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The more we look at this Vote of No Confidence the more it looks like a complete farce. News has reached me that Jersey's answer to Blackadder and Baldrick have a cunning plan.  I have been informed that Eddie Noel, the assistant Minister to Treasury, is planning a 3rd attempt at being Planning Minister. Deputy Noel had his first attempt when Senator Cohen stepped down to become Foreign Affairs Minister. His second attempt was  after the 2011 election when he again lost out to Deputy Duhamel. Could he be a back up to Constable Refault if the political assassination is successful? This is getting crazy but makes perfect sense in the toxic world of jersey politics.  Two 'Yes' men running for the same Job.  Can Senator Ozouf seriously believe he can support a vote of no confidence let alone vote against a fellow minister when you take the Lime Grove fiasco into account? Baldrick is itching for a Ministry. What is going on here is really tragic and shambolic.


Is the Chief Minister being set up by the little power circle that so easily manipulate him? He keeps telling us that he wont step down if he loses the vote. He might never recover from this deed however there is still a chance that he will pull it at the last moment. This really is incredible. This was a vote of censure at the very most. We will see how this pans out next week. This is a step towards a Dictatorship. I firmly believe that States Members are finally waking up to the likes of Bailhache and Ozouf.  If anyone votes in favour of the Chief Ministers proposition let them rise and be counted. Let us hear their speech and the reasons for doing so. Let us have none of the silent assassins just sitting there saying nothing and being prepared to end a mans ministerial position.  

If this ludicrous proposition wins and we have to have a new planning minister then the fun really starts. They want Refault or just for the sheer fun of it before the next election Baldrick Noel.  

This is serious times for the people of Jersey it's just a shame that so many don't care. The people of Jersey don't seem to care about a number of issues - this includes Child Protection - this will be the subject of my Sunday posting. 

Rico Sorda

Part Time Investigative Journalist 


Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "ATTEMPTED POLITICAL ASSASSINATION OF ROB DUHAMEL -...": 

I expect most, if not all, States members read this blog. Those who are still undecided, or even those who are, should include the following consideration into their calculus.

A growing number of Jersey's voters are pig sick of the current council of ministers (and indeed the ministerial system of government itself). Yes, there is still a large constituency of increasingly elderly voters who are averse to any change and who will always vote for the parish mafia candidate, but there is a growing body of middle ground voters who want rid of the morally bankrupt and corrupt bunch of spivs in government. A lot of us haven't always bothered to vote in the past, but this time we're very pissed off. We will vote this time.

In the coming elections, do you really want to be seen to be siding with the increasingly despised 'establishment', or do you want to be seen as somebody who is their own man / woman?

The vote of no confidence isn't really about Rob Duhamel's performance as Planning Minister - certainly not in the eyes of the thinking public. It's origin is in his Plemont decision, and he has been a marked man ever since. We aren't stupid enough to really believe otherwise. We can see that dishonesty runs deep throughout the council of ministers, and if Duhamel has been economical with the truth, he is very far from alone.

This is nothing more than a political assassination by the small ruling claque of States members, who want a compliant 'Yes' man in the job. You aren't voting for or against Rob Duhamel, but for or against a concentration of power into the hands of 3 States members.

Do you want to be a part of that, or be seen to make a stand against it? Your seat might just depend upon it come the election. 


Anonymous said...

Gorst may survive in the States, but his good faith and trust by the people is getting thinner each and every day. Almost tie with Anne Pryke for being kicked out in a few months time.

Anonymous said...

Gorst is being played like a fiddle by the two Philips Bailhache and Ozouf. Gorst has more than anybody to lose should his proposition be unsuccessful while Bailhache will have everything to gain as Gorst's position will be untenable paving the way for Bailhache to take over.

Anonymous said...

Don't believe the elder" grey" vote is still pro establishment.I print these blogs for a number of them as they do not have computers & trust me they wait for them much more eagerly than the daily rag that they do not believe & even better in some cases do not BUY it anymore!!
They then pass copies to friends & neighbours that are now coming on board to the "revolution" of alternative media & accredited journalist does not mean a monkeys to them as they believe the evidence based journalism of your good self Mr Rico.Many thanks

voiceforchildren said...


You wrote;

"however there is still a chance that he will pull it at the last moment."

If Ian Gorst had the slightest bit of political savvy he wouldn't have brought this proposition in the first place. Unless he's suddenly woken up and smelt the coffee and gained some savvy in the last couple of weeks I can't see him pulling it.

Ian Gorst has the potential of being ruined by this debate/proposition as Rob Duhamel clearly isn't going to go quietly and could very well start singing like the proverbial canary and letting out some of those COM meetings secrets and much more. Could Gorst really recover from what could turn out to be one of the most revelatory and potentially damaging debates ever held in the States?

This could turn out to be political suicide for Gorst while Philip Bailhache will be there to revel in the loss of face for Gorst and become the next Chief Minister.

A few people have done the sums and the synopsis is that Gorst loses the proposition by 3 votes............Then his position is untenable.

Anonymous said...

This vote of no confidence is going to have the opposite affect to that of which senator Gorst things it will. It's going to finish Gorst and strengthen Duhamel.

Anonymous said...

I just laughed at your photoshop picture, brilliant!


Anonymous said...

Duhamel comes out looking good from an article on planitjersey.



I believe bailhache and ozouf want gorst out of CM and then bailhache can take over as CM.
You cannot trust bailhache because he is a liar and as far as ozouf is concerned he is just playing around with our money and believes that one day he will be CM. Both are power crazy!


bailhache and ozouf are both power crazy!
I believe they are playing gorst so that he has to stop being CM.This then makes way for the liar bailhache to become CM. ozouf wants to be CM but he will wait for his chance to come because he cannot stand against bailhache his boss in the establishment party. I just hope that we get a new CM one for the people.

voiceforchildren said...



rico sorda said...

Next week in the States Of Jersey you will witness the full extent of the lunacy that governs you all. You will witness a Treasury Minister backing the sacking of the Planning Minister - when the Treasury Minister should be so embarrassed about his Lime Grove fcuk up that he should exclude himself from the debate. The Minister of Health (Pryke) will vote against the Planning Minister when she should be so embarrassed about her own tenure and the state of Health and Social Services -It's a shambles- and what about Home Affairs Minister you cant make this up. Our Chief Minister is a joke. It's ok for a Chief Minister to hire and fire if he is principled and has slightly more backbone than a stickleback. This Chief wants to be surrounded by Ozouf's yes men because he has been told. Wake up. These clowns are power crazy and don't deserve the hire fire option. Sen Maclean has seen the writing on the wall. He spoke out about the Bollox that was Option B and referendum. I don't expect him to stand at the next election. He simply looks like he has had enough and who can blame him. The want Refault of Baldrick Noel in planning. They want to push the Finance Centre through. They want a "Yes" man. The Delmonte man for Planning. The Chief Minister should just step down and take up knitting.

Anonymous said...

Slightly off topic - but the ongoing love affair between the JEP'S Harry Mc Randle and Philip Bailache is nauseating.

His piece on the French governments threat to blacklist Jersey as an un-coopertaive tax regime is typical. He paints little Phil as some kind of saviour.

In Reality... Jersey was kicked into touch and had to hurriedly change its laws and proceedures before the threat was lifted - that and the intervention of the UK Senior politician george Osborne.

I suspect that left to our local big fish in a little pond.. we would yet still be blacklisted.

Anonymous said...

Bailache recently said he was sightly biased on proposals to change the role of the Bailif having once held that office!!

He omitted to mention that as he had given his little brother the job of AG he naturally became deputy bailiff and will no doubt be the next Bailif - and will get the obligatory knighthood. Biased????
could not be more so!

Anonymous said...

Sighted a copy of tonight's only local newspaper, (hate them even more after what they did to the Pitmans).... Nevertheless the letter section seems to be very much on the side of Duhamel.