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"The Public Accounts Committee’s role is to receive reports from the Comptroller and Auditor General and to report to the States upon any significant issues arising. It also assesses whether public funds have been applied for the purpose intended."



"Scrutiny panels are appointed by the States. There are 5 Scrutiny panels which are made up of States members (who are not ministers or assistant ministers) and some members of the public. These panels carry out detailed investigations into ministers' work, and can call for papers and witnesses relevant to their investigations. 
Scrutiny helps to improve the delivery of public services by ensuring that decisions are soundly based on evidence and also allows members of the public to influence government policies and strategies which affect their lives by contributing evidence to reviews and attending public hearings. The panels have a code of practice they must follow.
The terms of reference for scrutiny panels are set out in Standing Orders and can be summarised as follows:
  • to hold review into issues and matters of public importance
  • to consider the current and proposed policy of ministers
  • to scrutinise legislation and international conventions and agreements
  • to scrutinise the Medium Term Financial Plan, the Budget and other financial proposals of the Council of Ministers
  • to report to the States on matters that they have reviewed and make recommendations"

The Council of Ministers (COM) treat Scrutiny with disdain. They have done since the conception of Ministerial Government. We see it time and time again. Late lodging of propositions. Lodging when they know the Holiday period is upon us etc etc. The Chief Minister allows this practise to continue in the hope that States Members are just to plain stupid to notice that the legislation they are being asked to pass is not up to scratch. Or, as nearly turned out, illegal. That is why Scrutiny is essential. 

The whole issue of Scrutiny and why it's so important is for another time. But what chance has Scrutiny got if the very members who Scrutinise our Government show no solidarity when they are up against it?

This is where Deputy Andrew 'Powergate' Lewis comes in.

This Deputy is prepared to shaft scrutiny or anyone else for that matter in his pursuit of a Ministerial Position after the next election. I have a feeling he has his eyes on being the future Treasury Minister.

He is the Chairman Of P.A.C and yet during the reference back debate regarding the funding for the new Hospital the Deputy shafted every Scrutiny Panel, every Scrutiny member and everything Scrutiny stands for in the back. He voted with the Council of Ministers in rejecting the reference back. I will repeat that. He voted against his colleagues in Scrutiny and  P.A.C in having the biggest capitol spend in Jersey scrutinised.. In the speech below you can hear Deputy Lewis explaining to the States Chamber why this is. He seems to be an expert on the issuing of Bonds -
the whole political landscape from America to Europe and all before Deputy Vallois stands up and drops the is it isn't it Tax/Charge Political A-Bomb in the States Chamber.. 

Deputy Andrew Lewis is wanting to climb the ladder back into the executive and his voting is how you track him. We, at Team Voice, are no strangers  to watching this type of backside kissing. He is not alone. Our Ministries are full of them.. Deputy Lewis has been in the local media being interviewed about the innovation fund - his concerns - how they - P.A.C would also be looking into the failures regarding the distribution of monies etc etc and then he is just prepared to whistle Dixie to the tune of £400 million and not even want it scrutinised. This is what we have representing us in the States. 

Once the legislation is passed no point in it being scrutinised.

He voted with the COM during the Medium Term Financial Plan (MTFP) 


Rico Sorda

Part Time Investigative Journalist


Anonymous said...

Only a matter of time before Deputy Sam Mezec gets stabbed in the back by this sly toxic man.

Anonymous said...

Surprised you've never written a post on how Stuart Syvret stabbed everybody in the Back.
Andrew Lewis may have his faults but at least he gave evidence to the Col without using desperate excuses to get out of it.

rico sorda said...

I have some disagreements with Stuart - not giving evidence being one. However I have nothing but the utmost respect for him. Without Stuart, his blog, his fearless pursuit of putting the truth out their then I would still be ignorant to the shameful things that has and continues to go on in Jersey.

Anonymous said...

Well said Rico @1pm

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately for Lewis, after sabotaging the child abuse investigation he told the Jersey parliament "I have read an alarming report from the Metropolitan Police" when he had done no such thing -Lewis still maintains that he did nothing wrong and that he told the truth, the whole truth and the 'Trump Truth'.

There is no point in having people in the States if you can't trust them. Especially if it is on something as fundamental as child abuse.

If we can't trust this man with our children, how can we trust him with our money?

Anonymous said...

"I have nothing but the utmost respect for him"

Then you are an idiot then.

Anonymous said...

Would anyone but a troll or a neurological-obsessive compare Stuart Syvret with Andrew Lewis?

"Andrew Lewis may have his faults but at least he gave evidence to the Col without using desperate excuses to get out of it."

A post about Andrew Lewis gets twisted into an attack onto Stuart Syvret.

An attack that does not even reflect the facts.

Well done Rico at 1:00PM

rico sorda said...

This blog is about the shameful actions of Deputy Andrew Lewis.

No more Stuart comments thank you.


Anonymous said...

Rico, why don't you get some balance and ask Andrew Lewis for an interview.
He acts like you don't exist.

Anonymous said...

Rico, why carry on this spiteful hateful campaign into 2017.
Deputy Russell Labey said during the debate that Deputy Andrew Lewis's reasons for not wasting time with Scrutiny were plausible so will you be attacking Russell as well?
All this hatred you keep on churning out against targeted people in support of a Chief of Police suspended in 2008 only raises questions about your own mental health and fixations as Maureen Morgan is already posting.

rico sorda said...

Very funny JH.

All fine thanks.

You have answered your own questions lol

Anonymous said...

It is a fact that Andrew Lewis has been trusted to be Chairman of the public accounts scrutiny committee. It is a fact that as chair he holds a powerful position to carry out specific function read Rico Blog above in relation to those functions.

It is appalling that he then speaks and tries to ( weakly ) convince other states members to go against coporate scrutiny who have just asked to simply examine the figures of the health department that will place a debt of £900 million pounds over the islanders for forty years to purchase a new hospital wing.

The man Lewis, is clearly running a personal agenda, it certainly is not to support the well being of Jerseys' finances and it's people more like sniffing the bums of ministers.

This is clearly undermining scrutiny's important and neccessary function from someone who should know better.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous @4:14 the comment is hilarious and can only have been written by Lewis.

Anonymous said...

Bored of you writing about Lewis.
He's not worth the energy.

Anonymous said...

What does Sam Mezec think of Lewis's betrayal of scrutiny?

Anonymous said...

That's the biggest laugh, Maureen saying others have mental issues.
Have to remember that one for April 1st.

Anonymous said...

As if anyone other than JH and Paper Click Dick take Maureen seriously! Wonder if she will be embarrassing herself again with yet another electoral circus in 2018? Even Loopy Lewis would be worried if he knew she was supporting his actions.

Anonymous said...

I have some disagreements with Stuart - not giving evidence being one. However I have nothing but the utmost respect for him. Without Stuart, his blog, his fearless pursuit of putting the truth out their then I would still be ignorant to the shameful things that has and continues to go on in Jersey.


You know he has mental health issues, it came out in Court.
Good lord.

Anonymous said...

'a salacious article by Rico Sorda attcking Deputy Andrew Lewis'

Looks like Sean Power of the St Helier Waterfront has convinced TLM to delete your post.
It is a bit childish RS.

Anonymous said...

Sean Power and Andrew Lewis are best of friends.

voiceforchildren said...


In another States debate Andrew "POWERGATE" Lewis told the chamber that he believed the bar should be raised for those standing for public office. Absolutely PRICELESS.

voiceforchildren said...


To put my previous comment into a little bit of context:

Deputy Lewis’contradictory accounts include this account to the Island’s Parliament:

"I have read an alarming report from the Metropolitan Police which led me to this decision in the first place.”

And this account from the Napier Review:

“As previously has been noted, neither Mr Lewis nor Mr Ogley saw the Interim Report. Neither did they seek to see it.

Andrew Lewis further added (in the Island’s Parliament):

“If the preliminary report is that damning, Lord knows what the main report will reveal. So my successor will have an interesting time. The report that I was shown gave me no doubt at all.”

Yet according to the Metropolitan Police (OPERATION TUMA)

“The review does not criticise the investigation. The Review does not criticise any individual involved in Operation Rectangle.”

The irony of Andrew Lewis saying the bar should be RAISED for those seeking public office should not be lost by your readers.

Anonymous said...

Lewis and Ozouf are disgraces. They have done nothing but damage to Jersey. IMHO Lewis should be facing charges and a prison sentence. Set the bar higher - what a laugh! Bring back the Pitmans please. Honest politicans. If only we could have the equally honest Bob Hill back too. Lewis is in all honesty an embarrassment to the island.

Anonymous said...

Another thought provoking post Rico. Good to see you back in the blogging saddle. You have been missed.

Anonymous said...

"I have nothing but the utmost respect for him. Without Stuart, his blog, his fearless pursuit of putting the truth out their then I would still be ignorant to the shameful things that has and continues to go on in Jersey."

This a contender for the dumbest comment of 2017?

Anonymous said...

'Then we have the any form of reform will do Reform Party whilst getting cosy with Andrew Lewis.'

Too right.

I asked Dep. Mezec on his Blog sometime ago to justify this sickening relationship on the eve of the Col report, and he won't even publish the question; and this is coming from a Deputy who says the current Government never listens to the people.

martin said...

mezec is not worth the steam off my fART

Anonymous said...

There has to be something wrong with you to keep on going on about Andrew Lewis for all these years. Is he all you ever think about?

Anonymous said...

6:47 and Rico

How many times do you have to hear it from Sam before it sinks in????

Sam is not going to "cosy up" with anyone he is supporting a proposition that he feels is the right thing to do, and after consultation and discussion with party members (at least those who attended meeting on this), the majority agree with him. So rather than taking cheap pot shots and creating juvenile composite images Rico lets have some real debate please.

And another thing Rico - "I'll continue to say it how I see it" or words to that effect on Voice site. That's great please do but please like I said some reasoned debate and lets not make it personal eh? Stick to debating the facts please.

Perhaps you can start with answering the question Ive asked twice on here and once on voice as to how your position is different from Sam's. The absence of a reply tends to imply that you don't have one. But if I am wrong please correct me.