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Adrian Lynch has now been missing for a month. Right from the outset this didn't look right.  two hours twenty minutes walking around the Carrefour Salous - Rue de la Gorlarde area and he just vanishes. All that's been found are his phone, wallet and belt.  The Police seemed to get fixated on Adrian suffering from hypothermia, being disorientated and unable to find his way home. This sounded ridiculous to me then and sounds ridiculous to me now.  They have searched St. Lawrence, St Mary and St John. These parishes have been searched so well that they have now stopped searching and have literally stopped searching anywhere.  They are only going to search on intelligence received from now on. Does this mean that they don't believe that Adrian is in the open? If not, why haven't they searched the neighbouring parishes? 

It would be nice if the motorists who passed Thistle Grove, the last known sighting of Adrian Lynch would come forward. Especially the car that passed  at 2:23am heading north. This was captured on CCTV. 

On the 31st December Team Voice walked the route taken by Adrian. One of the things that we wanted to check was how long it took to walk from Thistle Grove back into Rue de la Gorlarde. We walked at a medium pace. It took exactly 4 minutes. That first car that passes Adrien heading North was 6 minutes from the last sighting.  It's imperative that the driver of this vehicle comes forward to the police. If this car was coming from  Carrefour Salous area they would have had a very good chance of spotting Adrian. The road is so tight. Most cars would be on high beam. If Adrian had turned into Rue de la Gorlarde and started the walk home there is a good chance this car would have missed him. They need to come forward.  The other observation was that we walked this in a stiff  wind with a temperature of ten degrees. We walked for an hour and it certainly gets the blood pumping. Adrian was on the go for 2hrs 20 minutes. There is absolutely no reason to believe that Adrian would start walking across fields or at worse look for shelter. Remember, it is pitch black. This is why he has been sticking to the roads. If he had stopped off then surely it would have been just off the road. Three weeks of searching these three parishes and nothing. The searching has been called off. That means they are quite certain that they have covered all possible areas. Yet nothing. Vanished. It would have been nice if the Police could have put some posters up around the search areas as a reminder that this young man is still missing. There was nothing. 

This was an article that appeared in the Jersey Evening Post on the 29th December 2015

"DETECTIVES investigating the disappearance of Adrian Lynch are appealing for the drivers of a car and a taxi seen on the road where the 20-year-old was last spotted to come forward.
It has now been more than three weeks since the electrician vanished following a work’s Christmas party at the Merton Hotel on Friday 4 December.

Now the police have issued an appeal for the driver or occupants of a car that passed the area at 2.23 am, six minutes after Adrian is believed to have been seen in the area, to come forward.
‘The make and model of this vehicle is unknown but it is believed to be a high roofed car, possibly dark coloured,’ Detective Superintendent Stewart Gull said.
Officers also want to speak to the driver of a taxi that passed the area at 2.34 am.

Anyone with any information should contact the States police on 612612.

It's hard to tell if the Police are being pro active in finding Adrian or waiting for him to turn up. 220 leads and  170 outstanding. Six detectives on the case. Surely there needs to be a big push in finding Adrian. Why aren't the other parishes being searched? as Detective Superintendent Stewart Gull stated this is "unprecedented". Questions have to asked and you should never be afraid to ask them. At the end of the day a young man is still missing. 

Adrian's phone, wallet and belt have been found. The phone and wallet is just so strange. The police have had the phone for a month now and no doubt have access to Adrian's data. If this reveals nothing then we really are looking at something so random. Everyone, especially youngsters, reach for their phone every two minutes. Most will do this just to check the time. Did Adrian wear a watch? A lot has been said about Adrian being disorientated and so on but I keep going back to this quote from Sunday 6th December 2015. 

A 20-year-old man, who's been missing in Jersey since Friday night, has been described by friends as 'steady on his feet and talkative' when he was last seen leaving a work party to catch a taxi.
Detective Chief Inspector, Lee Turner says they are more concerned about Adrian Lynch's physical welfare rather than his mental welfare as he could be outside in the cold and rain without suitable clothing.

[There is] no indication of anything untoward at the party, no indication of anything untoward in terms of Adrian's state of mind or well-being. He had had a few drinks but was described as relatively steady on his feet and talkative.

 How or why did it go so wrong once he got out of the taxi?

Walks around for 2hrs 20minutes then losses his belt, wallet, phone and  just vanishes. This isn't the norm. I don't care what anybody Say's it's not the norm. 

Is it time to get this case peer reviewed by an outside force? They thought Adrian Lynch was suffering from hypothermia, looked for shelter and died where he lay. After a month of intensive searching of three parishes this doesn't look like the case. Now they are stuck. If Adrian's phone revealed nothing out of the ordinary. No solid leads via a sent email or phone call then it's time for an independent set of eyes to be called in and look at this case. Something might have been missed. 

The family deserve to have their son back.  This should be the biggest missing persons hunt that that Jersey has ever witnessed.  It isn't. It has stopped. Why? Money & Budget? We are 9x5.

That driver at 2.23am must come forward or be found.  

That car is in the critical time. Heading North. Have the Police headed North?

Something Random and unplanned happened after 2:17am 

Rico Sorda

Part Time Investigative Journalist 


Anonymous said...

All.good points Rico. Not least that you say about the need got an external police review. Can you imagine if Power and Harper had been overseeing such a shambles? The Establishment, their media and trolls would have been in a frenzy.

Anonymous said...

very sad and very peculiar that the taxi driver hasnt come forward to eliminate himself from the enquiry at least. sniffer dogs would find a body if one is out in the open and looking at the search pattern it isnt exactly extensive. I think get the dogs in and organise a feild by feild search with volunteers and honourary police - most importantly you have to be seen to be doing something.

rico sorda said...


Friday 11th December 2015

Q – “What have you learned so far?”
A – “We have continued to secure suspected sightings or contacts with him between about 12 midnight when he was dropped off, and 2 am. We had initially 16 sightings, but we have discounted one, which we know cannot have been him. They are all in a fairly tight knit area in the north of St Lawrence and Carrefour Selous and north of there. We did secure yesterday – and we will be releasing details of this – CCTV footage. We cannot identify that it’s him but in all probability we think it probably is him, walking past business premises at 2.09 am, going north towards St John and then eight minutes later he comes back through – he has turned around and come back again.”

Q – “What do you think has happened?”
A – “All of that reinforces our hypothesis that he was disoriented, and probably in the early stages of hypothermia. The removal of clothing is often associated with the early stages of hypothermia. One or two witnesses described him as being just in a white shirt which would suggest that he has removed his jacket. We found his belt in addition to which, a member of the public had earlier found his wallet and phone. That reinforces our view that he was inebriated, he was disoriented and a minimum of 15 or 16 sightings or contacts is fairly significant in a fairly tight area, which reinforces our view that we have been searching in the right area, despite of course being very frustrated that we cannot find him. I think that he virtually walked into a house and was confronted by a member of the public, and was challenged, and he then realised that he was in the wrong place and quickly walked out of the house. Somebody else heard what we believe is him scratching on their door and another witness has decribed him shouting ‘Ella, Ella’, and we know that he knows someone of that name.”

Q – “You have said in the last few days that it’s unlikely that you’ll find him alive.”
A – “We do believe he has come to an unfortunate and untimely end. We have spoken to the taxi driver and taken a statement – we have traced 15 or 16 witnesses and taken statements from them which helps to piece together his last movements.”

Q – “What kind of work are you doing as the search approaches its seventh day?”
A – “There is some conventional investigative work going on in the background – house-to-house inquiries, reviewing CCTV footage and interviewing witnesses. That’s not just taking statements from witnesses, it has involved taking them back to St Lawrence, St Mary and St John just to be completely clear on where they were. We are having a good look at his phone and mobile data and talking to family and friends to see if there is anything there that is not known to us that may give an indication as to where he is.

rico sorda said...

Q – “What about the public efforts to join the search and help – is that helping or hindering?”
A – “Clearly, we understand the public and the community’s desire to want to seem to be actively involved. We have not actively encouraged it. We have had 50 to 80 professionals on the ground each day. Proper searching is very professional – we need to be organised and focussed and we have specialist officers to assess, and we go about it in designated zones based on points of last contact and sightings, potential lines of walking either to his home address or back to the Merton Hotel. He indicated to one witness that he was going to go back to the Merton, and that indicates some disorientation. We cannot discourage people from searching, but the best support that the local community can give is by clearing the ground from under our feet. It’s really important that residents, businesses and landowners check and double check that he is not in a garden, in a shed, in an outbuilding or in a ditch. That is the best support. Certainly, at night, we would not encourage searching. It is incredibly dark out there, you can’t see your hand in front of your face. The last thing that we want to be doing is searching for someone else who has gone astray or who has come to some harm.

Q – “What are your plans for the next few days?”
A - “We are working closely with the family, we are re-searching areas that we have already been through and putting fresh eyes through there to be sure. Special sonar equipment arrives late this afternoon to be deployed on Saturday, Sunday and Monday to look at deeper and open water. There is some fairly deep water – ponds and reservoirs – so that is something that the Jersey Fire and Rescue Service cannot penetrate. Of course, if he is in there, we will hopefully find him. We continue the house-to-house work, we are undertaking an ‘anniversary road check’ this evening at Carrefour Selous, exactly seven days on, because it’s not inconceivable that we get the same people travelling through. Members of the public sometimes think that they do not want to trouble police with things that they have seen.”

Anonymous said...

Q – “You have said in the last few days that it’s unlikely that you’ll find him alive.”

A – “We do believe he has come to an unfortunate and untimely end. We have spoken to the taxi driver and taken a statement – we have traced 15 or 16 witnesses and taken statements from them which helps to piece together his last movements.”

After only 7days. Talk about giving up. They should be in houses with the dogs.

Anonymous said...

I think the Police handling of this search has been highly incompetent. To rule out searching the remainder of the island because of a lack of viable intelligence is quite simply ridiculous. When Nicolas and Elizabeth Newell went missing, the whole island was searched including the cliff paths.

Anonymous said...

You are all morons, the police aren't going to reveal their whole investigation to the public just because you want them too! How do you know that they haven't uncovered some highly sensitive evidence that could jeopardise the case if released? If you actually read some of the info they have released they have cut down on searching as they feel if they look into the other 150 lines of enquiry they have then they may turn up something more useful that will reveal his location. They have contacted the national services for missing person for advice and have had various UK police forces over helping with the search. You have to remember that firstly the police force we have is receiving various cutbacks to their service, thanks the the states, and are also a very small force, with only around 100 active p.c. officers for the whole island. You say "let the public get involved" well the public aren't trained in proper established search method and don't have the skills our officers are trained to have. To say they have been incompetent is just a pathetic cop out, do some research into what is happening rather than getting all your information out of the JEP, and give the police some slack. I know personally that the majority of every officer, detective and other persons working there were involved with searching and they actually have cases to go back to deal with, such as the historic abuse cases over here etc, Which were all put on hold to find this young man.

rico sorda said...

They haven't found Adrian though have they.

Are the specialist dogs still over? If not, how long were they here for.

Never be afraid to be called a Moron as its a lot better than being called a sheep.

Lyndon's PR said...

Never mind. Focus on the great front page news that a Canadian mining company are to 'relocate' their Head Office to Jersey! This will do wonders for the economy. Won't it?

voiceforchildren said...


The commenter @ January 5, 2016 at 8:33 AM let's him/herself down by starting off the comment with a personal attack (morons). We can have differences of opinion without lowering the level of debate by name-calling.

The commenter (besides the personal name-calling) does make some good points but don't really appear to be against what you are saying/posting. I don't think anybody is arguing that the cops/Hobbie Bobbies/Fire Service etc have not done a phenomenal amount of work in searching for Adrian. Lots, and lots, of work doesn't make it "quality" it makes it "quantity."

Stuart Gull used the key word here when he said it was "unprecedented." A quick look in the dictionary tells you: "adjective
never done or known before." The Jersey Authorities (according to Stuart Gull) have never done anything like this before, so how do we (and more importantly Adrian's family) know the cops have/are doing a good job if they've never done it before?

As you make mention of in your post, the Jersey Police Force has not been externally, and independently, inspected since 2008. How do we know they are adhering to nationally recognised standards?

Since the search for Adrian is unprecedented and he's not been found it is a sensible idea to suggest that "Operation Panama" is externally reviewed by an outside police force to see if any "lesson's could be learned."

Of course we know there is a problem with that as it is widely believed since the MET Review of Operation Rectangle was so badly abused by our authorities there's a good chance (certainly the MET) that outside police forces now will having nothing to do with Jersey so won't review anything in case it gets used against officers in disciplinary cases.

There are a lot of unanswered questions surrounding the disappearance of Adrian and the police investigation/search. Well done to you for asking questions and keeping Adrian's disappearance in the public domain.

As you also mentioned in your post, why were there NO posters of Adrian in the area(s) he was last seen? You and I retraced Adrian's footsteps and didn't come across one poster of him (other than the shop) Now the police might have a very good reason for this and hopefully they will make it clear?

Why, from the very start, have the police never asked Adrian to make contact? Ok after a few days they might start thinking the worst has happened to him but even from the very start there was never an appeal for him to make contact......Why not?

I'm not having a go at the cops and those who have been searching for Adrian I'm asking questions. The commenter calling people morons makes another good point (not about morons) The States have slashed the SOJP budget, do the SOJP need more money for this investigation/search? I would say "yes" so will expect to hear Christina Moore asking for it in the States.

Is it the case that the SOJP can't afford to do a proper job?

My thoughts, hopes and prayers, are with Adrian and his family.

Anonymous said...

Does this blog operate with a crystal ball or something else for that matter at least you have the balls to say what most of us are thinking and talking about. I agree with what you say.

Anonymous said...

Rico, you are right about this investigation needing to be reviewed. Just seen it on channel television web page.

Anonymous said...

Bowron won't want the investigation reviewed in case it leads to his illegal removal from post. He will be well aware what happened to Graham Power and will not want the same treatment. Prayers are with Adrian and his loved ones.

Anonymous said...

Why aren't the police saying a young man has been drugged then kidnapped.To me this is just as a likely scenario as a relatively sober man suffering from hyperthermia and curling up in a ball with his jacket over his head on one of the mildest nights ever recorded in December.Some of the comments from Inspector Gull are quite bizarre.I hope these comments don't upset anyone but I'm fed up with the police being adamant that there is no foul play involved.How would they know until they find him.I'm no conspiracy theorist but the police handling of this case is as they say themselves 'unprecedented'.

rico sorda said...

You are quite right.

For me the car driver at 2.23am has got to come forward. That is key. Adrian was last seen at 2.17am heading South and the car, possibly a jeep, was heading North.

I'm getting a lot of comments regarding the man who burnt his boatyard down. That is for the police. I'm sure they have checked it all out.

voiceforchildren said...


Jersey Lieutenant Governor to give evidence at CHILD ABUSE INQUIRY?