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From the above interview, I find myself asking the simple question. If they still believe that Adrian is curled up in a little ball somewhere with his jacket over his head why have they called off the (boots on the ground) search? If they are confident that they have covered everywhere significant in the three parishes why do they still believe this?  They say there is no evidence to suggest foul play but is there really any evidence to suggest there isn't foul play? A phone, wallet and belt discarded and Adrian just vanishes. He vanishes. No sightings from 2:17am onwards. I find it incredible that the people who were in the area between 12:00am  and 4:00am and have been asked to come forward have failed to do so. Especially the driver at 2:23am. It would seriously help the Police if this person came forward. 

The idea that Adrian was involved in a road traffic accident seem very remote. The police don't believe this to be the case but need to eliminate it from their enquiries. On the 16th December 2015 DS Stewart Gull gave a question and answer to the JEP.  

This was mentioned:

"Is there any evidence that Mr Lynch was the subject of a road traffic collision?

There is no evidence to suggest this."

There was no evidence then and there is no evidence now. The likely hood of someone knocking Adrian over and just doing a hit and run is far greater than someone knocking him over, realising he is seriously injured, not phoning the services, then trying to lift a lad who is 5ft 9" weighing somewhere around 10/11 stone into a car and to do what exactly? Put him somewhere? It doesn't make sense. It's not logical. Would you knock someone over, get them into the car, then hide that person, then go get your car fixed? It makes more sense that Adrian might have got into a car. But even that is not looking likely. You stop and help or you just drive off. Why would he get into a car? It would be a stranger. The Police have his phone. They will know if there are any text messages or phone calls between 12:00am and 2:17am. The car theory would have to be something totally random and very, very unlucky on Adrian's part. Unlucky that he got into a car with a total fruitcake. What are the odds on that? The car travelling at 2.23am was heading North. Adrian was heading South.  The most logical explanation as to no sightings is that on his walk back to Carrefour Salous he left the main road and turned into Rue de la Gorlarde. It's a 4 minute walk and he starts heading home. Between walking into Rue de la Gorlade and his home address Adrian Lynch vanishes. The police have searched this area extensively and no sign of him. Has he found the perfect place to take shelter? Obviously not out in the open but undercover and if undercover he would have been sheltered from the elements.

There is no doubt that Adrian had drinks at his Christmas Party. How many and what state he was in when he got dropped off is open to debate. He certainly hasn't forgotten where he lives. I have been worse for wear many a time in my youth. Not all through alcohol. But I never ever forgot where I lived . Always found my way home. You can't discount the fact that he might have had his drink spiked. He would have just walked home without walking around Carrefour Salous area for 2hrs 20mins which makes no sense when you follow his route. Just very strange. 

There has got to be third party involvement with Adrian's disappearance.  That is the only thing that makes sense. It has got to do with the three parishes. The Police aren't moving or looking anywhere else. Someone in St.Lawrence St Mary or St John knows exactly what happened that night. Someone is walking around with the most incredible burden on their shoulders. How did they get into this mess how do they get out of this mess.  Come forward and tell the police. It might have been an accident. Something got out of hand, but come forward and end this now. 

Adrain's family need closure. No matter what the outcome the grieving and healing process can only begin once you end their suffering.

Rico Sorda Part Time Investigative Journalist

In my last posting I said that Operation Panama needed peer reviewing. Two days later this appeared on channel television:

Former Met Police chief and missing persons expert offers insight into search for Adrian Lynch
Dai Davies is a former Chief Superintendent with the Metropolitan Police and leading expert of police policy and procedures.
He has professional experience of missing persons investigations across the globe.
Before retirement Mr Davies was in command of 450 staff and a budget of £26 million.
He now regularly talks to the media about police work and policy.
Today, on the one month anniversary of the disappearance of 20-year-old Adrian Lynch, we asked for his expert views on missing persons investigations and what he believes might have happened to Adrian.
What could have happened to Adrian Lynch?
Quite clearly, one has to suspect the worst whatever your thoughts. When somebody disappears totally, as he has in this case, then clearly you've got to look at all your options. Now, after a month, it's time to think outside the box.

Mr Davies adds that all police action that has been taken so far, should be reviewed at this point as part of standard procedure.

At what point should a missing persons case become a criminal investigation?
If you've done everything humanly possible to actually look at the case and you're still left with no body, no evidence, it is time to say should we be reviewing our actions? Should we be saying now, bodies don't walk off by themselves. Could this have been some tragic accident or something foul has happened to this young man? Could he have been run over, could the driver have panicked?

Dai says Jersey Police he believes Jersey Police have done everything humanly possible, but there is the possibility that someone could have missed something.

Should police be concerned that Adrian isn't actually in Jersey anymore?
I have no doubt that they (police) have looked at CCTV presumbly at Jersey going to France, going to England. There is a small vehicle, and I would be thinking have they been able to trace this vehicle with 3 men in it late at night somewhere in the vicinity of where he was last seen?

It is crucial, Dai says, to trace every vehicle in the area that night because 'someone saw something'.

How likely is it that a person is found, dead or alive, after being missing for this length of time?
Each case is different and thousands of people go missing in the UK and worldwide and do turn up, so it's incredibly difficult. But this case is different, this was a young man who, as far as I know, led a respectable life and he's gone missing and he hasn't been found despite extensive (searching). 7,500 man hours I understand have gone into this case already, that's a lot for a small force.

Again, Dai stresses that 'somebody, somewhere knows something' and he appeals to anyone to come forward with information.

Why would a police force make a decision to scale back an investigation?
We don't know what the senior investiagting officer and his team know, it is a decision based on a number of factors including the solvability. But certainly you may lessen the physical search, I would suspect the detective side is very much ongoing.

Police investigating the disappearance of 20-year-old, Adrian Lynch, are appealing for potential witnesses to come forward.
As a result of information gained from their investigations and witness appeals, Jersey Police have identified four more people that they wish to speak with, who may have more information about the evening that Adrian went missing.
A man thought to be around 40-years-old with white hair and wearing a big black jacket was seen hitch-hiking on St Lawrence main road at about 3am on Saturday 5th December. He was seen on the long stretch of road between Three Oaks Garage and St Lawrence Parish Hall, heading south towards St Lawrence Church.
A short way further down the road nearer to St Lawrence Church and Stephen Cohu Antiques two more men were seen hitch-hiking and heading north. Both men are described as between 20 – 30 years of age, both well-built / muscular and wearing jackets. They were noisy and were shouting as a car drove past.
At about 01:15 – 01:30 a witness describes seeing a man walking in the main road, further along past Regal Construction, heading north. This man is described as about 5’10’’, tall and of thin build with dark hair and wearing what appeared to be a mustardy brown suit. This man was seen again by the same witness a few minutes later some 100 – 150 meters past the main entrance to St John’s Manor, still heading north.
Police are appealing for these men to come forward.
Police are also still appealing for the following people believed to be witnesses to come forward:

  • The occupants of a small silver coloured car, possibly a Citroen Saxo or VW Polo, that was parked in the area outside the Club Carrefour at around 11pm on Friday 4th December.
  • Two people seen with a motorbike close to the junction just north of the main entrance to St John’s Manor at about midnight. One was seated on the bike, the other standing by it in the road, and is described as male, wearing a dark top, dark baggy trousers with a light stripe running down one or both legs.
  • A taxi driver who took a female fare to an address in Le Rue des Varvots, St Lawrence at about midnight, who we believe saw a person thought to be Adrian in the main road just south of Carrefour Selous. He may have seen something on his return to the town area.
  • A male hitch-hiker seen just at the top of Mont Felard at about half past midnight, heading north, described as possibly in his 30s or 40s, of average build, wearing a dark long sleeved jumper and jeans, or anyone that may have picked this person up.
  • Any drivers that passed the Thistlegrove storage facility between the hours of 23:50 on Friday 4th and 04:45 on Saturday 5th December, that have not already contacted police.
  • The driver of a high roofed apparently dark coloured car that drove north past Thistlegrove at 02.23 on Saturday 5th December, just 6 minutes after a man, believed to be Adrian, walked past the same point.
  • The driver of a vehicle that is believed to be a taxi that also drove past Thistlegrove at 02:34 in a southerly direction.


Anonymous said...

You could be writing these posts all the way through 2016 if he remains missing.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for putting so much information together in one place I am much better informed now because of it. I keep an eye on Twitter and Facebook where all has gone quiet on the accounts set up to publicise Adrian's disappearance which as a parent I think is quite sad. This young man is still missing and his parents must be going out of their minds.

Thanks for keeping this story in the public eye and I hope it might be read by somebody who needs their conscience pricking and the family is able to get some closure sooner rather than later.

Anonymous said...

This is what social media is all about Mr Sorda, spreading the word and making the public aware while supporting people in need of help. Good responsible use of citizen reporting and keeping this story in the public consciousness. As a parent of a son similar to the age of Adrian it is reassuring to know people out there care and are willing to stand up and be counted. Give yourself a big pat on the back my friend.

Caroline Frei said...

It is unsatisfactory for the police to stop updates on this incident with Adrian Lynch. Parents like myself still feel the pain that his family go through e dry day that passes without news of what has happened to him.thank you for the information you have posted and for keeping us informed. This is clearly a very suspicious set of circumstances and much as I appreciate the police have put 1000's of hours into trying to find Adrian and there are undoubtedly things going on behind the scenes it would be nice to know that this is not in the back burner. Please keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

No comments in 3 days.
Forgotten already.

rico sorda said...

Adrian will not be forgotten. I have a couple of blogs on the pipeline. Also, keeping up on the jersey child abuse enquiry where we bloggers are being vindicated for years of hard work fighting for the truth.

rico sorda said...

I hope to have a blog up this weekend.

Phone, wallet and belt.

That really bugs me. Phone, wallet and belt.

Why would Adrian remove his belt?

voiceforchildren said...


30 second clip of up-coming video interview with LENNY HARPER.

Anonymous said...

I am reading all this from far away in Australia having previously lived in Jersey.
Just a thought but, could he have been walking around back and forth for 2 hours that night looking for his lost mobile, wallet etc?