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In Part 1 I wrote a little about my first year at D'Hautree School. It was a crazy school that seemed to settle down a little once the girls were introduced the following year. Boys being boys, there was now a distraction. No matter what went on in the school everyone new that Chris Bacon was a 'bummer' if I'm to use the school yard term.  The fact that this individual was allowed to abuse pupils at the school and to do so with ease is hopefully something that has been confined to the past. That is probably wishful thinking. You must always be vigilant.. Predators are always out there and looking for the most vulnerable. Did the teachers have any suspicions? Without having access to court transcripts its very hard to know..

Bacon liked spanking. I had the unfortunate privilege of being frog marched to the room and being asked to bend over. I had been for warned and said no. He hit me anyway. I just wasn't bending over. It was a nothing incident to me then as it is now. But what of the pupils  who's lives he did affect and destroy? They were the unfortunate victims. They were going to school to learn or in the case of St Helier Boys School to survive. This would be survival against the everyday stuff of school life. This should not involve a teacher preying on the most vulnerable to satisfy his perverted mind. I have nothing but the utmost respect for all of Bacon's victims who were brave enough to come forward and recount their abuse and bring this man to justice. They are the innocent victims who must live with it day in day out.

It can't be forgotten that Bacon was arrested in 1985 following a police investigation.  Police had come across a message left on a blackboard in the music block following a theft. The message was along the lines of "you can't catch me asshole bacon is a bent bastard Fuck you Wankers" which to me looks like it was left by a pupil of the school lol.  Bacon appeared before a Centanier at St Saviours Parish Hall. He was cautioned and released on the recommendation of then Bailiff Vernon Tomes and States of Jersey Police. This was after Bacon had admitted during police interview to groping, getting intimate and romping around with a pupil. Commissioner  Sir Michael Birt, presiding, said that that was the wrong decision even by the standards then. 

Jack Maguire from the JEP wrote the following piece following Bacons conviction.

A SCRAWLED message on a school blackboard tipped off detectives about a paedophile teacher’s abuse of a pupil in 1985, new information has revealed.
Christopher Roy Bacon (74), a former music teacher at St Helier Boys’ School and d’Hautrée School, is due to be sentenced this month for eight counts of sexual abuse of six male pupils dating back to the 1970s and 80s.

The JEP revealed last month that he was originally arrested in 1985, and after making admissions to officers during a police interview, his case was referred to the then Attorney General, Vernon Tomes, who recommended that he be dealt with by a parish-hall inquiry. He was cautioned at a meeting in St Saviour in 1985 by Centenier Snowden Robbins and was then released.

It was not until 30 years later that another victim came forward and Bacon was rearrested as part of the States police’s historical abuse inquiry, codenamed Operation Whistle. Bacon was convicted by a jury in the Royal Court last year. Now, a court judgment released online has shown that on 7 October 1985, detectives who were at d’Hautrée investigating the theft of a micro-computer from the music block saw a ‘derogatory’ reference about Bacon, who was nicknamed ‘The Bummer’, written on a blackboard.

The police spoke to staff and pupils and Bacon was linked to the abuse of a former student. They tracked down the boy, who claimed that he had been abused by his teacher, and Bacon was arrested two days later.
In a police interview, Bacon admitted getting intimate with the boy. He also admitted getting pleasure from ‘spanking students’.

A police file was prepared and letters were sent between the Attorney General and Acting Detective Chief Inspector Le Brocq, whose first name is not given in the judgment. He agreed that Bacon, who had been suspended as a teacher, should not work in education again because he could be a risk to young people.
The detective recommended that Bacon be cautioned at a parish hall because he was concerned about the quality of evidence and ‘considered that there was no useful purpose in pursuing a prosecution’.

Mr Tomes later confirmed to Det Chief Insp Le Brocq that Bacon had been dismissed from teaching and that his sacking would not be affected if he was not prosecuted in court.

In a separate document, which has been leaked to the JEP, the defendant claims he was represented at the parish hall inquiry by William Bailhache, who is now the Island’s Bailiff. He told Commissioner Sir Michael Birt at a plea and directions hearing ahead of his trial last year that he believed he had made a deal with that police that ‘if I resigned my job and made a statement, that would, in effect, be the end of the matter’.

He added: ‘I was cautioned by Centenier Snowden Robbins... Advocate William Bailhache, now Bailiff, was present, having been instructed by the National Union of Teachers on my behalf. I do not recall what he advised me, but certainly I was not advised that there was any prospect of future prosecution.
‘In accepting a caution at the time, I knew I would lose my job. I regarded this as punishment which went along with the caution. I would not have resigned my job nor accepted a caution had I thought it possible for a prosecution to be brought 30 years later.’"

A very sad story from a very messed up school. 

There are questions that will no doubt remain unanswered 

Rico Sorda 


Anonymous said...

Bailhache getting Bacon off at a parish hall enquiry is reprehensible especially when one considers using a mobile phone in a car is too serious an offence to be dealt with at a parish hall enquiry. Only in Jersey could pedophilia be seen as less an offence than using a phone.

Anonymous said...

This seems to be the rules The Bailhaches and Co, "Historically" followed. Make the pedophile resign, pay him/her off and send him/her away. The garden is rosy in our back yard. The Jersey Way.

rico sorda said...

It was Vernon Tomes and DCI Le Brock who let Bacon off with a caution. Difficulties in prosecution was the excuse. I don't think the Bailhache Brothers and Bailiff Tomes got on.. The Vultures were starting to circle above Vernons head but that's a different story.

Anonymous said...

Bet it ws Martin Le Brocq that was involved in the stitch up of his boss Charlie quinn who was acquitted inthe end but Le Brocq was given his job when quinn was forced out, think it was phil bailanche involved in his set up so yet again a bailanche never fr from controvocy

voiceforchildren said...


£35K for "OPENNESS"?

Anonymous said...

"It was Vernon Tomes and DCI Le Brock who let Bacon off with a caution."

Only re-enforces the intelligence of your followers Rico.
Funny how you have zero exclusives since we knew who was feeding them to you.
You've not even had your karma yet, how exciting.

Anonymous said...

Why didn't the JEP mention that Bacon was an Honorary policeman? Did Bailhache swear him in with Roger Holland?