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It all started with the Innovation Fund. You know the one. Just apply with a half backed plan of splitting the carrot. You then tell them it will put Jersey on the digital map or any old map - they lob some serious cash at you - and then you just do one..  Bingo. They can then tell their mates that Jersey is open for business. It's brilliant. CEO Mike King knows exactly when his cards are dealt. He goes all in with some voluntary redundancy  or handing his notice in… Bingo.  £70,000 in the old sky rocket ,£400,000 in the pension pot  a Pina Colada with Bill Ogley and Mike Pollard down club Jersey Mug and preferably somewhere hot. 

Then we have the Senator Ozouf must go campaign. Personally I think he had to go. Just the way it is. But it can't be that simple can it. The Council of Muppet's can't operate that way. We have to go through the extended Christmas pantomime season.  The Chief Minister simply lost his Libido. All big words, huff and guff, not happy with this, not happy with that, I want answers, I will have an investigation into the report of the report about the report. Try to work up some anger that just doesn't come naturally to him and all we get is a lazy lob at the end of it. Just about sums it up. 

Then Ladies and Gents we come to Tuesday the 17th January - The States day - The day of answers.. It didn't disappoint. 

Up early on a cold brisk morning. I'm heading into the royal square to watch the demonstration. I don't really want to take part as such but there as an observer.  Its so cold my balls are clanging like the swinging ball bearings you used to see in toy shops - hypnotic but pointless. I'm sticking this one out. All tucked in but wishing I still smoked for comfort. It's a little early, I reach for my phone, I flick to Facebook and BOOOOOOOOM the first explosion of the day. It's a Bunker Buster from the "Any kind of Reform" will do party. They have only taken a  picture of a segment  of Pip Ozouf's inauguration speech - I mean resignation speech - sorry I mean stepping aside speech.  It's now off and running. Social Media being the new vehicle of instant news has given us the heads up before Philip has even been given his cue to perform…

The time is coming close. The crowds have gathered. Sean Power is trying to mount a bench in the Royal Square with all the grace of an old dog trying to cock his leg against a lamppost.  The signs are being handed out and the first distant chants of 'Ozouf out' start to filter through. People start to look nervously at their watches and phones. News  spreads like days gone by - crystal sets and occupation come to mind. Anyway,  the baying crowd now head to the opposite bench in the square as it's a little closer to the States Building.


Around 1.30pm, with no sign of Pip anywhere we start to hear the news. He has gone - he has resigned - he has stepped aside - we all start to rejoice like its 1945 again.. The Royal Square was having one of its magical moments. The truth being that no one had a bloody clue what was going on. Deputy Macon appeared. I approached. I asked. "Deputy, WTF is going on?" "Not a clue came the reply" Then like a Domino affect the crowd started to ask the same questions. WTF has just happened. Nobody new. And still nobody really knows. 

Then it went surreal

The door to the States Chamber swung open and everybody had the words Pip Ozouf on their lips went out came Deputy 'Wolfie Mezec' of the Jersey Tooting Popular Front of Reform Jersey. 

He quick walked to the crowd like a returning champion. It was amazing. They  cheered, he fist pumped. Not only that - he mounted that bench like the young stallion that he is. I saw Sean Power wipe a tear from his eye. You could see the pain. This kid is the business.  He handled that Megaphone like it was a well oiled Colt 45 and boy didn't the bullets fly forth.  I'm watching this opened mouthed then out of the corner of my eye I spot the elusive Deputy Tadeir.. He was poetry in motion. He waltzed his way around the crowd with his arm outstretched- shooting the young Wolfie with i phone 7s- it was incredible. He would not have looked out of place in a sequined suit on a Saturday night getting a 7 from Len. It was up online for all of tooting to go viral before Ozouf had written that letter. What a day. Well worth the cold… The media went home happy with their soundbites but in the meantime Philip Ozouf was still standing aside, resigning and taking a very long time to write that very simple letter to the Chief Minister..

Then we come to today..  

We have just had a week of the Innovation Fund and the catastrophic failures that led to Senator Philip Ozouf resigning, stepping aside, writing a letter of resignation maybe wishing that it would all go away but hang on..

We now tumble headfirst into pure lunacy.








Have they not learnt a single thing? We are Governed by a majority of complete Muppet's. Lets just push it through on a wing and a prayer. This is serious. It is out of control.. 

"Plans to source funding for Jersey's new hospital faced a setback today, when it emerged the proposition being considered could be illegal.
The Treasury Minister was asking members to vote in favour of him to start sourcing the £400 million loan needed for the build.
Members first needed to vote on whether to allow a Scrutiny Panel to conduct a review of the plans before agreeing to the proposal - something the panel says is needed, to establishwhether the loan is the best way to fund the hospital.

During the debate, Deputy Tracey Vallois raised questions surrounding the legality of the Treasury Minister's request, saying that she was not sure whether he was in a position to ask States Members to approve a loan of that amount- as he is not supposed to ask to borrow more than last year's income."


rico sorda said...

Scrutiny is treated with utter contempt by the COM and other States members. The Hospital Funding is just another in a long line of propositions that the COM would rather keep away from Scrutiny. Lets all get in a frenzy about the Innovation fund but not give a damn about 500 million. You wouldn't trust them with a fiver. You simply can't make it up. The States is completely raving bonkers.

There comes a time when you have to say that its not fit for purpose. Legislation getting passed on a whim. The debacle today regarding the Hospital funding could become a very serious issue by 10am tomorrow.

When is a Charge a Tax? When is a Tax a charge? Could we say Charge but Mean Tax? Can we use a Charge as Tax to give the figures boost? Will anyone notice? Someone did..

Anonymous said...

Amusing blog Rico, you really had me smiling mate!

Channel 103 did a good story

which linked to the States chamber TV coverage and WHAT A SHOCKER it is!!!

You just have to watch from Tracy Vallois's speech onwards. Our Council of Ministers is totally inept, it's embarrassing

voiceforchildren said...


You wrote: "Scrutiny is treated with utter contempt by the COM and other States members."

In fact Scrutiny is treated with utter contempt by Scrutiny Members! Every member who is on a Scrutiny Panel should be strengthening the Scrutiny process by supporting Deputy Renouf's proposition to have the Treasury Minister's proposition referred back. But as you've pointed out disgraced former Home Affairs Minister and current PAC Chairman Andrew "POWERGATE" Lewis has spoken against the reference back supporting the COM. Shouldn't he be supporting Scrutiny?

An interesting exercise would be to make a note of those who vote with the COM on this and are Members of Scrutiny Panels.

It's incredible that the day after the Innovation fund DEBACLE (around £1.5m) that ANY States Member would NOT want the borrowing of around £400m scrutinised.

Anonymous said...

If the Treasury Minister is proven right and the long term care charge is a tax he will have won this argument.........But we were told that the long term care CHARGE WAS NOT A TAX that means that the Treasury Minister has mislead ( lied) to the States and MUST resign.
But if he lost the argument about the ability to borrow the £400M he would have to resign through incompetence.
So is he a liar or incompetent?

Anonymous said...

"Deputy 'Wolfie Mezec' of the Jersey Tooting Popular Front of Reform Jersey". Love it and the pic.

Anonymous said...

Do you remember the money laundering fiasco they used to buy Plemont? Watch what they do with the health charge/tax/ring-fenced/not ring-fenced/not a tax/not a charge.

Phil said...

The States of Jersey Inc. only needs to stay credible to stay in power. Fleecing the people is good business for The Crown franchise. The people convert their lives in to money and The Crown through various con schemes and fake courts of law steal that money. What we have is people farming and the self proclaimed owners of this wee part of the farm is The Crown which is The Vatican. To deny this is to be in a dream state brought on by life long indoctrination facilitated by poor air,water,food quality and a pharmaceutical industry that serves as a vet to keep the stock at a docile level of awareness. Our true state requires our us to be responsible for all we do and say while giving each and everyone the respect and freedom to express life fully. Self responsibility/governance guided by strong morals. Natural law / do no harm to others, everything else is an agreement between people. Peoples courts for disagreements. It's not rocket science. Government and the like of Sam are pantomime! People we can leave this theater anytime, you just need to believe in yourselves. We all have the answers and the strength, together! Phil Skinner : )

Anonymous said...

Wolfie Mezec's outburst was embarrassing even though I can't stand Ozouf either but if Ozouf is cleared of wrongdoing, Wolfie will have to apologise to him for Public accusations of squandering money. Why did he have to bother even saying anything and what's this new pally relationship with Sean Power? Being taken in by all of them lately.

rico sorda said...

Can you believe that Deputy Lewis chairman of P.A.C voted against a reference back regarding Hospital Funding. Absolutely shocking.

Anonymous said...

Andrew Lewis is a very toxic individual who has stabbed scrutiny in the back. He stabbed Graham Power in the back, he stabbed the abuse victims in the back. I hope Reform Jersey have stab proof vests in their wardrobe.

Anonymous said...

I cannot believe I am reading Wolfie Mezec's posts.
He is threatening a poster online with legislative changes against them should he ever get in power. Is that bullying or what? Adolf Hitler did something similar against the Jews when he got into power in the 30's. Sam Mezec, come back in 5 years when you've grown up.

Anonymous said...

Lol well he is so full of himself he is off to do talks in Guernsey, Sark and Alderney.
This while Andy carries on his campaign at home to gain more and more power.
Won't be long before Wolfie is seen with his Beret on shouting *POWER TO THE MINQUIERS* !

Anonymous said...

Lewis and Power together is like mixing venom and cyanide.
Who next are Reform Jersey getting into bed with, Mick Gradwell?

Anonymous said...

"The crowds have gathered. Sean Power is trying to mount a bench in the Royal Square with all the grace of an old dog trying to cock his leg against a lamppost"

Great posting Rico.

Please keep blogging in 2017

Anonymous said...

I see Wolfie is struggling to answer a simple yes or no question from one of his employers about his behaviour yesterday. And he has the gall to wonder why people have no respect for some politicians.

Anonymous said...

I see wolfie the charlatan is struggling with giving a yes or no answer on his blog to one of his employers. Typical politician.

Anonymous said...

You keep blogging though can somebody ask Stuart to actually do something in 2017 and not let it be another year of false threats?

"Stuart Syvret ‏@StuartSyvret 15h 15 hours ago

In due course & same, similar legal grounds, Jack Straw & UK government will face Jersey child-abuse cover-up claims"

Anonymous said...

I want to echo the comment @ 4:22 Please keep blogging in 2017 and beyond your writing style is brilliant Rico. There are not many people who can give me a chuckle over such dire events going on in the big house.

Anonymous said...

Wolfie flying around the Channel islands on tour? Reminds me of the Hitler Over Germany tour.

Anonymous said...

Is it true that the new accommodation for hospital patients visiting the U.K has to be shared with other patients? The new apartments were reported as a good news story giving patients a home away from home. If they have to share with a stranger that's hardly the case and is a misrepresentation of the full facts.