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Having attended the public meeting today by the Chair of the Enquiry Team, Francis Oldham QC, we, at Team Voice, believe that it is imperative that all victims/survivors of abuse in the Jersey care system come forward and give evidence. We fully understand that it has taken an age for this committee of enquiry to get going and that you must be thinking is it worth it.  I hope that you will contact the enquiry team through their website. The link is above.

This really could be the last chance to have your accounts of horrific abuse listened to by an Independent panel and help towards some form of closure where possible. Phase 1 of the enquiry is to listen to your accounts and start the process of investigating what went wrong. All of your evidence is crucial. It's not for us to second guess the outcome of the enquiry but let us be under no illusion that it will be weakened by the lack of first hand testimony.

All victims of abuse have shown tremendous courage and strength since it went public in 2008. You have been left in the dark for far to long. You showed immense bravery to come forward and give statements to the Operation Rectangle Team. We know that not all cases were prosecuted and you felt let down. We know that most were very impressed with how the Rectangle Team handled your accounts of horrific abuse and the compassion that was shown to you. We know you felt let down by the lack of prosecutions from the Jersey Judicial System. This really is the last chance to give your accounts of what must of been a very dark chapter of your life. I hope you all can find the strength and courage to come forward one last time.

This is about you. 

VFC - Bob Hill and Stuart Syvret will also be writing about today's meeting so I haven't mentioned it here.

No matter what you decide you all have our utmost respect.

Rico Sorda

Part Time Investigative Journalist 

Team Voice


Anonymous said...

will the main stream media be helping to publicise this inquiry?
I have no idea how this inquiry is taking statements. Are people expected to make statements in public or privately ?

ex JHB

jane said...

Having spoken to Isabel on the legal team the first thing to do is apply through their website to give your account of what happened to you or what you know about. It will be taken from there. Have strength and courage to do this. Please. I know it's hard.

voiceforchildren said...


Transcript from the public meeting this morning with FRANCIS OLDHAM QC

DenverGal said...

The Jersey Care leavers Association (JCLA) are offering support for abuse survivors, as described in the latest posting from VoiceFor Children Blog:

"Witnesses, Victims/Survivors are urged strongly to submit evidence to this Inquiry which can be done through its WEBSITE. The success (or otherwise) of the Inquiry will depend on what evidence it receives and if anybody needs any help/support submitting their evidence or any Abuse Victim/Survivor, or family member/friend of, need any kind of support, whether submitting evidence, or not, the Jersey Care Leavers Association (JCLA) are more than happy to help and can be contacted by e-mail or telephoned on 01534-738351."

DW said...

In response to the first commenter above, as I understood what was said today:

victims will be able to make written statements or speak to the Inquiry Panel in person. Or both.

victims will be able to do this in public or in private.

victims have access to emotional support during this process, as well as support from the inquiry legal team when writing their statement, if they wish.

and, whatever you choose to do, when what you have said or written is put on their website or referred to in public, your name will not appear.

As I say that is how I understood what was said today. I may have got it slightly wrong, I don't think so.

There is one caveat, if you make a written statement and want to speak to the panel as well, that seems to depend on their agreeing to this.

They made clear that what they do will evolve as the inquiry proceeds and as they see it developing.

The JCLA is happy also to give support. they can be contacted by e-mail or telephoned on 01534-738351.

Anonymous said...

I have just revisited the blog of simon has been closed for some time now but the information there is very relevant to the inquiry.Is it possible for a link to be provided and /or some of the key information to be published?

Mac said...

I found this on Jersey Insight no mention on any of the other news sites.
Some Get Special Status In Care Inquiry

Some groups or individuals will be given 'Interested Party' status in the Jersey Care Inquiry.

The Panel in charge of the investigation understands some islanders will require further involvement in proceedings.

Its protocol lays out some conditions they must meet in order to get it the special status.

They include if they played a significant role in relation to an issue, or if they may be subject to criticism in the Inquiry's work.

Applications have to be made in writing within the next fortnight.

The Independent Jersey Care Inquiry into historical abuse in Jersey's care system formally launched yesterday and will soon begun hearing evidence from witnesses.

Last updated: 4 Apr 2014 at 08:30

Anonymous said...

Rico excuse my ignorance but what is a CARE LEAVER?

rico sorda said...

Someone who has been in care then leaves the care system.


rico sorda said...

Who is this person that sends me Anonymous comments wanting the bloggers to have nothing to do with the Committee of Inquiry? That we have nothing to say - yet forgetting we are the ones who never abandon victims of abuse and played a part in there actually being a Committee of Inquiry. I find it incredible that this person has even sent stuff to the panel trying to discredit the Jersey bloggers as suggest on Facebook by fake profile Julie Hanning:

Julie Hanning - The Bloggers are crooks and a few have terrible records to prove it. I am so glad the Inquiry Team have been informed about the likes of Evans, their online bullying and hatred of Jersey.
April 3 at 4:40pm · Like

Now, as far as I know, and I could be wrong but WTF has any of the above got to do with a COI? And what has Ian Evans got to do with a COI.

Bonkers. But I do attract them.


Anonymous said...

If it wasn't for the bloggers the COI wouldn't be happening so the fake Julie Hanning should keep his mouth shut...................END OF.

Anonymous said...

Talking of bloggers publishing the truth, it appears the Constable of St Helier has, without permission from ratepayers pledged £20,000 a year for five years to maintain the west park Pool.
New evidence has emerged, which is being suppressed by the media, that this is another fantasy film like project wasting tax payers money.

What do you know Rico, what's going on ? is this another scandal they are trying to shove under the big rug out of sight of the public.

Anonymous said...

With this West Park Pool, were are the people going to park, will it be accessed by mixing people with the castle ferry traffic, or will they breach the sea wall which they blocked up not that many years ago, under Health and Safety it will almost certainly require a Life Guard and at what cost all this?? what a bloody waste if money.

Anonymous said...

A cool online brochure,

Did you know that the pool is almost non tidal.

Bit strange that cause Jersey has one of the highest
tidal ranges in the world

The Castle comes tumbling down in ten minutes in St Aubins bay.

This is scary

What makes the pool magically almost non tidal is it the spirit of the old Hermit or does the sea take a detour - Doh !

voiceforchildren said...


Questions surrounding the appointment of SIR JOHN NUTTING QC.

rico sorda said...

I should have a new posting up this weekend about the Committee of Enquiry and the evidence we will be submitting.