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"Rumours and suspicions are rife about possible foul play. Are the police following lines of inquiry on the basis that Mr Lynch may have been the victim of a crime?

As we have said all along, there is no evidence to suggest any foul play.
However, it would be remiss of us not to constantly look at all the possibilities, although we would emphasise there is no evidence or intelligence to suggest anything other than a tragic incident."

We are now reaching the two week mark and nothing. The States of Jersey Police can't rule anything out because they simply haven't found Adrian Lynch. He is still missing. A healthy, fit, young man has simply vanished from SIGHT.  When you look at his movements and CCTV footage there is nothing that suggests to you that after spending 2hrs 20minutes walking around the Carrefour Salous -  Rue de la Gorlarde area (that he is very familiar with)  he suddenly forgets where he lives. Not only that. He has spent 2hrs 20 minutes being spotted  because he hasn't decided to start walking across muddy fields. Why would he? He is always no further than a 25 minute walk from home. Also, if he was to collapse and pass out this would be quite sudden. I can't imagine him walking over muddy wet fields, in the pitch black, looking for a place to do this. I also can't imagine him searching for a place to hide from the elements - he can walk home. He is walking everywhere else.  

The amazing people who have been out at night in the pitch black looking for Adrian Lynch just think how far Adrian could have got with no torch and probably flat shoes? He hasn't walked into a large forest - he would not be far from the road. These ares have been well searched. Unless he got in a car he is still in the main search areas. Hence the Police and search teams are staying around that area. 

I haven't given up hope that Adrian Lynch is still alive.  Until it is proven otherwise - he is still alive. This answer from DS Gull tells us more than a first glance does:

"What is the most likely scenario that has led Mr Lynch’s disappearance and likely death?
We believe Adrian was in an intoxicated state, got disorientated and got into a situation that he couldn’t get out of which we believe has probably led to his death."

That is a powerful statement and leaves the door open to third party involvement. 

Adrian leaves the Regal Construction Yard at 2.17am he can just be spotted walking past the yard next door back towards Carrefour Salous. He isn't stumbling or staggering. He is walking, at pace at times. He then Vanishes. No more sightings. Why? I don't get it.  My guess is that he walks the very short distance to Rue de la Gorlarde. This takes him off the main road (hence no further sightings) and begins his journey home. Anybody who has houses, outbuildings, fields search them and search them again. If he wanted shelter it must be along the route that leads home. We have all stopped and taken a rest on a walk home maybe he just fell asleep (the cold should have woken him up).. Also the CCTV camera would have spotted if a car had passed the yard shortly after Adrian. We haven't heard anything so my guess is the road was quiet at that time. It would be interesting to see if any cars passed the yard when he was known to be walking on the main road. 

I do ask myself why there hasn't been a bigger plea to the people of Jersey to search their properties from the SOJP. As far as I know, and I stand to be corrected, there was never ever a plea for Adrian Lynch to make contact. It feels that it's starting to disappear from the Media as a major incident. Maybe the police need to do more to make sure it remains in people minds. Are the police constrained by budget when it comes to searching? These sort of major incidents cost money.  Are there published TOR's for Operation Panama?

This is horrendous. There is no evidence according to the police that Adrian Lynch was suicidal. His actions would prove this to be the case. CCTV footage proves that he was sound on his feet. He went walkabout in St Mary/St John for 2hrs 20minutes. There is absolutely no evidence that for some bizarre reason he decided to start walking across muddy wet fields in the pitch black (who would) it seems highly unlikely (and why would he) that he found a place to hide in the pitch dark that night because he was cold. I'm sure everything has been checked three times over. Unless he got in a car he must be in that area. Not only that - he could still be alive. 

Never ever give up hope. 

I hope the family don't give up hope that he is alive. Miracles can and do happen. 

For everyone who has been out there in the cold every day don't give up hope. 

Stay Vigilant. 



December 16th 2015

As the search for Adrian Lynch moves into its 11th day, we put some of the questions Islanders have been asking to the police

THE investigation into the disappearance of missing electrician Adrian Lynch has sparked one of the largest multi-agency operations in the Island in living memory.
Professional search teams using state-of-the-art technology, as well as scores of volunteers, have been combing the Island for the past 11 days.
However, as of Wednesday morning only Mr Lynch’s phone, wallet and belt have been recovered.
The JEP put a number of questions, some of them based on those being asked online by Islanders, to Detective Superintendent Stewart Gull.

Rumours and suspicions are rife about possible foul play. Are the police following lines of inquiry on the basis that Mr Lynch may have been the victim of a crime?
As we have said all along, there is no evidence to suggest any foul play.
However, it would be remiss of us not to constantly look at all the possibilities, although we would emphasise there is no evidence or intelligence to suggest anything other than a tragic incident.

Is a team of detectives working on the case in addition to the search teams? If so, how many?
A team of four Jersey detectives, and four Guernsey detectives, led by Inspector Steve Langford, are working in support of the search operation.
We also have further officers conducting formal house-to-house inquiries.

The police have revealed that Mr Lynch walked into a stranger’s house on the night he disappeared. Are officers actively looking into whether he went into any other homes?
Officers are conducting house-to-house inquiries to see if anyone has any more information on Adrian’s movements the night he went missing. This can be any potential sighting or interaction.

Is there any evidence that Mr Lynch was the subject of a road traffic collision?
There is no evidence to suggest this.

Was the decision not to mobilise the community to come out to help look for Mr Lynch the right one in retrospect? Why was that decision taken?
We believe this was the correct decision to make, and was made following consultation with one of the national search advisers at the College of Policing.
The reasons behind that decision haven’t changed and have been widely communicated to the public and the media.

It has been suggested that members of the public were not welcome to conduct their own searches for fear of disturbing a potential crime scene. Is this true?
This is not something that we have ever said.
We have reiterated throughout that the best support the local community can provide is to check their own land and outbuildings. We have not wanted to expose the public to any form of harm.
With a joined-up professional multi-agency response we have had sufficient resource to conduct a systematic check of our 28 zoned areas. We would encourage the public to keep their eyes open when about the Island in the event they see anything that might be relevant.
We are again requesting householders in the areas, including around Carrefour Selous, to thoroughly check their land and outbuildings, even if seemingly very secure, for any indication of Adrian’s movements or current whereabouts.
He may have curled himself up into a tight ball and secreted himself somewhere to keep warm.
He was wearing a blue suit, white shirt, white T-shirt and black slip-on shoes on the night he disappeared.

Are you holding back evidence, even for sound operational reasons, that explain what might have happened to Mr Lynch?
No evidence is being held back. We appreciate that many rumours are circulating, especially on social media, which are not helpful to the investigation or, more importantly, Adrian’s family.
Adrian’s last movements have been widely publicised and there is nothing to suggest anything in his life would make him want to disappear.
He is essentially a lovely young man, with a lovely family and everything to live for. We believe this to be a very tragic case.

Mr Lynch’s belt was found in the garden of a property in St Lawrence. Was this the same home that he entered?
No, it wasn’t.
Where exactly was Mr Lynch’s phone and wallet found? Were they found together? Does it look like they were placed there or had they been dropped?
Six Roads. Yes, they were found together. It looks as if they were dropped – a short distance from where he was dropped off by the taxi.

Police are still looking to speak to a driver of a car who apparently spoke to Mr Lynch on the night he disappeared. Do the force have any indication as to who that person might be? Is there a stage when, if that person does not come forward, he or she will be treated as a suspect?
No, we have not spoken to this driver yet. A number of people have suggested who it may be and we are following those leads up. There is nothing to suggest this person is a suspect. We believe Adrian was seen after this by a number of people.

It has been said that he may have been suffering from hypothermia. How likely is this considering the temperature was around 10°C?
We are advised by our colleagues that this is possible. Adrian was only wearing a thin suit and walking around in the cold, having consumed alcohol, which is a vasodilator, which means it causes blood vessels to relax and widen and you therefore lose heat.

What is the most likely scenario that has led Mr Lynch’s disappearance and likely death?
We believe Adrian was in an intoxicated state, got disorientated and got into a situation that he couldn’t get out of which we believe has probably led to his death.

Where does the search go from here?
The gold group are reviewing the search and investigation on a daily basis.

Have or will the search teams begin looking on the coast or in the sea?
Channel Islands Air Search have flown over the north coast on two separate days and there have been searches in the northern parishes.

The search cannot go on forever. Is there a set time or date when emergency services have agreed to end the search?
No – this remains under daily review, subject to professional expertise and judgment in addition to developing intelligence.

Was Mr Lynch on any medication before he disappeared or did he suffer from any mental health issues?
As said earlier, there is nothing in Adrian’s life to suggest he would want to disappear or hurt himself.

Are police tracking his bank accounts with the idea he may have wanted to disappear?
As part of any investigation a person’s bank accounts may be looked at. This has been done in this case. However, there has been no activity on his accounts.

Have you had any clear indication why Adrian was dropped off by the taxi where he was?
Adrian asked the taxi driver to be dropped off just short of the Six Roads junction.
We understand Adrian had been dropped in this area before and walked the final bit of the way home. Not every journey, but he had been known to do it in the past.

Bailiwick Express
Police are still leading the search for missing Adrian Lynch and are planning to make a decision early next week on how to continue the operation.
And one of the searchers has revealed that the missing 20-year-old’s mother has been cooking for the teams who have been out scouring the Island night and day to find the young man.
Police have also issued an updated map covering the area where they are looking for Adrian in the investigation codenamed Operation Panama.
They have emphasised that no decision has been taken to scale down or end the search, but that they will review the status of the operation early next week.

Rico Sorda

Friday, December 11, 2015


Adrian Lynch was possibly knocking on doors in St Lawrence around 1:30am on Saturday morning.
Jersey Police have released more details of his last known movements, saying he could have been calling at houses on Rue Du Douet de la Rue.
His last known sighting has also changed; a homeowner saw him on Clos de Devant around 2am, after previous sightings of him at Bon Air Stables.
Below are details of all the known sightings of him from midnight on Friday evening.
  • 0:00 - Adrian is dropped off by a taxi at the junction of La Rue and Ruette D'Avranches.
  • 0:00 - Adrian spoken to by a driver just South of Carrefour Selous.
  • 0:00-0:30 - Two further potential sightings in the same area of Carrefour Selous.
  • 1:00 - Seen by a member of the public in Rue de la Golarde.
  • 1:10 - Seen by a homeowner on Rue de la Gorlarde.
  • 1:30 - Possibly knocking on doors on La Rue du Douet de la Rue.
  • 1:30-2 - Sightings in the area of Bon Air Riding Stables by two witnesses
  • 2:00 - Seen at Clos de Devant, seen by homeowner






    Police in Jersey are searching for a missing man.
    20-year old Adrian Lynch is described a slim, tanned with short black hair.
    He was last seen wearing a blue suit and white shirt.
    If you have any information that could help police with their enquiries call 612612.


    Jersey Police have launched a search operation to find a 20-year-old man who has been missing for two nights.
    Adrian Lynch had been to a work party at the Merton Hotel on Friday night, he left the party at 12pm and took a taxi to the area of Six Roads in St Lawrence.
    Officers believe he was last seen in the early hours of the morning at around 1am in La Rue de La Golarde heading west towards Garden Scene Nursery.
    It's thought he could have been walking towards La Rue de Bel Air.
    As the temperature drops and it has been raining in Jersey, police are worried about Adrian and are asking land owners in the area to check their properties, outbuildings, sheds and gardens .
    Adrian is described as having a slim to proportionate build, short straight black hair of Asian appearance. He was last seen wearing a light blue suit and a white shirt.
    If you have any information call police on (01534) 612612.

    Friends described missing man as 'steady on his feet and talkative' when last seen

    A 20-year-old man, who's been missing in Jersey since Friday night, has been described by friends as 'steady on his feet and talkative' when he was last seen leaving a work party to catch a taxi.
    Detective Chief Inspector, Lee Turner says they are more concerned about Adrian Lynch's physical welfare rather than his mental welfare as he could be outside in the cold and rain without suitable clothing.

    [There is] no indication of anything untoward at the party, no indication of anything untoward in terms of Adrian's state of mind or well-being. He had had a few drinks but was described as relatively steady on his feet and talkative.

    ( How did he get so disorientated  in the space of a 15 minute Taxi Journey?)

    Jersey Police have explained why they're not asking for the public to help search for missing 20-year-old Adrian Lynch at this time.
    The force has posted on it's Facebook page, saying it appreciates offers of help and support from members of the public.
    It says there are five agencies being used in the search and it doesn't want to 'prejudice the current coordinated efforts'.
    But officers are continuing to ask residents to check their properties and outbuildings for any signs of Adrian.


    Emergency services will continue the search for missing 20-year-old Adrian Lynch overnight tonight.
    ITV News has mapped his last know movements in the early hours of Saturday morning.

    4,000 leaflets with a photo of Adrian have been delivered to houses in St Lawrence, St Mary and St John today.
    Police believe there is a chance he is still alive somewhere, trapped or hurt and people in the three parishes are being asked to check their properties.

    A dive team were involved in the search yesterday.
    He was last seen in the early hours of Saturday morning in the Bon Air Stables area, after getting in a taxi following a Christmas party.
    Police are increasingly concerned about him, he's been missing for three nights now.

    Adrian was at a Christmas party at the Merton Hotel on Friday evening when he got a taxi to the Carrefour Selous area in St Lawrence, about a mile away from his family home.
    The move is apparently normal for Adrian after a night out.
    He was later seen at 1:10 am on La Rue De La Golarde and then in the Bon Air Stables area around 2 am.
    Police say his wallet, belt and phone have been found.
    They believe he could still be alive somewhere, trapped or injured.
    Residents in St Lawrence, St Mary and St John are being asked to search their properties, 


    Here is a Q &  A from Detective Superintendent  Stewart Gull that appeared today ,Friday 11th December 2015 on the Bailiwick Express website. I have also included the CCTV Footage that was released today. 

    Detective Superintendent Stewart Gull is the officer heading the operation to find missing Adrian Lynch.
    In an interview with Bailiwick Express, he revealed what the police have learned so far, and how they intend to carry on as the efforts to find Adrian stretch beyond the seven-day mark.

    Q – “What have you learned so far?”
    A – “We have continued to secure suspected sightings or contacts with him between about 12 midnight when he was dropped off, and 2 am. We had initially 16 sightings, but we have discounted one, which we know cannot have been him. They are all in a fairly tight knit area in the north of St Lawrence and Carrefour Selous and north of there. We did secure yesterday – and we will be releasing details of this – CCTV footage. We cannot identify that it’s him but in all probability we think it probably is him, walking past business premises at 2.09 am, going north towards St John and then eight minutes later he comes back through – he has turned around and come back again.”
    Q – “What do you think has happened?”
    A – “All of that reinforces our hypothesis that he was disoriented, and probably in the early stages of hypothermia. The removal of clothing is often associated with the early stages of hypothermia. One or two witnesses described him as being just in a white shirt which would suggest that he has removed his jacket. We found his belt in addition to which, a member of the public had earlier found his wallet and phone. That reinforces our view that he was inebriated, he was disoriented and a minimum of 15 or 16 sightings or contacts is fairly significant in a fairly tight area, which reinforces our view that we have been searching in the right area, despite of course being very frustrated that we cannot find him. I think that he virtually walked into a house and was confronted by a member of the public, and was challenged, and he then realised that he was in the wrong place and quickly walked out of the house. Somebody else heard what we believe is him scratching on their door and another witness has decribed him shouting ‘Ella, Ella’, and we know that he knows someone of that name.”
    Q – “You have said in the last few days that it’s unlikely that you’ll find him alive.”
    A – “We do believe he has come to an unfortunate and untimely end. We have spoken to the taxi driver and taken a statement – we have traced 15 or 16 witnesses and taken statements from them which helps to piece together his last movements.”
    Q – “What kind of work are you doing as the search approaches its seventh day?”
    A – “There is some conventional investigative work going on in the background – house-to-house inquiries, reviewing CCTV footage and interviewing witnesses. That’s not just taking statements from witnesses, it has involved taking them back to St Lawrence, St Mary and St John just to be completely clear on where they were. We are having a good look at his phone and mobile data and talking to family and friends to see if there is anything there that is not known to us that may give an indication as to where he is.
    Q – “What about the public efforts to join the search and help – is that helping or hindering?”
    A – “Clearly, we understand the public and the community’s desire to want to seem to be actively involved. We have not actively encouraged it. We have had 50 to 80 professionals on the ground each day. Proper searching is very professional – we need to be organised and focussed and we have specialist officers to assess, and we go about it in designated zones based on points of last contact and sightings, potential lines of walking either to his home address or back to the Merton Hotel. He indicated to one witness that he was going to go back to the Merton, and that indicates some disorientation. We cannot discourage people from searching, but the best support that the local community can give is by clearing the ground from under our feet. It’s really important that residents, businesses and landowners check and double check that he is not in a garden, in a shed, in an outbuilding or in a ditch. That is the best support. Certainly, at night, we would not encourage searching. It is incredibly dark out there, you can’t see your hand in front of your face. The last thing that we want to be doing is searching for someone else who has gone astray or who has come to some harm.
    Q – “What are your plans for the next few days?”
    A - “We are working closely with the family, we are re-searching areas that we have already been through and putting fresh eyes through there to be sure. Special sonar equipment arrives late this afternoon to be deployed on Saturday, Sunday and Monday to look at deeper and open water. There is some fairly deep water – ponds and reservoirs – so that is something that the Jersey Fire and Rescue Service cannot penetrate. Of course, if he is in there, we will hopefully find him. We continue the house-to-house work, we are undertaking an ‘anniversary road check’ this evening at Carrefour Selous, exactly seven days on, because it’s not inconceivable that we get the same people travelling through. Members of the public sometimes think that they do not want to trouble police with things that they have seen.”


    What we are absolutely sure about is that Adrien Lynch is still missing. He is out there waiting to be found. I haven't given up hope that he will be found alive. A small chance granted but a chance. The million dollar question being what happened when he got dropped off? There is absolutely nothing to suggest that Adrien was drunk. And I quote: 

    "[There is] no indication of anything untoward at the party, no indication of anything untoward in terms of Adrian's state of mind or well-being. He had had a few drinks but was described as relatively steady on his feet and talkative.

    This does tally up with the CCTV footage shot at 2:09 where it shows Adrian walking past an industrial yard. He looks to be walking with a good pace and in a straight line plus not forgetting he hasn't had a drink for two hours.  

    I'm a little curios about this quote from Stuart Gull from above:

    "One or two witnesses described him as being just in a white shirt which would suggest that he has removed his jacket. We found his belt in addition to which, a member of the public had earlier found his wallet and phone. That reinforces our view that he was inebriated, he was disoriented"

    If he has removed his jacket why hasn't it been found? You normally remove a jacket when you enter a house. Adrian also looks to be keeping to the roads and not going across fields etc. The Police want to be able to search this area without the public getting in the way. So much easier for the owners of fields and property to check themselves and report to the police.  

    Adrien would have left the Merton about 11.45 to get to the area of Carrefour Salous. At 11.45 he was of sound mind to know where he was heading. Work colleagues had stated he was sound on his feet. This has proved correct when you look at the walking he had done and CCTV footage.  He had done this before. From midnight onwards it all goes seriously wrong. Why? Are we saying he remembered that he needed to get to Carrefour Salous and fifteen minutes later he couldn't remember how to get home? That doesn't make sense. They only thing I can think of to explain his disorientation is that he was slipped something at the Merton not long before leaving or he was slipped something in the Carrefour Salous area between midnight and 1pm.

    His family need him back. Simple as that. If there is anybody out there who has information regarding the events of that night then please come forward and end the horrendous pain and suffering that Adrien's family must be suffering. 

    Rico Sorda

    Part Time Investigative Journalist

    Wednesday, December 9, 2015



     Twenty year old Adrian Lynch went missing on the night of the 4th/5th of December. He had attended a works Christmas party at the Merton Hotel and was dropped off by Taxi at around midnight on friday the 4th December in the vicinity of Carrefour Selous in St Lawrence.

    What happened from midnight onwards is a mystery. What we know is that a young man is still missing. We are now at day Five and nothing.  They have found his wallet, phone and belt.  Adrian Lynch has disappeared. 

    One can only imagine what  family and friends are going through. 

    I have noticed a growing anger over the past couple of days towards the Police operation to find him. No one can doubt that everyone who has given their time and energy in searching for Adrian have been nothing but totally committed and professional.  But has it been enough? Was his disappearance given the importance that it deserved. We are now at day five heading into day six. Why no Island Wide search? Why not ask the public across the island to check out buildings, Valleys, gardens you name it bloody check it. If I went missing I would want as many eyes out there as possible looking. I fully understand the Police not wanting to do this because of the amount of organising it would take but better to find someone alive and quickly than deceased. 

    The Police are starting door to door tomorrow.

    One of his friends started an online petition the other day because they thought that the Police search was going to be called off. Even if wires were crossed, and this wasn't quite right, fair play for him doing so. People want to help. People want to help for all number of reasons. Something very strange happened to Adrian Lynch once he got out of the taxi. His actions, movements,  as reported in the Jersey Media, remind me of someone who has had his drink spiked. Pure speculation on my part but that's what it looks like to me. Who say's he didn't get in a car at some stage? Just a thought.

    We are a 9x5 Island. 

    Everybody who lives out in the country parishes just go and have a good look around your property. He is out there waiting to be found.  People who walk the North Coast be extra vigilant. People who walk through the valleys keep an eye out for something unusual. 

    Just because we live in peaceful Jersey don't be afraid to think out of the box and express your thoughts. Things happen. Bad things can happen. 

    These are just mine.  

    Why no appeal from the Police for Adrian to come home or to make contact.?

    Adrian Lynch is out there waiting to be found. 

    Please let him be found soon. 

    All our thoughts and love go to his family and friends. 

    Rico Sorda