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Deputy Truscott is Deputy of St Brelade No.2 district. 

His speech on p20/15 can be listened to below.

Deputy Bryans is the Education Minister. When I was listening to his speech I had him down for a vote in favour of extra funding only to go the opposite way right at the end. He seemed to have a lot of empathy for the victims of abuse yet voted in favour of the Committee of Enquiry to be stopped in its tracks. Being the Minister for education I thought that he would have been all in favour. Could it be that his allegiance is really allied with Senator Bailhache? I will let you listen to his  speech and come to your own conclusions. 

Rico Sorda Part Time Investigative Journalist 

Team Voice would also like to welcome TheJerseyWay to the team.


Anonymous said...

These two individuals are spineless lackys who would rather see The Jersey Way continue and children abused because of it before they would vote against Bailhache.

Anonymous said...

Mary Lundy will be pleased to know nothing has changed at the Education department.

Anonymous said...

An Education Minister voting to have a child abuse enquiry shut down? The same Education Minister whose department is being investigated by said COE? What ever next!

Anonymous said...

It's good news TJW joining Team Voice because I found his blog of recordings very useful and I take it it's through him that you have these recordings? Montfort Tadier's was the best speech of the 2 day debate and I was hoping that might be available?

Anonymous said...

Any chance of getting Monty Tadier's speech up because he put Phil Bailhache right in his place?

Anonymous said...

Well done Rico and team voice. I have emailed the COI to say what a great job you are doing and long may it continue.

voiceforchildren said...


I hope to have the recording up of Deputy Montfort Tadier's speech in the next day or so.

Anonymous said...

Yesterday's yes men but thanks for sharing this and thanks also to TJW for recording this historic debate. A conclusive victory for the survivors, whistle-blowers, bloggers and supporters...... but sadly the war is far from over yet. To that end, I think the idea banded around on the other threads - to go for the Privy Council people- must be the way ahead. I'm wondering if a group may form in the future that aims to take on this fight?
Hope it does. I'd be up for it if other are.

Anonymous said...

Well done. These blogs are great.

Anonymous said...

Someone wrote on VFC that that Deputy Truscott should 'ditch the wig. It's fooling no-one.'

Wow, they weren't kidding were they?

Serious point, if a guy has that poor judgment and so little accurate self-perception, can he really be a reliable and wise Minister?

Anonymous said...

I remember a couple of Truscott's from years back - one was a screw at La Moye - and one was a policeman. The screw was called Gary but I can't remember his brother (the cop's ) name. Could it be the St Brelade Deputy?

Anonymous said...

The Hansard reports of the two day debate on the continued funding of the Inquiry have now been published:

Day 1, 24th March 2015 - starts at bottom of page 53

Day 2, 25th March 2015

There are some excellent speeches from many members, particularly Deputies Tadier, Mezec, McClinton, Norton and many, many other States members.

Credit where credit is due. Many have finally seen the light, that there is only one end game in town. They want openness, transparency, truth, justice. They do not want to be part of the cover up of the cover up.

voiceforchildren said...


Jersey Child Abuse Inquiry, extra funding, proposition speech by Deputy MONTFORT TADIER.

voiceforchildren said...


Will there be a contested election for Jurat from the "loony left?" Lord Reg seems to THINK SO!

Anonymous said...

I would appreciate being given more of the speeches to read please.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

These speeches were broadcast on live radio and are on Hansard so do you like them or something?

Anonymous said...

A can of Stella says,

'These speeches were broadcast on live radio and are on Hansard so do you like them or something?'

I LOVE these speeches.

Just as I love the noble SIR Senator Philip Bailhache's EXCELLENT speech.

They are all marvellous, in that they serve so splendidly as yet greater confirmation and proof to the outside (real) world that what ordinary people, campaigners and bloggers say about the intellectual and ethical bankruptcy and decadence of our feudal Cosa Nostra are true.

Seriously Rico, comments like the trolling at 7:56 are proof the Jersey Establishment just hate - absolutely HATE - the fact these inadequate and nutty speeches are posted on sites like yours where ordinary members of the public are going to find them and listen to them - unlike live broadcast when most people are at work, or trawling through vast swathes of Hansard on the deliberately crappy and confusing Jersey parLIARment web site, something no busy person is going to do.

Making the island's politicians actually accountable for what they do and don't do was always a ground-breaking and brilliant aspect of the blogs - the kind of easily accessible and understandable scrutiny that NONE of Jersey's air-head trustafarian-brat populated heritage media ever does.

The blogs should make a habit of posting the speeches of the normally unaccountable lobby-fodder states members much more often.

It will give a few of the less thick ones pause for thought - conscious of the fact that come next elections their 'performance' in the States will have been preserved and able to be easily re-posted for the attention of voters.

And - as the trollings demonstrate - it really hits a raw nerve when these clowns are made accountable by citizens media.

Keep up the good work.

Pip Pip

When not cleaning toilets ..... said...


Yes we like these speeches recorded for all time.

Hansard is up slow and it does not capture the demeanour of the speaker, or for example the robotic, hesitant delivery.

The firm favourite in terms of poor delivery and lack of content has got to be Sir Philip Bellyache's

He had to make the speech of his life but his nerve failed him.

He mumbles his admission of being conflicted but imagines that it is appropriate for him to speak anyway.

The actions of a scared and desperate man.

Anonymous said...

Well now this is the third time that p.bailhache cannot remember certain cases on the child abuse when he was AG. remember the document on the plane in which he called two business men malicious, fictitious liars and then there is the holland affair.
How many more times is this pompous little man going to try and hide his mistakes or even cover ups for his friends.