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The Jersey Establishment’s Impossible War
Against Accountability. 

The Jersey establishment are living – and thrashing around in – a world of the past – still trying to press the buttons and pull the levers and twiddle the dials of an apparatus that lays at their feet in a cratered smoking entanglement of wreckage. Their ‘machine’ is shattered and broken beyond all remedy, but still they prod it, hoping to make it work again, not accepting that it is over.

They still believe in a world of a handful of over-powered and unaccountable potentates  - some publicly known – some not – where the “right words” amongst a couple of chaps, in the right circles – in Jersey, in London - could smooth over any problems – get the “machine” going – and massage any scandals from public view. 

After all – with no separation of powers in Jersey – no effective checks and balances – and the same narrow grouping of mutually promoting and protecting friends on the dinner-party-circuit – all meaningful power was in the same little club. That’s how “The Jersey Way” has functioned for 800 years; ‘why should it not carry on like that?’ 

In truth, such an extraordinarily narrow, unaccountable and unhealthy concentration of power was long-obsolete in respectable democratic nations by the time the canker was really taking hold of the Jersey establishment in the 1970s - when the place first started to be awash with money from off-shore finance and the unrestrained decadence of absolute power really began to run wild. The Jersey authorities and the bosses who control them were already living in a feudal fantasy whilst the failures, corruptions and cover-ups - and the cover-ups of the cover-ups - grew and accumulated throughout the 1980s and 1990s. 

Even before the internet really arrived – in truth, so corrupt, so hubristic, so rotten, was public administration in Jersey, the fake surface of “respectability” was already fracturing, and the scandals were inevitably going to emerge.

But here cometh the 21st century.
An epochal change unparalleled in all of human history. For the first time ever, the power to control what the public do or don’t get to know – to control what the public can or can’t say – is out of the hands of entrenched elites. The power of ordinary citizens to find and publish evidence that rulers and governments don’t like has arrived with the advent of the internet, and the result has been seismic – bringing down regimes around the world.

The doomed last stand being made by the Jersey oligarchy against citizens media – against real journalism – against the internet – against evidenced facts and the exposure of corruption - is their war against reality.

Wars against reality only end one way. 

The Jersey oligarchs and their protectors in London think that they can do what no corrupt regime around the world had been able to do – and keep embarrassing exposures about them off the world wide web.

My blog may have been taken-down by Google Blogger. But it  - and all of the documented evidence it contains  – will be up and available again somewhere on the world wide web in the coming days. And I know from the many messages I have had that many people welcome that.

For some years now, really for the first time in the entire history of this small island community, the ordinary people have been able to see the reality of our leaders – the stagnation and failures – the frequent lawlessness of our governance. 

Not only have we seen it – increasingly, we understand it.
We understand the wholly corrupted nature of power in this community. People who are victims of the corruption – of the failures – of the crimes - of the cover-ups – have been able to have evidence exposed and have their testimony published. 

That has only been able to happen because of Jersey’s bloggers – because of blogs like mine.Unfortunately for Jersey’s failed & unaccountable government, the genie is out of the bottle – and it can never be got back in.

We as a community have seen the facts – enough evidence, of enough scandalous corruptions and cover-ups – to see the true nature of our public authorities. We’ve seen it now – and we’re never going to forget it. 

My blog – and what the previously powerless people of Jersey have been able to publish on it – the evidence we’ve been able to accumulate – the facts we’ve been able to expose – is an historic publication for the island. It marks an exposure of, and challenge to, traditional power in Jersey of a kind that’s never been able to happen previously. Not in over 800 years. 

And I’m proud that my blog has attracted so many oppressive attacks & lunatic abuses. I’m proud that the blog is targeted by these suppressions – proud that it elicits so much fear and hatred from the powerful. 

There are many people in Jersey – ordinary, vulnerable people – who have been the victims of corruption, oppression, violence, child-abuse, battery, rape, attempted murder – people who have been utterly failed, totally betrayed by Jersey’s public authorities - people who have been trampled and further abused by Jersey’s Crown prosecution and judicial apparatus. 

For so many of those people – so many of my former constituents who approached me with histories of the most scandalous failures of the system  – abuses – shocking violence  - simply overwhelming horror-stories – and by no means all concerning child-abuse – for many of those people, my blog was the first – and in many cases the only – public outlet for what they had suffered. 
Nowhere – ever – in any of Jersey’s traditional mainstream media – were the disastrous failures of the States – and the often horrifying criminal cover-ups by the Jersey system challenged and documented – as they are on my blog. 

Documents – facts – evidence; corruption exposed – failures challenged – fake consensuses overturned – crimes cited – names named.

Just as real journalism in free Western countries is supposed to be.
My blog became – and is - a source of hope - of validation - of support, for many powerless people in Jersey. And I am very proud of that fact. 

I’m proud that – with the support of others – I was able to do what Jersey’s establishment media failed to do for generations upon generations, and still fails to do.

No matter that the establishment who run Jersey with the support of London, have tried everything to smear, discredit and stop the blog – and have persecuted me personally, tried all they could to discredit me, and tried to break me with all kinds of absurd and biased oppressions, even imprisoning me; no matter that they have tried  everything they possibly could to make the blog seem some kind of bad and shameful thing – no matter that these people continue to try and make me think of my work on the blog as “bad” and “wrong” – I know, we know – that publishing the evidence – publishing witness testimony concerning serious wrongdoing – is a good and creditable thing.

What I - and Jersey bloggers like Rico Sorda and Voice for Children do is good for powerless people – good for this community. 

I’ve had many conversations with people who have suffered at the hands of the corruption, injustice, neglect and abuse that characterises power in Jersey. People should have been protected from such things. And when protection failed, the culpable should have been held to account - the wrongdoers should have been punished; justice should have been served. In so many cases in Jersey, that didn’t happen. The overwhelming motivation of Jersey’s stagnant public authorities has been the protection of those authorities - and the protection of the powerful.

My blog publishes the facts – the witness testimony – the documents – the evidence. I’m proud of that fact. 

Many people have contacted me, upset that the powerful in Jersey seem to be concealing the truth again. I want people - whose stories are on my blog, and whose experiences inform so much of the blog – to know that their testimony – their brave whistle-blowing – their truth – will be restored, soon.
The internet gives us that power. 

The power to share. To see. And to understand.

And to never forget.

I’m proud that my blog has given that power to so many previously voiceless people in Jersey.

Stuart Syvret 



Anonymous said...

Stuart and the Jersey blogs should be proud of stepping up to the plate and filling the void of an objective free media so lacking in the Island If it wasn't for the blogs the abuse and cover ups would have remained a secret. Be proud and look forward to seeing Stuart's blog up and running again soon when Google realize it has been duped by a corrupt regime.

Anonymous said...


As you rightly titled one of your most resent postings The end of the beginning....

This taking down of your blogspot surely is the beginning of the next stage?!

Daniel said...

How do we persuade Google about what is going on in Jersey? Or does it not matter as the entire content of the blog will be up, somewhere, soon, maybe on several different sites?

Anonymous said...

Slowly but surely them who have spoken out against child abuse in Jersey are being eliminated who's next on their hit list?

Anonymous said...


What reason were you given by Google for the removal of your blog?

voiceforchildren said...


This could urge Google to take a look at Jersey's "Justice" system and have CHANGE OF MIND?

Anonymous said...

Stuart, I find it odd that Google has censored your blog, on what grounds?

Under which legal jurisdiction are they operating?

I do not live in Jersey, I enjoyed reading your blog, I tried, but get this message:-

"This blog is in violation of Blogger's Terms of Service and is open to authors only"

If this is so, under what term has it be restricted?

I guess this will now attract even more readers as this story spreads, so perhaps someone (who?) in Jersey has shafted the island internationally, again!

RBougeard said...

What reason did Google give you for removing the whole blog - it can't be purely because of the 4 "unnameables" and offending posts against them surely"?

As I understand it, there were 30 postings or thereabout that you were supposed to remove, including a sworn Affidavit by former Police Chief Graham Power QPM - what the hell has that to do with these so-called "offending" posts?

Your blog was a veritable treasure trove of information concerning "historical" child abuse in Jersey - information that would never had seen the light of day had you not published it. Am sure that with the forthcoming COI, there will be many people who will be very glad to see it up & running elsewhere soon.

rico sorda said...

There is a lot more to come about the shutting down of the SS blog. Google did send Stuart some documentation along with the email that requested him to remove 32 posts. SS was given 3 days to conform with said request.

What really intrigued me was the documentation Google sent. Not sure they were meant to but hey ho they did. It has explained what has been going on these past years and why a certain court case was required. I'm sure SS will be explaining this when he gives his exclusive interview to VFC.


Anonymous said...

We all wonder how did the establishment manage to get Stuarts blog taken down, could it be that money talks? I think so.

rico sorda said...

You keep on knocking but you can't come in.

Zero Tolerance


rico sorda said...

"The Jersey establishment are living – and thrashing around in – a world of the past – still trying to press the buttons and pull the levers and twiddle the dials of an apparatus that lays at their feet in a cratered smoking entanglement of wreckage. Their ‘machine’ is shattered and broken beyond all remedy, but still they prod it, hoping to make it work again, not accepting that it is over."

Philip Bailhache, the last man standing.

The last of the feudal lords. The old guard. Times are changing and it will need more than google to ride to the automated rescue. What comes after Philip Bailhache? The well has run dry.

Time and patience is all that is required for this great island to breathe again.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps Stuart can challenge it legally and then provide all the evidence in court to support his reasons for free speach!

Whatever, it would not suprise me if this Google censoring will be the catalyst wider audience wanting to know the background stories behind the reasoning and how valid it is.

Anonymous said...

I was following Stuart on Twitter as I have a close relative who was sexually abused on Jersey as a child but when I happened to mention Zionism I was accused of being an anti-semite Nazi and blocked by him. I was a bit pissed off by that and now he complains because he is being blocked!!......never the less, I applaud what he has written above and hope the whole putrid can of worms that is the Jersey establishment is ripped open for all to see.

Anonymous said...

It's obvious from the internet chatter that Google's take-down is attracting growing international interest. Now, will Jersey achieve applause for its illustrious integrity? Will it be lauded for brilliant actions to protect the fine untarnished reputations of four innocent, upstanding gentlemen mentioned on a blog?

Jersey and Google may well have positioned these four figureheads and the rather astonishing interpretation of the Data Protection Law to represent the face of Jersey justice to the outside public. Hmmm. Good choice?

There is always a chance that this will expose improper and downright farcical court procedures, mass dawn police raids, recorded telephone death threats, political prisoners, a horrible mainstream media with complicit BBC and, God forbid, child abuse on a scale to attract foreign news crews.

Who is the brilliant oligarch who makes these PR decisions, and can he or she be securely kept in position as Stuart's influence grows ever more viral around the globe?

rico sorda said...

RE: [4-8723000002638] Complaint Regarding your Blog
35 messages

5 February 2014 16:57

To: st.syvret@gmail.com


Thanks for reaching out to us.

Blogger has been notified that content in your blog:


contains allegedly defamatory content that may violate the rights of others and the laws of their country and violates the terms of a court order.

The content in question is located in the following posts:


The notice that we received is attached herewith. We are asking that you please remove the allegedly unlawful content in your blog within three (3) days of today’s date. You may contact the complainant to resolve this dispute if he/she has provided their contact information on the notice.

If you have legal questions about this notification, you should retain your own legal counsel. If you have any other questions about this notification, please let us know.

Thank you for your understanding.


The Google Team

This was the notification from google


Anonymous said...

Stuart, can't you just get your own domain name and host your own blog? Trouble with things like BlogSpot is that you don't have control over it.

Whilst Google can suspend BlogSpot, they couldn't suspend your own hosted blog.

Copy all the posts into the new blog and you should be fine (I see you have 3 days to remove so surely you must still be able to copy them). When I say fine, I mean with Google. They won't care about your own hosted content.

Anonymous said...

The action by Google is reasonable based on what they have been told but is equally open to challenge and appeal.

Much of what Stuart has publicized has offended the accused but I don't believe anybody has been able to prove that any un-truths have been published.

I still hope that Google will re-consider.

Either way.... it is an appalling reflection on our government. The world is watching and the Jersey authorities may well have scored another home goal.

Póló said...

Now that his blog is down, Stuart should publish the Google correspondence in full.

According to him it seems to contain some gems.

Anonymous said...

If I were to want to have a site blog taken down I would:
Read the hosting blogs terms and conditions
Find a condition that can be engineered that meets said term and condition
Find some people who have been named in the blog
Create a data protection court case
Ensure that the case is engineered to win
Find said blogger guilty
Ensure that the judge tells the prosecuting advocate to contact Google to have said blog taken down
'Dear Mr Google ...'

The Beano is not the Rag

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

So now there is an 'official' MUST READ list, the ones that Jersey do not want people to read!, so they must be accurate!

At least when a new site/sites is up and running, this list can be used as a menu with href links to each one. Maybe start a competition to see how many people can spot were the law has been broken.

I have a question, if I post something which is quite acceptable to be read in various countries and I do not live in the Channel Islands, how can Google the holder of 'Free Speach', ban me from reading the articles because of a law in the CI, surely that means if I write about something happening in North Korea, and it is found to be against their laws, that means they can ask google to take it down! Something wrong here!

Anonymous said...

The following blog posting in in the censored list, but why?

I have my own copy, it was posted on 29 Aug 2011, its entitled Killer Nurses - and Failed Governance.

An extract "At the centre of this case is a male nurse - "nurse M" -- I must refer to him, because Jersey government reporting restrictions"

So the name of the Nurse has not been disclosed.

"One of the absurd arguments used against-me by the prosecution - and accepted by the courts - was that it would have been perfectly OK for me to publish the 1999 report - but without nurse M's name included. According to Jersey's judiciary - publication of the 1999 police report would have been just fine - if only I had replaced nurs M's name whenever it appeared in the document, with something like 'male nurse X'."

As Staurt did not name him in this posting, I cannot find a reason why the post should be censored!

Or maybe its because on one or more of the 376 comments, if so why not specify.

Anonymous said...

Google's content policy states:

"We respect our users' ownership of and responsibility for the content they choose to share. It is our belief that censoring this content is contrary to a service that bases itself on freedom of expression."

It then lists the following content boundaries, none of which I believe Stuart has contraviened, they are:

Adult Content: NO
Child sexual abuse imagery: NO
Pedophilia: NO
Hate Speech: NO
Crude Content: NO
Violence: NO
Harassment: NO
Copyright: NO
Personal and confidential information: NO
Impersonating others: NO
Illegal activities: NO
Spam: NO
Malware and viruses: NO

So it must be one that has been "made up as they go along"

Anonymous said...

I am absolutely horrified that they have taken your blog down stuart. It scares me how they are trying to silence people. The way it is portrayed in the JEP makes it seem like 'internet giant google' is now against you also. Do they really think the jersey public are that stupid? Unbelievable!!! What can the public do to help you?

Anonymous said...

To Anon at 11:48,

The judiciary has concluded that what had been posted was illegal.

Hence point 11 is where the issue lies.

Anonymous said...

Do they really think the jersey public are that stupid?

Yes they are, 90 year old father who stills reads the "rag" does not understand although he now has a print off of this blog today to show the "other" side.How many others that do not receive copies of blogs think that like my father the "powers that be" have got Google on their side & are all powerful not oo be messed with!!

Anonymous said...

Will Google disclose who made the demand for the blog to be shutdown?

rico sorda said...

Appleby is the Law Firm dealing with Google on behalf of Data Protection.


Anonymous said...

February 12, 2014 at 1:33 PM

No so, here is the description:

Illegal activities: Do not use Blogger to engage in illegal activities or to promote dangerous and illegal activities. For example, don't author a blog encouraging people to drink and drive. Please also do not use Blogger to sell or promote regulated or illegal drugs. Otherwise, we may delete your content. Also, in serious cases such as those involving the abuse of children, we may report you to the appropriate authorities.

So I'm still non the wiser as to what global law Stuart has breached!

Anonymous said...

"Appleby is the Law Firm dealing with Google on behalf of Data Protection."

Appleby? was that the firm which let down the victims of the miraculously recovering abusers who were traced by Panorama?

Anonymous said...

Surely if Google get challenged, the alledged illegality of what you have posted and avaialble to be accessed from anywhere in the world has to under The laws of California, U.S.A., as per their conditions, not what Jersey/North Korea/China/ etc...

"The laws of California, U.S.A., excluding California’s conflict of laws rules, will apply to any disputes arising out of or relating to these terms or the Services. All claims arising out of or relating to these terms or the Services will be litigated exclusively in the federal or state courts of Santa Clara County, California, USA, and you and Google consent to personal jurisdiction in those courts. "

Jersey its all on the cover of Newsweek ..... CLICK HERE said...

To Anon at 1:33

"Hence point 11 is where the issue lies." [Illegal activities] & lying


The Law includes provision for journalism, the prevention f crime and
public interest disclosure

For the court to ignore these suggests that it was in fact the court which was illegally administered (not to mention conflict and non human rights compliance)

Now thanks to these buffoons flushing more of our money the truth is being spread faster and wider.

Google operate on public trust. The market leaders can change with the wind. you probably remember Microsoft who would love to regain their lead rather than become anther IBM

Google can't destroy blogs; they are too mobile.
Google probably can however @FW "Shaft Jersey Internationally" if they suddenly need to distance themselves from cover up and child abuse, having been duped.
I don't think we should give google to much heat over this.

For the Establishment this was never about protecting Jersey. It was about protecting themselves


voiceforchildren said...


Exclusive interview with Stuart Syvret concerning his Google suspension and MUCH MORE.

Zoompad said...

"There is a lot more to come about the shutting down of the SS blog. Google did send Stuart some documentation along with the email that requested him to remove 32 posts. SS was given 3 days to conform with said request."

Well they didnt even bother doing that to my blog, they just threatened me and then took down some of my posts by hacking into my account, without any proper notification or anything!

But like I have been saying for years (and largely being ignored) MI5 are the only ones who have any sort of authority to do something like this, they are leaning on the police, stopping investigations into institutional child abuse and even murder using national security as an excuse, but how can child abuse be a national security issue in the first place, because surely no-one would want anyone in positions of authority who has the base nature to do anything evil to a child?

They can't shut up this scandal, even if they close down every blog that exposes institutional child abuse, for a start off chalk is cheap and you can get charcoal for nothing, and you can't arrest everyone who decides to write things on walls and pavements because there just aren't enough prisons!

Stuart, did you get those 5 letters I sent to you while you were in jail?

Anonymous said...

I have a lot of respect for GOOGLE and the service they provide I just hope that they can be told the true storey of what lies behind all of this and reinstate Stuarts blog asap.

Rob Kent said...

There are numerous digital copies of the whole of Stuart's blog, along with all the comments. These can be very quickly put back online (with multiple mirrors, if necessary). Also, they can be put online by individuals and in jurisdictions where Jersey authorities have no remit.

Remember that the full might of the US was unable to block one WikiLeaks article nor stop them functioning despite stopping all payments to them worldwide.

Government censorship for political purposes is now a characteristic of almost every government in the world, along with global surveillance of Internet users. Do not be fooled by the propaganda 'we are blocking the Internet to stop paedo-terrorism'. That is an excuse used to force through all kinds of repressive legislation, in the UK and abroad. Jersey will act exactly the same.

Also don't be fooled into thinking the Google slogan 'Don't Be Evil'. Google can only act internationally with the aid of the US Defense Department, for whom they also work.

If you doubt it, read this: www.nytimes.com/2013/06/02/opinion/sunday/the-banality-of-googles-dont-be-evil.html

Rob Kent said...

PS Does anybody else have problems posting comments on the Voice For Children blog? I have tried using three browsers and failed with all of them. I never see an error but I also never see a Captcha and the page returns as if nothing has happened but with the comment box empty.

Anyone else seeing that?

Rob Kent said...

Sorry, I posted the wrong link for Google's links to the US Defense department. Should have been http://thestringer.com.au/google-and-the-nsa-whos-holding-the-shit-bag-now/

Póló said...

Now you see it.
Now you don't.

Póló said...

Sorry, keep forgetting which blog I'm commenting on. Some automatically activate links while others don't.

Link to Private Eye posting by Stuart .

Anonymous said...

"....allegedly defamatory content that may violate the rights of others and the laws of their country and violates the terms of a court order."

The key words are "allegedly" and "may."

It seems that Google Blogger will act as they have done in this case if they are simply told that content is defamatory.

To allege defamation does not require any legal process to be undertaken, except for the "victim" to say that the content defames him/her.

Similarly, Google Blogger needs simply to be informed that content risks violating the "victims" rights - and that's a very broad canvass - for them to act as they have done.

It was probably argued that the postings breach Article 3 of the ECHR - the right not to be "tortured, or treated in an inhuman way. Inhuman treatment is defined as actions which cause severe mental, or physical suffering.

Plus article 8 of the ECHR grants the right to respect for private and family life, which specifically includes how your "personal data" is held and protected.

As well as supporting a claim that the victims; Article 8 rights were violated, the court order which gave rise to the Contempt of Court charge(s) demonstrates that SS was in breach of the laws of his country.

Added to that, no doubt it was argued that the postings in question constituted "harassment" under Google Blogger's content boundaries. A court order is a court order, irrespective of the surrounding circumstances.

It is a sad fact that a piece of paper from any Court of Law will always be given greater weight than the word of the person to whom the Order refers. "Innocent? Well he would say that wouldn't he. They all do, but the Court says otherwise, so......."

Faced with all the above, Google Blogger really had little choice in the matter.

Ex-Senator Stuart Syvret said...

A reader says:

"Appleby is the Law Firm dealing with Google on behalf of Data Protection."

Appleby? was that the firm which let down the victims of the miraculously recovering abusers who were traced by Panorama?"

Yes - that's correct.

Appleby Global - which were formerly Bailhache LaBesse in Jersey - Senior Partner William Bailhache in 1998 when the victims were being betrayed.

That conflicted law-firm has been involved in persecuting and attempting to silence me from the get-go - even though the firm has potential reputational, fiduciary and financial liabilities in suppressing the matters I've been fighting to expose.

Were this the England, the most serious professional & ethical complaints would lay against the firm and its practitioners with the professional regulatory body.

But this is Jersey, of course.


Anonymous said...


Good to have you back with us and in fighting spirit!

Google are part of the neo con, capitalist, Masonic, hierarchy which only have their perverse interests to serve.

There are other, far better and more honourable ways of airing your views and allowing free speech to prevail.

Google seem oblivious to the provisions of Article 10 Human Rights Act. They couldn't act in this way in the USA where the Right to Free Speech is written in the US constitution.

There are more important matters to fight than wasting time on the likes of Google. Don't be distracted from the agenda, this is just what THEY want.

We have great faith in you and victory will be ours soon.


Zoompad said...

"There are more important matters to fight than wasting time on the likes of Google. Don't be distracted from the agenda, this is just what THEY want."


Go for the jugular, don't mess about with the capillaries.


Anonymous said...

Hello to all,

I have just heard that Robert Green, campaigner on the Hollie Greig case, has been arrested yet again.

The details are that he was arrested on 13 February at his home by officers from Grampian Police. They had a search warrant but it is not known if they searched the house before taking Robert off to Aberdeen.

The arrest was for breach of a non harassment order.


Anonymous said...


looks like Data locking up is catching!!

Anonymous said...

"Faced with all the above, Google Blogger really had little choice in the matter."

They had plenty of choice, the USA is not signed up to the ECHR, any challenge has to be in the USA.

All academic now, as I see someone has obviously saved all of Stuart's blogs and reposted the whole directory for anyone to read, so the 5 years (and cost) that the Jersey authorities have spent trying to remove the data has failed.

Link to Private Eye posting by Stuart

Anonymous said...

see they are after Higgins now through the funding of the air display, one by one makes wonder if the Sinel court case is the same for allegedly being supportive of SS in earlier days

Anonymous said...

Google have not had my consent to film my house both from the air and road and then link this to my postal address for all the world to see. I am angry about this.

Anonymous said...

Can you publish the evidence that the Jersey authorities had attempted to get Google to remove Stuart Syvret blog, prior to him naming the four proxy names?

Anonymous said...

Oh dear Oh dear !!

How are they going to explain this one?


Incompetent Maverick said...


Oh. My. God.

How is Ian Le Marquand going to explain this one?

Today's Mail on Sunday has an interview with Curtis Warren's long term lover...La Moye Prison Drugs Counsellor Teresa Rodrigues. A two year long affair with sex in his cell on most days, according to her.


My favourite quote is:

"‘Sometimes we kissed in my office, but we only ever had sex in his cell. He called it mushy mushy time for some reason."

This particular Jersey taxpayer wants to know - right now, Mr Le Marquand - how it is right for you to spend hundreds of thousands of pounds providing armed security for Mr Warren's court appearances, only for Curtis to cruise back to the La Moye Hilton every evening for "mushy mushy time".

It kind of puts Lenny Harper's prawn cocktail firmly into perspective, doesn't it?

If this isn't a resigning issue, I don't know what is.

There is such a thing as accountability. The buck stops with the person at the top. That is Home Affairs Minister Ian Le Marquand.

The States will be sitting on Tuesday. I hope one member submits an urgent oral question demanding answers about Curtis Warren's mushy mushy time.

You could not make this stuff up. All those jokes over the years about the La Moye Hilton. I'd heard it was cushy, but I never knew that you got mushy mushy time!

Incompetent Maverick

Incompetent Maverick said...

Quick follow up on the Warren comment (I'm still smiling at mushy mushy time, btw).

I've long been suspicious of how Curtis Warren allegedly managed to obtain several mobile phones in prison, with impunity. The calls from these were traced around the world and cited at his asset recovery hearing. Does this story add to our knowledge?

It doesn't take a huge amount of imagination to see that this whole situation could have been engineered by design. "Here you go Curtis, here's a few mobiles and a middle aged lady to relieve a bit of tension and take your eye off the ball, now there's a good lad, lead us to the money and all the other Mr Bigs." Allegedly.

If you think about it in those hypothetical terms, then the boys in blue should be congratulated for their ingenuity. There's probably a vast amount about this case - in fact, let's face it, there IS a vast amount about this case - that we will never know. Maybe it should be that way, in certain circumstances. The ends justify the means?

If that were the case, the obvious question is what is she doing, agreeing to a semi-titillating interview in the Daily Mail now? Maybe it is to head off someone else who was going to out the story. Maybe. Probably. Who knows? If you are one of those crazy conspiracy theorist bloggers, there are probably lots of explanations ;-)

The bottom line is that we will probably never know the truth.

Personally, I just want to hear Ian Le Marquand have to answer questions about mushy mushy time, for the obvious entertainment factor.

Sit back and get popcorn Jersey bloggers. This one is going to be amusing!

Anonymous said...

That picture of Curtis Warren and Teresa Rodrigues in his cell at La Moye. It has "Copyright Craig Hibbert" at bottom left. Same for the picture of TR in Portugal.

What's the deal there? Standard newspaper practice or something else? Is he a photographer or photojournalist? The other photos are credited to the Press Association.

My understanding is that any use of the photo would usually generate a fee.

The bigger question is, whose camera or camera phone was it, and how did it get into La Moye?

Anonymous said...

Coitus Warren a "Criminal Mastermind" are you joking??

The man has spent most of his adult life in a metal box with bars - hardly a Major crime Overlord!!

His two accomplices were complete numpties and he didn't twig the the mobile phones fed to him were being monitored>>> either Warren is stupid or the Jersey authorities are stupid - ffs

Anonymous said...

Checking the dates on this, the affair is said to have taken place over 2 years, from 2007 to 2009.

Ian Le Marquand was appointed Home Affairs Minister on 11/12/2008.

Assuming the affair happened as the lady says it did, then this was happening on his watch. What was he doing in late 2008 and early 2009? Was he checking that Britain's biggest criminal, Interpol's target 1 was being appropriately housed in La Moye? Clearly not. He was however running a failed disciplinary into Chief Officer Graham Power, QPM...

You know, the more I think about this story, the more questions come up. Target #1 doesn't obtain multiple mobiles and as many conjugal visits as he likes, in a very small prison, without someone facilitating things. More questions than answers here folks.

Jill Gracia said...

'Personally, I just want to hear Ian Le Marquand have to answer questions about mushy mushy time, for the obvious entertainment factor'.

Entertaining it will be indeed, but will he have the faintest idea what 'mushy mushy' time means!

When he finds out, he should then explain and then resign forthwith. This story has been covered up for far too long.

Anonymous said...

Warren is obviously a clever man.
Maybe he was using this woman for more than sex.With his appeal coming up maybe he is going to use it to embarrass the Jersey authorities and get his sentence reduced.He's already been bugged illegally so this might also help him in some way.
This could be interesting.
No doubt we will be reading all about it in the JEP next week-not.

Anonymous said...

is there any chance that Stuart's blog will reappear somewhere on the web in the near future.
This is really important for Jersey that it does.

Jill Gracia said...

Well let's face it - she threw himself at him which she admitted. What an opportunity for him to get his own back on the Jersey authorities, and what a naïve woman to not see through this. She will be left with massive 'ouef' on her face whilst he is probably laughing his prison issue socks off.

Teresa Rodrigues - hang your head in shame. Did you not learn about boundaries when you undertook your 'counselling' course?

Anonymous said...

I'm currently reading the excellent book Undercover.


Given the revelations in the book and the Guardian about undercover policing (fathering children with activists, for example) then frankly no story would surprise me.

More info at http://www.theguardian.com/uk/undercover-with-paul-lewis-and-rob-evans

Anonymous said...

"is there any chance that Stuart's blog will reappear somewhere on the web in the near future."

Why don't you ask the former Senator over at http://twitter.com/StuartSyvret ?

Anonymous said...

Jill Gracia, I'm afraid she probably learnt that 'boundaries' are something which applies in the real world ......not in Jersey

You couldn't make it up

Could be worse
At least CW is over the age of consent

Not that ILM seems to mind to much about that
I wonder what Victorian phrase he will resort to this time to avoid the issue of outlaw sex .....or is "mushy mushy time" good with him?

Anonymous said...

Surely Warren would have access to the mobile hanging on her belt in the picture. and why did the authorities at the prison allow her to be alone with the so called dangerous Warren in his cell, are there panic buttons in these cells in case a warder or someone is attacked? some heads should roll.there must be an enquiry and also questions asked in the states.

Anonymous said...

now we no why mushy le marquand
is not standing in september

Ex-Senator Stuart Syvret said...

Rico, I hope to have my next guest posting done in the next couple of days.

We need to begin focusing upon the CoI - and just why the CoI can't have a "competing-narrative" from the bloggers, if the CoI is going "perform-as-advertised" & be an Ourchap report.

Although still a difficult task, only the bloggers - and our competing, fact-based - and publishing - narrative could keep the CoI "honest".

And only the blogs provide a detailed, archive - and a unifying of experiences - for the survivors to draw upon, & equip them with broader knowledge, and validation - with which to confront the CoI.

Which is why my blog has been shut down, & the others maybe next.


voiceforchildren said...


"Scrutiny" the STEVE PALLET WAY.

DenverGal said...

To enlighten Google as to the underhanded censorship of Stuart Syvret's blog by Jersey authorities, there is a feedback button at the bottom of the page describing their Transparency Report on government requested blog censorship. http://www.google.com/transparencyreport/removals/government/?hl=en

thejerseyway said...

Hi Rico.

Put up the Audio from yesterdays Questions without Answers, You and your readers can listen HERE


Anonymous said...

"Blogger Ex-Senator Stuart Syvret said...

And only the blogs provide a detailed, archive - and a unifying of experiences - for the survivors to draw upon, & equip them with broader knowledge, and validation - with which to confront the CoI.

Which is why my blog has been shut down, & the others maybe next."

Be the latter the case it's time for local political bloggers to join together and spend £10 on buying a domain name and a few quid more for hosting space to open their own website, untouchable by Google's Terms and Conditions, where the facts can reside without fear of removal.

The days of needing deep pockets and immense technical expertise to set up a website are gone. Think about it chaps.

voiceforchildren said...


Have interviewed Deputy Montfort Tadier concerning the "Rodrigues and Prison Problem" which will be published on VFC tomorrow. In the meantime here is an 18 second TRAILER

Anonymous said...

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