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Anonymous said...

What a weasel Gorst is except a weasel has got a backbone.

voiceforchildren said...



Anonymous said...

And who should replace him Bailhache?

Anonymous said...

This system is not fit for purpose. Ian Gorst spins an issue deflecting the target issue of the Assassination of Deputy Duhamel. 1:37 ?If you had that system would you keep Deputy Duhamel in your council of Ministers and simply reshuffle him?

Gorst Ah no.

Anonymous said...

So who would be your first choice Rico, Bailhache or Ozouf.

If neither then which other member ?

Anonymous said...

''In my job, I don't always take the easiest course of action''

''I believe this is the only option open to me''

Classic quotes in the video recording. Thanks Rico

''Quite a different set of circumstances'' Duh obvious.

Each case is taken on its own merits No answer from Gorst re Ozouf questions.

Anonymous said...

So who would be your first choice Rico, Bailhache or Ozouf.

If neither then which other member ?

rico sorda said...

Bailhache. Let the wizard come out from behind the curtain and stand where all can see him.

Anonymous said...

The only credible candidate is Francis Le Gresley.

A poll topper who is untainted by cover ups and failure.

A Jersey man (not that it matters to me, but it does to some)

The man who delivered the committee of inquiry

Not in the pocket of big business

Not in the pocket of the judiciary

And, at Social Security, far from a pushover.

All this talk of Gorst vs Bailhache vs Ozouf misses the elephant in the room. The best candidate for Chief Minister is Francis Le Gresley.

thejerseyway said...

Hi Rico.

This man's for Turning? Spinning you name it he'll do it!

On the Radio today, you can listen HERE


Anonymous said...

Francis le gresley who kept the cap on social security contributions at £44k per annum yet putting up contributions for everyone else next year at another 1% (I think).

No thanks,he looks after the rich like the rest of them in COM

Anonymous said...

How does this work then, The Planning Minster sitting in at the next ministerial meeting, with Goust,Pryke and Green who have publicly stated that he was not fit to continue as the Planning Minister, If I was Mr Duhamel, I would give them hell. I have spoken to many people since this announcement and they are disgusted with the Chief minister Ballaiche sorry Goust as he obviously is weak and not up for the challenge and yet has the nerve to call Mr Duhamel dishonest and discredit him, It was obvious from the start he was being put up to this, the public need more info. I have just heard a storey which I must confirm about a Minister who attended a Parish dinner and allegedly told people that they would really like to take on another ministerial post as the holder(not Mr Duhamel) was out of their depth, but they could not think of anyone within the states who was capable of doing their job. I might name them soon.

Anonymous said...

Anon at 10pm

Are you trying to tell me that an alternative Social Security minister would have done any different, no doubt on professional officer advice? I doubt it.

Who is your credible candidate?

Anonymous said...

Is the issue, not who, could be Chief minister should Ian Gorst stands down, but how, why and whom were behind the antics, as predicted by Trevor Pitman.
Here 26th Jan 2013

Something rotten happening within this Council of Ministers.

Anonymous said...

Has any one noticed how the ghastly Bailhache, and Ozouf clan have staid so very quiet.

Give Sean Power his due at least he stuck his head up and made a few enemies.

Fair play to him.

Now name thirty other states members who have done some thing - anything half useful in the last two years.

Difficult isn't it !!!

Larry said...

Well at least Baldrick was passed over yet again. That guy must surely be getting the message by now?

But odd that Duhamel said nothing yesterday. Why?

Was he told to keep quiet?

Something about this isn't right.

A lot of people stuck their neck out for him. Now he is supposed to have apologised to Gorst. For what?

Anonymous said...

anon at 10.46
I'm sure an alternative minister would have introduced different measures if they had welfare of the island as a whole not just making it less painful on higher earners.In Jersey if you earn £100k per annum you pay the same social security contributions as someone who earns £44k.personally I don't think that is fair and is a reason why contributions are being raised,it is the low and middle earners that will suffer while those most able to pay as a percentage actually pay less.
As a comparison the cap on contributions in Guernsey is more than double ours at £91k earnings per annum.
Are Guernsey having to raise their contributions?i don't know.
I don't think there is anyone in the States that would be good as Chief Minister.None of those with the right social conscience for all aspects of island life are powerful enough.

rico sorda said...

This episode has really brought it home to me just how bad it really is concerning the politics of this small Island. We are doomed. And the kids aren't safe.

Shambles from top to bottom.

I'm off on vacation back when the pills wear off.

Ciao for now


Póló said...

Enjoy a well deserved break. But do come back. You're needed.

Family comes first, though.

Mind the pills, big pharma are out to get you. :)

thejerseyway said...

Hi Rico,

Just put up Audio of yesterdays Sitting, which includes the Urgent Question to the Chief Minister, then the 15 minutes with the Chief Minister and then another 15 Minutes with the real Chief Minister!

You and your readers can listen HERE


Anonymous said...

Three points on this interview

Beware this stuff about backbone and wishing that Gorst was more like Thatcher! and wishing that the Chief Minister had the absolute unfettered power to hire and fire. Errrrr no, we can do without a dictator, thank you.

The whole point about having to go to the States in order to sack somebody is that it takes the potential for short-sighted or personal decisions more or less out of the frame. There is a hurdle to cross - a States debate with the uncertainty, and the exposure which that brings.

This is actually a good interview, apart from the moment where Matthew Price interrupts Gorst. It is an annoying habit of his.

However, in this case, he might be said to have a reason in that Gorst was not answering the (very tricky) question around his treatment of his Treasury Minister being different from his treatment of his Environment Minister.

Now he has done his U-Turn, the question does indeed arise - why if he was so adamant that Duhamel had to go, was it suddenly OK for him to stay?

Not sure this has to do with backbone, though, more likely he counted up the votes.