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"CLASS OF 2014"



Now that we have had two states sittings in 2015 is this a pattern of things to come? In what has been described as the most illagitmate states assembly in decades we have 11 out of 12 Constables unelected and 6 Deputies who did not contest an election. That is a third of our states members unelected. Is it any wonder alleged Chief Minister didn't want independent electoral observers to oversea the last election?

One of the fundamental tools in a democracy is holding the executive to account. This comes in the form of written and oral questions. Are we now witnessing one of the most ineffective, unelected lobotomised nodding dogs states assembly this Island has ever seen post war. How is it that the newly elected (class of 2014) who had so much to say at hustings, manifestos, radio and TV interviews have now become so mute that question time is becoming obsolete . Are we saying there isn't any serious issues facing our Island that Ministerial policy making and decisions doesn't deserve any questions from our elected representatives? This is a shocking indictment on those who don't engage with the  electoral process. Hence, we end up with nodding dogs.

The only opposition or questioning in the States Chamber comes in the form of the only political party Reform Jersey (and Deputy Higgins). Is it right that this burden should fall on the shoulders of so few when we have 38 "independent" backbenchers who can ask questions. Are we really to believe that they can't ask a single question of the executive? Hansard is there to record states debates. This is why all questions should be asked in the chamber and not in the corridors of power. They are recorded for history and the answers can be relied upon for future research and debates and holding candidates to account in future elections. 

I would like to see Deputy Norton spend a little more time holding the executive to account and formulating policy by lodging propositions than by organising a 25mile long street party for Liberation Day. This nonsense is best left to others who aren't tasked with formulating policy and steering the direction of the Island.

There are grave concerns that the Law Office and Council of Minister will be dusting off all those dodgy pieces of legislation and propositions that they know would not have stood a chance of being passed by recent assemblies. Now with the nodding dog class of 2015 anything (everything) is possible. After the Constables horrendous erosion of parish democracy by raising the number of signatures required to call a parish assembly from 4 to 10 one has to ask what else are these clowns going to pass in the states.

In the flawed recent referendum the majority voted to keep the constables in the states as they are the link between their parishioners and the assembly . Is that all parishioners want?silence in the states as their constables haven't lodged a single question this year as indeed as mentioned above. All they have managed so far is to erode democracy by making it harder for their parishioners to have a voice. 

As the year progresses we shall be keeping an eye on this shambolic states assembly and the silent assassins who remain silent and vote continually with the executive in the hope of a future Ministerial Position. In the mean time here are a few stats on the questions that have been asked so far. 

3rd Feb 2015.

Written questions.

Sam Mezec (RJ)  (4)

Mike Higgins   (2)

Geoff Southern (RJ) (5)     11 written questions (3 members) Without RJ there would be 2 Q’s asked by 1 States member…………..No Constables.

Oral Questions

Sam Mezec (RJ)  (2)

Montfort Tadier (RJ)   (2)

Geoff Southern (RJ)  (2)

Kevin Lewis   (1)   7 Oral questions (4 members) without RJ there would be 1 question there would be 1 question asked by 1 Member………….No Constables


Written questions (11)

Andrew Lewis  (1)

Sam Mezec (RJ)  (3)

Geoff Southern (RJ) (5)

Montfort Tadier  (2)   11 questions (4 members) without RJ there would be 1 question asked by one Member……….No Constables.

Oral Questions (11)

Sam Mezec (RJ)   (2)

Louise Doublet   (1)

Mike Higgins  (2)

Geoff Southern (RJ)  (2)

Jackie Hilton   (2)

Judy Martin   (2)  11 questions (6 Members) Without RJ there would be 7 Q’s asked by 4 members………… NO CONSTABLES

Over the last 2 Sittings there have been a total of 40 questions asked (Written and Oral)

RJ has asked 31 of them.

Other than RJ only 5 States Members have submitted questions in the last 2 sittings. Which means, in two States Sittings, without RJ there would have been 9 questions submitted between 5 States Members…………… NO CONSTABLES. 

Some more maths could be done, like 38 members could have asked (oral) questions (maximum of 2 each) which could have made a total (of the 2 Sittings) 304 where it is that out of those 304 possible oral questions there has been 18.

You are allowed 5 written questions each? Anyhow my head is scrambled now so can’t handle tackling the written question sums but the stats I’ve given you should be of use.

The Rico Sorda Blog is now back in business after a long overdue rest. The below link take you to the Deputy Mézec Blog and is well worth a read.

Rico Sorda

Team Voice

Part Time Investigative Journalist 


Anonymous said...

So good to see you blogging on this unelected not fit for purpose head nodding silent muppets. Your pictures of smashy and nicey shows exactly the calibre of numpties we've got running this pantomime.

Anonymous said...

Reform Jersey are making this dictatorship look like a democracy and should boycott lodging questions to show the electorate what a bunch of silent clowns they have elected.

Anonymous said...

Why not try meeting Murray Norton before slagging him off?

Anonymous said...

The JEP started this discussion 4 days ago.
All posts like this do is ensure that RJ get even less support in the States. Everything you seem to write has repercussions these days.

Anonymous said...

Nice to have you back Rico.

Realistically there are several newly elected politicians who are honest, intelligent, with a conscience and loads of energy.
But they either keep silent and go along with the ministers ways.

Or they say enough is enough....
And rock the boat!?

Anonymous said...

You should read Christine Herbert in the JEP - she makes the point far better in far fewer words. The art of making a good argument is all about taking with you those who thought they would disagree after reading the headline. Preaching polemics to a rapidly shrinking choir does your cause little good. Rico, you are better than that.

rico sorda said...

Whatever. I just tell it how the stats play it. The politicians are getting well paid to keep their mouths shut. They should be better than that. Plenty to say before being elected then elected and nothing. People should be angry at this representation

rico sorda said...

I have finally got the buzz back for blogging. Especially now with the COI highlighting what us bloggers have been saying for years. And the shambolic states is off the scale. Commandant Gorst could get hanging passed with these nodding dog clowns.

Anonymous said...

Already spoken to one of the States Members you have attacked tonight and he thinks nothing of you or your blog.

rico sorda said...

Hahahaha love you Jon. Bye

Anonymous said...

I bet the politicians hate it when you put a blog up Rico. Not because of what you write about them it's because they know they are going to get hassled by Jonny Haywire for the foreseeable future. Thank for the stats on the questions they are very revealing.

Anonymous said...

12 Constables can't manage a question between them? Going on your stats they could have asked 120 written questions and 24 oral questions this year. Out of a total of 144 questions they could have asked they can't even manage 1. Time for the Constables to go.

Anonymous said...

Useful stats Rico and I'm pleased you have got the buzz back for blogging it's been quiet without you. The COI has proved the bloggers right and it's time you took the credit for it.

Anonymous said...

so you've been away for over a month and when you come back its just to repeat a story that the JEP ran almost a week ago. The cutting edge of online journalism?

rico sorda said...

And yet you read it and comment on it. I think its great that the Jersey Evening Post is starting to turn a corner and leave its dark past behind. Andy Sibcy deserves some credit for this.

Anonymous said...

Good to see you back Rico. Much missed you certainly have been. Hopefully your return might encourage Trevor to get back in the saddle too?

Contrary to the nonsense from Jonny Hungover your piece in giving the stats is far superior to the very shallow and short piece from the re-activated hack Christine Herbert.

Dead right about Norton and Murray though they are no worse than many others among the useless. What the heck has 25 mile street parties got to do with political policy?

Apart from giving Norton something to put on his re-election wish list in three years time.

Worst States Assembly since the war and that really is saying something, isn't it!

Anonymous said...

All links referring to you and your delightful wife are no longer online. It is now up to you to remove similar attacks offline against non political people. If they are not in the public eye then they are not a target. You have to agree with that to move on. 6 of this, half a dozen of the other, there are no winners out of blogging out of spite.

rico sorda said...

Oh, ok then.

Stay on your own toxic Facebook site for the deranged multi avatar lunatic fraternity if you don't mind. Bye.

Anonymous said...

Just because RJ has asked a couple of questions how does that make them a credible alternative to the status quo - in fact how does it make them a credible opposition - what difference have they made by asking these questions? They are this terms token lefties only there to make Jersey look like a democracy - nothing more - nothing less.

Deputy Sam Mézec said...


Thanks for posting these very helpful stats.

The Reform Jersey Parliamentary Party meets every week to discuss tactics for the next States sitting, including what questions we will ask.

The one thing your stats aren't able to show is how many of the supplementary questions come from which members, but if you were to work it out it would be more or less the same proportions as now.

Since the election, of all of the States propositions which have been lodged by members (as opposed to bodies) there have been 6, every single one of them by a Reform Jersey politician.

If this isn't a clear sign that party politics delivers more effective States Members, then I don't know what is.

We face 3 years ahead of us of a Tory government intent on taking Jersey back to the stone age in any way it can.

If your readers would like to join the fight back, they can sign up as a member of Reform Jersey for free by filling in the form on our website -

We are holding an open meeting for our members (and those who would like to sign up) on the 26th February. More details to be announced shortly.


Anonymous said...

Comment @ 5:48 PM sets a good argument Deputy Mezec isn't short of a few words so let's hear his thoughts on this what difference have you made with your questions and are you just this term's token lefties?

Anonymous said...

So the cyber stalker - he of drunken phone abuse infamy - wants you to take down your articles highlighting his shameful attacks on your wife? Sounds like someone is getting rather worried there might be another batch of recordings going up.

As for those attacks on Reform Jersey, whatever their shortcomings they are at least doing what they are paid for by the taxpayer. if only others would do so instead of ridiculous self promotion stunts.

Anonymous said...

Why should the Constable's and the establishment party members ask any questions, they do all of their business behind closed doors less us poor souls actually have a clue about whats really being done.

Sam is absolutely right about party politics but still a step to far for many diehards. I believe some of our independent thinking backbencher's should think long and hard about it and if they are still not ready for party politics at least start forming useful alliances when it comes to tackling the government party line in a coordinated way.

One question by Andrew Lewis! Don't be fooled this is just part of the rehabilitation process to make him seem like a caring, hard working, independent member. And lets face it he is the biggest "member" in the house, but not in the traditional meaning of that word.

Welcome back Rico.


Anonymous said...

Short and devastatingly accurate,

Nice one Rico when you wrote,

"Stay on your own toxic Facebook site for the deranged multi avatar lunatic fraternity if you don't mind. Bye"

Johny hangover loves to take the debate off the subject and get every one arguing and chasing their tails. He has succeeded becuase of the poor moderating of the JEP comments segment.

Publicity is his oxygen time to cut it off.

Where has the confidence gone from the intelligent and well meaning people who stood for election ? and elected. If they are really i office to add to the quality of life for islanders and gain the respect of the public then the executive ( COM ) must be held to account.

This is not supposed to be the cub scouts or girl guides but mature adults leading an isaland of 100,000 people, and acting like leaders.

The settling in period must soon be over.

Take care Rico,


Anonymous said...

Tonight's JEP editorial has with the power of the pen removed 'ED' Milliband as leader of the U.K Labor party and replaced him with his brother 'David', this would almost be funny if it were not for the fact the editorial was all about 'getting your facts right'

Anonymous said...

From an above post:-

"12 Constables can't manage a question between them? Going on your stats they could have asked 120 written questions and 24 oral questions this year. Out of a total of 144 questions they could have asked they can't even manage 1. Time for the Constables to go."

Having read those statistics, my thoughts are:-

As the Constables were considered so important to each parish, we can only assume, as they have not asked any questions, no parish member has raised any issues and if that is so, surely that could prove they have no use whatsoever!!

Anonymous said...

Jersey is in a mess financially and structurally with a £90m deficit hospitals and building falling apart then Smashy and Nicey (Murray Norton and Peter Mac) turn up and Norton thinks the best use of his time as a legislator is to feed his massive ego and try to break a record with a 25 mile street party! You should have left your ego at the radio station Murray and got on with what you were elected to do which is to make Jersey a better place to live for the little people. Start feeding us NOT YOUR EGO.

voiceforchildren said...


Complaint to PPC against former Home Affairs Minister ANDREW LEWIS.

Peter M said...

One thing is for sure Murray Norton is certainly making a MASH of being a Deputy. But what did we expect? This is a man who according to the JEP not long before the election apparently viewed all Jersey job applicants as lazy.

Anonymous said...

Murray Norton stated on Radio Jersey late Friday afternoon while being interviewed re his street party, that he and all states members had a heavy workload re states business and that people just didn't realize this, my question then is how much time does he offer the parish as a Deputy?

Anonymous said...

No States sitting next Tuesday because its half term....

Anonymous said...

Murray Norton heavy workload?! WTF! Bar Higgins and even Souther who I can't stand all the politicians who used to work hard for we ordinary plebs have either stood down, lost their seats or been bankrupted. Its a desert in the States now.Probably the worst States ever. Full of wannabes and the thick and lazy with a few choice wealthy spivs at the top.

voiceforchildren said...


Complaint against disgraced former Home Affairs Minister PART TWO.

Anonymous said...

Around three years left for these (with out doubt), worst states members ever.
Bets have go to be on for the first member(?) to jump the titanic or say enough is enough and rock the titanic.