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We always new that Deputy Higgins would be next on the hit list. With the denigration of former Senator Stuart Syvret, the removal of the Deputies Pitman it was always going to be Deputy Higgins next. They are now using the International Air Display as a means to an end in trying to get Deputy Higgins removed from office at the next election in October. Below is a letter written by Deputy Higgins to the editor of the JEP for publication. 

Letter to the Editor

Politics is a dirty game

Having just read the front page story in Friday’s Jersey Evening Post (14 February) regarding air display funding and your editorial on Tuesday (18 February) I write to set the record straight and inform your readers of what has been going on unreported behind the scenes. After all there are always two sides to every story.

Contrary to what the Minister stated to the scrutiny panel the suggestion for the air display grant to be paid through the Ports of Jersey was not Economic Development’s idea but mine following a complete breakdown in trust between the organisers of the air display and the Economic Development Department due to what we believe was double dealing and duplicity on their part. 

When we presented our 2013 Business Plan to the Economic Development Department in the months prior to the air display we were forecasting a loss of approximately £28,000 over the level of sponsorship and grants that we anticipated at that time. We informed the department that we were endeavouring to secure additional sponsorship and to reduce our costs but that we needed assistance from the department either in helping us get additional sponsorship or in the form of an increased grant.

The department not only undertook to help us raise additional sponsorship for the 2013 display but also to help us get future sponsorship by erecting a corporate marquee on the Lower Park and entertaining prospective sponsors. In fact they did neither. They obtained no additional sponsorship and abandoned the marquee idea. Nor did they increase our grant. 

The department then said that they were going to entertain some prospective sponsors at Tiffins on the Waterfront instead during the air display. It later transpired that there were no prospective sponsors at all but that the Minister and department were having secret negotiations with someone else who wanted to take over the air display, which we had built up over 17 years to what it is now, and that they would develop it in a different way. This person, however, was not discrete and bragged to numerous people that Senator Maclean had told him that he could take over the air display from 2014. We discovered these facts shortly before the flying display took place and at about the very time when it looked as if we could be wiped out once again by the weather, in which case I would have been forced to sell my home, which was being used as security for the loan to cover borrowing to get us to the display day itself and any additional losses.

The 35 or so UK volunteers who help us put on the event were so disgusted by EDD’s actions that they have stated to a man and woman that if such a takeover took place they would never come back to Jersey and assist with the air display. We appreciate their loyalty and the loyalty of our Jersey volunteers.

The situation was made even worse after the air display at a meeting with the Minister and other officers to secure the balance of the grant so that we could pay our creditors.  We thought that this would be a straightforward meeting with regard to the grant but contentious over their secret negotiations EDD took part in. On the contrary they were totally unrepentant about their secret talks and raised new obstacles regarding the grant. In particular they focussed on a statement in the 2012 audited company accounts where the auditors had quite rightly asked the question whether with the losses we had incurred in previous years and our lack of assets whether the air display company was a “going concern”. The directors had stated that it was a “going concern” based on the knowledge that Mr Gaines-Cooper was already sponsoring the 2013 air display and because we could reasonably expect a grant from the Economic Development Department to add to it along with other sponsorship and programme sales.

As your readers know we had previously incurred losses in 2011, when the air display was washed out by the weather, which had been covered by our main sponsor Mr Gaines-Cooper, and again in 2012 when our fuel bill reached a staggering £69,000 due to the need to validate a large number of jet aircraft from outside the island and the UK air display vetting system. The 2012 loss had been largely covered by the forbearance and assistance of our creditors and by the borrowing secured on my house.  

Your readers should also be made aware of the fact that the States of Jersey has never lost a single penny on the air display in the 17 years I have been organising it even though the display itself has made a number of losses during that time period.  The Economic Development Department does not underwrite the losses of the air display in any way. They are solely the responsibility of the organisers and when an organisation has next to no assets and struggles every year to raise the funds to put on the event this is almost an impossible feat and without the unflinching support of Mr Robert Gaines-Cooper the air display would have ended many years ago.  

Your readers should also be made aware that if we make a surplus any year we would receive a correspondingly smaller grant from the department the following year. This meant that we could never build up a reserve to cover unforeseen events or costs and have thus always been on a knife edge and at the mercy of the department. 

So even though the air display had successfully taken place and the department had all the documents they required from us in order to pay the grant they did not do so and instead imposed three new conditions upon us, which they said we had to comply with in order to receive the rest of the grant. The conditions, which to the best of our knowledge have never been imposed on any other event organiser before, were: 

  • that Mr Gaines Cooper confirmed in writing his financial support for the air display the following year. Which he did, even though he had already publicly told an audience of 350 people including the Director of Tourism that he was not only doing so but increasing his support by 25 per cent and paying off the loan the air display  had taken out. 

  • that we provide the names and addresses of all our sponsors and authorise the department to contact them. I refused to do due this for two reasons. Firstly because of their deceit in negotiating with someone else to take over the air display when they told us they were talking to them as sponsors to raise money for our event, and secondly because of my reasonable suspicions that they intended to use this information to try to divert our sponsorship to another party.

  • that we produce our 2013 accounts, which still had three months to run before the end of the financial year.

 We felt that these extra conditions after the event had taken place were unreasonable in the circumstances as we had already provided a successful 2013 air display and met all the conditions that we had had to meet in the previous 17 years to secure the grant. These extra conditions even led us to speculate over whether EDD were trying to cause us problems with our creditors and were by withholding the money trying to put us out of business so they could allow someone else to take over the air display in the future.

The 2013 accounts for example would normally only be required when we applied for a grant for the 2014 air display. They would be provided alongside the 2014 business plan. The department argued, however, that it was necessary for us to show that we were a “going concern going forward”, a factor which we did not think was relevant to the 2013 grant but more appropriate to a request for funding in 2014 or beyond, if and when we applied for a grant. All we wanted was the money that we were owed for the 2013 air display that we had already put on so that we could pay off our creditors.

It should also be understood that the Economic Development Department has no rights to the Jersey International Air Display, which is owned by a not for profit private limited company, and therefore they cannot pass on the event to anyone else.  The department is only a sponsor of the event, albeit a very important one through its grant funding which has always constituted between 30 and 45 % of the total cost of the event.  So long as the air display company raises sufficient money to cover its costs and meets the normal safety requirements it will continue. 

If for any reasons it does not raise sufficient funds for a full blown air display it could cut it down to its pre-1997 size (ie. the size of the current Guernsey air display) which in our view would be a retrograde step and would undo all the good work, reputation and following that the air display has built up for the island over the last 17 years. It would also have an adverse effect on tourism, to the island and the economy. 

In order to overcome the break down in trust between the Economic Development Department and ourselves and to secure the event at its present size and standard I suggested through trusted third parties that the grant in future should be paid to the Ports of Jersey, with whom we have had an excellent relationship under the leadership of Doug Bannister, and for them to provide  the funds to the air display company and oversee and protect the public investment in the air display rather than continue with the Economic Development Department with whom we no longer had any confidence in or trust. This proposal was agreed and is why the grant will be transferred to them in the first instance. 

To answer some of the other allegations that have been made about us and to correct some of the numerous misstatements that have been made I can deny the following points:

  • that we have failed over the years to provide the necessary documents to the department to secure the funding grant to the air display. If we had not done so the department would have been breaking the States of Jersey Finance Law for the money we received. I can concede, however, that we have not always met the timescales for documentation the department would have liked. 

  • that we have not provided the Business Plan and Accounts that were required in order for us to obtain the 2013 air display grant. The department had everything that they have required from us for the last 17 years by September 13, 2013. The last document being the 2012 audited accounts, which have to be provided in order for us to obtain the 2013 grant money.  The completed grant payment is delayed only due to EDD’s post event conditions.

  • that EDD paid £37,000 to Fuel Supplies prior to the air display. This is not correct they actually paid £17,000 to them out of our expected £90,000 grant. The air display had originally anticipated paying this sum, which was the unpaid balance of the £69,000 fuel bill for 2012 out of the receipts we expected in the week or so before the display. Unfortunately, we experienced a cash flow problem at this time and money was going out of our accounts faster than it was coming in and it was not possible to do so. The company threatened not to supply fuel to our participants and the States stepped in to secure the event, which would have been cancelled otherwise. In addition to this sum the States stepped in with another £20,000 of our expected grant to cover the cost of fuel for the Belgian Air Force F-16 jet fighters which had flown into Cherbourg airport the day before the event and who could not pay for the fuel they needed to take part in the Jersey and Guernsey air displays. I received a telephone call from the Belgian Air Force Headquarters in Brussels shortly after they arrived asking us to send a credit card to Cherbourg to enable their pilots to purchase fuel from the French fuel company. We did so but as we had reached our overdraft limit with NatWest Bank and they would not increase our facility to cover this we had to request assistance from the States who immediately paid the money into our account, again from our expected grant. This situation was totally unprecedented and has never happened before at the Jersey or any other air display to our knowledge. It also happened at the same time as we had an unprecedented number of aircraft/acts (10) drop out of the air display due to weather, operational and serviceability problems and we were desperately trying to salvage the air display flying programme.

I can also deny that there would not be an air display in September 2014 unless EDD had stepped in to pay the grant to the Ports of Jersey. Mr Gaines-Cooper has provided us with sufficient funds to put on an air display in 2014 and has allowed us to use these funds to pay the vast majority of our existing 2013 creditors until we have received all the money we are owed from our own debtors and EDD pay the balance of the grant. If EDD do not pay the 2013 grant there may not be sufficient money for a full blown air display in 2014. But there will be an air display.

From the foregoing it can be seen that the air display has been underfunded and struggling for a number of years and that when we have stated that we rely on programme sales to break even we have been telling the truth. An air display free to the public and financed primarily by sponsorship is a highly risky undertaking and is not one for the feint hearted. I suspect that it has taken many years off my own life.

In your editorial you stated that I was skating on thin ice and could be accused of hypocrisy if having been in the forefront of trying to achieve greater accountability and transparency in government and its executive arms, including the police if we did not open the air display accounts to scrutiny. For your information once the accounts have been audited they will be made available for public scrutiny as all accounts for grants in excess of £90,000 are now required by law to be made public. If anyone has any questions regarding those accounts I will happily answer them in just the same way that I would expect others to do so.  

Whereas I am prepared to admit that I do not always get things right and make mistakes and have failings unfortunately not everyone in government is prepared to admit the same thing. I also condemn the news management and spin of Ministers and senior public servants who try to massage or hide bad news and who quash critics and any critical scrutiny by any means possible, especially in an election year. 

Finally, whilst I have yet to decide whether I am standing again for election in October if I do stand I will stand on my record and justify my actions to the electorate, who will decide my fate, which is just as it should be in a democracy. In the meantime I will continue holding the Council of Ministers and their departments to account for their failures of individuals and the people of Jersey.

Yours sincerely
Mike Higgins
Deputy for St. Helier No.3


Anonymous said...

The knives are out for Deputy Higgins because he is an honest and principled man. The JEP will do the Establishment's dirty deed to get rid of him just like the other decent politicians have been destroyed by that filthy rag. Sock it at 'em Mr Higgins I know who I believe when it comes to that filthy toilet paper and you.

Jill Gracia said...

Mike Higgins - a man who is honourable, upright and as straight as a die. No doubt the very reason he is now being targeted.

The JEP editorial was an utter disgrace, and they should issue an apology forthwith and get Deputy Higgin's letter into print immediately.

How very low this Island stoops (yet again).

Anonymous said...

You know Deputy Higgins must be honest and principled purely by the fact the filthy rag are attacking him!

voiceforchildren said...


Now let me think, why oh why, could the daggers be out for MIKE HIGGINS?

Anonymous said...

What a superb letter from our excellent deputy here in St Helier 3/4.

I really do hope Mike Higgins stands again. He has a great deal of support in the district.

It would once again be an honour to shake his hand outside the polling station at First Tower school, congratulate him on his excellent record, and place an X in the box for Higgins. He's the first X that I mark, every time.

How many other event organisers would take out a loan against their own home to ensure that one of the best events of the calendar goes ahead? He should be Mike Higgins MBE (massive balls eternally) for all he has done. He doesn't have a big house, he has a modest house, it's frankly amazing that he should make that commitment.

I don't know Mr Gaines Cooper but I have observed him in action. He's a very impressive individual. With him by Mike's side, he can't go far wrong.

Alan McLean could well be out of EDD by October, launching a much-rumoured push for Chief Minister, with Ozo at Treasury, assuming he gets in, which is very far from certain. Mike just needs to tough it out although I imagine that he will still have to deal with the same civil servants who handed over 200 grand to a filmmaker with insufficient due diligence.

In fact, it defies belief that the air show, which consistently delivers an awesome spectacle, year upon year, should be put under pressure by the same department that handed over 200 grand for that film...

Anonymous said...

Deputy Higgins is, in my view, a man of high integrity and has shown particular skill in organizing and delivering an excellent annual show. It is a high risk event, involving hefty levels of goodwill and fuel bills. He is also skilled at holding the Council of Ministers to account.

Regrettably, I cannot blame him when he ponders whether to stand in the 2014 elections. Not only is it a largely thankless task, it also carries a high level of personal risk in terms of reputational attacks.

I only buy the JEP sparingly these days - two or three times a year if that - simply because its content is not fully independent. "The Filthy Rag" simply cannot be trusted as a source of accurate political or journalistic comment.

Excellent response from Deputy Higgins. Senator Maclean is a character of far lesser integrity.

Anonymous said...

Funny how the JEP is so quick to do their masters dirty work and denigrate Mike Higgins. When £200,000 was paid to a film director who is now shown to be dubious.... they don't say a bloody word!!!
Has Chris Bright not gone yet??

Anonymous said...

Mr Higgins, you are a decent, honest Man, a leader! we need you to be Chief Minister! godbless you x x 200k for a film we won't see! just handed out like we are fools! and Mr Higgins puts his own home at risk to get the air display for everyone to enjoy, JEP you are a disgrace, apologise now! stop buying the paper, I have!

Anonymous said...

Rico please tell Mr Higgins to write or contact the Press Complaints commission. Ask for Amber Munn. I had an apology from the JEP. The JEP won't like this, but sadly you have no other option and please don't do what the Pitmans did! or you will loose everything, the Press Complaint Commission is the place to complain! it works! JEP are at it again! Also members of the public can complain too, to make this case stronger! it is not a fair balanced piece and again breaks all code of journalism conduct!

Anonymous said...

Rico, I have read the JEP article and I noticed they brazenly put in 'complain to the Press Complaints Commission', how brazen is that? the fact is there a wonderful lady called Amber Mun at the commission. It is worth Mr Higgins going to the Press Complaints on this, it's not a balanced piece but it shows how brazen the JEP actually is, or stupid? not sure which!

Anonymous said...

Mr Higgins hold that head up high. You do more for our island on one day than some of those lesser ***** do in a lifetime.

Anonymous said...

what a remarkable editorial from the JEP. Surely they asked Mr.Higgins for an interview before publishing that nonsense.
I await with eager anticipation for whatever excuse they manage to come up with to explain this unacceptable behaviour. I hope that they can be sued for this misinformation and the money used to support the air display.That would be ironic.

RBougeard said...

Excellent letter from Deputy Higgins, you can bet your bottom dollar that the Jersey Establishment Propaganda won't see fit to publish this!

The last paragraph says it all as to why the knives are out -

"In the meantime I will continue holding the Council of Ministers and their departments to account for their failures of individuals and the people of Jersey."

How many remaining states members, & just as importantly, how many of our "accredited" media can say this with a similar amount of honesty as Deputy Higgins?

Anonymous said...

what a remarkable editorial from the JEP. Surely they asked Mr.Higgins for an interview before publishing that nonsense.
I await with eager anticipation for whatever excuse they manage to come up with to explain this unacceptable behaviour. I hope that they can be sued for this misinformation and the money used to support the air display.That would be ironic.

Anonymous said...

This blog posting should be printed up and delivered to all residents urgently to all St Helier residents.

Ex-Senator Stuart Syvret said...

Oh how I laughed.

Is that the Economic Development Minister Alan McLean who exhibited the grossest of hypocrisy - who lied - to voters not once, but twice - over essentials being exempted from GST?

Is that the Jersey Ports that employ Piers Baker?

Is this the Jersey Evening Post who's Chief Executive at the Guiton Group is John Averty?

As an inside source, close to these creatures power-networks, said to me recently. 'you know, these people still think they're going to get away with it all. It's remarkable.'

It is.


Anonymous said...

Rico, we need to make sure that Amber Munn at the Press Complaints commission see's the JEP advert and what Mr Higgins wants to write is all published, if not then Mr Higgins has a right to make a serious complaint against the JEP, it won't cost him money, only some time, if other Jersey residents contact the Press Complaints Commission all the better! The JEP are a disgrace! don't buy it!

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't worry too much about Jersey Evening Toilet Paper editorials. Most of the JEP readers I know would never read that part, they skim the paper at best, read the fluff articles, classifieds, family notices, temps passe etc. They know full well the political spin is all total BS. It's a massive turn-off, which is why so few bother to vote.

Anonymous said...

I do enjoy reading the comments section of the JEP online, as I no longer purchase the paper with the odd exception.

So if I have got this right, the Chief Executive Mr KIng, at the economics department is a keen rugby fan, and the club gets £75,000 quid as a grant and a further top up of £56,000

I read the Bailiff wanted a party for a bloody Mace, then that was not posh enough with a few drinks and nibbles so minor royalty was flown in at great expense with security, helicopter and police overtime, and the nibbles became a banquet.

Then them man in robes, wanted an oil painting of himself and the cost of all this is a secret but picked up by the taxpayer.

Ozouf's recent history tells us, he gave a wadd to the battle of Flowers to get some second class personality flown in without approval from anyone.

The highly respected, Deputy Higgins is given grief because there is someone in the wings who, Maclean prefers to run the Air Show and because Deputy Higgins asks intelligent researched questions in the States which embarrasses the clue- less CoM.

No doubt it will be an expensive user pays states business failure if Macleans places his own puppet. Like several heritage sites it will become another sad model of indulgence - all at the taxpayers expense.

Mike Higgins for Chief Minister without doubt, about time voters got even me thinks, and had a good clear out come October.

voiceforchildren said...


The Teresa Rodrigues prison problem RUMBLES ON

Anonymous said...

Wasn't it Mike Higgins who asked a well crafted question regarding whether there was any possibility that Bailache could have let someone else see a document that he claimed he had not read on an aircraft, to which Bailache said no, but latter admitted he did have them with him and it was possible that someone may inadvertently seen them!

It was a great "no wriggle room" question!

Anonymous said...

Someone ought to run a campaign with a poster stating the 32 documents that the Jersey establishment do not want the public to read and a list of the States Members past and present that they do not want standing up for the public good.

Anonymous said...

Some background courtesy of Comptroller & Auditor General...

Anonymous said...

Deputy Higgins gets front page of JEP and full publication of his letter. Maybe time to dial back on the anti-JEP bandwagon and concentrate on the story and EDD's motivation to start this witch hunt? Humble pie for the usual anonymous haters who rush to ill informed judgement and distract from the real topic.

Anonymous said...

Ask Senator Maclean what meetings he has had with Martin Willing brother of Bruce willing and good friend of Philip Bailhache to discuss Martin's coup of the Air Display.

rico sorda said...

The jep is a dying piece of prehistoric propaganda end story. Only time will tell if it has a future.

Anonymous said...

He also alleges that Senator Maclean led an attempt to court a new backer to run the event during the 2013 display last September.

The Senator denies the cliam, but admits that an event was held for potential sponsors.

However, he said that Economic Development did not own the display and were not in a position to hand over its running to anyone.

The display is owned by a not for profit private limited company and has been run for 17 years by a band of volunteers from Jersey and the UK.

The above taken from the Jep article.

confusion to me from ''However, he said.. is attributed to something Senator Maclean said?

Anonymous said...

What page is the publication of Deputy Higgins letter on? I have looked and can't see it?

Anonymous said...

Martin Willing! I rather trust a rottweiler in my underpants than this excuse for a human being.

Jill Gracia said...

Note they have given Mike front page coverage and published his letter, but no apology (surprise surprise).

Alan McLean has gone down an awful lot in my estimation now - Rugby Club, Fantasy Film???, and now this.

Aspirations to be Chief Minister have disappeared in one fell swoop.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous at 2.12pm pre-empted my query.

We need to know more about the shady meetings between Mac(un)Clean and the mystery Air Display wannabees.

Who are they? What expertise & track record do they have in putting on public events of this scale?

Has due diligence been carried out? (Could it be Canbedone Air Displays Inc?).

What role has Bailhache had in all of this?

What promises/interim deals have been made? Has Wide boy Mac(un)Clean taken this further down the line than he's likely to admit?

No doubt they all believed none of this information would ever come out of the smoke filled rooms, where these creeps lurk.

Anonymous said...

Draw a Venn diagram including Bailhache (P), Bailhache(W),Willing (B),Willing (M) , Averty (J),Averty (R),Church of England (Jersey),Grouville. For extra points add Horsfall(P) ,Jeune (R) , Walker (F),Ogiers ( at least two links) add five bonus points for uncle Scriven who started some of this.
They think there aren't knowledgable observers, think again , because there is another Jersey Way .

Anonymous said...

Walter Scott
“Oh, what a tangled web we weave...when first we practice to deceive.”

A Relationship diagram showing the links, alliances, directorships, family ties, School ties, Lawyers firms, Churches, charities, Media connections etc, would be very revealing.

Due to the Hydra like nature of the Jersey Way, it would probably take an academic of the subject a little time to compile.

I do hope someone with the detailed knowledge required will take this on.

A clear layout would be invaluable in deciphering the methods, motives & opportunities for future deceptions, cover-ups, skullduggery, conflicts of interest, mutually convenient business transactions, inexplicable non-prosecutions. The list is endless.

This could be added to if new politicians are "captured" by the system.

A system such as this could be used to predict & possibly prevent, by exposure, the intended outcomes of establishment wrongdoing.

"Pay attention to the man behind the curtain" Misquote from the Wizard of Oz

Anonymous said...

It will be easy to take the air display from the excellent politician M. Higgins, look at a states department called Jersey Tourism,

Now you have Locate Jersey ( quango of the well paid inner circle ) then you have the tourism shadow board ( see Jersey locate ) next move a new quango called Jersey air display board - much safer with our chaps you know. ( for chaps read friends )

All these cronies are having a laugh at your expense literally into their bank accounts.

Anonymous said...

I have read through the Auditor General and Comptroller's report referenced above at 11:53am. I cannot say that I am that impressed by the report: both EDD and the Bailiff's panel appear to take an unduly bureaucratic approach to the funding and organization of the event in the public interest.

I would imagine Deputy Higgins and the volunteers would routinely become exasperated. JIAD commented later in the report, that "whilst the civil servants we are dealing with at both EDD and the Bailiff's Panel are full time paid officials whose job it is to deal with grant and event applications all those engaged with organising the air display are working full time in other occupations".

According to the Annual Report and Accounts of the States of Jersey or 2012, the Economic Development Department spent £17m.

Of this sum:

£2m was spent on Economic Growth and Diversification
£6m was spent on Tourism, Destination and Marketing
£6m was spent on Policy and Regulation
£2m was spent on Rural Support
£2m was spent on Skills

The department was staffed by 56 full time employees. Staff expenditure represented 19% of total (circa £3.25m), whereas grants and subsidies represented 44% (circa £7.48m). Average pay per full time employee was £58k.

Canbedone Productions received £150k. Jersey Business received a grant of £100k. The grant given to JIAD is £100k for what is a major event in Jersey's tourism calendar. JIAD is a £300k non-profit organization staffed by volunteers.

In all the circumstances, EDD should be funding an administrator or provide a mini-grant to enable key grant seeking organizations to comply with its compliance documents: EDD is unnecessarily trying to force small enterprise grant applicants into its own multi-million pound governance framework.

Ex-Senator Stuart Syvret said...

A reader says:

"Draw a Venn diagram including Bailhache (P), Bailhache(W),Willing (B),Willing (M) , Averty (J),Averty (R),Church of England (Jersey),Grouville. For extra points add Horsfall(P) ,Jeune (R) , Walker (F),Ogiers ( at least two links) add five bonus points for uncle Scriven who started some of this.
They think there aren't knowledgeable observers, think again , because there is another Jersey Way ."

What a wonderfully observant & knowledgeable comment.

Yes. Always, someone observes - notes - does not forget.

That train's coming down the tracks.


Anonymous said...

a diagram-that would be brilliant for those of us not in the know to visualise the links between the major players,businesses,cronies etc that are running this island as if its their own.
I really hope someone with the time and knowledge could put this together.I doubt if it would contain more than a couple of dozen people

Anonymous said...

There is a sub heading on your post "Politics is a Dirty Game". Why would people want to be controlled by a set up like that. Good people can do better than than try to correct a fixed game. We have many good people like Higgins and Pitman who wish to be honest and true for the people not the corporate "Public". Please people see through the scam we call Government we can do better!
Phil Skinner

DenverGal said...

The oligarchy caught a whiff of something mistaken for victory, and became drunk on the illusion of unending power after taking down Stuart Syvret's blog, bankrupting the Pitmans and now vilifying Deputy Higgins.

Anonymous said...

In the words of an old St Breladee and occupation survivor of a German concentration camp who was deported with the aid of the "Grand Famille",
the people who REALLY run this Island,are all "Cock Connected".Maybe this diagram of corruption would more resemble a Family Tree.The Borgias anybody!.

Anonymous said...

That's an interesting comment.
In Joe Miere's book Never To Be Forgotten about life in Nazi occupied Jersey there is some very interesting comments relating to informers and collaboraters whose actions sent Jersey people to concentration camps.Here is a quote from the book:
At the Jersey Archives are closed files DZ/D/H9/2 on the names and addresses of some of the informers.But I have been refused to see these closed files.I was informed that it is possible that some people named in the records may still be alive and living in Jersey and Human rights(Jersey)Law 2000 Article 8 provides that everyone has the right to respect his private family life and home and correspondence.These files are to be closed until 2045.

So there you have it,Jersey cover ups are not a new thing,but in this day and age to continue to hide the identities of people whose deliberate actions sent people to concentration camps is disgusting.And who decides that these files should not be open to the public?

Daniel said...

Denvergal wrote:

"The oligarchy caught a whiff of something mistaken for victory, and became drunk on the illusion of unending power after taking down Stuart Syvret's blog, bankrupting the Pitmans and now vilifying Deputy Higgins. "

Unending power was precisely the aim of the miserable episode called the Electoral Commission, perverted from its original aim of being INDEPENDENT and COMPREHENSIVE to being Philip Bailhache's private vehicle for delivering - "unending power" via a totally unfair voting system and the retention of the Constables.

Anonymous said...

'' Article 8 provides that everyone has the right to respect his private family life and home and correspondence.''

surely the public have the right to know about a collaborator. It is not actually that persons private life being disrespected but rather the public life of such people?

Anonymous said...

Re comment at 11:34, so one wonders how Sarah's Law circumvents this?

The Beano is not the Rag

Anonymous said...

At least the Guernsey Press is prepared to hold their Chief Minister to account.

Welcome to good governance, Channel Islands style.

Anonymous said...

Well, what do you know, Guernsey's Chief Minister has resigned.

Guernsey seems to have a political and media class that is prepared to hold the powerful to account.

Anonymous said...

Still shaking my head in disbelief.

Cant believe no one has posted a link to that picture of the Nazis discussing propaganda with staff up at the JEP offices.

How times [don't] change

La Gazza Ladra said...

Slighty off subject

Mr. Syvret has long indicated that Jersey is just a microcosm and distillation of problems the UK suffers form.

Consider the recent write up by Richard Bougeard:

I have long been troubled by P.I.E. (Paedophile Information Exchange) - the lobby group which called for legalisation of child sex and age of consent to be lowered to four (!)

This organisation operated successfully for many years before being disbanded and a few of it's members being prosecuted for crimes against children. The full membership of PIE was never revealed and must have gone significantly higher than the few individuals selected for prosecution

The known links to PIE go very high in UK politics and childcare:

Notably Harriet Harman and former Health Secretary Patricia Hewitt and both their husbands, shadow minister and former labour party treasurer Jack Dromey and Henry Hodge forged &/or tolerated links to PIE, or lobbied in their defence.
These people have since climbed the greasy pole of politics and some of them have been placed in positions with responsibility for children where they have presided over and/or covered up childcare disasters such as Islington (with it's links to Jersey paedophile social workers) and where their departments have shamefully and deliberately failed to act on information that children's homes and children's services have been infiltrated by paedophiles.

Jersey would not be unique in having children's services and politics infiltrated by paedophiles and one disturbingly wonders if the career or political success of various individuals is BECAUSE of their soft touch on paedophilia, rather than in spite of it. Membership of certain mutually supporting secret 'clubs' could aid one's progress .......not unlike the idea of freemasonry.

PIE produced a magazine called Magpie
As an aside, the Name "MagPIE" is linguistically and intellectually rather clever imo, and works on so many levels -some quite disturbing, like stealing your most precious possessions, or their appetite for stealing chicks from nests.

A partial copy of Magpie can be read here:

One feels slightly amused and rather queasy at their clever attempts to justify, rationalise and minimise their apetites and activities.

Successful paedophiles often are very clever individuals.

As a further aside the name of one of Jerseys pro establishment and pro paedophile cover up bloggers was "Gazza".
This may on one level be cashing in on the celebrity of a certain talented but impulsive and puerile footballer, or it may be more intellectual
with "Gazza" being the Italian word for .......Magpie .....

voiceforchildren said...


A Party Political Broadcast on Behalf of REFORM JERSEY

Anonymous said...

Some of your comments on Facebook abour child abuse are absurb.
Whats in it for you?

Anonymous said...

How very nice of the JEP to afford ex Chief Inspector Minty the opportunity to ague his corner.

Presumably the JEP will not offer the same opportunity to Graham Power or Lenny Harper