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As a direct result of Team Voice’s exclusive concerning the alleged leak (to Senator Philip Bailhache) of former Senior Investigating Officer Lenny Harper’s statement to the Jersey Child Abuse Inquiry. BBC Radio Jersey has run with the story that was broadcast this morning, recorded by Team Voice, and reproduced below. The JEP have apparently also run with the story today. 

From the interview (below) it transpires that Senator Bailhache denies being leaked this document. What we didn’t find out was how he apparently knew its content and specifically how many pages it contained.

This looks to be a very serious breach of confidentiality and the abuse enquiry needs to be making a public statement. Not only concerning the alleged breach of a confidential witness statement, but the apparent threat or intimidation of a leading witness where Senator Bailhache proclaimed:

 “I think that we can be fairly sure that that (Mr. Harper’s statement) would provide much lurid material for the media which neither he nor they would be likely to publish without the protection of a committee of inquiry.”

To any independent observer this can be seen as little other than a direct threat against Mr. Harper, and by implication, anybody who submits a statement to the enquiry. It is “The Jersey Way” at it very best or some would say worst. This alleged threat against a witness could, and might have intended to, strike fear in the hearts of vulnerable victims -survivors and witnesses who have already given a statement to the enquiry and very well might convince others NOT to submit any evidence in fear of repercussions.

The enquiry DOES seem to be taking the alleged leak seriously but we urge them to take the threats and intimidation (The Jersey Way) of witnesses equally as serious. It was this kind of intimidation and fear that prevented some victims and survivors from speaking out in the first place and if the COI will not acknowledge this is still going on then there is no hope left for this island.

Here is the BBC Piece that went out today. 

Rico Sorda 

Part Time Investigative Journalist 

Team Voice 


Anonymous said...

Of course the info was leaked to He Who Would Be King. Maybe the more significant question for BBC to ask is who runs Jersey. But then, BBC would have to look at their own role in how they thwart functional democracy by occupying the position that should be the real Fourth Estate's, for meaningful balance of power.


Póló said...

Senator Bailhache's denials have a habit of not standing up for very long.

This time he is denigrating the author rather than slandering two reliable businessmen witnesses like the last time.

Whatever will he get up to next?

Anonymous said...

The JEP have run their full article online, without their paywall. They have also included a full interview with Lenny Harper.

All credit to the Jersey Evening Post today.

Anonymous said...

Did Mr Harper submit one statement consisting numerous pages to the committee of enquiry or did he release the statement to numerous members of the COI?

Anonymous said...

He may not have seen LH statement BUT has he spoken to someone who has? Why has PB not been asked this question?
Can someone ask him in the next States sitting?

Anonymous said...

Can someone ask PB if he has spoken to anyone who has seen or has knowledge of the contents of LH statement at the next States sitting?

Anonymous said...

Can someone ask PB if he has spoken to anyone who has seen or has knowledge of the contents of LH statement at the next States sitting?

Anonymous said...

He may not have seen the actual document but has he spoken to anyone else who has direct or indirect knowledge of its contents?

Anonymous said...

No one cannot ask Senator bailhache to explain his latest disgusting actions in the States. The farce that is Standing Orders prevents this as it would not be classed as within his Ministerial duties. The Jersey Way has many, many twists and get out of jail cards to protect its proponents.

Anonymous said...

"I understand that the former deputy police chief has recently filed an 80-page memorandum with the inquiry, and I think that we can be fairly sure that that would provide much lurid material for the media which neither he nor they would be likely to publish without the protection of a committee of inquiry.’
The above quote has been taken from Bailhache speech made in the States. The key words are " I understand", how does he understand, who led him to believe that this is the case? And he states "recently filed". How does he know that the statement was recently filed, the COI has been going on for almost a year now, Lenny could have filed his statement a long time ago so how does Bailhache know that it was only recent unless of course, someone has leaked said document to him!!

Anonymous said...

The story was on BBC radio yesterday (but not on their evening TV news) The JEP reported the story but there has been no mention of the story by Channel Television. CTV's founder member was the alleged pedophile Philip Bailhache was defending in his speech. So the only MSM not to report this story is the one who's founder member might be a pedophile?

Anonymous said...

Baillache has said that he has not SEEN the statement that does not preclude that someone who has seen the statement has spoken to him about it.

Anonymous said...

It doesn't matter what submissions Lenny Harper puts up, they will only be shot down again.

Anonymous said...

"Baillache has said that he has not SEEN the statement that does not preclude that someone who has seen the statement has spoken to him about it."

Yes but he is also an evidenced liar as in the documents on an aircraft incident. My hunch is also that he hasn't seen them but maybe as you suggest someone who has has talked too freely. Bailhache should also therefore now provide full and frank disclosure of his discussions with the inquiry team, as something smells rotten! Who, what, where and when! Without it he's going to look more and more like the charlatan he really is.

Anonymous said...

I can't see anything happening over this.The enquiry will ask who leaked to Bailache,nobody will put up their hand.Nothing will be done and no one will be accountable.The usual Jersey way.

Anonymous said...

Bailhache was moaning about how much this COI is going to cost and now they have to spend more money because of Bailhache being leaked documents. Bailhache should be made to pay out of his own pocket the cost of the investigation into the leak.

Anonymous said...

@9:20am, If it turns out (as expected by some) that a good deal of the cost of the abuse and CoI is down to Bailhache due to 'historic' failings as AG and Bailiff then perhaps this cost (and compensation) could be billed to Bailhache or to the 'family firm'

@7:51pm, I fear you may be right. Let's not forget what happened to Lenny Harper's
previous (& un-redacted !) statement to the CoI

That's right, the envelope 'mysteriously' fell open while in the care of Jersey Post, prior to receipt on the mainland.

Anonymous said...

We know that Baillache had a meeting with the chair of the COI sometime before the date of the stateds debate Why was this? And what was the nature of their discussion could this be the leak ?

Anonymous said...

To be clear, it wasn't Philip Bailhache that had a meeting with the inquiry, it was the Chief Officer of External Relations along with someone from the Jersey Treasury.

Philip Bailhache is the Minister for External Relations, not the Chief Officer. I have no idea which senior civil servant is the Chief Officer of External Relations, and who therefore reports to Philip Bailhache. If you go to the government website that we taxpayers have paid thousands for, it's not possible to find out the name of that person.

You can find the name of the juniors who run the London office though...

Question is, what has any of it got to do with external relations? Their mission statement is:

"External Relations is responsible for Jersey's external relationships with other countries and regional organisations, including constitutional, political, economic, cultural and environmental links. By doing this we hope to raise Jersey's positive international identity and Jersey's external influence.

Our main responsibilities include:

- managing Jersey's external relationships with other countries
- working with States departments on external policy such as international conventions and agreements
- co-ordinating with other departments on policy matters that have international implications, such as human rights policies
- working with the law officers and Bailiff's officers to help maintain Jersey's official links with the UK government and as a Crown dependency
- co-ordinating Jersey's role in the British-Irish Council"

Having a meeting about the child abuse inquiry doesn't seem to fall under their remit, so what was the purpose of that meeting?

Póló said...

Anonymous @ 12:19PM

No doubt, as Foreign Minister, he was anxious to ensure that the COI should refrain from shafting Jersey internationally.

Anonymous said...

Comment @7:51 pm says 'I can't see anything happening over this. The enquiry will ask who leaked to Bailhache, nobody will put up their hand. Nothing will be done and no one will be accountable. The usual Jersey way.'

That's right. That would be the usual and expected outcome.

But the seriousness of the situation here is far too grave for such an outcome to be the end of Bailhachegate.

If the COI does not, or cannot, properly resolve this latest scandal, the COI will resign.

It's as clear as that.

Why do they have to do that?

Because already there's a growing catalogue of incompetence, misfeasance, bias, security breaches and witness intimidation surrounding the work of the Panel.

This is the second dramatic and deeply serious security breach the Panel has permitted in its core evidence and testimony gathering processes.

Already many potential witnesses were frightened of approaching the COI. That will be even more so the case now. Philip Bailhache has just succeeded in intimidating witnesses once again.

And there are certain core high-profile witnesses like Syvret who is refusing to engage because of the lack of legal representation & protection available to him. Syvret will seize on the latest leak to a prime villain in the whole cover-up saga, Philip Bailhache, as further proof of his vulnerability to reprisals.

The COI's lawyers, Evershed, have their national and international reputation on the line in the Jersey public inquiry. If the Panel can not demonstrate its strength and resolve by fully discovering and publishing the path-way of the leak to Bailhache - and then stripping the source of Interested Party Status - and then seeking to have judicial penalty carried out against those involved in the leak - then the Panel will have shown itself to be hopelessly weak, simply unable to manage in a secure way its own processes and affairs, and will also and/or show itself to be every bit as politically biased as its critics have suggested.

This Panel and these lawyers were already drinking in the last-chance-saloon. They have either got to show the ability, competence, and political will to make the hammer drop crushingly on Philip Bailhache and his co-conspirators for this immensely damaging and witness-intimidating leak. Or the Panel and Eversheds must resign. (That would be the only viable means of salvaging and retaining their personal and professional reputations. They could, probably rightly, blame the Jersey system for undermining/not supporting them & making their work impossible.)

It is as clear as that. So be not surprised if, in a 'shocking' development the whole processes ends suddenly.

The one pathway and outcome which is simply not on the radar-screen of viable, is some kind of 'fudge'/slap-on-the-wrist over the leak to, and behaviour of core conflicted party, Sir Philip Bailhache.

This is it.

This is the showdown.

This is the shootout at the OK Corral.

This is the fulcrum and dénouement of this Panel.

What will the outcome be?

The whole world is watching.

Anonymous said...

Unless the UK gets involved and covers Jersey in its wider remit of child abuse in the UK this enquiry will fall apart,there will be resignations and people walking out and Bailache will be able to squirm out from under the mess saying I told you it was a waste of time and money.We need the UK in on this and we need the UK media in on this otherwise it will be just another episode of the Jersey Way at work and all we will have to show for it will be the comment 'lessons have been learnt'.

Anonymous said...

Comment at 5:01: Very good points. OK, The world is watching, but realistically what is more important to the world Bailhachegate getting exposed? Or the COI resigning?
Without doubt its going to be a very interesting next few months.

Anonymous said...

Didn't I read somewhere that Eversheds are lawyers for the Metropolitan Police and the security services?

Well, if that's accurate then why is anyone on our side still taking this COI seriously? The Metropolitan Police and the UK authorities are involved in the Jersey cover-ups so if these lawyers work for them then we're being taken for a ride.

Anonymous said...

11:30 a:m says 'Unless the UK gets involved and covers Jersey in its wider remit of child abuse in the UK this enquiry will fall apart'.

The reasons why the UK has to get involved in Jersey in the wider context is because the corruption and public dangers in Jersey go even further than even child abuse and I think we don't remember that enough.

Routine government corruption, a political 'justice' system, police that only protect the 'establishment', the cover-up of clinical murders, a prosecution system that covers up its own criminals and abuses its power against democracy, political interference to suspend the police chief, powerful alleged rapists being protected by the state, etc, etc.

We need to remember all that stuff and more besides. Even if we were 100% happy that the child-abuse cover-ups were being properly dealt with, there is still all that other stuff. Only the UK can clean that up.

Anonymous said...

Can anyone highlight any statement or comment that Philip Bailhache has made in the past eight years that is positive towards those abused, or declaring concern for those abused?

I ask, because I have not read anything relative and so with my devils advocate hat on, why not? Has he something to hide himself? Is he friends with any of the abusers?

I would have thought that an intelligent person would consider it best to say nothing rather than effectively do all they can to talk down the abuse.

His attitude makes me think there may be a negative reason why he will expend so much time and energy on issues that do nothing for those abused.

Click HERE for a peak behind the charade said...

@7:00pm "Didn't I read somewhere that Eversheds are lawyers for the Metropolitan Police and the security services? .......we're being taken for a ride[?]"

Couldn't find good ref to this online but it is quite plausible; Eversheds are huge.

CoI's in the past have certainly been used to pull the wool over peoples eyes, as was pointed out by Syvret ages ago:

However the bad guys are rattled -even Bailhache is 'exposing himself' very publicly (vis. the emperor has no clothes)

So we can be positive because different factions of the forces for good have both paths covered:

- Ex Health Minister Syvret is refusing to engage with any CoI unless it is adequately (& LAWFULLY) set up. His point is well made and he is keeping his powder dry if another battle is required.

- Multiple witnesses, from victims to good Police Chiefs ARE submitting evidence and this evidence cannot be covered up -much of it is already out there so this CoI will provide benefits and bringing down some of the villains and deliver some lessons in child protection for the future -a LEARNING opportunity.

If the Jersey and UK public keep their eye on the ball (and we will) then it is the forces of cover up who are held "between a rock and a hard place" and we and our children will reap the benefits of all this time and money. As commented elsewhere "this is a Watergate moment" for Jersey and probably also for the UK with it's similar peado-power-politics

Rather than allow ourselves to be sidetracked (trolled or JEPeadoed) into arguments amongst ourselves it is important to accept that there is NOT only one best way.
This CoI is the belt .......Syvret et al are the braces?

Hopefully we are making the best of a bad situation.

Deputy Montfort Tadier said...

Could this candidate for Jurat be a breath of fresh air?

Póló said...

Correct link from Monty's previous comment.

Anonymous said...

Montie's URL again

Anonymous said...

Deputy Montfort Tadier @9:37pm, your link does not work.

Readers can copy and paste

Tim Kearsey has always seemed a decent chap so I wish him luck.

But do we want a token moderate as one of the 12 jurats? This risks legitimising the role which belongs in the dark ages. Team Bailhache will select a John Lyndon Le Breton to sit on any cases which are important to them ........e.g. judicial review of the illegal suspension of the good chief of police .......The Pitman/JEPeado libel case .......& how many others.

If elected will Mr. Kearsey cross his fingers (& hold his nose) when making the ludicrous oath of office swearing obedience to the Bailiff ?

Anonymous said...

Looking at the more recent history of abuses, specifically the use of the Grand Prix method at Greenfields. Why is the States employee who conducted a discredited 'inquiry' in in 2008 now the head of Safeguarding Standards on Jersey.

You seriously could not make this up!

Anonymous said...

Well, well, this raises lots of questions:

I'm sure other well-informed readers might be able to offer interesting commentary on this story.

voiceforchildren said...


I think it is worth leaving a comment noting that the discredited, and disgraced, ITV/CTV did NOT report on this very serious breach (leak) of Mr. Harper's statement and the fact that it looks to have been leaked to one of the most conflicted individuals on this island. That is the former Attorney General and Bailiff and now politician Senator Philip Bailhache.

Even BBC State Radio gave it a mention and it is inconceivable to believe that this is not a public interest or newsworthy story.

Anonymous said...

"I think it is worth leaving a comment noting that the discredited, and disgraced, ITV/CTV did NOT report on this very serious breach (leak) of Mr. Harper's statement"

I agree, Karen Rankine could do with a good laugh.

Anonymous said...

My understanding is that Karen Rankine is just the token lady at CTV but that others pull the strings.

This did not stop her passing a private e-mail from Stuart Syvret to Frank Walker via her toadying husband.

CTV a cut (& paste) above the rest LOL said...

@6:57 "Karen Rankine could do with a good laugh"

No.Karen is still ripping her knickers with the 'hilarity' of her pro-paedo hatchet job on the child abuse investigation for which Cover-up TV 'scooped' an RTS (Regional Programme) award simply by cutting and pasting cherry picked parts of the defective Wiltshire report to which they were given privilaged access by team-paedo@Jersey

A few relevant facts CTV "forgot" to mention can be read here:

So why should CTV be so pro-paedo?......
Maybe because their founding director was a regular visitor to HDLG where he would anally rape small boys who had no one to turn to.

How hilarious is that (troll)?

voiceforchildren said...


Another Citizens Media first and exclusive interview with Jurat election CANDIDATE.

Anonymous said...

So much evil out there Rico, when will it ever stop? So many attempts to entrap people and failing through ill-thought out game plans, But the game has changed forever. Shit online has gone, a new sun is rising, we all have better things to do, the war is over, though it was a stupid battle in the first place.