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After being notified that witnesses, to the ongoing Child Abuse Inquiry, had not recieved their statements to be checked for inaccuracies and signed of Team Voice contacted former Senior Investigating Officer, Lenny Harper of Jersey's Child Abuse Investigation (Operation Rectangle) to see if he had recieved his. We were aware that Mr Harper had been waiting for some months to sign his off. As it happens he had received his statement on Thursday the 2nd October the day we contacted him.  What we learnt from the former Senior Investigating Officer is that he received his draft statement through the post and that the envelope that contained it had been "damaged" (opened). 

These statements are produced by witnesses/victims/survivors sitting down with Evershed Lawyers from the Child Abuse Inquiry. Statements are taken down in written format. They are not audio recorded which most professionals in this field would say is not best practise. As one can imagine Mr Harpers statement is a very substantial document that  could name potential paedophiles, alleged corrupt crown officials  and  most alarming of all victims and survivors of abuse. 

Readers will see from the photo above that this isn't a damaged envelope but more of an opened one.  This raises serious questions. 

Readers will also see that the documents were sent via domestic post rather than recorded delivery or by courier. It was  sent by Jersey Post, which is government owned and a government that is being investigated by this committee of inquiry into decades long child abuse. What on earth were the Inquiry thinking off when they thought that sending such a document through normal post was a good idea? 

There is very little doubt, looking at the “damaged” envelope, that Mr. Harper’s statement could have very easily been removed and put back in indeed he has confirmed this to us. This means that the documents could have been copied before being placed back in the envelope.

At this stage of the process the necessary redactions will not have yet taken place. That is to say the names of abuse victims/survivors as well as paedophiles, suspected paedophiles, corrupt officials, and so on could now be in the hands of many. Some of the people named in Mr. Harper’s statement could now be vulnerable to blackmail (the jersey currency)

A full, and far-reaching, “independent” Investigation should now be instigated, firstly in to how such a sensitive document would/could be sent by the child abuse inquiry un registered and in such a flimsy package and why is the inquiry using a the States owned Postal service when there are many others to choose from? What is the policy adopted for posting sensitive/highly confidential documents by the Inquiry Team?

Royal Mail has stated that the “damage” caused to the envelope occurred before it got to mainland UK so they are unable to investigate this. So it is left to government owned Jersey Post to investigate it and that is why, we believe, it should be an independent investigation. Royal Mail paced the opened envelope into a sealed clear plastic package and delivered it.

The seriousness of this security breach cannot be over exaggerated and people, predominantly from the Inquiry Team, should be brought to task, and held to account for this, what looks to be, blatant disregard to highly sensitive/confidential data.

Rico Sorda 

Team Voice


Anonymous said...

This level of incompetence is usually reserved for the COM. Will the heritage media be reporting on this latest fiasco and serious security breach I wonder?

Anonymous said...

Another hard hitting expose from team voice and exposing the nonsense this enquiry is. There now needs to be a investigation into who has handled Mr Harper's statement while it was in Jersey. The enquiry need to explain why this document was allowed to be sent by jersey post and why it was not sent by courier.

Anonymous said...

It is as if the inquiry team really are a bunch of amateurs. Not only by this basic action but by also refusing to answer some reasonable and well thought out questions asked by Daniel Wimberely.

As with almost all level headed and reasonable people one tries to keep an optimistic and open mind on the inquiry panel. Is it just me that wonders if they have been compromised and are becoming a liability not to the establishment but to truth, a small word with big meaning.

Anonymous said...

£6. That must have been one big document!

Obviously a serious error on the Inquiries part. Whoever posted it must have been unaware of the importance of this document. Its remarkable that anyone in Jersey would, knowing Lenny Harpers connection to this business, be so naïve as to put his name on a package. It would be simpler to in future arrange a pseudonym for all posted correspondence.

voiceforchildren said...


This looks to be incompetence beyond comprehension. The Inquiry Team MUST now tell us how this has been able to happen, and publish its posting policy. Then have this investigated and those who are found wanting held to account.

What in god's name were the Inquiry Team thinking not sending this highly confidential, and sensitive, data by registered post? And using a company owned by the very people they are supposed to be investigating?

Will the State Media be covering this or will it be another of those stories that (allowed the child abuse to go on for so long) gets buried?

Anonymous said...

Mistakes can be made, have been made and no doubt will continue to be made until someone starts to have a good look at this inquiry from the outside.

voiceforchildren said...


Re; "It is as if the inquiry team really are a bunch of amateurs. Not only by this basic action but by also refusing to answer some reasonable and well thought out questions asked by Daniel Wimberely."


Anonymous said...

Well in the words of one Stuart Syvret, truly beyond parody. What an incompetent, unprofessional action on the part of a legal team who are part of one of the biggest legal companies in the world!!

I truly hope Lenny has reported this right to the top. So much for heavy redactions of statements etc., when this is allowed to happen.

Serious questions need to be answered here.

Anonymous said...

They not audio recording oral testimony - not offering victim support - sending highly sensitive documents in the post- ban jersey bloggers - don't answer any questions when genuine concerns are raised and have 6 million pounds to play with. How much have they spent on flights since this has started? Start following the money. Are you sure it's not Wiltshire Police conducting the inquiry?

Anonymous said...

Can't help interpreting this mail 'interference' as a deliberate message sent from Jersey government to Lenny Harper, along the lines of, "We can still get away with anything we want."

After all, the fact that COI statements are not recorded is evidence of them refusing best practice methods. Did anyone think The Powers That Be wouldn't continue to fight exposure at every level?


Anonymous said...

The inquiry is supposed to be open so why are you telling us there are secrets all of a sudden?

Anonymous said...

I imagine Lenny Harper has been around the block long enough to know that's a message, not an accident.

How much are we paying for this inquiry? £7 million? And they can't afford a £30 courier for one of THE most important statements? Yet the inquiry panel are ensconced in a nice hotel, all expenses paid. It's beyond belief.

The inquiry's credibility evaporates, day by day. Some people want it that way.

Anonymous said...

I was not impressed with the envelope that was sent to me with my statement
It was not properly stuck down
I opened it by pulling off the lip of the envelope with hardly any resistance and without tearing it
Anyone could have done the same and resealed it without me knowing

Anonymous said...

There is no way this was accidental and I agree with a previous comment it is a message to Lenny Harper and anybody else who crosses the establishment to let them know how far their reach is. They've now got the committee of enquiry owned.

Fingering the Jersey Nazi Party said...

Spot the low IQ.....

"The inquiry is supposed to be open so why are you telling us there are secrets all of a sudden?"

Oh bless.

Anonymous said...


Given the sensitivity of that document it is beyond belief that more care was not taken.

Perhaps Sir Philip could have flown the document over personally
I'm sure he would 'NOT' have read it on the plane........

RL said...

A recurrent theme on the Jersey blogs in recent months has been the £6 million cost of the Inquiry. Some suggest that with so much tax-payers' money to hand the COI should be working more professionally. Others, pointing at the COI’s budget, ask why the TOR are being interpreted in such a restrictive fashion (residential and foster care only – nothing about Victoria College, sport and youth organizations, etc.).

Responding to Rico’s post here, contributors have asked why, with 6 million quid to hand, does the COI spend mere pennies to send a highly sensitive un-redacted document to a witness in the UK, with no guarantee of safe delivery?

That got me wondering: £6 million? Sure, it’s a lot of dough by our standards as mere members of the public. Or, is it...?

Armed only with doubts, I went looking at the cost of some well-known COIs in the UK in recent times, most of which will be familiar to Jersey readers for the press coverage they received. I haven’t done thorough research – merely picked up a few figures here ‘n’ there on the web, but (as far as I can tell) from reliable sources.

A sample from my findings:
Saville inquiry into Bloody Sunday: £195 million
Scarman inquiry into Brixton riots: over £100 million
Smith inquiry into murders by serial killer Harold Shipman: £21 million
Francis inquiry into standards of care at Mid-Staffs Hospital: £13 million
Bichard inquiry into the Soham murders: £10 million

Some of those inquiries took place as long as three or four decades ago when the UK’s cost of living was barely one-tenth of what it is today. And, while some of them (but not necessarily the least-expensive) were set up to investigate a single event and were completed quickly, others were expected to examine evidence from many witnesses over long periods of time.

The inquiry cost pecking order is predictable, and is based more on a perception of the status of the chairman than it is on the scope or purpose of the inquiry. We start at the top with the law-lords, then come judges, then come QCs and suchlike legal professionals, then we work down to the lowest costs found in inquiries headed by non-legal people – the church, for example, as in the case of the independent inquiry into the Hillsborough disaster.

I haven’t a shred of firm evidence to go on, of course; however, I venture to suggest that having the Jersey COI headed by an up-market QC, expecting it to examine evidence relating to (potentially) hundreds of abuse incidents over the entire six decades from WWII to date, and then giving it a budget of only £6 million, is a deliberate ploy designed to ensure that it will be utterly incapable of delivering the goods the paying public and the victims naively hope for. Despite having the trappings of respectability and professionalism, the COI was starved - at birth - of the resources necessary to do its job properly. Frankly, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if the package to Lenny Harper was sent by ordinary mail (for one-millionth of the COI’s total budget) simply because the budget is already running out.

Summing up: the States chose to pay peanuts; the victims of Jersey abuse – past, present and, indeed, future – have only monkeys leaping to their defense.

I rest my case m’lud.


Anonymous said...

Is it possible to find out how the money is being spent seeing as it's funded by the jersey tax payer? If they are so skint that the lead investigator gets his statement sent in the post then they are in trouble.

Anonymous said...

"As one can imagine Mr Harpers statement is a very substantial document that could name potential paedophiles, alleged corrupt crown officials and most alarming of all victims and survivors of abuse."

Are you saying the envelope does contain this information and shouldn't the Police have all this information already from past statements? This is very vague because can you tell us whether names are redacted from the typed Statement?

Sex abuse and suicide are issues every Jersey family should face up to said...

Interesting comment RL at 2:26am

Another ploy is to have the CoI fixed to be LAWYER centred, not VICTIM centred.

Lawyers tend look out for each other, especially if it is in their financial interest.

£6m is more than enough if the gravy train is not continually unloaded into insatiable legal pockets at every opportunity.

If QCs etc were of the superhumans with insight borne of boundless intelligence and experience and integrity, then this integrity would cause them to advise on a larger budget or a more cost effective format at the consultation stage before the off.

They are only human, with very human needs and failings.

Law is a business like any other, and 'business is business'

Law firms are always mindful of their next big contract. Lucrative business is not going to come from you or I or the victims -It will come from the rich, corporations and from the government who 'look after' OUR money.


These issues are not remote and abuse can touch any family

Watch "The Unloved" Trailer [Channel 4]

2009 British TV drama, Semi autobiographical directorial debut of (two-time Academy Award nominee) actress and director Samantha Morton. (IMDb: Soldier Soldier, Under the Skin, In America, Minority Report [alongside Tom Cruise])
Samantha later spoke out about the harrowing abuse she suffered from the age of three while growing up in several Nottinghamshire children's homes.
Video interview: "The Rotherham [sex, rape and grooming] scandal has awakened painful memories for actor Samantha Morton. She talks for the first time about being sexually abused in care – and why she thinks the police took no action.

Readers should note that statistically the majority of abuse and inappropriate seduction takes place within the domestic environs / family but is usually less extreme than 'cared for' children are subjected to in places like HDLG.

Inappropriate seduction or semi-rape of a minor is often actually MORE damaging than rape-with-violence because of the massive psychological complexities and dissonances, as the victim can have a challenge separating the issues and "finding their way to a good place". This is extra difficult in our culture of 'victim blaming'.
It is rarely a "victim-less crime" and all too often results in long term psychological damage or suicide.

There are reasons why ALL children are vulnerable, and there are reasons why all children should be protected and not punished when they dare to speak out.

Please don't vote for politicians who support cover-up.

Survival Sex from an early age said...

Samantha Morton's "The Unloved" full movie can be viewed here

It does not properly cover the sex abuse aspects (which only revealed themselves later) but rather on how "shit" some children's lives are and the intolerable pressures they are subjected to.
This at an age when they have a deep need for love and affection.

Even today as a child protection & fostering campaigner Samantha does not want to talk about the sexual aspects of her abuse, and indeed kept it out of the media for many many years.
Jersey abuse survivors understandably do not want their details looked at (or copied?) by Jersey post or anyone else.

Samantha Morton took many years getting over her anger issues and got in trouble with the police (including apparently for trying to defend herself from bullying)

It is her past that makes Ms.Morton what she is today but she is still haunted by her past.
According to the idiom "What does not kill you makes you stronger". One of Samantha's friends attempted suicide by setting fire to herself; a method apparently used by at least one Jersey HDLG victim. Tragedy heaped upon tragedy.

Small islands are particularly susceptible to cultures of abuse and ignoring it......
Is cover up of continued abuse really such a good idea?

Anonymous said...

As a "happy caring island" we have a big problem
"...the island's suicide rate, 14.9 per 100,000 people [per year?], puts Jersey in the globally high category for suicide."

updated by
".....[now] one of the highest suicide rates in the world."

Welcome to the "BIG SOCIETY" Jersey style.

Kept "big", I suspect, by the traditional island "wisdom" of the constables.

I do hope that Jersey's suicide stats are improving but for some reason the MSM have stopped reporting.
Is no news good news .........?

WHY are these stats so bad ?
And how many of these needless tragedies take a secret to their grave (occasionally as perpetrator and often as victim)

Anonymous said...

Julie Sharrock young from the pedophile group reckons this is a "non story." Why is the BBC running with it as their main headline then "Julie"?

voiceforchildren said...


Credit to State Radio for not burying this story and for actually using it as its top story. Such a shame the BBC cannot bring itself to credit the Bloggers, for another story, it has got from us.

The Child Abuse Inquiry has said it is "investigating" this incident. It will be interesting to see the report that accompany's the investigation.

Fingering Jersey's State Media Propaganda Mouthpieces said...

@2:06pm "Why is the BBC running with it [the CoI security Breach] as their main headline..?"

Maybe because they feel the need to catch up with the respected bloggers.

Now that the story is out they could not risk being seen to be burying it now could they?
Not after engineering the overnight banning of bloggers from the CoI media room:

Will the BBC now follow the story and persistently demand satisfactory answers from the CoI and from Jersey Post?

Perhaps the BBC could even enquire why separate reporting facilities have not been made available to the respected bloggers. LOL

...and do an investigation into Jimmy Savile's activities on the island.
....or on the hordes of other paedophiles whom the BBC has welcomed, built up and protected.

The Bailhache Broadcasting Company has a long way to go before it can feel that it has earned it's place in the CoI media room. They could for example do a programme on how the BBC suppressed any reporting of the shattering contents of the Police Chief's Affidavit, EVEN after it entered the public domain !!!

Anonymous said...

Statement on the IJCI website -
​There has been no security breach over mail sent by the Inquiry. Here is its statement:

"The Inquiry is in contact with a wide range of witnesses, some of whom are on the island and some are not. Much of our contact with witnesses is by telephone or electronic, but sometimes it is necessary to send documentation through the post, particularly to witnesses who are not on the island. The Inquiry has deliberately chosen not to draw attention to post, which is sent in plain, non branded envelopes or plastic document bags in the normal post. The Inquiry by necessity has to use the postal service on the island. The Inquiry views with concern the reports from Mr Harper that his private mail has possibly been tampered with and has been in contact with Mr Harper."

Sorry, but this is both unacceptable, unprofessional and incredible. The whole point is that this sensitive and confidential information should have never been sent by ordinary mail - end of. Furthermore, neither should any other mail of this nature be sent by any other means than by courier or recorded/registered delivery.

I have also been made aware today that not all statements have been sent in the manner the Inquiry team purports it does. Regardless of the 'type' of envelope the name of Lenny Harper and such a large package would arouse interest.

Recollections here of Leah McGrath Goodman sending a parcel of clothing back to the USA from Jersey which for some unexplained reason had been ripped open as well. If I recall VFC did a blog posting on this incident as well.

phil said...

People who are yet undecided whether or not to give evidence must at the very least believe that the process of evidence submission is confidential
We'll done Rico for highlighting this breach of security which the C O I is now forced to rectify

Anonymous said...

Good comment, by Fingering Jersey's State Media Propaganda Mouthpieces at 4:38, above, particularly the last two sentences.

Just because the complicity of BBCJersey has not formed part of the Terms of Reference for this COI doesn't mean it won't be part of the next inquiry into the inquiry. BBC has much to fear. There are requests to include the role of the media in the national overarching CSAinquiry, which is expected to include Jersey as well.

For those on Twitter who are following the efforts to launch this, a legal specialist, David Burrows, @dbfamilylaw, is helping survivors and whistleblowers create robust Terms of Reference to propose. With proactive legal challenges to the current named Chair of the inquiry and other official missteps, the mistakes of a watered down Jersey COI may be prevented.

Other inquiry related news can be followed by clicking on the Twitter hashtag #CSAinquiry.


Anonymous said...

Failure to credit Rico Sorda for this story shows BBC to be unprofessional and very nearly plagiaristic in arrogant disregard of this story's origins. Shame.

Anonymous said...

It would be interesting to know when this letter was posted and what date Mr Harper received it, this might give us some idea if someone had time to copy the contents.

Fingering the Pro Paedophile Party said...

partial quote from BBC's *Girls 'sedated and raped' at home*:
"She [also] talked about a number of punishments for a range of offences, including swearing, stealing apples or playing with boys from school.

1-Wetting the bed would lead to girls being beaten with stinging nettles and rubbed with the wet sheets.
2-They would also be made to go to sleep naked with stinging nettles under them.
3-Girls would be submerged in an ice bath fully-clothed and only released when they gasped for breath.
4-There would be weekly public beatings in the yard for the worst-behaved girls.

Mrs N [who broke down and needed to take a break at least once during her evidence] said when they first arrived at the home, aged six, the girls were told their tongues would be cut out if they told anyone of anything that happened to them." END


We are all aware that "times change", but there is no getting round the fact that the above was barbarity far in excess of the times and is medieval rather than Dickensian.

At least 3 of the example punishments are nowadays regularly cited as forms of torture used in police states and war zones (nettles [particularly to gentiles], freezing treatment, partial suffocation/drowning]

IMO Reading the available material that is finally coming out and which confirms separately made allegations, one gets the impression that if the maltreatment efforts (or a deliberate attempt to silence) resulted in a child's death then few (if any) questions would be asked and the parish authorities would tend to view the potential-snuf as 'one less problem'.

At HDLG the teeth with roots attached and the surviving fragments of burnt children's bones have still not been explained and unfortunately in those times it was easy to dispose of the entire record of an un-cared for child. This is uncomfortable to even contemplate.

Clearly the staff across a good many Jersey institutions knew that they could do exactly what they liked to children, whether this was based on sadism, sex and rape or effectively prostitution of minors to outsiders for some form of gain, financial or otherwise.

It also appears that there were at last a few members of staff across the institutions, from Sacre-Coeur to HDLG who made efforts on behalf of the children beyond the call of duty and showed children love (of the right sort). It seems that within the states system the genuine carers were moved out of the way and abusers were promoted, sometimes to the highest of positions.
Does this perhaps indicate a systemic problem as suggested by deposed Health Minister Syvret.

There is more to come and also material that the BBC is not prepared to publish but this BBC "timeline into decades of abuse" is a start:
Change starts at the ballot box. We are for the moment stuck with the unelected, constables (who are historically highly supportive of cover up) but which members of our COM should we keep?

Anonymous said...

The response from the enquiry is beyond belief. They have seriously messed up with Mr Hapers statement.

Anonymous said...

I listened to the election call on radio Jersey today - as I have listened to - all of them. Today's programme was the most vibrant and up-beat I've listened to yet and if they were all like that there would be much more enthusiasm from the public. All the other one's I have listened to have been drab and mundane.

Well done Rico Bob and Harry for making it such an enjoyable listen. tho i'm not convinced it would have been quite so energetic without you being there Rico.

voiceforchildren said...


Jersey Child Abuse Inquiry refuses to explain its CONTRADICTION.

Anonymous said...

A question which the COI is entitled to ask is whether the mail sent to Mr. Harper was opened with the authority of the Attorney General. I believe that the mail of newly elected politicians is usually opened with the authority of the AG prior to them being sworn in. It is possibly covered by the excuse of "national security." Perhaps a States Member should also ask questions?

Anonymous said...

I've just listened to it to and I agree with all the above anon. commentator writes. Credit to Rico, Bob and Harry. It was very refreshing for a change BBC Jersey. If you had more discussions like this, you'd get a bigger audience.

Anonymous said...

The best hour i've ever spent listening to BBC radio Jersey they should have bloggers on as a regular slot.

Keep up the great work Rico.

Steve Sharrock Lewis, Julie Sharrock Hanning, Sue Sharrock Young, James Sharrock Pearce Andy Sharrock Johnson.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Steve - Julie - Sue - James - and Andy. Best hour of radio i've listened to in a long time and bloggers should be invited on more often.

Gary Sharrock Cummins.

Anonymous said...

The BBC have taken a step into real programming,

luckily the Evening Post comments moderator is also the office tea boy.

Real Sharrock Truthseeker, Graham Sharrock 73,

Anonymous said...

Re: Graham.
Straight question.
Do people on this blog have an issue with other people's freedom of speech?

Anonymous said...

You tried googling people lately dickhead?

Fingering the Jersey Nazi Party said...

Q at11:46 ..."Do people on this blog have an issue with other people's freedom of speech?"

A.... I don't think so. The things they have an issue with is one person using dozens of false (and some identity stolen) names and pretending to be many people, all spreading the same ultra right and pro-paedophile, pro-cover up propaganda ......and also the death threats and stalking / cyber-bullying of women and wives.

Does that answer your question adequately, or do you require more specific information and recordings?

Oh yes ....and do YOU think that shedloads of public money should be used to protect that individual and to "super-injunction" the freedom of speech of the island's Health Minister:

It's NOT libel if it's TRUE
The evidence is there for all to see.

voiceforchildren said...


Help save Jersey from the HIPPIES AND COMMUNISTS.

Anonymous said...

What does Chris Grayling know? Anyway it's all old news and nobody is interested any more

P.S. Does anybody know where his wife works?

Steve Lewis - James Le Gallais - Sue Young - Julie Hanning - James Pearce.

Daniel said...

A commenter has written here:

"It would be interesting to know when this letter was posted and what date Mr Harper received it, this might give us some idea if someone had time to copy the contents."

Any competent investigation will also obtain and publish the full paper trail of the actions of the Royal Mail.

You can be sure that they WOULD have documented the receipt of a letter in this state. They would have wanted the recipient to be well aware that it was not them who had damaged it.

And then again, any competent investigation would also obtain any paper trail at this end too. You never know, the Royal Mail could lie . . .

Is tampering with mail a criminal offence? And if so where are the island's cops?

As none of you guys in jersey have said anything about this, I take it that the cops are nowhere to be seen. Maybe they are doing a covert operation at this stage.

My question stands: Is tampering with mail a criminal offence?

voiceforchildren said...


Victim left needing medication and therapy after ordeal at JERSEY CHILD ABUSE INQUIRY.