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Seven years after former Senior Investigating Officer, Lenny Harper, retired from the States of Jersey  Police he is still sought after by journalists and responds to any requests concerning the Jersey Child Abuse Investigation (Operation Rectangle). This is in stark contrast to the disappearing, leaking to David Rose, Mick Gradwell who took over from Lenny Harper in September 2008. It will be interesting to see if Mick Gradwell does indeed turn up to the Jersey Committee of Enquiry. 

Lenny Harper has always been there to support the cause of victims of child abuse. Seven years after retiring from the jersey police force his support has never faltered as further demonstrated in the recording below. 

Lenny Harper reminds us that there are still suspected abusers working with vulnerable children in the sates of jersey (in the interview below)

There is no doubt that the truth of the cover-up is coming out in the Committee of Enquiry. 

Rico Sorda 

Part Time Investigative Journalist 


voiceforchildren said...


As you rightly pointed out; Full credit to Lenny Harper for continuing to fight the Victims and Survivors case.

But here's what I struggle with.

When Mick Gradwell took over from Lenny, with the help of the local State Media, he told a story that the hole Child Abuse Investigation (Operation Rectangle) was a mess under Lenny's command. Discredited, and disgraced, ITV/CTV even broadcast a three part alleged "interview" with Gradwell and challenged him on NOTHING he said. Which included in thirty years of policing he (Gradwell) had never seen such a mess.

So why is it that whenever there is a story about the Jersey Child Abuse atrocities and subsequent cover-up (Post, and pre, Harper and Power) that it is Lenny who the mainstream media go to? If Gradwell was to be believed surely Lenny would/should be the LAST person they'd want to get information from? Wouldn't Mick Gradwell be seen as "The Expert?"

One can only assume that the MSM nationally/internationally don't believe Gradwell and it is only ITV/CTV who do?

When (since scarpering with Warcup and their Jersey pensions) have you heard from Gradwell? When has he (or Warcup) ever supported the Victims/Survivors?

The fact that it is Lenny Harper, and Graham Power, who are seen as the experts by the outside world shows us that the only people who see Gradwell and Warcup as credible are ITV/CTV and David Rose.

Great interview from Mr. Harper with his trademark no nonsense honesty and continued support for the Victims/Survivors and the good people of Jersey. History will be kind to you.

Anonymous said...

Great to see you get another blog up Rico and such a good interview with Lenny Harper. Lenny Harper - Graham Power - the Jersey bloggers - and the survivors are the true heroes of recent times. Truth will out.

Linda Corby said...

Obviously Ex Senator Ralph Vibert's statement and mine probably disappeared before Lenny Harper took up position in Jersey. I would like to state that I am not and never would be party to any smoke screen, our statements were done in the 1970's.

Anonymous said...

Gradwell is a coward and did the States dirty work for them. He then refused to speak to scrutiny under the excellent chairmanship of Deputy Trevor Pitman investigating the expenditure issues.

Again a subject that Jersey bloggers ( the honest salt of the earth ) investigated.

The same Mick Gradwell that the Home Affairs Minister, reluctantly conceded, had he (Gradwell) not been seconded and was a States Of Jersey Police Officer would likely be facing disciplinary charges. The same Mick Gradwell that said he would take part in any enquiry set up to look at the HCAE didn't give evidence to this enquiry.

Excellent work from you Rico. The Child " ABUSE " enquiry must now begin to understand how much accurate and important work your blog and the VFC blog have done to get to the truth, They must also be realising what a corrupt media infects Jersey that turned against Mr Harper and Mr Power the good guy's and hopefully have the interest to ask who controlled the media and why.

Anonymous said...

Great to see you back on the blog, Rico.

Any time we hear from Lenny Harper it's a good day for truth, and a reminder of those who do the right thing, even in the face of threats and condemnation. I like what VFC said about the media outside Jersey turning to Lenny Harper for interviews. The journalism establishment can see where all this is headed - the allegations of a massive cover-up in Jersey are probably accepted as obvious fact now by those paying attention. The only question is how massive that cover-up was, and still is, and in exactly what ways it connects with Parliament and the rest of the UK power base.

In no small part, you and VFC and Stuart have kept the truth alive by maintaining a powerful, ongoing counter-presence to all the millions Jersey has invested in cover-up, evidence denial and spin. It has been a powerful effort and we are beginning to see how effective the results of that path can be.


rico sorda said...

Thanks Elle.

There is no doubt that the extent of the cover up is starting to emerge at the committee of enquiry. It has taken years and a lot of hard work.


Anonymous said...

Don't miss Stuart Syvret's two recent blogs
With (post-Savile, post-paedoWestminster) hindsight it is rather obvious why the UK wanted to keep the lid firmly on this can of worms!

Well done to Jersey bloggers for fighting so long and so hard and against all the threats and intimidation.
In spite of its serious shortcomings the CoI is certainly producing some benefits and is getting SOME of the truth out.
This is a major victory in the war against ongoing abuse,
but when the war appears to be 'won", then comes the time for winning the peace
or everything will have been for nowt!

There is no such thing as a "war to end all wars", and this is just as true of wars against corruption and paedophilia, which are insidious by nature.

Winning the peace is about remembering the mistakes of the past and setting up systems to try to prevent recurrence and re-infestation.
Once the dust has settled on these abuse scandals, the owned MSM will try to keep that dust damped down and brushed away.
The JEPaedo, SavileTV and KrichefskyTV have a heritage for this and always have buckets of water & money available!

The price of freedom (& child safety) is eternal vigilance.

Thank you for all you have done.

Anonymous said...

@ Linda Corby 9:23

Linda if your statement was given in 1970's long before Lenny, and no action was taken (or it was shut down) then it would have been buried deep in the files (those that where not destroyed as a result of water damage) and he would have no reason to go digging around looking for it. Even if he did it was probably so well hidden he would not have found it anyway.

One thing I would appreciate your comments on though. I picked up a date somewhere else that ties Ted Heath into owning Morning cloud 4 at the time. Can't find that link or date anymore so maybe you can be more precise on the year so we can all check. If it was MC4 then this is the relevant link:-

Doubters and in particular a navigator who raced with Ted Heath say that the boat required a crew of more than 1. So question is for you, were you aware of anyone else with Ted Heath at that time?

Also question for Yachties in general. Given the spec on the link is this a vessel that could be crewed single handily? For racing of course a larger crew would be desirable, but for general everyday use could one experienced sailor handle her? She was only 45 feet long so I believe it was probably possible. After all some people sail around the world single handed in both larger and smaller boats. Thoughts please anyone?


Linda Corby said...

In reply to anonymous, as I said it was stopped from being investigated from above at the time, so shut down,I was told by police officer that it was probably destroyed by damage or should I say this is what I was told later by the police officer who took the statements there were four adults including Ted Heath on board, so Ted Heath, Jimmy Saville a well known Senator of the day and a man who I did not know the identity of. Plus of course the 11 boys (no girls unless they looked like boys in shorts and T-shirts).I believe it was either 72 or 73 if that is any help.

Anonymous said...

Good questions JRC.

Regarding the sailing of the yacht I may be able to offer some insight. Even with old technology and heavy equipment it would in my opinion be possible for a fit person to sail Morning Cloud single handedly, this would have been very hard work in any wind though.

It is very unlikely Edward Heath would have done so.

He was not particularly young or fit and as PM his job was more about admin. and meetings.

Why would a wealthy man who already paid and retained a crew choose to struggle with a fourty five foot sailing boat.

He was an extremly important man being PM. Therefore no risks would have been taken either when at work or sailing his boat, so armed special branch officers, maybe with sailing experiance would have accompanied him almost for certain.

In conclusion, unless there is proof, it is extremly unlikely that he would have sailed morning cloud, which was a fair chunk of boat out of the harbour alone.


Linda Corby said...

lol, I expect you would have to have seen it with your own two eyes as I did, and I an not anonymous, but can say that your attitude is part of the reason Jersey has a culture of fear, fear of telling the truth that others like you do not want to hear or see out there.

bobchewie said...

It's still not clear why
Bbc had to grovel to Jersey to cover this

Also jersey archives slapped a hundred years closure order on this archive
But we got a copy
But it's still unclear why he was there
I have document which shows jersey invite to leon brittan to Jersey
It has lots of officials names on

I noted 75,000 quid spent on youth community center that year

bobchewie said...

@RICO were you aware of the leon brittan visit to Jersey?
Can you reply please to me thanks

Anonymous said...

"Ted Heath, Jimmy Saville a well known Senator of the day and a man who I did not know the identity of."

Well I guess that Jimmy Savile was no sailor but I could be wrong, but that was never likely to be his role in all of this. Without knowing the identity of the Senator its hard to say about him, but he was most likely a day visitor with a question mark as to why. The fourth unknown person is possibly the most interesting. If he were more permanent crew them it could have been him and TH sailing the vessel or TH alone even, if that's possible. Given that there was one known, one highly likely to be a paedophile the its more than possible that the mysterious 4th person could also have been in the know and a participant. Would be very interesting to know who that person was.

Given that you've narrowed it down to 1972/1973 this was most likely Morning cloud 2 or 3 as well.

MC2 - 42ft Mahogany hull launched in 1971

MC3 - 44ft 9inch Wooden Hull, Launched 1973 but lost at sea on 5/9/1974

I guess the answer is that either boat could have been set up for and handled single handily, but even if they were not a crew of 2 in total is also possible.


Anonymous said...

Comment to Linda Corby at 12:46pm

Sorry Linda I don't really understand your response.It doesn't make sense to me how you can draw the conclusion that boatyboy is "one of those who doesn't want to hear the truth". I would be rather offended by that because most people are upset about the cover ups regarding child abuse. In fact he is trying to help to find the truth by providing information which gives a balance of current available information in the public domain. Don't make the same mistake as the establishment by being prejudice without the back up of solid evidence. Understandably this is a very sensitive subject for you. But he has only provided a comment regarding a sailing boat. There is no evidence that he is denying the possibility that Ted Heath was involved in child abuse.

Anonymous said...

What about those 10 boys? They would be around 50 years old. Surely they are more likely to come forward, than that senator and forth person?

Linda Corby said...

I could name the the then Senator but if any of those 10 boys do come forward and I have named him it could take some credibility away from their evidence? The Senator on that yacht has been named before.
No offence to anyone, just do not like any inference that I have done anything wrong as I am one of the abused supporters.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry BB. You have provided helpful information, thank you. I imagine Linda just mis-read, read too fast, mis-interpreted or something. Not forgetting Linda has had a lot to read lately and she's been an absolute hero in my book for coming forward with this. It's not easy to be brave in Jersey. It's the Jersey way that most live in fear. Few of us are that brave but we are all (odd exceptions do apply) on the same side. For example- we all knew it was a cover-up when Power was suspended as Warcupp held that press conference. And there are so many other horrific things on Stuart's blog too which he wouldn't have needed to write if only the rule of law applied in Jersey. Thank you brave people like Rico and Linda.

Anonymous said...

"I could name the the then Senator"

Noted Linda and I agree with your approach. Only you know therefore whether this Senator is also already under suspicion. If he is or is indeed a known paedophile then that would potentially make 3 out of 4. That would would give this meeting aboard in the presence of 11 young boys a whole new sinister emphasis.


voiceforchildren said...


ITV/CTV to be banned from reporting at Jersey Child Abuse INQUIRY?