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As I go through these postings the most obvious thing that stands out is that JON S HAWORTH knows exactly what's going on. He always has. He talks about the content of the emails when no one else has seen them. He likes to bring other people in. This could be because they are genuinely involved with him or he is trying to distance themselves.

Listen to the new audio of Mr Haworth. 

I really don't think you need to be a super cop to put this together. It simply  looks like they can't be bothered -  or is it because Mr Haworth was used in a secret court case? Remember he was used as 1 of 4 proxies in getting Mr Syvret's blog removed from Google.  I will be revisiting this idea over the coming weeks as the bigger picture unfolds. Has all the attacks on my wife been because I covered his court case? He also has a crazy idea that somehow I do what Mr Syvret tells me?

In the audio Mr Haworth states that I have cost people money. Well who? And what a coincidence that is exactly what it say's in one of the emails. He states that "Were going to fu*k her completely" 
He also states that "They have already contacted financial services"  and at the time of saying this, by pure coincidence, on a Facebook site called Politics Jersey With Free Speech this turned up. 

The Fake Facebook profiles of James Pearce - Julie Hanning and Sue Young. The link to the site is here:

"James Pearce "Sorda is a hypocrite, wife working in finance whilst he promotes tax haven haters and I am surprised the JFSC have not been told about it. After all they fu**ing licence Trust Managers."
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Lawrence Byrne "I think someone has now Julie Hanning lol."
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Jon Haworth say's I have powerful enemies. So powerful that they go on Facebook and start up false accounts to use on Politics Jersey lol. #BONKERS

So Jon Haworth. Who told you about the Yacht Club then? You said you don't go down there. You are implicating Terry Le Main quite clearly. Should I be asking Terry Le Main what the issues with me are? Jon Haworth you said it comes from the horses mouth. You know the contents of the emails yet you say it's nothing to do with you. Are you saying it's Terry Le Main? Really?  You say that my life is of no interest to you yet you keep saying how you are going to fu*k my wife's career up. Are you a pathological liar? I would love to know what you said in court during that secret case. There are many questions that come from the audio.  You know everything yet claim you no nothing. You contradict yourself so many times it's off the scale. Is anybody helping you about this? Family? Friends? Anybody? Because someone should be.

To all my readers.

How many people do you know make telephone calls like Jon Haworth? I would imaging people would talk about the Football, Weather, what you have been doing etc etc but oh no, this one gets on the phone and tells the listener how he is going to fu*ck this fu*ck that about my life and family. 


Audio can now be heard below as Youtube removed the above.

There you have it. More deranged mutterings from Mr Jon S Haworth 

I want the truth and I'm not stopping until I get it. 

Rico Sorda

Part Time Investigative  Journalist

Protecting the family

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After gaining intelligence through the VILE anonymous comments sent to my blog concerning my wife - the fake profiles on Faceboook harassing and intimidating my wife - the emails sent to her work and the Audio Recordings we decided to go to the States of Jersey Police (SOJP) in February 2013.

What happened between February and July 2014 is shocking. The  SOJP failed to do anything. What I have laid out on this blog posting is a timeline of events leading up to July 20th and the subsequent decision to post  the Audio on August 5th 2014. I have also done an interview with Voiceforchildren. In this interview I talk about the past 5 months.

12th February 2014:

Emails are sent to my wife's work. The line has been crossed and I must now act.  Some days later I phone the SOJP. I ask to speak to an officer called Jeremy Perceval. He is familiar with complaints made against Jon Haworth. When I explain to him what has been going on he tells me to come down the station but don't ask for him.

With the alarm bells ringing I then contact BBC Jersey and ask them if they would like to follow our case as we take it to the Police. They said yes. I wanted them to follow it in real time. All I said was lets see how seriously the SOJP take this. They might be brilliant or they might not. Let them decide the outcome of this. They said yes. I copied the BBC into everything. There wasn't much to be honest as you will see. I just thought that no one would believe me if I tried explaining it all at a latter date. 

17th February 2014:

I went to the Police Station and got the ball rolling. I talk to two young officers. One of them was to stay on our case. I explain what is happening to my wife and our problems concerning my Tax Details being discussed. With my wife being ill I said that I would deal with the Tax Issue first and then sort out the threats and intimidation that she was receiving.

20th February 2014:

Have first meeting with the Tax Dept. Explain what the problem is and let them listen to the audio. They take it very seriously and say they will be in touch.

4th March 2014:

Meeting with Tax Dept. They say they are conducting an internal investigation as to who has accessed my tax details.

19th March 2014:

Meeting with Tax Dept. They have conducted their investigation. They can do nothing without a name. I said I would get them that name. I haven't lost hope on that issue yet. It is very serious and needs to be sorted. I let the Police know the outcome. 

18th April 2014

My wife and I go down to the Police Station. We hand over the Audio that you listeners have heard in the last posting. She explains to the Policeman just how serious this is. The harassment - threats -intimidation and emails to work. The stress and fear that these attacks have caused and not least because a baby was due in June. No problem said the Policeman leave it with us and we will be in touch in the next day or two for a statement. Brilliant. We are finally getting somewhere

28th April 2014:

I phone the Police Station angry. No one has phoned. Nothing. Someone will phone me right back they said. I waited and I waited. 

29th April 2014:

Emailed the Police asking if my wife could please make her statement. As if there wasn't enough stress the last thing I needed was to be chasing this up.

1st May 2014:

The Police come to the house and my wife finally makes her statement. We hand over copies of the harassment/ intimidation of the fake Facebook profiles. This was coinciding with the audio. Police also get a copy of two of the emails. We are told that the High Tec Crime Squad will be in touch in a couple of days to get the computer copy of the emails.  Brilliant. Now we are really starting.

7th May 2014:

Forward more evidence from the fake Facebook Avatars to the Police. Getting Angry. No one has been in touch from the High Tec Crime Squad. 

11th May 2014:

Very Angry. No one has been in touch from the High Tec Crime Squad. My wife's maternity leave is coming up and she is very worried about leaving her post incase he sends more emails. She lets the Police know this.  No one has contacted my wife to check on her. They know the situation. There has been no support. We are chasing everything up. My wife says enough is enough. She then emails the Chief of Police Himself, Mike Bowron.  She explains her situation. We will be looking at this in the comment section. At last, we should now see some action. Who better to approach than the Chief himself. We are getting desperate.

12th May 2014:

Wife gets a holding email from Mike Bowron's PA saying that the email had been received. 

Still no news from the High Tec Crime Unit

19th May 2014: 

No news from the High Tec 'can't be bothered' Unit and nothing from Chief Bowron. I walk into town as I know there is a good chance that he will be outside TopShop. He is there. Resplendent in sun tan and regalia. I ask him about my wife's email. "What email?" is the reply. This is explained in the interview with VFC above. I go home and tell the wife that I have spoken to Chief Bowron and I expect you will get an email from him in the next day or two. I email our Policeman and ask how are they getting on with the Financial Services and checking ref bogus emails concerning my wife. I'm informed that this does not form part of the investigation. Im left speechless.

12th June 2014:

Nothing has happened on any level - she has gone on maternity leave - and we don't have a clue what is going on.  Wife emails Bowron again. This is getting ridiculous. All the time BBC Jersey are following this in the background.

13th June 2014:

Chief Bowron PA Replies. We will be in contact in the near future.

22nd June 2014:

Wife emails Police again and asks what is going on. She can't believe it. None of us can. 

20th July 2014:

Police come to the house. They basically tell us nothing has been done. I felt really sorry for our Policeman as he was obviously out of his depth with this. There you have it in a nutshell. A person trying to destroy me wife's career and that is the response I get from the SOJP. I inform them that I will take care of it if you can't. I will put the Audio out so people can hear. "Sounds like a good idea came the reply." 

28th July 2014:

I email the Chief of Police reproduced here:

From: rico sorda
Sent: 27 July 2014 20:40
To: Bowron, Mike
Cc: bbc jersey
Subject: Cyber Crime

Dear Chief Officer,

My name is Rico Sorda and write to you as a very concerned husband and father.  It gives me no pleasure in writing that I believe the States Of Jersey Police (SOJP) have failed my wife **** ****. Failed her on so many levels. We came to the the SOJP with concerns and evidence regarding the cyber abuse/harassment that she has been receiving over many months. This was at a time when she was having a very difficult pregnancy and was extremely ill. Just how seriously does the SOJP take cyber bulling? We have the media releases saying how you are doing this and that but to my mind it's all just PR. 

The SOJP has a responsibility. Where does it leave me, a concerned husband/father that your police force will not do anything, whether it be through lack of will or the person involved, Jon Haworth, being protected? I need to do something. I need answers. I go public. 

I thank PC ********* for trying his best for us but it is quite obvious that this young officer who is starting out on his career is way out of his depth when it comes to cyber bullying/harassment . He himself has been let down by his superiors. When we first met with him he informed us that he expected to be taken off the case and it would probably go to CID who have the experience. He never was. 

When I first contacted the SOJP in February 2014 with my concerns I spoke to a Jeremy Percival. I had been informed he was the person to speak to concerning Mr Haworth. When he asked me if I knew who was causing us all the concern I said yes Mr Haworth. This was met with silence and a parting shot of come down the station but don't ask for me. I knew from that moment onwards that this wasn't going to be easy. 

The reason I have copied in Matthew Price from BBC Radio Jersey into the email is that I approached them and asked if they would like to see how seriously the SOJP take cyber bullying. They have been privy to everything. From my very first meeting with the Police to where we are at the moment. They know that my wife twice contacted you personally Mr Bowron with her concerns and you haven't even had the courtesy to reply to them in person. You can stand in the high street smiling and doing the meet and greet every day but you cant reply to a member of the public who contacts you looking for assurance and help. There is no excuse. If you have time to stand outside Topshop you have time for an email. Simple as that. I even stopped you and asked you about it after my wife's first attempt. All she received was holding emails 

Months and months have passed and absolutely nothing has happened. I'm a strong believer in where there is a will there is a way.  

I can back up everything I'm saying. The Police have the audio of Mr Haworth telling a friend of mine how he is going to F**k up my wife's career with her work and financial services. This is extremely serious. I have spent hours with the Tax Department as he has been given information regarding my returns. I have it all on the audio recordings. We were even told that we had to investigate the emails to the Jersey Financial Services Commission ourselves when my wife had put it in her statement. Shall I conduct the whole investigation?

I see nothing but failure across the board. If you can come up with something better then I will be more than pleased to read it. 

This is just the opening shot. If you would like a timeline of the events then please feel free to ask.

I asked Mr Haworth to stay away from my family in early December. I did this on my blog.  I had gathered enough intelligence through the audio as to know what his game was. It worked for a while. He came back and I came to the SOJP for help. Not for me but for my wife.

Kind Regards

Rico Sorda

From: Bowron, Mike
Sent: ‎28/‎07/‎2014 01:17 PM
Subject: RE: Cyber Crime
Dear Mr Sorda,

Thank you for your comprehensive email. I am sorry that you feel the States of Jersey Police have not responded to this incident in the manner that you would expect. It is unfortunate that complaints such as that made by your wife cannot always conclude positively for all parties involved.

At Mr Bowron’s direction I have passed your email on to Chief Inspector Williamson who has knowledge of the case and will ensure the concerns you highlight continue to be looked into.

For clarity, Mr Bowron would never personally involve himself in an investigation given his role as Chief Officer. That is why all contact you and your wife have had so far has been acknowledged and then directed to the appropriate person for review.

Kind regards,


Dominic Clayson
Sergeant 260
Staff Officer to Mike Bowron QPM
Chief Offic

It has now fallen on me to protect my wife and family.

The Police have failed us on so many levels 

Rico Sorda

Part Time Investigative Journalist 

This is the Audio for those new readers to these postings.

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"Jon S Haworth Can we just stop talking about Rico? We all have him blocked, nobody knows his wife or appears to. Nobody knows about his tax problems, Nobody knows about anything so he is harassing people. Keep him blocked and forget about him."

June 12 at 9:48pm
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  • Jon S Haworth I really worry about the level of intelligence we are dealing with here MM.
  • Rico Sorda has written numerous hate posts about a trial I was in (that was none of his business) and then proceeded to insult me online over matters that had nothing to do with me and then has the nerve to call me a troll !
  • The Police know all about him, his postings and his behaviour since it started and Pitman is almost identical.
  • He tries to write an offensive post about me with a drunken picture of a man in the street which Evans did a few years ago and the Police look at that and wonder what he is all about.
  • He then tries to go online and play a victim.
  • Its like a pantomime in which they pretend their own blog postings attacking others don't exist.
  • Like one of Littlejohn's catchphrases - You couldn't make it up.

  • June 27 at 10:10pm
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  • Jon S Haworth Oh I am wholly responsible for everything! I was even accused a month back of being involved in somebody's tax matters! I keep the Police apprised of all this lunacy and they always guess the right people behind it all, but boy it gets weird!
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    James Pearce Sorda thinks he can use his blog to threaten you JH.
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    Jon S Haworth Already know about it and reported it to the Police even though whatever he writes is just going to be a pack of lies anyway. I am sick and tired of telling his mate and him 2 months ago that I have nothing to do with the ****ing tax or any e-mails to wife. Its like talking to a brick wall and he needs to get into his thick head that since he made another stupid complaint to the Police about me 3 years ago that got nowhere he is supposed to stay away from me..
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Jon S Haworth I have him blocked. I only speak to 1 blogger who has never insulted me online out of all of them but my time is getting tighter and like I said to our mutual friend, I have never seen his wife insulted online anyway. Maureen told him to stop blogging and start looking after her. I am seriously uninterested in his life. it means **** all to me.
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  • Jon S Haworth Thanks for the messages re: Sorda and his continued hate campaign and public threats, I have him blocked and he knows he should not even be attempting to contact me.
  • I will just carry on e-mailing them to the Police. It seems ironic that he is arguing with other people online for all to see yet I carry on getting blamed for it! I guess these are the limits he will go to trump up accusations that have no merit against me in order to honour a friend of his I won a case against. Such bitterness but let him carry on playing the jester, I have so many options if this carries on
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  • Jon S Haworth He should not be threatening anybody. He has it in his head that I've been stalking his wife??? He has been telling people that I will be in tears and he is going to do blogs about me etc. I 've already e-mailed the Police with more of these threats and I will be seeing them shortly with a view to taking things to another level. I am not putting up with this rubbish, its pathetic and nobody else should either. These bloggers and their use of the Internet to harass others are coming to an end anyway and besides, what good has it ever done for anybody?
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  • Jon S Haworth The Police said to me back in the Spring that the amount of abuse I have had to suffer online by bloggers has been unprecedented. They jokingly thanked me for taking the heat off them so if by any reason Higgins was targeting me with these claims its hypocrisy off the scale. I will say it again as was said to me 5 years ago, that these people cannot cope with other peoples freedom of speech and I think the Pitmans proved that when they were unable to cope with a satirical cartoon. I have actually advised people how to cope with this kind of thing by experience. I have kept up to speed with 3 States Members on a Cyber Insult Law, I even suggested it via a change to the Jersey Telecommunications Law in 2012. Its a long time coming but will be well received.
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  • Jon S Haworth In my mind it is time he was charged with the online harassment of others. He is writing crap, again, on the back of a hunch and he has even admitted to stalking people online. I've dismissed all his ridiculous claims about tax and his wife in the past and have even gone so far as to raise his weirdness directly with the Police. Nothing further to add anymore because my conscience is clear that's for sure.
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  • Jon S Haworth Take his tax claim.
  • The Tax department get tip offs regularly but to actually get somebody pulled in you would need hard evidence or be in a powerful position to get them to act. He just cannot see that whoever is targeting him is much more powerful and influential than a member of the Public.
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 Today is just the first part of  looking at my family's "CYBER STALKER" Jon S Haworth.  As I stated in my previous posting, he crossed the line when he went for my wife.  I fully appreciate that my blogging activities will open me up to a degree of criticism, but this should not extend to my wife, or any other family member for that matter.  

Having got married in September 2013 and been away on honeymoon, I noticed my wife had become the topic of vile comments sent anonymously to my blog.   I decided to just ignore them at first as there were far more important things going on in our life.   My wife had become pregnant. Then, in a very short space of time, everything changed.

It was late October coming into November 2013 when I had a meeting with Voiceforchildren ("VFC"). We were having a chat about politics when he asked me about my blog and how it was going.  

I said "I am starting to get very annoyed at all the vile comments sent anonymously to my blog about my wife and, not only that, the person is also mentioning her place of employment  which means they are researching her". 
"That's strange" said VFC "I have had Jon S Haworth on the phone and he was mentioning your wife by name and where she worked." 
"You what" said I. "In what context could that man be mentioning my wife in a telephone conversation." 

VFC couldn't remember and then I made the decision. I supplied the equipment to enable VFC to record all their telephone conversations with Jon S Haworth. And so it began. From late October 2013 to the present day I have a recording of every phone call that was made. That is how I gathered my intelligence. Simple really. 

Jon S Haworth, I bet your jaw has just hit the floor. You are sat at home now thinking "what the hell have I said on the phone since October 2013?"  You have said plenty sunshine. 

My wife had, since falling pregnant, become very ill. We were into November 2013 and I was keeping the vile comments to myself. Also during this time I was aware that Jon S Haworth was looking into my wife. He had mentioned to VFC that he was getting his information from Deputy Sean Power. I decided to act. On 1st  December 2013 I did a blog posting called Blog Abuse 2. It was a shot across the bow at Mr Haworth. At the bottom of the posting I said quite explicitly stay away from my family. 

This part of the story will now be covered in the interview with VFC. 

I now want to move onto the very serious issue of our Income Tax Return. 

Jon S Haworth has stated he knows what I put on my income tax return. You can hear that quite clearly from the audio below. How serious is that He has contacts that can look into my Income Tax affairs. I want answers and I want the truth. I spent 4 hours with the Tax Department. It was very productive but we are all looking for answers.  He was so specific and I'm under no illusion that he has been disclosed information. 

Here you can listen to Jon S Haworth talking to VFC on the Phone. Listen to what he say's about our Tax and my wife. It is disgusting and toxic.

Audio can now be heard below. Youtube removed the above copy.

Is it just coincidence that when Jon Haworth was going on about fcuking up my wife's career with financial services their were fake profiles on  Politics Jersey Free Speech called James Pearce and Julie Hanning. ThIs is what they (He) posted. 

"James Pearce "Sorda is a hypocrite, wife working in finance whilst he promotes tax haven haters and I am surprised the JFSC have not been told about it. After all they fu**ing licence Trust Managers."
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Lawrence Byrne "I think someone has now Julie Hanning lol."
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This is just the first part. 

I want everyone to listen to the Audio very carefully. 

Rico Sorda

Part Time Investigative Journalist 

(Protecting my Family)