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 Twenty year old Adrian Lynch went missing on the night of the 4th/5th of December. He had attended a works Christmas party at the Merton Hotel and was dropped off by Taxi at around midnight on friday the 4th December in the vicinity of Carrefour Selous in St Lawrence.

What happened from midnight onwards is a mystery. What we know is that a young man is still missing. We are now at day Five and nothing.  They have found his wallet, phone and belt.  Adrian Lynch has disappeared. 

One can only imagine what  family and friends are going through. 

I have noticed a growing anger over the past couple of days towards the Police operation to find him. No one can doubt that everyone who has given their time and energy in searching for Adrian have been nothing but totally committed and professional.  But has it been enough? Was his disappearance given the importance that it deserved. We are now at day five heading into day six. Why no Island Wide search? Why not ask the public across the island to check out buildings, Valleys, gardens you name it bloody check it. If I went missing I would want as many eyes out there as possible looking. I fully understand the Police not wanting to do this because of the amount of organising it would take but better to find someone alive and quickly than deceased. 

The Police are starting door to door tomorrow.

One of his friends started an online petition the other day because they thought that the Police search was going to be called off. Even if wires were crossed, and this wasn't quite right, fair play for him doing so. People want to help. People want to help for all number of reasons. Something very strange happened to Adrian Lynch once he got out of the taxi. His actions, movements,  as reported in the Jersey Media, remind me of someone who has had his drink spiked. Pure speculation on my part but that's what it looks like to me. Who say's he didn't get in a car at some stage? Just a thought.

We are a 9x5 Island. 

Everybody who lives out in the country parishes just go and have a good look around your property. He is out there waiting to be found.  People who walk the North Coast be extra vigilant. People who walk through the valleys keep an eye out for something unusual. 

Just because we live in peaceful Jersey don't be afraid to think out of the box and express your thoughts. Things happen. Bad things can happen. 

These are just mine.  

Why no appeal from the Police for Adrian to come home or to make contact.?

Adrian Lynch is out there waiting to be found. 

Please let him be found soon. 

All our thoughts and love go to his family and friends. 

Rico Sorda


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the post Rico. Hope they find the lad safe and we'll.

Jane said...

Hi Rico, this awful story has touched the whole Island's hearts, we all feel for the family and are still hoping Adrian will come home/be found. I doubt there isn't a garden, hedge or field anywhere that hasn't been checked by the public. We're all looking in our own areas, you can walk a fair way in a few hours. I have a son the same age, I wouldn't want any search to stop till he is found.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for spreading awareness of this troubling case. I am a parent of a son the same age and hope I never have to go through what this young man's parents must be going through right now and I would feel humbled and thankful to all - like yourself - who are helping the effort through social media.

Anonymous said...

I concur with the comment @December 9, 2015 at 8:45 PM. The wider this story can be spread the better. As a parent of two children of similar age to Adrian I too would be thankful and humbled for any publicity in finding my child. Thank-you Mr Sorda.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this Rico and asking the questions most are too scared to ask. Because this is what helps keep the authorities on their toes knowing that people are watching what they are or aren't doing. This can only be a positive thing if it puts pressure on them to act proffessionally and in the best interests of Adrian and his family. Good work son and praying for the best outcome.

rico sorda said...

All I want and it's the same as everybody else is for Adrian to be found safe and well. Obviously as time goes on this becomes a less likely an outcome but we should not give up hope. The pain and stress for family and friends must be horrendous. From the outset this was a strange disappearance. One minute he is being spotted at different locations in a small area and then vanishes.

But as we enter day six the truth of the matter is that he is still missing.

Let us hope that tomorrow brings good news.


rico sorda said...

One alarming aspect that comes through since writing this blog is some peoples reaction to it. There is an instant programmed response reaction that kicks in. It's like no one is allowed to question anything. You get jumped on for asking a question. A young man has tragically gone missing in Jersey in strange circumstance and you can't mention anything. When did so many become so programmed?

Day 6

Let us hope that he is found today.


Gillian Gracia said...

Well done Rico for this blog, as I too believe no stone should be left unturned Island wide. One of my immediate thoughts when I heard of his bizarre behaviour after leaving the taxi was that he could have had his drink spiked.

I know only to well from personal experience how harrowing waiting for news of a loved one's well being is. It is the not knowing that is the worst, and every inch of my being goes out to Adrian's parents.

Anonymous said...

There seems to be some misunderstanding as to the Police view on members of the public helping with the search. What they have indicated is that they cannot cope with organising a large influx of people helping with their search. What was added to this mornings police statement is that people can organise their own searches, but to be careful not to get into any difficulties. Doubtless,individuals have already been conducting searches over the last few days.

ex JHB

stewart said...

out of sympathy for the family and not being in full possession of the known facts, I reluctantly, nevertheless, Ask myself whether every possible scenario has been considered such as the following fiction.
Was a young man wandering the back roads late at night when he was struck by the driver of a car returning home from a night of drinking. Did the driver and possibly a passenger then alight from the car to find a young man lying in the road injured. Perhaps they genuinely tried to tend to the seriously injured young man at the roadside and took off his jacket, possibly when his wallet and belt were discarded. These people panicked when they realized that the man that they had hit was not responding and they put him in the car to take him to the hospital. Is it then possible that they then realized that they would ultimately be breathalized and found to be over the legal driving limit and ultimately implicated in a very serious incident. On their way to get help after vainly knocking on a few doors to try to get help. In their impaired state of mind and ina state of shock, is it possible that they decided to dump the young man when they realized that he had possibly died and they drove to a remote part of the North coast to hide all the evidence in the sea>
It may be a ridiculous scenario, but is it one which has been considered by the authorities.

rico sorda said...

Hi Stewart,

So many people are thinking something along those lines. The simple fact is that he has vanished. He has hidden himself from view unintentionally or someone else has.

With the weekend approaching and people out and making their way home everyone must remain vigilant until Adrian is found and the true facts are known. He has vanished without trace. This doesn't happen in Jersey. i still hold out hope that by some miracle he is alive.

My heart goes out to his family and friends during this horrendous time.

The police, at this moment, seem reluctant to go down the route of foul play. It can't be ruled out. Everyone must remain vigilant especially in the country parishes when heading home.


Mark Pearce said...

Stewart raises a point that has crossed a few people's minds. This may relate to the Police's instruction to not search in St.Peter overnight. Perhaps they have some evidence that they can't afford to have contaminated. They should still be transparent with the public if that is the case. Poor lad. I still hope he's found safe and sound somewhere.

Anonymous said...

You might be right about his drink being spiked.

Anonymous said...

Your blog is well needed I think Rico, I haven't stopped thinking about Adrian he is a year younger than my son. I don't like using past tense it's over a week but how can a lad just disappear on a small island. I live in the sister island, I know that we would be out searching, this is a thought - there is a Dowsing group in Guernsey - Dowsing the ancient art can be used by using a pendulum and if the dowser is good at his trade he/she can find objects. The Guernsey dowsing group are in the telephone directory you may have one in Jersey but it is a thought as we are now day 8/9 it's getting to be more than critical.

Stoller said...

I too have considered the exact same scenario.

Stoller said...

I am perplexed as to why the Police have not expanded to an island wide search by now. If it is a manpower issue then they should be bringing trained people over to facilitate this. We are fast approaching the two week mark since Adrian disappeared and still no answers. I do think that person(s) are involved with his disappearance that somebody on this island knows something and they are not letting on as it were.