Sunday, September 7, 2014


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Evidence Gathering (part 3)
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Recently Youtube has received complaints which are now subject to appeal and as a result have removed two recordings of Mr J.S Haworth explaining amongst other things the destroying of my wife's career.  In my quest for the truth it is imperative that these recordings remain online.

The recordings are also back in the original blog postings which can be viewed HERE and HERE.

Part 6 will be up midweek.

Rico Sorda

Part Time Investigative Journalist

(Protecting the family)


Anonymous said...

All this hoo haa about a legitimate question from Nick Le Cornu and the state media couldn't care less about a cyber stalker targeting vulnerable women heavily evidenced in recordings and ignored by the police. Welcome to Jersey and thank you for putting the audio's back up so people can learn what a dangerous and menacing individual Mr. Haworth is.

Anonymous said...

You have it bad eh?
Nobody gave a rats cock about part 1 never mind part 5, still you give Jaffa Pitman a hard-on every time you attack Howarth online because that's all you are, a bully with a dog of a wife.
Hope see miss carries properly next time rather than have your niggrets.

Anonymous said...

Threatening vulnerable women's careers and threatening to kill vulnerable women isn't as important as women faking orgasms in Jersey. Good to have the audios back.

Anonymous said...

Stop wallowing, You cannot prosecute people for secretly taped 3rd party drunken phone calls. Its inadmissible to the court unless the court gave you permission in the first place to do it, which it couldn't have. Not rocket science Rico but Higgins to time a question on cyber bullying next week after Nick Le Cornu's Tweets this weekend is going to be a disaster.

Anonymous said...

I find it completely absurd that the police aren't taking action against some of the comments you have been getting.

Anonymous said...

JSH is dangerous. There is hobby cyber use, and there is obsessive cyber use. JSH is without doubt in the obsessive cyber zone.
Well beyond Cyber stalker stage....
Obsession is a point of no return!?

Anonymous said...

This is completely unscientific but true. Our household received a questionnaire on the States of Jersey police performance. it was duly completed, and out of a hundred we scored at around average for ease of reference about 55 out of 100.

In discussions with others they came to the same conclusion, the lotus car crash killing lack of progress was on peoples minds.

The published out come of the survey of public satisfaction of the police was good to very good. What can you say.

I think there is a problem, not with the decent everyday coppers but with the top boss and his close brown nose spineless yes men.

Anonymous said...

The comment at 7.08pm. Clearly the machine gunner again. Nice blend of racism and misogyny. Keep adding them to the dossier Rico.

Anonymous said...

Good to know your video evidence is now restored to the public view. This troll is a very mentally ill and compulsively threatening person who's being corruptly enabled by police and government to avoid the normal legal consequences of his kind of criminal behaviour.


Anonymous said...

Rico you are never going to beat the corrupt society that we live in and it will make you sick mate.You have a beautiful family please concentrate on them with the knowledge that what go's around comes around and the corrupt fools will pay for it one day from what the good lord will do to them.You know that what is going on with the hdlg case is a farce (just like the police investigation) but one day like hillsborough there will be a investigation into this investigation which will show the years of corruption that has been going on in this island. People like hayworth (that are protected) are not worth talking about as some of us know about how sad he is and what a sad life he has in fact you have to feel sorry for the fact that all he is is a puppet (muppet)on a string.

Anonymous said...

What happens if Google take your blog offline like they did Syvret's? Have you taken a backup? Also, you can host your videos on the Russian RuTube at

Anonymous said...

The racist comment and shocking abuse aimed at your wife being attributed to the Machine Gunner is actually easily identifiable as the troll himself. Almost word for word of former abuse including the spelling and the same obsession with Trevor Pitman. What a sad creep this troll is. Best of luck Rico. Look forward to the next instalment.

rico sorda said...

Don't worry my blog is backed up. Also, some months ago I decided that I'm not backing down. I refuse to be bullied into silence by this toxic person. He is back to normal on Facebook reliving his early planet jersey days on politics jersey with free speech.



James Le Gallais Sue Young Julie Hanning James Pearce said...

12. Deputy M.R Higgins of St Helier will ask the following question of the Minister for Home Affairs –
“Will the Minister advise Members whether the police have received any legal advice not to pursue cyber bullying cases and, if not, would he investigate whether police officers are advising members of the public seeking to make complaints that such cases cannot be pursued?”

JSH (oops)

Gazza Hilary from St Brelade JTM Deebumblebee sean Power said...

19. Deputy M.R. Higgins of St Helier will ask the following question of the Minister for Home Affairs –
“Will the Minister advise members whether the States of Jersey Police have failed to prosecute an alleged cyber-bully who has been making death threats and, if so, would he advise why?”

JSH (oops I did it again)

Anonymous said...

"Don't worry my blog is backed up. Also, some months ago I decided that I'm not backing down. I refuse to be bullied into silence by this toxic person. He is back to normal on Facebook reliving his early planet jersey days on politics jersey with free speech."

Whilst you sit on here spitting venom to yourself you mean?
You really are a sad fuck lol

Percy Luce's uncle Jon said...

Haworth is also so clearly the Graham73 character the Rag used as its first "person" angry with Nick Le Cornue in the latest chapter of their witch hunt tonight. Probably tells you why the Rag hasn't reported the abuse you and your wife have suffered or what underlies Deputy Higgins questions?

Anonymous said...

"I'm not backing down"

From what I see the Hayworth bloke doesn't even engage with you and you still carry on like your running a court room!

Oh god get a life!

Anonymous said...

How's this for Irony? Two cyber bullies - and election candidates - are sat in the states public gallery waiting to hear deputy Le Cornu's personal statement and deputy higgins' questions.

Anonymous said...

Was Jon sitting in the states today

Anonymous said...

See they got a nigger standing up st brelades, any relation?

rico sorda said...

I just had to publish that racist comment that had no doubt come from one of 3 people from a certain Facebook group. Has someone declared? Makes me sick.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand where the law stands on death threats because I have never heard of anybody being charged for it. If I say that I am going to kill somebody blah blah blah in the pub whilst drunk then would it be fair to be charged if nothing happens? I've heard abuse survivors say they would kill their abusers but never do, so is that ok?
People do say things in fits of rage and don't mean it, so this is all starting to sound like a storm in a teacup and what can the Police do with that? Only being honest.

rico sorda said...

People say things in a fit of rage and mean it.

Listen, when the truth comes forward or someone contacts me and starts to explain things then I stop posting. Time for some honesty. All this nonsense on PJWFS is ridiculous and blindingly obvious.

Just like how you started PlanetJersey with Adrian Whalsh. How do you make a site look busy? You start a load of fake profiles and build traffic.

This is what my next posting is about. Taking it back to the beginning so my readers can journey all the way to the serious things you were saying on the phone.

Trying to make out that you knew you were being recorded is as stupid as thinking nobody knows that James Le Gallais - James pearce - Sue Young and Julie Hanning isn't you.

Good to see the owner of the F Blog is well in New Zealand lol

Anonymous said...

Everything Rico Sorda writes is a storm in a teacup like that Broad Street Post Office rubbish thrown out of the States yesterday.
The Bailiff has been shown evidence that Mike Higgins does not raise questions for constituents in St Helier 3/4 like he is supposed to do but people outside. A study was sent to the CM, AG, SG, Bailiff and HA last week, because yesterday's stupid cyber questions from complete hypocrites was a long string of time wasting rubbish coming from here and the VFC blog that takes the mick.

rico sorda said...

Jon, that is a very stupid comment as you well know. Every states member can represent anybody from any part of the island.

Is there anybody that you haven't emailed?

And it is you seeing as Deputy Higgins raised the questions about you. I really hope its not you sending the racist comments but seeing as you have started a thread on pjfs about this lady under your James Pearce profiles then the chances are that it is.


Anonymous said...

Seeing as you keep on calling me Jon I can't be bothered to write on here anymore. Go and get some help.

rico sorda said...

Cheers Jon.

Where you winding Neil up when talking about a secret court case?


Anonymous said...

'James Le Gallais - James pearce - Sue Young and Julie Hanning'

Julie Sue Pearce (nee Le Gallais) said...

If Mr Haworth has been talking to third parties about his secret court case against Stuart Syvret - brought with our taxpayers money as it was - isn't this a breach of court? Contempt of court or whatever? I was sure Syvret was banned from speaking about it along with everyone else?

Fingering the Jersey Nazi Party said...

"Were you winding Neil up when talking about a secret court case?"


Look forward to your next posting Rico.

and so is Mr. Blanket

The little asset becomes a little liability

but Jersey's right wing authorities do not give him the medical help he needs but continue to use the psychopathic lier and leave vulnerable women at risk.

Anonymous said...

If Jon Sharrock Haworth has discussed his secret court case with anybody he will be in contempt of court. Have you got audio of him talking about it?

Anonymous said...

Mr Troll.

Jon S Haworth - These people have been hounding me for years or trying to. I even have the coward Paul Letherbarrow nattering to himself on Planet Jersey, because its only ever him on it. We know what these people are capable of, secretly tape recording wind-up phone calls (which I reported to the COI 4 weeks ago), attacking anybody who disagrees with their propaganda and their alliance to other infamous online bullies has been nailed. Neil McGullible can be wound up on everything. I mean how can you prove whether what is said in a secret court case is true or not if it's all a secret? He kept on hounding me about a case so I just told him whatever came into my head, 'but don't tell anyone'! Yeah I want to kill lots of people! But amusing questions in today's States both planted by Trevor Pitman and Rico Sorda which I have raised with certain people already who know what they are up to. The legal situation is simple, no case to answer! But you have to laugh at them and get on with life, these people mean nothing to me, even if I am the World to them and why should I give a shit?
Yesterday at 08:08 · Like · 5

james Le Gallais Sue Young Julie Hanning James Pearce said...

You have got to read this.

Anonymous said...

Who is Team Voice supporting in the elections?

Anonymous said...

If ever one post highlighted what a deluded and off the wall individual the cyber bully Jon Haworth is this last comment proves it.

A question for the poor 'victim'. As even he seems to acknowledge he is a nobody. So why would people including some who have worked very hard and selflessly for the community such as Mike Higgins, the Pitman, Stuart Syvret and bloggers and the Care Leavers who have done so much to bring out the truth about the abuse cover up want to attack a nobody? It makes no sense and shows Haworth's words for what they are delusional lies. He has abused and bullied these people for years and he needs sectioning in my opinion.Then the police have the gall to do a big piece in the Rag on their dealing with cyber crime! Joke. Bad joke.

Fingering the Jersey Nazi Party said...

I expect that the JSH blog is a masterpiece of comedic denialism but unfortunately the site
does not seem to be working.

It might be best not to direct traffic to the site because when Jon is not issuing death threats (click on my name for the audio relating to his previous conviction) Mr. Haworth is actually a moderately efficient amateur propagandist which might take in the uninformed JEP believers.

If his site reappears it might be best to cut and paste the more hilarious content as comments into one of the anti-paedophile blogs where his rants and denials can be debunked. Someone could even set up a blog for that purpose.

Jersey Jon has even been mentioned in UK parliament.
Recognition at last; Ahhhhh .....lap up the troll-fame

Anonymous said...

"I would just like to make a statement about a Spent Court Case of over 3 years ago which I seem to keep on getting hounded about on the Internet by a few individuals who seemingly have no lives of their own to get on with."

JSH blog.

Anonymous said...

Yes Rico it appears a coloured lady is standing for election. What the nasty troll was upset about is probably that she is a Reform Jersey member.

People will vote for her, she comes over as more down to earth with her feet firmly on the ground.

Jersey's first black candidate is to run in next month's elections.

Beatriz Poree is to stand for Deputy in St Brelade No.2 as a member of the Reform Jersey party. She says their policies address the many issues faced by ordinary working people.


phil said...

Part 6 ?

Trevor Pitman said...

Rico. A new post on the 'Twitter-Gate' incident:

Fingering the Jersey Nazi Party said...

JSH blog says: "I would just like to make a statement about a Spent Court Case of over 3 years ago which I seem to keep on getting hounded about on the Internet by a few individuals who seemingly have no lives of their own to get on with."

I think that all concerned would just love to forget all about Jon S Haworth but that is not possible while he keeps himself a current issue.

-by choosing to benefit from well over £300,000 taxpayers' money for his secret data protection case against Health Minister Syvret

-by continuing to act as an aggressive paedophile apologist

-by continuing to act an establishment [not so] secret "agent"

-by continuing to troll and astroturf

-by continuing to lie and make menacing and death-threat phone calls (as evidenced on the Sorda Blogs)

-by seemingly being IMMUNE to prosecution for his crimes including bullying of women

-did I miss some?????

None of this is anything new and this Nazi Blackshirt behaviour goes back a decade or more:

All on behalf of our immaculate child-abusing government who need a little help silencing critics.

It was Syvret who cornered the authorities into the original and overdue prosecution of Haworth for his political bullying.
They cannot prosecute him again because they have been foolish enough to use Haworth as a proxy to gag and imprison the heath minster.

Sick immoral idiots !