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"JERSEY 2015"


As we head towards the Autumn of 2015 our political masters are cracking their draconian whip against the elderly, the poor and anybody else that dare claim benefits. 

We have Social Security (SS) Minister,Deputy Herr Pinel bringing forward her leaders "Master Plan"  in saving £10million pounds. 






This is what appeared in the Jersey Evening Post online:

"ISLANDERS on benefits are being targeted in a raft of cuts totalling £10 million.
Lone parents, pensioners, jobless under-25s living at home and the long-term sick are among those hardest hit by measures lodged yesterday for States debate by Social Security Minister Susie Pinel.
The £10 million savings are part of a total £145 million target, announced in the Medium Term Financial Plan in July, which is aiming to avoid a structural deficit by 2019.
The proposals have been selected on the basis that more income support claimants will be encouraged to seek work.
The minister is also proposing not to increase income support payments for two years, with the exception of benefits towards rent and childcare. This will affect 6,500 households and save £4.1 million

Commenting on the cuts, Deputy Pinel said: ‘This has been extraordinarily difficult and very challenging – there have been no easy decisions. We reviewed all of the benefits and the “sniff test” we applied was whether we would introduce these benefits now, if they did not already exist.’
Asked whether the proposals were unfair on low-income households above the income support threshold, Deputy Pinel said: ‘I think a lot of Middle Jersey have been impressed – what they do not like is that a lot of income support is not fair or targeted.’
Chief officer Ian Burns said that if the benefit system was allowed to continue in its present form, by 2019 the total paid out would increase from £83 million to £95 million annually.
Of the £10 million of cuts, £8.7m are to income support benefits, with £1.3m saved by axing the £83.72 Christmas bonus paid out to 19,000 pensioners from next year.
A further £100,000 will be clawed back from TV licence payments for the over-75s, to be closed to new claimants from next year.
Two benefits have already been cut under ministerial powers. Jobseeking under-25s living at home are now included in their parents’ household for income support purposes, with benefit paid to their parents. And money previously paid out to those needing basic household goods, such as a fridge or cooker, will in future be loans that have to be paid back.
An extra £40 a week paid to single parents on top of other allowances will no longer apply. This will affect 1,300 households, who will each lose £2,000 a year. The change is designed to encourage ex-partners to contribute maintenance.
lPensioners on income support will be assessed according to a percentage of their pension income, rather than a fixed allowance, to encourage saving for retirement.
lAdditional allowance of up to £12 a week paid to several hundred people for long-term incapacity benefit will be discontinued, saving £600,000. This change aims to encourage claimants into work, either through the Jersey Employment Trust or Back to Work schemes.
The department will also be carrying out a root-and-branch review of social security contributions later this year, including the percentage paid by employers and employees."

These are the same political decision makers that will be standing at the Cenotaph on any given remembrance day saluting our brave former serviceman who gave their lives for our freedom. These brave men & woman remember their fallen comrades and the sacrifices given and yet our two faced spineless political retards want to take a Christmas Bonus and a TV licence away from them. 

MY GOD!!!!

75yrs of age and the SS is still chasing them - only this time we have Panzer Pinel only following orders. 



"An extra £40 a week paid to single parents on top of other allowances will no longer apply. This will affect 1,300 households, who will each lose £2,000 a year. The change is designed to encourage ex-partners to contribute maintenance."

Honestly. What the hell is the above based on?????  We are going to take £40 a week from single parents in the hope to encourage ex-partners to contribute maintenance.   Isn't there a court process for partners to pay maintenance? Or, what if the partner can't pay maintenance? Are we now having children being denied the basics because of the reduction in money? What the hell is going on here.? Is the Island really on the brink that it's come to this.  

I'm positive that by 2020 there will be internment camps in St Ouen.  All the Pensioners, income support, the sick and infirm  plus anyone else who has the misfortune to be poor will be marched out of camp each morning and set to work by Herr Pinel and the Jersey SS Department .  They will have a smile on their faces as they are now contributing to society. Yes, it's a win win win. Herr Pinel will even bring a TV into camp at Christmas just to show that just because they can't afford a license there is still warmth in her heart. The rich will drive the walked root and leave bread and vegetables as they head home from church on a Sunday morning. Better than taxing the rich. 



Sometimes you really just have to stand back and accept we are governed by complete Muppet's 

Rico Sorda


Póló said...

You're a brave man Rico. I have been criticised in such lofty halls as the States itself for my references to the Nazis and the Occupation. But then I'm an outsider and deemed not so entitled. Maybe you'll get off more lightly. :)

Love Deputy Pinel's sex change.

Anonymous said...

Much of this is yet to be debated and the Nazi comparison is neither funny or intelligent.

rico sorda said...

None of this is funny. With collective responsibility and no serious opposition in the states this will fly through. Think about it. Attacking the vulnerable, elderly and poor in our society is not funny and Leaving the rich alone is not funny.


Anonymous said...

Giving the wealthy, corporate and financial interests a free reign as the "States of Jersey''Crown'lacky follows their script to strip the people of their power to express themselves through artifical scarcity created by strategic political overspend and austerity. Fascism!
Phil Skinner

Anonymous said...

Come 2018 by which time Jersey’s borrowing will be in the billions with this muppet detached, rudderless Government.

Don’t forget as Constable ( without a clue ) Steve Pallet says the Gyms are going to be flooded with over 75 year olds therefore they must also be made to pay. Pathetic when you have States members having five star jollies all over the world and one even being board and lodged in London every week of the year paid for by tax payers with the chief ministers approval.


The BBC has agreed to meet the cost of free TV licences for viewers over the age of 75, the Culture Secretary John Whittingdale has said.

Addressing MPs in the Commons, he said the change would begin to be phased in from 2018-19 and the corporation will bear the full cost

Guernsey is more reasonable.

Tom Gruchy said...

The SS Minister will be appearing before a Scrutiny Panel on Thursday 3 September from 1pm to explain herself and her policies. The hearing is open to the public but they must keep quiet, not wear hats or eat or drink - it all takes place in Le Capelain room of the States/R Court building. The Panel is made up of States Members elected by the public - if any members of the public want to raise issues with the Panel they should contact Scrutiny

Anonymous said...

They have to start raising the income tax levels for all employees earning £50,000 plus per annum including hikes in the Social Security contributions. They also should scrap all income tax relief on mortgage interest. A living wage should be introduced at the same time.

Anonymous said...

They are not muppets at all,they are doing exactly what they want,which is making the rich richer and the poor poorer.Strange there is not one states debate about 0/10 which is what is killing this island,no company tax so now over 80% of the tax burden has been put on to the individual.
After the last election this island is worse than ever run by this moral less ruling elite.Some serious social disobedience is required,but that is not going to happen as over half the island are immigrants and are quite happy doing a few years here on minimum wage and sending money back for their houses in Poland and Portugal.
All those working in finance don't care either as they have large disposable incomes so none of this effects them (until finance shrinks).This only leaves a few thousand local people and pensioners who now have become insignicant in the eyes of those obsessed with keeping the money machine rolling.They only see things in monetary terms ie.they want more and more of it and who cares about those who are suffering because of their insatiable greed.

Sadie Retard of said...

The Jersey black hole is a problem, but in contemplating this problem one should bear in mind the sources of the deficit.

It is a tempting analogy but comparing these intellectually and morally bankrupt spivs with the Nazis is totally inappropriate as it suggests that they possess monetary understanding and foresight which is clearly beyond them.

The German Nazi regime was vile and unacceptable in a whole myriad of ways but it is an historical fact that they took a crippled economy and within a few years transformed it into a (near) world beater! Our retards are doing the reverse.
In this respect the Nazis appear preferable to Team-Retard who cannot even run "the only tax waterhole in the desert"!

Playing Devils advocate for a moment longer, it seems that a number of witnesses to Jersey's CoI into Jersey's Child Abuse Atrocities have stated that the only time they felt happy and safe from abuse was during the German occupation. So again the Nazis appear more able, and shockingly, in this area, also more moral!

While also bearing in mind the number of burned children's bone fragments and teeth (some with roots still attached) discovered apparently hidden at HDLG, I suggest that Rico may actually owe the Nazis and the German people an apology. At least in the above respects.

Jersey War Crimes Tribunal said...

A couple of your early commenters appear upset by the comparison of their beloved Jersey far Reich being compared to the Nazis

I reproduce below one of the late comments on the financial "Casandra" link above

partial quote from BBC’s *Girls ‘sedated and raped’ at home*: [a post war Jersey girls orphanage which is not HDLG]

“She [also] talked about a number of punishments for a range of offences, including swearing, stealing apples or playing with boys from school.

1-Wetting the bed would lead to girls being beaten with stinging nettles and rubbed with the wet sheets.
2-They would also be made to go to sleep naked with stinging nettles under them.
3-Girls would be submerged in an ice bath fully-clothed and only released when they gasped for breath.
4-There would be weekly public beatings in the yard for the worst-behaved girls.

Mrs N [who broke down and needed to take a break at least once during her evidence] said when they first arrived at the home, aged six, the girls were told their tongues would be cut out if they told anyone of anything that happened to them.” END


We are all aware that “times change”, but there is no getting round the fact that the above was barbarity far in excess of the times and is medieval rather than Dickensian.

At least 3 of the example punishments are nowadays regularly cited as forms of torture used in police states and war zones (nettles [particularly to gentiles], freezing treatment, partial suffocation/drowning]

IMO Reading the available material that is finally coming out and which confirms separately made allegations, one gets the impression that if the maltreatment efforts (or a deliberate attempt to silence) resulted in a child’s death then few (if any) questions would be asked and the parish authorities would tend to view the potential-snuf as ‘one less problem’.

At HDLG the teeth with roots attached and the surviving fragments of burnt children’s bones have still not been explained and unfortunately in those times it was easy to dispose of the entire record of an un-cared for child. This is uncomfortable to even contemplate.

Clearly the staff across a good many Jersey institutions knew that they could do exactly what they liked to children, whether this was based on sadism, sex and rape or effectively prostitution of minors to outsiders for some form of gain, financial or otherwise.

It also appears that there were at least a few members of staff across the institutions, from Sacre-Coeur to HDLG who made efforts on behalf of the children beyond the call of duty and showed children love (of the right sort). It seems that within the states system the genuine carers were moved out of the way and abusers were promoted, sometimes to the highest of positions.
Does this perhaps indicate a systemic problem as suggested by deposed Health Minister Syvret?

There is more to come and also material that the BBC is not prepared to publish but this BBC “timeline into decades of abuse” is a start:

Change starts at the ballot box. We are for the moment stuck with the unelected, constables (who are historically highly supportive of cover up) but which members of our COM should we keep?

rico sorda said...

The COM are rotten. Filled with lackies for the sole purpose of pushing forward legislation that no one with any morals would touch. 3 years spent voting the right way to gain favor is all it takes. They would ride with the devil for less reward

God of the gaps said...

Rico@2:15 "They would ride with the devil for less reward"

Since the 2007 vote (to depose the Health minister who tried to blow the whistle on decades of abuse and cover up) it is clear that many of them do "ride with the devil" in every meaning of the phrase.

Since 2007 none can plead ignorance in each of the votes for cover up and non-investigation.

What failed them? Was it their valour? their intellect? or the weft of their moral fibre?


Best that they ride on, self-medicate with internal & 'ourchap' reports,
and hope that there is no God.
Because in these matters only the most sincere and effective penance and restitution could possibly win salvation.

Let them burn in Hell where they will perhaps gain understanding and forgiveness
at the end of eternity.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps the Social Security Minister should look a little closer to home? so far she has put the proverbial boot well and truly into those most vulnerable, low income families BUT perhaps the most nasty of all Pensioners!!.

The Minister should perhaps be reminded that her husband was 'parachuted' into the CEO position of Jersey Post with practically no qualifications, then sat back and year on year (apart from his substantial salary and pension) proceeded to rake in huge bonuses for the 'low value goods industry' WHY? because all their postage was deemed 'profits' for Jersey Post and therefore part of his bonus. he did sweet F/A to actually make an input into this bonus jolly.

So when the Minister sticks her knife into the vulnerable of this wealthy pustule we call Jersey perhaps she might like to ask her hubby to pay back all the ill gotten gains he/she received?

It may come as a bit of a surprise to the Minister but there are an awful lot of us 'plebs' who know much more than she thinks, so come on Minister let's be transparent for a change.

Anonymous said...

Ministerial government has been proven, without doubt, to be a complete and utter failure.

We have Ministers? (Constables/Deputies) who quite honestly could not be sent to the shops to buy a loaf of bread and come back with the right change never mind 'decide' how to spend millions of taxpayers money.

These are people who have in some cases attained office with no votes at all, but hey they are such nice people and....well they shook my hand and were so very polite.

We supposedly went to paying States member's an income to open this position to all people, but I have to say I am now convinced this is not working...."Hi I want to make a film?...O.K here is £200,000 let me know if you need more etc.

When will these idiots realize that honesty IS the best policy and this little Island has more leaks than a collander

martin said...

rico most of the comment,s above are true i have said this for a long time all the talk in the island is just that talk.We need like france did in ww2 to form some form of resistance like the maquis we must be able to hold this com to account because they are killing us one way or other with there support for the rich which the old the young the sick a paying for.Im sorry but talking gets you no were .

rico sorda said...

Anything they take from the pensioners now they will promise to give back before the next election so they can get their vote. It's so predictable.

Whats going on said...

Linda Corby's blog went down for several days (maybe just due to a renewal issue).

Now Ex.Health Minister Stuart Syvret's blog is showing the message:
"This Account Has Been Suspended"

On the UK scene there may be a co-ordinated rearguard action with convicted boy abuser and liar ex.MP Harvey Proctor issuing a statement and leaving the UK for an unspecified European country.

Anonymous said...

Another good article as usual Rico. Unfortunately as of this morning people are unable to follow the links to Stuarts website as all they will get is "account suspended" no doubt another super injunction at the tax payers expense.

Jerry Gosselin said...

Just to point out that freezing income support benefit rates for claimants like single parents is not a new proposal - it has actually been going on quietly for years at the whim of several Social Security Ministers. The adult rate (£92.12 p/w) and the single parent rate (£132.51) have not been increased in line with inflation since October 2009.

The Jersey RPI index increased from 138.5 in June 2009 to 159.6 in June 2015. I make that a rise of 15.24% over the past 6 years. This means that taking into account inflation since 2009, the adult rate should be about to rise from October 2015 to £106.15 p/w and the single parent rate should be about to rise to £152.70 - a shortfall of £14.03 p/w and £20.19 p/w respectively. Instead, single parents will in future be entitled to receive just £92.12 p/w, which is £60.58 p/w less than if the single parent rate had kept pace with inflation since 2009 and the extra amount that they are currently entitled to receive was not about to be taken away from them.

Another way of getting some sort of grasp on the enormous amounts of benefit that these claimants are losing is to imagine what they would currently be receiving if the adult rate and single parent rate HAD been increased every year in line with inflation up to 2013, but NOT increased since then. The Jersey RPI stood at 155.6 in June 2013 - that's a rise of about 12.34% on the June 2009 figure, which would make the adult rate £103.48 p/w and the single parent rate £148.86 p/w from October 2013. That is a difference of £11.36 p/w more for the adult rate and £16.35 p/w more for the single parent rate than the amounts they were actually paid. That's a loss of £590.72 per year (11.36 * 52) for an adult rate claimant and £850.20 per year (16.35 * 52) for a single parent rate claimant in just one year between October 2013 and October 2014.

Anonymous said...

Ex.Health Minister Syvret's blog is now back up

so it was probably just a glitch and not another £ multi million assault on democracy and free speech by the slack jawed hicks who run the show.
Using OUR money (fraud & theft?)

They would still like to take it down, as fact after fact which first appeared on the blog is now being confirmed by the CoI.

The government the ignorant and morally illiterate so totally deserve.

Anonymous said...

"Ex.Health Minister Syvret's blog is now back up"

"They would still like to take it down, as fact after fact which first appeared on the blog is now being confirmed by the CoI."

To reassure your readers: Stuarts blog was recently offline due to purely technical matters. It is impossible for any authorities (US, UK, or Jersey) to have the blog removed from the Internet. Technically it could be possible that Google (or the other search providers) removed it from their search result but the blog would still exist and Twitter links and links from other blogs would always still work.

We are Anonymous.

Anonymous said...

Got you a new reader.

David Rose had never even heard of you and your blog and its attacks on his professionalism until an hour ago.