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 DO the ends justify the means? And if they do, should those who adopt questionable tactics to achieve their objective be honest and transparent about what they are doing?

Those questions – and a good many more – are left hanging today after Deputy Andrew Lewis, the former Home Affairs Minister, finished giving his evidence to the Independent Jersey Care Inquiry yesterday. He did so following the release recently of the transcript of the 2008 States debate about the suspension of former police chief Graham Power, which was held behind closed doors.

Deputy Lewis has long been accused of misleading the States during that debate. He has always denied the allegation and denied it again, and again, yesterday.
The case against him is that, during the debate, he said unambiguously that Graham Power should be suspended because of the findings of an interim report by the Metropolitan police, which was reviewing the States police’s handling of the historical child abuse inquiry.

He now says that he had never seen the report, but was acting on information supplied to him by former police chief David Warcup in a letter. At no point during the in camera debate did he mention the letter from Mr Warcup.
‘I have read an alarming report by the Metropolitan Police which led me to this decision in the first place,’ he told Members. He added later: ‘I am purely acting on information contained in a report that was about the investigation.’

Mr Lewis said yesterday that everyone in the States Chamber during the secret debate knew perfectly well that he was referring to the letter and not the interim report. He says he made a mistake under the pressure of being questioned by States Members. During the 2008 debate, he was also asked whether it would be better to wait for the full report before suspending Mr Power. A few weeks ago, William Bailhache, the Attorney General in 2008, revealed that he had advised it would be better for the whole report to be available before any decision was made regarding Mr Power’s suspension. That advice was ignored.

So what of the questions posed at the top of this column?
Deputy Lewis has been left looking ridiculous at best and, to many, dishonest. Due process was not properly followed, advice from lawyers was ignored and warnings from elected representatives resisted. Whether or not the ends – the removal of Mr Power – were justified is a question for another day, and one for the inquiry to ponder.

But revelations about the means will do the reputation of this Island, the credibility of its politicians (and their ability to tell the truth under robust scrutiny) and the institutions of government no good. If Deputy Lewis is the fall guy for what went on behind the scenes in 2008 at the very top of government, he can have little to complain about.

The great irony is that, ultimately, the people who fought so hard to protect Jersey’s reputation in 2008 may end up seriously undermining it. The electorate will decide who they believe. And those privileged to sit in positions of power to serve Jersey must understand the obvious dangers of trying to run this Island in secret and away from public scrutiny

We know that Andrew Lewis misled the house in 2008. On that issue there is no doubt. This is a strongly worded editorial. It really does call into question the integrity of Andrew Lewis. Why did Andrew Lewis come to the Jersey Care Enquiry and lie? He came in, swore the oath, then delivered lies, more lies and damn lies. Why? Why didn't he take this opportunity to set the record straight? Instead he was prepared to make himself look like an idiot.  He told the Care Enquiry that the States of Jersey politicians in December 2008 knew that he was referring to a Warcup Letter and not the Met Interim Report - with the one small issue being that none of them knew that the Warcup Letter even existed in December 2008.

Just recently we have had the Dame Janet Smith Jimmy Savile inquiry. What was interesting was the reaction to the evidence given by Tony Blackburn. His evidence fell well short of what was expected. This could be said of Andrew Lewis. His evidence was quite simply shocking. One could also say that he made a mockery of the Jersey Care Inquiry. We must wait for their final report but one can't help that for Mr Lewis it's not going to be good.  

The JEP editorial spells it out quite clearly. I have no doubt that they will also be awaiting for the final report.. 

Andrew Lewis swore an oath. It obviously meant absolutely nothing to him. 


DJ Tony Blackburn has "parted company" with the BBC after failing to fully co-operate with the Jimmy Savile inquiry, director general Tony Hall has said.

Lord Hall said Dame Janet Smith's inquiry had rejected the evidence from the Radio 2 DJ.

The veteran DJ, who has threatened to sue the BBC, said the report included an accusation he was among celebrities who "seduced" a 15-year-old girl.

Mr Blackburn, 73, denies the allegation and says he was cleared of wrongdoing.

In a statement, he accused the BBC of making him a "scapegoat" for its own "cover-up" of abuse.

Dame Janet's report found the BBC had repeatedly failed to stop "monstrous" abuse by DJ Jimmy Savile and broadcaster Stuart Hall because of a "culture of fear".

Lord Hall told a news conference in the wake of the report's publication: "My interpretation is that Tony Blackburn fell short of the standards of evidence that such an inquiry demanded."

He said it was "one of the most important inquiries in the BBC's history and that has put an even greater responsibility on everyone who took part in that inquiry to co-operate fully and to be open".

"So many survivors and witnesses have honestly and openly co-operated fully - and at great personal cost to themselves.

"As Dame Janet has said, she's rejected his evidence and she's explained very clearly why. I have to take that extremely seriously."


Anonymous said...

Unless Tadier can pull off a vote of Censure you are wasting your time.

Anonymous said...

Given that Andrew Lewis is already speaking for the government on the flight cost, one can form the opinion that the council of ministers are more than happy with his behaviour and will not be taking action in this regard. The Jersey Way in full effect, and another example of the lack of accountability in this island

Anonymous said...

Well done Rico your dogged persistence in keeping the story ' out there' has been totally vindicated.The truly remarkable thing is that Andrew Lewis is still , even this week putting himself in the spotlight as a paragon of financial probity and a liberal alternative voice to the Council of Ministers. I kid you not this hubris ridden idiot truly sees himself as the next Chief Minister , on the back of a failed CoM and upswell but not engagement with Reform Jersey, he becomes the wise choice middle ground. Thankfully most of your readers and that of VFC realise he is the current incarnation of David Icke!

rico sorda said...

That is up to Deputy Tadier. Probably would be a waste of time with our politicians but that's not to say he shouldn't bring one. The evidence is clear. I can see why Constable Norman stayed away for the second session. The first was just as bad.

Anonymous said...

The acid test of the Jersey Care Inquiry will be if Frances Oldham QC makes a complaint of perjury against certain individuals.

We can discuss perjury all day long. The Attorney General can, and will, ignore it.

But if the judge Frances Oldham QC makes a complaint of perjury, things will rapidly get very interesting. Over to you, Mrs Oldham.

Anonymous said...

When the Jersey Committee Of Enquiry publish its report Andrew Lewis will then be known as Andrew (Tony Blackburn) Lewis. Lewis - like Blackburn - is a liar and should have no place in island politics.

Anonymous said...

After Oldham's appalling treatment of former Deputy Trevor Pitman whose testimony she not just wasted but willingly suppressed for the Law Officers department, betraying the only people really matter in all of this, the victims I shouldn't get your hopes up.

Ex-Senator Stuart Syvret said...

Frances Oldham QC will do nothing of any effectiveness.

I've observed her in action closely.

She was chosen and recruited to be the Chair of this supposed "public-inquiry" precisely because she was possessed of the same self-blinding ego-mania, hubris, and vanity that marks all of the other "marks" so carefully selected, flattered and boosted by the Jersey mafia.

And now - like them - she is trapped.

Even if she's woken up to what an utter, low-calibre, damn fool she is - it's too late now.

She has acted in ways from which there's now no turning aside.

It's all too late now.

She is "committed" to the "project" - and must survive, or drown - along with it.

This is how systemic and endemic corruption survives.

Stuart Syvret

Anonymous said...

That is a slight improvement in editorials from the JEPaedo, but they are still peddling half truths

"He did so following the release recently of the transcript of the 2008 States debate about the suspension of former police chief Graham Power..."

Only the wilfully ignorant would pretend to be unaware that the full transcript was published 4 years ago by bloggers:

Anonymous said...

Just like Tony Blackburn has been made the fall guy for the BBC Andrew Lewis will be made the fall guy for the Jersey establishment. The JEP can see it bloggers can see it the establishment know it the only person who is so stupid as not to see it is Andrew Lewis. His position is untenable and brings shame on Jersey.

Anonymous said...

Ha Ha

So in that secret States debate Ex Health Minister Stuart Syvret was one of those instrumental in flushing Lewis out. The Ex Health Minister specifically warned against suspension on the basis of an (alleged!) draft review, and further warned that "this action is totally unacceptable and will only do Jersey COLOSSAL DAMAGE"

So 8 years later we have the JEP lamenting the damage and shame brought on the island by Andrew Lewis' lies but the JEPaedo continues to give Lewis and his co-conspirators the benefit of the doubt that these unlawful acts were done honourable reasons!

"DO the ends justify the means?" asks the JEPaedo.
errrrr...... regarding the unlawful suspension of the island's Chief of Police during the island's biggest ever live investigations into decades of child abuse and "planning corruption on an industrial scale".

Work it out Sherlock.

rico sorda said...

In the past under Bright and Shiply the JEP has been nothing but an utter disgrace. Its role in supporting the Government line in trashing Operation Rectangle is well documented. Time moves on.

We now have Andy Sibcy. In my honest opinion he has changed the JEP. Nothing is perfect overnight, it takes time.

I like to call things as I see it. I won't slag the JEP Off just for the sake of it.

The JEP Editorial is spot on.

Sometimes it doesn't hurt to offer praise when it is justified and also criticism when it is justified.


Anonymous said...

Mark Forskitt has written an excellent piece on the Tony Blackburn/Andrew Lewis comparison which deserves sharing.

"Listening to the initial fall out of Dame Janet Smith's report on how Hall & Savile were able to operate so long has been interesting. Predictably the people who were paid the most to be responsible at the top were not on the hook - it was all middle managers. That is not what being responsible means. The reportage was clear that there were many failings at the organisation and there was a pervasive culture of fear and deference. Is this sounding vaguely familiar yet?

The treatment of DJ Tony Blackburn is most noteworthy. The chair refused to accept his evidence that a meeting never occurred, when documentary evidence had been seen that showed it had. As a result he is no longer at the BBC since his 'evidence had fallen short of the standard required'. The parallel to a former minister testifying that his actions were based on a report that I believe could not have been read at the time as he claims is clear to me. Whether the CoI will accept the former Home Affairs Minister testimony is yet to be seen - I think that won't come out until the conclusion of the hearings.

I note the repercussions of the testimony of actions of Deputy Lewis are far more significant that those of Mr Blackburn's. Lying to the Assembly over the dismisal of the Chief of Police gets right to the heart of constitutional matters. This is no small matter. Frances Oldham QC will be under the spotlight on this. It is probably the lynchpin that distingushes the two narratives that have been presented. Pulling on the right loose thread leads to the whole garment unravelling. That's what the chair needs to do - pull the loose threads so we can see the naked truth."

The link is here

Andrew Lewis is the Tony Blackburn of the Jersey Enquiry.

Anonymous said...

"Andrew Lewis is the Tony Blackburn of the Jersey Enquiry."

Up to a point. Andrew Lewis, thus far, appears to be being allowed to continue as if nothing has happened, despite being an instrumental player in the conspiracy to hijack the Police Force!

Tony Blackburn has already got it in the neck but may well be a relatively innocent scapegoat.

Anonymous said...

Rico @10:36 "In the past under Bright and Shiply the JEP has been nothing but an utter disgrace. Its role in supporting the Government line in trashing Operation Rectangle is well documented. Time moves on. We now have Andy Sibcy......."

First off. Do you think there should be no consequence for "trashing Operation Rectangle"
the investigation into decades of child abuse. Abuse, cover up and said "trashing" which has left a year on year trail of dead bodies:

Indeed any improvement is welcomed but just because the JEP has improved slightly does not mean that it is any where near good enough.
Do you think that the JEP has improved because it had any choice?

Do you think that the JEP's business model has actually changed?
If so you are wrong. The JEP's bread is still (thickly) buttered "states side" and it is still the cynical opinion-management organ of the jersey shysters. The JEP knows that it's previous position is as untenable as that of Andrew Lewis. It is "shepherded" to a better place only by bloggers and commenters forcing it in a particular direction. Limiting it's wriggle room.
The apparent change in the JEP is only superficial. It remains the cynical media monopoly that it always was. It has merely shifted into an apologist role and is still a long way from being a force for good. It is of critical importance to understand that IMO.

Anonymous said...

Good posting at 11.44.
Nothing will happen to Lewis.He was recently rolled out onto Channel Report to defend the two high flying civil servants who broke the rules and wasted our money.He is obviously used to do the states dirty work for them a bit like Lee Henry,defending the indefensible.
No accountability the hallmark of Jersey.

Anonymous said...

Hope you are right Rico,when you say:

" Time moves on. We now have Andy Sibcy "

There are people not in power still working behind the scenes where elected hollow deputies and others do sod all and say nothing.

Like him or not Ex Constable Bob Le Brocq has come across a copy of the " Dear Freddie, smoking gun letter with Eddie Noel's name all over it.

It can also be found on Coporate Scrutinys web site, and a local blog, but good luck in finding it.

Le Brocq believes that the public and States members should see it, and has sent copies to BBC and Mr Sibcy at the JEP but so far the smoking gun letter to the Planning Minister advising - against building any offices on the Esplanade as this would cause over supply - has been ignored.

The letter is in circulation, but so far Mr Sibcy at the JEP has said or done nothing. When they do maybe I too will believe the JEP has turned the corner and is not just a mouth piece for the CoM but an honest notice board for the people of Jersey.

voiceforchildren said...


Jersey Child Abuse Committee of Inquiry. SUBMISSION OF VFC.

Anonymous said...

The Jersey Evening Post has in one form or another been around for many decades. It claims to be at the heart of island life and has sources of information at every level in society. And yet, what it appears to expect us to believe is that for decades systematic child abuse occurred in institutions situated within walking distance of the Jersey Evening Post offices and the newspaper knew nothing and heard nothing. Well, it certainly did nothing. That is until others tried to do something only to be rubbished by the newspaper. I wonder if the JEP has bothered to search its own archives for anything relevant to the business of the Committee of Inquiry, and if it has what has it done with it? Apart from start up the shredder.

Anonymous said...

Andrew Lewis is on the radio talking about States employee spending as if butter wouldn't melt in his mouth.

Anonymous said...

Have you people forgotten that a 'Code of Conduct and Practice for Ministers and Assistant Ministers' exists?

If you're as concerned about this matter as your complaints would suggest, use it.

voiceforchildren said...

"Have you people forgotten that a 'Code of Conduct and Practice for Ministers and Assistant Ministers' exists?

If you're as concerned about this matter as your complaints would suggest, use it."

Tried THAT.

Anonymous said...

Andrew Lewis's present buttering up the Public and the way he has acted in the past is totally unacceptable. But we can do nothing about it.... But cringe!

voiceforchildren said...


Today's Oral Evidence given to Child Abuse Inquiry from VFC.

Anonymous said...

@1:57pm "Have you people forgotten that a 'Code of Conduct and Practice for Ministers and Assistant Ministers' exists? If you're as concerned about this matter as your complaints would suggest, use it."

I think you will find that the complaints procedures have already been used but the complaints procedures are just as captured and dysfunctional as the legal system which runs it.

Another (2009/2010) example of the futility of using the establishment's complaints procedure is the Letter from Chief of Police Graham Power to Privileges and Procedures committee:
Letter from Chief of Police Graham Power to Privileges and Procedures committee
"The interesting thing about this letter from PPC to Chief Officer Graham Power is - it doesn’t appear to be from PPC.
Now as if the contents of the letter aren’t alarming enough the question has to be asked “do the PPC members even know about Chief Officer Power’s letter”? “Has the Chairman come to the conclusions all on her own?....” [or was it drafted by the Law Office for the useless Constable Juliette Gallichan to sign]

voiceforchildren said...


Some Key Issues FACING JERSEY.

Anonymous said...

Never thought it would happen ?

Philip Ozouf gets owned live on the BBC by phone in member of the public. Time 03.34.20

Anonymous said...

Good one Rico, what a bullish**er Ozouf is and well caught out. He is the king of " sound good phrases " but has no factual backup or explanations.

He supports his mates on the CoM who in turn agree to allow him to waste taxpayers money by sending him around the world in luxury on jollys and pay for him to travel to the UK each and every week. What a sham.

voiceforchildren said...


Jersey Child Abuse Committee of Inquiry.Transcript of Deputy Andrew Lewis. PART ONE.

voiceforchildren said...



voiceforchildren said...


Jersey Child Abuse Committee of Inquiry Transcripts Part three ANDREW LEWIS.