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"What about Scrutiny?  Scrutiny is crucially important.  I think this entire Assembly recognises how important Scrutiny is and how important a role it should and must play and will play.  The overall principle of Scrutiny looking at the Jersey International Finance Centre will happen, is happening and will continue to happen.  The first building, we have signed a lease.  Sorry, about that.  We have actually done some business.  This is not the time to stop it.  Nor should we attempt to.  Of course should we be involved in building; what do we know about building anyway?  What do we know about telecoms?  What do we know about harbours?  Flying aircraft?  We do it in other forms.  This is just another form of that.  I cannot support this proposition.  We must allow the first phase of that development to happen."


Deputy of St John and Deputy Andrew Lewis abstained from the vote. 

In part 1 we looked at the death of scrutiny in Jersey. We have seen how collective responsibly works.  We can see how the executive and their collective "do as you are told lackeys" work in the states chamber. The States of Jersey is so bad at the moment it wouldn't even make for a credible B movie. It's a joke. Laughable. Complete Muppets. Its painful to listen to states sittings but one must  keep abreast of the shambles unfolding before us. The only blessing is that the majority of these muppets don't lodge any questions or propositions so its all over in a couple of hours. £45,000  wham bam thank you mam.  Where shall we go for our summer holidays. 

You would think that there would be some loyalty in Scrutiny. A brothers in arms mentality. All scrutiny members knowing what a difficult and pointless job they do with their reviews. If it's worth something then the executive will kick it into the long grass and then come out telling us what an important role scrutiny has to play. Its Carry on up the States. 

In part 1 we asked this question: 

"Scrutiny is a function that is there to scrutinise  government policy and procedure - it is evidence based and it serves to help states members come to an informed decision based on the facts before taking a vote on our behalf. 

26 of our states members unbelievably ignored scrutiny and intern the democratic purpose. They should be made to resign their seats as states members and representatives of the public.

On the 16/06/2015 Deputy Tadier brought P.44/2015 asking the states to halt  work on the finance quarter for 6 weeks until the Corporate Services Scrutiny Panel had concluded their report. 26 of our Muppet states members decided that they would vote blind and kill off scrutiny in one push of a button. This is shocking. This isn't about a building on the Esplanade Car Park  this is about democracy or the death of it. What is the purpose of scrutiny when it continues to be ignored? The executive will back scrutiny when it suits their agenda. How many of those 26 sit on scrutiny panels themselves? Why didn't they support the process they are apart of? "

These are the members below. Part of the 26. Sitting on scrutiny panels. These Muppets voted against the very same function that they are a part of.  No, they thought, lets not support the process of democracy. Lets vote against it. We sit on scrutiny and there is no better feeling than killing it off.  


Simon Crowcroft. Environment Housng and Technical Services Scrutiny Panel. http://www.scrutiny.gov.je/Panels/Pages/Panels.aspx?PanelId=3

Len Norman PPC Scrutinise States Members conduct?

Constable Michael John Paddock Economic Affairs Scrutiny Panel. http://www.scrutiny.gov.je/Panels/Pages/Panels.aspx?PanelId=1

Constable John Edward Le Maistre Economic Affairs Scrutiny Panel. http://www.statesassembly.gov.je/Pages/Members.aspx?MemberId=197

Deputy Richard John Renouf Health and Social Security Scrutiny Panel. http://www.scrutiny.gov.je/Panels/Pages/Panels.aspx?PanelId=6

Scott Michael Wickenden Public Accounts Committee http://www.statesassembly.gov.je/Pages/Members.aspx?MemberId=212

Deputy Robert David Johnson. Economic Affairs Scrutiny Panel. http://www.scrutiny.gov.je/Panels/Pages/Panels.aspx?PanelId=1 and Environment, Housing and TTS Scrutiny Panel. http://www.scrutiny.gov.je/Panels/Pages/Panels.aspx?PanelId=3



Deputy McLinton is worried about the cost of asking questions in the States. Yes, asking bloody questions. Yet, he is one of the 26 who has taken a 50million pound punt on a building without even waiting for the Corporate Services Scrutiny Panel Review to report back to the states to inform as to whether its a good deal or not. He didn't make a speech.

Deputy McLinton not only informed Save our Shoreline (SOS)  while campaigning for deputy in the 2014 elections that he was against any new office space on the Esplanade car park as shown below and that its to be built upon toxic deposits he also wants to bypass the democratic process of not only ignoring scrutiny but attempting to curtail questioning of the executive. That is quite remarkable and un democratic.

2015 - it's a time to shine alright. 



Given that all States departments are being expected to make considerable ongoing savings does PPC consider that such financial savings should also be made in relation to the functioning of the States Assembly and, if so, would PPC consider bringing forward for approval amendments to Standing Orders to limit members to two written questions and two oral questions per sitting of the Assembly?

A majority of members of PPC agree that the States Assembly should participate fully in the current initiatives to reduce States expenditure and, although the budget of the States Assembly is set by PPC without interference from the Council of Ministers, PPC has already notified the Minister for Treasury and Resources that it is content to make savings in the Assembly budget that match the percentage reductions being made in ministerial departments. PPC has not yet finalised the precise details of how these savings will be made but is satisfied that it can achieve a total on-going annual saving of £392,000 by 2019. If the States agree to the filming and web-streaming of the Assembly there will be an additional need for savings to offset that cost as PPC has agreed to absorb the cost of filming within its current cash limits.

PPC does not, however, believe that it would lead to any noticeable financial savings in the Assembly’s budget if the number of written questions were restricted to two per member per sitting as suggested by the questioner. In addition PPC considers that questions are an important way for members to hold Ministers and other officeholders to account and the committee has no current plans to amend Standing Orders to change the provisions on the number of questions permitted

Then we have Deputy Norton

 Lets remind ourselves again at what Deputy Norton told SOS before being elected.

Now let us look at what an assistant ministerial position does.

10.1.15 Deputy M.J. Norton:
Firstly, I would just like to touch on the members of the public who were outside this building earlier on at a very well-organised get together.  I would rather say “get together” rather than “protest”.  Perhaps it was a protest, for some people it was.  For some they had reasoned arguments.  For some the answer was going to be: “No; now what is the question?”  There was many a time when I did engage outside for a good 20 minutes and I enjoyed the chat that I had with most of those outside.  Some were very vociferous, some were very polite.  I asked them what they wanted.  “What do you want?  What do you want?  Not what we as States Members want but what do you want?”  Some of the answers I got back: “We want jobs.”  Well, the finance industry is great for jobs.  “Oh no, it is not.  No, we want jobs for local people.”  90 per cent of the jobs in the finance industry are filled by local people.  Going forward more and more of those graduates, as soon as they become graduates, before they become graduates, are being snapped-up by those within the financial services industry.  “What do you want?  What do you see for the future?”  “St. Helier.  We would like to see a St. Helier with a soul in it.  We would like to see a St. Helier where we could enjoy our life, where we could live.”  If you do not have the Finance Centre the chances are you will not get the regeneration of St. Helier that is so important.  This is not just about a Jersey International Financial Centre.  This is about St. Helier.  This is about its regeneration.  This is about spending that money forward and making plans and freeing-up some of the wonderful real estate that we could have if some of that finance centre was put together and some of that free space in other parts of St. Helier were freed-up for regeneration.
To make them better places to be.  Many years before I joined the States I did not really know a great deal about the finance industry.  I have never worked in it.  I was never particularly a big fan of it.  I did not really know what it did.  But when asked my opinions on many occasions it was not really where my interest was.  Tourism, that is where we should go.  Agriculture, that is where we should be.  Those are the sole reasons that Jersey is what Jersey is.  That is all fine.  That is great except when you get down to looking at the figures of it.  Suddenly you get down to the real importance of the finance industry and like it or not, a fan or not, the reality is that if you want an industry that supports all other industries in the Island, that spends £1 million per day in other services outside of its own finance industry then you look at the finance industry because that is what it does.  It spends £1 million in everything from carpet fitters and decorates to builders, to people that supply photocopiers, to everything else.  £1 million a day.  There is not another industry doing that.  It brings in 40 per cent of our G.V.A.  Its footprint is very good, 25 per cent.  That is it, but 40 per cent of our G.V.A.  It is very important.  Yesterday I was lucky enough to attend a series of meetings throughout a very, very long day where in London we met a lot of potential inward investors.  The message there was: “Jersey is open for business.”  The message there is: “We are very confident of our future.”  That Jersey is the place to do your business.  There were some very, very powerful people within the rooms that we were in, that were listening, were taking note and are very interested in being part of Jersey.  Now what we are going to do is say: “Oh, actually we are not really sure now.  Can we hold it off for a little minute?  I know we have signed an agreement with someone but, you know, just wait a little bit longer.  Let us mess around UBS, shall we?  We have signed a lease with you but, you know, it might cost us a few quid to get out of it.”  That is not where we should be.  We need to woman-up, man-up, stick our chest out, be a little bit more confident about what we do because that is what the rest of the world is watching.  To support this proposition would be a catastrophe, reputation for us throughout the financial world.  Think very carefully about that.  Our masterplan is a masterplan that is flexible.  That has always been said.  The masterplan of the Esplanade Quarter is flexible.  It is flexible enough to be able to incorporate other suggestions should they come along at the right time.  It is phase by phase.  Who knows, we might even get a hospital down there as well.  But at least it is flexible enough to incorporate it but then we will have to find some money to pay for it.  What about Scrutiny?  Scrutiny is crucially important.  I think this entire Assembly recognises how important Scrutiny is and how important a role it should and must play and will play.  The overall principle of Scrutiny looking at the Jersey International Finance Centre will happen, is happening and will continue to happen.  The first building, we have signed a lease.  Sorry, about that.  We have actually done some business.  This is not the time to stop it.  Nor should we attempt to.  Of course should we be involved in building; what do we know about building anyway?  What do we know about telecoms?  What do we know about harbours?  Flying aircraft?  We do it in other forms.  This is just another form of that.  I cannot support this proposition.  We must allow the first phase of that development to happen.  It should happen on a schedule.  It should give confidence to other people that wish to take out leases that I feel confident are coming our way.  Jersey is open for business and the message we must send out is that we are open for business.  Of course we are listening to the public outside.  I listened to the 50 people outside.  I take note that whether you believe on 900 to 1,000 or 2,000 people, that massive demonstration, I take note of that as well.  There are another 98,000 people living there.  There are 12,000 people in the finance industry.  I take note of what they say as well.  I take note of all those other people that benefit from the finance industry as well.  I take note of all those people that want a job in the future.  My child, your child, your grandchildren, whoever it may be.  They all want jobs that are well paid.  They want jobs that focus on what we do best.  What we do best in the world is finance and financial industries.  It is our golden goose.  It is laying golden eggs for us and we must support it.  You may support it by rejecting this proposition.  [Approbation]

They are not alone. The executive rule the chamber. They rule through collective responsibility. The States of Jersey are seriously letting the good people of Jersey down. They are not interested in due process. The chamber is a shambles. 

Part 3 this weekend. 

Rico Sorda

Part time investigative journalist 


voiceforchildren said...


Alleged rape victim attempted to take her own life after experiencing THE JERSEY WAY.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Rico, but this is nothing new.

If anything it further cements what i've always known; That Governments always make sure that THEIR agenda get's voted in, because it's always been a 'Them and us', scenario.

The psychology of giving public a chance to vote is none other than a smokescreen to prevent feelings of 'helplessness', and of course, 'mutiny on the bounty'. Unfortunately though, joe public is frankly irrelevant when it comes to enforcing agenda's. They will ensure that they get their way. Man, that's how Governments work, that's what they are all about. Unfair? What else did you expect...Slave!

Anonymous said...

Rico, to further enhance your theme we are governed by muppets - even you might find this difficult to believe - but Constable Steve Pallette (who is one of the 26) was due to have a meeting in Hungary but flew to Romania by mistake!!!! You really could make this stuff up!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Steve Pallett who refuses to wait for and read the Corporate Services scrutiny panel report can't even read an airplane ticket. This is the calibre of the man voting on your and my behalf. "Muppet" doesn't even come close!

rico sorda said...

10.1.11 Deputy S.M. Brée of St. Clement:

I think we need to look at this a slightly different way. Irrespective of Members’ views on the Jersey International Finance Centre, whether you are for or against it, this debate is about Scrutiny and it is important to the process of government, and not about the rights or wrongs or the amount of square footage rented out of the Jersey International Finance Centre. We all recognise the importance and value of the finance industry to this Island. To suggest otherwise is being disingenuous. But this debate goes to the very heart of government and its integrity in the face of public scrutiny. A question that I have asked various Ministers, including the Chief Minister, in public hearings is as follows: “Do you fully support and encourage the role and process of Scrutiny at all levels and in all areas of government?”

rico sorda said...

Without exception they have all answered yes. I would therefore suggest that they should live up to their words. Members should also consider very, very carefully how they vote on this proposition for to vote against it you are setting a very dangerous precedent and that precedent is that the Executive does not care about the Scrutiny process. Scrutiny is the only mechanism to ensure that the correct checks and balances are in place. That is what makes a healthy vibrant government. Aside from general elections, Scrutiny is the only mechanism by which the public can directly engage with government. Scrutiny is the only way in which the decisions of Ministers can be reviewed. Also I would remind all Members of this Assembly that we are all elected representatives of the public and as such we are here to serve the public interest. We are here to listen to the public voice and we are here to give an arena for their concerns. I would also like to leave this last thought with Members of the Assembly. It is never too late to do the right thing. I would urge all Members to vote in favour of this proposition.

rico sorda said...

Deputy Brée to his credit understands the role of Scrutiny and why he sits on the Corporate Services Scrutiny Panel. But they are up against a chamber that is mostly full of muppets.


rico sorda said...

10.1.12 Connétable C.H. Taylor of St. John:

Firstly I will declare that I am a member of the Corporate Scrutiny Panel. We have heard a number of arguments today, one of which being Jersey’s reputation. I hesitate as to what sort of reputation we might achieve if only one building is built, and we have one building and a burger van which we can then proudly say: “This is our Finance Centre.” Surely we need to properly scrutinise the situation and find out whether all 6 buildings are going to be delivered and this is why the 200,000 square feet was put in place in the first place to ensure that we will at least have a centre as opposed to a single building half let with a burger van. We have also heard of misinformation. Misinformation often comes because the full and correct case is not put forward. It is widely known that the Council of Ministers or the Minister for Treasury and Resources ordered a report way back before my time called the King Sturge Report. This report has never been released and yet according to the Minister for Treasury and Resources we have had 5 debates on this issue, but this House has not been given all the information held by the Council of Ministers in order to carry out that debate. That is a very serious matter. I shall not repeat my words on Scrutiny because they were very ably and more ably put than I can do by the Deputy of St. Clement, Deputy Brée, because Scrutiny is an extremely important part of government and we cannot bypass it just because it is inconvenient. I urge people to support this because a small delay is less expensive than a catastrophic disaster.

Anonymous said...

Home affairs minister Kristina Moore wants to wait (possibly for years) to see what the UK do concerning humanist weddings (non religious). She can't wait a few weeks for the scrutiny report before gambling £50,000,000 of tax payers money on a white elephant. MUPPET.

Anonymous said...

Steve Pallett is on state controlled BBC radio Jersey saying sorry to the tax payer for wasting £1,000 flying to the wrong country. If you are truly sorry Constable you would be offering to pay the money back, you're not, so you're not. MUPPET.

Anonymous said...

Ask any random member of the local public these four questions:
1/Should that financial centre be going ahead?
2/Is the new Police headquarters in the right place?
3/Did you vote in the last local election?
4/Will you vote in the next local election?
A large majority will without doubt answer: No! No! No. Yes!

Anonymous said...

Mr Sorda, thank you for highlighting the 26 members who have no basis at all - not to wait for the scrutiny report. There is no good reason for the States to be involved with building offices. If you wish to publish this, reasons not to take this development forward are below. There are still more of course.

Our Guernsey cousins have had enough of dreadful Government, and want their dignity back. Could this fiasco be the one that broke the camels back and causes Jersey to also set up an EiE body. This stands for Enough is Enough and have decided to take action to the streets and more over ridiculous expensive wasteful decisions affecting the long term quality of life for residents.

Also printed elsewhere to be honest, but factual and may be of interest to you.

What is really going on ?

Ministers say that there is a shortage of luxury top quality office space that only the SoJDC can deliver which is obviously not true, private developers are building to satisfy limited demand and are way ahead, both in completion date and tenants signed.

Ministers say that the SoJDC development is unique, which is not true; they are just offices shaped like boxes.

Ministers say International finance businesses’ look to the States for a commitment to show confidence in the future of Jersey, by building the international finance centre, which is obviously not true, three companies have signed up with Dandara. Dandara is a private development company and in no way connected to the council of ministers or Jersey's Government.

Senator Ozouf said that the offices would only be built if tenant's want it, and yet less than 20% has been signed up, but still they go ahead borrowing money using the public's land and investment in bricks and mortar as collateral. Therefore it is clear that the terms he stated to impress states members, have not been met, more untruths.

Corporate Scrutiny are hunting the truth to offer states members a factual report on the viability of the scheme. SoJDC have refused to give information on the rental deal struck. The truth is locked in a safe away from scrutiny and accountability as is the king Sturge report that ( it is thought ) underlined a £50 million pound loss regarding the Hopkins Masterplan. The confidential PWC report also failed Harcourt but was locked away and was also meant to be secret.

Senator Ozouf said on the radio that Jersey is about to attract many new businesses which are queuing, but not signed up yet, if that is the case, where are all these new businesses. The Master plan to build offices was passed in 2008 ?

Senator Ozouf said no public money is involved in the development, then lends £13 million of public money, then says that the building and land will be taken by the other lender HSBC if SoJDC fails. Clearly it is not his or the COM's land or money to give away so who's owns it, in his opinion ?

The States have changed the stated profit margin from £50 million to £20 and numbers in between, when the whole scheme is completed. Minister Alan Maclean then says, should further blocks be built and sold, which may or may not happen, depending on demand - which means what exactly Alan ?

What is going on ?

Is it not time for Police Chief Bowron's financial fraud squad to set up an investigation and take computers and emails to hunt the elusive truth at the council of ministers and the SDC ? So far the truth has been absent, and islanders want answers to where all the millions are going, where their land is going and for what reasons because so far, nothing stacks up to any person with a brain.


Anonymous said...

Not to mention the valuation of JCG.If that is not corruption I don't know what is.

Anonymous said...

That is what happens when you elect radio djs
norton really wants an obe or something will he rock the boat?

voiceforchildren said...


Jersey Child Abuse Inquiry adopts "THE JERSEY WAY."

Anonymous said...

So whats the plan Rico? Most of you bloggers sit behind their computers moaning about the current politicians and the mess Jersey is now in, but how many of you are actually willing to stand up be counted and DO SOMETHING to help sort things out?

Anonymous said...

These blogs never do anything else but moan.
This story on its own is full of missing information like the successive Scrutiny Panels who were supposed by be involved in the Waterfront development since the Finance Centre was originally raised way back in 2001. This story isn't recent by any stretch of the imagination.
But when it comes to self titled Whistle Blowing bloggers wiggling out of giving evidence to a Multimillion Pound Inquiry into Child Abuse that's got to be the biggest laugh of the lot. 8 years of filling Blogs with messages of corruption, cover ups and judicial manipulation to silence people and when the man of so many words gets a chance to show his evidence he scurries away like a gutter rat. Priceless!

voiceforchildren said...


Ted Heath might be the Headline but he is not THE STORY.