Saturday, February 21, 2015


On Tuesday,  February 24th between 7:30pm - 9:30pm there will be a "Any Questions" debate at 
St Clement  Parish Hall.

Following on from the success of its  successful debut I hope that this one will also be well received. I will be sitting on the panel alongside:

Constable Len Norman 

Education Minister - Deputy Rod Bryons

Reform Jersey Chairman - Deputy Sam Mezec

Advocate Vicky Milner

I hope as many people as possible come down to this event.  

Those who know me will know that I won't be holding back in my opinions concerning the shambolic States of jersey and other such issues close to my heart.  You ask me a question and you will get a straight answer.

This is also a great opportunity for the keyboard warriors to come down, ask some questions and say hello to me.

I look forward to seeing James Pearce and Sue Young.

 Lets not forget the others that hang on a certain Facebook page and have plenty to say about me. See you next Tuesday. 

If James Pearce and Sue Young come down and introduce themselves  to me I will donate a £100 to a charity of there choice.  

I will be speaking from a grassroots level as I see the direction jersey is going in from an ordinary citizen. I would like to thank Change.Je for having such a diverse panel and giving me the opportunity to voice my views on any questions asked. 

Rico Sorda

Part Time Investigative Journalist.


Deputy Sam Mézec said...

Looking forward to sharing a stage with you Rico.

Can I also be on record as joining you in saying I will also donate £100 to charity if either James Pearce or Sue Young attend and introduce themselves to me.

That's £200 a lucky charity stands to gain. They'd be rude not to show up.


Anonymous said...

I thought it would be another boring hustings malarky and wouldn't have bothered going but if you will be part of the panel Rico i'll make sure I get there. I've been a follower of your blog for a couple of years and love the detailed forensic work you have produced.

Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

I'll donate £500 if Julie Hanning turns up with Sue Young and James Pearce.

Anonymous said...

Charity will make a lot of money if those individual turn up good for you Sam and Rico.

Matthew Holmes said...

Bah humbug! If Sue Young, Julie Hanning, James Pearce, James Le Gallais, Monty Man Hunter AND Steve Lewis all come along and introduce themselves to Rico I will donate £1000 per avatar. I mean person! By Jimminy I will even donate £1000 if JS Internet troll turns up.

Kind regards

Anonymous said...

I'll donate £1,000. But Hanning, Young and Pearce, as well as turning up would have to produce identification.

Anonymous said...

Who is advocate Vicky Milner and why is she there?

Anonymous said...

Isn't Milner the daughter of one of our not fit for purpose Jurats? Told she wants to be a States member which means she is establishment through and through.

Anonymous said...

So pleased you will be on the panel Rico and that is the only reason i'll be going because I don't know who Vicky Milner is, Rod Bryans is a numpty and so is Len Norman. It's only you and Sam Mezec who make the whole thing credible.

Anonymous said...

What a sad case that individual is. And worse, what on earth were the States of Jersey doing supporting the likes of him in that secret court case against Stuart Syvret? Just shows what depths they're prepared to sink to. And if he's not bad enough, what about that dubious nurse!!! OMG, the States of Jersey just carries on digging a bigger and bigger hole for itself. I hope this sort of stuff gets mentioned but my guess is it will be mainly about education. If this or related topics are raised, I predict the likes of Norman and Bryans will put their faith in the system and process! How blinkered. I will try and get there but I'm also a busy person. Good luck all the same.

Anonymous said...

C U Next Tuesday too Rico

Well done Anonymous who's going donate £500 - easy to say when you're anonymous

Anonymous said...

Could you please ask when will Trade Union movement in Jersey modernise so that they are fit for purpose in an ever changing world economically and technologically. Their practices are early 20th century and their relationship with businessss and employers needs to change. They still believe in jobs for life which is clearly impractical and rather than protecting jobs they are putting jobs at threat by their lack of understanding of economic reality.

Anonymous said...

brilliant Rico at last someone who isnt afraid to speak up. I know your tenacity has come at a personal cost but stick with the fight. People draw inspiration from you - more than you know.
Ste g

Anonymous said...

James Pearce has a lot to say on political issues so I suggest the organisers invite him on as a panelist!

rico sorda said...

Sue Young Seen it.
I have messaged one of the organisers to ask him why they have speakers doing this.
13 hrs · Like · 4

Jonny Freemantle can you do that ? seeing as your not real
13 hrs · Like · 2

Maureen Morgan: I asked and was told it must be because I don't like Sordid's politics. NO. I don't like that fact he wouldn't know the truth if it bit him on the arse.
13 hrs · Like · 1

Maureen Morgan: They are banging on about Syvrets trial now - you must have really upset them Jonny Haworth! Nice one.
13 hrs · Like · 3

Sue Young: I couldn't care less if they think I am not real.
I have them blocked so I expect to have nothing to do with them and since when do we talk about Sorda apart from the time he was supporting anti-finance woman Leah Goodman? What is this Question Time all about, this Group and their grudges against it, sounds like it?
13 hrs · Edited · Like · 4

Sandra Bisson: I almost wish that I wasn't skiing and could go......might send my apologies......skiing eh? How terribly middle-class.........
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Ben McCarthy he's offering u a chance to voice ur views outside of Facebook…and he's willing to donate to charity…go on don't be boring, its for charity after all.
11 hrs · Like · 1

Sue Young: He's barred from this Group. I blocked him ages ago and he is acting like we are all buddies.I don't need a voice outside Facebook thanks and especially with a nobody.
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Maureen Morgan: Ordinary citizen my arse. Jumped up brat of an ego monster. God knows how being invited to this will inflate his sense of importance in future. They last thing I intend to be doing is going out to hear him & Mezec making fools of themselves. I see someone has commented C U Next Tuesday and he hasn't got what they're calling him... Honestly, how dim is he?
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Tony Bellows: Sounds a good idea to raise money for charity. And silence sceptics for good. Do it.
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Julie Hanning: As if these charitable claims of £1,000's by anonymous Trolls are real Tony Bellows, this is just an excuse to insult us in the flesh.

But ask yourself who would want to attend and listen to 2 hours of nonsence?

I listened to him briefly on BBC Radio Jsy on election night and his views were not even of a normal level that you would expect for somebody on a live radio programme. He wanted Senator Ozouf to lose and made a silly excuse about getting a Pizza because former CM Walker had come to the studio and he has blogged so much hate about him. Then he has shown long term support for Syvret who we all know is crazy from the e-mails he sent to his ex and he has never once questioned the absolute rubbish Syvret has said in 7 years of blogging. Not forgetting his admiration for the Anti-Tax Haven Journalist for Newsweek who writes lies about Jersey at every opportunity, oh that 'hate site' I apparently run, another free speech attack.
Sorry but until they invite more balanced minded bloggers along like you Tony, people should not wast their evening on this.
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Sue Young: Journalist my arse, more like a fantasist.
He gives himself this title and nobody else.
People should drop this subject, they are not worth discussing anymore.
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rico sorda said...


The keyboard warriors don't want to come out to play?

Not even for the money.


Anonymous said...

You have to roar with laughter at the comment that says this, 'Could you please ask when will Trade Union movement in Jersey modernise so that they are fit for purpose in an ever changing world economically and technologically. Their practices are early 20th century'.

The obvious and factual answer - 'when are the Jersey Establishment going modernise so that they are fit for purpose? Their practices are actually 12th century.'

Come on rednecks, get with the Magna Carta program, you're 800 years late.

Anonymous said...

You appear to be more entangled with this Facebook Group and the people on it then talking about real issues. I hope you cover the actions of Social Security next week and the effects its going to have on unemployment figures because they have to go up.

rico sorda said...

People should remember that the panel will be answering questions put to them by the audience. It's up to the audience to get them in. It should be fun. I'm really looking forward to it.

Anonymous said...

It is a shame Senator Bailhache is not on the panel. A reasonable question would be as, he spoke about the truth and truthfulness and politicians being out that lie, how does he feel about the opposing statements by Deputy Lewis, and lies told regarding the due dilligence by Mr Henry when recommending the old Development company.

Even better the declaration that States members will be prudent with tax payers money and yet send Senator Ozouf to the UK each and every week for two days, all expenses paid.

What a load of out of touch lying spiffs

voiceforchildren said...


Jersey Child Abuse Inquiry COSTS.

Anonymous said...

I came to the question time last night and wanted to say what a great job you did Rico. Your answer saying people keep voting in the same lot who have messed this island up for the last 20 years was the best crowd pleaser of the night. Well done and keep it up.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree that tabs should be kept on the enquiry spending, but I also think that Bailhache and Ozouf should submit 6 monthly reports on their actions and expenditure in London, plus explain the benefit to the Island of such actions.