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Andy, I'm telling you now. I just don't trust that Farnham. Cheap Suit, Cheap aftershave and those bloody amendments. Sammy my love.  Don't you worry.. My vacant gaze into nothingness will win the day 






What a month. The States of Jersey has been a Shambolic mess. From the innovation fund, hospital funding, stepping aside, 20 means 21with the is it a tax or is it a charge, weak leadership, SEB not fit for purpose ETC ETC… 

P133/2016 has been more about the reinvention of Deputy Lewis and his wish to join the ranks of the establishment  than Reforming the States of Jersey. As soon as the Senator Farnham amendment was accepted Deputy Lewis threw his 'met interim' report - sorry I mean proposition out of the pram. I'm taking it home and throwing it in the bin. You can't have it he said. I'm withdrawing it immediately. Ok, you can have my proposition, but I'm not voting for it… I don't recognize it. It bares no resemblance to the load of dung I lodged oh shit I've only just gone and voted for it.  Right, outside he goes, jumps in front of the T.V  cameras and Say's 'fookin great result that was - proper bang tidy." 


He really is something else. I can fully understand how he was the right lackey to suspend a former Chief of Police. The man has no backbone. No loyalty. No nothing. His betrayal of Scrutiny and the Scrutiny process whilst being the Chairman on P.A.C is breathtaking. His voting with the COM so obvious and his leading of Reform Jersey into the Vally of Death was sad and predictable. I hope Reform Jersey have learnt from this. I have no issue with Deputy Mezec. I just called it how i saw it. Senator Farnham didn't join with Deputy Lewis but instead he lodged some amendments. Granted he didn't know what the hell he was lodging but it did the trick. We have ended up with something that probably won't be ready for the 2018 election. 

Reform Jersey were warned

Rico Sorda 

Part Time Investigative Journalist 


Anonymous said...

Dep. Andrew Lewis is full of s*** alright, your video has him bang to rights, but what's done is done, and this new States reform plan may well be in force by 2018 as they are pushing for a referendum within the next 10 months.

No doubt Reform Jersey will try to stop it, but judging by the way they also collapsed in the States with P133 that's hardly going to be successful, and they managed to fall out with a number of other Deputies during the debate like Dep. Judy Martin, who you could see was angry with their comments.

Sorry but Deputy Mezec and Reform Jersey should have heeded everybody's warning at the end of the last year. We could not have been any clearer because to get into bed with Lewis, who we all knew to have a track record of making things up with back stabs, was in hindsight reckless, naive and bloody stupid.

Reform Jersey will just have to live with it and forget the reform they were dreaming for.

Póló said...

Here's hoping that Reform Jersey do learn something and that includes a mellowing of Sam Mezec's abrasive and arrogant manner. It was clear from the outset that getting into bed with Lewis was toxic. Politics is as much about people as content, and whatever Sam thought about the merits of Lewis's proposal, it was clearly a bad political decision to have anything to do with the gobshite Lewis. Equally, here's hoping that Sam has learned that it is important to respect your political opponents and not throw shite at them in the conviction that your own cause is righteous and that is all that matters.

Sam's tone through all of this has been very worrying.

Let's hope you won't have to get too much more use out of the picture above.

voiceforchildren said...


What is demonstrated here is that (as we said all along) P.133/2017 was never about reforming the States. It was all about Andrew Lewis reinventing himself before the COI publishes its report.

After him saying his proposition (as amended) does NOT resemble what he brought to the house. After saying that it was NOT what the people had asked for. After attempting to withdraw the proposition. After saying he was going to vote against his own proposition. He then votes in FAVOUR of his proposition and tells the State Media he was "pleased" that it got passed! He should have been hauled over the coals by the media and States Members for his flip-flopping and hypocrisy but of course that doesn't fit into the narrative of his reinvention.

RJ has been the subject of some pretty negative comments on Social Media of late for jumping into bed with Lewis. But credit where it is due, they saw what had happened to the proposition and DID vote against it.

Anonymous said...

For once I'm speechless, what a crook.

Anonymous said...

Andrew POWERGATE Lewis voted for something he admitted he knew the public didn't want. Reform Jersey were warned and should have kept clear of Lewis and I hope this hard lesson has been learnt by them.

Anonymous said...

POWERGATE Lewis is toxic and Reform Jersey knew this but they still publicly supported him. I am willing to give them a chance if they now publicly condemn his actions as much as they publicly supported him.

rico sorda said...

31st January 2017

States of Jersey

1. Future Hospital Funding Strategy (as amended) (P.130/2016)

The Deputy Bailiff:

We now come on to Public Business. The first item of Public Business is the Future Hospital Funding Strategy, P.130/2016, as amended. At the last meeting the Assembly agreed under Standing Order 79 to request that Corporate Services Scrutiny Panel consider having the proposition referred to it. So, vice-chairman, can you advise whether your panel wishes to review the proposition?

1.1 Deputy S.M. Brée of St. Clement (Vice-Chairman, Corporate Services Scrutiny Panel):

Thank you very much. Yes, the Corporate Services Scrutiny Panel does wish to review the proposition. A number of things came up at the debate, which increased the workload that the panel believes needs to be done for this review. This is a review covering a very important area and a lot of other things were brought up during the debate and I would particularly like to thank the Deputy of St. John for raising the issue of the Public Finances Law question, which directed the panel in a certain direction to look at as well. As such, bearing in mind the magnitude of the work that we have to do and the importance of this review, the panel would like to propose that the proposition is brought back for debate on Tuesday, 18th April.

The Deputy Bailiff:

Is that proposition seconded? [Seconded] Does any Member wish to speak on the proposition? Those in favour of adopting the proposition to bring it back on 18th April kindly show.

Deputy M. Tadier of St. Brelade:

Can we have the appel please?

The Deputy Bailiff:

The appel is called for and I invite Members to return to their seats if they have left them. I ask the Greffier to open the voting. The vote is on whether or not to agree that this matter comes back before the Assembly on 18th April.

Guess how Deputy Lewis voted on this?????


Voted against

Anonymous said...

People talk about lessons being learnt whilst any decent reform proposal has been kicked so far into the long grass it cannot be brought back for years.

Sam said himself on his blog - this is our last chance so lets not kid ourselves here, this is probably cemented for the next decade.

Anonymous said...

None of this is clear-cut as people are making out or at least it isn’t for me. I offer for people’s perusal from comments on Deputy Mezec’s site.

Anonymous comment.

“Dear Deputy Mezec.

Can we expect a statement on this blog about how REform Jersey feels about this P133 shambles now? If nothing else I would like to know what you think of Deputy Andrew Lewis turning coat and telling members he was happy to propose this amended mess, having said inly minutes before that he wanted to pull it? Don't you think your trust was abused?”

Deputy Mezec’s reply.

“No and if I may say, that's a pretty ignorant analysis of what happened.”

Anonymous’ response.

“Why not just say an incorrect assessment of what happened? You don't have to call people ignorant unless they really deserve it for abuse and the like. What has been passed has left a right old hotch-potch which ever way you look at it in my opinion. I think Lewis would have been better off picking up his files and walking out rather than being pushed to accept something he said was unrecognisable from what he had lodged.”

Deputy Mezec’s resonse.

“This is exactly what I'm talking about. He asked to withdraw the proposition and the States refused to let him. He then voted against the proposition.”

From the thread above the way I read it Deputy Mezec is saying that Andrew POWERGATE Lewis voted CONTRE to his own proposition and anybody who thinks otherwise are ignorant. Will Deputy Mezec explain what is going on or can you explain it Rico?

Phil said...

Politics is redundant, when are people going to step up and make the right choice and dump what is a no more than a elaborate pyramid scheme. People have the connectivity to run this land for themselves. Keep a much streamlined administration but dump politicians/ministers. The Crown enterprise (States of Jersey) inc. is about buisness not people. People will not find answers in State owned politics. Only we the people will resolve all the deep entrenched issues because we didn't create them State and Politics did! Phil Skinner

voiceforchildren said...


Can I take this opportunity to remind Readers of our Team Voice Facebook page HERE? Please like and share the page?

Anonymous said...


I agree that Deputy Sam Mezec and Reform were foolish not to see what a snake like Lewis could likely do. It was all about him as so many of us foresaw.

I also agree that Deputy Mezec has gotten very arrogant or perhaps careless in his approach to people who disagree.

In defence all I would argue is that I certainly would not want him to stop being abrasive (your words) and bullish in response to bullshit from the likes of Ozouf. We need someone to do this because no one else does.

Reading your blog like me you seem to have been a big fan of ex-Deputy Pitman. Surely no one did abrasive better than he did? So it can be done can't it? Or do you see some difference?

Deputy Mezec is the only one taking no crap from the ministers. We don't want him to become a silent assassin do we?

Anonymous said...

I am still ruddy confused. Did Lewis vote for his amended proposition? Or did he vote against his proposition? Nobody seems to agree. I looked on the States Assembly website myself. But their were so many amendmend votes and even ruddy stupid Can I withdraw this? Can I go and have a cup of tea? Can somebody explain to us what the hell we are debating? votes I just could not work it out. Help!

Anonymous said...

The next problem will be how will the States decide what the referendum question should be without having the clarity of option ( yes/ no) that the public just might eventually get.

I can just see it now " do you agree that.; Jurats and the Dean of Jersey should match the number of Senators with Island wide mandate, that each super - constituency should split parishes in half so that more electors can vote for Connetable in other Parishes than at present , and should we make Deputy Andrew Lewis Chief Minister to overcome his disappointment at being ' very happy with the positive result ' of his original proposition being shanghaied and wrecked beyond recognition' . Yes or No.?

Póló said...

@ Anonymous at 1:45

I don't take issue with anything you said. It was the combination of arrogance and abrasiveness directed at people who seemed to be asking reasonable questions that got to me.

By all means be abrasive when dealing with the corrupt establishment.

You mention Trevor. Sure, he was abrasive but in its place. He also shot from the hip which finally got him into terminal trouble when he fell victim to the setup by Broadlands and the JEP.

Everything in its place, and it is not wise to gratuitously alienate friends and allies.

Anonymous said...

That's the key difference isn't it? Trevor attacked those who merited it only. Sam has been attacking anyone who dares hold a contrary view

Anonymous said...

Are you getting an interview with Deputy Sam Mezec on this and will you be asking him why he gets so abrasive with ordinary people who question his motives?

Anonymous said...

To gain any credibility Sam Mezec is going to have to publicly condemn what Lewis has done. He wasn't shy in publicly championing what Lewis was doing or at least what Lewis made him think he was doing.

Anonymous said...

'Trevor attacked those who merited it only'

Proved costly in the end though.

Anonymous said...

I'll try explaining Lewis's proposition in layman terms for those who are not as politically educated as others.

Basically Andrew Lewis brought a proposition telling the states that the electorate had asked for a bran new shiny red Ferrari and he asked the states to agree they could have it. Lyndon Farnham said don't give them a Ferrari, let them have something brand new red and shiny but let it be a bicycle with the front wheel missing - the seat taken off - and a flat back tyre. Andrew Lewis then said yeah f*ck it that'll do at least it is shiny and red the electorate will never know the difference.

Is that a fair description would you say Rico?

Anonymous said...

A better layman description would be to say Lewis wanted to give the people a brand new bicycle with the front wheel missing - the seat taken of - and a flat back tyre. Farnham got him to agree to a second-hand one.

Anonymous said...

Deputy Andrew Lewis puts on a complete façade again.
Wait until the net elections, he'll be taking all the credit for Senator Lyndon Farnham's work.

Anonymous said...

Certainly did prove costly to Trevor Pitman and Shona for that matter. Which probably only highlights their refusal to bow down to corruption and bullies all the more admirable. How many of us could/would be that brave? I haven't got the balls. This is probably why so many still have respect for them and Stuart Syvret too for that matter. Like the old saying goes they didn't just talk the walk they walked the talk.

Anonymous said...

'their refusal to bow down to corruption and bullies all the more admirable.'

They hardly got anywhere though.

Anonymous said...

As someone else said above, after watching your video, I'm speechless.

What a duplicitous individual. Says one thing, then says the complete opposite. Unbelievable.

Anonymous said...
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Póló said...

@ Comment removed at 8:10

Must have gone in my place for that breakfast beer with Andy to share a thick Irish joke.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous @7.58. 'Hardly got anywhere though'?

How can anyone 'get anywhere' in Jersey if they are not interested in offering up more of the same to keep the same old ideals of elitism and the few growing fat off the many?

Give me people who do at least 'get somewhere' by serving those who elected them and sticking to their ideals as spouted in the lead up to elections.

The only 'get somewhere' my children and yours are likely to achieve under the likes of Ozouf, Gorst, Green, MacLean and Bailhache et all is deeper and deeper in to debt; ever less affordable housing, fewer careers to inspire our young and more and more low skilled immigrants crowding the island (not their fault) because these buffoons are so out of their depth.

I'll even take mouthy Mezec over idiots like that.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous @7.58. 'Hardly got anywhere though'?

Its true that things never change no matter who gets in the States.
The JDA has been re-inventing itself since 2004 and the big uprising we were told was going to happen under Ted Vibert who started it all in recent times got nowhere.

Last week we saw the same with Reform Jersey who were telling us change was on the horizon and we were even told on some blog comments that this P133 vote was in the bag. Well luckily it wasn't but what we got was 10 x worse because P133 had opened itself up to nightmare amendments.

Sometimes its best to admit if things are not getting anywhere and question the reasons why because in reality over the past decade nothings been achieved.

rico sorda said...

What is the alternative Government?

I would like to see Deputy Mezec become the Social Security Minister.

Deputy Vallois at Treasury

Deputy Tadier at Education

That's it for now

Anonymous said...

Two are fine but Deputy Vallois at Treasury? No thanks. Out of her depth. One of those Silent Assassins who occassionally openes her mouth to try and conceal the fact. What has she ever stood up for or against since being elected? Sweet FA according to my memory. Perhaps she is even the female version of another former St. John Deputy Andrew Lewis? I would rather put Southern at Treasury even though I don't really care for the man. He evidently is one of the few who can count. If not, stick him at Social Security and have Deputy Le Fondre at Treasury. Senator Feguson at Health. Mike Higgins at Economic Development (or another Treasury possibility?). Deputy Bree at Housing. That's a start and the spine of an inclusive COM.

Anonymous said...

Mezec and Tadier as Minsters?
They can dream I suppose.

rico sorda said...

I like it. Good line up.

Anonymous said...

Pervy Music Teacher[2016]JRC181.aspx

Anonymous said...

I would like to see POWERGATE Lewis as the minister for honesty and integrity

Anonymous said...

Mezec and Tadier haven't got a hope in hell of ever being Ministers nor Southern.
They challenged all the seats after the last elections and in some cases they got 3 votes from the entire Assembly.
Need to be much more realistic Rico, that is if you are being serious.

Anonymous said...

We require more balanced / mature people standing, those who can see and understand issues across the political spectrum. Those who can stick by their principles.
People with family / work / business / social experience so that they have a wider understanding of peoples needs, aspirations, and above all people who highlight the issues without a need to insult others.

Anonymous said...

We must have people with family, must we? Given that so many people, not least a very well known troll who goes on about people 'having a family' and being 'normal' while all the time not being 'normal' and abusing others who definitely are fail to look after their families this is hardly a solid base for being a politician. As just about all of the people who are destroying Jersey right now 'have families' and 'business experience' (if rarely ones they created through their own money or hard work I would say the business background is another culd de sac. Social experience, yes. Honesty, yes. Caring about others, yes. Believing Jersey belongs to all, yes. Backgrounds in caring industries and/or the environment, yes. Trying to do what you said you would at an election, yes. Just having a family as I point out above is irrelevant.

Anonymous said...

Who is this troll?

Anonymous said...

"As just about all of the people who are destroying Jersey right now 'have families' and 'business experience' (if rarely ones they created through their own money or hard work I would say the business background is another culd de sac."

Are you for real?
This Island has Brexit to deal with and people can only speculate what attacks it will have to deal with and you'd prefer people with no business experience to do that?
I also do not see any reference to being normal in the posters remark or any balance in yours. Many people on social media have said they would prefer semi retired with life experience standing for election but generally the pay is not good enough for them.
So at the moment the pay only gets monkeys.

Anonymous said...

Having a system which is not totally skewed and gerrymandered would also be a help

Oh, and a media that were not mere sycophants and churnalists for the shysters and abusers.

Anonymous said...

Let us hope this screwball doesn't start putting his fumbling hands to population control.


Anonymous said...

I would give up after this reform decision of last week.
The driver-less train has taken off down the track.

Anonymous said...

When you consider where Jersey is today if having people with a business background means the shower of shite well on their way to turning us in to the least affordable place to live in the world at a very fast gallop I would say ban anyone with a business background. I don't think the States salary is to blame either. Hasn't stopped the low capability bunch of wannabe high flyers we have now.

Such people want power more than a salary. Once in this opens up the path to directorships and other less obvious perks anyway. We have to face up to the fact that most people are not willing to put up with childish behaviour of ministers who just won't listen to any counter argument or proposals. Same as they could not handle the slagging they will inevitably get on the net. We do need a mix of backgrounds, skills and experience in the States though.

voiceforchildren said...


Is Senator Ozouf being thrown UNDER A BUS?

Anonymous said...

You complaining about the abuse you got from Bacon?

Anonymous said...

Breaking News!

Explosion at Flamanville Nuclear Power Station (which is only 22 miles away from Jersey).

Anonymous said...

Only just seen this and its really good, Andrew Lewis cannot argue himself out of it.