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On Wednesday 25th March the States of Jersey passed P.20/2015.  This proposition was to secure extra funding for the Jersey Care Enquiry.  The proposition was passed 34 in favour 4 against and one abstention. The abstention being Senator Bailhache. 

Had the extra funding not been granted the enquiry would have ended. 

More on these related issues can be read on the links below.

This is what I said on my previous posting. 

This was before he made his speech during the debate. There is so much contained in his speech that I will just let the you listen to it. 






 Senator Bailhache started showing his true colours in December 2007 when  shutting down former  Senator Stuart Syvret's Christmas speech.  

Here is what former Senator Stuart Syvret said:

"Indeed, later that year, in December 2007, I attempted to give a Christmas speech as ‘Father of the House’ in which I was expressing recognition of the victims of abuse and expressing empathy with them. Astonishingly I was heckled, barracked, shouted-down, abused – and the Dean’s friend, the conflicted Philip Bailhache, cut my microphone and adjourned the meeting. Robert Key let this happen – and said not one syllable in support of the victims, or even my right to speak of them. I’ve written previously about Key’s conduct in this blog-posting, Of Millstones and Secret Reports:"

Then we have the horrendous  Liberation Day speech of 9th May 2008. Senator Bailhache had the audacity, on such a special day, to utter these now infamous words. Not just to the people of Jersey but to the world:

 "All child abuse, wherever it happens, is scandalous, but it is the unjustified and remorseless denigration of Jersey and her people that is the real scandal".

We also have Senator Bailhache neck deep in the Sharp Report, the Roger Holland Affair and let's not forget his horrendous involvement with the HG Alleged Church Abuse Case.  

When the Committee of Enquiry was finally passed in the States of Jersey guess who was missing for the vote after being present in the States Chamber up until this debate? You guessed it. Senator Philip Bailhache.

We are now counting the cost of failure. Failure, over decades, to protect  CHILDREN. 


Failure by all the services including the Police . Failure that allowed paedophiles and abusers to inflict mental and physical torture and to ply their trade in the Jersey Care System with such ease. We are now counting the cost. The real cost is not the £20 million or even £50 million that Bailhache is touting around to any sympathetic ear he can find, but the innocence that was snatched by these predatory individuals. Yes, lives and families destroyed. That is the real cost Senator Bailhache. The cost is the failure to protect children for decades. 

Should Senator Bailhache and Deputy Andrew Lewis be even allowed to vote on the proposition for extra funding seeing as they are conflicted? And one would hope that the judiciary won't be chairing this debate. 

The Jersey Evening Post have run some articles concerning the level of expenditure of the Committee of Enquiry and it can be read here:

This is quote from Senator Bailhache from said article. Lets

"Today, Senator Sir Philip Bailhache is reported as saying that the cost of the Independent Jersey Care Inquiry could be at least £50 million, many times more than the estimate of £6 million put before the States when Members voted in favour of a public inquiry.

The States must now decide whether to cap the cost of this inquiry. They are damned if they do and damned if they don’t.

Handing over a blank cheque could wipe out savings in the Strategic Reserve which have been built up over decades. The alternative – to borrow the money – is equally unappealing for a community with an innate dislike of public debt.
Senator Bailhache wants to hear Islanders’ views on what the States should do – and whether the cost should be capped."

Let's not forget that Senator Bailhache held the role of Attorney General then Bailiff when the abuse was taking place. He, along with his brother, and now Bailiff William Bailhache are highly conflicted as the Jersey Judiciary fall under the terms of reference for the Committee of Enquiry. Senator Bailhache should be remaining quiet as there is a high chance that he will be having to give evidence to the committee of enquiry along with Deputy Lewis who as Home Affairs Minister suspended the then Chief of Police, Graham Power, on 12th November 2008 based on nothing but a pack of lies. 

Chief Minister Gorst must now rein in his out-of-control External Relations Minister. This debate regarding the extra funding is a chance for us to see exactly where these new politicians, and the established ones, come down on the issue of finding the truth. We all agree that it shouldn't be an open cheque book and checks and balances should be in place, as I believe they are but to not issue the extra funding will bring further shame and ridicule to the island of jersey.

Senator Bailhache obviously doesn't think about the victims when he says he wants the view of the Islander's regarding extra funding. All this shows is that the old guard still won't let it go. What are they so afraid of?  Does he not understand that it is him that is tarnishing this island.  I for one won't be sorry to see the back of him and his brother. The Island needs to breathe once more and be free from this stranglehold.

Rico Sorda

Part Time Investigative Reporter


voiceforchildren said...


Notwithstanding his support for a paedophile during his speech and stating that the Victims/Survivors had been "generously" compensated or that those accused of abuse don't need a right of reply he also looks to have attempted to intimidate a witness (Lenny Harper) where he said this;

“I understand that the former Deputy Police Chief has filed an 80 page memorandum with the inquiry and I think that we can be fairly sure that that would provide much lurid material for the media which neither he nor they would be likely to publish without the protection of a Committee of Inquiry. I think that we have to be prepared to face down wild an inaccurate headlines in the Tabloid Media.”

This is not a man who should be allowed to spread his message of Jersey to the rest of the world as External Relations Minister.

Thankfully he only looks to have around 6 allies in this parliament and thankfully Ian Gorst is attempting to do THE RIGHT THING.

Anonymous said...

If there had of been no political interference in due process in Jersey. There would of been no need for a COI.

Anonymous said...

Bailhache's speech is that offensive to victims I think you should have put a notice up saying listeners discretion is advised. How can a politician in the 21st century make such a speech and get away with it?

Anonymous said...

By his own admission Bailhache said he was conflicted. I Thought if you had a conflict of interest under standing orders you had to withdraw from the debate and weren't allowed to contribute to or vote on it? Ws it his brother Chairing the sitting and why did no other members raise this issue?

Anonymous said...

very odd that he was allowed even to speak as because he was the AG during the investigations, would he not have had to exclude himself from the proceedings so as to avoid any influence?

this "speech" clearly sounds like the words of someone who knows the game is up. There will definately be some serious questions to be answered when the COI look at all the allegations vs those actually charged and ponder the question "why was this not taken to court??"

There have been notable casualties along the way during this whole sorry episode in Jersey's history. Innocent individuals seeking the truth lambasted , pilloried , abused , intimidated , arrested, bugged. But their fortitude has proven through. I hope the likes of you Rico and Syvret, Harper VFC, Bob , Trevor, Monty and countless others can take a great deal of pleasure and comfort in knowing that I (a HDLG resident) and many, many more people across the island and beyond absolutely offer our most sincere thanks and gratitude.

Anonymous said...

Philip Bailhache and Andrew Lewis should have nothing to do with any debate or any vote where it concerns the Committee Of Enquiry because they will both be called to answer for their actions during the height of the abuse or the investigation. They will both be lucky to escape jail.

Anonymous said...

God bless Lenny Harper and Graham Power who - if the enquiry is able to do its job - will shortly be vindicated.

Anonymous said...

VFC, Rico, & Bob Hill all with new blogs posted today. We just need Trevor and Stuart to spring in to action and the blogging fraternity will be back where it should be and that's ON TOP!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting this, Rico! Now I understand many of the comments made by Stuart and others, who had already heard Senator Bailhache's speech live.

This was the speech of a lying, defensive little man who remains completely without empathy for survivors and who seemingly cannot see his own complicity or take responsibility for his very poor choices leading to up to this.

At no point did I find him credible, and that would have been true if his words had been said by an ordinary bystander. Evidence in the public domain is way ahead of him on this. His lies are all too obvious to anyone who has seen even a bit of the evidence. That means even people far away from Jersey know more than he admits to knowing, about unimpeachable key facts.

His words about Krichefski were shocking, and his apparent denial of any significant high-level wrongdoing is bizarre in the face of the inquiry team already having admitted that abuse was serious and systemically mishandled.

Senator Bailhache also sounded defensive and worried. Not really worried about the money, though, because we all know no expense was ever spared in the post Graham Power era of cover-up. No - he came across as a man who realizes his era of securing blind support is all but over.

Is he entirely blind to the fact that grave abuse and coverup of crime led to this expensive inquiry? That all the costs associated with this are the result of the coverup by officials like himself? He appears to almost believe raped little children themselves are guilty of threatening the island's funds.

Without knowing what he hears behind the scenes, it's hard to know if he's truly as out of touch as he sounded here, but he has seemingly learned nothing from the fallout after his disgraceful Liberation Day speech years ago. He was again dismissive of all abuse survivors in his description of their payout as 'generous' which should be offensive to most listeners, especially survivors.

He reserved his only concern, however phony even that may be, for tax payers funding the inquiry, families of abusers, and those poor, poor unfairly maligned folks who covered up savage child rapes when they simply transferred abusers on to re-abuse in new settings, because that's how it 'was done' then.

His words present the worst possible public face of Jersey to the outside world, and from the vote, it would appear most politicians do know that.

In summary, he sounds like a card shark who still hopes the cards up his sleeve are far better than they are, one who is still unaware of the many of us who have already peeked and seen his dishonest, but paltry, hand.


The Emperor's clothes said...

Sir Philip was justified in his liberation day speech

How do we know this?

Because he says so:

"Jersey's former bailiff has said he was justified giving a speech on Liberation Day 2008 about a child abuse inquiry."

He said this in full knowledge of the facts (somehow he apparently always has access to the full facts, mysteriously reading the likes of police reports on planes and leaking data etc)

The man is a legend in his own mind.
It is good of him to 'let it all hang out', warts and all and to publicly admit his obvious conflicts
It was tragic to hear his conflicted shaking address to the house in the first 10 minutes of his speech.

Just the man we want representing us abroad!

Let's not forget his little brother who is now Bailiff (but for how long?) At least little WB had the decency to recluse himself.

Anonymous said...

I refer to the alleged Bailhache with papers regarding HD reading them on the aircraft he has denied this so the two guys who alleged they saw this are made out to be lying, why have they not spoken out in their defence, or is Bailhache telling the truth?

Anonymous said...

My good god. If this is Bailhache in 2015 he must have been rabid in 2008. All makes sense now.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for putting up his speech Mr Sorda, there is nothing more truthful than hearing it straight from the individuals mouth.

Senator Bailhache tries to give the impression that it is all about the unnecessary spending of peoples taxes, but forgets he flew to Barbados for a few days at enourmas expense, to gain information about the structure of the Barbados Government that is easily and readily available online and elsewhere.

Just an extravagant jolly for him.

How did he ever get the job of External Relations Minister and God help Jersey abroad ? He came across in our opinion, as being, arrogant a hypocrite and certainly ignorant of Mr Harpers submission to the COI, which he tried to malign.

How can this type of person claim to have the best interest’s of Jersey at heart when they are so wrapped up in themselves ?

Anonymous said...

Is it just me or did anyone else find it ironic to hear him warn of the legal costs involved being unacceptably high,surely he has been a parasitical lawyer/politico all his working life.

Jimmy Saville and Philip Bailache
one was a child abuser one is a child abuse apologist.
You know this World is all F@@@ed up when you suddenly remember that both these creeps were given Knighthoods,Sir Gary Glitter anyone?

Anonymous said...

That is a speech of a man who sounds very desperate and very worried.

Anonymous said...

Bailhache could lead by example when giving evidence to the COI.

He could give evidence without the assistance of legal advice.

Start a trend.

If truth is told why the need for lawyers.

What advice can legal team give?

How to protect the person giving evidence?

Anonymous said...

He's likely to get more rabid before the hammer drops. Let's face it, this is a man who knows he has nowhere to turn, he's going to lash out like a cornered dog. It's going to be interesting to watch out for the even madder and more damaging things he and his brother do before the powers-that-be meet their responsibilities and the cuffs get slapped on.

Surely, even amongst the die-hard loyalists, Freemasons and staff, there can't be any left who are going to do their corrupt bidding any more? Even the densest of them must have heard that "I was only obeying orders" is no defence?

And today, yet another announcement from the UK that even more, yes, even more, examples of the corrupt concealment of child abuse by the Metropolitan Police - a cover-up of abusing MPs, clergy, show-biz type and members of the judiciary - is to be investigated by the IPCC.

It's all unstoppable now.

Anyone still following the orders or demands of the Bailhache Brothers now is so stupid they deserve all they're going to get.

Anonymous said...

Well done to the JEP in Fridays edition for exposing Bailhache, In my opinion he is finished in politics, and should go before he is pushed. Question, was he involved in Mr Tomes having to leave office?

Anonymous said...

I think that we are all agreed that the costs of this inquiry are getting out of control. I feel that Bailhache put forward many clear well researched reasons for stopping it now. It was a good speech, but what a relief that he failed to get the support of the overwhelming majority of States Members. His reference to Krichefski was odd and could do with a little elaboration.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Elle for your excellent analysis of Bailhache's speech. (@1.10am) I doubt he can ever rescue himself now and let's hope we soon see his brother fall with him. I wonder how long and strong the Bailhache rope is?

In traditional 20th /21st Century Establishment Jersey HR practices, embarrassingly inconvenient baffoons like the Bailhaches would simply be slipping off with a lump sum, gold-plated pensions and health or family reasons as excuses for their departure. I hope this, one of many cultural practices that they've endorsed for so long, is....finally destroyed. I hope the biased Jersey courts that they and their friends have long presided over, are....cleaned up. I hope the culture of intimidation is ... finally over, I hope the culture of privilege ... becomes a thing of the past. In essence I hope the real meaning of the Jersey Way is.... eradicated.

Since day 1 Jersey blog contributors like yourself have always seen through him and also desired this cleanse, so it's encouraging to learn that some of his supporters are beginning to see through him too. Let's hope they'll not only be like rats off a sinking ship but also joining in our aim to ensure Jersey is cleaned up.

For entertainment value- here is Bailhache speaking about honesty. Syvret follows him on this clip. The two personalities contrast each other, like Voldemort and Potter.

Anonymous said...

Why does he speak like a bloody robot? Not one word of real sympathy for the children. Personally I will never, ever forgive his cutting off of Stuart's mic., when as 'Father of the House' he was showing empathy with all the abused, and then came the Liberation Day speech. This Island needs to shake off it's feudal past and consign these 'would be lords' to the proverbial bin. One last comment, I was shocked and deeply disappointed to see the Deputy of St Brelade among the six.

Póló said...

That clip is iconic.

You couldn't make it up.

Anonymous said...

Comment at 2;52

'Well done to the JEP in Fridays edition for exposing Bailhache, In my opinion he is finished in politics, and should go before he is pushed. Question, was he involved in Mr Tomes having to leave office?'

What is meant by that? Can someone post/explain the JEP slant for us, and explain who Mr Tomes is?

(The JEP web presence is rubbish incidentally. If they expect a hick-town rag's main content to work through a paywall they're dreaming. Hello? Wakey, wakey ..)


Anonymous said...

Why are people pretending this is a Trial?
Its an Inquiry with no legal binding on anybody.
If people accused of abuse say they are innocent then that's that, there is no jury for prosecutors to sum up to for a verdict. Time for a reality check.

Anonymous said...

It is a good thing that the JEP has hidden behind a paywall. Blogging is only one facet of the fight for a better island and this desperate move puts the JEP in a very vulnerable position ;-)

The JEP has not just been proactive in cover up of abuse but some of their upper echelons stand accused of serial rape on the island .....and hence were major beneficiaries of the hijacking of the policing function with the ambush and illegal suspension of the legitimate Police Chief. [think about this and about CTV's "award winning"(!) trashing of the child abuse investigation.

Dont be fooled by the occasional balanced or positive article in the filthy rag or 'owned' media. it is just a carrier in which to hide their rohypnol under the guise of a rational message. Their chosen industry is not "news", it is "opinion management" and the manufacture of 'consent'. It is only when they wake up in the morning [bu@@ered] -or months later that some of the population realises what has happened to them and while life gets harder for working people, each successive government lurches further out of touch and the liberals are further replaced by the neo-liberals, ultra-conservatives and nest fetherers.

The UK media is far from perfect but at least it is more diverse and there are some ground breaking organisations like EXARNO which appears not to fatally compromised (sadly the ultimate destination of most business media?)

Will the JEP survive ......or be allowed to survive ?
Time will tell. The survival of that business is in the hands of it's client base and also in it's own hands..........

There is an old hack's saying .......When a Newspaper becomes the News, then it is finished.

The paywall may seem irritating but it is good when viewed in the local landscape.
It's a small chessboard with only a few existing players. To every move there is a counter move.

More is required from the JEP.
Not all my colleagues will share my view, but Personally I hope they fail.

Would you trust a JEPaedo ?...................... said...

Comment at 2:52 "Well done to the JEP in Fridays edition"
No body wants to be seen to be on the loosing side.

Let's rewind to @JEP a few days BEFORE the debate:

"States 'have only themselves to blame' if abuse inquiry costs £50 million You say - cap the spending"

I chalange readers to spot the (not very well) hidden message in the above.

It is worth re-reading the editorial comment [with observations]

COMMENT: What the JEP thinks

PUBLIC inquiries have a habit of costing millions more than estimated and, when all is said and done, leave few people happy with the result. [the lawyers are invariably happy, but they write the rules]

The Royal Commission in Australia into institutional child sex abuse is expected to cost at least £260 million and the Saville Inquiry into the deaths of 13 people on Bloody Sunday cost £195 million.

Some might think that those figures have little relevance in a Jersey context. Let’s hope they are right.

Today, Senator Sir Philip Bailhache is reported as saying that the cost of the Independent Jersey Care Inquiry could be at least £50 million, many times more than the estimate of £6 million put before the States when Members voted in favour of a public inquiry.

The States must now decide whether to cap the cost of this inquiry. They are damned if they do and damned if they don’t.

Handing over a blank cheque could wipe out savings in the Strategic Reserve which have been built up over decades. The alternative – to borrow the money – is equally unappealing for a community with an innate dislike of public debt. [the Strategic Reserve stands at £700 million? .........even Bailhache's underseved legal fees can't wipe that out surely???]

Senator Bailhache wants to hear Islanders’ views on what the States should do – and whether the cost should be capped. [really? ....pmsl]

This is an issue which could affect all of our futures and the voice of the community should be heard.

Former Senator Francis Le Gresley was right to call for an inquiry to give victims an opportunity to tell their stories and to give the community its best opportunity to draw a line under a dark chapter in our Island’s history. ["right to call for an inquiry " .....that's odd then that JEP and Team-Bailhache campaigned so long and hard against it]

To cut the panel’s work short could be an injustice both to victims and the accused who have yet to respond to allegations.

It would also be a gift to the national media and could cause huge reputational damage to this Island. [that is the trouble with enabling decades of abuse and cover up .....the trick is to unambiguously come clean and to prosecute where possible. Not be infamous for abuse but famous as one of the few places to take real steps to eradicate it]

But with a new hospital, education and an ageing population to pay for, not to mention a huge black hole in the Island’s finances, we cannot afford a blank cheque.

A workable compromise must be found to enable the costs to be capped. There is a real danger that the inquiry’s biggest legacy will simply be to line the pockets of lawyers – and that is in no one’s interest. [it is in the lawyer's interest. I don't recall either JEP or lawyer-Bailhache campaigning to achieve a functioning legal system or to bring legal costs within the reach of middle Jersey]

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear your blog and its contents of hate against witnesses was reported to the COI yesterday. This is not a kangaroo court or a time to settle old scores. Your vendetta against Bailhache is not helping the Inquiry.

Anonymous said...

This - and his liberation day speech - is the legacy of the Bailhache family. They must be so proud!

Anonymous said...

Kudos to the Jersey blog scene again Rico for reporting the most important issues of child abuse and exposing the pedo apologists.

Anonymous said...

@ March 28, 2015 at 10:26 AM

Bailhache threatens and intimidates a witness while defending a pedophile - rico publishes it - and you report Rico? Jersey still full of pedo protectors good job we've got blogs like this so the outside world know there some Jersey people who don't support pedos.

Anonymous said...

I saw a link in New Scientist to a series of articles under the heading-
'State of Denial' but can't access without a subscription. Never mind- quick look at Wiki 'Denial'provides interesting fact when considered in the Jersey Establishment context.

Under 'denialism' is this except by Mark Hoofnagle Denialism is;....

the employment of rhetorical tactics to give the appearance of argument or legitimate debate, when in actuality there is none.
It is a process that operates by employing one or more of the following five tactics in order to maintain the appearance of legitimate controversy:

Conspiracy theories — Dismissing the data or observation by suggesting opponents are involved in "a conspiracy to suppress the truth".

Cherry picking — Selecting an anomalous critical paper supporting their idea, or using outdated, flawed, and discredited papers in order to make their opponents look as though they base their ideas on weak research.

False experts — Paying an expert in the field, or another field, to lend supporting evidence or credibility.

Moving the goalpost — Dismissing evidence presented in response to a specific claim by continually demanding some other (often unfulfillable) piece of evidence.

Other logical fallacies — Usually one or more of false analogy, appeal to consequences, straw man, or red herring.

When it comes to employing such tactics, it seems our distinguished former ruler is quite an expert!

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear your blog and its contents of hate against witnesses was reported to the COI yesterday. This is not a kangaroo court or a time to settle old scores. Your vendetta against Bailhache is not helping the Inquiry.''

What exactly has been reported to the COI is it that people have an opinion and can discuss it on the blog?

Anonymous said...

We know the COI & the State Media headlines will eventually say, "Lessons Learnt!" ...well, because that's as predictable as the sun and the moon. But, isn't the real lesson to learn from this inquiry the one teaching us that cover-ups are expensive? And cover-ups can eventually be devastating to those who refused, repeatedly and systematically, to respond to the abuse of the island's own, most vulnerable children?

If the original abuse can't always be predicted and prevented, it can surely be perpetuated and increased with exponentially tragic outcomes, when it is covered up to the extent it has been in Jersey. People who conceal abuse, those in authority who protected abusers from the legal consequences of their own crimes, are directly responsible for the continued abuse by known perpetrators. That is a horrific human cost that should be addressed by the COI.

Obviously, Phil Bailhache does not want to pay that related financial price, and remains unwilling to accept that financial, human and reputational costs for systematically trying to bury evidence of such evil only continue to escalate. That is exactly what has happened here.

This sadly deluded little man has much to say about the costs of similar inquiries in Australia and in the UK, but he appears just as stunningly clueless about the underlying reason for those inquiries in the first place.

We know the COI cost is in addition to the still unknown amount spent on expensive legal advice over the years, that was used for the sole purpose of preventing justice. That has taken a severe emotional toll on the survivors of abuse and upon those who took big risks to support them. Now that is the money and harm that should never have been invested, and Phil Bailhache is probably as culpable as anyone for that painful, and ultimately futile, waste.

How can Jersey afford Phil Bailhache?


Anonymous said...


The $64,000 question is:

How the hell does Philip Bailhache know that Lenny Harper has lodged an 80 page 'memorandum' with the inquiry? Did Lenny ring him up and tell him the page count?

That's a very specific number, that is, 80 pages.

How does he know how many pages there are in ANY witness evidence that has not yet been published on the inquiry website?

Until the witness evidence is read into the record at the inquiry (and subsequently posted on the website) then no bystanders, members of the public, or other witnesses should have any knowledge of any other witnesses' testimony.

Unless of course it has already been shared with him in the big legal game, the cost of which he is railing against?

It is noteworthy that he used the legal weasel words "I understand that..." What does that mean, in layman's terms? Does it mean "I have seen the document" or not? If yes, under what circumstances?

I think there need to be some questions in the Assembly about this.

Jeez, if I were a conspiracy theorist, I reckon the story about how Lenny Harper's statement arrived at his house by normal mail in a damaged envelope could run, and run, and run, and run...

The "£50 Million" Question ...... said...

The recent (& already leaked?) statement by Ex Deputy Chief Harper is substantially more than 80 pages (no doubt including multiple appendices etc.)

This is Mr. HARPER's "soundbite" issued to TeamVoice ref. PB's little threat 26 March2015

"I am aware of the speech made by Philip Bailhache during the debate which included attempts by some to shut the child abuse committee of inquiry down. I am also aware that he did not vote to keep the COI going. People will make their own mind up about that. I see that he claims that I have made an 80 page “memorandum” to the inquiry which I "would not dare repeat without the protection of a public inquiry.” Bailhache is of course the caring individual who made the disgraceful speech a while back in which he claimed that the real scandal was not that defenceless children were abused and brutalised, but that Jersey's name was being dragged through the mud, (presumably by those children thoughtless enough to be raped, battered, and abused, as well as myself.) I have news for him.
Firstly, I have not submitted a “memorandum” to the COI. I have made a statement which contains a ‘Declaration of Truth.’ I will give evidence of everything in my statement, under oath to the Committee of Inquiry. With the documents I have supplied to the Inquiry, including emails from the Attorney General’s Office, and other supporting exhibits, people will be able to make up their own mind as to the truth of what Bailhache refers to as “lurid material.” His comments about “facing down wild and inaccurate headlines in the Tabloid Media” betray a man who senses that he and others may be facing a moment of truth.
Secondly, my statement is substantially more than 80 pages.
Thirdly, why should I rise to his infantile provocation and give his cronies the chance to subject me to the same kangaroo courts as went after Stuart Syvret, Shona and Trevor Pitman, and others who dared to stand against child abuse? Why do I need to do that when I will give my evidence to the COI under OATH and in public, allowing the media to report fully the manner in which the Jersey authorities covered up the abuse for so long and how they tried to sabotage our investigation?
As for his apparent breach of the confidentiality of my dealings with the COI and a rather crude attempt to intimidate myself and others who may have given evidence to the COI, (although in truth I find him as intimidating as Winnie the Pooh,) I have been in touch with the COI and am heartened by the seriousness with which they appear to be taking the matter. I believe others have made similar points to the Committee. We await the result of their investigation.
It seems that some apologists for paedophiles and child abusers are getting seriously worried about what the COI might discover. That's why they wanted to wreck it, and why they continue to try and discredit the truth. LENNY HARPER"


One gets the impression that our Ex Deputy Police Chief continues to be unimpressed by Sir Jimmy Bailhache's "legal-weasel words" and I would be interested if LH ever found out who 'accidently opened' his other major (un-redacted and uber-sensitive) statement to the CoI

Isn't Bailhache alleged to have been reading un-redacted police witness statements on that flight to London in his campaign against HG ?
How he accesses his "information" is anyone's guess.

Can Jersey afford the Bailhache brothers?

rico sorda said...

I have always been of the opinion that Jersey will only start to breath and move into the light once the Bailhache brothers are gone. They have ruled this Island for a long time.

His speech was simply horrendous. No different to his May 9th 2008 Liberation day speech.

I believe this is the man that went about destroying Operation Rectangle. The denigration of Lenny Harper and the removal of Graham Power. Not forgetting the long list of stuff against Stuart Syvret.

The list is endless.


The list is endless said...

Now now Rico @10am

It's not Sir Philip's fault that paedophilia and non investigation follow him round like a bad smell

Vic Collage ......
HDLG .......

Surely you have some sympathy for the poor chap and his little brother?

It's a REAL SCANDAL how these things get pointed out on blogs LOL

Anonymous said...

GREAT blog ,reblogged

Just another brick in the (Bailhache Castle) wall said...

RE The "£50 Million" Question: Can Jersey afford the Bailhache brothers?

Recently highlighted from another quality blog

Pretend democracy under the iron hand of HRH's appointed lieutenant


The Deputy Bailiff [William Bailhache]: What is the matter of privilege that you wish to raise?

Deputy M.R. Higgins: It is the fact that I have put a proposition to you seeking to have the release of the transcripts of the 2nd December 2008 in camera debate, or part of it, to be released to the public. I have asked for this proposition to be put forward to the States because I believe the States were misled by the former Minister for Home Affairs at the time. My matter of privilege is that you have denied me the opportunity to bring this proposition, which I think needs to be heard by the House and the decisions need to be made by the House, and I believe the public must be assured that information that was put out at the time is correct.

The Deputy Bailiff: The matter of privilege must relate to something which you, as a Member, have a right to do. Under Standing Orders ...

Deputy M.R. Higgins: I think it is a matter of privilege.

The Deputy Bailiff: Can I please finish? Under Standing Orders the arrangements are that when a Member wishes to lodge a proposition he or she needs to have the consent of the Bailiff before it is an option. It seems to me that it is impossible to say that an issue of privilege arises. Unless there is any other point you wish to raise I would make a ruling here and now that no issue of privilege arises.

The comic charade continues against Deputy M.R. Higgins's objections (i.e that the proposition itself meets the 3 tests ), to it's neo-feudal conclusion .......

The Deputy Bailiff: Very well, I rule against you. It is not a matter of privilege because the Standing Orders make it plain that a Member has no right to lodge a proposition without the leave of the Bailiff. That leave has not yet been given and therefore no issue of privilege currently arises.

If you substitute the word "KING" for the word "Bailiff" it gives a good understanding of the situation when push comes to shove.

They have been known to boast that they are the island's royal family
such arrogance we are saddled with

This Royal family is proving expensive to keep

Anonymous said...

Yes Rico, Philip Bailhache and Michael Birt and William Bailhache and Tim Le Cocq and no doubt their hand-picked replacements. What have they all got in common?

I'm afraid Jersey campaigners year in and year out carry on missing the wood for the trees. The real problem for you all, and the problem you should be fighting, is the Crown power which appoints and protects these people and enables them to engage in their corruptions and cover-ups.

That local set of villains probably share several characteristics but the overwhelming and obvious one is that they're all empowered by and operate under the authority of the Crown from London.

Even if as a commenter says above, 'the cuffs get slapped on' 2 or 3 of the Jersey oligarchs (which is unavoidable now) the system will remain secretive, unaccountable and prone to abuse by their successors.

I strongly urge Jersey campaigners to de-personalise this, not because people like Philip Bailhache and his brother don't deserve direct opprobrium, they do, but because focusing on a few toxic individuals has, and continues to, badly handicap your own campaign.

If three-quarters of the time bloggers have spent exposing Bailhache had been spent on the REAL target, namely the faceless and secret administrations of the Privy Council in respect of the Crown Dependencies, your cause would be so much more advanced.

Let me illustrate the problem by asking a few simple questions to Jersey campaigners:

What are the names, rank and job titles of the Whitehall permanent staff who deal with Crown Dependency issues?

Do those staff ultimately work to the Secretary of State for Justice, or do they work to the Royal Household?

What are the names and job titles of Jersey establishment staff who routinely liaise with those London personnel?

How frequently do they meet?

What issues have been on their agendas and appear in their minutes from, say the last 8 years, that in any way relate to the controversies of the Jersey child-abuse cover-ups?

What knowledge and involvement did that Whitehall apparatus have in the illegals suspension of your Police Chief in November 2008?

Those are obvious, simple and rudimentary questions, questions that get straight to the very heart of your problems.

But I'll wager no Jersey campaigner can answer even 1 of them.

And after all of these hard years of struggle, that fact is amazing and sad.

Your real problems hide in plain site. And you have missed them.

Time to refocus.

Anonymous said...

sorry unable to do hyperlink

12. Within the Ministry of Justice policy team dedicated to the Crown Dependencies, three operational staff deal with Island legislation, Crown appointments and honours. A further three policy officials deal with a range of policy issues and provide practical advice and support to the Crown Dependencies when required. It is their responsibility to ensure that the Islands' interests are taken into account in UK policy development and they work with the Islands on the development of their own policies, particularly where these have relevance to the UK or an international dimension. This team is supported by four lawyers, who advise the policy team and other UK Government departments. They also work directly with the Islands, for example, when working on the extension of UK enactments to the Crown Dependencies by Order-in-Council or to resolve questions about insular law submitted for Royal Assent.[17]

When I'm not cleaning leaky toilets ...... said...

Very interesting comment @3:23

Not necessarily correct but certainly a topic for discussion

It is what our American military friends would call a "target rich environment"

The "non-personal" targets you speak of have not been "missed" as you will would see from the blog of Ex Health Minister Syvret who grew up in the St.Helier slum districts, but is certainly one of the sharpest tools in the box.

For starters see

[Please note that some of the links within the blog uncorrected and are to his old blog which was wiped by the corrupt authorities....
Please also note that Mr.Syvret is STILL subject to the not so secret SUPERINJUNCTION* held by the habitual liar/Death-Threat-Troll and male "Nurse M" (who "is going to kill your family" BTW)

Sick Troll's boasts of local police protection and courts/data protection proven to be TRUE*
Please play the audio at

background available at

This creature seems like a throwback to our Nazi occupation and perhaps sees himself as a sort of Special Branch agent protecting the public reputation of Team-Paedo politicians, as happened on the mainland.

Sick Troll is probably all effeminate laugh and empty threats ...........But male "Nurse M" may well be a real danger to the community:

the above including the leaked Police report on the spate of deaths before the plug was pulled on the investigation

There are difficulties on a self policing off shore gold-rush-town that an outsider might not appreciate but the sheriffs own the media so not too many questions are asked and up to now those that are could be ignored or fobbed off.


Indeed the problem is as much the corrupt unsafe system, just as much as teh corrupt unsafe individuals.

Generally correspondence is ignored or signed by lowly clerks to make the decisions faceless

Would be grateful for further observations and information but my suspicion is that blog postings focusing on unknown people at unpublished secret meetings could lead to short, boring and very irregular postings ....?

Anonymous said...

Good well thought out post, regarding the structure and relationship with Whitehall.

Let us also substitute the word " leave " for another the word being “ permission “

At the same time the Queen's representative, the Lieutenant Governor sits in “our “ mansion and in the right hand chair next to the Bailiff, watching over this sad pantomime being paid by islanders, but lifts not one finger in the name of fairness or democracy.

Just another one of the boys, on the gravy train looking the other way.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 3:23, your well-written admonishment contains some hard truths, but the exposures of Whitehall directives regarding Jersey's corruption and CSA cover-up require exposure of its agents in Jersey, and that means the Bailhache brothers and others whose deviousness has been investigated and reported by Jersey's premier bloggers.

Without this extraordinary citizen media effort, there would be little awareness of the illegality and irregularities surrounding the Graham Power suspension, the cover-up lies to discredit the original HDLG investigation, and so much more. The public would have been forced to sort the truth from the lies propagated in the State Media, a rather daunting task for anyone who hasn't been provided the facts these blogs have published.

Stuart Syvret has long criticized London as the true source for this corruption and ongoing protection of Jersey oligarch criminality and written about that extensively on his blog. His imprisonments have backfired on the oligarchy and on London, increasing international awareness of shocking human rights abuses perpetuated in a supposedly well-regulated Crown Protectorate. His frequently quoted speech and enthusiastic reception by survivors and campaigners in the recent House of Commons forum, were a clear indictment of those at the highest levels of national power.

Several MPs and Exaro News have courageously endeavored to expose evidence of horrific systematic institutionalized rape of children directly involving Parliament and the Security Services. We now know several child murders are linked to that abuse. That line of inquiry will not be stopped, now.

John Hemming MP, has campaigned to include Jersey in the overarching UK CSA Inquiry, to expose UK care home children trafficked to Jersey for abuse and to obtain records regarding UK complicity in the banning of international journalist Leah McGrath Goodman. These lines of inquiry are linked to other national level culpability, and will surely be detailed in the forthcoming book by McGrath Goodman, among others.

Exaro News is examining the ongoing complicity of the BBC in attempting to minimize institutional abuse in the UK. That should naturally lead to BBCJersey's role. Solid investigative efforts will lead to enough logical dot joining until a wider, detailed picture emerges of the top.

Remember, the Watergate scandal began with the discovery and researched reporting of a seemingly low level, botched burglary by men who only later were exposed as having surprisingly powerful connections. Exposure eventually led to the White House.

I hope you, or someone else who understands that London power structures are the key to Jersey's corruption, will somehow be in a position to help with that investigation. Otherwise, it will continue to be a long slow slog, with independent Jersey journalists, Jersey's only Fourth Estate, performing the vital work the cowardly local mainstream media has abandoned. I'm sure the Jersey bloggers would enthusiastically embrace all hard evidence.

Meanwhile, we campaigners will continue to support, admire and be informed by the Jersey bloggers, until growing public awareness of the evidence leads to those highest London officials who are culpable. But when that happens, that too, could only credit the local Jersey bloggers and the campaign they've inspired.


Anonymous said...

I've read the full green paper on cyber insult laws tonight and you, Syvret, McMurray and others are going to be skinned alive. Its no wonder Andy Lewis is looking forward to it all.

Anonymous said...

So, 'you, Syvret, McMurray and others are going to be skinned alive. Its no wonder Andy Lewis is looking forward to it all.'

Look, Jon, you and Andrew Lewis have big, big problems of your own, which you really ought to be worrying about rather than fantasising that the Jersey Establishment can carry on trampling over the ECHR.

Andrew Lewis, on the evidence, unlawfully suspended a Police Chief and in the process sabotaged a child-abuse investigation. He then, on the evidence, lied to the Jersey parliament about it.

You, Jon, on the evidence, have committed perjury three times over, in giving three affidavits riddled with falsehoods, which you yourself have since stated to be false in important ways in many of your drunken, threating abusive phone calls - which are recorded.

Now, you and Lewis may be of sufficiently limited intelligence to imagine that Jersey's respectable status and the necessary stability needed to maintain its abilities and services to the City of London are going to ultimately be sacrificed in an attempt to carry on shielding a pair no-consequence micro-losers such as yourselves.

By way of contrast people of average intelligence can see, ultimately, money talks, so the threats posed to the multi-billon dollar annual transactions and trade between the City and Jersey by the lack of respectability in Jersey's law enforcement systems are far, far more important than bending the system to carry on protecting a couple low, inconsequential local villains.

Perjury, Jon. Look it up.

Enemies of the Jersey oligarchy are actually hoping they DON'T prosecute and jail you for it. The case is so unambiguous, there'd be no place for them to hide then. Then the buck really would have stopped on London's desk.

Anonymous said...

I will not be voting for murray next time around. Talk about a turncoat how he can face the people in St.Brelade No1 always sucking up to the VIPs beyond me but there again he has always believed he knows best.
A true lie from his own mouth when seeking election at St. Brelades Parish Hall telling the people to vote for him.

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