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"PART 2 "





On my previous posting I pointed out that the Chief Minister showed incredible support to his Treasury Minister after the Lime Grove fiasco. I emailed the Chief Minister reminding him of this which is repeated here.  


Jan 4 at 8:40 AM

Dear Chief Minister,

I have been investigating the current attempted removal of the Planning Minister, Rob Duhamel. Has the Minister in question been offered the same support as you offered the Treasury Minister over his lime grove fiasco? In the States of Jersey you told members that you would be holding regular meetings with Ministers to check their workload and stress. How must the P&E Minister be feeling having spent the Christmas period with a possible removal of office hanging over his head.

Chief Minister, you backed the Treasury Minister over his shambolic handling of Lime Grove yet you have asked the Planning Minister twice for his resignation. My sources are telling me that this resignation is in fact being led by Senators Ozouf & Bailhache so that they can try and get  Consatble Refault passed in the house as the new  Planning Minister.

We are so close to an election. Some would say that the whole 'COM' needs removing. My feeling on this is that it stinks.

Remember, Senator Ozouf explained that he never had training as a Minister. Is the same going to offered to Deputy Duhamel Chief Minister?

Not everyone in Jersey is sleepwalking Chief Minister. I should have a blog posting up very soon about the treatment of the P&E Minister.

Kind Regards

Rico Sorda

Now listen to the Chief Minister when he is pulled up on this point by Matthew Price. The Chief Minister is exposed. There is silence. There is an attempt to dodge the question. He is uncomfortable. This is an attempted political assassination. THIS IS THE CLASSIC EXAMPLE OF NOT GIVING A CHIEF MINISTER THE POWER TO HIRE OR FIRE. 


We are so close to an election and the Chief Minister does this. We must be concerned. What is going on here? Deputy Rob Duhamel helps explain the situation in the below interview.

Part two will be posted tomorrow


Rico Sorda 

Part Time Investigative Journalist


rico sorda said...

Can you just imagine if we had this Chief Minister with the power to hire and fire. DICTATORSHIP is what we will have. Some would say we have that now but that would just be the cherry on the cake.

Absolutely ridiculous


Póló said...

Thanks for retailing those two interviews. A true public service.

A few things strike me:

Is Matthew waking up at last? Does he see the writing on the wall? Or is he beefing up his portfolio?

The juxtaposition of the two interviews clearly shows up the flaws in the Jersey system of governance, particularly the Chief Minister's difficulties with what little separation of powers there is under the present law.

The history of the secret letter clearly shows how the oligarchy manipulate States' members and is the only example of dishonesty revealed in the interviews.

Rico makes a valid point when he fears giving more hiring/firing power to the Chief Minister in the absence of a complete overhaul of the system of governance on the island. The "separation of powers" which Deputy Duhamel is insisting on in this case has led to the only element of accountablity so far in this saga (ie its having to be dealt with in public).

Let's hope the States members are now paying attention and do the right thing in this case.

voiceforchildren said...


As Deputy Duhamel was on State Radio this morning I sent in the following e-mail. Needless to say it never got read out.


I am blacklisted by the BBC, as are others who speak out against the government party line, which means they don't read out my comments, or allow me on air.

I would like to comment that those with an ear close to the corridors of power believe that the vote of no confidence against you, brought by the alleged Chief Minister, is Bailhache and Ozouf led.

You should be applauded for your courage and integrity by standing up to these people and refusing to go quietly which could prove to be irreparably damaging to the Chief Minister and could/should cost him his Chief Ministership.

If Ian Gorst loses this vote he will have no other option other than to resign which will make room for Senator Bailhache to take his place. Which begs the question is it you who is being set up here or is it Ian Gorst?

Anonymous said...

We need more whistle blowers. This story was doing the rounds on the blogs prior to any state media.

Anonymous said...

In the recording involving the Chief Minister he says, one of the reasons he wants to dismiss the planning Minister is because the council of ministers expect straight answers from all Ministers, why then are the Politian's and Public of Jersey not afforded the same courtesy from Ministers at question time in the States? I too believe as do others that this is actually a set up the Planning Minister will win the day, Gorst will have no option but to step down, making way for the REAL Chief Minister to take over, can he not see that? Which might be a good thing I don't like the real Chief Minister however he doesn't seem as weak as Gorst,who has obviously been lead by the nose from the start. Totally the wrong Chief Minister material.

Duhamel must go said...

What this increasingly neat, packaged and cartonized island really needs is:
-The Man from Del Monte -St.Perter who says "yes" to the perfect fields of overpriced 'turnips'.

"Yes" to the co-op

"Yes, yes" to the financial 'island site' of formless ghost-town offices

"Yes, yes, yes" [with knobs on] to DandIRA

"Yes, yes, yes, yes, please" to the department of iconic industrialised rich pickings and nest feathering.

...but bizarrely to play No, No, No, hard to get to Bailhachmont headland at perhaps £6+M cost to the taxpayer, having already consented in accordance with existing planning law and policy.

The likes of Team-Bellyache think they can ignore and change the law upon whim, and make it up as they go along.
[/many a true word said in jest]

thejerseyway said...

So VFC, whats going to be the best out come. Chief Minister wins this and Deputy gets sacked or Chief Minister losses this and Deputy stays in post, but Chief Minister losses his seat and so, up pops Senator Bailhache getting Chief Ministers Seat!

So whats the best thing to do, apart from this present Chief Minister growing some balls and outing Senator Bailhache and Senator Ozouf for what there about.

O what a mess, this could be very interesting indeed.

I must set my recorder?


Anonymous said...

Where does Ozouf fit into the picture of this political assassination?

rico sorda said...

That will be in tomorrows posting.



Jill Gracia said...

I have just listened in full to the two interviews, and putting aside what my previous gut feelings were, I can honestly say that they have not been changed by what I heard and of the two Deputy Duhamel came across as the more confident, honest and credible of the two.

Yes TJW - recorder at the ready please, and I will be taking good note of who votes pour/contre on this one. Indeed a little trip to the States Chamber when this is debated would be worthwhile.

Bueno Fortuna Deputy Duhamel.

rico sorda said...

Could Chief Minister Gorst be getting set up for a fall here? Why he has done this just simply doesn't stack up. He has been used. If he fails he should step down and let the real power take the rains.


rico sorda said...

I bring this proposition to ask the Assembly to dismiss the Minister for Planning and Environment. I do this with the support of the majority of the members of the Council of Ministers, excluding the Minister himself.

The Council have lost trust and confidence in Deputy Duhamel. We can no longer work with a Minister who has failed to be honest, straightforward and open with fellow Ministers or with this Assembly.

One would hope that the Treasury Minister abstained from getting involved with this after the Lime Grove fiasco let alone voting on the actual debate. If he does vote on it that would simply show that he has no shame. Only time will tell.


rico sorda said...

The more you think about this the more ridiculous it gets. How can the Minister for Health and Social Services vote in favour of the removal of the planning Minister.

The goings on down at the Hospital these past years has been shocking.

Surely she hasn't got the cheek to back this?


Anonymous said...

MR Gorst says words to the effect, I am calling for the Planning Minister to be removed, I don't believe this is the way to do things, (but I'm doing it anyway)If he honestly believes that then why pray God is he doing it? how can you trust a guy like this? (its like saying its wrong to steal apples but Ill do it anyway)The majority of people I speak to think as I do that he is weak and is being led by the nose, he defiantly is not the real Chief minister, and at least two others have their minds set on gaining his position, what is wrong with this man can he not see what is going on he is being set up, how many of his ministers will vote with him on the day? I can think of at least two who if they did will end up with egg on their face, Pryke and Ozouf These two are the worst example for wasting public money. I hope they haven't the nerve to vote against the Planning Minister.Finally I wonder if Gorst delayed the other attempt to bring this to the house in order to wait until the Pitmans, lost their seats, as that would surely have been two votes in favour of the Planning Minister.

thejerseyway said...

Hi Rico.

just put up the audio of today's Politics Hour.

You and your readers can listen HERE


Anonymous said...

St Clements Parish Green Zone meeting

Timing of this debate may provide some answers to problems within the council of ministers.

Anonymous said...

This affair clearly shows the Chief Minister needs to be given the powert to hire and fire his Council of Ministers.

However. Only after there is a system in place which sees the Chief Minister elected by the public, and the public are given the right to remove the Chief Minister if public discontent ever reaches a large enough level.

Anonymous said...

Ironic that Gorst accuses Duhamel of dishonesty, given his own lack of candour whenever asked an awkward question. Never did quite answer the question about Ozouf's anger management, did you Ian?

For example, in the current interview, he claims that in just about any other jurisdiction, the chief minister would have the power to reshuffle or sack ministers.

What he fails to say is that just about every other jurisdiction is fundamentally different from Jersey in that the electorate vote for candidates who represent a political party, and have agreed to abide by a party manifesto. Under a party system, voters know who they are voting for as chief minister. In the UK, if you vote Conservative, you are voting for David Cameron as PM; if you vote Labour, for Ed Milliband.

Under a party system, ministers are expected to work collaboratively, and MPs are expected to vote as directed by their party leadership. In turn, parties are expected to follow their manifesto promises.

Jersey's system could not be more different. We have no political parties. We have candidates who stand as individuals, and do not stand on a platform of collegiate government. There is no direct election of chief minister, or any other member of the council of ministers, meaning the ordinary voter in the island has absolutely no capacity to influence who forms the government. Not a single one of us agreed to Gorst being chief minister.

Given the nature of Jersey's political system, it is outrageous for Gorst to complain that ministers find it difficult to work with Duhamel (which as we all know is code for "won't play nodding donkey when Sir Philip makes a suggestion"). Why should Duhamel not be his own man? Why should ministers have to agree to vote in a collective way, when they do not all belong to a governing party?

Anonymous said...


SUPPORTERS of embattled Environment Minister Rob Duhamel have begun to rally round him before a States vote to dismiss him.

A group of at least seven States Members are understood to be prominent in his defence, which is due to culminate with a divisive battle in a vote of
dismissal motion against the minister next week.

It is thought that that the vote will be close and that a number of ministers are considering breaking ranks to vote against their Chief Minister

Anonymous said...

It's a numbers game. With the Pitmans gone and Deputy Kristina Moore not well and absent from the assembly, there will be 48 votes.

Gorst has to get 25 to win.

Duhamel only needs to get 24 to stay in post.

I calculated that, with a fair wind behind him, Duhamel may indeed obtain those 24 votes.

Anonymous said...


The Northern Ireland inquiry has been mentioned in the media today. It has been mentioned on your blog before too, I think.

Inquiry into abuse in NI children's homes and borstals begins

This inquiry must surely set the standard? We are all part of Great Britain, all subjects of the Queen. We MUST have the same standard of inquiry as in Northern Ireland, with the same degree of transparency.

There MUST NOT be any "Oh, Jersey law says this, therefore we can't" nonsense. English and Northern Irish "authorities" (i.e. authoritative legal judgements) are cited all the time in the Jersey courts.

No more Jersey Way, tell everyone you know, tell all your contacts Rico.

rico sorda said...

For Duhamel


Le Gresley - Breckon - Ferguson - Le Marquand


Crowcroft -Mezbourian -Rondel - Le Troquer -Rennard.


Duhamel - Le Herrisier -Martin - Southern- Reed -Labey -Hilton -Le Fondre - Power -Tadier -Vallois -Higgins- Macon -Baudain -Young - Bryons-


rico sorda said...

Also put in to the equation wether the Treasury Minister would have the cheek to vote. He should absolutely abstain.


Anonymous said...

Then there's always the possibility the Health Minister will confuse 'Yes' and 'No', and forget which way she has been told to vote.

Anonymous said...

I reckon Reed, Hilton and Bryans will be batting for Team Gorst-Ozouf-Bailhache. But there are others who will vote Team Duhamel.

It's gonna be close. The three line whip will be out and none of Team Gorst will be allowed to fly off island this coming weekend, in case they get prevented from coming back due to fog at the airport! :-O

rico sorda said...

I believe those 3 will go Duhamel. Everyone except the most loyal can see how pathetic this VNC is.

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous at 9:52, perhaps it should read team Bailhache-Ozouf-Gorst ... "BOG"

The Beano is not the Rag

Anonymous said...

Team "BOG":

Is that the real pecking order behind closed doors

The filthy rag has never even made a pretence of not being totally behind Bailhache.
The JEP once even gave Ozouf a couple of days of whipping to teach him his place "as one of PB's closest allies".

And poor PO would so like to be on top.

Anonymous said...

I expect most, if not all, States members read this blog. Those who are still undecided, or even those who are, should include the following consideration into their calculus.

A growing number of Jersey's voters are pig sick of the current council of ministers (and indeed the ministerial system of government itself). Yes, there is still a large constituency of increasingly elderly voters who are averse to any change and who will always vote for the parish mafia candidate, but there is a growing body of middle ground voters who want rid of the morally bankrupt and corrupt bunch of spivs in government. A lot of us haven't always bothered to vote in the past, but this time we're very pissed off. We will vote this time.

In the coming elections, do you really want to be seen to be siding with the increasingly despised 'establishment', or do you want to be seen as somebody who is their own man / woman?

The vote of no confidence isn't really about Rob Duhamel's performance as Planning Minister - certainly not in the eyes of the thinking public. It's origin is in his Plemont decision, and he has been a marked man ever since. We aren't stupid enough to really believe otherwise. We can see that dishonesty runs deep throughout the council of ministers, and if Duhamel has been economical with the truth, he is very far from alone.

This is nothing more than a political assassination by the small ruling claque of States members, who want a compliant 'Yes' man in the job. You aren't voting for or against Rob Duhamel, but for or against a concentration of power into the hands of 3 States members.

Do you want to be a part of that, or be seen to make a stand against it? Your seat might just depend upon it come the election.