will soon be a spent force.

Anonymous said...

Never before has a ministers role in office been so aptly described. Genius mr sorda. "Deputy Pryke is waiting for a statement from her Civil Servants so she can get the drinks in"

Anonymous said...

''The Council have lost trust and confidence in Deputy Duhamel. We can no longer work with a Minister who has failed to be honest, straightforward and open with fellow Ministers or with this Assembly.''

Was the above stated with a straight face?

Deputy Baker, Constable Pallet and Constable Refault presenting the vote of no confidence, the gofers of the council of Ministers doing

Its Not politics its decided.

thejerseyway said...

Hi Rico.

Happy New Year.

Just but a Post up about the new Child Abuse Scandal. You and your readers can listen HERE


rico sorda said...

29th May 2012

CHIEF Minister Ian Gorst has backed his under-fire Treasury Minister over the collapse of the Lime Grove deal and bullying allegations.

In a statement to the States, Senator Gorst said that he was standing by Senator Philip Ozouf, but added that he would hold regular meetings with ministers in future to check on their workload and progress.

Earlier this morning, Senator Ozouf conceded that ‘mistakes had been made’ over the failed deal to put a new police station at Lime Grove but denied that he had bullied staff.

rico sorda said...

I bring this proposition to ask the Assembly to dismiss the Minister for Planning and Environment. I do this with the support of the majority of the members of the Council of Ministers, excluding the Minister himself.

I seriously hope that Senator Le Marquand isn't in that group. That would be the cherry on the cake.


Anonymous said...

"Instead he has failed to provide Ministers, fellow States Members and Officers with straight answers to straight questions. He has dissembled, chosen not to disclose critical pieces of information and hidden behind omissions and silence. Neither the Council, nor this Assembly nor his Department can function fully and effectively in those circumstances".

Will Gorst be sacking Le Marquand, Ozouf, Bailhache, Pryke et al, then resigning himself for committing the same offence?

That would show integrity & leadership.

Shameful said...

And so it came to pass in the year 2014 that the chief minister for jersey showed everyone who is willing to look how weak he is. The chief like the previous incumbent is not man enough to stand up to those who manipulate him. This is school ground politics being played out for real. The chief should be pulled over the coals for this and left to resign if his vote fails. Sad that this is what we have to put up with. Fight them Deputy. Fight them all the way. I don't agree with all you have done. I will look beyond the personality. This madness has got to stopped in it's tracks.

Anonymous said...

It certainly looks as though, if you do not do what you are told, or if you dare attack those head boy prefects, "so be it".

What a sorry state of affairs!

Anonymous said...

Is it not usual that if a states member is successful in a vote of no confidence against another member that he takes on that members role? I fully understand why they would want JR to take over he has always been known as a yes man he will do exactly what they tell him to do.Deputy Higgins next to go you watch.

Anonymous said...

Is it not usual that if a states member is successful in a vote of no confidence against another member that he takes on that members role? I fully understand why they would want JR to take over he has always been known as a yes man he will do exactly what they tell him to do.Deputy Higgins next to go you watch.

Anonymous said...

I thought any new Planning Minister would have to face a vote from the whole Assembly?

Anonymous said...

"Rob Duhamel has got a long term view in protecting the environment for future generations whereas the two Philips and their puppet Gorst have got a short term view of profit."

An honest question - what is Rob Duhamel's long-term view for protecting the environment? Apart from giving the go-ahead for the Plemont development (which is hardly protecting the environment), what has changed under Deputy Duhamel's stewardship? What is his vision for the future?

Please don't take this question as support for Gorst's proposition, which would make a hypocrite blush, but I'm genuinely interested to know how Deputy Duhamel has improved Jersey's environment.

Póló said...

" ... the support of the majority of the members of the Council of Ministers, excluding the Minister himself"

The above is a very strange phrase. Why the need to explicitly exclude the Minister himself.

Any fool would know that he was not included in the numerator of this factious fraction.

Was the "vote" so close that he had to be excluded from the denominator to produce a "majority"?

Can the Chief Minister not even carry his own Cabinet in this matter?

Statistics 101 - The Jersey Way.

Anonymous said...

I believe Mr Ozoufs campaign around road names is deliberately designed to take focus from the Council of Ministers and their actions in the campaign against Rob Duhamel.

On what authority can Mr Ozouf get the phone book amended?

Damocles said...

Interesting point Polo. There are 11 Ministers, including the newly created Foreign Affairs one. If there is a majority ONLY if Duhamel is excluded, that might suggest a maximum of 5-4 with one abstention. Or we are reading too much into a possibly clumsily formed phrase. Or it is a clear case of attempted deceit.

Anonymous said...

Trever Pitmans whistleblower mole was spot on.

Anonymous said...

Two direct quotes to conjure with.
"I would NEVER play poker with Deputy Duhamel" Dep Sean Power
"I have not ruled out standing for Chief Minister should the opportunity arise" Deputy Robert Duhamel (about four weeks ago in a panel meeting.

They think its all over ......

Anonymous said...

Interesting that the RAGonline has removed this story from the news in chronological order could it be that 20 supportive posts and none against Duhamel was too much for them?

Anonymous said...

"I would NEVER play poker with Deputy Duhamel" Dep Sean Power"

I'm sure a lot of people feel the same way about Dep Sean Power, but perhaps for different reasons.

Anonymous said...

Thank god for this blog! I along with another one of your readers have spotted that whenever a cowardly or corrupt political manouvre is in motion our excuse for a local newspaper seems to run a Red Herring spoiler "scoop" that would grace any April fools day.I have come to the conclusion that these "exclusives" are inserted into the "News" in the most cynical way.At least Pravda never tried to fool anyone.I will return to voting this year,this lot stink!

rico sorda said...

Rico Sorda ‏@RicoSorda 16 Nov

@philipozouf @StepheLuce @matthewjersey

@GaryBurgessITV Tuesday, the day of the long knives. So transparent. Philip who do you have lined up

On the 16th November 2013 I could see what was panning out so sent the above tweet to Sen Ozouf

@philipozouf @StepheLuce @matthewjersey @GaryBurgessITV Do you support Rob Duhamel? How about @johnyhil . What Sen Gorst and his support?

Reply Delete Favorite More

10:56 AM - 16 Nov 13

Rico Sorda ‏@RicoSorda 16 Nov

@philipozouf @StepheLuce @matthewjersey @GaryBurgessITV Let Plémont go. is this about fast tracking projects thoiugh planning with 'yesmen?
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10:58 AM - 16 Nov 13 · Details

Have been on this for sometime. Next posting on Sunday.

Anonymous said...


You have got to remember that this is an election year, and the mention of Gorst to most people is a cringe reaction.

So maybe a shock result?

But who would take over as Chief Minister?

Daniel said...

Anonymous says that Duhamel was painted as "dishonest" by the JEP on the front page. Well well.

Nearing the end of my time in the States I lodged P169 which would have created a process which would stop "misleading information" being said in the States - lying to you and me.

The proposition can be read at

I do not remember any of the Ministers whose lies I listed and described in some detail getting a mention on the JEP's front page!!

Here is the gist of that proposition:

re misleading information

my opening paragraph: “I have sat in the States for 3 years now and I have been shocked at the number of times the Assembly has been misled by Ministers, often on matters of the highest importance, sometimes on matters one could say were less important.”

and paragraph 4:
“The States is the highest authority in Jersey. It is therefore axiomatic that it
should itself follow the highest standards of integrity. For example, how can we insist on the highest standards of governance within quangos, charities,
financial services providers, if we do not ourselves follow the highest standards?

5. How can we command the respect of the public if we act dishonestly? How can we engage with them to find the best solutions to questions, if they are suspicious of us? I think the record of public consultation shows they (or those that continue to participate) are very forgiving, but that must not be used as an excuse for inaction. “

The cases of dishonesty and lack of integrity I listed as being:

Failing to hedge the Euro – who was responsible?

True financial position regarding the Energy from Waste plant – not informing the States

‘Graham Power was “willing” to cooperate with the Napier

“States spending went up 30% in 5 years”!

“I will not increase GST”

population debate 2009 Strategic Plan – the vanishing of 2600

population – ‘who will have to leave first?’

population – spinning the views of the public

oral questions – time allowed in other jurisdictions. “

Anyone wishing to see what I wrote on each of these lies or deceptions on this can go to:


Anonymous said...

Hi Rico,

It looks like Jersey has a new online newspaper:

It looks like it will be funded by advertising and classifieds. Hopefully not by government funded advertising.

From the Rob Duhamel story, it looks positive so far.

I say give these guys a chance. But will they take up the investigative journalism gauntlet thrown down by the bloggers?

Anonymous said...

"I say give these guys a chance. But will they take up the investigative journalism gauntlet thrown down by the bloggers?"

Interesting, and by all means let's give it a chance. However, it appears to be owned by James Filleul, who is also owner of PR company Direct Input, whose staff include Ben Queree, Paula Thelwell (both ex-JEP) and Gwynne Garfield-Bennett (BBC Jersey).

I don't recall any of these individuals being noted for their boat-rocking investigative journalism.

Will this just be another content-less middle-class advertising platform in the same vein as those bizarre "Jersey Now" type glossies that occasionally drop through my letterbox en route to the bin?

Time will tell.

Anonymous said...

Thanks @1:36am

Looks fabulous so far -let's see how they perform.

There is another offing in the pipeline but this is an exceedingly well timed launch because many advertisers are becomingly increasingly concerned about being associated with the JEP with it's perceived links to the cover up of child abuse, the protection of abusers, blatant lying (e.g. the denial of knowledge of the syvret super injunction, which it had already done a minor report on), incessant hatchet jobs on politicians who fall out of favour, and ensuring stories of critical public interest never saw the light of day on it's pages. Confidence in the JEP is at an all time low (at least since the JEP's wartime collaboration with the Nazis) and readers are becoming more sophisticated and less gullible.

This new outfit has got to be an improvement on the JEP in so many ways but it will not last if it just becomes a PR-power-broker and spin merchant like the JEP.

The JEP will not go down without a fight and will use every trick in the book to save it's skin. But when push comes to shove, it's advertisers will abandon it even faster than it's readers are dwindling.

Advertisers who foolishly cling to the JEP risk being soiled by association as more revelations come out which may involve the JEP directly or indirectly.....

Anonymous said...

Apart from a submission to the electoral commission, who is Steve Luce?

Anonymous said...

and, allegedly, he's also the current president of the Chamber of Commerce, the publisher of the Chamber magazine, spokesman for JT and a key lobbyist for the tobacco industry. Anyone with so many fingers already in other peoples pockets needs to have their motives considered closely.

Jill Gracia said...

Yes - we should give them a chance indeed. Lest we forget Ben Queree was the JEP's political reporter for quite some time and I doubt very much was given free reign at Five Oaks. However, I did enjoy a lot of his articles and he is an intelligent man, so maybe this is a chance to prove his talents in full.

I guess the same goes for the other two, both having been employed by 'Establishment' voice pieces.

As Anonymous (9.14) says time will tell, but on first glance it looks quite professional and hopefully unbiased. Who knows, it could be a breath of fresh air.

Anonymous said...

The oleaginous pin-striped Refault, former Airport Firefighter non-extraordinary and utterly useless Estate Agent, needs a simple job. Being a Constable and 2 Assistant Minsters is immensely stressful, so being the puppy of Those In Power would suit him admirably. Indeed, if Jersey had a perfect example of a nobody rising to greatness up the greasy pole of politics, that 2-faced grease-ball would be a prime candidate.

Bend over, it's time to sweep the Fire Station floor with this broom-handle tactically inserted. Or isn't that new info?

Anonymous said...

Just a thought but is this really about getting rid of Duhamel? or is it perhaps getting rid of Gorst? If his proposition fails then no doubt he will (if he has any credibility) resign as Chief Minister? what then? now who have we got to take Gorst's place? Oh hello Philip where have you just come from? NO not Philip as in Ozouf. As Syvret said so many, many times you get the government you deserve.

Anonymous said...

The strategic manipulations of the Bailhache Clan is a rich field for wearing a tin-foil hat. I can't personally dismiss the idea, nor can I dismiss the though of Sir Philip being the first President of the United Channel Islands. But then I can't actually dismiss any conspiracy theory in Jersey - sometimes things happen beyond usual concepts of reality.

But I digress. Refault? I have met him on many occasions in many roles, and I wouldn't trust him one millimetre. Unspeakable pole-climber, with not an ounce of principle in his bones. He cares nothing for the Parish, just his 'image'.

Anonymous said...


If you were to interview him, the one question I would most wish you'd ask Ben Queree is whether or not he still believes the Graham Power suspension was a boring topic. If ever there was a can of worms, the cover-up process and the distortions surrounding the honest Police Chief's suspension would be it.

We know what real investigative journalism surrounding that issue looks like, from your work, Stuart's, Bob's and VFC's. You've published facts and exposed many concealed attempts by officials to mislead on that topic. Do you think this new media outlet would grant you an interview?


rico sorda said...

Thanks for pointing out the Ben comment. Not sure how it got passed me. Was way over the top and have deleted it.

Anonymous said...

I think you are all being rather dismissive of John Refault; the island will benefit immeasurably from a man of his calibre in such an important role. He has achieved so much during his tenure as Constable of St Peter. Just look at the top three achievements he modestly lists on his website -

-Completed refurbishment of Honorary Police Offices.
-Remodelling and surfacing of Parish Car Park.
-Obtained Planning Permission for the Parish Shed and engaged contractors for its construction.

How could we not benefit from a man of such wide vision, a man who can not only dream big, but turn his visions into reality? I mean a SHED! He gave you lucky people in St Peter a SHED! And a remodelled car park! And you mock him.

Instead of some bearded wierdo, you could have an adaptable and dedicated commercial executive with creative, strategic and operational skills with high personal and professional standards and, an effective business manager working at all levels from board to individuals. A man who promotes a value for money culture, monitors and evaluates expenditure at macro and micro levels, who thrives on challenge and has a ‘can do’ approach to problem solving and a flexible but determined approach to generate success and enthusiastically embraces and implement change with the ability to train, develop and lead teams and individuals. He conceptualises strategy and apples (hic) this to the solution of practical problems.

You could have all this, a man whose can-do approach means he enthusiastically says "YES" to everything, and you want to keep Rob Duhamel? What are you people on?

HIDS said...

Hi Elle

Just how "boring" the panic struck and illegal suspension of the legitimate Jersey Police Chief was, is indeed a critical question for Ben Queree.

The one part of your comment that we would take issue with is -"Do you think this new media outlet would grant you [Rico] an interview?"

If time allows within his honorary and part-time incarnation as a journalist Rico may well approach the "new outlet" and on the right terms, agree to interview them!

James Filleul's Express is currently an non-entity with no following or readership. It is necessarily a cheap set up because there is no room for a JEP clone on the island. The expanding niche is in occupying the middle ground of credibility which the JEP vacated long ago.
Rico (and others) should think carefully before helping it bridge the credibility gap that it has intrinsically fallen into by virtue of it's assemblage.

No matter how much money James Filleul throws at marketing his new enterprise it has doomed itself to be an "also ran" by staffing itself with tainted jersey media cast offs. Its only chance is to make a big impact with big stories so that it's marketing budget does not just get flushed down the pan along with the setup costs.

There are several things which JF's Express can do to immediately take a market share but let's not give them free advice of too much value until they can prove themselves.

The new media will engage with capable bloggers in order to engage with the enlightened generations, not with their grandparents.

Same old -on a different platform- is doomed to failure even if (or perhaps because) it is horizontally integrated with JF's other commercial interests.

Anonymous said...

As the previous poster noted...doomed to failure due to JF's other interests. BE have already shown their true colours with a positive and supportive article about JT's new billing system which has the rest of the island incandescent with rage at the surprise to see JF is JT's PR man...failed at e first hurdle..IMHO.

Anonymous said...

Readers in #Jersey don't get your hopes up too much, Jersey is all about control, control, control.

James Filleul ring any bells?

"Bailiwick Express is provided to you by Lighthouse Media (CI) Ltd, t/a Bailiwick Publishing (LCI) Fox Building Second Floor, Rue des Pres, St. Saviour, Jersey, JE1 3UP.

Our Directors are James Filleul, Mark Jackson and Oliver Baudains."

Anonymous said...

As the person who posted the Bailiwick Express link, I'm glad to have kicked off a(nother) debate about Jersey's media.

The most interesting media question for me in 2014 is "who is going to be the Jersey equivalent of Peter Jukes?"

If you don't know who Peter Jukes is, he is a freelance journalist currently live tweeting the News International hacking trial from the Old Bailey, financed by crowd-funding (donations). His feed @peterjukes is excellent, totally compelling. A trained journo giving a minute by minute update live from within the courtroom, with the permission of the judiciary.

This raises several questions:

1) When is the Jersey judiciary going to allow live tweeting from trials? If it is acceptable that a prosecution in the name of the British Crown can be live tweeted in England, why can it not be live tweeted in Jersey? Jersey and English prosecutions are all in the name of the Crown.

2) Who will be Jersey's Peter Jukes? Which Jersey journalist is going to knock down this door? Will it be from the 'accredited' media? Or will it be a blogger?

3) Who is going to live tweet the committee of inquiry into child abuse? The public need to be told, in all transparency, what evidence and what witnesses are being heard each day. Obviously, total victim anonymity must be ensured.

Anyone who follows Peter Jukes will know that he obeys reporting restrictions. If the judge says something cannot be reported, he adheres to that ruling, and tells his followers so.

So, will Bailiwick Express be our Peter Jukes? Or will it be left to citizen's media?

There is absolutely no reason why responsible journalists should not be able to live tweet from Jersey trials, tribunals and inquiries, provided the judge's directions are adhered to at all times.

Come on Jersey media, who is going to get there first? My bet is that it will be a blogger, maybe a crowdfunded one.


Anonymous said...

Is the Bailwickexpress a pr company?

Anonymous said...

Thanks, HIDS.

I stand corrected and bow to the brilliance of your comment. Indeed, I would never wish to suggest that a new JEP clone is in any way automatically deserving of Rico Sorda's consideration. However, that one question for Ben Queree still begs for an answer, in my opinion.


HIDS said...

Hi Elle
Indeed a critical question you raise.

The idea (8:27pm) of live tweeting of information from the public inquiry is a good one. One difficulty is ensuring that it is respectful and not voyeuristic. I can't help thinking that a daily or half daily précis would be better - or maybe a mixture of both on an ad hoc basis?

Mr. Syvret has raised concerns that the public inquiry might be hijakcked and railroaded into a private non-inquiry on the basis of reinterpretation of the data protection law.

Anonymous said...

Was John Refault involved in the banning of citizen media from recording PUBLIC meetings and debates as they were not accredited media?

Anonymous said...

"The idea (8:27pm) of live tweeting of information from the public inquiry is a good one. One difficulty is ensuring that it is respectful and not voyeuristic. I can't help thinking that a daily or half daily précis would be better - or maybe a mixture of both on an ad hoc basis?"

As the poster of the original live tweeting comment, I do agree. It would have to be completely anonymised and with the consent of victims and the panel. I would guess some victims would be totally in favour, some totally opposed. It is already clear that many victims will want to give evidence in closed session to the panel only. Others may well want the world to know what they have to say.

I'd be interested to know how the victims feel about how the inquiry gets reported, how frequently it is reported, and by what medium. Perhaps they have already had this discussion? I believe a website is being set up for the inquiry.

The more open and transparent the reporting, the less chance there is of a whitewash.

HIDS said...

We are constantly impressed with the quality of the jersey news blogs, but also with the quality of the comments sections.

Some comments are just so entertainingly clever and well written like the satire (11Jan @ 10:32) which was a challenge for any pelvic floor, male or female!

www.johnrefault.com_lankey is so ripe for satirising with it's self promotion, overstatement and misdirected half-truths in a toe curling PR cliché.

Sometimes 'less is more" which is probably why the commenter left left in reserve:

"Chairman of Honorary Police Working Group"

"Non Executive Director of the Waterfront Enterprise Board"

"Actively participated in the development of the Airport Departures Hall, the Alpha Taxiway and ......, projects that total in excess of £30M."

Reconcile this somehow with his alleged independent leadership, tight grip on public purse strings, and unquestionable integrity

The commenter 12:34am highlighting John Refault's involvement in the attempted banning of "unacredited" media and hence their "unacredited" comment and "unacredited" opinion; is a very valuable reminder.

JR is definitely not stupid and, we and imagine, is not a deliberately bad or evil man. He is merely a Jersey civil-service-&-business creature of the self-interest type who dominate the middle echelons of Jersey party politics. Contrary to common assumption Jersey already has 'party politics'. De facto one-party, Establishment Party politics where members are ruthlessly whipped into line, and dissidents are relentlessly worn down and compromised, marginalised, ejected or even imprisoned by whatever assortment of distorted means are necessary.
All this behind the smokescreen of the PR owned media which is all about "control, control, control" (7:20pm)

A ever there is so much to say, but let's return to the main purpose by putting it in capitols: "CLOUD-SOURCING".


HIDS said...

"CLOUDSOURCING" continued....

There has been so much (dirty) water under the bridge of the Jersey microcosm that no one 'standard issue' brain can simultaneously hold or instantly re-source all of the published information, particularly on a part time basis. The comments sections of the blogs regularly act as a cloud-sourced knowledge base, sometimes volunteering new information and sometimes 're-plaiting' half-forgotten gems of blog information back into the debate at the most relevant of times.

A big thank you to the quality bloggers, and ALSO to the many readers and commenters who can form an extension to their brains, consciences and information bases. Particular thanks to the 'citizens of the world' from further afield who invest their interest in solving the troubles of our little island.

There are several new media models which might work for Jersey. Whilst not being the easiest to implement or maintain, a cloud sourced model would be most democratised and hardest for the existing authorities to buy out or bog down or ambush thought abuse of their legal system.

With the existing blogs we are perhaps that far from the capability to launch a cloud sourced media for Jersey and this would be a phenomenal achievement for a community as small as 100k (minus children, minus transients, minus crypto-fascists etc.)

The amount of cloud funding in such a small community is also limited but the real asset is the value of the free time and commitment that many already give.

Other workable models exist, but in "Team Voice" we already have a proven hub around which a bright cloud of sorts has already formed.

Rico, VFC and others have demonstrated a grasp of the bigger picture which enables a movement like this to be held together, rather than fall apart due to disagreements on detail or relatively minor differences of opinion.

As hinted by previous commenters, the conduct and reporting of the CoI is a critical time for the island's future through frank and honest reconciliation with it's past to achieve closure. But only if it is done right and the many lessons are clearly understood and implemented.

As an earlier commenter said; Discuss .....
[either here or amongst trusted friends]

HIDS said...

Hi again Elle,

We would like to add particular thanks to people such as yourself and Póló
who already had a connection with the island or have built it up through dedicated contribution to the blogging scene here in Jersey.

Your previous observation is totally understandable that proper comprehension of the unfolding Jersey situations interferes with your day job as an artist.

This throws up an idea which may of itself have merit but could also be used as a form of cloud funding.

Political art has long been a powerful tool and some works have been hugely influential and have become part of the fabric of popular culture.
Images of the simultaneously heroic and brutal Che "Guerrillero Heroico" are amongst the most iconic and reproduced images of the 20th century

If you are interested in political art and re-expressing your thoughts and feelings on the jersey microcosm, then the colourful jersey situation and living caricatures could be a goldmine of subject and inspiration.
You could utilise your considerable existing knowledge or for quick works, team up with bloggers to co-ordinate with some of their postings.

successful or thought provoking political art is of interest to the word in general as well as collectors and speculators. Jersey has a lively but largely establishment art scene

If Jersey has a revolution against it's out of control elite, it will probably be a very middle class electoral revolution which will finally bring the elected mock assembly into a final confrontation with the real power in the law offices and the crown appointees gone feral.

Che Guevara "Guerrillero Heroico" is hardly a suitable symbol for a middle class "Jersey revolution" and no Jersey players are comparable to him except perhaps in their dedication to their cause and their indomitability.

Whatever one's political colour Che Guevara is a fascinating and impressive character and I have put a few snippets in a separate comment.

Our Ex. Health minister has been compared to many historic figures but is separated from most of them by the fact that he is something of a pacifist who dismisses all violence and direct action.

If you were to feature Mr.Syvret in any of your works, perhaps you should not make him too sexy because the poor man needs to conserve his strength for the battles ahead.

Then again, that was part of "Guerrillero Heroico's" middle class impact.
So if it works for you; milk it :-)

Could the Jersey blogging movement benefit from an "artist in residence"?
You? or someone else?

Don't sell yourself too cheap -but I'd snap up a few originals if the price is right!

HIDS said...

On the fascinating subject of 'Che' Guevara "Guerrillero Heroico"
Ernesto Guevara was an Argentinian of Irish and Basque descent

'Che' Guevara remains a divisive character of those with a mindset still stuck in the cold war and with only a simple appreciation of it. Che himself and his radicalisation was a product of the times and the excesses of that cold war:
As a young medical student, Guevara travelled throughout South America to volunteer at leper colony and was radicalized by the poverty, hunger, and disease he witnessed.[9] His burgeoning desire to help overturn what he saw as the capitalist exploitation of Latin America by the United States prompted his involvement in Guatemala's social reforms under elected President Jacobo Árbenz, whose eventual CIA-assisted overthrow at the behest of the United Fruit Company (in which prominent US politicians had a major shareholding) solidified Guevara's political ideology.
The military coup installed the right-wing dictatorship of Carlos Castillo Armas. Guevara’s repeated calls to resist were noted by supporters of the coup, and he was marked for murder.

Guevara's enthusiasm for nuclear weapons should not endear him to history but he remains an icon and the positive aspects of his life cannot fail to inspire.
Ultimately Guevara was executed after wounding ans capture by combined Bolivian/CIA forces where he said to his hesitating executioner "Shoot me, you coward! You are only going to kill a man!" [not an idea]

Che Guevara was shot nine times and bit on one of his own wrists to avoid crying out.

I wonder if Che Guevara will be most remembered for his compassion and intellectualism or for the brutal world he became an major part of.

......or just as a sex symbol; which is the shallow but the arguably the genuine reason for the popularity of his image in the well off countries.

'Che' Guevara deliberately utilised his sexual image in the West but his intended Marxist message remains appealing dangerous in parts of the world where the same conditions exist which radicalised the young Ernesto Guevara.
Some liberal ideas are considered dangerous by TPTB in our world:
[Banned TED Talk: USA entrepreneur Nick Hanauer "Tax, jobs & the circle of life"]

As a trivial aside his nickname "Che", by which Ernesto became known, is the Argentine equivalent which could be compared to the Jersey idiosynchronism of "Eh", the casual speech filler used to ascertain comprehension or agreement, with also the meaning of "bro" or friend.

Che ....... Eh........ ;-)