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It was an incredible two hours. The audience gathered for what was to be the most jaw dropping conclusion to a fantastic witness (Mr Lewis) who tied himself in so many knots that even the great Harry Houdini would have walked away with "not a chance" ringing in his ears. 

Council to the enquiry Cathryn McGahey deserves the medal of honour in her attempts to get Mr Lewis to agree to the obvious. Not even taking the oath was going to stop Mr Lewis sticking to his line that everyone else was wrong and he was right. This is just a quick posting. Most of this is taken from my notes and not entirely verbatim. 

I explained in my last posting that Deputy Lewis was going to have to stick to the line that he was going to have to turn the Met Interim Report into the Warcup Letter to get out of being accused of misleading the States of Jersey during the In Camera debate of December 2nd 2008. Even though this was quite a ridiculous assumption for me to make it was his only option. Well you are not going to believe it he did exactly that. Everyone in the room - in my opinion including council to the enquiry were left speechless at the utter contempt that Deputy Lewis showed not only to himself but towards the Jersey Care Enquiry. 

Andrew Lewis told the enquiry that what he was referring to was not in fact the Met Interim Report but that it was the Warcup letter.

He then tried to say that the States Members present during this in camera debate knew that he was in fact referring to the Warcup Letter when mentioning the preliminary report and the Met Interim Report. Even when council tried to give him every chance to think about this impossibility he stuck to his story.

Why is this such an incredible lie from Andrew Lewis?


In December 2008 no one knew that the Warcup Letter existed. 

After 20 days to prepare for this 20 minute statement and questions he forgot that to tell the States that he had in fact suspended Graham Power on a letter from David Warcup. Bonkers. Complete and utter bonkers. 


The Deputy of St John:

This is exactly what the process is about. That investigation is now under way and that is why the Chief of Police is being temporarily suspended.

1.3 Deputy F J Hill of St Martin:

Yes, could I just follow up on that answer surely that should have been carried out before the suspension. Why was it not carried out?

The Deputy of St John:

Members will be aware that an investigation has been carried out by the Metropolitan Police and I was presented with a preliminary report on the basis of that investigation. So as far as I'm concerned that is the preliminary investigation. I acted on the information that was contained in that and in order to pursue a disciplinary investigation it was necessary to suspend the police officer.

1.17 Senator S Syvret

The Minister has made great reference with great store on the preliminary or interim review by the Metropolitan Police. But, having taken action he has done, that review remains incomplete, it is not yet finalised. No final review document by the Metropolitan Police has been produced. Does he not recognise the fact …. the Chief Minister is no. I know because I have been in contact with Mr Sweeting of the Met and I know that he has still got a great number of people yet to interview, germaine witnesses. So does the Minister not accept that his actions have been pre-emptory and quite unacceptable, given that the Met Review itself is not complete.? The second question is this and I think the Minister needs to think very carefully about his answer to this: The Chief Constable of the States of Jersey Police Force, along with another one of his senior officers who is still employed by the force,he is - they both are - witnesses to the conspiracy to pervert the course of justice as they were present at meetings when this conspiracy was taking place, which they noted and duly recorded in evidence. Does he not accept that, given that the conspiracy did involve the Chief Executive to the Council of Ministers that this action is totally unacceptable and will only do Jersey colossal damage.?

The Deputy of St John:

The Senator's conspiracy theories continue to astound me. I was not part of the Council of Ministers until but a few weeks ago. I am not conspiring in any way at all. The Senator consistently conspires in his own mind to work out conspiracies. This is nothing about that. This is a matter of great interest to me as the Minister for Home Affairs, as a resident of Jersey, as a custodian of the public purse. I am bringing a Chief Officer to account. I am giving him every opportunity to defend himself. As far as the accusation you raise about the Metropolitan Police, when I saw the preliminary report I was astounded. So much so that my actions, I believe, are fully justified. If the preliminary report is that damning, Lord knows what the main report will reveal. So my successor will have an interesting time. The report that I was shown gave me no doubt at all.

1.22 The Connetable of St Helier:

The Minister said that part of his action has been motivated by concern for Mr Power. Does he, therefore think it is satisfactory that Mr Power's daughter learned of his suspension on the public radio and does this not indicate that the process that has been followed was an accelerated one? My second question, and it is an effort to be helpful and it is a question I have already asked the Minister and the Chief Minister, is will he not go away with the code and with his legal advisers, and with an HR (Human Resources) professional -preferably one that has not resigned from the States, but one who is going to be here to serve the Island - and check that he has fully compiled with the code? If he ahas not, not only is he putting Mr Power and his family through unnecessary grief, but he will put the Island through an extraordinary embarrassment and repetitional damage? I really do think it would be more courageous to admit that we have got the process wrong. It often happens in HR; goodness knows I have done it myself. The process has to be correct or we will be in trouble and I would urge the Minister to go away and at least agree to look again at the decision making process.

The Deputy of St John:

I will deal with the first matter and that is a matter of the media. As we are in camera I am happy to state this. On leaving the with myself and the Chief Executive to the States, the Chief Officer went immediately to the BBC; he was there within 5 mins of leaving that office. That is why it became World News - not of my making; not of the Communications Unit's making. Secondly, as far as the process is concerned , I have taken advice. I have taken advice from other HR professionals within the States of Jersey HR department. I am perfectly satisfied that the code has been followed appropriately. I have taken advice from Her Majesty's Inspectorate of Constabulary, they feel that such action is wholly appropriate in the circumstance. I HAVE READ AN ALARMING REPORT FROM THE METROPOLITAN POLICE which led me to this decision in the first place. I can do no more(Approbation- Foot Stamping)

Deputy P.N Troy of St Brelade

Can the Minister confirm that the suspension is only in relation to the management of the Haut De La Garenne Inquiry and that there are no other reasons for the suspension? The Minister said that they were very serious allegations, but can he just confirm there were no other reasons? Can I ask why it is that Mr Harper, who probably did untold damage to the reputation to the island, was not suspended prior to his retirement? Why was he not put through the disciplinary process?

The Deputy of St John:

No there are not. I am purely acting on information contained in a report that was about an investigation into an operation that was code-named Rectangle and that is what the report was about and that is where my concerns were. No other concerns have I currently got, other than those of a serious nature.



But that's not all. 

It got worse. 

In June of 2009 Andrew Lewis gave a statement to Wiltshire Constabulary regarding the Disciplinary Investigation into Graham Powers handling of Operation Rectangle. 

In 2009 when everything was fresh in his mind and not having to worry about everything that was to follow Andrew Lewis said this in his statement to the Jersey Care Enquiry: 

( This is from my notes but was on screen long enough to get it down as accurately as I could)

154. "I have been referred to my witness statement given to the Wiltshire Inquiry. Paragraph three of the statement reads "up until I received the letter from David Warcup, I had no reason to believe that they were not managing the investigation well." It is now clear that as a result of the independent review of the investigation by the Metropolitan Police, the investigation was flawed. I should point out that I did not draft my statement to Wiltshire Police and it is not written in my own words. The statement was taken by police officers from Wiltshire Police and I was provided with a limited opportunity to make corrections. This line slipped through the net during my relatively review of the statement and should have been qualified."

"The statement was taken by police officers from Wiltshire Police and I was provided with a limited opportunity to make corrections. This line slipped through the net during my relatively review of the statement and should have been qualified." 

He was asked repeatedly today by counsel how long did he have to review his (4 page) statement to Wiltshire before signing it off? He consistently said; "I don't recall" or "I can't remember." He was asked for a ball park figure i.e an hour, a day, a week, a month? He just replied "I can't remember."

4 Pages. His Wiltshire statement was only 4 pages long. This is paragraph 154 of his Jersey Care Enquiry Statement. 

There are roughly 4 paragraphs per page in a statement. That means that this was from page 39. He has remembered an awful lot over the years yet couldn't remember what he used to suspend Graham Power after  20 days. 

Im sure Deputy Lewis could have properly read a 4 page statement but hey lets not get "I had no reason to believe that they were not managing the investigation well." get in the way of the establishment line. 

Let us also not forget that Council to the enquiry said words to the effect:

"that they (COI) have taken witness statements from a vast array of people. From Police Officers, victims, care workers, professionals etc. It has NEVER received a statement from anybody quite like his where he has consistently personally attacked those who took a different view to his."

Every time he was asked to back up what he had said in his statement he just couldn't. It was embarrassing. He spent 10 paragraphs impeaching the integrity of Graham Power and Wendy Kinnard. When asked to back up his assertions he couldn't. It was embarrassing. 

Deputy Lewis couldn't praise David Warcup and Mick Gradwell enough. He gave all the credit to prosecutions to them. Until he was reminded by council that all the work was done by Lenny Harper and his team. Andrew Lewis has serious memory issues. 

His whole evidence was embarrassing. 

Sold his sole to the Jersey Way. 

Once we have the transcripts we will take a closer look. 

I will finish with this. 

At the end of his evidence Deputy Lewis asked to make a statement. As I started to listen to him waffle about how he had been the victim over these past years - how he cared about the abuse investigation etc etc I stood up and walked out. The man made me feel sick.

I left with not elation or joy - no triumphant celebration that after years of hard work we had been proved right. I felt sadness and some dejection.

Deputy Lewis treated the Care Enquiry with the same disdain that he treated Graham Power when suspending him and in doing so Operation Rectangle and all it stood for.
 In doing so he allowed the cancer to live and breathe. That is unforgivable and no cause for celebration.



Rico Sorda

Part Time Investigative Journalist


Anonymous said...

Channel TV

A Jersey politician, accused of lying to States members has today defended his position – saying he acted with ‘integrity and impartiality’.

Deputy Andrew Lewis was the Home Affairs Minister who suspended former Police Chief Graham Power amid much controversy in November 2008 - over his handling of the historical abuse investigation, Operation Rectangle.

Today, the St Helier Deputy was questioned once again by the Independent Jersey Care Inquiry panel about that decision and in particular a secret States meeting where it appeared he'd lied to members,

The minutes of that in camera debate were only made public after much campaigning and clearly showed the then Home Affairs Minister telling his colleagues he had 'read an alarming report from the Metropolitan Police' which heavily criticised Power's conduct.

But, today Deputy Lewis denied ever seeing that report, claiming he'd only seen excerpts in a letter from second in command at the Police, Deputy Chief Officer David Warcup.

He was questioned by Counsel to the Inquiry, Cathryn McGahey.
Cathryn McGahey: “Do you accept that you gave the impression to the States that you had read the Met Police interim report?”

Deputy Lewis: “No, I don't.”

CMG: “Despite the fact you used the words 'I have read the Met Police report'?”

AL: “I made one omission at the end there, that I could have used more accurate language and I accept that. Other than that, no, I was perfectly clear I was talking about information I had received from the Deputy Chief Officer.”

CMG: “Even though you didn't, at any stage, say it was information from the Deputy Chief Officer?

AL: “Well, can you explain to me then why members at a later stage say very, very clearly that I was clearly referring from the report from Mr Warcup. "How could I have possibly misled them? "They all say the same thing and then they vote against having transcripts released because they say no reason to do so. There was no evidence that I had misled the house or said anything inappropriate.”
Deputy Lewis took real umbrage with the fact that Graham Power's suspension has featured so heavily in the Inquiry recent weeks.

He said Mr Power's supporters had created a 'fairy tale' that the police chief had been wronged.

And as a result, Deputy Lewis - and his family - had become victim to vitriolic and unmotivated attacks.
“People have made so much of this since because they seem to think it’s so material in the defence of Graham Power. I’m afraid Mr Power’s actions are indefensible. He has only ever criticised the prospect that we adopted to suspend him. He has never defended the reasons why we suspended him. This is yet another attempt to try and rubbish the process of suspension. There is nothing to be learned from this whatsoever. “I reported it to the States- what I had done, why I had done it, I omitted to use the words’ letter from David Warcup. That’s all.”

In a closing statement,Deputy Lewis addressed the panel saying he was ‘a relatively junior minister who was presented with a very difficult situation’ which he did not shy away from. He told the panel he still believes he made the correct decision and said he would make the same decision again.
“I acted with integrity and impartiality remaining within the remit of the disciplinary code and the law. “I was convinced then and I am convinced now, that my actions and the actions of the government of the day were fully justified, entirely correct and in the best interest of good governance and the people of Jersey. “The line portrayed by a certain minority is that I suspended a heroic Police Chief in the furtherance of a cover up, preventing Operation Rectangle from reaching the truth. “This is nonsense.”


rico sorda said...

AL: “Well, can you explain to me then why members at a later stage say very, very clearly that I was clearly referring from the report from Mr Warcup. "How could I have possibly misled them? "They all say the same thing and then they vote against having transcripts released because they say no reason to do so. There was no evidence that I had misled the house or said anything inappropriate.”

In December 2008 during the in-camera debate no one knew about the Warcup letter.


Stuart Syvret said...

This is what Stuart Syvret posted on my last blog.

Blogger Ex-Senator Stuart Syvret said...
I was present in that Jersey parliament session in which Andrew Lewis was questioned, and indeed, I was one of the main interlocutors on that occasions. I was the leading political opponent of Lewis's actions - until I was terrorised out of democratic office by the man he replaced Graham Power with, David Warcup and the same "Government-within-a-Government" whose orders were steering Warcup, Ogley etc. So I can say with some confidence that not only at no stage did Andrew Lewis claim to be basing his actions on a "letter from Warcup" - in fact the very existence of the "Warcup-letter" was never mentioned or made known.

Andrew Lewis now claims to the CoI that when he said to the Jersey legislature he was basing his actions on the supposed "Interim Met Report" everyone back then actually understood him to mean he was basing his actions of the "Warcup-letter".

These recent claims to the CoI by Andrew Lewis are pure fabrication.

As is very - very - clear from all the contemporaneous evidence - the sole "justification" claimed by Andrew Lewis for the suspension of Graham Power were the supposed "facts" he had "read" a "damning Interim Met Report" a day or so before - and that fact alone supposedly "justified" the astonishing speed at which the suspension of the Police Chief was enacted.

As one of the key victims of Andrew Lewis' unlawful actions, I'm not, frankly, surprised at the effrontery of his lies.

The curiosity now, is how the Ministry of Justice seeks to try and repair the consequences of its stark culpability in these matters.

Stuart Syvret

rico sorda said...

I have re-posted the above comment here as i had just gone to press when i received it.


rico sorda said...

He said Mr Power's supporters had created a 'fairy tale' that the police chief had been wronged.

No Mr Lewis. We just exposed your fairy tale.


Ex-Senator Stuart Syvret said...

There is no substitute for facts.

I guess Andrew Lewis is doubly handicapped in these circumstances by being both a politician and a spin-doctor; two professions in which generating one's own "reality" is the name of the game. Well, in his case he's triply handicapped by being thick, as we see when considering the sheer non-compatibility of his assertions with the recorded, historic facts of the time.

He attempts to traduce the good Police Chief Graham Power, claiming Mr Power's "actions were indefensible", and goes on to assert that support for the position of Mr Power is the preserve of some kind of unrepresentative minority who view Mr Power's efforts as "heroic".

Well, I don't know about heroic; rather, Mr Power was doing his proper duty as a Police Chief, namely seeing that very difficult, complex crimes of the most serious nature against the most vulnerable people, were being objectively investigated. Investigated against the current 'culture' and self-preservation modus of a stale bureaucracy. And in that, he was right.

He was right - as the facts show. There were decades of child-protection failure in Jersey - there were decades of child-abuse cover-up in Jersey; a significant number of abusers have been prosecuted and jailed; the failures and ethical breakdowns of the child-protection system have been exposed.

The facts - which sit in grave variance with the fictions peddled by Mr Lewis - are not only clear in themselves, they're also remarkable for another distinguishing reason. Namely, that Graham Power was the first ever Police Chief in Jersey history under whose leadership these most foul crimes against the most vulnerable - and all the reprehensible failures and deliberate cover-ups - became to be finally investigated. Hell, given the toxic and contemptible nature of the Jersey establishment culture-of-concealment he had to battle, perhaps 'heroic' is the right word.

In the eyes of Andrew Lewis, Mr Power's actions were "indefensible".

But in accordance with the facts, Mr Power was the first ever Jersey Police Chief to properly investigate widespread child-abuse.

Police Chief Power's stance, "indefensible" - according to Jersey establishment spin-doctor, useful-idiot & occasional amnesiac Andrew Lewis?

Come to your own conclusion.

I think there's a pretty clear lesson here about the true nature of "The Jersey Way".

Stuart Syvret

Anonymous said...

No mention of the revelations from yesterday's flip-flopping Andrew Lewis lying to the coi on the bbc radio jersey this morning. That's the jersey way... Pretend it didn't happen keep the people in the dark.

Anonymous said...

Andrew Lewis lied under oath at the care enquiry he lied to the public and to the states in the in-camera debate. BBC radio set up a topic of getting rid of Zoe Cameron. What Lewis has done is far worse than what Cameron has done. Why isn't the BBC calling for Andrew Lewis's resignation?

voiceforchildren said...


Andrew Lewis made a mockery of the Committee of Inquiry yesterday, he disgraced himself, the States, and Jersey. He treated the process, as you rightly said, with disdain and contempt.

If he is able to remain in the States after yesterday's revelations then the public can't be blamed for having no confidence in the Chamber.

voiceforchildren said...


Giving "Operation Whistle" A CHANCE.

Anonymous said...

Zoe Cameron is providing a very useful diversion from the real scandal that has been
arrising from the Committee of Inquiry, the knives have been out for Zoe for some time evidenced by the articles in the JEP last week. The conference in London as I understand is on child abuse and child welfare. Dr Cameron should have given official permission to attend this conference, she has for many years championed the plight of abuse victims and has lectured on the subject. She is as I understand not just a delegate to the conference but one of its officers. I believe it is the child protection arm of the Royal College of General Practitioners or some similar medical body. Never before has Jersey needed a politician with knowledge and commitment to vulnerable children and their welfare

voiceforchildren said...


There is no doubt Counsel to the Inquiry caned the living daylights out of Andrew Lewis at yesterday's Hearing. He was left open and exposed. It was a very impressive dissection of the numerous flaws in his "story."

Andrew Lewis kept saying that Graham Power only ever complained about the "process" of his (possibly illegal) suspension and has done nothing to answer the criticisms made against him for his handling of Rectangle etc.

Counsel should have reminded him that Mr. Power submitted a substantial (62,000 word) statement to Wilts dealing with the criticisms and indeed, some might say, ripped the discredited, and disgraced, untested Wiltshire allegations to shreds . He (Graham Power) HAS answered the criticisms made against him in bucket loads.

Further; some witnesses (including Andrew Lewis) were allowed point to the Wilts report as some kind of Holy Grail as if it was some kind of vindication to their (possibly illegal) actions against Mr. Power.

What seems to have been forgotten in all this is that the Wilts Report is the "prosecution case" there is a 62,000 word interim defence case. The Wilts allegations are just that "allegations" that Ian Le Marquand didn't have the courage to bring to a disciplinary Hearing.

rico sorda said...

BBC Jersey did a good piece yesterday teatime on the radio. They have a good Journalist following the Care Enquiry. Forget about Zoe Cameron though the real story is what next for Andrew Lewis?

Anonymous said...

I predict nothing will happen to Andrew Lewis, given the blanket coverage given to Zoe Cameron the masses will not hear about, exactly who or what is going to hold Andrew Lewis to account?

In a joint enterprise conspiracy you're always told to follow the money. After leaving the SOJ how well did Andrew Lewis' company do, was this the motivation for this cause of action?

otherwise I don't understand his motivation

Anonymous said...

comment 5:14 Yes what was to be gained by the conspirators. what were the benefits gained by those people?

Anonymous said...

The Zoe Cameron story is a smoke screen created by the BBC to take the heat away from Andrew Lewis. She's not turning up for a vote and he illegally suspended a police chief and then proceeded to lie about it in the states. I'd rather someone missing a vote over a liar in the states any day of the week. BBC are keeping their listeners distracted with a non story whilst Andrew Lewis enjoys the protection of the establishment media.

Anonymous said...

Have you read the JEP editorial tonight Rico? It's damming on Deputy Andew Lewis and considering most States members will read it you would expect a vote of no confidence in Lewis to be tabled shortly. The man is a clear liar from what I have read and his lies should cost him his seat. How dare he try playing the victim card after what he has done to Graham Power and his family. Not to mention the abuse victims.

Jill Gracia said...

BBC do have a very good reporter at the hearings. However their profile has been very lacking on BBC TV and on their on-line page. Actually non-existent.

This is a very important piece of news which should take precedence over Zoe Cameron. Why hasn't it?

JEP have an excellent editorial tonight and CTV covered it well last night.

Anyway let's not detract from the abysmal happenings of yesterday which had to be seen to be believed. You and VFC have been 'bang on' all the way through this sorry tale and both deserve the highest praise.

Anonymous said...

Andrew Lewis said to the Care enquiry “I reported it to the States- what I had done, why I had done it, I omitted to use the words’ letter from David Warcup. That’s all.” That being so that he omitted to to use the words "letter from David Warcup" how the feck can he expect us to believe-that the states members believed - he was talking about the Warcup letter..............He never mentioned it!!!! He is a proven liar and should do the honourable thing (for once) and resign is seat in the states.

Anonymous said...

"that they (COI) have taken witness statements from a vast array of people. From Police Officers, victims, care workers, professionals etc. It has NEVER received a statement from anybody quite like his where he has consistently personally attacked those who took a different view to his."

If that is what was said by the enquiry about Andrew Lewis why would the MSM not report it? Lewis is being protected and nothing has changed.

Anonymous said...

Andrew Lewis when first into the States would be there to say he was present and then slide off back to his business address to 'listen' to the live debate only to say "Must be off to vote" when the time came to cast his vote. What a total W......r and a serial liar.