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"They laughed when I said I was going to be a comedian.   Well they're not laughing now"  (Bob Monkhouse.)

Seven years ago the Jersey Establishment, acting through their "front man" Andrew Lewis suspended the Chief of Police, Graham Power, at the height of the Jersey Child Abuse investigation (Operation Rectangle).  If anyone had said then that seven years later they would be summoned to give evidence on oath to a Committee of Inquiry to justify their actions, they would have laughed. Well they're not laughing now are they?

Observers at the Committee of Inquiry recently (4th and 5th November 2015) witnessed nearly two days of evidence from a relaxed and fit looking Graham Power, who, a few days short of the seventh anniversary of his suspension as Chief of Police, gave evidence which was damming, and deeply embarrassing, to the Jersey Establishment.   Meanwhile, we are reliably informed, a somewhat more shop-worn Andrew Lewis, the official author of his demise, is stressed out and positively dreading the imminent prospect of having to justify his actions on oath, having been called by the Inquiry to give evidence.

Lewis has given so many different accounts of the grounds for what, most who have examined the case, still consider to be a baffling –unjustified and Bonkers decision that many will have lost count of the different versions he has given. Now he has to choose which of his explanations is true and which is false?  Which of his various accounts will he give under oath?  In case you are reading this Andrew, remember you will be giving evidence on oath. Not telling the truth on oath has a name, it is called "Perjury" and people go to jail for it. Fancy that? If not then it is time to start thinking.    

You might have had plenty of fair weather friends when you were being told that it would be all over in days. Now that we are seven years on it might be time to save your own skin. I don’t think that you are a bad person at the core. You were just weak, naïve and easily manipulated. You might be a stronger person now. We will find out soon enough.  The bad boys might have got you into trouble but do not let them get you into jail. Remember that under the rules of the Inquiry you have legal Immunity. Nobody can sue you or prosecute you for what you say provided that you tell the truth.   Do yourself a favour and come clean.  Tell the Inquiry what really led to the suspension, who devised your "cover story" and who forced you to give so many misleading accounts.  

This blog has, rightly I think, done you few favours over the years or had much to say to your advantage.   But, honestly, I want to do you a favour now.  Abandon your false friends just speak the truth.   You have legal immunity. Nobody can get you for it now.  Clear the slate and move forwards. You might have a political career in front of you yet if only you can now rise to the occasion and do the honest thing.  Time to draw a line and move forwards.   Are you up to it Andrew?   Come clean and move on.   Or continue to be the fall guy for others who are happy to throw you to the wolves.  Time to choose.   We hope that you make the right choice, not just for you but for Jersey.  If you do you will get respect. Even from this blog. But you have to decide for yourself. Tell the truth or tell lies on oath. Your choice Andrew.

The only laughing that is going on now is from those who set you up to be the fall-guy.

On May 10th 2010 I did a blog posting on Andrew Lewis (link below) which also contains a reply from Lenny Harper. This was to do with Andrew Lewis releasing a press statement stating that he had followed proper procedure after getting advice.  Graham Power replied to these points. Voiceforchildren also did a blog posting on this which has the link provided below.

I sat through the testimony of Graham Power to the Jersey Child Abuse Enquiry. I was somewhat amazed that they only gave about 20 minutes to the farcical suspension of former Police C-hief Power. Maybe they are waiting for the other players to give their testimony. I hope they aren't forgetting about the culture that has allowed this cover up to happen.

Voiceforchildren and I have spent many years investigating and uncovering the Jersey Child Abuse Coverup.  We stepped into the void left by our Media. We asked the questions. We exposed the cover-up. When there was only Stuart Syvret we stepped up. Later we were joined by others like the former Deputy Trevor Pitman who tirelessly asked questions along with former Deputy Daniel Wimberly, Deputy Higgens, Tadier and Bob Hill. All have stepped up.   We have already exposed the truth - documented truth. Its coming out at the enquiry. 

I'm extremely proud of my blog. The hard work that has gone into it. Exposing a child abuse cover-up and finally signing off my statement to the Abuse Enquiry with all our evidence. 

The victims of physical and mental abuse have been kept quiet for so long. Two cops came along and did what cops are supposed to do. Nothing more nothing less. They investigated and gave the victims a voice. Not everything got left or hidden on the desk of Bonjour.





Here I explain Media Consultant Matt Tapp.

Rico Sorda 

Part Time Investigative Journalist 


Ex-Senator Stuart Syvret said...

A very important posting, Rico.

And what starkly differentiates your article here from the propaganda and behaviour of the Jersey oligarchy, is that it shows wisdom - it says the plain truth, and offers to those who have inescapably done wrong - such as Andrew Lewis - an olive-branch, a way out - a means of fessing-up - and cleansing themselves.

Though many would say he deserves no quarter, you offer here to Andrew Lewis a means of - finally - doing the right thing - turning "Queen's Evidence", so to speak.

This is the one chance - the only chance - the last chance - Andrew Lewis has of redeeming himself.

But it's totally down to him now.

He has to say the full truth - the truth we all know - the truth that damns the Jersey mafia - the evidenced truth - the unavoidable truth.

Some mild fudging of the issues just won't do.

Let's be clear about the gravity of "The Jersey Situation" - it's so toxic - so far-reaching - so profound - such a clear and present danger to the standing of the British state and the Monarchy - that this doesn't end without Jersey "establishment" figures in jail. It just can't.

There are lots and lots of victims of the many - and dramatically evidenced - criminal acts involved in "The Jersey Situation".

I am one of those victims.

And I will have justice.

This is Andrew Lewis's one and only chance to get on the right side.

I'm watching.

Stuart Syvret.

Anonymous said...

Very good to see this posting, Rico. Let's hope Andrew Lewis simply tells the truth and frees himself of the burden of the coverup before the COI ends. He is just one of many who should come clean, immediately. The coverup is unraveling. Sooner or later, even those who are trying to remain in deep denial will be forced to see the hard evidence all around them. The internet has changed everything about the high-level control of inconvenient information, and the Jersey coverup is seen as just what it really was, all over the world. Now is the time for those who aided the coverup to switch to the right side of history.


Anonymous said...

"....Now is the time for those who aided the coverup to switch to the right side of history."

..........and avoid Hell

Anonymous said...

Any idea when Andrew Lewis is to give HIS evidence?

voiceforchildren said...


Unhappy Anniversary SEVEN.

rico sorda said...

I believe Andrew Lewis will be in the New Year. He can have a good think about what he is going to do. Frank won't be holding his hand now. Also, he will be given a script (again) but Andrew doesn't work well under pressure when he has to lie. One last chance.

Póló said...

Perhaps my comment on the final comment of the previous post got lost in the cracks, but I found Cornelissen's testimony very disturbing, particularly in its views on how Lenny Harper ran his areas in the force.

It would be good to see a critique of this evidence.

Rob Kent said...

@Polo "but I found Cornelissen's testimony very disturbing"

And me until I realised that Lenny Harper was brought in explicitly to get rid of the culture of corruption and bullying, which he did. But he made some enemies along the way, naturally. A few people lost their jobs as a result and they are behind a lot of the trolling we see. Also, he tipped over the gravy train that several local businesses were running in cahoots with the police force. You would expect people to have knives out for him - no doubt he will give his side of the story (which he already has in his deposition) when he appears.

Póló said...

@Rob Kent

Yes, I agree. That's why I found Cornelissen so disturbing. He seemed a genuine cop. Lenny's mission would not be an excuse for treating the good guys badly, though I accept it may have been difficult for him to figure out who these guys were at the time.

Anonymous said...

The Chief Minister will table an answer to the following question asked by Deputy M.R. Higgins of St. Helier –

“Will the Chief Minister –

(a) explain why the case against former Senator Stuart Syvret for Data Protection offences with which he was charged was dealt with ‘in camera’, when the United Kingdom has only conducted one or 2 such secret trials in terrorism cases, when national security was concerned and sensitive intelligence material was being revealed;

(b) explain to members how much this trial cost, where the funds were sourced and where it is accounted for in the States of Jersey accounts;

(c) explain to members whether any award, compensation, expenses or reward was given to any of the 4 individuals who gave evidence against the former Senator in his trial?”

Rob Kent said...

@Polo "Lenny's mission would not be an excuse for treating the good guys badly,"

I agree. I just reread Cornelissen's evidence and it seems he was treated really badly, which he says Lenny Harper acknowledged later. Sometimes innocent people do get hurt and there are people who overstep the mark but you have to look at the whole context. Not many people come out of this looking good - and I have never gone for the 'good cop/bad cop' dichotomy offered on various blogs.

You could probably find dozens of people who would give damning evidence against Stuart Syvret and they might be right but in the bigger picture there were powerful forces at work.

I can't wait for the new Steve Jobs movie which shows him in all his bullying glory. He was a real monster and not just to his co-workers but to waitresses, medical staff, everyone apart from the people around him he really respected.

So the potential for these kind of grievances exists in any large organisation where there are strong personalities, rivalries, and vertical institutional pressures. You can imagine that that is made ten times worse when you have a sexual scandal that could, famously, 'bring down the government', plus the Jersey system of government, plus some high-profile suspects. In the meantime, everyone is thinking of their next promotion and career path.

The purpose of the COI is for everyone to have their say. Given that you and I have never seen any of this evidence before and have only formed our impressions of people and events based on scraps of information surrounded by clouds of, often vociferous and tendentious, opinion, it it is not surprising that we are now discovering things that cause us to question our assumptions.

As was said in another context: "You may not like them much (Who does?) but we owe them..."

Póló said...

@Rob Kent

With you all the way there.

I don't believe in saints, though some may come near to sainthood in this life. And I am not questioning what Lenny accomplished in very difficult circumstances since his arrival on the island.

It's just that, at this distance, one is inclined to form two dimensional views and the third dimension can sometimes be a bit of a shock.

Anonymous said...

Rico, just to say you are so right to be proud of your blog. For all your excellent and meticulous research, (that the local media are incapable of), thank you and well done. Let's hope Mr Lewis comes clean. Without you and Voice, I dread to think where we might be. Thank you.

voiceforchildren said...


Giving evidence today MICK GRADWELL.