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Over the coming weeks I will be explaining to my readers the actions I had to take to try and protect my wife. Everything I do and say on my blog is my opinion based on research and fact.  My wife is not political, does not contribute to my blog and simply gets on with her own life.  So why she should become a target of a  Jersey Cyber Stalker is beyond me. Or, does he see her as my Achilles heel? If he did, then that was a mistake on his part. One of many that he has made. 

Having got married in September 2013, I decided to change my Facebook picture. Having kept my wife away from someones prying eyes for years I decided to put a picture up of us getting married. That was a mistake on my part.  She was identified and then it started. October 2013 the comments started coming to my blog - anonymously of course.  Vile comments. This time I just took stock. I then acted. Kept it quiet. Did what I do best. Investigated. Time to tell our story. 

I had to wait for permission to come through before I could start explaining what has gone on. This has now been obtained. There will be a Guest Posting coming up in part 2 or 3.  That person, along with myself, will be explaining on camera exactly what has gone on. No, it will not be my wife for all the above reasons. 

Not long after getting married my wife became pregnant. She became very ill during her pregnancy. This was a worry to all of us and a very dark time.  But still the stalker carried on. Still the Stalker hiding behind anonimity and his multiple fake Facebook accounts carried on. On June 23rd 2014 our baby was born safe and well. That was the greatest feeling in the whole world.

Now I can focus on the Stalker.

I have had enough.

 Everything has been put in place. Even if you think about sending more emails - we are waiting. Who did I get permission from to do this I hear you ask……. wait till Part 2 for the answer. 

What a story we have coming.

How many chances did I give you? How many times have I asked you to come down the police station and sort this out?  You might still get one more chance.

Cyber Stalking is alive and kicking in Jersey. It can be mainly found on a Facebook group called Politics Jersey With Free Speech.  I will be honest. The Fake profiles on there,  ones such as Sue Young - James Pearce etc have been used to harass but were only a small part of my investigation. No. I had to go beyond the screen. I had to go to the fingertips and then start the journey up. Only then do you start finding the answers. Computers aren't to blame. Its the people operating them. 

Rico Sorda

Part Time Investigative Journalist 

Here are my previous two postings on the subject

Below is a question asked by Deputy Higgins in the States of Jersey in June 2014

3.8 Deputy M.R. Higgins of the Minister for Home Affairs regarding the States of Jersey Police internet investigations into cyber bullying complaints:
Will the Minister give Members an update on the work of the police internet investigators who took up their post on 31st January 2014 and inform Members how many cyber bullying complaints have been received since the beginning of 2014 and how they have been dealt with, including how many prosecutions have been brought against the perpetrators of these acts and the penalties imposed on those convicted of an offence?
Senator B.I. Le Marquand (The Minister for Home Affairs):
The States of Jersey Police internet investigator has been actively involved with reports of cyber bullying - currently recorded as harassment - and has also assisted in a wide range of other cyber-dependent and cyber-enabled crimes reported to the organisation - for example, drugs importations, assaults, road traffic offences and sudden deaths, et cetera - and in the development of online intelligence, thereby helping the force to most effectively prioritise their work.  This particular role is linked to the continuing force-wide development of all cyber-related matters, a theme that features as a high risk, high harm focus within strategic assessment and one that continues to increasingly impact upon all areas of policing.  Since 31st January 2014, the States of Jersey Police have recorded 9 criminal reports of either harassment or bullying over the internet.  Of these 9 allegations, 3 of the alleged offenders received words of advice from the police.  In 2 others, harassment notices were served.  Two offenders were charged and prosecuted with the offence of harassment, one receiving a 12-month binding-over order, the other a 6-month binding-over order and a 2-year restraining order.  The other 2 cases are currently under investigation.
3.8.1 Deputy M.R. Higgins:
A supplementary.  Just looking at his previous answer given to Deputy Trevor Pitman on 10th December, I see he has included some of those figures, which happened in the 6 months prior to the investigator coming forward.  The Minister has just said that this officer has a range of other duties.  Cyber bullying is a particularly horrendous offence.  It has led to the death of a number of people in this Island.  Does he not feel that it should be highly prioritised given the damage that can be done?  What can he tell the States about a prolific offender who has been repeatedly reported to the police who has yet not been brought before trial, a person who brought, with others, a data protection complaint against former Senator Stuart Syvret?  That person is going around this Island causing all sorts of mayhem, going to employers, telling them that people have committed all sorts of acts and so on, and yet the police are taking no action.  So, 2 questions: should a cyber investigator first of all be giving a much higher priority to cyber bullying and, secondly, what can he tell us about this prolific offender and the lack of action?
Senator B.I. Le Marquand:
In relation to the alleged prolific offender, I know absolutely nothing.  It is not my role as Minister to get involved in operational matters.  Indeed, since we now have a Police Authority I am even further removed from operational matters and my role is setting policy and priority.  I recognise and have recognised that there is a priority area and hence why this role has been set up, but hence my fairly lengthy answer to demonstrate this is not just a question of employing one person who is going to play a particular role.  We are trying to change the culture of the police force so that there is a general awareness.  In the last 6 months, a States of Jersey Police cyber policing strategy and action plan has been developed under the chairmanship of the Superintendent of Crime Services.  A programme of work subsequently commissioned involves all members of the organisation.  Partnership working features heavily in the plan.  One area of particular relevance has been the development of appropriate legislation to cater for those instances of grossly offensive or abusive messages that are not captured by current harassment legislation.  That work is being led not by Home Affairs but by Economic Development, however supported by the States of Jersey Police and the Law Officers’ Department.
3.8.2 Deputy M.R. Higgins:
It is all very well the Minister ... in fact, he has answered a question on this before and he has mentioned that Economic Development is leading on this and earlier he expressed dissatisfaction at it.  Is the Minister pleased with the progress of the work of the Economic Development Department and how soon does he expect legislation or new policies to be brought forward?  In fact, can I ask one other thing ...
The Bailiff:
Well, no ...
Deputy M.R. Higgins:
No, it is in answer to his question.  He said that they had come up with a strategy.  When is it going to be on their website so we can all see what the strategy is as well?
Senator B.I. Le Marquand:
I have not seen the draft strategy myself and will be interested to look at that and to see that finalised.  In relation to the piece of legislation, I have previously expressed disappointment that it was not Home Affairs who were running with this as a priority because the danger is with it being with E.D.D. (Economic Development Department) that it will not get the same high priority as it would have been given by Home Affairs.
Deputy M.R. Higgins:
I did ask the question was the Minister satisfied with the progress of E.D.D. at the present time.
Senator B.I. Le Marquand:
I am unaware of the progress they have made, in fact.  They have not been talking to me about it.


rico sorda said...

You have got to listen to me. Think about it. Do you not see how reasonable I have been. I don't want to embarrass you. You just leave me with no choice.

The last comment is what exactly. Im not publishing it. Everyone who needs to know - knows exactly what is going on. We are waiting for the oh so predictable email to one of our places of work. Mate, it has got to stop. The toxicity that burns inside you must be sorted out. Its not good for anyone and most importantly you. You, like me, have responsibilities.

You have talked to this person, you have talked to that person, director of this director of that, some town deputies who think i'm crazy, the Jep who think I'm laughed out of town, friend of a friend who knows nothing about nothing but who you just happen to know will be doing a blog on my wife. On it goes. You will get your legal team, police liaison officer and everyone else you say is laughing down the station. You will blame on important powerful people, law firms anybody and everybody but you wont look at yourself.


rico sorda said...

Thank you for the comment.

Can I just add that I wont be publishing any comments that call this person some not so nice names. This isn't what these postings are going to be about.

The issue needs to be addressed and sometimes it's not pleasant. I'm not and I repeat I'm not having my wife cyber attacked.

Im a very reasonable person.


Anonymous said...

This is a hypocritical post rs.
You cannot say your behaviour towards others on Facebook political groups has been diplomatic over the months, actually it's been toxic.
If you have pushed somebody to target you then you have to ask yourself why?

Anonymous said...

Welcome back to blogging Rico, and congratulations on the family situation. Good luck getting the bullying sorted out (posted anon to avoid attracting his attention myself!)

Anyone who doesn't take you seriously will be laughing on the other side of their face in the long run. You and other bloggers have Right on your side.

Anonymous said...

The politics Jersey facebook page is hateful and spiteful and full of false avatars which look to be the same person who is a troubled spiteful person. Attacks on your wife is beyond the pale and I hope your expose of the perpetrator will bring them and his online hatred to an end.

Anonymous said...

The person behind this hate campaign against your wife needs to be stopped.

Anonymous said...

I am sorry to hear about the intimidation you and your wife have been subjected to by this cyber bully who must be stopped before he turns his attentions to a person with less resolve than you and your wife where the outcome could prove fatal. We hear of cyber bully victims taking their own lives or attempting to take their own lives on a daily basis. HE MUST BE STOPPED.

rico sorda said...

"This is a hypocritical post rs. You cannot say your behaviour towards others on Facebook political groups has been diplomatic over the months, actually it's been toxic. If you have pushed somebody to target you then you have to ask yourself why? on JERSEY CYBER STALKING - PART 1 - OUR STORY WILL"

The first thing you need to do is stop trying to deflect the issue. You must look at yourself and ask where is it going? My toxicity as you call it has been directed at one person. You. I have been far from toxic though. You must understand that. You knew my wife was ill. I told you. It didn't stop you. Yet I have acted with calmness in a very volatile situation. You need to stop shifting the blame. There aren't any Jersey Law Firms online using the PJWFS site logged in under fake profiles like James Pearce or Sue Young. Lol. Again, that is deflection from you looking at yourself. The truth is coming.
Believe me.


Anonymous said...

This internet troll was given £100,000 of tax coffers to silence Syvret on the NET and has been allowed to bully and intimidate anybody he likes with complete impunity ever since.

He has since turned his bile on other progressive politicians which is why the bent police force or the AG will not prosecute him but the attacks on your wife has taken this to a new and dangerous level. Why doesn't he get prosecuted?

Church Survivor said...

congratulations on the new baby! :)

Anonymous said...

What a stupid post.
You blatantly ignore internet abuse by Trevor Pitman, Ian Leslie Evans, Stuart Syvret and others who call people allsorts online.
Try talking to James Rondel about Ian Evans for once and the abuse his Uncle has had to deal with after being called a paedophile supporter. The truth is that you are an internet bully yourself and possibly deserve all the shit due to you. Totally unimpressed with this, playing the victim, who are you kidding?

Anonymous said...

Rico, How come there is good people on that facebook site while those trolls are on there smearing people?

Anonymous said...

I've just had a look at that facebook link for the first time and I can't believe those are adults posting on there its pathetic.

Anonymous said...

What a coward this person is, hiding behind a keyboard. What an embarrassment! Bullying a woman? You are just not dealing with a 'real' man!

Anonymous said...

What a coward this person is, hiding behind a keyboard. What an embarrassment! Bullying a woman? You are just not dealing with a 'real' man!

rico sorda said...

Cyber Bully at 12:34pm

Again you just don't get it. This has nothing to do with who you mention. Again you divert it from yourself. That is why I published the comment. You started looking into the background of my wife. You started on my wife. I'm not allowing it and I did something about it.

You need to recognise your actions and be responsible for them. The same pattern for years. I'm not playing the victim. That gets you nowhere. Nope I'm now taking control of The situation.

And yet I will still protect you from vile comments on this blog.

I'm not that interested in the fake profiles. Just the person who sits behind them.

Ex-Senator Stuart Syvret said...

A good and important posting, Rico.

It's for the broader good of civil society that a stand is taken against this cowardly bullying cyber-stalker.

It's interesting in his comment above he attempts to draw a parallel between his activity and the blogging that people like you, VFC and me do - as though there were any comparison.

We write - on the basis of evidence, analyses, investigation and facts - to oppose government failures, wrongdoing by the powerful, crimes against the vulnerable, and corrupt cover-ups.

We do the work of investigative journalists - because we are Jersey's real Fourth Estate; we have to do this work - we have no choice - because of the gross and sustained failure of the island's traditional media to report facts and hold the powerful or corrupt to account.

None of us hide behind fake avatars - multiple fictional identities - spend hours trolling - on different social media - cowardly heaping anonymous childish abuse against innocent people - threatening harm to people - making death-threats - engaging in drunken deranged abusive phone-calls - and activity such as mocking the dying elderly mother of a campaigner in an attempt to harass them.

I do what I do on the internet - opposing failures, crimes and cover-ups in Jersey's public authorities - exposing incompetents, crooks, abusers and dangerous villains - in the tradition of investigative journalism - on the basis of witness-testimony and documentary evidence - and under my own name.

The criminals I expose could sue me for defamation if I was wrong - and if they had an atom of courage.

That's the difference between Rico, VFC, me - and verminous cyber-stalking trolls who make anonymous cowardly attacks against campaigners, their employers, family members, unwell partners and dying elderly relatives.

It's no surprise - really - is it, whoes side we're on - and by way of contrast who the Jersey establishment have aligned with? "By their allies you shall know them."

It speaks volumes.


rico sorda said...

"Ah so one of Syvret's buddies is getting a bit of karma. Thanks for brightening up my Sunday :-) "

You just don't get it do you. My wife has no involvement in anything I do and should be left alone.
This is why I have had enough. It all stems back to Syvret for you.

"Karma". My wife doesn't deserve to be looked into for anything.

I will be looking for answers over the coming weeks and I will be getting them.


Leah McGrath Goodman said...


Just wanted to write a quick note to congratulate you on your new little one and to send my best to your growing family, wife included. Anyone who tries to target you, you just do as all good journalists do -- with steady hand and kind heart, shine the light!


rico sorda said...

Hi Leah,

Thank you for your comment.

I have waited a long time to break this story. I have gone about it in exactly the same way as my other work. Yes, it was harder because it was my wife but I knew I just had to remain silent and wait for the right time. That time is now. I'm not angry or vengeful I just want answers and I'm going to get them.


Anonymous said...

Its not even a story.
You have admitted on Facebook to stalking Jon for 10 Months.
The same person vilified by all your friends.
You can hand it out to people but find it tough to take any back and your wife rightly suffers just like the families of Syvret's victims. Call yourself a journalist. That's a laugh.

Anonymous said...

Rico, who did you get permission from. Can you tell us or is it a secret?

rico sorda said...

Hi anonymous,

The states of jersey police.

I fl

Anonymous said...

To an earlier posting by an anonymous,

Are you at liberty to say as to how you know that a sum of £100,000 was paid?

The Beano is not the Rag

Anonymous said...

"The criminals I expose could sue me for defamation if I was wrong - and if they had an atom of courage."

Either that or they don't take you seriously.

Anonymous said...

Answer to Beano's not the rag question is it cost the tax paying public around half a million to silence Syvret with the secret court case brought by the four proxies. The individual who is intimidating Rico's wife was one of those proxies so his share would be over £100,000

Anonymous said...

Very shameful about personal attacks. I enjoy the political debate - regardless of which political spectrum one comes from to target the individual in such a way as this is deplorable, particularly someone's spouse.

I would be SUPER pi55ed off if anyone targeted my wife or daughter as a result of my political views.

I regard myself as centre-right (though have been labelled fascist).

Rico, I wish you all the best in bringing such stalkers to justice.

Real Truthseeker

Anonymous said...

What's been response from your supposed tormenter Rico?

rico sorda said...

Thank you RT.

I'm simply not standing for it anymore. I have quiet a story to tell over the coming weeks.

The states of jersey police have been informed of what I'm going to do and haven't raised any objections. I will protect my wife. The public must know what has happened. Cyber stalking/harassment is not on. My wife was terribly ill and the question that struck home the most was when she said why is he doing this to me. I said i would get you the answer. Make no mistake im coming down the tracks. No rush. Nice and slowly

Anonymous said...

"My wife was terribly ill and the question that struck home the most was when she said why is he doing this to me. I said i would get you the answer."

Stop blogging then.

Anonymous said...

The way i see it is that one of you will look like a lying idiot

My money is on Rico for now. He has always backed his posts up so why fail now.

Anonymous said...

Rico why haven't you taken your claims to the Police?

Anonymous said...

Have you been given explicit permission by the police to publish your findings, or have they simply not raised an objection to you telling them what you intended to do ?

There is a subtle difference.


rico sorda said...

All the issues regarding the Police will be dealt in the postings coming up.


Ex-Senator Stuart Syvret said...

Rico, I think your readers - especially those outside of Jersey - out there in the normal, democratic world - should pay particular attention to the anonymous comment left at 1:22 PM on July 28th.

It reveals the heart of the matter - just what Jersey's oligarchy want to achieve - and why they've chosen to align with thugs who harass people and attempt to intimidate independent journalists.

The comment says:

""My wife was terribly ill and the question that struck home the most was when she said why is he doing this to me. I said i would get you the answer.

"Stop blogging then."

So - here we have it.

Just what this entirely corrupt support for - and state-protection given to - abusive, cowardly, trolling gutter-thugs - is all about.

The Jersey establishment hates - and simply cannot deal with - free, independent media - with real journalists - doing real research - and asking real questions.

They want us - they want you - to "stop blogging then."

That is their message - and has been since they began illegally harassing me through state-sponsored oppressions in November 2008.

"Stop blogging then".

That is why Jersey's public authorities - the actual Crown powers - covertly work with - support - and protect - good-for-nothing thugs and louts like this particular troll.

He does their dirty work for them; the kind of things they and their spin-doctors wouldn't wish to dirty their own hands with - endless abusive trolling under multi-avatars - harassing sick people - issuing crazed streams of insults towards a dying elderly woman - threatening people's employment - abusing people with a catalogue of drunken, threatening telephone-calls - making death-threats.

That conduct - by this troll - has been supported and protected by the Jersey establishment - because the Jersey establishment simply cannot face the fact that - after 800 years of their monopoly of power - it is over.

They can't - and don't - and never will - control the media anymore - thanks to citizen media.

So like communist or fascist regimes - and like those military dictatorships brought down by the internet - the Jersey establishment is reduced to sordid, crude thuggery: abuse, harass and intimidate people - even to the point of attacking their families - until the burden of it makes them "stop blogging".

That's the message - which we see revealed here loud and clear - "you don't like having your unwell, pregnant wife harassed, threatened and abused? Stop blogging then."

"Stop blogging then."

Stop exposing the dramatic evidence - the documented facts - the truth - concerning the monstrous corruptions of and by Jersey's public authorities - that permitted and enabled - and then covered-up - so many decades of child-abuse.

This troll - ultimately - is himself a form of "avatar" - a disguise - behind which real power in Jersey is at work - driving the desperate message of the oligarchs: - "Just top blogging then."

Rico isn't going to stop blogging.

None of us are.

The impunity - and immunity - of the Jersey oligarchy is over.

After 800 years - this is The End.

They’re never getting the silence back.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for going off the rails for me saying "Stop blogging then."

I am not a troll thank you very much. The reason I said it was because Rico claimed his wife was suffering for his blogging but to hell with the repercussions because blogging has done you no harm has it Stuart! "An establishment mouthpiece", Whatever!

Anonymous said...

do you think the mainstream media will be covering this story

Anonymous said...

Stuart, your comment at 6:06 is exactly the way I see it. When bending an existing law, as they have done with you, to prevent public interest disclosures, pure state-supported thuggery is their next logical tactic.

Rico, I can't even find words to express my disgust at using your innocent, pregnant, ill wife as a target to silence you. If they stoop that low, if they allow anyone to stoop that low and get away with it, what it says about the rule-of-law and entire government system is that innocent people are never safe from tyranny in Jersey.

If people across the political opinion divide are not outraged, that is a grave darkness indeed.

This should be the happiest time in your life and well deserved. You have many supporters watching closely, wishing you and your new family every success here in ending this nightmare criminal's threats.


Anonymous said...

Very interesting indeed. You have every right to protect your wife. I have read this blog over the years and have found it very informative. I have a feeling that the person in question has targeted your wife so you will stop blogging. It might be because you covered his court case which you had every right to do. I really hope these postings will make the individual see sense.

Anonymous said...

Show us some proof for a change instead of saying she says, he says, they say like a girl's blouse, constantly threatening to "expose" the truth and not delivering is pretty sad.

This post reads like a big sulk, don't bother my wife sob. You have blogged hate against people who have families and with mental Syvret joining in are you surprised people hate you and your family and what these blogs do? God I would, I'd want you totally fucked up and I aint jokin either cause from wot I read you're a fuckin bully mate.

Time to admit.

rico sorda said...

"Show us some proof for a change instead of saying she says, he says, they say like a girl's blouse, constantly threatening to "expose" the truth and not delivering is pretty sad.

This post reads like a big sulk, don't bother my wife sob. You have blogged hate against people who have families and with mental Syvret joining in are you surprised people hate you and your family and what these blogs do? God I would, I'd want you totally fucked up and I aint jokin either cause from wot I read you're a fuckin bully mate."

"I have blogged hate against people with families"

I would not call my work "Hate". Everybody has a family. You are looking for justification for your actions when there simply isn't any. Don't worry yourself about when the evidence will start appearing because that will be in part 3 along with a guest posting.

You have said many times that I should just stop blogging because it's not worth it. You don't decide when I stop blogging I do.

You are a coward - a bully and a cyber menace.

Split personality

One who can be found posting under his own name and denying everything. Getting Maureen and co wrapped around your little finger saying it's not me etc etc soda is bonkers and then there is the toxic nasty one who lurks beneath the surface.

Part 3.


Anonymous said...

Great you are going to show evidence to show everyone.

Simple request RS nothing more.

Anonymous said...

Oh come on Sorda you have been copying and publishing filthy libellous lies previously published by that jail bird Syvret and naming innocent people such as the Chief Officer of Education and others causing extreme distress to their wives, children and families...had you tried that on me I would have had you in Court because repeating untruths etc from a criminal who has been sent to prison means you are as all your current distress and problems with your wife has been brought about by your actions and I am advised more to come.

rico sorda said...

The reason I publish your comments is that it shows that you just don't get and that is the problem.

By your reckoning I should inform Adam Fowler and the victims of abuse that they should be checking on their spouses and loved ones because you will be calling.

You will notice that i'm very calm and composed. The reason for this is I have been waiting a very long time to go public. You need to look at yourself and the anger that you carry. Its not good for you. The Chief Executive has never contacted me. In fact no one has contacted me since I started blogging in 2010. Not even Data Protection. Nothing.

"I am advised there is more to come"

You are an army of one.

Do what you must. I have things in place. Remeber I have been investigating since October last year - now I'm going public. But STILL i will offer you an olive brach for the simple reason you have a family.


Anonymous said...

He doesn't deserve any more chances, just get on with it mate!

Anonymous said...

Targeting your wife is outrageous and unforgivable. Is this the price the brave jersey bloggers face. No wonder so many remain quiet.

rico sorda said...

part 2 should be up at the weekend. I will be explaining why I had to spend hours down the states of jersey tax department. This will then lead into part 3 and the guest posting.


Anonymous said...

Your wife off work at the moment?

rico sorda said...

Why? More intimidation and threat's is it.

Anonymous said...

Do you have proof that certain people are innocent? Yes, I would imagine it would be distressing to find out who you are really married to but that's no reason for abusive, dangerous criminals to not be targeted!

You know you've been in Jersey too long when you start attacking people just because they want justice!

Anonymous said...

I really hope you ave cast iron solid 100% proof this is who you think it is. Only reason I am checking is because I have read the guys stuff on the facebook site and its pretty convincing. I mean he is going on about how is is in touch with the police etc which is hard to think he could think he can say that if it is a complete lie. But then I don't believe any of the b.s. about "were" coming to get you, meaning him and who only knows, maybe Sir Philip!

I am 100% behind you just cant help thinking there is more to it such as some other person doing all this and allowing you to blame it on one person. I don't doubt there is more than one person who sends threats but obviously there is someone who is taking things to extremes. I have to assume you are correct and that your proof is going to be solid otherwise if it is him he will just continue to pull the wool over peoples eyes.

I know he has history by the way but thats why I am concerned it is someone else altogether, albeit someone you both know or at least know of.

Hope it all works out,ciao

Anonymous said...

Its no wonder he has raised this with the Police because it reads like a kangaroo court with Trevor Pitman on Twitter saying to other users that this Howarth character will get his comeuppance. If that isn't stalking and harassment rs with threats then what is it? Is this is not a case of pot calling kettle black going with ganging up on 1 person?
It stinks.

rico sorda said...

The only thing I'm interested in is what you were doing concerning my wife. That is it. For that reason alone im going public.

rico sorda said...

I see you have deleted the fake Facebook accounts. That is a start.

rico sorda said...

I feel sorry for Maureen Morgan as she has stood your corner. You have lied to her like you do others. What will you tell her? What excuse will you use? Hell, you might even still try and pin it on her.

Maureen has been very supportive regarding attacks on my wife. She will be very disappointed in you as will others

rico sorda said...

I feel sorry for Maureen Morgan as she has stood your corner. You have lied to her like you do others. What will you tell her? What excuse will you use? Hell, you might even still try and pin it on her.

Maureen has been very supportive regarding attacks on my wife. She will be very disappointed in you as will others

Anonymous said...

Mr Sorda I have for the first time been pointed to your site by a friend whose family and friends continue to suffer from your naming of in particular one senior Civil Servant of serious unfounded allegations copied from the Stuart Syvret internet site, I am horrified at your behaviour towards people who have never been charged or convicted of any crimes, these are innocent people of whom you are copying and naming, disgraceful. I have been a large user / client of BG Romeril & Co for over 30 years who is your employer, therefore I shall be writing to Mr Syvret explaining that from the year end I will close my account with them as I cannot continue to see friends of mine being harrassed by such people as yourself.

Anonymous said...

You and Pitman are cyber bullies and if your wife is suffering for it then tough.

I am glad to hear a blog will be done on you and your wife with a number of contributors.

You're a fool rs.

Anonymous said...

It looks like you've got a certain cyber-bully-troll worried Rico and the telling thing he reacts the only way he knows how. Threats and intimidation so keep up the good work Rico because he needs to be stopped before he - like his friend - cyber-bully's someone to death.

RIP Simon Abbott.

rico sorda said...

The guest posting next week will explain everything. I'm in a good place right now. I'm protecting my wife. End of story.

rico sorda said...

He should be worried. I'm protecting my wife end of story.

Anonymous said...

Protecting your wife?
The one you found on a dating website you mean because I've got a copy of her single profile, Miss Blampied.
She is going to love this blog :-)

rico sorda said...

Do what you think you need to do. I'm coming for you next week and it will be you who will have to explain to your family. End of story

Rico Sorda said...

Looks like our Cyber Bully/ Stalker is getting in a tiss.

Fake profiles Julie Hanning and Percy Luce have now appeared. This is priceless but does not take away just how serious my next posting is going to be. This man, he who hides, targeted my wife to get at me. There is no excuse for that. She was very ill and pregnant. He didn't care. He wants revenge because I helped and advised someone 5 years ago. The truth is coming next week

Anonymous said...

Some of these comments show the bullying one is very worried. I would go as far to say that some of the comments would actually qualify as attempts to intimidate and even blackmail. Stay strong. In exposing all of this cyber abuse you may even be saving a less strong victim's life.

Anonymous said...

Fucking reading this shit, and this is investigative journalism is it? No wonder your career goes as far as a dopey delivery job in a plastics shop. Nobody is interested in your exposures because they are all shit and James Pearce is a fucking hero.

Anonymous said...

You are so blind.
You are not being cyber stalked at all but a story has been picked up on you.
A married couple, wife a Trust manager and husband a publically self promoting investigative journalist who supports a hater of tax havens to come to Jersey.
That stinks and is so suspicious, and you should see that as a journalist. Your wife has on Facebook that she works in finance viewable by all Billion users you have views on things with the same possible audience. You are very public. I suggest you stop threatening people and let dogs lie because people have backed off talking about her work since you blew a fuse but don't push your luck because some still want a story done on you as a couple. Even the MSM are aware of it when Leah Goodman was in the news back in January and you know yourself, they do not like you. You have a reputation of sending angry e-mails and breaching confidentiality, that in itself gets you enemies.

rico sorda said...

Jon, you have got to take a serious look at yourself. The first step in the right direction is to stop writing such ridiculous comments. It's mumbo jumbo. Stuff of fantasists.

Always threatening. Always peoples place of work. Being watched. Angry people in powerful positions. So powerful that they went on Politics Jersey Free Speech and opened up some fake Facebook accounts called James Pearce, Sue Young and Julie Hanning. That is what the powerful do isn't it??? It's all in your bloody head.

I don't threaten people. You are getting me mixed up with you. I'm going to let you into something Jon. I'm not messing about this time. You crossed the line and if I don't address that then you will never learn. It'a about learning from your actions.

The MSM are well aware of you. Here is the deal. Read my next posting and then have a serious think about what you want to do. I done it properly this time. I have waited and waited. All will be explained next week. I hope to have it up during the week but promise it will be up by next Sunday.


Anonymous said...

All these comments about your wife are disgusting. This person is just about as low as low life can get. I cant say exactly what I want as you won't be able to print it but if the troll/cyberbully is reading this you really need to seek some help and so should anyone else who thinks attacking Ricos wife in this manner is fair game. It makes me ashamed to come from Jersey because pond life like you living here are an embarrassment to all of us, including most of the folk you claim to have on your side. Bet most of them think you are not worth the jam between their toes. But carry on dreaming that you are some influential bozo.

Anonymous said...

I'm not particularly shocked by the callers announcement re being able to obtain data protected information against someone.

Is it not the Jersey Way?

Anonymous said...

Mr. Sorda,

I can completely sympathise with you regarding your distress of being stalked.

I also understand why you are so frustrated with the police for not taking any action, as stalking often results in more serious crime and in some cases, with the victim being murdered.

Howevever, writing a blog may only increase awareness and will likely not change anything. It may even be a source of information that your cowardly stalkers will use to distort the truth or even brand you as a cyberbully, for speaking out against a crime that the police would not stop!

Presently there is only a skelaton laws that police cyber crime with financial crimes being given top priority, and with other type crimes being generally disregarded or the law being subjectively interpreted by the police.

Posting a blog may get you into trouble, especially if anything that you have written can be twisted into cyberbullying.

Neo Nazi's are especially good at this type of manipulation, as they do not mind dishonesty and often gang together to fight in a pack (neo nazis take this mentality from the ww2 nazis who used pack fighting tactics, like wolves, or should i say like a gang of cowards with no guts).

I would refraim from posting a blog, perhaps even take it off line, as it may be bringing positive attention, however, it is also bringing negative attention to you too.

If you want to stop the cyberstalking/bullying,
if I were you, i would consider taking the EC-Council certified course in Hacking Forensic Investigator, as this course will allow you to at least collect evidence against your stalkers which you can then present to the police.

If you collect substancial evidence, you should then be able to demand an investigation by the Jersey Police, and if they still do nothing, you can take this matter further, perhaps even to higher authorities or even the European Court of Human Rights,
as if the States of Jersey Police still refuse to do anything, they may be breaching human right laws!

I understand what you are going through, I have spent 10 years of being stalked and victimised in Jersey, all based on slander and sadism.

I think my life has been in danger, and the only reason why I have not fallen prey to these cowardly sadistic spineless losers, is because I am physically tougher than they are, and more foxly than a fox.

Still, life would be much better for all if the stalking stopped.

Good luck with your endevours.

Anonymous said...

Some people who may be involved in cyber stalking.

People in the press and Media. Even the JEP.

People involved in the entertainment industry. DJ's, event/festival organizers.

Ex-girl/boy friends.

Racists/bigots/Neo Nazi's

Rivals in business

Black Occultists

Anonymous said...

EC Council Certificate in Hacking Forensic Investigator

Anonymous said...

Please just remember (for your own safety mate).

The entire world can make films slandering you.

The entire world can publish books slandering you.

The entire world can slander you on TV, music and cartoons.

The entire world can spread slander by word of mouth.

Politicans can slander you.

Police can slander you by using a slanderous version of your life as an example.

The entire world can print millions of newspapers day after day, month after month, year after year.

But if you create a post crying out for help on a blog,
it is you that will be arrested and charged and then known as a cyberbully.

The law is often "interpreted" by the police and those who may be stalking you/slandering you.

Remember this and play safe mate.
Sometimes the people who are victimizing you are the very people who are paid to help.

Anonymous said...

Jsy Police
1998 I was assaulted by gang of bouncers at wild fire
After being violently ejected from club, I spoke to police man about incident, who told me i had not been assaulted, as bouncer I was his mate.
The police man (tony donnelly) tells me to fuck off.
I start to walk off & gang of police men run after me & tackle me to the ground
When being escorted to the car, i shout unlawful arrest (police had no reason to arrest me)
Get charged with resisting arrest (many hours after being arrested)
Dont go out for 6 months
Next time go out, Christmas eve, after first pint
Walking towards the warehouse, walk towards group of people approaching
Woman says something, walks past
Man says something walks past
I continue to walk on
man hits me twice from behind
police witness him assault me come over to break up fight and arrest the attacker
When asked why he attacked me, man (scouscer with long violent and dishonest crim record) claims I pinched his girl friends ass
The police arrest me & charge me with indecent assault even though no witnesses including the alleged victim AND they drop case against man caught red handed
Both cases go to court at same time (probably not legal)
When goes to court. The first charge of resisting arrest is dropped because police do not have case as I did not resist and should not have been arrested
Second case presented to court directly after
no witness testimony apart from alibi of attacker
Found guilty & given £150.00 fine but charge on crim record
The judge is now in prison for fraud. The main policeman, tony donelly, got chucked out of the police & put in Juvenile prison for serious fraud

The witness of the restisting arrest, the main bouncer, later on did get charged with serious indecent assault
The club manager joined the police and is now a policeman. badda bing!
7 years a go, my brother died.
My then wife, then started having an affair with called D***** P*X*ON, who took advantage of my weakness
A day after my brothers funeral, wife violently attacks me while I am still in bed, catatonic with grief
punched me in the face many times, full force
bit me in the arm several times
scratched me, screamed
kicked me in the head several times while i lay on floor
She ran out the flat & slammed the door
The police were called
I explained what had happened
The police refused to take a statement from me
Days later, I sent a couple of mildly rude emails that told my ex-wife what a bitch she was
The police arrest me at 7am, charge me for sending abusive emails and even though I admit to sending the emails, confiscate all computers that i own including computers that I make music on
This Parish Hall inquiry takes almost a year to complete. when it normally takes a couple of weeks
while in custordy, my music computer hard drives are copied and all my original compositions are stolen and my sample collection is also copied
over 15 years of collecting samples through legal purchase
Later on in the year, I hear my music being played on 103 as jingles (but badly mixed and unfinished)
From that day on, police have been using me as an example for their domestic abuse campaigns, although, slandering me as the domestic abuser even though i have never hit a woman in a domestic abuse event in my life
The Jersey Police printed a banner labbeled "who am I" that had picture that was identifyable as me pictured clearly in the background, which was to warn people of violdent/dishonest and sex criminals
On top of that, ex-wife and family have spread serious and life ruining slander ever since
telling everyone who they come in contact with that I am a serial rapist. child molestor, grass, herion dealer, domestic abuser, theif etc etc etc.
I have now been victimised by almost everyone in jersey, perhaps even you. based on Slander.
I have been cyberstalked by everyone too. Sniperspy etc
Still, hope you get your problems resolved. At least you have a wife and a baby on the way and the whole of Jersey isnt victimizing you based on slander by a bunch of wankers.

Anonymous said...

making audio / video recording of people without their permission is ilegal, publishing it is also illgel.

although police rarely press charges.

they would if i did it though.
this is because the some animals are more equal than others rule doesn't only apply to communism but alleged democratic capitalist societies

Anonymous said...

I believe the word journalist is originally derived from the description of a person who writes a journal.

Through time, the word changed its meaning, to person engaged in journalism; especially : a writer or editor for a news medium.

I gues in modern times, an online blog could also be regarded or interpreted as the modern equivalent of a journal.

All definitions that i have read mentions nothing about being paid for your activities.

Not being paid for such activities is not a value judgement on the quality.

I have read many products created by un-paid authors that were far superior in content in terms of accuracy, quality of writing and humour when compared to many other paid authors, especially those found locally in the island.

Just becasue a person is paid, does not mean that the person is good at their job.

The calibur of local news papers prove this. example, Mr. McRandle etc. (in my subjective opinion).

quality is king
regardless of how much a person pays financially for a product

i would prefer to pay Rico to read his articles than be given a copy of Harry McRandle's articles for free.

I gues its all to do with integrity.