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My blog will now be focusing on the Committee of Enquiry in to decades long child abuse in Jersey. It is where my blog started back in April 2010. 

Before we get into the crux of the COI I want to look at the BBC/Bergerac issue as mentioned in the Express article below. Perhaps the BBC realise that there is a Committee of Enquiry into decades long child abuse starting in Jersey within the next two months. This enquiry will of course investigate Haut de la Garenne along with the other Jersey care homes. The enquiry might take one year but could possibly take two. I would imagine that the BBC are forward thinking on this as they would not want the episodes of Bergerac featuring Haut de la Garenne to hit  the TV at the same time as a possible conclusion to a COI. Dammed if they do damned if they don't. I hope they are being sensitive and commend them on realising that a COI into horrific abuse is actually taking place.

I believe that the BBC have come to the right decision. It sounds like Mr Nettles might also be thinking the same after a little time to reflect on his remarks. The building is iconic. It is famous around the world - alas  not just for Bergerac -  but for the atrocious crimes against children that occurred within it's walls.  

It looks like the episodes in question might have been removed from youtube.  The first time I came across Haut dela Garenne was in Series 4 episode 1. It can be first viewed at 19minutes in if you have a copy. 

There is nothing stopping the BBC  running the missing series once the Committee of Enquiry has been completed and their findings made public. Then again, they might be pleased that they made the current decision. 

Nettles, 70, said the BBC is refusing to show repeats of his hit detective crime show because they include shots of the Haut de la Garenne - dubbed 'the Jersey House of Horrors'.
A historical child abuse investigation launched in 2008 found that former residents had been molested at the home.
Jimmy Savile used to visit the institution, and it is feared the late TV presenter and notorious paedophile abused youngsters there.
The Haut de la Garenne was used during the 1980s as the fictional setting for Bergerac's police headquarters.
And the BBC has now refused to show any episode featuring the children's home.
The move came after a Sunday Express story revealed that abused children were still living in the care home when the BBC began filming Bergerac there in the Eighties.
The BBC said that despite "extensive searches" of its records, it was unable to confirm the finding.
There is no suggestion of any wrongdoing by any of the BBC crew and cast while at Haut de la Garenne, and allegations of rapes and beatings there only surfaced much later.
Nettles said: '"It seems to be a little bizarre that exterior Haut de la Garenne shots can't be used.
"It means you can't photograph or film anywhere where there is a suspicion that a crime has been committed.
"It just shows how far the BBC is bending over backwards to apologise for the Jimmy Savile scandal.
"How it can be connected by viewers with Jimmy Savile and the Yewtree inquiry is beyond belief. It's just unfortunate that viewers have to suffer for it." 
The Haut de la Garenne home, which was unoccupied at the time, featured as a police station in six of the show's nine series.
BBC 2 bosses had planned to screen the entire back catalogue of Bergerac, which ran from 1981 to 1991 and made Nestles, who played Jim Bergerac, a household name.
But after running the first three series, corporation chiefs have "postponed" the remaining six, which all feature Haut de la Garenne as the fictional HQ.
A fresh inquiry looking at allegations of abuse in children's homes and fostering services in Jersey from 1960 to the present day is due to start this year.
A spokesman for the BBC said: "Due to the sensitive nature of the public hearing into incidents at Haut de la Garenne and out of respect for the victims, the BBC has decided, for the moment, to postpone episodes of Bergerac." 
Haut de la Garenne began in 1867 as an industrial school for "young people of the lower classes of society and neglected children".
It closed in 1986. In 2008 it was the subject of a huge police inquiry which revealed numerous instances of child abuse against past residents.
It led to the conviction of a former resident and a former member of staff.


DenverGal said...

"In 2008 it was the subject of a huge police inquiry which revealed numerous instances of child abuse against past residents. It led to the conviction of a former resident and a former member of staff."

The wording thoroughly minimizes the intensity of the evidenced abuse horrors, the direct involvement and complicity of so many at a higher level and the blatant official attempts to interfere with the abuse investigation which led new puppet "investigators" to misleadingly dismiss or even "lose" incriminating forensic evidence originally established.

Respect to you, Rico, for placing this font and center again.


Póló said...

The man is an insensitive w****r.

What you say about the possible publication of CoI result while the series is being re-screened is correct.

It also applies to any CoI publicity during the inquiry.

And, irrespective of all that, there is the sensitivity of former residents to consider.

I remember posting a night-shot of Gorey Castle, which I took in 1961, on my website, only to be reminded by a survivor that the view had totally different connotations for those residents who had been abused in HDLG.

It turned out that that view, and many others I've seen since, were taken from the vicinity of HDLG and it was certainly the view the residents had as they walked to the bus for town.

Also, I don't think the Express piece "revealed" anything. Yourself and/or Stuart had already drawn attention to the partial occupation of premises by children when shooting started. "Brought to national attention" might be a more apt description.

All of what is going on at the moment is beginning to make me very suspicious about links of friendship and family in this tangled web.

Anonymous said...

Was there not a German bunker near HDLG which overlooked Gorey Castle that was also investigated by police?

Anonymous said...

Another stupid post by a man suspiciously obsessed with the subject of sex and children.
100s of people are complaining online about the Bergerac cuts so you are completely outnumbered.

rico sorda said...

Sue Young - 100s of Islanders supporting John Nettles except a handful of idiots associated with the SS camp. No surprise there then.

Taken from Politics Jersey with free speech.

Same person as above anonymous comment. But why anonymous lol

Anonymous said...

I dont know Mr Nettles so it is impossible to know if his comments are based in pragmatism but it is fair to say that any re-run would be very lucrative for him in his retirement.

Póló said...


I'd have you for an editor any day.


Exactly. I've tweeted your comment.

voiceforchildren said...


Scrutiny Panel Chairman Steve Pallett MUST RESIGN.

rico sorda said...

Hi Anon,

Havent published your comment yet because I don't understand what you are getting at. Could you send me another one if possible with a clearer point.

Thank you

rico sorda said...

Thank you for your comment and take your points on board. Do not worry we don't have any agendas concerning politicians.

You might like to read the posts I have done on the Le Rocquier School incident and Child Sex Grooming in Jersey. That should allay your fears.


Anonymous said...

Hi Rico,

Slightly off-topic but here's a link to the latest PAC report on Canbedone Productions. It makes shocking reading.

Please could you post a link to it on that Politics Jersey Facebook page, as you do with your blogs? There are 565 people with access to that page, all of whom should be shocked at what Economic Development wasted 200 grand on. Meanwhile, OAPS pay GST on their food...

jane said...

'The Haut de la Garenne home, which was unoccupied at the time, featured as a police station in six of the show's nine series.'

Wrong. It was very much occupied at the time of the filming of the series, only Aviemore, but nevertheless children were still residing in the home.
I must say, what a load of nonsense, every time something like this is brought to the public's attention all the horrendous memories are flung back in the faces of those who lived there. PEOPLE did the damage, not the bloody building.
Yes I'm cross, I'm cross because all this is upsetting 'my children' AGAIN.

UAV pATROL said...

The BBC are not doing this out of consideration for the victims. They are doing it because they were the employer of Jimmy Saville and he spent some time at HDLG and they don't want to bring it rushing back into public awareness. Any one who thinks they give a shit about the victims is deluded.

Jesus, wake up !

voiceforchildren said...


The first in-depth, and exclusive interview, with Reform Jersey Members and recently sworn in Deputies Sam Mezec and Nick Le Cornu will be published on VFC soon. In the meantime here is a short TRAILER

voiceforchildren said...


Reform Jersey's Deputies Le Cornu, and Mezec, EXCLUSIVE.

Anonymous said...

You got anything planned for April Syvret Day on the 1st Rico?

rico sorda said...

Oh yes my friend. This will be a beauty. Cant say much at the moment though.


Anonymous said...

Yes cannot wait.

Is he going to deliver on one of the hundreds of things he has promised since being kicked out of politics by the people then Rico? Or is he finally going to top himself!?
But who cares, he must be proud of you Rico, you cling to his arse like savlon on here and Facebook like a truly devoted believer and disciple for the cause of self destruction.

rico sorda said...

No no. Blog abuse 3

The Troll over steps the mark


Anonymous said...

Could you provide link to politics jersey facebook

I have searched and can only find an outdated account.

Anonymous said...

To anon @ 8:42 pm. The URL to Politics Jersey on Facebook is: Politics Jersey

The Beano is not the Rag

Anonymous said...


You asked the following on PJWFS:

"Does anybody know how you go about acquiring a Police check on an individual so you know if they have a criminal record or not? Can a member of the public acquire this information online or is it only the police?"

As far as I recall, any employer can pay the police a fee to run a check against a potential employee. The potential employee has to sign a form agreeing to the check being run on them.

So, as an employer, if you have a legitimate reason for inquiring, and the subject of the inquiry agrees, there's no issue. But you can't just rock up to Rouge Bouillon with a list of names off your own back.

Clearly, someone is getting some of their info from the search function at which displays some but not all Royal Court judgements.

Magistrate's court judgements are not included. They are usually just broadcast to the whole island in the JEP. I've still got my framed copy of one such judgement on the wall of my downstairs loo. It makes me laugh every morning.