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After gaining intelligence through the VILE anonymous comments sent to my blog concerning my wife - the fake profiles on Faceboook harassing and intimidating my wife - the emails sent to her work and the Audio Recordings we decided to go to the States of Jersey Police (SOJP) in February 2013.

What happened between February and July 2014 is shocking. The  SOJP failed to do anything. What I have laid out on this blog posting is a timeline of events leading up to July 20th and the subsequent decision to post  the Audio on August 5th 2014. I have also done an interview with Voiceforchildren. In this interview I talk about the past 5 months.

12th February 2014:

Emails are sent to my wife's work. The line has been crossed and I must now act.  Some days later I phone the SOJP. I ask to speak to an officer called Jeremy Perceval. He is familiar with complaints made against Jon Haworth. When I explain to him what has been going on he tells me to come down the station but don't ask for him.

With the alarm bells ringing I then contact BBC Jersey and ask them if they would like to follow our case as we take it to the Police. They said yes. I wanted them to follow it in real time. All I said was lets see how seriously the SOJP take this. They might be brilliant or they might not. Let them decide the outcome of this. They said yes. I copied the BBC into everything. There wasn't much to be honest as you will see. I just thought that no one would believe me if I tried explaining it all at a latter date. 

17th February 2014:

I went to the Police Station and got the ball rolling. I talk to two young officers. One of them was to stay on our case. I explain what is happening to my wife and our problems concerning my Tax Details being discussed. With my wife being ill I said that I would deal with the Tax Issue first and then sort out the threats and intimidation that she was receiving.

20th February 2014:

Have first meeting with the Tax Dept. Explain what the problem is and let them listen to the audio. They take it very seriously and say they will be in touch.

4th March 2014:

Meeting with Tax Dept. They say they are conducting an internal investigation as to who has accessed my tax details.

19th March 2014:

Meeting with Tax Dept. They have conducted their investigation. They can do nothing without a name. I said I would get them that name. I haven't lost hope on that issue yet. It is very serious and needs to be sorted. I let the Police know the outcome. 

18th April 2014

My wife and I go down to the Police Station. We hand over the Audio that you listeners have heard in the last posting. She explains to the Policeman just how serious this is. The harassment - threats -intimidation and emails to work. The stress and fear that these attacks have caused and not least because a baby was due in June. No problem said the Policeman leave it with us and we will be in touch in the next day or two for a statement. Brilliant. We are finally getting somewhere

28th April 2014:

I phone the Police Station angry. No one has phoned. Nothing. Someone will phone me right back they said. I waited and I waited. 

29th April 2014:

Emailed the Police asking if my wife could please make her statement. As if there wasn't enough stress the last thing I needed was to be chasing this up.

1st May 2014:

The Police come to the house and my wife finally makes her statement. We hand over copies of the harassment/ intimidation of the fake Facebook profiles. This was coinciding with the audio. Police also get a copy of two of the emails. We are told that the High Tec Crime Squad will be in touch in a couple of days to get the computer copy of the emails.  Brilliant. Now we are really starting.

7th May 2014:

Forward more evidence from the fake Facebook Avatars to the Police. Getting Angry. No one has been in touch from the High Tec Crime Squad. 

11th May 2014:

Very Angry. No one has been in touch from the High Tec Crime Squad. My wife's maternity leave is coming up and she is very worried about leaving her post incase he sends more emails. She lets the Police know this.  No one has contacted my wife to check on her. They know the situation. There has been no support. We are chasing everything up. My wife says enough is enough. She then emails the Chief of Police Himself, Mike Bowron.  She explains her situation. We will be looking at this in the comment section. At last, we should now see some action. Who better to approach than the Chief himself. We are getting desperate.

12th May 2014:

Wife gets a holding email from Mike Bowron's PA saying that the email had been received. 

Still no news from the High Tec Crime Unit

19th May 2014: 

No news from the High Tec 'can't be bothered' Unit and nothing from Chief Bowron. I walk into town as I know there is a good chance that he will be outside TopShop. He is there. Resplendent in sun tan and regalia. I ask him about my wife's email. "What email?" is the reply. This is explained in the interview with VFC above. I go home and tell the wife that I have spoken to Chief Bowron and I expect you will get an email from him in the next day or two. I email our Policeman and ask how are they getting on with the Financial Services and checking ref bogus emails concerning my wife. I'm informed that this does not form part of the investigation. Im left speechless.

12th June 2014:

Nothing has happened on any level - she has gone on maternity leave - and we don't have a clue what is going on.  Wife emails Bowron again. This is getting ridiculous. All the time BBC Jersey are following this in the background.

13th June 2014:

Chief Bowron PA Replies. We will be in contact in the near future.

22nd June 2014:

Wife emails Police again and asks what is going on. She can't believe it. None of us can. 

20th July 2014:

Police come to the house. They basically tell us nothing has been done. I felt really sorry for our Policeman as he was obviously out of his depth with this. There you have it in a nutshell. A person trying to destroy me wife's career and that is the response I get from the SOJP. I inform them that I will take care of it if you can't. I will put the Audio out so people can hear. "Sounds like a good idea came the reply." 

28th July 2014:

I email the Chief of Police reproduced here:

From: rico sorda
Sent: 27 July 2014 20:40
To: Bowron, Mike
Cc: bbc jersey
Subject: Cyber Crime

Dear Chief Officer,

My name is Rico Sorda and write to you as a very concerned husband and father.  It gives me no pleasure in writing that I believe the States Of Jersey Police (SOJP) have failed my wife **** ****. Failed her on so many levels. We came to the the SOJP with concerns and evidence regarding the cyber abuse/harassment that she has been receiving over many months. This was at a time when she was having a very difficult pregnancy and was extremely ill. Just how seriously does the SOJP take cyber bulling? We have the media releases saying how you are doing this and that but to my mind it's all just PR. 

The SOJP has a responsibility. Where does it leave me, a concerned husband/father that your police force will not do anything, whether it be through lack of will or the person involved, Jon Haworth, being protected? I need to do something. I need answers. I go public. 

I thank PC ********* for trying his best for us but it is quite obvious that this young officer who is starting out on his career is way out of his depth when it comes to cyber bullying/harassment . He himself has been let down by his superiors. When we first met with him he informed us that he expected to be taken off the case and it would probably go to CID who have the experience. He never was. 

When I first contacted the SOJP in February 2014 with my concerns I spoke to a Jeremy Percival. I had been informed he was the person to speak to concerning Mr Haworth. When he asked me if I knew who was causing us all the concern I said yes Mr Haworth. This was met with silence and a parting shot of come down the station but don't ask for me. I knew from that moment onwards that this wasn't going to be easy. 

The reason I have copied in Matthew Price from BBC Radio Jersey into the email is that I approached them and asked if they would like to see how seriously the SOJP take cyber bullying. They have been privy to everything. From my very first meeting with the Police to where we are at the moment. They know that my wife twice contacted you personally Mr Bowron with her concerns and you haven't even had the courtesy to reply to them in person. You can stand in the high street smiling and doing the meet and greet every day but you cant reply to a member of the public who contacts you looking for assurance and help. There is no excuse. If you have time to stand outside Topshop you have time for an email. Simple as that. I even stopped you and asked you about it after my wife's first attempt. All she received was holding emails 

Months and months have passed and absolutely nothing has happened. I'm a strong believer in where there is a will there is a way.  

I can back up everything I'm saying. The Police have the audio of Mr Haworth telling a friend of mine how he is going to F**k up my wife's career with her work and financial services. This is extremely serious. I have spent hours with the Tax Department as he has been given information regarding my returns. I have it all on the audio recordings. We were even told that we had to investigate the emails to the Jersey Financial Services Commission ourselves when my wife had put it in her statement. Shall I conduct the whole investigation?

I see nothing but failure across the board. If you can come up with something better then I will be more than pleased to read it. 

This is just the opening shot. If you would like a timeline of the events then please feel free to ask.

I asked Mr Haworth to stay away from my family in early December. I did this on my blog.  I had gathered enough intelligence through the audio as to know what his game was. It worked for a while. He came back and I came to the SOJP for help. Not for me but for my wife.

Kind Regards

Rico Sorda

From: Bowron, Mike
Sent: ‎28/‎07/‎2014 01:17 PM
Subject: RE: Cyber Crime
Dear Mr Sorda,

Thank you for your comprehensive email. I am sorry that you feel the States of Jersey Police have not responded to this incident in the manner that you would expect. It is unfortunate that complaints such as that made by your wife cannot always conclude positively for all parties involved.

At Mr Bowron’s direction I have passed your email on to Chief Inspector Williamson who has knowledge of the case and will ensure the concerns you highlight continue to be looked into.

For clarity, Mr Bowron would never personally involve himself in an investigation given his role as Chief Officer. That is why all contact you and your wife have had so far has been acknowledged and then directed to the appropriate person for review.

Kind regards,


Dominic Clayson
Sergeant 260
Staff Officer to Mike Bowron QPM
Chief Offic

It has now fallen on me to protect my wife and family.

The Police have failed us on so many levels 

Rico Sorda

Part Time Investigative Journalist 

This is the Audio for those new readers to these postings.


voiceforchildren said...


I have serious reservations as to the existence of the so-called "cyber crime unit." You, or you wife, were NEVER contacted by them and your case left to deal with by a PC who, by his own admission, was not equipped to deal with the case and believed it would be taken over by CID.......Which it wasn't.

I know there is much more of this story to come out so will leave my comment short. Save to say your wife was completely failed by the police who have more than enough evidence to feel Mr. Howarth's collar, question is "why hasn't it been felt?" Considering yours was the very day Mr. Howarth made a complaint against you.

Anonymous said...

Somebody in the States of Jersey Police Department needs to sober up over all this, and do so quickly. Jon Haworth is a patsy, being used by others who have engaged in deep and serious criminal offences. By failing to take the proper action against Haworth the SOJP and the Officers involved in this case are essentially aiding and abetting those other more serious criminals. Regardless of the jokey in-house banter someone in the SOJP needs to wake up to the fact the bloggers are very significant, doing very important investigative journalism, and need to be taken seriously.

The shabby and inadequate conduct revealed here is the kind of thing that has a habit of ending Police careers sooner or later. As a former Officer I recommend reflecting on that. Beware complacency. What may have seemed a cosy status quo can disintegrate in this changed era. Who would have thought even a year ago that the likes of Cyril Smith would be exposed, and a cross-party collection of MPs would be driving an investigation into the corrupt cover-ups of child-abuse cases that could well yet see serving MPs and members of the House of Lords in the dock?

Time to wake up, sharpish, I would recommend. There's going to be no hiding from individual responsibility & accountability in the Jersey mess when the shoe drops.

voiceforchildren said...



Colin said...

Dear Rico,

This is terrible. A complete refusal to even investigate serious and prolonged harassment of yourself and your wife by this lunatic.

Anonymous said...

Will be interesting to see how SOJP wriggle out of this one - Law Officers cutting off yet another 'problem at the pass'?

May also be interesting to see just how independent our new Jersey Police authority actually is?!

Anonymous said...

Find out which shift your young police Constable is on, and then find out who the sergeant and inspector in charge of that shift are...

The young police constable will report to his shift sergeant who will in-turn report to his inspector.

If you think Howarth is being protected, it will be at Sergeant or Inspector level.

Trevor Richomme said...


I feel so sorry this has gone this far for your wife and yourself.
This is unbelievable, words fail me. I can't understand why the Police will not investigate this person, unless he Is being protected by our lovely Government.

The few times that I'm in Town, I do seem to see this so called Police Inspector and he is always connecting with people with a great big smile. So It may be a idea for everyone with a interest in the rule of law, being done and being seen to be done, pull up this so called Police Inspector and reminding him of your case.

It will be interesting how the BBC play this one, because they can't be along side you all the way without doing a program about the Police not being interested in Cyber Crime.

Will follow with interest and hope you have a quick result.

Trevor Richomme

Anonymous said...

This isn't just a cyber-crime. This is evidenced cyber-crime committed by someone already convicted of making death threats, a criminal who is one of the most known and loathed individuals on any Jersey blog, forum, socila media or msm comment section simply because he is such a prolific and notorious hate filled thug.

Anonymous said...

It sure does look like the police structure is striving for plausible deniability with your case. The excuse that Bowron is not handling cases personally is entirely undercut by the fact that you were not given the name of the officer in charge of overseeing your case. It comes down to obvious police excuses for inaction. A proper professional response would have been to issue you an update on what police action was being taken and by whom.


Otherwise, anyone would be left thinking the Cyber Crime Unit is just there to thwart Stuart.

Anonymous said...

If it requires taping a conversation to get proof of someone's nasty actions there should be no problem, I admired the Police officers who taped Warren.

voiceforchildren said...


Home Affairs Minister, Senator Ian Le Marquand, said that he wanted to bring the police back under political control.

Then along came THE CHOSEN ONE.

Anonymous said...

Jon Haworth has a long and documented history of this type of cyber abuse. His targets are always people who he convinces himself have wronged him in some way or in his warped view deserve such treatment because they have had the nerve to - and I quote 'put their heads above the parapet' by speaking out in support of Lenny Harper and Graham Power.

What is the next step for you, Rico? I think you need to send these videos to all States Members. This will be a waste of time in about 46, 47 cases. However, you then need to ask, as a voter, a resident, a member of the community who has done nothing to deserve this along with your wife: will one of you please lodge a vote of no confidence in either the Chief of Police or Home Affairs for letting this failure happen.

I know this has been said before by others more knowledgeable than me, but it THAT serious. Under Bowron the application of the law is clearly selective and that is bloody frightening.

Jimmy Jazz said...

I think the police will let the young cop be the fall guy and blame him for doing nothing. They always sacrifice the lowest in the command chain because if they have to fire someone they will fire the one with the least amount of money spent on their training, and that individual is usually the least trusted to protect the jersey way. Bowron is a corporate cop interested in crimes that generate income, not expenditure.

Anonymous said...


Do you know what time of day and which day of the week the States of Jersey police chief Mike Bowron is available to have a chat amongst the people in St Helier's town centre?

I would like to ask him what he meant with " Half the battle of policing is about communication. We need to know what troubles [people], and if it troubles them it troubles me", which was quoted on BBC Jersey. See link below.

Obviously he doesn't mean that at all, as your evidence in this blog has proven.

He also said, when it came to restoring people's faith in the police, it was all down to communication.

The police chief certainly doesn't restore faith in the Jersey police with his non-actions when he even ignores evidence that a woman who unfortunately became ill during pregnancy is threatened and bullied in the lowest malicious possible way by an already convicted and well known cyber bully.

But it doesn't stop with the cyber bullying, this unstable vindictive person Jon Haworth, crossed the line even further by gaining very personal information such as the tax information which breaches data protection law.

If this would happen with medical information, then the health department would immediately involve the police to investigate but why not the tax department?

Haworth continued to proceed to an even lower level and boasted that he can destroy her career in financial services and not only with his emails.

Police Chief Mike Bowron who has played an important role in setting up a world class National Intelligence Fraud Bureau in the UK with its high tech unit and has yet not been able provide evidence that his team are working on investigating, a mentally unstable cyber bully?

I thought a police chief should be the role model of the police who are supposed to able to uphold the law firm and fairly, prevent crime and antisocial behaviour to protect and reassure the community and to investigate crime and bring offenders to justice or ?

Another quote:

Mr Bowron said: "Media helps shape the public's reception of crime and so media relations are important.

As neither the BBC Jersey which you have informed all along has not reported a thing and JEP is a lost cause for decent journalism, he has obviously meant that right.

rico sorda said...

"Find out which shift your young police Constable is on, and then find out who the sergeant and inspector in charge of that shift are...

The young police constable will report to his shift sergeant who will in-turn report to his inspector.

If you think Howarth is being protected, it will be at Sergeant or Inspector level.'

That is why I haven't gone for the young officer. When I first went down the station he sought advise from his Sergeant.


rico sorda said...

Jon S Haworth:

"Admittedly I never knew I was of such fascination to them that they would go so far as to spend money recording our telephone calls, but I certainly knew stuff I said to Neil McMurray would be told to other parties so I made a lot of stuff up. In fact I told him so much bollocks it went as far as painting a picture of an almighty powerful establishment that was there to crush citizens media when in fact nobody gave a shit about them. I told him that Broadband suppliers were monitoring the traffic on their blogs all the time because they feared them!

I even conned him into thinking I could access tax information and even criminal records, a lucky guess on of them, but I was fibbing! It goes on and on and on and makes me laugh thinking about it if this is their evidence gathering!

A lot of people have said to me over the years that their fascination of me has been a mystery because on paper I have absolutely no connections to anything. I know a few people in the Media and the States and that’s it, like we all do. I have no affiliation with any kind of organisation which they view with constant suspicion be it, the Police, the Legal Profession, The Masons, Political Parties, MSM and even Data Protection I have no official connection to them, so my views or any claims made about any of them or pertaining to be from them are not binding because I am not connected!

I treat Citizen’s Media for what it is, a parallel universe of conspiracy, badly researched stories that have little resemblance to the bigger picture so just take it all with a pinch of salt."

Seeing as I have over 8 hours of conversations I know that the above is crap.

I stop at the #truth

Fingering the Jersey Nazi Party said...

Thank you for Jon S Haworth's pasted statement @6:44am

"... their [blogger's] fascination of me [Jon S Haworth] ..."

Errr... sorry Jonny boy is YOU harassing them and their families

Jon, You are a pathological liar and you are only fascinating from a mental health point of view.
Other than that you are just annoying .....criminally so!

Almost right with
"[Jersey controlled Mainstream] Media for what it is, a parallel universe of conspiracy, badly researched stories that have little resemblance to the bigger picture so just take it all with a pinch of salt."

As revealed on the Jersey News Blogs like

showing that the Minister for Home Affairs lied to the states in the secret sitting to discuss the illegal suspension of Police Chief G.Power

Jersey bloggers have got well deserved mention in the UK national press:
It is largely due to two tenacious bloggers, Rico Sorda ( and Neil McMurray ( that Power's suspension has remained so high on the political agenda. Both complain that the JEP has failed to investigate what they see as the injustice of Power's treatment. The Guardian

The Rico Sorda blog is quite extraordinary. Rico is not an abuse victim or politician. He is a Jersey pipe fitter with a happy upbringing, who was so outraged by the treatment of abused children he began conducting his own investigative journalism. Don't let Rico's feral punctuation throw you; he has almost single-handedly forced a States of Jersey Scrutiny Panel to investigate and take action over the corruption of abuse related independent official reports" commissioned by the Jersey government. I would not hesitate to call him Jersey's best investigative journalist." - Faithful Reader

Andrew Lewis .....another useful idiot

Anonymous said...

The malice in Jon Haworth’s threats is culpable as was mentioned in your interview. Your wife could have lost her job and the stress could have caused her to lose the baby. If she had of lost her job I’m guessing you could have lost your house because in the interview VFC said you could have been homeless suggesting you have a joint mortgage. The possible destruction of a career the possible death of an unborn baby and the possibility of destitution not to mention the nightmare you and your wife were put through and the police don’t even question Mr Haworth? After being failed by the police so badly you publish the evidence you’d gathered and the police look on you as though you are the criminal?

Anonymous said...

The paragraph quoted below may be UK law but Jersey has it's own similier laws as Jonathon Sharrock has committed this offence before and been successfully prosecuted, therefore has " history " This also broke data protection being to a third party.

Police Chief Mike Bowron, with Rico's evidence has no reason to sit on his hands and do nothing. The UK papers would have a field day with the police chiefs lack of action so far, probably calling for an official enquiry.


A common and particularly unpleasant form of harassment is that, involving malicious communications either through the post, the telephone, Fax, by cyberstalking through the internet or, an increasing problem, by the use of Text or SMS messages sent to mobile phones.

Under section 1 of the Malicious Communications Act 1998 it is an offence to send an indecent, offensive or threatening letter, electronic communication or other article to another person and sections 85 Postal Services Act 2000 or s127 Communications Act 2003 there are similar specific offences relating to sending postal or telephone messages which are indecent offensive or threatening.

Both offences are punishable with up to six months imprisonment and/or a fine.

Anonymous said...

Sean Power must be following Jon Haworth's orders when he ordered Mr Power to have nothing to do with you. How can Power stay so silent and not distance himself from Howarth's claims? What has Howarth got over Power? Keep digging Rico.

Anonymous said...

Where are the Main stream paid media. BBC, ITV Channel TV and Jersey Evening Post ?

This is clearly a public interest story of cyber and other bullying, and the police have apparently employed a specialist IT person to deal specifically with this type of crime so should be active.

What is going on when the media keep a close eye on breaking stories on the local blogs and internet sites and yet there is a wall of silence ?

Anonymous said...

Rico, may I offer some advice? These articles are a worthy addition to the many great postings you, VFC, Stuart Syvret etc. have done over the years. You've all undertaken Herculean labours on behalf of the public interest. But you don't win the war.

As important as this current set of postings are, they alone won't change anything.

I think you and the others need to think about doing something different, something new this time.

If you continue doing the same stuff which has left things the same for the last 5 years, things will carry on being the same for the next 5 years.

Time for a new approach.

Anonymous said...

If this kind of evidence was gathered against Rico, VFC, Trevor Pitman, or Stuart Syvret every one of them would be locked up in prison and the state media would have a field day smearing them it would be front page news in the JEP. Deafening silence when it comes to Haworth WHY?

Anonymous said...

The tax office obviously don't take data breaches seriously because if they did they would ask those who have accessed your file if the know Jon Haworth and investigate them. This is worrying how our tax returns can be leaked to such a malicious character and the tax office don't bother doing any kind of meaningful investigation.

voiceforchildren said...


On the 28/7/14 (two weeks ago) you were sent an e-mail from Chief Officer Bowron's PA (in your main posting) which included these words;

"At Mr Bowron’s direction I have passed your email on to Chief Inspector Williamson who has knowledge of the case and will ensure the concerns you highlight continue to be looked into."

In those two weeks has Chief Inspector Williamson contacted either you or your wife?

Anonymous said...

This is all bile because the Police can't do anything with telephone recordings that have been sneakily obtained, just look at the Curtis warren case when they got their fingers burnt on that. Only a matter of time before you get done for stalking I reckon and so much libel on here, it will cost you more than a house lol.

Anonymous said...

Rico, why don't you report this matter to the Jersey Police Complaints Authority? Yes, quite possibly this is just another branch of the multi-headed Jersey establishment, but at least it will put your complaint into a process that will require a formal response from the police.

At the very least, the continuous failure of the States Police to keep their promises to contact you must be grounds for censure.

I believe the States Police is also subject to ACPO review, and while I'm not sure that body deals directly with complaints against individual forces, such a complaint may well be raised during the next inspection.

Fingering the Jersey Nazi Party said...

Hi, "fingers burnt" @11:54 ....definitely a fully paid up "party animal"

Listen to the audio on the below link and you can remind yourself of the [LOL, sneakily obtained] death threat telephone recording which finally got petty criminal Jonathan Sharrock Haworth ....CONVICTED [lol] on the last occasion.

Jon's leash finally got yanked because Health Minister Syvret had cornered the authorities and they had no choice.

Poor JH just cannot keep away from his "game"
Why is this man STILL not receiving the mental health help he so desperately needs?

Play the audio just before "Not rocket science is it" which is close to the bottom.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous (or is it JH?) @11.54.

'This is all bile because the Police can't do anything with telephone recordings that have been sneakily obtained'.

If I recall not so long ago when JH made the death threat call, that was recorded without his knowledge and used as evidence against him, so your statement above is a nonsense.

It is inconceivable that the police inaction is because they do not feel they have enough further evidence against this man. No small wonder that their 'alleged' drop in crime figures are falling when they actually do s*d all about crimes when they are reported and genuine.

Time the 'Chosen One' stopped smarming and charming around St. Helier, and started some proper communication in regard to the very people he is supposed to be protecting. Oh boy, I reckon he must think he has such a cushy number, but he also has little respect.

Go National Rico if you get no satisfaction locally, which looks doubtful.

Ex-Senator Stuart Syvret said...

Rico, it may interest your readers to know that I too made formal criminal complaints to the States of Jersey Police Force under the leadership of Mike Bowron. And - as it happens - my complaints too were "dealt with" by Detective Constable Jeremy Percival.

The criminal complaints I have made are of the utmost gravity - and are detailed - and evidenced.

The Jersey Police under the "leadership" of Mike Bowron have simply refused to investigate the complaints.

In order to manufacture an "excuse" for not taking the proper, lawful action, Bowron and Le Marquand's Police simply referred everything to a private-sector law-firm who they paid using tax-payers money to "advise" them that "no criminal offences were apparent" in the formal criminal complaints - in spite of dramatic accompanying evidence and powerful witness-testimony - and a variety of very serious and credible witnesses to go an interview - in support of the complaints.

The claim that "no criminal offences are apparent" in the formal complaints, is such jaw-dropping garbage as to show mere anarchy is abroad in the realm of Jersey.

So it is that the Jersey Police and its politicised "leadership" simply purchase for themselves tailor-made "excuses" for not investigating crimes - and not enforcing the law - when to do so would be against the political wishes of the Jersey oligarchy.

They just go and buy some "legal advice" which tells them what they want to hear.

They've almost certainly done the same in your case.

So far as the formal, evidenced - deeply serious - and public-interest - criminal complaints I have made - if Mike Bowron thought that matter had "gone away"- he and his Bosses face some difficulties.


Anonymous said...

You people do not get it.

Under Jersey Telecommunications law only the receiver of a telephone call can complain about being threatened and not a 3rd party who is listening in. Rico has no case again Howarth end of.

Anonymous said...

Nobody Came: The appalling true story of brothers cruelly abused in a Jersey care home

Anonymous said...

The only thing this baying mob is missing is a scaffold and some rope. talk about a disproportionate response! Some half baked saddo, allegedly slings a few threats around and all of a sudden the entire judiciary is under scrutiny for not protecting an online commentator from another online commentator. its gone from bravado to bullying to potential threatening a livelihood or life.
I know it suits the agenda of the persecuted and goodness knows its brought out more speckle flecked assumptions than the usual tripe but please consider this - if JH's ill advised boll*x was really a threat to life and limb then what do you think this level of disproportionate response could potentially do to his health and well being? If you really believe that there is no place for online bullying then surely it starts here with some sort of moderation?

rico sorda said...

No one has been in touch.

What are you meant to do if the police won't protect your family?

It's not a very nice feeling


Anonymous said...

Rico, this comment

'under Jersey Telecommunications law only the receiver of a telephone call can complain about being threatened and not a 3rd party who is listening in. Rico has no case again Howarth end of.'

Is diversionary trolling are you're well within your rights not to bother publishing such rubbish. The real issues here are the sheer volume of abuse from Haworth, the number of different victims, the number of people, including single women he has directly harassed, the number of complaints to the police about him from so many different people, the fact there's prime grounds for the data protection law being broken, the fact that woman police officer lied in public court about 'no other complaints' about Haworth, the fact the data protection commissioner supported him and spent public money helping Haworth silence Stuart Syvret, and the fact she refuses to investigate the complaints about Haworth.

It's not just that phone call, is it? There's now a whole picture of the Jersey establishment using Haworth to troll their enemies, and then covering up for him whenever anyone tries to fight back.

I just hope people reading these comments carry on getting reminded of that big picture.

Anonymous said...

Nope, you're nothing but a fucking bully and I hope Howarth's response does fuck up your wife's job and takes everything away from you because you're a cunt.

Anonymous said...

Last offensive comment by our Jon? What I would ask is this. Does not Jersey's biggest cyber bully Mr Haworth realise that if he got himself a life and did not perpetuate his foul and abusive attacks on Stuart Syvret, Trevor & Shona Pitman, Lenny Harper, Rico and his wife etc then none of this would happen? because Haworth is actually a nobody who unlike said named individuals has never stood up for anything worthwhile ever so would be unworthy of a single comment let alone any attacks. Simples as the Meerkat says in the advert.

rico sorda said...

Its about the big picture. Jon isn't writing these comments.

He knows the truth.


Anonymous said...

Well said and intelligently written anon from the date and time.

August 11, 2014 at 4:39 PM

I and a personal friend have also had abuse from this Haworth character. We are not part of a preying mob, just average type people speaking the truth.

Maybe you would like to experience abusive drunken calls at two in the morning over an extended period.Taking the phone off the hook is not an option due to work. If this is not a problem for you, put your real name up as anyone and everyone is a target. Actually thats a lie.

Imagine if Phillip Bailhache his wife or friends got phone calls, watch the police move at the speed of light.

Does Mike Bowron get paid on how good the police public feedback survey reads. If so he better start looking for a bank messengers job.

Anonymous said...

It would seem that JH is obsessed with blogging, he's not obsessed with blogging in the normal way he is obsessed with his inferior complex which comes into his thoughts when he is drinking/drunk, which it would seem to be most of the time it also seems that this has been his bread and butter, along with protection, for the last few years.
The sad thing for him is.
Even Sean Power has given up on him....

Especially at election time!?

Anonymous said...

One of your international readers asked a few questions under the previous posting. They were trying to gain a better understanding of the situation. Can I refer them to the comment at 3:46 which includes this gem, "The only thing this baying mob is missing is a scaffold and some rope. talk about a disproportionate response!"

Those two sentences contain all the explanation an intelligent person needs to see what a load of desperate hopeless blocks the Jersey Establishment's case is. An entire section of the community, terrorised for years by a single thug, who's been given state-sponsored immunity to harass women, make-death threats, engaging in illegal witness-intimidation against Stuart Syvret on the eve of a court-case, abuse dozens upon dozens of people in drunken obnoxious phone-calls, publish stolen data, make threats against the career of an ill, pregnant woman, risking the life of her unborn child by making threats against her to an honest third-party (VFC) who Haworth knew would be duty and honour-bound inform Rico, unlawfully obtaining private tax-data, writing threating e-mails in attempts to destroy people's employment, getting immunity by the cops even though one cop was at a victim's house and happened to take one of Haworth's abusive calls, and having £100,000s of tax-payers money spent on him by Data Protection Commissioner Emma Martins to further oppress and ultimately jail Stuart Syvret through Britain's first ever secret trial, even though Syvret's never published one word of actual "personal data" about Haworth.

And Rico's and his readers are accused of a "disproportionate response".

To the curious international observer, there you go.

That could be all you need to know.

Ex-Senator Stuart Syvret said...

Comment at 8:06:

"Even Sean Power has given up on him...."

Too late, Sean too late - to be sure, to be sure - it's too late.


Anonymous said...

I hear "Mike Bowron" is a very worried man at the momement... he's heard a rumour Andrew Lewis is trying to get back into the States.

Anonymous said...

But isn't Deputy Sean Power just a fractionally more subtle version of Jon Haworth?

He's just another 'patsy' when all's said & done, like Emma Martins, Bowron & a number of the others?

They've thought they were clever & were using patsies, but all the time they were just patsies of patsies themselves, being used by other patsies, being used by the real bosses.

Donna. said...

Rico and Neil have done an amazing job bringing this awful story in to the public eye. Reading Haworth's comments on facebook since this story broke, you start to realise what this person is all about. Watch him saying he was only "fibbing", and how he knew Neil was going to tell Rico exactly what he had said so he embellished it all. He says that people claim he has connections in the establishment, law offices etc when he has none, but it is him hiself who has made the claims for years, regarding himself to be invincible.His comments are very worrying, they sound like they are from a child who has finally been caught doing something wrong that they have denied,yet at the same time they sound like they are from a very deranged adult. Interesting to see the usual attack on the victim by Haworth's cronies on the pjwfs facebook page. Yet we see a failed election candidate threatening two people with legal action if they dare to comment about her behaviour. She claims the police have advised her that "It is an offence to harrass people online in any way which interferes with their business, which carries a maximum penalty of 6 months or a level 4 fine, currently set at £5,000. So if the sojp know this law, then why the hell are they not using it to prosecute Howarth for what he has done to Mrs Sorda with regard to her employment?

Anonymous said...

Mike Bowron is not here in Jersey to protect our interests.
He is here to protect the City of London capital of the world...satellite Jersey....offshore City of London...
Make no waves..Bad for finance
Not sure being anonymous counts in Jersey...they know

Anonymous said...

Rico, you and your wife and child seem to have been refused the basic protections of the rule of law in Jersey. That constitutes a clear breaking of your human rights.

You know you would get nowhere in a Jersey 'court' even if you had the means to challenge this police & prosecution inaction in the island.

So, are you going to try and take this issue and make someone in London, or some other city, take notice of what's going on here?

Anonymous said...

What is deeply worrying about this inaction by the police is they also behave in this way with more serious crimes (not to demean Rico's plight).Another example would be the notorious case of Niall Linden.Jersey is a very dark place despite the media trying to portray a picture of quaint perfection.It is in fact lawless if you know the right people,get away with anything so as not to hurt Jersey's reputation.But what is the ultimate prize in keeping these crimes untouched?Who benefits and why?

Liar-liar Pants on fire ? said...

Vote failed PR shyster. Vote Andrew Lewis,3658.msg55328.html
Did Andrew Lewis Lie to fellow politicians, if not why the secrecy ?

That brings us to the question whether, in an "in camera" session of the States, Deputy Lewis was being "economical with the truth". Certainly what he appears to have said contradicts what he later told Brian Napier. It relates to the "Interim Met. Report" which was in the possession of David Warcup:

The Napier Report states that:

As previously has been noted, neither Mr [Andrew] Lewis nor Mr Ogley saw the Interim Report. Neither did they seek to see it. The reason given was the nature of the information that was contained therein. It was, said Mr Ogley, a police document and it was inappropriate that he (or anyone else) should have access to it.

But the "in camera" minutes, as leaked, have him saying say this:

"As far as the accusation you raise about the Metropolitan Police, when I saw the preliminary report I was astounded. So much so that my actions, I believe, are fully justified. If the preliminary report is that damning, Lord knows what the main report will reveal. So my successor will have an interesting time. The report that I was shown gave me no doubt at all."

Luckily the truth (and lies) can be read here:

Not a little white lie. This is government by "the usual suspects"

The government which you may, or may not, deserve.

If you don't like cover-up, child abuse and the hijack of the island institutions like the island's police force ......... then don't vote for it !

Anonymous said...


You have not heard back, because its obvious. They have closed ranks. They do this normally to whistle blowers, or good people who are prepared to stick with their honesty and conscience.
Your case though is a bit different, and they are scratching their heads on this one.
You have good and valid concerns, a good name, good evidence and a good amount of good people watching.

You are a good man Please hang on in there because this will not go away.

Anonymous said...

Stuart Syvret has a new blog post up- 'POTEMKIN VILLAGE POLICING'


Ex-Senator Stuart Syvret said...


I've written a blog-posting which relates closely to these issues, and which may interest your readers & viewers. It can be read here: -


Anonymous said...

After following this story about Jersey policing and justice, have I got it right that the States of Jersey police have done zilch, bugger all for six months and malicious man, Haworth pops in at the police station makes a complaint about you recording him, him being abusive, threatening and weird and you get a call from them the same day as his complaint.

What is going on with justice in Jersey? Why no news of his arrest ?

Sue Hanning-Pearce said...

All of this shocking abuse being exposed does not seem to have cooled his obsession with the same good people. Even being mocked by his own on the risible PJWFS site he is back as Sue Young, Julie Hanning and Percy Luce. One angle to consider however Rico must be this. How can Attorney General Le Cocq rule out prosecutions against Haworth given his involvement in okaying the prosecution of Stuart Syvret for his telling the truth about the troll?

Anonymous said...

When is the next instalment Rico and although it is creepy will you be including more of the phone calls?

Anonymous said...

You would have to be a female to speak to Bowron in town as that's all he ever talks to he's totally useless

Anonymous said...

Whens the BBC running the story Rico?

Anonymous said...

What paranoia, Mike Bowron is lovely bloke and he talks to men as well as women.
The law is simple, if Hayworth never threatened you directly then you have no case.

rico sorda said...

Part 4 is going up this weekend.

Yup, its another belter.

The phone conversations are just part of the bigger picture of non investigation.

I'm not stopping


Vote Murray Norton, vote for more of the same said...

Murray Norton has quit radio broadcasting and the BBC in order to launch his career in politics off the springboard and connections from his pro-establishment broadcasting career.

He says his manifesto will be published on the 17th September 2014
I wonder if he will make any strong commitments or statements regarding cyber bullying???

Murray Norton's response to these allegations has been far from satisfactory.

Anonymous said...

Since you are putting part 4 up at the weekend Rico does this mean the police haven't arrested Mr Haworth yet?