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What can I say about Deputy "Powergate" Lewis?

The Deputy is desperately trying to re-invent himself before the release of the Committee of Enquiries report into decades long Child Abuse in Jersey (COI). The then Home Affairs Minister suspended the Chief of Police in November 2008 - essentially shutting down Operation Rectangle and the rest is well documented history as they say. 

It's virtually raining  Deputy Andrew Lewis at the moment 

One awakes in the morning and the first thing you do is look out the window. Yup, its raining P.A.C Reports again. There they fall. Reports on everything from Civil Servants - Films - bankrupt companies - overspends/ underspends like a modern day Gene Kelly is our Deputy Lewis. Away he goes in the morning singing and dancing all the way to the office. Up goes the brolly down comes a report up goes the brolly down comes another report. The PR are on the I phone. Deputy you have BBC Jersey, Channel ITV - Jersey Evening Post to do and  tomorrow we have BBC Jersey, Channel ITV and the Jersey Evening Post to do. We are in a Lewis winter wonderland. He is everywhere. 

Sitting in his office Andrew Lewis flicks through an early edition of Hello magazine. Oh those halcyon days. Centre spread of Andrew at home with Frank (Walker) - Frank affectionately calling him his Man Monday to Friday. A beautiful picture can be spotted  in the foreground  of the two of them and Uncle Bill.  Uncle Bill  - how they loved Uncle Bill. The Joy and love Andrew feels as he leafs through the pages but then it hits him. The Dream is Shattered. Its Uncle Bill. Uncle Bill is the one. I had it all he reassures himself. Team Frank. A place in the Establishment yeah you gotta earn your stripes but I had it all. Uncle Bill.  A cold shiver runs down the Deputies spine as he remembers Uncle Bill Ogley and the 12th November 2008.  The day Deputy Andrew Lewis suspended the Chief of Police Graham Power QPM.

Ever since that moment Deputy Lewis has been trying to re-invent himself. With no chance of winning a Deputy Election is St John he started the long hard come back trail as a Deputy of St Helier 3/4.

Even though he is the Chair of P.A.C he is now  under the radar voting with the Council of Ministers. This happened quite clearly during the Medium Term Financial Plan Debate and even abstaining on the Health Charge. He was the only one not to cast his vote. 

He wants back in. No matter who sits in the top seat at the next election he wants back in.

Now we have Deputy Lewis lodging P.133/2016  Composition and Election of the States Assembly more on this re-hash of Option B coming soon.

It never stops. I'm waiting for the Andrew Lewis board game for Christmas. The new App where you have to get Deputy Lewis to the States Chamber without a P.A.C Report hitting him on the head. 

How about a Proposition just before the COI Report where he wants to save the Easter Chocolate Bunny. 

He doesn't fool me.

The Card has been marked for a long time.

Go check Hansard and HIS voting 

Part Two coming soon.

The Shambolic P.133/2016

Rico Sorda

Part Time Investigative Journalist


Anonymous said...

No doubt Mr Bronx will be saved by Andrew Lewis. He'll probably stop fog at the airport in his tea break too.

This particular Jersey resident will never forget his shameful suspension of Graham Power in November 2008. All power to you Rico, for keeping that shameful act firmly on the radar.

On a slight tangent, we never did get to find out what happened to the contents of Graham Power's office safe, did we?

Anonymous said...

Never a truer word said it's a shame reform jersey cannot see this or are they just not wishing to see it.either way reforms chairman has sold out on he's members.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for keeping "powergate" in the public eye Rico because what Andrew Lewis did that day by suspending the chief of police and closing down the child abuse investigation should never be forgotten. If we are to learn from the "mistakes" of the past how can brushing under the carpet what Lewis did help us learn? He should be remembered as the man who allowed child abuse to go un punished and the Jersey way to prevail.

Anonymous said...

Deputy Mezec had to be asked to come clean on VFC after insider knowledge knew he was palling up with Lewis and secretly meeting with him.
Let's hope he thinks twice about trying to do deals with the devil in the future.

The kiss of death ...... said...

Working with Lewis is just fine

............. just as long as you "Bitch-Slap" him every three minutes!

voiceforchildren said...


What you have correctly pointed out is that Andrew Lewis is using (abusing) his position as PAC Chairman to further his own political agenda and re-invent himself to the public before the COI publishes its report where it is widely believed he is going to be hammered and exposed.

Deputy Lewis has been all over the State Media in recent weeks about the supposed great work he has done in PAC concerning the Rubis deal and the Civil Servants taxpayer funded golf trip to South Africa. But guess what? He doesn't believe anybody should be held to account for any of this why/how could this possibly be? No doubt your readers can make up their own minds but a view is offered that because of his (possibly illegal) actions of suspending the former Chief Police Officer Graham Power QPM Deputy Lewis, and his masters, know that there is only so far he can go, if he oversteps that mark he gets hung out to dry. In short he is owned.

With all the media interviews I have seen/heard Andrew Lewis wallowing in his own glory I have never heard him give ANY gratitude to ANY other member of PAC or its hard-working officers. Its all been about him. They are merely pawns in his ambition of re-inventing his public image and attempting so keep a political career after the COI has published its report.

It (PowerGate) should never be forgotten because with one stroke of a pen (suspending the Police Chief) he allowed "The Jersey Way" to continue by sending out the message; "this is what we can do to the Chief of Police for trying to bring abusers to justice....Imagine what we can do to you."

Anonymous said...

He does not fool me either. I saw him being questioned by the COI it was unbelievable, toe curlingly awful as he lied again and again,squirming as he tried to justify what he had done. Then he had the nerve to play the poor limitle old me card.We walked out in diisgust Full marks to Miss Magahey who kept at him,she was not taken in, neither we're we.

Anonymous said...

How can Reform Jersey support Lewis in his reinvention? Monty has done so much for the victims and now is spitting in their face by supporting the man who closed down the police investigation by suspending one of the very few men they trusted GRAHAM POWER. Come on Monty you must see what Lewis is doing? Don't be fooled by him PLEASE!!!!?????

Gillian Gracia said...

It would be interesting to hear Monty and Geoff Southern's views on this alliance with Lewis in regard to this proposition. Thus far (as far as I am aware) there has been deafening silence from them.

In this instance I can neither understand or support Sam's logic in working with this man. Yes - it may well be a case of personalities over politics - but - and it is a big but, let Lewis do his own dirty work. He allowed himself to be used by others in the illegal suspension of a decent Police Chief and showed no shame or remorse over that. Let him find someone else who will work with him Sam.

Anonymous said...

I never thought i'd see the day where Reform Jersey would be hanging off the coat tails of Andrew Lewis. What has that political party become? Does Monty support Lewis now after all the good work he (Monty) has done for the abuse victims?

Anonymous said...

Didn't Stuart support a proposition by Frank Walker because it was the right thing to do?

The Beano is not the Rag

Anonymous said...

Reform should not be giving credibility to Lewis, a man who has zero on his own, slightly less than he has integrity. Tell us, Sam, are you turning in to the new Stuart, who because he fell out with Southern happily held his nose and supported Lewis' sugar daddy Walker. How long before you are joining the gang like a latter day Paul Le Claire?

rico sorda said...

As far as I know Reform Jersey are having a meeting this Wednesday to discuss the Lewis proposition. Its going to take something very special to stop Deputy Mezec from going with this..

I hope he doesn't turn into Chairman Maozec by the end of the week.


Anonymous said...

Bit back to front announcing the party is supporting this and only then when members and others say please don't validate this spiv they decide to hold a meeting.

Anonymous said...

Leaving Lewis aside a moment I would not be so peeved by Sam Mezec's support for this proposition if it was any good.

But it isn't. It is in a word pants.

Six fake super constituencies with the Constables still allowed to operate and hold the key to power under their own anti-democratic rules.

That isn't democracy and it certainly isn't 'Reform' in any meaningful way.

Anonymous said...

Is Andrew Lewis chairing this Meeting?

Anonymous said...

I do not think it is fair that Deputy Mezec is being bullied into only dealing with people bloggers like yourself approve of. If he wants to deal with Lewis then leave him to it.

voiceforchildren said...


VFC Top Ten 2016.

Anonymous said...

Deputy Andrew Lewis already has Deputy Sam Mezec giving his full support to proposals on Government reform and will have no problems whatsoever getting back into the States in 2018 even if he loses it.
It's also highly unlikely the suspension of Graham Power, which as he says online was rubber stamped by Senator Ian Le Marquand after he left the States will ever be seen as nothing less than procedure by the Care Inquiry.
Surprised you still write this stuff tbh after what Syvret did to you in the end.

Anonymous said...

'I do not think it is fair that Deputy Mezec is being bullied into only dealing with people bloggers like yourself approve of.'

I do not think it is fair at the way Deputy Mezec talks to posters on the VFC blog and his own blog. Because of that added with Lewis I am back on the fence about Reform Jersey.

voiceforchildren said...


Lord Reg's New Years MESSAGE.

Anonymous said...

Seen this Rico?

Anonymous said...


Why is the man on the left of your photo smiling?


He has got just a dopey little political wannabe to bugger an outstanding police chief for him and effectively shut down an inquiry in to decades of Establishment Jersey sponsored abuse.

Well done.


Lewis has made his bed. Let him lie in it alone. Let him 'lie' in it too if wants.

But not in the States.

And not with misguided support from a political progressive.

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year Rico. Please keep up the blogging. Only you, Voice and Tom Gruchy left really.