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Just a quick posting.

As you are all well aware the Committee of Enquiry into decades long child abuse in Jersey is starting to get going.  There has been a lot of dialogue with the Lawyers representing the enquiry panel. I must say they have been very good in getting back to us regarding the issues we have had with the protocols. There will be more on this in a later date. I really do hope that as many people as possible will come forward to give their accounts to the enquiry panel.

We, at Team Voice, have got a lot of work to do over the coming weeks. We will be giving our wealth of evidence to the enquiry team. This is what we have been working towards since 2008.  This is what all the hard work has been about. We can't thank the people who have supported the blogs enough. We mean it from the bottom of our hearts. It has not been easy.  It is about stepping up and doing something positive from a very negative situation.  We have amassed a serious amount of documentation over the years. VFC has done an incredible amount of work on the cover-up of Operation Rectangle and the suspension of former Chief of Police Graham Power QPM.

For me on a personal level it has been an incredible journey.  Before 2008 if someone has said that I would become a part time investigative journalist I would have said you were nuts. Life can change very suddenly. You only have to speak to survivors of abuse to know this. I was deeply touched on day one and remain so to this day. I can't imagine what it must be like to have your life torn apart at such a tender age due to it being physical or mental abuse. For me as an outside observer I would say both are as bad as each other and must be treated as so. Both can leave devastating effects that can be felt for a life time. I know the trauma I have felt since losing my father. That is a pain I will carry till the day I die but it has also given me an insight as to how victims of abuse have had to travel through life carrying this horrific trauma.

I set out in April 2010 to find the truth about the multiple suspension of the former Chief Of Police Graham Power QPM.  A Chief of Police who was suspended 3 times for have the bared face cheek to allow an investigation into decades long Child Abuse in Jersey.  What I discovered along the way with the help and guidance of VFC was just astonishing. I will not set it all out again here but it led me all the way to then Dept/Supt Mick Gradwell leaking information to notorious Daily Mail Journalist David Rose. A journalist who was trashing the investigation that Mick Gradwell was running from September 2008. This led to the BDO review. I also discovered how the powers that be employed a media spin doctor Matt Tapp behind the back of Police Chief Graham Power to undermine him. This list could go on.

Why is this important?

This is important because it shows the culture that existed before the cover-up, during the cover-up and after the cover-up. Nothing has changed in Jersey.

The Sex Grooming Case?

Le Rocquier School starting-pistol incident?

La Moye Prison Scandal?

All just left to go quiet so everyone can move on.

I have posted the interview that Lenny Harper gave VFC.  From this interview I realised that the BDO review needed to be re- looked at.

Rico sorda 

Part Time Investigative Journalist


Anonymous said...

All the work you and VFC have done supporting victims and survivors and bringing to light the jersey cover up has to be seen by the Committee Of enquiry. Keep up the good work Rico.

Anonymous said...

If the Bailhache's don't end up in prison as a result of the COI then it won't have done its job properly END OF!

voiceforchildren said...


A prison employee can allegedly posses, smuggle and supply drugs and phones to prisoners and get a State pension. The committee/panel charged with scrutinising these activities TURN A BLIND EYE.

Nothing has changed on this island despite the Child Abuse cover up. Teachers can shoot pupils in the face and still keep their jobs and the CEO of Education is still in situ.

A known gang of groomers are targeting young children and the police don't think parents have a right to know.

Not to mention suspect APPOINTMENTS.

DenverGal said...


Having followed your courageous and tireless journey to find the truth, I am convinced you were called to the task of investigative journalist, however part time that may be. You are living proof of the difference an individual makes by taking a stand for justice and pressing forward.

You can't ever know all the positive effects you've had, but the observation that a dysfunctional government system still in place does not determine your success or failure.

Your readers now know how naked the Emperor really has been all along, and their additional awareness will be based on a firm foundation you've helped build. Everything you've done has added to the stacks of documentation now made permanent and impossible for powerful people to cover up or "lose" as they apparently have with so much physical evidence.

The COI will not bring closure to every aspect, even if it is more thorough than we dare hope and more free of suspicious political influence than we fear. It will bring some new and essential information to the forefront and focus outside eyes on the process as well as the long history of abuse concealment. There will surely be some additional evidence revealed from this and truth has a way of intruding quite effectively on dark secrets once enough people are aware of it.

Whether that will be adequate to ensure change may depend upon the will of ordinary people to step up to press for dramatic changes. What you have done is to follow the evidence trail, ask the right questions and provide solid documentation -
but more than that, too. You have stood up for those without a voice and proved that someone cared enough to do what countless career professionals failed miserably to do.

The way you have worked so seamlessly with the other evidence-based blogs and as part of Team Voice, has been remarkable to watch over the years. Each of you brings a unique essential strength and amplifies your shared message.

I can't speak for anyone else, but it must be incredibly heartening to many others to see the perseverance of a small number of incredibly dedicated (and skilled) truth-seekers after the failures of nearly everyone else. Children were let down by the religious community, the mainstream media, the judges and prosecution in the courts, the conflicted (post Harper & Power) police administration, and most of all the people who were professionally tasked with protecting children in Care.

You have never let them down.

Your father must have been deeply proud of having raised you to become the person you are now. As a parent myself, nothing could provide more fulfillment of life's purpose than to know an adult child exemplifies integrity.


rico sorda said...

Hi Denver Elle, thank you for your kind words. Next week we start putting all our documented evidence together for the committee of enquiry. I have started revisiting all the evidence we bloggers have produced, not just hearsay or rumour but hard factual evidence. There are people who want to try and discredit the blogs, say we are just full of gossip, well that is their choice. But I never hear them say anything positive about the people who suffered the abuse or thanking the blogs for not turning their backs on them.

I feel everything is coming together at just the right time.

I have never felt more confident about my work.


voiceforchildren said...



Daniel said...

A note of caution.

We still do not know if the COI will be thorough, independent and fearless.

Some of us are asking questions to establish how the COI will do its work, and why they have already made at least two major procedural mistakes.

There is a very real problem, for all of us, if we discover that the best guess we can make is that they will not do their job properly. What then?

If we take part, bring all our evidence, if the victims give their accounts, and then there is a report which does not do the business, (and other bad things may also happen, like more secrecy is imposed as a result of the COI) then we have lost everything.

The COI will have done its work - with our support - and the establishment will say: "that's it then, everything has been looked at most thoroughly, everybody got a hearing, and look! - nothing really serious went wrong, or if it did, it's sorted now, etc. etc."

It is a very real dilemma.

Let us hope that the COI can give us the reassurance which we so badly need that the job will indeed be done properly.

But if it does not, what then?

Anonymous said...

Daniel raises some very valid points. I look forward to hearing the views from jerseys most trusted news source (blogs). Let us hope that this coi can deliver on its terms of reference.

Anonymous said...

I see that ex politician Cyril Smith is under investigation. That immediately conjures up an image of Krichefski. Will the COI be looking into the accusations made against this man, or just repeat the existing allegations.

rico sorda said...

Just spent the whole of Liberation day getting the wealth of documented evidence together for my appearance at the committee of enquiry next week.

Will keep you posted.


voiceforchildren said...


Will the Child Abuse Committee if Inquiry be asking questions of MICK GRADWELL?

Daniel said...

Dear Voice and Rico and Bob,

I have just had the reply from the Inquiry Panel about my request to them to ask the States for certain key changes to the Terms of Reference. It does not look good.

There are numerous problems with the Terms of Reference (which still allow the Inquiry to IGNORE certain key areas, and which LIMIT the kinds of abuse they are mandated to look at) and with the Protocols for the Inquiry.

A group of stakeholders will meet with the legal team for the Inquiry. What happens if we find, as a result of this meeting that this Inquiry cannot be trusted to be full, robust and independent?

What then?

You guys seem to be full steam ahead, but if the COI is doomed from the start, then the more we play with it the more we legitimise it. And the establishment will be made truly happy. No need to worry for years afterwards, if ever.

If we are convinced that it really will not deliver, we should walk away - now!

I still do not know, I am just warning you.